Black Hole Of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 6 Pain

Konomi Takinishi was now 57 years old and a wealthy property developer in Melbourne specializing in Japanese investors in Queensland; the main destination for Japanese tourists and businesses. She had been my first Asian woman when I had my first Accounting job after Uni at the Japanese trading house Marubenyi's Australian division. Konomi was then 25 and head of the Japanese office girls. To cut a long story short I married her and was introduced to the sight of her fighting, fucking and abusing the 18 year old office girls sent out for their compulsory 6 months overseas stint. With their internal company record in the hands of Konomi's performance rating they had no choice but to go along with her demands. 

I was in heaven, but like all good things it couldn't last. After 2 years of marriage which gave her permanent residence in Australia I had served my purpose, and got the flick as she put me out to pasture and took over as first, mistress to a wealthy married property developer, then wife, then rich widow.  Now she sat opposite Anupama and me and the memories returned, but was she still the same Konomi?

Looking at the 5 ft. 3, 110 pound woman opposite, I doubted it. She was still recognizable, despite a severe short hairstyle replacing her 70's afro, as her face and typical Japanese long torsoed, short thick thighed body 32B 28 34 were still the same. But her clothes. Her 2 piece suit and sensible shoes looked like something out of I love Lucy and the 1950's, a far cry from the exhibitionist women I knew from the years before.

What could I do? I had nothing to blackmail her with as I had done with the other Vietnamese women Anupama had fought. In my nervousness, I knocked my computer mouse off the desk and reached down to pick it up. Hope, because looking up Konomi's skirt I saw naked pussy. I raised the purpose for us being there.  There was no need for blackmail or payment.  Konomi was still the same. A few minutes later it was a done deal as she threatened the Indian with a painfest at her house that evening.

It looked like it had been made by Gym Equipment manufacturer: all polished chrome tubing and black rubber. Essentially it was a long treadmill like platform with various bars attached to it and two large metal boxes at either end. Following the Japanese's instructions Anupama knelt on all fours and I strapped Anupama's dark skinned lower leg down to the padded board so she was immobilized. Each leg was held by one strap around the ankle and another just below the bent knee. Konomi knelt on the other end facing Anupama so her right shoulder pressed against Anupama's. Then I did the same binding to Konomi, as she abused Anupama with a mouthful of curses and racial slurs that stunned even me for a moment as she boasted how she was going to hurt the Indian bad.

Then she told me to press some switches on the boxes. I did and watched in amazement as motors purred, flaps opened and two 12 inch long, 3 inch diameter dildos extended. Again, following Konomi's instructions, I maneuvered the dildos on their semi rigid shafts so the lubricated head rested just inside the two women's arsehole openings, and plugged in two controllers which were attached to a vertical bar that each woman's left hand could hold.

The rules for the women were they could punch, claw, twist, gouge and rip at each other's body, but they could not go above the shoulders and they could only use their hands. The controller had a speed/depth control with a deadman's switch which stopped the motor for 90 seconds the first time pressure was taken off the switch, 180 seconds the second time and 5 minutes the third time. During this time the machine was off she couldn't attack the other woman, only receive. 

Hissing and boasting of what they would do the 2 women bumped their shoulders into each other. I shouted go and each seized the other’s tits with their right hand. As they groaned and cursed working hard each breast, Anupama pressed her speed switch. Konomi quivered, knowing what was coming. The motor whined, the rod extended and the greased head of the hard rubber cock pushed into the Japanese's puckered hole. The lubricated dong split her sphincter open. The muscles of her rectum clamped around the intruder. Anupama went for full speed/depth and a hard thrust which buried the 3 inch diameter black rubber deeper. Konomi moaned in pain and Anupama screamed with joy at taking the imitative.

Anupama yelled, "I'll Rip that Jap arse apart, Greg!"

The dildo was six inches in, pushing and jamming into Konomi's arse. Anupama crushed and twisted Konomi's boobs and stared straight into Konomi's eyes.

I had never seen anything like it and my cock was harder than it had any right to be. Konomi was not only absorbing the assault on her arse by the machine and Anupama on her tits, but she was going on the attack, rolling Anupama's thick dark nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She crushed, pulled and twisted, drawing Anupama's heavy breasts outward, stretching them into oblong bags. Quickly she shifted to ripping her long talons along the Indian's tits drawing blood.

Anupama's head was back and she cursed a stream. Suddenly Konomi pressed the switch on her controller. The head pushed into the dark pink opening surrounded by dark skin and tried to ram into her arse. It drove in two inches, then another, then another and finally only her compressed arsecheeks held anything out of her. It was timed perfectly. The sudden arse rape on top of the tit mauling sent the Indian over the edge.

"Eeeeiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Anupama screamed and let go of the controller and the deadman switch shut down the machine she controlled.

The machine stopped drilling into Konomi and she used her controller to pound Anupama's arse causing her to cry out in pain from each thrust. The Indian who could no longer maul the Japanese while the machine was off was pushed forward and pulled back by the dildo, each time bumping into the Japanese's hard boobs. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Anupama's mouth was open and she groaned in agony as the hard rubber cock plunged in and out of her arse and Konomi's strong fingers disappeared into the swelling, now bruised and bloody bags of pain on her chest.

After 90 seconds Anupama's machine started again. Both women were bent backwards as the machine driven cocks reamed in and up their arses. They worked on each other with their hands twisting and tearing at each other's battered tits.

Konomi was a pain freak and she exploded in an orgasm about ten minutes into the savage fight and she released a flood of liquid on the bench.  She was still a squirter I noted. Despite her own pain Anupama increased her efforts and used Konomi's body numbing orgasm to unleash havoc on her already raw dark nipples. Konomi screamed and cried as her nipples started to bleed. She doubled up her fist and started sinking it deep into Anupama's upper belly. Short sharp jolts into the unmuscled pot belly of the Indian.  Anupama grunted and suddenly quivered. Konomi had switched her hand to the Indian's pussy. Anupama screamed and grabbed for Konomi's hand. Konomi shouted triumphantly and increased the speed of the cock slamming into Anupama as her hand remained latched onto Anupama's sweat soaked tangle of hair. Unknown to me, the Indian was a pain freak too and everything about the matchup combined to send her into orgasmic pain not the normal bliss. But unfortunately, her orgasm caused her to let go of the controller again.

With her free time Konomi leaned forward and punched her stiffened fingers low into Anupama's soft belly. After the second punch she opened her hand and started ripping at Anupama's 5 inch landing strip and mound. Anupama screamed and writhed as the pain loving Japanese got her fingers into her pussy. Konomi taunted her Indian rival as she violated her from the front as while the machine pounded into her from the rear. But 180 seconds finally passed and Anupama's machine came back to life and jerked Konomi's head back as it drilled into her at maximum speed. She screamed in frustration as her cunt attack was foiled as her fingers were pulled away by Anupama, who then let go and fastened on Konomi's bush. This time it was the Japanese who screamed as the Indian's hands came away full of curly black pubic hair and some red flesh under her fingernails. 

Anupama started punching and driving forearms into Konomi's tits. Konomi returned the favour and for several minutes the smack of fist and elbow on tit or other fists and arms were interspersed with their moaning, gasping and screaming. But Anupama had never experienced pain like this and she again let go of the controller. This time the Japanese had 2 minutes of uncontested time.

Konomi was merciless. She switched to Anupama's nipples and practically tore them off the pain filled Indian woman. The agony thrust Anupama into a trembling shaking mass of tortured flesh and nerve endings. Anupama slumped back. Konomi grunted with the effort and went for Anupama's pussy. Anupama screams were hurting my ears and suddenly she went limp and slumped over Konomi's shoulder. Konomi continued to savage Anupama's cunt. She was gone. She finally yelled for the Japanese to stop. Konomi finally did. When I undid the straps Anupama was down for the count.

Konomi took a drink of water and then poured the jug on Anupama's face. Anupama woke up crying. Konomi laughed and lowered her bloody cunt down hard on the Indian woman's face. Once sitting, she began to grind her way to three shattering orgasms using Anupama's swollen boobs as handholds. 

She stuffed a 6 inch church candle deep into Anupama's pussy and lit it. Frantically the Indian who was now tied to a chair tried to wriggle it free. No luck. It was deeply embedded and slowly burning down. I did my part in the action by spreading Konomi's legs and slipping my stiff cock into her bloody pussy. She rolled so she was on top and started to ride me. Closer and closer the flame came to Anupama's slit. Her eyes were full of fear as her coarse cunt hair started to singe. 

There was only one outlet. Frantically she willed herself to piss. The heat could be felt on her thick cunt lips as the fucking Japanese languidly and detachedly watched. Her cunt hair soldered as was about to ignite when first a splutter then a stream of piss issued from her to extinguish the flame. Konomi moved to her and reached between her dripping legs, spread the folds at the top of her pussy and said, "Here is something to remember me by, you Indian bitch!" 

Then she pissed all over Anupama's torn and bruised tits.

"We fight in a week", she hissed.

What a contrast in dress styles they made: Konomi wore a coat while Anupama was attempting to look sophisticated in six-inch black high heel shoes, a black satin mini skirt that came up 10 inches short of her knees and set off by her black nylon stockings, a long sleeved black and white jacket that came to just below her waist and was held by only two buttons, one just below her exposed bust line and the other level with her navel. Under the jacket she wore a matching sheer black satin thin strapped camisole without bra.  Her suspender belt straps and tit and clit jewellery were almost displayed as she walked but totally as she sat

Seeing her Konomi said, “I see the dress code” and removed her jacket.  She sat in her erotic fighting attire of nothing but an opaque silk skin coloured body hugging full length cat suit and platform high heel shoes.  The material was similar to Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr President effort but more transparent. 

The tension between the two was overflowing as the three of us attempted to establish some rules as we ate in the Japanese restaurant. They weren’t interested in eating and it was quickly established that there would be no rules until unconsciousness or submission. Konomi had bought up that as winner of the pain contest she got the right to fuck me before the fight.  I don’t think she was really interested just doing it to annoy Anupama.  But when she saw Anupama’s reaction it became the major point. Konomi insisted that as winner of their past encounter she had the right.  She even stood up and made to leave until Anupama gave in and reluctantly agreed to it until I came.  I was wondering about Konomi’s smile.

In the same room as where they had used the pain machne the two prepared for the fight. , With the brighter light compared to the restaurant and her coat off I could see Konomi's body completely. 57 years old and with her Japanese long torsoed, short thick thighed body 32B 28 34 she still excited me.  Her thick muff, the fact her tits were still firm and a very prominent mound were just like I remembered.  She didn’t need to strip for me to get hard and she gloated to Anupama as she pulled it out.  I could tell her later I was thinking of her and trying to get it over quick

Konomi stripped and knelt between my legs. Her lips inched slowly down my shaft until his cock head grazed the back of her throat, and her nose pushed firmly into my pubic hair. She held me there, and pressed her tongue firmly against the roof of her mouth. My bulging cock reflexively throbbed and expanded in her throat and I emitted my first load groan.

I felt a strong surge building as Konomi continued to make love to my cock with her mouth, lips and tongue. A wave of pleasure rippled through my groin, and I could feel the warm and tingling sensation of an orgasm building rapidly. The Japanese removed my cock from her mouth, encircled the base of my shaft with her thumb and forefinger, and squeezed firmly. Just like years before she always seemed to know when I was just about to explode, and she enjoyed keeping me at the edge of that precipice for such a long time that it often seemed torturous.

"You're killing me," I groaned. She responded by looking over her shoulder at Anupama, and began lightly licking, kissing and sucking my balls.

When she was apparently satisfied that I had sufficiently relaxed, she placed my swollen cock back in her mouth and returned to slowly and methodically bobbing her head up and down my shaft while rolling her talented tongue along the underside. After the 3rd time I responded with an even longer moan, and thrust my hips upward to fuck her mouth more quickly. She removed me from her mouth, pushed my hips back down on the sofa, and gave me a stern look. This was her way of letting me know that she was in control of the pace, and only she would decide when I would finish.

She reached into the travelling case she had bought to the restaurant.  You know the one that fit in airplane overhead compartments.  She rummaged around and bought out a silver object.  A cock ring which she applied to my hard throbbing member.

She turned to Anupama.  “You agreed.  Until he cums”

Anupama rushed her but was brought up short by a ninjato that had appeared in her hand as if by magic from the case.  She menaced Anupama with the short bladed ninja sword.

“Be careful.  She will use it”, I screamed

With her back to Anupama Konomi smiled to me as we both knew it was an elaborate fibreglass replica

“First is doggy”.  She looked straight at Anupama and continued, “I always loved you doggy. I came so good.  Like we used to do it 3 4 times a day”

She thrust back and we worked together.  For the next 2 hours she took me evet way, every position, every hole.  Cock, fingers, fist and she kept screaming her orgasms at Anupama.   Seriously she was the second best pussy to Loan, the Vietnamese I had had a couple of weeks ago at Anupama’s sexfight with My Thien. Finally, she released the cock ring and I emptied my load in her and looked at my cock to see if she had left any skin there at all.

She changed into her catsuit and as she was finishing an out of control Anupama pushed past me and aggressively chested the smaller older Japanese who then pushed her forcibly back on the settee. She got up only for Konomi to push her back much harder this time, causing her head to crash into the wall behind.

She got up again and as the Japanese woman attempted to push her back down again she kicked her in the shins. Her retaliation hit a nerve and Konomi glared at her and lunged.

"You'll pay for that bitch," she shrieked as she reached out and grabbed the 43 year old Indian around the shoulders. Anupama replied with such force that she ripped Konomi's silk catsuit down both arms exposing most of her small hard titts.

Konomi screamed and landed an open hand hard slap on the 43 year-old's face. It came out of nowhere and she then grabbed the Indian's thick gold necklace ripping it from her neck.

"Enjoy this bitch," she yelled and slashed the Indian across the face with the chain drawing a thin weal across her face. She drew back to lash her again but Anupama grabbed her around her legs and in a rugby football-like tackle sent the catsuited Japanese to the floor knocking the coffee table sideways.

They started to wrestle but Konomi got to her feet first and bent over Anupama. 
"You rip my suit, how you like me tear your clothes?" she shrilled as she ripped apart the buttons in the satin jacket and dragged it partly off her shoulders with buttons flying in the air.

"You slut! You little slut. That's my new jacket!" hissed the Indian as she tried to wriggle into it but the Japanese moved quickly to rip her camisole down exposing her full bared breasts. They struggled on the floor shouting insults at each other, legs flying and arms thrashing about until Anupama managed to get a firm hold on Konomi's silk body suit and put her fingernails through the flimsy garment and raked a long tear from the neck down to just below the navel as they rolled entwined on the floor.

"I'll fix you!" the Indian spat out as she let fly with a flurry of clenched fists that just missed as Konomi scrambled to her feet first and jumped up to get behind Anupama, grabbed the bottom ends of her satin jacket before pulling it with all her strength upwards until she dragged it over the Indian's arms held it up triumphantly in her hand. She screwed it up and threw it in the taller woman's face.

Anupama shrieked in rage when she saw the crumpled new jacket minus the only two buttons and saw the big rip in her matching camisole, now hanging below her dark swinging pendulous breasts.

"You fucking cunt" she screamed at Konomi as they both stood toe to toe pushing and shoving each until they both fell on to the settee arms thrashing and legs kicking. They struggled to get up so they could gain the advantage. First to recover was the heavier Anupama and she rushed at still rising Konomi so hard she knocked her over and quickly got her face down straddling her, shredding her already torn silk cat suit until it was just hanging off her in pieces, the only undamaged part being from the lower thighs down. Konomi's twisted and struggled about in an exaggerated manner like a WRE wrestler to break the hold but managed to get one hand back behind her and got just enough leverage to thrust it up under her adversary's skirt to grab hold of the top of her nylon stockings, stretching and pulling them as she tried to roll out of Anupama's grip.

Off balance Anupama let go, but the older Japanese woman didn't let go of Anupama's stockings until she finally ripped one from her thigh and dragged it down to her knee.

"Let's see your ugly body," she screamed and grabbed hold of Anupama's skirt at the waist unhooking it frantically then dragging it down over her hips low enough so that when Anupama regained herself and tried to stand up she fell backwards over onto the settee.

It gave Konomi the chance to have another go at her loosened skirt and she quickly dragged it down to the ankles. Anupama's kicked like a mad bull, cursing in Hindi but narrowly missed Konomi's head as the older woman bobbed and weaved about. Konomi used Anupama's prone position and flailing legs to advantage getting the black satin skirt over her high heels before flinging it into the corner of the room.

Anupama let fly with a mouthful of Hindu filth but the Japanese couldn't understand what she was saying anyway and they started hand grappling again. Anupama suddenly bit Konomi hard leaving teeth marks on her forearm and making her yelp in pain. The Japanese answered and bit her back like a Rottweiler. It was no love bite; it was a fierce crunch on Anupama's upper arm and left teeth marks and a big blue bruise to show where she had been after the Indian smashed her in the face to break free.

They fell again to the floor, rolling over and over, cursing, and screaming obscenities with both grabbing hold of each other's hair pulling so hard it jerked their heads at every tug. Konomi was all but naked, her silk catsuit in tatters, the top part hanging loose down over the only undamaged part which was now below her knees. Anupama's was a mess, one stocking was at her ankle, her skirt and satin jacket were on the floor, and her partly ripped camisole's hung down over her lower abdomen. All she's had left untouched was her black lace thong, suspender belt and black high heels. Konomi's savage attack now stripped her of her underwear.

They continued to roll around, legs wrapped around each other trying to stay in control as they slapped each other hard and tugged handfuls of hair but it was the heavier, stronger Anupama that managed to get in the right position to land a hard fingernail scrape to the face. 

Konomi cried out and swore loudly, "Fuck you fuck you fuck you" as she touched the scratch and her fingers come away bloody.

The Japanese looked up with a look of sheer hatred on her face and rushed the younger Indian and plunged her sharp nails into the Indian's hair, grabbed a tight hold and started to shake her head back and forth, before forcing her onto her back on the ground and straddling her torso. She banged Anupama's head against the floor a couple of times then let go of her hair to tear with her long nails at her large tits.

Anupama made her escape when Konomi got a bit careless and moved too far forward in her hold as she grabbed her adversary's short, wiry black hair and gave it a hard yank. Konomi tumbled and rolled off her position over the Indian's legs and thighs, pulling her hair free of Anupama's grasp as she fell away. Anupama rolled in the opposite direction, preventing either woman from grabbing at the other.

Both quickly scrambled to their feet, ready to continue the battle. Konomi went after the Indian's leg as she sent a kick towards her knee. Anupama sidestepped and avoided the kick and countered with a spin kick aimed at Konomi's head. Konomi ducked and just barely avoided the leg as it whizzed just over her head. As Konomi came up, she fired a short hard kidney punch into Anupama's lower back. Anupama grimaced with pain and swung out with her fist, Konomi's head snapping to the side as Anupama backhanded her across the mouth.

The two fighters staggered and wobbled on their high heels as they circled. As soon as they reached striking distance, both set themselves. Anupama swung out with a high kick aimed at Konomi's head. Konomi again ducked under the kick and countered with a solid punch to the gut. Anupama let out a pained grunt as she backed away a couple steps. Konomi quickly gave chase and continued to fire punches and chops at the retreating Indian's bigger body. Anupama let out a couple more groans as Konomi's fists landed with solid thuds against her belly, tits, and ribs.

Moving in close against the tired Indian Konomi let a volley of chops and punches into her kidneys that sent her crumpled to the floor. With a rough pull on her long black hair, she forced Anupama to her feet. She set herself and pivoted. As she turned, she spun the Indian around and whipped her into the wall. Anupama hit the wall with a loud thud and a pained groan. Konomi moved in and hammered her with repeated kidney punches, working the same area over and over.

Thud. Thud. Thud. It was like watching Rocky Balboa in Rocky I training with the beef carcasses. Anupama toppled, falling in such a way her shoulder caught the solid oak timber corner of the coffee table giving her another bruise. Konomi leapt upon her and interspersed cunt ripping with her kidney punches. She pulled the Indian up by her hair

"I'll fuck you after this!" she shrilled. It hadn't been one way especially at the start and Konomi body was reddened and she was bleeding from face scratches near the mouth and rakes across her tits where Anupama's had enjoyed success. To me she was extremely erotic as she stood naked, blood and sweat mixed together, face to face with the beaten younger, naked, battered sweat covered Indian whose strands of long mattered black hair were all over the place and who was barely standing and breathing in great gulps.

Overconfidently Konomi sauntered forward. This was Anupama's last chance and with a final effort and burst of adrenaline, she rammed her fingers into Konomi's eyes and then grabbed her neck and locked her in a side headlock. She wasted no time as she had little energy left, and she quickly put the Japanese down with a bulldog. Konomi groaned as her face whacked into the floor. She lay there with her legs twitching. Anupama rolled her over on her back with a hard kick to the ribs. With a nasty smirk, the Indian backed up and ran forward. As she got closer she jumped and aimed her elbow at the Japanese's heaving boobs.

It looked like she had finished the Japanese as Anupama dragged a limp Konomi upright but the tiny Japanese wasn't quite finished and she stamped down with her stiletto heel onto Anupama's foot who screamed and reeled away. Konomi acted quickly and desperately grabbed the phone and smashed it hard into the side of Anupama's head sending her crashing to the ground. Konomi, still in pain from the eye gouge and bulldog swung her foot and kicked the Indian in the cunt, eliciting a scream from Anupama who pulled her hands down to protect her damaged sex.

Konomi had lost control completely now and wanted to finish her enemy off. She grabbed the plastic bin liner bag from the small tidy and jumped on Anupama's back pinning her down, grabbed the bag and pulled it tight around Konomi's head, winding and tightening the plastic hard behind the Indian's neck. Anupama, realizing her situation panicked and blindly tried to reach up and loosen the plastic bag that was suffocating her. She was fading fast when her nails pierced the bag and gave her some much needed oxygen. 

She was still going under though and her arms flailed wildly as she attempted to fight back. Her hand touched the phone cord. She looped it round Konomi's neck and rolled off the sofa tightening it as the two women fell to the floor. It was race to see who would run out of air first: the Indian with the plastic bag held tight against her face or the Japanese with the phone cord strangling her.

It was the Indian who triumphed and after gathering in some deep breaths she separated slowly, wrenching the plastic bag from Konomi's limp grasp and in one motion shot up a hard fist right into the barely conscious Japanese woman's hairy pussy. It was a direct hit and she curled on her knees moaning and whimpering. Anupama, despite her own pain forced herself up and as Konomi knelt before her still grabbing her cunt the Indian drove her knee into her opponent’s chin, sending the older woman sprawling into the floor, unconscious.

Konomi shook her head clearing the cobwebs and struggled onto her knees but failed to see Anupama swing her leg back and kick a field goal between her legs. She collapsed but Anupama took a tight hold of her hair and kept her upright as she delivered retribution to the Japanese's firm tits. Finally, she placed her knee in the small of Konomi's back and tightened the phone cord still round her neck. Konomi flailed her arms but in vain until they dropped motionless and Anupama let the unconscious Japanese slip to the floor.

Anupama emerged after rummaging through Konomi's handbag with something called, I think from memory, the "Tokyo Reamer." It was about eighteen inches long. It made no attempt at being lifelike. It was as if someone had put pieces of fruit of increasing size -smallest first - into a latex tube. The result was a knob of latex about an inch and a half thick, followed by a slight depression, then another knob, a bit thicker, and so forth. The knob at the base had to be six inches thick. The base was flattened and there was a hollow opening about a half inch thick with a metal socket with a three quarter inch pipe thread. It also had the sensible (if unnecessary) caution to USE PLENTY OF LUBRICANT along its length along with an engraved ruler and white carved and painted notches signifying its greatest penetration in its victims. In her other hand she had what looked like an old time girdle whose front had a leather plate with the matching 1 inch threaded rod.

Anupama opened the K-Y and smeared it all over the end of the dildo using most of one tube. Next, she put bound pillows on the sofa and tied each of Konomi's wrists with stockings. Then she tied stockings around each slender ankle. Anupama put the rolled-up bolsters lengthwise on Konomi's belly and tits and then tied her with the stockings from her wrists together around it -- strapping her to the bolsters. Then she did the same with the ankle stockings. Next, Anupama rolled her onto all fours - the "fours" being tied around the bolster. And all the time, she never stopped working her fingers in the Japanese's cunt. Finally, Anupama took two long electrical extension cords and fed them around and under the mattress - between the mattress and the bedsprings, to be precise. When Anupama was done, Konomi was on all fours, bound to the rolled-up bolsters and immobilized by the ties to the sofa.

Anupama stepped to the side of the sofa and looked down at her. Konomi's legs were forced apart by her position and cunt was exposed -- but her position also tautened and emphasized the shape of her tight little arse; the narrowness of her hips; the superb proportions of her back, and the perfect line of her legs. Not bad at all for a 57 year old.

Anupama pressed her down into the bound-bolster with one hand and placed the fat tip of the dildo against her cunt. She rolled her thick hips around and pushed the tip it into her cunt until she had her first penetration. Anupama slowly increased the speed of her thrusting and was rewarded by all the lubricated monster's head entering Konomi's cunt. Then she went to town fucking the tied up defenceless Japanese in a frenzy. Exhausted she stopped and looked down. About 10 inches were embedded in the wailing Japanese, but the mark that identified the greatest penetration 13.5 inches was still visible.

She grabbed the Japanese by her hips and renewed her assault and half an hour later she slumped exhausted to a halt and saw that she had almost two-thirds of the dildo embedded in her cunt. The rubber dick must have been three-and-a-half inches in diameter where the bulge disappeared -- and reappeared -- between her cunt lips. As Anupama tried to withdraw it, the cunt grip was so powerful that it seemed to suck her inner cunt out. But withdraw it she did and then smeared more K-Y all over it. Despite the withdrawal, Konomi's pain racked writhing’s barely slackened. The clock said 10:40, the numbers telling me she had been fucking the Japanese for more than two and a half hours.

"Now I'm going to shove both my fists up that little cunt of yours," she gloated. "Up your little Japanese cunt and open you up before I split you,"

Anupama easily got one fist into the still stretched Japanese slit but getting the second hand in was harder. It wasn't like the first hand, when her cunt had been opened so widely. Now her cunt was full and tight with one fist. The lack of room hampered the Indian at first, but she worked one finger inside and kept stretching her until her left fist and all four fingers of her right hand were in her. Anupama had to strain to get her thumb in, causing Konomi to scream into the pillow as the Indian tried to force all her second hand into her cunt causing Konomi to almost break the bonds that held her.

As she forced her second hand in she screamed: "I'm going to fist fuck you. Fuck you harder and longer. Going to split your cunt open!"

When both hands were all the way into her oriental cunt and her labia were stretched around her wrists, Anupama paused to smear K-Y on her forearm to help give her deeper penetration. Slowly she started to push and pull her two fists alternatively. In and out, in and out, in and out. Over and over. Anupama pumped her fists in her cunt for a long time, it seemed -- though the clock told me only twenty minutes had passed -- and Konomi's cunt was opening wider. Anupama had somehow managed to part the Japanese woman's legs even more. Anupama was so consumed by the thought of, and actual cunt-reaming she was giving and she suddenly shook as her own orgasmic spasms took control of her body. Cum oozed from her slit down her legs as she joined her fists into one and began pumping faster, driving her joined fists in and out. Konomi was a tortured wreck. She had collapsed on the pillow, sobbing and screaming alternately.

Anupama unclenched her fist and with a struggle withdrew her hands. She placed the tip of the dong at Konomi's cunt, grabbed her hips, screamed and thrust into the abused now stretched and gaping open cunt. Again and again. After three brutal slams she had matched her previous 12 inches. Another 5 brutal hip thrusts and blood was trickling from the split crevice of the Japanese but this only encouraged Anupama who finally with the dildo at least 5 inches wide as it touched her cunt lips and with 14.95 inches inside could do no more.

My first hint that Konomi had passed out was when Anupama put the tube of K-Y to her arse and she didn't react. That's when Anupama realized that even though Konomi was still in pain and her hips and thighs moving appropriately, she was quite unconscious.

She unscrewed the 18 inches of rubber and left it plugged in the Japanese and rolled her on her back. Her cunt was stretched beyond belief to accommodate the monster and blood streamed from a tear in the skin beside her clit which was totally exposed and stretched across the black rubber. Anupama rested her left hand on Konomi's thigh and like a martial arts exponent smashing tiles slowly lowered and raised her stiffened hand a couple of times measuring the distance, visualizing the strike. I could see naked fear in Konomi's eyes, triumph in Anupama's.

With a shriek, her arm moved in a blur descending like a pile driver, the pad under her thumb flattening the clit against the hard rubber of the Tokyo Reamer.