Black hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 5 Final Sexfight

I had gone to sleep at my desk .  Probably working too hard.  As if you would believe that.  I awoke to see Arupama kneeling in front of me slowly wanking my cock so that it had reached its maximum.

My cock pressed against my stomach as she stroked her hand up and down, caressing my balls with her other hand and, flicking her long, straight black hair out of the way, licked up the underside from balls to tip, teasing me behind the ridge of my plum shaped cockhead.  Making a ring with her thumb and forefinger, she squeezed the head and opened the slit at the very tip of my glistening cock and dipped her tongue in lapping out the pre cum that was starting to rise and leak from my now fully awake jumping, quivering shaft.

There was something in her eyes and at least I had the sense to see it.  "Whats wrong", I asked

" I haven't beaten Tu Lan yet.  We have sexfought 15 days running and each day she wins and you must fuck her as part of the deal to teach me sexfighting.  I'm no good and you don't want me.  I won't be able to fuck your exes and do those things to Thuyet your wife we planned"

Tears ran down her pockmarked round dark skinned face. 

"God, you are so wrong.  Tu Lan has 40 years of experience and you are pushing her now.  You are lasting longer.  And I'm going to fuck you so hard.  Suck me till I'm rock hard so I can bust that Indian  pussy of yours wide open," I moaned  staring intently down at her. "Yes, I'm going to fuck you all night long.  Spread you wide, and fuck you senseless. Yeah, lick it, hmmm .. that's it baby, use that filthy tongue, taste my dick."

She pulled my dick down to horizontal and sucked its head into her mouth as far as it would go.

"Mmm," she moaned, sucking away. "You really think that.  You want me. I need to get this pussy fucker in me...mmmm...tasty meat, feels... alive."

I twitched even more at her talking and sucking, as she looked me in the eye smiling and with relief written over her face at the same time.  She rubbed her large big nippled titts all over my cock, brushing the head with both of her rigid nipples. When she sank back down, I noticed her tits were covered with the dark red  lipstick that had transferred from her busy mouth to my hard, veined prick.  

Grabbing the thickness in two hands from the base she licked, lasciviously, on the head and the  two inches exposed below the rim. I touched her then for the first time, gripping her hair and plunging my cock into her ripe mouth as I held her in place.  Her pussy with its prominent mound, thick lips and  huge clit had started to leak profusely and the bare flesh of her thick thighs was beginning to shine with slick juices.

She  moved over my  lap, a knee on each of the chairs arms, her hands spread on my chest to steady herself.  Then my Indian business partner started her pussy sliding up and down the underside of my cock, greasing it up from her copious pussy juice.  She settled the entrance of her hot wet pussy onto the head of my throbbing cock, pushed down and gyrated very slowly.

She leaned into my ear and said, "Now you are going to give me that cock. I'm going to ride it all night long, milk the cum right out of you balls."

With one hand on my shoulder she reached behind and grabbed the cock at the base, pointing it towards her pussy, a pussy now oozing copious amounts of love juice.  She worked it up and down the slit, teasing both her holes but allowing only a fraction at a time into her pussy hole till she had half the head poking the entrance to her sex and then concentrated swallowing my cock down, sucking on it with the lips and muscles of her labia and inner hole.

She groaned and moaned, squealed and mewled. She panted into my ear, "I'm going to fuck you, fuck you, fuck you..." while licking, nibbling and sucking my ear, "... then I'm gonna suck you hard so you can slide that cock into my arse". On and on she ground, before with her first thrust downwards she slipped the whole cockhead into her sopping pussy.

"Fuck, ooooohhh" she grunted, and swirled around on the bulging head of the rock hard cock to allow her pussy to become adjusted to the intrusion and stretching that it encountered.  I rose up to meet her but instead of forcing more of my meat into her I only succeeded in lifting her further into the air, such was the suction and grip she had on my cock with her slippery but tight pussy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she intoned as I relaxed and settled down into the chair. Driving her pussy down my pole, engulfing my girth, her pussy gripping me like a vice, half of my cock slid in easily. "Ooohhhh god," she wailed, "stick big cock right up my pussy... fuck me hard.  I need you."

Again she lunged down, this time though I was ready for her and met her thrust with one of my own.

"Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck" she screamed as my whole tool slid into the black hole of Calcutta. Her legs shook and her arse started to jerk forwards and backwards, fucking my pole furiously as she moaned, groaned and wailed.

"Ooohh... I need it .... Yesssss... ooohh yes, that's it... fuck meeee, fuck meeee... make me your slut baby, ooohhh god... I'm a filthy slut... fuckkkk meeeee  I want to ungngh ungh sexfight your wife aha ah  fuck your wife ooooohhhh make her watch ung ungh us fuck  brand her with my ungh ungh name ," she screamed as she slammed her pussy up and down my pulsating pole from tip to crotch, her movements so fast that they were almost a blur.

Her hands gripped me round the neck as she pumped up and down, she looked me in the eye and crushed my mouth with her own, her tongue searching out my, squealing like a small animal, panting like a bitch.  Her first orgasm was approaching like a whirlwind and when it hit she had thrust her tongue deep into my throat.

Her head was exploding, lightning flashes were going off inside her head and she felt as if she were about to black out. I met her pounding with upward thrusts of my own, gripping the sides of the chair, revelling in the feeling of being fucked by this unattractive yet totally horny slutty Indian.  Her orgasms were coming continuously, one crashing high after another. She had started to babble incoherently, sweat covered her body,  her head thrown back, drool had started to run out of her gasping mouth.

With a triumphant scream I gripped her full  waist in both hands and pulled her savagely down onto my throbbing cock, making her gasp out loud, an almost animalistic sound.  I rose out of the chair as I gripped her waist and, holding her firmly on my tool, turned around in mid air. Her screams and wails had become strangled in her throat as she begged me to alternately fuck her and stop fucking her. Her head was lolling round and her eyes popping as I plunged her back into the chair face facing the backrest , forcing the wind out of her body, and pulled my still errect cock out of her pussy with a loud sucking and popping noise and, in the same movement sudden movement, thrust it to the balls into her arse hole.  Crushed into the chair she could not escape the fucking I gave her arse  and her full belly hung and swayed with each thrust.

All the time I was praising her. Telling her how sexy she was, how I loved her dressing like a slut, how I wanted her to fuck my wife  Still holding her waist I pulled her down and up my pounding cock.  Her upper body seemed to be limp but her arse was pushing back. She moaned and screamed, her head thrashing from side to side.   I released her waist and turned her around and  grabbed her hanging tits roughly in both my hands.   Her nipples were hard and puffed as I lifted her bodily by the tits, as simultaneously she wrapped her legs round my thrusting waist, grabbed me round the neck and slid down my cock begging me not to stop and

"Spunk in my arse lover... fuck your slut... split me open... fuck meee." This sent me over the top, and I grunted and started to spew load after load of hot cum into her arse, while sucking hard on her titts oblivious to her primeval screams till my legs gave way and we both collapsed back into the seat.

My breathing was heavy and laboured while she moaned and gasped into my ear, her arse gripping my cock, milking the last vestiges of cum from my body.

As I recovered, she lay still, sprawled in the chair, her arse and legs hanging over the edge of the chair.

The next day as usual Tu Lan arrived, and again as usual Tu Lan stripped and flaunted her body.

"This is what a horny Vietnamese looks like. You're lucky you overweight ugly Indian, it's a privilege to be fucked by a body like this."

Despite being beaten 15 days in a row by the Vietnamese grandmother Anupama was encouraged by our fuck the night before and my belief that she had been getting closer to the experienced Vietnamese sexfighter.  She removed her now normal short slut dress and stood there naked after she removed her thong and quarter cup bra.  Her  skin was dark, her face was round and pockmarked and for today's fight she had the red bindi painted on her forehead.  Although there are many different theories and beliefs about it ,Anupama believed it help retain the energy of the body.

She stood there 43 years old, a portly 130 pounds with pendulous 36C tits hanging down above her swollen belly which was crisscrossed by 3 stretch marks.  Her immense thick bush was now shaved and trimmed into a landing strip that extended 5 inches in length, while her prominent mound  could not hide her 1 inch clit.  If I didn't know better I would have thought she took hormones like women bodybuilders with their huge clits.  Hers was natural.

She faced Tu Lan and opened her cunt, the wet pink gash contrasting to her dark skin and pulled aside her hood to completely reveal her large clit.

"Match that you whore, if you can" and stepped up to Tu Lan "69 or any way you want . First to 25"

The two intertwined their bodies as they lay on their sides, each woman's head between the others legs. Tongues extended and tenderly teased cunt lips apart searching for sensitive clits.  Tu Lan was as always astounded by the length and thickness of Anupama's clit which was far greater than hers or any woman she had sexfought, but she saw it as an advantage because it could not be hidden from her tongue or fingers.  

A couple of minutes passed in preliminary licking before Anupama reached up to find and arouse the long thin hard nipples of her rival, while Tu Lan's arm encircled Anupama to explore her arse and cunt from behind. Watching I could see the thigh muscles of Anupama tremble and twitch involuntarily, obviously out of her control. Suddenly her heels started drumming the floor and her huge howl of pleasure poured forth from her matched by Tu Lan's scream, as the intensity of Anupama's orgasm caused her fingers to squeeze Tu Lan's nipple.

Tu Lan looked up triumphantly her face covered with the thick white mucous of Anupama's cum and spat out some of the freshly shaved pubic hair from her mouth before attacking the 43 year old Indian again. Five minutes later things were going as normal as Anupama noisily came again with her body thrashing out of control, but two minutes later Tu Lan went rigid and tried to draw her body away from Anupama as she screamed

"I'mmmmmm cuuuuummiiiiing

Almost as soon as the orgasm finished she shook uncontrollably again as Anupama had taken advantage of her break in self control and had seized the opportunity when Tu Lan was orgasming to shift her position and finger fuck the Vietnamese both in the cunt and anus.  She was learning.

Two all

They reunited their bodies and again their tongues sought their excited aroused prey. The next fifteen minutes passed with Tu Lan as usual gaining a distinct ascendancy. The timing between Anupama's orgasms had shortened, if anything from her writhing and cries their intensity had increased, but more importantly the strength of her attacks on Tu Lan had decreased into spasmodic non sustained efforts. So confident was Tu Lan she seemed to relish her orgasms when they came looking proudly round at me.

She led 16 to 6.

"Another hour Indian  slut if you don't have a heart attack first"

When the next orgasm thundered through Anupama, Tu Lan broke contact with her mouth on the Indian's love box and seized the Indian's already large, now engorged, visibly throbbing and red raw clit between her palms and rapidly rubbed it between her palms. One orgasm rolled into another as Anupama shook uncontrollably, an animal like howl issuing from her.  For four minutes Tu Lan kept it up before her hands tired and she stood up to admire her handiwork.

She looked at the dazed Anupama, as she lay prostrate on the floor. Her eyes were glazed, distorted and large, rolling so the whites could be seen. Her huge clit was still erect and visibly throbbing, her thick thighs were covered with her dried and caked love juice but twitching uncontrollably.   Her belly still heaved from the physical and sexual exertion she had endured and her shaved  pubic hair was soaked from her cum. Her breath came in short labored gasps. The score was 23 to 7 in favour of the  58 year old Vietnamese grandmother.

Tu Lan felt a different wetness in her loins and felt the uncontrolled dribbles of piss roll down her thighs. Her body was telling her what was to come.

"You were right", she said to me, "This is how a real woman should feel, proving she's better than another and making the other woman know it.  I'm going to use the strap on and piss on another defeated woman

She walked to the sofa and deliberately adjusted the thick, black, menacing strap on dildo her way back towards the beaten Indian.

Suddenly her face changed from pride to surprise as her feet were pulled from under her and she fell face forward. In a matter of seconds Anupama had her trapped helpless. Her thighs were on Anupama's shoulder with the Indian's arms wrapped around them, her face and breasts and belly buried into the sofa unable to move due to the pressure in her arched back as Anupama edged closer to the sofa.

The 43 year old turned and smiled to me. Her long almost prehensile tongue extended its tip lightly tracing the length of Tu Lan's cunt. Each pass of the tongue opened the cunt lips and exposed the Vietnamese's clit. Tu Lan's body shivered from the slow sensual licking. Anupama increased the speed of her tonguing enjoying the feeling as Tu Lan unsuccessfully tried not to respond. Deep guttural grunts announced Tu Lan's coming and as she did earlier Anupama's strong fingers invaded her trapped opponent's body to drag a second, stronger orgasm from her.

From my vantage point it was bizarre. Tu Lan's body lay face down on the sofa, her torso bent upwards, her bum in the air and her legs resting on the overweight Indian's shoulders whose face was buried into the cunt of Tu Lan.  When she came Tu Lan's body shook uncontrollably and the black strap on she still wore fucked imaginary cunts as her body contorted and frenziedly thrashed, controlled like a puppet by Anupama.  I had thought Tu Lan was ruthless in the way she fucked Arapama a week before but she was a babe in arms compared to the Indian now she had control. She reached and passed the number of times that she herself had cum but did not stop even even after she reached 25 and  I told her shehad  won. She didn't stop even two hour later when Tu Lan convulsed and slid into unconsciousness, but continued and drew yet another orgasm from the Vietnamese's inert body.

Finally she stopped and took the strap on off Tu Lan's crumpled body which lay on the floor and put it on. She draped Tu Lan over the sofa arm piece and slowly relentless fucked the now semi conscious, continually moaning, sobbing semi orgasming woman.   Every so often she reached with one hand to play with Tu Lan's nipples or clit till she came another time. Tiring she spread Tu Lan's legs wider so she could drive the weapon deeper and reach her womb, then reached to stimulate her clit so Tu Lan orgasmed as Anupama's weapon assaulted her womb. The pain momentarily bought Tu Lan to her senses and she tried to struggle up, but her body betrayed her and she couldn't rise. Anupama withdrew the wet and bloody strap on and placed it at the entrance of the exposed anus.

I knew that only once had Tu Lan had a cock in her arse, and there was no way it could fit.  Her body was unused to a violation like this.  Anupama pressed and wriggled the wide tip wet from Tu Lan's juices into the entrance but I could see the resistance it was encountering.

"I cumming too, whore", Anupama triumphantly shouted as she drove with her hips till the dildo burst into Tu Lan's arse and Tu Lan's scream reached the noise levels of a rock concert.

When she came to again it was to see the Indian parading in the exclusive French made pure silk thong that Tu Lan had worn into the office.   Anupama's huge dark shaven landing stripwas  not only visible through its transparent material but spreading upwards above  the confines of the small triangular front piece. She was wiping the cum and blood off her body with Tu Lan's designer mini and boob tube. She tossed the stained garments to Tu Lan and said to me

"If you want I'll catfight her tomorrow."

Tu Lan didn't turn up the next day so Arupama phoned her demanding she come that night.  when she arrived  I could see from Tu Lan attitude she had been scarred by the last sexfight but she had pride and the experience of 35 years sexfighting.   Arupama made sure that the 58 year old Vietnamese saw her taking off the expensive French made pure silk thong she had taken from her after defeating her yesterday.

Tu Lan struck first before Arupama had completely removed the thong seizing her long black hair and pulling her head back. She arrogantly demonstrated the greater length of her legs as she held the Indian captive before showing the softness in Arupama's rounf protruding belly by seizing it with one hand and shaking it while she flexed her own stomach into a flat muscular board.  Finally she placed long thin nipple against the Indian's and quickly established that hers were longer, before releasing Arupama's hair and seizing her in a bear hug drilling her nipples into the Indian's, inverting them and driving them back into her tits.  There could only be one answer.  I had read about it but never seen it. Tu Lan had injected her nipples to make them rock hard and less sensative.   Had she done the same with her clit?

At the same time as driving her nipples into Arupama  she started humping her cunt into her, thrusting, trying to be the agggressor and givng Arupama no chance to mount an attack.

"See the hard on my body is giving him. And my sex drive is even stronger and better than my body, slut. Are you proud of your inferior body now? How will you feel when Greg hears you plead to me to make you cum? That right cunt, you'll beg to cum knowing you'll lose and swallow my piss in front of him"

By using the leverage she had gained with her nipple dominance she forced Arupama backwards to the floor and straddled her pinning her shoulders and arms with her knees. With one hand she took one of the Indians's tits and gently stroked the skin away from the nipple stretching and holding it so the nipple and areole were standing proud. With her other hand she started stroking, kneading, squeezing and caressing the nipple. Deliberately she stimulated it lightly tracing her fingers over the surface of the aroused nipple and areole.

The reaction was instantaneous, partly due to the fact that I had concentrated upon building Arupama's self esteem with the thing that Arupama was most ashamed of when I met her: her hanging tits with the wide stubby out of proportion nipples. In every love making session I spent time playing with her tits and nipples praising them. When she came I would always suck on her nipples and make her yell how proud she was of them. Her first presents from me were quarter cut bras that exposed her nipples and the gold rings she slid on to maintain her nipple erections. Soon she had disposed of her hard Indian bras proud now for everyone to see the size and shape of her nipples. All these things were designed to make her give up her inhibitions and believe in me.

With her mind believing her nipples were far more sensitive than other women's it had became fact and created a self generating circle. Her response to nipple stimuli increased and strengthened the belief I had created that her breasts were special and caused a more stronger reaction the next time which increased her belief which caused a greater reaction and so on. Even Tu Lan was surprised by the immediate response of Arupama when her already hard nipples lengthened, areole swelled and her breathing became quick and shallow. Moving swiftly she grabbed each wrist and slid her body down so that she could take a nipple in her mouth. If her fingers had aroused Arupama then the skilful use of her lips and tongue sent her wild. Her breathing became quicker and labored and uncontrolled moans came from her mouth. From where I was sitting I could see the dark patch of love juice spreading across her thighs as it oozed from her cunt.

Tu Lan was enjoying her control. She stopped using her tongue and held her mouth centimeters from Arupama's nipple, her breath still caressing the stiff organ.

"What does the slut want me to do to her other nipple?"


"But I can only do that if I hurt this nipple first. Do you want that, whore?"

I was astounded. Here was Tu Lan doing everything I had fantasised about?

"Yes but suck it quick" Arupama managed to say between her moans

Tu Lan lowered her lips and took the aroused nipple in her lips. Teasing she flicked her tongue over its erect length giving pleasure before sinking her teeth into the sensitive organ. Arupama's cry of pain echoed round the room as Tu Lan shook her head like a dog with a bone. After about 15 seconds she stopped and before Arupama had time to realize the pain had stopped she had the other nipple imprisoned between her lips and was rapidly stimulating it with her tongue. She settled into a steady rhythm. With the nipple between her lips she would suck, then flick with her tongue and gently scrape with her teeth before taking the complete areole in her mouth and licking the entire sensitive area.

With a huge effort and groan and her greater strength she managed to  roll Tu Lan of fher and somehow roll them into a 69.  Both were using fingers and tongue and they went at it for about 20 minutes more or less even as Tu Lan had been unable to put her early gains to advantage

it became a war  of attrition as both women shuddered and moaned as they came.  But to my surprise gradually Arupama slowly gained control.  She attacked Tu Lan's cunt spreading it open and touching and manipulating her pulsating clit.  Shudders of delight ran through Tu Lan's body, involuntary twitches that Arupama monitored, then improved on.   Tu Lan's body was twitching uncontrollably.

All the time the Indian was talking to the spread-eagled Tu Lan who lay under her..

"Do you want me to stop."


"I will unless you tell me you're a ugly, cheap sluttish whore".

"I'm an ugly, cheap sluttish whore"

"Whose better than you bitch?"


"Do you want me to fuck you like the dog you are?"


"Beg to make me make you cum".

"Please Please fuck me and make me cum"

Instead of taking her over the top Arupama stepped away

"Get up bitch. I haven't humiliated you enough yet"

Standing up against her Arupama took Tu Lan's hand and guided it to her cunt.

"I don't want this all one way. I want you to strive to win and fail. Show me what you can do before I take you and finish it"

Desperately, frantically Tu Lan worked on Arupama ignoring the arousal in her own loins she strove to have an effect on Arupama.  Momentarily Arupama relaxed as the pleasure surged through her. Seizing her chance Tu Lan pushed her backwards hoping at least to gain top position when they fell.  But the Indian was too big, too strong and rolled them again into 69

She used her tongue relentlessly on her clit even forcing Tu Lan's legs wider to give her greater penetration inside the love tunnel itself. Her strong fingers penetrated Tu Lan searching for that elusive G spot. Just as Tu Lan had done to her so many times in the preceding 9 days she brought her close to orgasm before stopping only to recommence a short time later. Sweat poured from Tu Lan as she writhed on the floor, half from pleasure, and half from trying to escape. Sitting astride the Vietnamese Arupama took one her tits in her hand and rubbed the long thin nipple against her clit reveling in the look of hatred in Tu Lan's eyes.

"See how strong is my need for sex", she gloated "and you're going to provide it as I prove you inferior"

Climbing on top of Tu Lan she joined their pussies. Although Tu Lan had the better body Arupama's mound was far more prominent and using her dominant upper position she fucked her with her pelvis driving it into the Vietnamese grandmother before raking it the length of her rival's wet red raw cunt. I could see how engorged her clit was, larger than its normal 1 inch and she was using it like a minature cock to rape Tu Lan.   She adjusted her position so her larger cunt engulfed Tu Lan's and her swollen clit was rubbing against Tu Lan's.

She reached around and entered Tu Lan with her fingers from behind finding the G spot she had located earlier. Then using her stomach and pelvis muscles she rapidly vibrated her clit while her fingers stimulated Tu Lan's G spot. This time she did not stop. Not when she heard the pre cum moans from Tu Lan. Not when she felt the warmth of Tu Lan's juices flowing into her own cunt. Not when she felt the spasms that shot through Tu Lan's body as she came. Not when she heard Tu Lan's pleas to stop.

When she did stop it was only to move so she could again use her tongue on Tu Lan's clit and use her  fingers to simultaneously enter her cunt and anus and finger fuck her to another. Using all the techniques at her disposal she ruthlessly raped the non resisting  defenseless grandmother. Finally after an hour and a half she rolled the semi conscious Tu Lan onto a pillow made from Tu Lan's most expensive clothes before squatting over her face. Reaching between her legs she masturbated herself to a climax inches from Tu Lan's face. First her cum dropped onto the Vietnamese;s face and then as the full effect of her victory struck her she directed an orgasmic spray of her yellow piss into her defeated opponents open mouth before covering her face and clothes.

The next 3 days I drove Anupama to Tu Lan's mansion where her victories over the Vietnamese were both quicker and more decisive and her victory rites longer and more extreme.  I stopped it then as I knew Tu Lan would never fight her again and that Anupama was now mentally and physically ready to sexfight any Vietnamese