Blackhole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 3 First Sexfight 

After Thien my Vietnamese lover had left my Accounting business taking with her most of my Vietnamese clients, I had gone into partnership with the Kolkata born Anupama Chawla to milk the Indian student market, She was 43, a dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 137 pound 5ft 4, dowdily dressed Indian from Calcutta, but on a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me before she fucked and branded my wife. Flushed with her successful fight with the Filipina Flory Fe in my office, Anupama was ready for more. 

But she had never sexfought and needed some training so I thought Tu Lan would be the perfect stepping stone. Tu Lan was now 58 and 6 years ago had provided me with the necessary capital to start my Accounting business in exchange for certain services that a woman married to a man 15 years older than her could not provide.

Okay, I have no pride or self respect, but I needed the money and actually the sex from the 52 year old was fantastic. The mention of how I had managed to accounting creatively shift her husband's assets and profits from his bank accounts to hers encouraged her to take on my new Indian partner in a sexfight after she had first declined. 

Anupama and I sat in the downstairs formal room. Like most Vietnamese homes in Australia it was doubled storied with this room with its marbled tiles, leather lounge suite, and Italian style mirrors and tables for show, not for use. It's purpose was to show that the owners were no longer boat refugees.

Tu Lan entered dramatically: she was wearing the traditional Vietnamese "Ao Dai". It is a long flowing tight-fitting silk tunic that  is worn over a loose-fitting pair of white flared pantaloons. High heels emphasize the long look. The tunic splits into a front and back panel from a few inches above the waist down to mid shin. Perfect description except that she was not wearing the wide legged pants and every step she took showed her naked shaved slit.

They soon stood facing each other completely naked. Tu Lan's smallish firm tits still had an unnatural, for her age, upward tilt, and she had no aureole around her long erect brown nipples. Anupama's aureole were huge and dark brown, her tits were a lot bigger and swung low. Tu Lan had a flat belly and firm round little butt cheeks that contrasted with Anupama's pot belly and large strong arse. Tu Lan was shaved with a thin lipped pussy while Anupama mass of pubic hair had been shaved to a triangle that pointed at her thick sausage sized lips.

"Does she know the rules of Vietnamese sexfighting?" Tu Lan seered.  She was still pissed off that I had stopped seeing her for younger Vietnamese and that I had blackmailed her into this sexfight.

"No hair pulling, no punching or slapping, no clawing. Eat or finger any hole, and pussy to pussy until the loser cums or gives up. Loser eats cunt or fucks the other's man". I replied.

"Except I want to fuck you and have her eat cunt", Tu Lan stated

"You got it grandma, we sexfight until you cum or give up and I get to fuck your cunt and arse."

"No way your pussy can beat mine, bitch!" Tu Lan hissed in her thick Vietnamese accent

"Prove it!" Anupama growled back. 

Tu Lan thrust herself up on her toes to meet Anupama's down turned face and they kissed. Tu Lan's lithe body trembled in Anupama's stronger arms at the thought of battle, and she caressed Anupama's back pulling her tightly to her. Her long nipples were burning points of fire and she could feel Anupama's stubby ones pushing against her naked skin as their breasts slid together with the passion of their embrace. 

Tu Lan's tongue fenced expertly with Anupama's unskilled but enthusiastic one, until the Indian was force to break the kiss. Tu Lan dropped her lips to the darkly tanned mound of Anupama's pendulous left breast, kissing and licking the pliant woman-flesh, sucking the throbbing erect nub into her hot wet mouth. Anupama ground her hips suddenly forward, bringing Tu Lan's pubic mound firmly into contact with her right hip bone just above her leg...and she slid rapidly up and down in short furious strokes. Tu Lan replied by drawing one leg up sharply between Anupama's, so that it rubbed against her pistoning cunt. 

The older Vietnamese cupped and kneaded the brown wobbling spheres of the Indian's arse in her experienced hands, hearing a low moan escape from her lips. Anupama buried her face in the swirling mass of Tu Lan's long black styled hair, and against her shoulderin order to stifle the uncontrollable moans of ecstasy that the fucking was causing. She fought to control herself, and finally returned to kissing the Vietnamese's face and pliant lips. 

Tu Lan's right hand left Anupama's back, slid around her well padded hip and across her quivering lower belly to dip gently down to the shaven V pubic mound. She gave a wild grin, when she realized that there was no compression in the mat of  pubic hair which was now soaked flat by the Indian's flowing love juice. Her exploring fingers ran over Anupama's clit and down the yearning slit before pushing her long experienced fingers between her agitated pussy lips preparing them for an oral onslaught.

Tu Lan moved forward, her breath hot on Anupama's eager flesh, and as her nails dug into the dark brown skin of her upper thighs, she licked delicately, tenuously, feeling the heat swollen inner lips of Anupama's swollen pussy. Anupama gasped aloud with the sudden rush of longed for sensation, and fell backwards; and they rolled into 69. Tu Lan pushed her shaven groin forward against Anupama's sliding, probing tongue. 

Tu Lan's tongue immediately lashed wetly across Anupama's heat-flushed pussy lips. She looped one of Anupama's legs over her shoulder opening her wider and continued eating Anupama who had now started the older Vietnamese woman's juices flowing and could taste and smell her musty odor. But Tu Lan was a step ahead and teased Anupama's pussy lips with her fingertips for an few seconds, sliding them slickly up and down the length of her yearning slit; slowly & lightly rubbing over the hard nubbin of her clitoris at the top.

Anupama literally growled, and pushed her groin forward harder against the elusive digits...she seemed lost in a world of throbbing sensations, her eyes tightly closed...her breath coming in short animal moans. Tu Lan again leant forward and darted her experienced tongue across the wide open meaty Indian pussy lips.  Across her swollen clit, continually probing on each downward stroke at the flowing wetness of her vaginal opening. 

Quite suddenly Anupama grabbed Tu Lan's head, her fingers grasping into her long black mass of hair, and pulled her face harder against her cunt...all self dignity was gone; she ground her cunt against Tu Lan's whip-like tongue and raking lips.   Her body shook and tremble as she gave the rapid rhythmical grunts that I knew signaled her orgasm.

"Ungh ungh unngh unngh unngh unnnnnnnnngyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Tu Lan still in 69 wrapped her legs around her Anupama's head tighter and her belly muscles rippled. I suspected what was happening, but Anupama's writhing and gagging confirmed it. The 58 year old was giving the 43 year old Indian her version of the Vietnamese Victory piss. No spraying over the face or body just a full delivery down the throat.

Except for her 6-inch platform heels and dark, thigh-high stockings, she was naked. Not only was she naked, she also had her left leg draped over the arm of the chair with her right foot on the floor spread far to the side. Her open, wet cunt was aimed right at me. Her small 32B tits rose and fell with her excitement. She licked her lips sensuously and smiled at me.

"I need you to take care of this pussy on a regular, long-term basis. Every day at work I sexfight the Indian then fuck you while she watches. I hope you're interested in the job," this 58 year old Vietnamese woman said in a sensuous, hot whisper.

My cock was a rigid bar of steel as I tossed her on the bed. She squealed with delight, her legs flying apart as she pressed her knees against her small tits. The hot liquid seeping from her excited pussy was like water to a man dying of thirst in the desert. We were both too excited to wait until I had stripped completely. Kicking off my shoes, my hands and hers worked feverishly to get my pants off. As soon as they were off, Tu Lan pulled my body between her thighs and hissed, "Fuck me, Greg. Hurry... Please. I can't wait any longer"

Again and again, we attacked each other. The sex was wild, uncontrolled, hard, and feverish. When I was on her, I fucked her so hard her hips sank far into the mattress on every stroke as she grunted with female pleasure... coming again and again. When she rode me, she was like a female demon ravishing a helpless male victim. As her hips pounded wildly up and down the length of my throbbing shaft, she shoved her tits into my mouth ordering me to suck. Her cunt contracted so hard around my cock as she fucked me, I couldn't keep from cumming. It was like her vagina was milking the load from my balls. And even after I had cum, she continued to fuck herself on my semi-hard shaft until it again hardened inside her insatiable cunt.

She moved her mouth close to my ear and hissed, "Lick my cunt... I'm on fire." Thirty seconds later, I was going down on her again.

While I was eating her she made sure Anupama was in a position to see everything. I continued to slide my tongue up and down her sex trench and over her engorged, throbbing clitoris. Every time I made the trip, Tu Lan howled and moaned as her clit danced in and out of its protective hood. When Tu Lan saw Anupama's face just a couple of feet away from her gushing pussy, her hips surged upward and she had an intense climax.

Moving even closer, Tu Lan had her pussy only a few inches from Anupama's face.

"Like it?" she asked, almost in a moan.

Spreading her feet apart, her fingers opened her lips and stripped back the protective hood of her clit. "Lick it then. Suck me!"

Pulling her face into her crotch, she allowed Anupama's tongue to begin wildly swabbing through as much of her slit as she could reach and then center on her erect clitoris. With both of her hands on his head, Tu Lan humped her face. Finally, unable to support herself on her quaking legs, Tu Lan fell back onto the mat with Anupama's mouth locked on her excited cunt.

There are hard-ons and then there are HARD-ONS, and then, occasionally, it gets even harder. I was so hard, my cock was rigid... immobile, a swollen, engorged, steel hammer! And right in front of me was the gaping, open cunt of Anupama. She knew I was behind her, staring at her. She moved her knees further apart in a silent invitation. Tu Lan's eyes were clenched shut as the Indian ate her to orgasm after orgasm. Her mouth opened emitting a series of low, hissing grunts as her clit and cunt contracted in orgasm about Anupama's face and tongue. Her juices were dripping off her chin. I almost lost it when I saw the thick white cum spewing out the corners of Anupama's hard working mouth.

Anupama still in the doggy position as she ate and ate Tu Lan, arched her arse high and pulled it open with my hands and pointed at her cunt hole. "In here, Greg. Put it in me."

I moved my body up and slammed my hips into her sex saddle making sure that she stayed spread wide open, and then nailed 8 inches of male shaft into her hot, slick, throbbing sex hole. I cunt fucked her in a steady rhythm... as she sucked on a semi continuously orgasming Tu Lan... then I was pumped harder... back and forth. Tu Lan came… Anupama came... I fucked me harder... They came again… Then I came spewing cum into my Indian partner.

Tu Lan recovered, "Bitch, you cheated, I'll sexfight you again and show Greg I'm best and then I'll fuck you every way possible till you're bone dry, and then I'll really start to fuck you. I'll shred you".

They climbed up on the bed and lay there on their sides. Spreading their legs they moved towards each other until their naked pussies were in contact. 

With their labia love lips in full contact they slowly began to slide against one another. When tightly locked together the women rocked themselves into a sitting position, with one leg under the thigh and butt of the other, while the opposite leg was wrapped tightly about the waist of the other woman. Tongues rotated about one another, while clit met clit rotated slightly then pressed into the soft vulva of the other woman's. Hardened breast nipples slid together, rotated, and then found soft flesh to penetrate. All the time Anupama continued to make cat like mewing noises, as the women continued to rub their pusses together.

Again taking the initiative the experienced Tu Lan began rubbing her cunt up against Anupama's cunt. Anupama replied by rubbing hers up against Tu Lan. My hand was rubbing up against my hard cock. I set the boy free and began stroking as the 2 women slid their pussies together with more and more force. It looked like they had each managed to open the other's cunt lips and they were rubbing slit to slit as their cunt lips kissed. They were rolling their hips to bring their pussy up against the other's swollen clit. I could hear the groans of exertion and pleasure. Their bodies were straining hard to gain the sexual upper hand. They each were rubbing hands all over her opponent's body, trying to excite the other more.

They had their legs wrapped around each other, there was no escape from the pussy pressure each was applying. They were grinding their wet cunts together, their backs looked like dangerous snakes twisting and turning, each trying to bring the other off. Between the groans and heavy breathing I could hear occasional soft moaning and the light slurping sound of two wet pussies grinding together. I was getting so worked up that I had to slow down my cock pumping. I didn't want to cum before they finished. I now really wanted to see who was going to win. They were each moaning, pressing harder and deeper, both of their faces red and strained, both beginning to look a little desperate, a little closer to the orgasm that would mean defeat.

All of a sudden, the battle took a new turn. The grinding became pumping. Limited by being locked between her rival's strong legs, each still began banging her cunt up against the other's sensitive pussy. Orgasm or surrender had been the terms, it looked like each was afraid of cumming first and was now trying to force surrender. In the mutual leg lock neither could get much leverage. What was meant to be a pussy pounding was becoming a mutual fucking, their cunts thrusting together, rubbing, separating and thrusting together again. From the sound of their moans and groans, it appeared that it was causing each more pleasure than pain. Their breaths were coming out in gasps; either total exhaustion or the dreaded orgasm seemed likely for each of the tiny gladiators. They began cunt fighting as if they knew this was the final push, that defeat or victory was just a few moments away but still very much in the balance. The sound of gasped threats, panting, groaning and pussies slapping together.

"You're gonna cum...cum in my pussy".

"Fuck, you fucker...fuck me, you're gonna...suck".

Their hips were now pistons, their cunts slapping frantically together until Anupama's legs squeezed even tighter around Tu Lan and her muscular back arched. Despite being out muscled the older Vietnamese ground her cunt back.

I could hear Tu Lan moan in both pleasure and despair as Anupama's well-timed thrusts pushed her closer to the edge. She adjusted her position so her longer clit lay at right angles to Anupama's. Her hips moved at warp speed. Her clit struck Anupama's, slid along it and her cunt sucked Anupama's clit into her cunt. She lay back and squeezed with her cunt muscles and started milking Anupama's clit.

"Ungh ungh unngh unngh unngh unnnnnnnnngyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooohhhhhhh Nnoooooooooooooooooooooooo".

The orgasm ripped through Anupama's sweat-drenched body. Her legs loosened from around Tu Lan and the 58 year old Vietnamese rolled the 43 year old Indian Anupama flat on her back, still grinding her pussy into her exhausted, beaten rival.

"Say it!" Tu Lan growled in a husky voice.

Anupama was flat on her back, shaking her head. I thought I heard her crying.

"Say it," Tu Lan commanded "or I'm gonna break your miserable cunt."

Freed from Anupama's legs, Tu Lan's strong arse muscles clenched and unclenched as she began pounding Anupama's pussy with her own.

Anupama was crying as she said, "I give up. Stop it, please, stop it."

Tu Lan moved over until her cunt was in Tu Lan's face. She held Tu Lan by her long hair as she ground her pussy against Tu Lan's tongue. My cum spurted all over the room as I watched Tu Lan's cute arse shaking with her own powerful orgasm as her second load of piss drenched the Indian's face.