Black Hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 1 Introducing Anupama Chawla

It gave me a lifeline. Business had been bad since I lost most of my clients to Thien, a Vietnamese woman whom I had selected, trained, paid for her Accounting degree and employed.  And who was so annoyed I would not leave my wife for her that she left my Accounting business taking with her with most of my Vietnamese customers. This caused the fall in my income which meant my Vietnamese princess or wife was so annoyed she could no longer spend my money like water she was not putting out in the bedroom.

The solution was Anupama Chawla who worked as an underpaid bookkeeper at the same firm as my wife's best friend. She and her husband lived in the same suburb and after we were introduced we often ran into her and her husband at the supermarket. It was my wife and her husband who came up with the idea of having Anupama work for me at a higher salary and enable my business to gain the Indian tertiary student income tax business, and with my Government migrant registration I had for the Vietnamese, the lucrative Indian permanent resident business. A win win situation.

The only downside was Anupama. She was 43, a dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound, 5ft 4 dowdily dressed Indian from Kolkata. But beggars can't be choosers and I needed clients. So a week later she arrived for work, flat heels, those ugly ankle stockings, a thick blouse and a shapeless long black dress whose hem hung down at the back.

But she could work and work, staying back later than necessary, and tirelessly introduced new business. Plus she was far better company than I had thought and we got along well. It was at a local Accounting conference that the idea first took root. Thien my ex employee had approached me and gloated stating how she was starting a branch in our suburb and that I would be out of business when Anupama leapt to my defence promising that we would be staying and Thien's new branch would close. It was then I decided I would take the Kolkata born Anupama as a lover to encourage her to work harder to beat off the Thien threat, plus there was the challenge to see if it could be done and the thrill of following a plan. Of course I could always turn off the light, shut my eyes or use a brown paper bag on her head

My first step was simple. I bought her some long hanging pierced earrings, pretending that I didn't realize she had no piercings, as a thank you for her hard work. The next day she had pierced ears and was wearing them and every following day after. So she did have some femininity after all. Then I offered her a 25% partnership, easy to do as she was bringing in 68% of the business. Apart from the gratitude in those black eyes she pleaded not to tell her husband so she could put the extra money in a separate account. It appeared that it was an arranged marriage, and she had no family here and a husband who liked both young Indian female students and letting her know he was fucking them.

The next step involved the chapter of the local business annual dinner dance. They sent 2 tickets and I picked them up and swore.

"What's the matter"? Anupama inquired

"The stupid idiots only sent 2 tickets. I wanted you to come because you've done so much for the business and it's a great chance for you to network".

Her face was full of disappointment.

"No you must go", I said. Thuyet (my wife) doesn't enjoy these things and I'd enjoy being there with someone who can talk to these business people, but we'll keep it our secret and not tell her because she hates being overlooked." I stated.

"You must take her, she's your wife", she replied but unconvincingly.

Five minutes later she agreed to come and I had her sharing a secret from my wife.

"Okay, we need to spend some company money on your clothes, tax deductible of course."

That afternoon we were at Bridge St, Richmond where all the clothes factories/ importers/ shops have their clearance outlets. I dont pay full price ever. As we crossed the road, a car approached quickly. The perfect opportunity and I quickly grabbed her hand to halt her and kept hold of it until we were in the first shop and she was looking at the clothes. As expected her choice was sensible and dull and while she tried them on I selected some others. She came out smiling.

"I've made my choice, now back to work".

"Hold on, there's no hurry, try these".

"You don't mind taking more time shopping for clothes for me", she asked in a surprised way.

"No, it's important you look good at the function. We have to impress Thien".

Although not extreme the clothes I had suggested were more feminine and close fitting and when she came out I could see the size of her tits and the strength in her torso and thighs: things you don't see in an Asian.

As we walked from the shop and were walking again I grabbed her hand to suddenly change direction and cross the street in a traffic break to go to a shop I had spied and heard her intake of breath. After trying on outfits at that shop that were more sensual we left the shop and as we walked my hand just brushed hers. Suddenly she grabbed mine.

"What about that shop", she said pointing across the street.

From that shop onward she accepted walking hand in hand until we had four outfits and when we arrived back at work in the flat above the office I asked for a showing to decide the final choice for the night.

The first was a wrap around split skirt and I heard her gasp from the bedroom as she opened the bag to put it on. She had found the thong I had purchased at one of the shops while she was trying on a dress. When she came out I could tell from the way she walked she had her first thong on, and the tightness of the skirt across her butt revealed no panty line.

"God, she's so wrong", I muttered

"What", she queried.

I did it so well as I let her drag from me that Thuyet my wife had said Anupama was incapable of making a man look at her, and when pressured produced the evidence; a doctored digital recording I had made. Those computer skills and the Sonar sound editing program weren't wasted.

But the finale was the backless halter top cream dress. In the shop she had worn her bra but as she paraded it was obvious from her bare back that she was wearing the halter neck quarter cup bra I had also surreptitiously bought. Christ, the size of the uncovered nipple boring through the dress material and the dark circle of areola visible through the cream material.

"Thank you so much Greg. In all my life no-one has been good to me like you".

Hesitantly she put her arm around me and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on her lips. She looked at me like she couldn't believe what she was doing, but I told her it was all right. She asked me again if it was OK to kiss me and I smiled to indicate my approval. I held her head with both my hands and started kissing her in earnest. My tongue was exploring her mouth and she was melting in my arms. I held her head with one hand, and with my other hand undid the fake diamond chain that held the two tit coverings of the halter in place, slid my hand under the halter-top material and caressed her breasts. They were full and heavy: if Vietnamese tits were a sponge cake then hers were like a dark fruit cake. Incredibly her nipples grew even more in size as I stroked them. 

Very soon I raised her hands and slowly slid the whole dress over her head, instead of just letting it fall to the floor. She seemed giddy with excitement, and eagerly opened her mouth again as I continued to kiss her. I laid her on her back on the bed and then knelt beside her, kissing her passionately on her mouth, and then moved down her body, covering her neck, breasts and belly with kisses. I reached for her thong and she lifted her buttocks to allow me to take it off. I was greeted by not a lading strip but an entire airport of thick strong black hair. And below that was a Filipina type mound, prominent, thick lipped and so open her clit hood could be seen, but with incredibly long inner lips dangling from this thick lipped cave.

I groaned and she looked worried, "You don't like my body"?

"It's great. Look at the size of your breasts and those swollen big dark areola circles. Thuyet is so proud of her nipple size yet yours are so much longer and thicker. And then that treasure down there, it says you are a real woman."

She flinched with nervousness when my tongue parted her cunt lips.

"No No No You don't have to do this. Its disgusting for you."

"But I want to taste your juice".

I kept my tongue gently probing around the opening of her pussy, teasing her clit hood till it burst free and then I flicked it gently along its huge length making her tense up with pleasure. Her whole body was moving around below me as I worked my tongue on her clit. She wrapped her legs round my head and squealed with delight as she felt my wet tongue lapping at the quivering flesh of her splayed open slit. I rammed my tongue all the way inside her cunt, stopping only when my nose was pressed tightly against her clit. In response, Anupama pushed her cunt-mound up hard against my mouth, moving her strong hips in time with my jabbing, searching tongue.

When I sucked the stem of her throbbing love button deep into the back my mouth, Anupama screamed with pleasure. Her hands beat on the mattress and she pressed my face tighter against her squirming cunt with her legs. In return, I twisted my juice-drenched mouth from side to side, trying to burrow my delving tongue ever more deeply into her gaping cunt-hole.  She was grinding her hips in rhythm with my tongue when her body began to violently shake as she moaned. 

"Oh . . . Yeah . . . Greg . . I'm . . . going to cum . . . oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" .

I had to hold onto to her to keep her from falling off the bed as she came. I held her as tight as I could as her body began to relax but continued gently licking her pussy in a much gentler way while she settled back down.

"I've never cum with a man before", she gasped.

She lifted my face up to her and licked her juices off of me, before shoving her tongue into my mouth so I could swap spit and her juices back and forth with her for a few minutes.

Hesitantly Anupama reached down and slowly moved her hands around my mushroom cock head and played along the bottom with her finger tips feeling the throbbing veins. Anupama was trembling so much that I could feel her fingers shaking on my cock. 

"Don't be afraid of me. Think of me of a man that is going to try giving you more pleasure than you have ever experienced in your life".

Anupama's eyes were closed as I continued to whisper gently into her mouth. "Reach down and cup my balls in your hands and feel how large they are for you. Feel how much they swell when you hold them in your hands. I want you to take hold of the balls that hold the hot Australian seed that you will soon feel inside your belly."

Anupama was so caught up in my words that she followed every step I told her and had her fingers wrapped around my balls while the other hand continued to massage the head of my cock. I then parted her legs, folding them at the knees and raised them till her knees were above her heaving tits before gently moved the head from the top near her clitoris and back down the slit mixing both her juices in her slit and my pre cum on the head of my cock. She raised her legs, making her knees come closer to her tits and placed her hands under her knees to hold them up. I pushed forward putting pressure on her thick cunt lips as I continued to move the head along the opening of her pussy.

Anupama raised her head and looked down between her legs to watch as my cock entered her for the first time. I gave myself another push forward and I watched Anupama's eyes close from the pleasure.  I kept moving the head along the slit than decided to push forward again and this time it popped inside her pussy as her head rested back on the pillow. I held myself very still for a few seconds than pushed forward again sending it further inside Anupama's tight pussy.  She stared up into my eyes not saying a word as I pulled myself back just a fraction then pushed forward sending myself inside her another couple inches. Anupama moaned. 

"Oh God . . . I . . . You're so gentle . . . "

Anupama was tight and I slowly, deliberately repeated my moves several times sinking more of my cock inside her. Once I had lodged several inches inside her pussy, she let go of her legs and locked them around my arse as I bent down and kissed her open mouth.

Our tongues mingled together and I began to fuck her pussy sending all of myself inside of her with each stroke. Anupama placed her hands around my head while we continued to kiss and sucked on my tongue as we fucked. Her pussy was making loud wet slurping sounds from the amount of her juice flowing from her cunt. As she approached her orgasm, she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, wincing with pleasure when I thrust like a mad man deeply into her.

I took her another 2 times that night, and for the next 2 days the pattern continued.
Then when we were making love that evening she started sobbing and when I questioned her it poured out.

"I'm scared to loose you. I need you as a friend. I need you to make me sexy. I need you cumming inside me. Everything in my life has been bad and I'm scared of loosing you".

I reassured her, but she needed more, and it wasn't till I suggested we have a pretend wedding as I fucked her and gave her a wedding ring that she would wear until a real wedding that she stopped sobbing and attacked me like a shark after a seal.  When I recovered I nestled into her and whispered,

"I shouldn't tell you this because you'll probably won't want me after I tell what's on my mind".

"Of course not, darling, nothing can change my feelings".

I refused to continue, saying it was too bad but after 5 minutes of her wheedling and questioning I whispered,

"So you know 100% that its only you, I want your name on my cock when we marry, and I want you never to wear a bra that covers your nipples".

"That's all you're worried about", she laughed. "They make me want you more".

"But thats just the start. I want my wife Thuyet to see you dressed sexy and see your name on my cock as you make it big, and see it as I fuck you in front of her before she sucks my cum from your cunt, and you fuck her and take her wedding ring off her and wear it".

There was a hiss and intake of her breath. Then silence. Then I was attacked not by a tuna fish but a pack of great white sharks.

As we lay exhausted she said,

"I know she's your wife and I have no right to ask, and even a short fuck in front of Thuyet will send me over the moon, but is it wrong to ask you if you we can fuck a long time in front of her".

"Darling how are you going to show her your huge nipples are bigger and have me cum on them, show her how often you cum, how can you nearly drown her with a mixture of your cum, my cum and your piss, how can you work these," I said, grabbing her fists, "into her. How can you break her arse and brand her unless we take our time."

She was groaning and bucking beside me fingering herself uncontrollably.

"You…. Ungh …. mean …. I fuck …ungh…. her……for … for a…. ungh.. few hours".

"No a few days".

"Eighhhhhhhhhhh, I'm cummminggggggggg agaiiiiiiiiiiiin".

I struck while the iron was hot.

"Every month you have to think of a new way to fuck her and I want you to say five ways now. I'll start with one. I want to fuck you while we watch some of your Indian male student clients rape her".

"Oohhh Yeeeeeeesss….you fuck me so… Aghhhhhh.. she can see…unngh…while.. ungh.. about…Ungh…. 10…of.. ungh..them…hold…. oohohohoooo… and rape… and…. Ungh ungh….rape her."

She exploded and continued fingering herself for several minutes until finally she withdrew her fingers. They were dripping wet. She tasted her own juices and then slipped her fingers in my mouth to lick her juices.

I tested her, "and your five"?

"Dogs. I make their cock real big, and they fuck her mouth, cunt and arse. You want to see"?

"Oh Yeah", I groaned as I rolled her on her back to eat her.

"Second you suck my nipples so they are the biggest ever and let her see mine are better, longer, thicker, harder than hers. Tell her you are more proud of me. You want me to dress sexy in front of her, show I'm best".

"Yeah", I moaned, "We take her out friendly like for a meal on her birthday, and all night you let her see you wearing higher heels, stockings, no panties, no bra. I keep praising you in front of her. Have a dance and when we come back she sees my hard-on in my pants. Then at home I say your nipples bigger and better and I want you to fuck her ".

Just the thought was making her cum almost constantly.

"Yeah, dress very sexy and show more and more. Every time the bitch looks at you, you are looking at me, open my legs so she sees my slit. Real wet, show her my clit. You tell her Anupama better woman".

"Third, you fuck my arse and she lick you cleeeeeeeeeeeaaannnnnnnnnnnn. Ohhhhhhhhhh Eat me Eat me Eattttttt me Greg. And Four.. ungh.. We… ungh..both piss… ungh… on…ungh..thebitch…You want…. Ooohhhhh.. that"?

"Yeah, that's good". My fingers were in her and on her G spot and she was almost incoherent.

After…after… I.. ooooooohhhhhhh… br br brand her, aaaghhhhhhhhh… I rub… ungh.. our…ungh…….cum into….ooooooooooowwwwwwwwh….it".

I was on a roll as I continued to work her G spot as she bucked and writhed and came. 

"Where are you going to brand your name on her"?

"Ooooh Ooooh you want my name, MY NAME on …. Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I've cuummmagaiiiiiin…. Her. I'll burn it deep… UNgh onher calf so she Oh . . . Yeah . . . That's it . . .Greg… That's it . . can't wear a dress. Ohhh God…, and her neck . Burn it on her neck…. Greg . . . Here it comes again . . Eighhhhhhhhhhh.. so she can't hide it You're making me cum, Everyone see my name on her neck..I want everyone see my name…Greg. Make me cum! Make your woman cum! Yes, yes, yessss! YESSSSSSSS! FUCK YES! FUCKING MAKE ME CUM! and I want to…. brand her cunt EIIHgh real bad cause I fucked her AHHHHHH! UGGHHHHH".

I slept the sleep of the dead if not the just and had barely awakened when it started. Her left hand was on my cock and she lowered her head with her mouth open and licked the tip of my cock head. She lifted her head up and licked the side again feeling the veins with her tongue. She began to slowly lick the cock giving it long slow strokes with her tongue, resting it in her right hand and letting her finger nail's touch my balls as she let her tongue sort of float along my cock.

Soon she was licking up and down the length of my rod, flicking her tongue across the head, and kissing the underside and my testicles. Then she took it into her mouth with her lips wrapped tightly around it, held onto the base of my cock with her thumb and index finger and slid her fingers of the other hand up and down the length of my jerking cock. When I was close to coming, she would stop her and then lick around and below my cock repeating the process several times, until my cock was covered in her saliva and smeared lipstick.

Finally she took the head and shaft into her mouth feeling pre cum leaking from its head as far as it would go and she locked her lips while swishing her tongue around the shaft as the head eased into her throat. When I finally started coming, my cock was still fully inside her mouth, but after swallowing the first spurt he pulled out quickly and sprayed my cum into her face, neck and tits, holding my cock and pump it until the last few drops oozed into her mouth. He then made her kiss his cock again.

"How many girls have you fucked"?

You have to be careful when asked this question and it's hard to think straight when you first awake and just been blown. I did the calculations on what she might accept as likely.

"I think 9", I said cautiously.

Her face gave nothing away.

"Are they all Vietnamese"?

"There was a Filipina and a Japanese", I ventured still unsure of where this was leading.

"As my present to you I want you to see me fuck all of them. If we were in India we could kidnap them and pay the police. Can we do that here"?

"No this is Australia".

Her face fell.

"But 1 of them is living on Govt. unemployment so we can pay her to sexfight you, at least 2 of the others are cheating on their husbands and 2 are tax cheats, another you can seduce her daughter so we can blackmail them all, the Filipina and the Jap can be goaded into a fight and Thien we can challenge to a sexfight in front of a bunch of Viet women so she can't back down.

Her hand took my cock to the black hole of Calcutta.