Asma Nasir's Sexual Journey

Chp 2 Samreen and the Donkey

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, twists and turns of Asma's sexual life will be found by reading the full series

Samreen looked down from the mezzanine floor to the large Victoria University function room below. She was 20, a Pakistani refugee attending Victoria University under a Government initiative to help marginalised new refugee arrivals become part of Australia. Last year she had studied Accounting but this year she had transferred to study Social Sciences, specifically Ancient Beliefs and Traditions of the World. 

There is one further point to mention. The 5ft 4, 108-pound University student was stark naked apart from her high heels and with one hand she held a pair of binoculars studying the proceedings below while her other hand idly attended to the needs of her swollen large clit. She gave a groan as another orgasm shot though her body; a body that was closer to that of a rounded Indian rather than that of her 42-year-old mother Asma. Samreen and her father were solid and soft bodied while Asma was taller, thinner, more toned and her body shape and face reminded an observer of Pakistan’s first female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. Samreen still had her long black hair, thicker and, with more body than say Asian or Vietnamese women’s silky stands, and unchanged since she lived in Lahore 4 years ago she still retained her love of chicken kahari with fresh coriander. 

 As she continued to fondle her oversized clit she focussed the binoculars on Zhi Deng sitting at one of the tables. The 41-year-old Chinese woman, who worked in the Administration department of the prestigious Melbourne University, was not only Prime Alpha at Victoria’s oldest University but The Leader. She had defeated all the Prime Alphas from the other 6 institutions in the last 3 biannual sex tournaments and was in the 7th year of her reign as The Leader of all institutions. Samreen zoomed in on the symbol of her position; the 3 studs in her ear: diamond, ruby and emerald. She couldn’t see the tringle of 3 tattooed dots on her hand with apex pointing to her fingers which signified she was a member of the MUSP (Melbourne Sexual Perversions) club as they were obscured by the Prime Beta of the club sitting beside her. As a Prime she wore a Prime’s entitlement: a diamond ear stud. 

All members of the various University sex clubs had 3 dot tattoos, but differing patterns determined which University. For example, Samreen had 3 dots running left to right which showed she was from Victoria University. Monash, Victoria’s second University had an inverted triangle. Latrobe, a triangle pointing to the left, RMIT the reverse, Swinburne a vertical array whilst Deakin’s was horizontal. Membership was for life and just like the Freemasons had done worldwide for years, it provided the contacts that gave promotion, insider business knowledge, police protection and political clout. 

Within each club members the organisation was the same. All university entrants and new staff completed a psych profile. What they did not know was that it also secretly identified potential members. They received an invitation, performed the brutal and prolonged initiation ceremony and were graded as slave or trainee. Trainees were tattooed as members and received a plain gold stud while slaves were branded and used in orgies and private parties with the chance to retest in a year’s time. After passing the tests as a Trainee the member progressed to Regular (Topaz), to Veteran (Sapphire), then Advanced (Emerald), then Elite (Ruby), and finally to one of 12 Primes in each club. Samreen’s emerald stud proclaimed she was an Advanced and no one at the Victoria University club, the VUX3B, had ever done that in one year. The club name came from their initiation where, while bound to a bondage type cross the prospective member had to suck and be fucked by males, females and dogs. The X for the cross, the 3 for who fucked them and the B for bound. 

Her gaze returned to the stage in the centre of the 7 tables, one from each institution. Two naked Sudanese men were locked up in a wrestling contest; one was about 19, the other about 30. Both were tired but still giving 100%. It was no wonder that they were performing as the meal and entertainment were provided by Victoria University. With their low entry mark score and refugee entrance handouts, Victoria university may have been low on the academic University rankings, but no other University could match the quality and quantity of their black meat due to the high number of Sudanese refugees. And this match was no exhibition; it was to determine the University Swordsman. 

Garang, the 31-year-old, was the present champion, while Bigoa 11 years younger was challenging him for the title. It had been a long, brutal battle and both had managed to mount, control and drill their cock into the other’s arse and cum. The next successful arse rape would decide the winner. As she watched Garang managed to sweep Bigoa’s legs from under him, take him to the floor, mount him and apply a one-armed sleeper. His other hand pried open the younger Sudanese’s arse. But he wasn’t as young as he once was, and his cock was only semi hard. It bent as he tried to force it in the cum filled anal channel. It gave Bigoa his chance. As Garang kept him pinned and tried to drag a third errection into his cock Bigoa reached a long arm back and managed to get a full squirrel grip on Garang. He squeezed the nuts in his hand viciously. Gararang screamed in pain and the contest was as good as over. 

Samreem watched Bigoa take his time and humiliate as well as defeat Garang and claim the title. Controlling the older man with his vice like squirrel grip he masturbated his thick 10-inch black snake in front of the kneeling Garang before shooting a load into the soon to be ex champion’s face. Then he proudly fisted it hard for the third time, bent Garang over the wooden sex horse and drove his spear into the presented arse hole. He took his time roughly raping Garang’s arse before releasing his last load of the contest, and his third into Garang’s arse. Samreem was ecstatic as Bigoa was one of her personal small group. One of those who swore loyalty to the VUX3B, then the New Order, and then most importantly to Samreen, not the leader of the New Order, the Sudanese Alpha Beta, Makur. 

Samreen had observed and felt there was a changing of the guard about to occur within the club with the Sudanese led by the Prime Beta, Makur who was second only to the Romanian born chancellor Marija Poposky, VUX3B’s current Prime Alpha, taking control of the club and Makur becoming Prime Alpha. She had allied herself with them and not only caught the eye of Makur but become her lover and protégé. Following Makur’s instructions she had seduced Makur’s daughter, Nyadol, into a lesbian relationship. Samreen was bi but she enjoyed playing this role.

Taken completely into Makur’s confidence, she found the South Sudanese woman was a witch doctor. Laugh you may, but consider Haiti, where the former slaves had kept their traditional beliefs. There, rituals and natural, plant-based drugs created by witchdoctors produce such things as zombie states which medical knowledge says shouldn’t occur. Samreen had found the unattractive, heavily built, short haired, big arsed Sudanese had an insatiable sex drive and their fucks ended with the Sudanese woman craving more and Samreen semi-conscious unable to continue. Yet Makur had been pleased saying no one else could last as long or make her cum as strong.

Makur introduced Samreen to rituals such as eating foetuses which she obtained from research departments at Melbourne University and the regular eating of her daughter during her period and having her eat and drink concoctions Makur prepared naked under the full moon while Samreen ate her. Samreem went along at first because she didn’t want to lose Makur’s patronage, but later she became a believer as she found her sex drive and endurance increase and that both her nipples and clit become larger. Samreen had weighed everything up, considered all the pros and cons. She had made her choice. She was totally was committed to being part of Makur’s New Order and be a major role player in ousting Marija’s True Believers. Then the rewards would come.

Just as politicians always lie, and taxes never go down, Samreen knew one other truth. She would become Alpha Prime of VUX3B and then The Leader of all 7 Universities. She was making plans. Makur, with her help, would become Prime Alpha but shortly after Samreen would challenge her and replace her. Every time she and Makur tribbed, fingered used a strap on or whatever she was learning, discovering the Sudanese woman’s strengths and weaknesses. She was already recruiting her own cadre devoted only to her.

With the swordfight finished, the Primes were being entertained with a display of bondage. Marija Poposky, VUX3B’s current Prime Alpha  was Romanian, the European country that had been most isolated since mediaeval times and the home of Dracula (both the real sadistic count of the 15th century and the setting of the legend created in the 1897 novel). Apart from their supply of black meat this was another area where, along with the Japanese influence at Monash, Victoria University was leader.

But it was time. Samreen was the next act for the audience, the grand finale of the night before the Primes discussed Inter University business. She took a huge dong and slowly worked it into her cunt, wincing as it widened her fuck chute. She flinched as the bee venom in the concoction Makur had prepared and which now covered the dong reacted with her inner cunt flesh, but she persevered knowing it would help her in a short time take the donkey’s cock in front of the Primes by dilating her fuck channel. Soon it had reduced to a warm heat that had her horny and frigging her love bud like crazy. She gave a long low growl and squirted her cum at least 2 meters. It had taken 2 years mixing with non Pakistani students at school and one year at University as a member of the VUX3B club but now her life revolved around sex, and her goal in life was to be The Leader. She was no longer bound by her strict Muslim traditions and customs.

She crossed the small ladderway to the glass cage suspended 30 meters above the massive performance room and it started its slow descent to the tables below. Each of the 7 tables seated the 12 Primes from one University. All were naked and were eating the final course of the banquet. Beneath the starched linen table clothes, expensive plates and silverware knelt a VUX3B Slave or male or female Trainee administering fellatio and cunnilingus on the Primes as they tasted the exquisite deserts. Great tray of food brought by Regulars had been spread before them giving a huge variety to select from. 

Some with their tools or cunts being fingered or eaten so determinedly were struggling to eat. Others had an arm around a slender female or muscular male waist standing beside them so that their free hand could play with a firm, full breast or reach to a cunt, or play with a tool; whatever they desired, as below the table, they were sucked with their cock taken deeply into a throat while hands cupped and milked their balls, or were eaten by tongues devouring their slits as fingers toyed with their clits. 

A groan echoed round the hall as the round, tight, sucking lips of a slave churned someone’s balls into a vat of boiling sperm.  The delicious morsels of food being fed into his mouth by a second slave were titillating bites from heaven, teasing his palate with every swallowed mouthful.  Unconsciously, he squeezed the small hard-nippled breast in his hand until she winced in smiling pain.  

In the descending glass cubicle Samreen could distinguish the individual University tables. Melbourne with its higher entrance score had a few western wealthy ex private school males, part of the Establishment where a name like Smyth-Forthingham carried more weight than money. It gave the club entrance into a small, rarefied circle of historical power and influence. The other 8 at the table were high achieving Vietnamese and overseas Chinese, sure to progress rapidly in their chosen fields, especially with club help.  

Monash, the second University of choice had the Government schooled Westerners and Vietnamese and overseas Chinese but also the overseas Japanese students. Less traditional than Melbourne University they provided leaders in new technology and thinking. RMIT and Swinburne were male dominated by Indians and Indonesians respectively. The first a waste because the land that wrote the Karma Sutra placed little value on women’s opinions. However, they provided the bureaucratic upper levels that tidied up the details after decisions were made by club members at higher levels.  The Indonesian playboys at least provided the corruption necessary to hide the club’s money overseas and their “escorts” provided some diversion for club members. The gay Latrobe and the low entry score westerners at Deakin tables were also easily distinguished. Both Latrobe and Deakin provided many future political connections as most were first employed by and then became politicians of high ranking public servants. Finally, there was the Sudanese contingent and other cultural minorities table identifying Victoria University, whose contribution to all clubs lucrative activities was predominately criminal muscle. 

As it continued its slow descent to her appointment with a donkey. Samreen reflected on her future. She had switched to her new course as she had become convinced by her association with Makur, who claimed to be an African witchdoctor, in the power of black magic, of sex magic. Every culture had their myths, from the Celts in Britain and France, the Egyptians, primitive Eastern European countries, the ghosts and ancient legends of Asia; the lists went on. Even as late as the early 20th century Aleister Crowley was dabbing in modern sex Magik (not magic).  After flashing her tattoos to the University librarian, she had gained access to books and documents not available to other students or even non club member staff. Samreen had become convinced that there was truth in all the legends but over time they had become watered down so that Makur’s African witchcraft now contained some but not all of the old truths. Each branch had some, but lacked all of the truths. She would combine them all. 

At first her plan had been to enslave Makur after defeating her and use her as her personal witch doctor, but now she was intending to fuck her to death and via a sex ceremony gain Makur’s exceptional sex drive for herself. She would learn how this could be done from the ritual that she and Makur would have performed on her mother, Asma. Thanks to an interfering Vietnamese bitch that wouldn’t occur now, but she was now going to target her elder sister instead. In order to learn Makur’s secrets, and not rely on her in the future she was learning Dinka, the language of the South Sudanese. Then there were the others. The Romanian Prime Alpha at Victoria University for example. Her research had led her to the Polish Romanian connection. Myths still carried on today in the form of the novel series The Witcher Stories written by Andrzej Sapkowski which later became a huge video game and even a TV series. Her research had led her to believe the vampire Dracula drinking blood legend may in fact involve eating flesh. 

Her descent had been noticed by more and more of the Primes as she neared the floor. By the time the glass cubicle reached the floor most were aware the final event was about to begin. The workers who had covered the polished boards with tarpaulins and then covered that with sand had left. The engineers walked away from the finished steampunk looking metal contraption they had constructed. There was a moment’s pause, then a loud braying as a large grey donkey was led in. The entirety of the watching crowd stopped their eating and concentrated on what was to unfold. Most, though not all, restrained the slaves doing their work under the table. 

The Victoria University Prime Alpha Marija left her table and approached Samreen who was now being strapped in doggy style to one side of the assembled machine. A tank on wheels was bought out. Marija unreeled a long hose from the cart, which was connected to the tank. In the top of the oval metal tank was a funnel, and out of the back at the bottom snaked a thick rubber hose and ended in a tapered, ridged nozzle. 

“First we are going to clean that cunt of yours, Samreen,” she said quite pleasantly, considering what lay ahead for the Pakistani. Samreen’s arse cheeks were held wide, exposing the pussy below while Marija inserted the large nozzle into her waiting slit. Samreen flinched as the wide, cold spigot was forced in and then ground deeper. She jolted and jerked as it was force fed deep into her waiting pussy hole. Marija went to the cart and smiling adjusted a knob there. She started the flow and increased the flow from a slow trickle. Samreen gasped and jolted as the fluid hit her insides. 

“2 litres of warm donkey piss should do the job," the Prime Alpha said. 

As if on cue the donkey brayed,. It was not too bad at first. She felt the liquid slowly filling her pussy. But soon the cramping began, and her cunt wanted to explode. But still more liquid was hosed into her, her stomach distending beneath her over the beam she was attached to. She trembled and shook as the last of donkey piss filled her. 

"It will help stretch you so it can get his cock into you." 

Marija went behind her and removed the nozzle, slowly, the audience watching as Samreen’s slit lips still clutched at the withdrawing nozzle. All had Ipads which could show close ups from different angles of what was happening before their eyes via the closed circuit wifi feed. She pushed it in and out a few times as she played with Samreen’s clit, smiling as Samreen squirmed. Then she yanked it out. Donkey piss squirted a good 2 feet out of her cunt before a Trainee held a bucket under her as the rest of the urine spurted out, filling the bucket.

Samreen then endured a repeat, but this time the fluid pumped into her was water infused with donkey pheromones, intended to arouse the waiting donkey and help it target in on Samreen’s cunt. The next step in the script was for the donkey to be brought to Samreen and she would give it a handjob and blow it. There must have been a last minute change of plans because The Leader, Zhi Deng, the Chinese Prime Alpha of Melbourne University sashayed from her table to the donkey. The naked Chinese sank to her knees beside the grey animal’s flank. It stood still, its haunches quivering from the scent of what was being pumped into Samreen. Zhi Deng was quivering herself, from the anticipation of what she was about to do.

She reached under the donkey, palm upward, and began to run her hand along the length of its prick, from the bloated balls to the flaring cockhead. The donkey’s fat fuck-rod soon throbbed in her hand. She began stroking the underside of his donkey-meat with both hands. As she massaged it, slowly the burro's head came up, its ears pricked and, as if attached to his head by clockwork, its cock began to harden. Soon it was so stiff that it was vibrating like a tuning fork. She blew her warm breath onto his cockhead and the donkey’s prick grew even longer and harder.

Samreen forced her head around to look at the braying animal. It was large for a donkey, not that there are many in Australia to compare it with.  Zhi Deng was now under the aroused beast, while a Trainee tried to calm it and another 2 held its harness. Samreen’s face creased in jealousy as The Leader lapped and sucked at his hanging meat. Zhi Deng dragged back the long foreskin and began slurping at the mammoth pink head beneath covering its cock with her saliva. The huge head of his cock was fully squeezed out from the sheath and the long cockrod stood, iron hard, under the animal's belly. Samreen’s plan to eventually defeat The Leader now had a personal undertone. She hated being upstaged and now the Chinese could join her list with Binh, the Melbourne Uni first year law student who beaten her twice in the inter club sex Olympics, and her mother’s Vietnamese friend. The others like Marija were career targets.

 Meanwhile the naked Chinese woman worked on the donkey-prick, masturbating it enthusiastically. But then she leaned in and pushed her pink tongue out and began to lick the glistening head of the donkey's cock. Her tongue roamed all over the huge, meaty wedge and, from the look on her face, she was really enjoying he taste of his prick. A thick drop of pre cum spunk oozed from its cleft prick-knob. Xin Deng watched it run sluggishly down his cockhead, smiling wantonly. Then she gathered it up with her tongue, slurping the sticky stuff from the donkey’s cockmeat and letting the jism trickle around on her tongue for a moment before she swallowed it. Spit glistened on her its swollen stiff cock head which was now a thick ridged pole fully ready for action.

There was not a limp prick or dry cunt in the hall by this time.

Then she led the now-frantic burro over to the metal bondage machine into which Samreen was strapped. The Trainees who had been holding the harnesses hurried to clamp two metal shelf plates over a long bar on the machine. Marija and the Trainees guided the donkey so that its hooves clattered down on the shelf plates. Xin Deng took up a rubber mould, an oval shield with a hole in the centre and a plug behind. She worked this pliable device over the head of the donkey's prick and tugged it down his stiff rod, so that his cockhead and some15 inches of prick shaft stuck through the mould when the plug stopped the shield’s progress down its cock. No woman could take the full length of a burro's cock, and the shield would prevent the beast from ramming the whole thing up her pussy. But even the length of hard cock that was sticking out, throbbing, through the shield was more than most women could have managed. With his huge cock readied for her cunt, Samreen arched her back, and Marija parted Samreen’s sleek brown thighs.

 The grey animal’s massive body was now over the restrained Samreen. She squirmed under its body as it was guided forward inching closer to her, the head of its cock brushing against the cheeks of her arse. The burro, its passion aroused, jerked his cock through Xin Deng’s grasping fingers. The head of his fat prick banged into the cheeks of Samreen’s arse. A miss. Annoyed and frustrated, the donkey rumbled in its throat. Another jerky thrust banged his cock between Samreen’s arse cheeks, but still not close to her cunt. Eventually after a few tries Samreen felt the tip of the burro's cock against the entrance of her creamy fuck-slot and started to squirm against the wide blunt tip of his cock.

 "Perfect," Marija said, taking over and placing the head of its cock at Samreen’s cunt entrance the same moment as it lurched forward.


The burro brayed and tossed its head. The bloated tip of its cock had found the mark. The animal snorted, splitting open Samreen’s prepared fuck hole. Its balls, loaded with jizz, swung and ached to be rid of the churning white cum inside.

"He’s in me!" Samreen shrieked and wriggled her hips.

"God, Ahhhh oooooo ... yeahhhhh!"

 The donkey's haunches bunched up with taut muscles. He began to fuck. Slowly, inch by massive inch, his gigantic cock began to force its way into her steaming pussy. As Samreen felt her cunt being filled with the great prick, she wailed and whimpered. Her thighs trembled and her heels drummed at the burro's flanks. Each time the brute plunged he was fucking a bit more cockmeat into her cunt until, at last, she had taken every inch of the cock that was available through the template. The rubber shield clamped tightly to her crotch, preventing further penetration, and the donkey's swollen balls were jammed between her legs.

The burro began to fuck her in earnest. Samreen met his fuck-strokes with equal force, thrusting her pelvis back as his wide, long fuck-tool plunged into her. Her cunt lips were spread so wide that they had almost turned inside out, and her clit was swollen as it rubbed against his prick. Thick ribbons of cunt juice, pumped out by his pussy-filling plunger, poured down her crotch and oozed onto the sand below. She rolled her hips from side to side, winding her cunt around on his cock like a nut on a bolt.

 Her face was a mask of pure lust. Her tits hung down, swinging like small weights as she rocked and struggled on the bar. The donkey fucked harder, burying hard thick inches of his cock deep in the wailing Pakistani. It foamed at the mouth, drooling, as it fucked her tight narrow hole.

"SHIT OH SHIT MY CUNT!" Samreen moaned, lifting her head. "Ooooo, FUCK.

She squirmed and wriggled, taking the rest of its huge fat prick into her overloaded body. The audience watched, wide eyed and stunned..

"It’s all the way in," Xin Deng gasped. She moved around looking down into Samreen’s flushed passion racked face.
"How does that feel Advanced?"

"UGHH Like a fucking log. I feel it in my gut. GOD so biiiigggg!"

"Xin Deng and Marija looked at each other. Then the two of them eagerly knelt and began hungrily suckling her bouncing tits. Dazed and shuddering in mind shattering ecstasy, the Pakistani 20-year-old jammed back, her cunt gulping at the donkey’s cock. She rocked, delirious with joy as her breasts were sucked by 2 experts. The burro lunged forward, its cock fucking in and out of the receptive cunt. Samreen rocked and jolted. Each fuck thrust of horse cock stretched her slit and caused friction on her cervix slamming it back and forth. Her eyes bulged. She shoved back, revelling in the whacking of his balls as they slapped against her quivering thighs. She screamed and the burro brayed, their animal sounds blending.

 One of the watchers squirted a heavy dose of jism out. The sticky stuff splashed on the slave beneath the table. Then a female Prime squirted her cum into her slave’s face and they began going off in sequence, shooting one by one like a line of well-trained infantrymen. Finally, the donkey brayed triumphantly and slammed the prickmeat home violently, and Samreen was almost blown off the end of his prick by the gigantic torrent of cum that hosed her pussy.

 The burro shot geyser after geyser of cum into her cunt and she melded with him, her hot pussy juice gushing out to blend with the animal's slime, her whole pussy foaming with cream before a small amount slipped out past the cock. At last, the brute's balls were emptied. Samreen continued to squirm on his cock, working off the final spasms of her own orgasm and milking out the final flow of her cunt juice. The burro's cock wilted, flopped out and sagged under his belly, still semi-erect with its cock-knob slathered with cum and cunt juice.

 Xin Deng hurried to it and used her tongue and lips to lick the head of

its cock until it gleamed as if polished. They unstrapped Samreen from the machine. She staggered up. Cum was streaming down the insides of her thighs in a creamy river. The show was over.