Black Hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 4 Sexfight Training

I had unleashed a new monster.

Next morning as soon as we opened for business Tu Lan stepped from her parked Mercedes and entered the Accounting office leading her German Shepherd on a lease. She was dressed in a silver mink coat and about 5 inch heels and stockings. The 58 year old Vietnamese grandmother walked to my Indian Accounting partner Anupama's desk and opened her coat: underneath was Tu Lan and a black suspender belt holding her stockings up. Nothing else, just the naked 58 year old Vietnamese who had defeated Anupama the day before in two sexfights and her stockings.

Despite her age of 58, and her 5 ft 1 95 pound 32B 23 31 body, Tu Lan's smallish firm tits still had an unnatural for her age upward tilt, and she had no aureole around her long erect brown nipples. She had a flat belly and firm round little butt cheeks and was shaved with a thin lipped pussy. Despite having a close up view as we fucked the evening before I was still impressed by her figure and looks, and she knew it making sure Anupama saw her parading it for me.

"Do want to sexfight here or upstairs in the bedroom? It makes no difference to me as long as Greg sees."

To her credit despite being beaten twice the evening before Anupama accepted and was full of bluster as they ascended the stairs and was soon naked displaying her huge and dark brown aureole, her big low slung and pot belly and large strong arse and mass of pubic hair had been shaved to a triangle that pointed at her thick sausage sized lips.

After 18 minutes of rolling around the bed in 69, the Vietnamese grandmother, still finger-fucking her Indian opponent's cunt, eased herself up her naked body and kissed Anupama on the mouth. Their hot mouths mashed against each other, their tongues fucking at each other like miniature cocks in front of me as I watched.

After a few minutes, Tu Lan moved her face down to Anupama's heaving tits. She kissed and licked each tit in turn, then sucked the thick, throbbing nips into her mouth making them grow even stiffer against her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Nooooooooooooo," Anupama groaned, half out of her mind with sexual excitement.  Tu Lan continued to finger-fuck the bigger Indian while she bit and nibbled on the rigid nipples which were visibly throbbing with arousal. Suddenly, she moved back down between Anupama's legs and fastened her hungry mouth on Anupama's horny cunt for the final finish.

"God! Ohhhhhhhh, God, Aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Anupama screamed.

Tu Lan began to fuck her stiffened tongue in and out of the tight, wet cunthole with increasing speed. She could feel the obscene, twisting movements of the younger woman beneath her sucking mouth and her pitiful, ragged attempts to fight back and eat her cunt. Tu Lan, even at the age of 58, still thrilled to the taste and aroma of the delicious pussy cream oozing freely from the other woman's cunthole just before defeat.

Moaning with the anticipation of success, Tu Lan pulled her tongue from Anupama's pussyhole and turned her attention to her clit. She licked it. She sucked it. Then she nibbled the edges of the sensitive clitflesh. Anupama was involuntarily fucking her cunt on the Vietnamese grandmother's mouth and she responded by slipping both hands under her arse and raised it high in the air, gaining deeper penetration. Anupama bucked her hips up now, and Tu Lan's mouth and the Indian's cunt were slamming against each other violently.

"Mmmmfffff," Tu Lan groaned, trying to vent her own desire as she felt Anupama's pussy-muscles clamping tightly around her tongue. Hot pussyjuice ran freely down Anupama' thighs, soaking the sheets below. Her huge tits were so hard that they threatened to explode any second and hot groans of lust and pleasure continued to pour from her drooling mouth.

Over and over, Tu Lan's tongue fucked in and out of Anupama's dripping, swollen cunt until she was babbling and moaning with uncontrolled lust. Anupama was so turned on that she hardly knew what she was doing. She felt the muscles in her belly and loins tighten up and her large tits heaved and broke out in sexual sweat. She writhed lustfully beneath the older Vietnamese grandmother's raping tongue.

"Yessssss, , yesssss! Tongue-fuck meeeeee! Make me come! I have to come! Pleeeease!" Anupama babbled, raking her fingernails across her sensitive tit-flesh in a frenzy of desire.

Suddenly, Tu Lan fucked her hard tongue deep into the younger Indian's cunthole over and over until, at long last, Anupama began to come. Her entire body stiffened, and she arched her back painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Tu Lan's greedy mouth.

"I'm commmiiinnng", Anupama moaned

"I'm commmmmiiiinnnngggg agaaaaaiiiin" Anupama gasped a minute later, hardly able to breathe.

"And aaaaaaaagh Againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"

A fresh flood of hot pussyjuice poured from her cunthole, drenching Tu Lan's mouth. Groaning with pleasure, she licked it up thirstily, swallowing it greedily in front of me as fast as it shot from the Indian's throbbing cunt.

Shudder after shudder rippled through Anupama's thrashing body as climax after climax washed over her younger, trembling body.

"Ohhhhh, eeeeighhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!" she hollered as another orgasm shot through her.

Tu Lan had needed 3 to win and having won she reached down and pleasured herself until she began to cum too. She tore her face away from Anupama's cunt and threw herself prone onto the bed next to the younger woman as her tremendous orgasm smashed forcefully through her entire body, leaving her shaken and trembling with sexual excitement.

"OK, Viet," said Tu Lan to her dog and she sank crablike on her arms and feet with her back on the floor and her hips raised about 6 inches from the floor. The German shepherd slid forwards on his belly and brought his snout to her cunt. He started to lap at her in big long licks starting at her arsehole and licking right through to her clit. Tu Lan squealed in delight. 

"Nothing licks like dog," she cried, "only you better, Greg." The action was so obscene that I felt my cock throb against my belly as I leant forwards to watch. 

"Now I suck you, Viet" said Tu Lan and spoke to the dog in Vietnamese. She knelt up and pulled him over onto his back. She whispered words in his ear as she fumbled in the fur of the dog's belly and parted it to reveal his cock. The base was concealed by skin sparsely covered with hair. The tip of a red penis showed from under it. Tu Lan massaged the skin back and the dog's cock grew before my eyes. She gripped it between finger and thumb and began to slide them up and down wanking it slowly as she would a man, and I knew from the night before how skilled was the 58 year old Vietnamese sex addict. The dog whimpered but she spoke soothingly to him and he calmed at once.

Tu Lan worked the cock up to a size I thought was impossible. It compared favorably with most human dicks in length though thinner. The shaft was altogether redder and the knob not so clearly defined. Tu Lan bent over and took it into her mouth! She bobbed her head up and down, sucking the dog's prick. I had never seen anything so depraved in my life and yet it was sensual and arousing. My cock leaked mucus. 

She got Anupama on her hands and knees straddling the dog facing its rear, as the dog still on its back howled as his stiff cock no longer being sucked. She swung one of Anupama's legs over the dog and worked Anupama forward on her knees until her cunt was touching the dog's cock. She opened the 43 year old Indian with one hand and with a hand on Anupama's back plunged her cunt down over the hard canine redness. The dog whimpered again and struggled. Then with her hand on Anupama's head she used Anupama's body to fuck him, pushing and pulling the Indian's body up and down the dog's cock. She pulled Anupama off the complaining dog and let the dog roll over and stand up. The dog shook itself. 

"Now you can see a real doggie fuck Greg," said Tu Lan.

She knelt Anupama on the floor with her solid dark brown buttocks in the air and her shoulders right down on the surface. She moved the dog behind the Indian and let him go. He immediately mounted Anupama, standing on his back legs. His cock stuck out, huge and erect as he tried to find her cunt. Tu Lan quickly grabbed his front feet and brought them onto Anupama's back. He collapsed with his chest on her buttocks, still trying to locate something to fuck. Tu Lan reached under and guided the rearing cock to her Anupama's well used cunt. The dog felt its cock enter her sheath and began fucking furiously, panting with the effort. Its tongue hung out, dripping with saliva.

As Anupama cried out hoarsely in Hindi Tu Lan guided the dog into her. 

"Viet's cumming soon," screamed Tu Lan excitedly. 

Anupama was grunting continuously as she felt the dog's cock jerking deep inside her. She tried to move forward away from him but his cock seemed swollen inside her. The howling reached a crescendo as the dog released its pent up load into the kneeling Indian. Then she was pinned for the next 30 minutes by the knot which was forcibly keeping the dog's cock in her.

Next morning Tu Lan was there at 9 and twenty minutes later Anupama had come in their first to three and Tu Lan's long fingers were busy on the writhing Indian, rubbing her clit while she thrust her tongue deep inside Anupama tickling her asshole, finally dipping into her cunt. 

She got a finger in, then two, three, finally all four. She was stirring Anupama inside, touching Anupama in a way she had never been touched before. Tu Lan was expertly taking Anupama to another climax, working her fingers inside her cunt and her tongue on her clit. When she started to come she would freeze, stopping the spasm that would shatter her body while she withdrew her tongue and held her busy fingers still for a few moments -- then it would all start again.

After 25 more minutes she had the Indian out of control and pleading to cum.

"Oh, God," she begged, "Stick Your Fingers Up My Cunt. Yess...Yess… That's It! OH Yes, I'm Going To Cum. Don't Stop, Please Don't Stop! Eat My Cunt, Eat Me until I Cuuuuuuuuuuuuummm."

But Tu Lan didn't. The older Vietnamese kept controlling Anupama, and as Anupama kept pushing herself down harder and harder on her probing hand, she bunched her fingers together and fucked Anupama with them, pumping them in and out like a giant cock. Then it happened: Tu Lan thrust hard at the same moment Anupama was rocking her pelvis onto her hand, and her entire fist slid into the Indian's thick lipped meaty pussy, up to her wrist and beyond. I gasped with arousal, seeing what had happened, I seen fisting especially from Filipinas, but it had certainly never happened to Anupama before. Tu Lan moved experimentally, and then began seriously fist-fucking Anupama, and then I really went wild stroking my rod to the approval in Tu Lan's eyes.

"Ungh ungh Ungh ungh Ungh ungh Ungh ungh Ungh ungh".

Anupama's grunts came like a machine gun as she thrust and writhed on the end of Tu Lan's pumping forearm. With a tortured animal like howl

"Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhh" she came.

For the next 2 weeks Tu Lan arrived daily at 9.00 sexfought and defeated Tu Lan and fucked the defeated Indian before turning her attention on me. It was heaven as I watched the Vietnamese grandmother work her way through different contests. Fingers only, eating only, turn and turn about, double dildos, cumulative time. It didn't matter. The Vietnamese proved her superiority over the younger Indian