Black Hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 2 First Catfight

Anupama Chawla was beside herself with anticipation. After Thien my Vietnamese lover had left my Accounting business taking with her most of my Vietnamese clients and with my business falling apart, I had gone into partnership with the Calcutta woman to milk the Indian student market. She was 43, a dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4, dowdily dressed Indian from Kolkata, but on a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me before she fucked and branded my wife. And today she was going for the first, Flory Fe Pastrana

Flory Fe was originally from Pasig City in the Philippines, 39 years old 5ft 2, 105 pounds; a dark skinned round faced, short haired 33B, 26, 35 Filipina who had not morphed into the typical middle aged Filipina barrel and who had an addiction to sex in any form. I was hooked for a while but when I totaled the costs of "Can I have some money: my sister/brother/cousin needs a …., it's my mother's anniversary", I set that ship adrift. However, she had remained a client, and for a payment like a brand name dress still provided the best anal in the Southern hemisphere bar none.

And now she was pissed off. She marched to the desk and stood there, but Anupama ignored her.

"Two others came after me but you sent them into Greg before me. There's no one in there ybutI'm still waiting. I'll get Greg to fire you", she yelled putting her face in Anupama's.

Anupama rearranged her short dress. She was dressed far differently to her first day on the job. High heels, a black micro mini, albeit one that streched over her full belly, cream camisole and black blazer replaced the flat heels, those ugly ankle stockings, a thick blouse and a shapeless long black dress whose hem hung down at the back that she had worn on the first day. She leaned forward so her full tits pressed against the thin material of her camisole.

"Perhaps they pay on time, plus you're early and that's no surprise because from what I hear you often cum early and you're used to waiting a long time to be serviced, oops I mean served, and it only takes a short time to satisfy you". She uncrossed her legs and gave Flory Fe a full view of her bare cunt.

"Fuck you, pokpok (prostitute), even though you've fucked your way into this job, Greg's a friend of mine. A promise of a few nights of my anal and you're sacked. And after you're sacked take the back door because I'll be waiting for you out front", Flory Fe screeched and charged into my office followed by Anupama.

Flory Fe was almost frothing at the mouth and as I stood between them she spat out her accusations pointing and gesticulating at the dark skinned smirking hook nosed Indian. I noticed all my efforts in the past weren't wasted, as she was not dressed in the Filipina uniform of loose long T shirt, jeans and addidas runners, but a short tight halter top black dress and high heels.

The sight of Anupama standing there calmly laughing to herself enraged her further.
Without waiting for an answer from me she hissed, "Get that smirk off your ugly face or I will".

"Have you got enough energy after letting your dog fuck you this morning Rundi Ki bachi (whore's daughter)"?

That was it. I had to physically hold her away from Anupama as she screamed. "Let me fight the bitch. I'll give her the Filipina fist fuck after I hurt her".

Like a scene from a Kung Fu movie Anupama extended an arm and beckoned her with her fingers.

"Don't worry Greg, she's only a Filipina. It will only take a few minutes and soon she will "Gaand chaat mera" (kiss my arse)".

Still holding them apart I mentally weighed them up. Anupama was bigger boned, stronger, probably slower. Flory Fe had the mad Filipina fighting glare in her eyes, and was impatient but cunning, and I knew, experienced. Her sharp eyes glanced sideways not at me, but measuring distance: hands clawed ready for action, ready to seize any opportunity. Had Anupama taken on too much given the Filipinas love of fighting and ability to absorb punishment yet still hurt the other woman?

"What rules do you want", I said.

Flory Fe snorted in disdain but to my surprise it was not her but the bigger Indian who struck first.

"Good, no rules", she said as she kicked sideways: her kick wasn't even aimed but made contact with Flory Fe's belly, staggering her, and she followed up with a roundhouse vicious backhand slap with the hefty diamond on her finger laying open a gash on her right cheek as it sent the Filipina sprawling to the floor where she lay groaning.

But unlike Anupama, I could see she was shamming, apparently winded, her eyes glinting with fury. As Anupama approached to kick her, her arm flew out like a striking snake grabbing the Indian woman's instep before wrenching it upwards as she stood to heave the heavier Anupama backwards crashing to floor. Flory Fe leapt in for the kill like a wildcat and Anupama desperately protected herself with her elbows and knees before managing to kick Flory Fe off and stagger up and back off, but her camisole was in shreds and her skirt was bunched around her waist. Flory Fe attacked again intent on grabbing Anupama but, as she managed to step aside, her fingers caught in Flory Fe's dress, twisting then ripping the flimsy material.

Flory Fe sucked in her breath at the pain and surprise of the first attack, bringing her right hand to her cheek. Looking at the blood in her hand and her torn dress, her rage took over.

"Putanginamo" (Fuck you), and with an animal snarl the real fight was on.

Like two prize fighters, Flory Fe and Anupama began throwing slaps and punches at each other's faces and within seconds, welts and red marks decorated their cheeks. Each was having some success, but slapping and punching on high heels is a difficult business and Flory Fe found out the hard way as one of her heels gave way and she buckled, dropping to her knees in front of the bigger Indian. Anupama seized the opportunity and grabbed two handfuls of the Filipina's black hair and drove a knee right into her opponent's face, knocking her flat on her back.

It would have ended most fights, but Flory Fe was a Filipina and, as we know they can ignore the pain barrier. Recovering with surprising speed, she was back up onto her knees before the Indian could deliver a finishing blow. As Anupama closed in and rushed forward the smaller Filipina grabbed a handful of her black short skirt. The expensive material made a loud tearing sound as a seam gave way, but as Flory Fe pulled backwards to completely strip her, she tripped and they both fell to the floor. As they rolled tangled together on the floor Flory Fe bent her head and sunk her teeth into the Indian's left leg on the calf.

"Yyyyyeooooooooooooooooooow Kuthri (bitch) ".

Anupama let out a howl as the Filipina's teeth punctured the sheer stocking and the skin beneath but a chop to the throat broke the bite. The two women immediately locked together in a swirling tangle of arms, legs, silk, and hair as they twisted and tangled on the floor. What remained of their dresses were up around waists as their legs snaked together, each striving to take control.

They ripped and tore at one another's clothes, each intent on being the first to strip the other while still continuing to pull hair and screech like alley cats in heat. The occasional punch and slap landed but for the most part, it was ripping and hair pulling as their clothes were ripped and shredded. Success to the Filipina as she broke a hand free and her fingers ripped and pulled the thick coarse black exposed pussy hair of the Indian. It was short lived as Anupama managed to force a Filipina tit from its lacy bra and dug her fingers in deep.

Finally breaking apart, Flory Fe kicked wildly with her long spiked heel at Anupama, as the Indian, repositioning her heavy tits in her low cut lace bra, got to her knees and then her feet. Anupama managed to sway sideways but still took a glancing blow from the kick which drew blood on her belly. Both struggled to their feet and faced each other and attacked, focusing on each others tits and belly, trying to weaken the other. Both were too proud to be the first to weaken and try something different, as they continued slamming their fists into each other's bodies.

Suddenly as if by unspoken agreement they crashed together and resumed the dress ripping and bra ripping, before savagely grabbing and clawing at one another's bare tits; already wet and shiny with sweat and the blood from Flory Fe's face cut. The remnants of their clothes slid from their writhing bodies and their nude bodies meshed.  As the battle raged on it started to become apparent that Anupama's lack of condition was going to be a factor since she was blowing heavily and slowing down a bit more than her Filipina opponent. Flory Fe was still clawing and grabbing fiercely while Anupama was defensively trying to grab at the Flory Fe's hands to minimize the effects of her fingernails.

Being the far more experienced fighter of the two, Flory Fe quickly picked up on the fact that the Indian was tiring and she turned up the heat even more now, breaking their leg lock and using her one remaining high heel to kick at Anupama's legs. The sharp stiletto caught her legs in several places, each time slashing the skin. Anupama used her greater size to break the hold and spun around on Flory Fe and dove at the Filipina's dangerous flailing legs to try to pin them. Biting now at the younger woman's legs like a starved piranha, Anupama's teeth clicked when they missed and brought a high pitched squeal when they connected with bare flesh as she bit and clawed at Flory Fe's naked thighs.

Flory Fe replied and soon the two writhing fighters were nearly sixty nine with each other, mauling at each other's thighs while rolling over and over in their entwined position.  But experience and condition told and Flory Fe got on top pinning Anupama on her back. She slid down slightly until her thick lipped shaven pussy was wedged up into Anupama's chin. Clamping her legs hard around her rival's head, the Filipina squeezed with all she had. While crushing Anupama's neck between her legs, Flory Fe reached backwards and went to work on the Indian woman's cunt, viciously digging her claws into the black hole of Calcutta.

By this time I had a huge boner and Flory Fe reached up with one hand to unzip and release the beast and start deep throating me.

Fuck me any way after I fuck this bitch, and then sack her Greg. Pleeeeeeeease".

Anupama bucked, thrashed, and wriggled wildly trying to toss the 39 year old off her but Flory Fe 's balance and athleticism allowed her to ride her and stay in position, continuing to hand out pain and punishment to Anupama's cunt and thighs. Flory Fe's cunt juices started to flow as she orgasmed knowing she had the Indian under control and at the thought of what lay ahead.

Anupama bucked and her chin slid down under the slick cum covered Filipina cunt. Further and further until she was able to sink her teeth into Flory Fe's cunt. The Filipina flew off her instantly, grabbing at her cunt as Anupama gingerly struggled to her knees, spitting out salty pungent cunt juice from her mouth.  But it was still the Filipina who was fresher and stronger and in a flurry of action, she charged, ducking to avoid the wild roundarm swishing just inches over her head. She head butted Anupama right in her hanging belly and drove her backwards against a wall.

"OOOOGGGHHH!" Anupama breath was expelled as the back of her head slammed against the wall. Only her thick mane of coarse hair saved her because it partly cushioned the blow. Flory Fe followed up with a headlock, and rammed Anupama's head into twice into the wall before she grabbed one of the stunned Indian's arms and spun her around like a circus ride before letting go so that Anupama's stumbled across the room and slammed face first into my desk giving me an excuse for the messy jumbled paperwork scattered across it. Flory Fe quickly drove an elbow right into her spine.

"AAAAAAAUUUGHHH!" Anupama screamed in agony.

Pain and adrenaline surged through her system and she reacted to the blow by bracing her arms on the desk and thrusting her torso upwards catching Flory Fe full in the chin with the back of her head dazing her. A reverse Liverpool kiss. The Filipina was knocked back, stumbling, her hands to her broken nose. Anupama was over her like a rash, kneeing, kicking raining blows on the younger woman until she dropped and curled into a fetal position.

Mistake. Big time. Anupama wrapped her up in a bear hug; her arms circled around Flory Fe trapping her hands low to protect an attack on her eyes. She applied the squeeze bending Flory Fe backwards and soon Flory Fe's legs were thrashing as her spine was relentlessly crushed. Suddenly Flory Fe screamed. Anupama had managed to work her face lower and a tit bite was inflicting real pain on the trapped Filipina.

The Indian stopped and Flory Fe fell moaning to the ground holding her back, her bare tit marked with the vivid red teeth imprint of Anupama. Anupama took her time sizing the distance. She took a step forward and delivered the coup coup de gras; a savage kick which sounded like a pistol shot as it echoed round the office. It was followed by an agonized cry then the thud as another kick was buried into the Filipina's belly.

"How are you going to fuck me now?" Anupama laughed in triumph as she straddled her dazed and moaning opponent lnow ying flat on her back. The Indian wasted no time. She picked up the Filipina by the hair and dragged her over to the couch, lifted her up and flipped her over the back part of it so her head was on the cushions and her butt was aimed straight up. Anupama grabbed the computer power cord and then used it to bind up Flory Fe's arms behind her, before attaching a strap-on to herself.

"Wha-? Unnnnh!" Flory Fe moaned as she came to finding Anupama spreading the Filipina's firm butt cheeks to expose her cunt and make an entryway for the thick tool.

"Noooo. Don't you dare…!"

"Quiet, slut," Anupama hissed with delight as she reared back to make the initial thrust. When she rammed it into Flory Fe's pussy, she let out an animalistic grunt of sexual satisfaction. Then it was off to the races. The Indian wasted no time with any slow thrusts of foreplay. She pumped it deep and hard while she held the Filipina's head down with a firm grip.

"UUUN! UUUN! UUUUUN!" Anupama grunted with the effort of each vicious thrust.

"Eighhhhhhhhhhh, Eighhhhhhhhhhh" Flory Fe wailed at each thrust.

The rubber tool was thick and long and it filled the writhing Filipina to the hilt as the Indian's cunt slapped against her arse cheeks. She squirmed and tried to get loose from Anupama's grip, but she was still weak and dazed from the blows to her head and jaw.

"Only cock you've had for the past 2 months," Anupama gloated and taunted her. "Do you think your dog would be jealous seeing you getting it like this and enjoying it? "AAAAH! I love pounding that arrogance out of you," Anupama taunted her, grunting the words out between gasps of passion.

Anupama rammed Flory Fe doggie style for several minutes before flipping the trussed Filipina over across the sofa cushions and re-positioned herself between the squirming younger woman's spread legs. After some out of control missionary fucking, Anupama sought deeper penetration so she lifted Flory Fe's legs over her shoulders until her toes were pointing at the ceiling. She spread her legs wider exposing her inviting chocolate starfish.

"Get my phone Greg. Film it, film it", Anupama screamed

"AAAAAAAAAAAH! UUUUUUUUUUNNNNH! UMMMMMNNNNN!" Flory Fe moaned and groaned under Anupama's onslaught of strap-on pounding as it moved into her arse. The Indian's hips slapped hard against Flory Fe's pelvis and the tool was being rammed in and out with increasing force.

"All right, 'Miss I'll make you loose your job', on your knees. Its time to give it to me now," Anupama said, pulling Flory Fe into a kneeling position. "Eat my strapon with that mouth of yours until I cum."

Anupama grinned with glee, eyes glistening with perverted excitement as she lowered the dong closer to the Filipina's mouth. "Open wiiiiide gaandu (arsehole)…"

Flory Fe dry retched in disgust as Anupama dangled the arsejuice-covered tool; Flory Fe's own arse juices, inches from her face. Reluctantly she parted her lips and allowed the Indian to shove the thick dildo into her mouth. Immediately, she gagged both from the thought and taste, as well as having it nearly buried down her throat.

Anupama gripped the Filipina firmly by the shoulders and began pumping her mouth while Flory Fe did her best to feign enthusiasm with some oral sexual techniques. But the longer she was forced to go down on Anupama, the sooner some base instinct kicked in. Flory Fe's head began to bob back and forth with renewed vigor, knowing only Anupama cumming could end it.

"UUMMMFF! UUUUMMMM! MMMMMP! MMMMBBBLLMM!" Flory Fe groaned and moaned on the tool crammed in her mouth.

Both the feeling of power and control from fucking the defenseless Flory Fe, and the movement of the shorter dildo attached to the inside of the strapon inside her were taking Anupama higher.

"Oh, yes! That is greaaaaaaaat…AAAAAAAAAAH! Yes! Yes! Just like that…oh, you bitch…UMMMMMMM…Yessss! I think I'm…AHHHH! 

I'm…I'm…Yes! I'm cumminnnng! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! UUUNNNH!"

As the defeated Filipina was trying to cover herself with her torn dress in order to rush to the car Anupama was already uploading her fucking of the Filipina to every contact in Flory Fe's Blackberry and about to Sextube her victory.