Black Hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 7 Exhibitionist Slut

Anupama was working her way through all my ex lovers on to the finale of her branding of my wife Thuyet. This was to be my surprise reward for her having beaten the Filipina Flory Fe in their catfight, finally overcoming the Vietnamese grandmother Tu Lan in their 2 week sexfight and then defeating the Japanese Konomi  in a brutal catfight

We were outside the Indian Ink. An apt name, I thought, for what was going to happen.

“Why do you want me to be tattooed?” she queried.

‘Because you have done so well so quickly. Flory Fe, Tu Lan totally destroyed and then Konomi”

“Yes, but what will I get?”

“A stylised image of Rati, but with your face”

She gasped. “You mean the Goddess of love and lust. Do you know the Hindu words like rati-karman ("sexual intercourse"), rati-laksha ("sexual intercourse"), rati-bhoga ("sexual enjoyment"), rati-shakti ("virile power"), rati-jna ("skilled in the art of love"), and rati-yuddha ("a sex-battle") all come from her. Where will it be on me?”

“I was thinking just above your cunt or on your calf or shoulder, but it is up to you. Only if you do it, but if you do there will be no turning back. I will drag every bit of slut woman from you”

She shuddered. “I think it best on my thigh because I want your name above my cunt, but I want rat-jna on one wrist and rati-yuddha in the other.

“Yes,” I said as my fingers reached under her tiny tight black mini skirt and played with her naked wet cunt as she sat beside me in the car. “That’s perfect. Keep the cunt free so we can have it done while my wife Thuyet watches.

She shuddered and covered my hand with cum. “And then I brand her. My name burnt into her neck”

“And on her leg and cunt as well”, I added. She screamed and came again so strongly her writhing almost broke my fingers.

We entered the tattoo parlour and a 30 year old lighter skinned Indian woman greeted us dressed in a salwar kameez not a sari. Nice face with hypnotising eyes magnified by the black Khol. A powder blue kameez or shirt showed the shape of her braless tits. Not massive, not small; but of course at her age drooping. While she didn’t have a fat belly, she was quite wide in the hips and this was partly covered by the loose white salwar pants

“Ah this is the beautiful lady we have discussed”, she said in her sing song Indian accent “Thank you for choosing my premises and have you decided what adornment the lady would like”?

“Yes Saadhika, it is the Rati image as I discussed with you. Can you and Anupama select the final image?” They looked at many depictions before selecting a nude many armed representation of the Goddess and Saadhika prepared the stencil with Anupama’s face inserted on the goddess to a size that covered Anupama’s thigh.

“Ok I’ve finished. Strip off now so we can get to work", she stated

Anupama looked at me in an enquiring manner but I nodded my assent, so she undid her tight blouse displaying her pendulous tits, the erect nipples and areola exposed by the quarter cup bra. She reached back and undid the bra so her tits flopped loose before she unzipped her tiny black skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She stood there buck naked, tits swaying, her full belly hanging and her 1 inch clit bursting out from the thick pussy lips under her 5 inch landing strip. 

The tattooist was impressed. She walked around her and inspected her tits, weighed them in her hands before feeling her cunt and her arse before holding the clit between her thumb and finger and stroked it until Anupama moaned. 

“You are indeed a lucky man, Sahib Greg. She is most certainly worthy of the Goddess herself. Yes, what you said will work”, she said to me. “Drink this then get on the tattoo table face down”, she said to Anupama.

Anupama lay on her stomach on a bench-like leather couch. Saadhika cleaned a small area on the top of her thigh with alcohol and a topical anaesthetic. The drink had made Anupama a bit slept relaxed and woozy, but not completely out of it. When the tattooist got going with her tattoo gun was my signal and I stepped in front of Arupana, dropped my pants and presented my cock to her face.  My hard cock touched her lips, and I began rubbing it across her mouth, smearing her lipstick around her mouth, giving her a really slutty appearance.

She parted her lips so that I could enter her mouth and I guided his cock though her soft lips, and using my hands to move her head back and forth on my dick, slipping the cockhead into her open mouth. I felt the silky sensation of her warm mouth wrapping around the head of my hard, wet cock, her hands cradling my balls and then sliding up and down my shaft.  Going down, down, down, all the way to my swelling balls, and then up again, she then held my purple cock head in her mouth for a few moments, savouring it, and swirling her tongue all around, while caressing my stiff cock.

She forced her mouth deeper onto my cock as I fed it across her tongue feeling it grow larger and harder in her mouth. As the tattooist worked on her thigh my cockhead hit the back of her throat. Then it was squeezing down into her tight throat. She gagged when my shaft but still tried to continue. I pulled back into her mouth.

Saadhika had noticed what was happening and stopped her needle work, stripped and went behind Anupama. She lifted her hips and buried her face into Anupama’s pussy. “ Lady, you are Rati, The Goddess of sex and I am a priestess helping you become that in the ceremony”

Anupama bucked as Saadhika’s tongue lashed her love tunnel and teased her clit. She started moving so the tattooist tongue gave her the most pleasure. She came and Saadhika stood upright her face covered in love juice before she lowered her face and tongued her again. Two of her fingers were arse fucking Anupama and as she convulsed I had my cock down her gullet. Gurgling sounds came from her and her throat muscles tightened more and more around my cock that was face fucking her.

Saadhika tied Anupama’s legs to stirrups picked up her needle gun and went back to her work

I knew I was going to come soon so I attached a cock ring, the Dr Jondon mark 2,  and resumed hearing my balls slap against her chin, and feeling my pubic hair press against her lips.   My entire cock was buried inside her throat. As I repeatedly slit in and out of her throat wet gurgling sounds continued coming from her throat, mixed with her groans as she came and the whine of Saadhika’s needle. Long strings of drool hung from her mouth as she continued sucking my cock

Saadhika finished after 2 hours and rolled her over on her back and strapped her onto the table by her arms and legs so that she couldn't move. She bent down and began sucking on one nipple while her other hand played with Anupama’s cunt.

"Time for my payment we agreed on.", she said.

As she leant over I knelt behind the tattooist and started eating her. She moaned and quickly I was tasting her juices. She pronged her arousal of Anupama’s nipple and I took the hint and started on her standing doggy style.

Saadhika took the now hard wet right nipple swabbed it with the alcohol anaesthetic and squeezed it and then quickly applied some special pliers to it that made a hole. She inserted a golden ring and while I fucked her attended to Anupama’s other nipple.

Finally she completed the piercing of her other but it wasn’t over.

Again, while I doggied her she ate the strapped down Anupama. Because what had happened so far, I have to say I have never seen Anupama’s clit so large. Normally it was 1 inch, and on a few occasions Tu Lan had taken it to one and a quarter in her victory rites with Anupama, but now it was one and a half. Not as huge as Keyanna Moore’s videos like for example but big.

Satisfied with her work she said. “I’m going to dress it up very good for the lady”

And dress it up she did. She put 3 rings in each of her big pussy lips then a small ring through her clitoral hood. Next she joined the rings with a small gold chain which dangled onto her inner lips as she lay on the table. Anupama couldn't see it yet but the clit ring was perfectly positioned so that her clit was always forced out of its hood. From that day on her clitoris would be in a constant state of arousal. She just didn't know it yet.

Saadhika gently stroked all around her nipple rings. The sensations to my Indian business partner were absolutely incredible. I didn’t realise how much more sensitive the rings would make her nipples. She almost came and the tattoist had only stroked the end of both nipples. Both of us could see the wetness in her pussy as her juices started flowing. Next she leant forward and gently blew on her clitoris. Anupama writhed and whimpered. 

Next she started fingering the strapped down Indian’s soaking vagina. Finger after finger followed until her pussy was stuffed. Then she bent forward and ate her until she had her fist in her and fisted her with her wrist reaching and brushing the exposed and ringed clitoris. Saadhika was using her other hand on her pussy as I still with the aid of the cock ring fucked her from behind. I could feel her muscle contractions as she came regularly. 

She pulled her fist out with a plop but quickly had her fingers in Anupama cunt, curled them, located her G spot and went to town. Anupama was having continual orgasms and if it wasn’t for the restraints she would have rolled off the bench over and over.   Finally Saadhika removed the restraints but as she did she reached back and quickly removed my cock ring. All the pent up cum from over three and a half hours hours shot into the tattooist. One spurt after another. 

My spunk was already escaping from her gaping pussy but Saadhika quickly crouched down and scooped the gooey mess out and licked it off her fingers in front of a semi dazed Anupama. Immediately she face sat Anupama and as she rubbed the remainder of my jizz into her face she shouted.

“Greg said you were going to fuck all his ex lovers. Well add me to that list. Any time any way”

She dismounted her face sit and left while Anupama slowly recovered and struggled into suede skirt and top. With her quarter cup bra the new nipple rings were plainly visible under her top and the rubbing of the semi sheer material made her nipples even more sensitive than they had been before. The tiny skirt barley covered her pussy and displayed the entire Rati tattoo on her thigh. 

Driving I looked down and saw the intricate rings and chains looping through her labia and up to her clitoris. I could see her clitoris poking out through its hood. Her nipples were fully erect and the outline of her new nipple rings could be seen through her top. She looked like a complete slut. 

I still didn’t know her feelings about what had happened but I took the plunge coming up with a story that I had been working on. 

“Darling”, I said and started with the praise about how good it made me feel seeing her Rati tattoos and the clit and nipple jewellery, how important it was her deep throating me as the Hindu Goddess of love and Sex and Lust Rati was tattooed on her. And then I continued “But that the thing that really made me proud and happy was that I trapped Saadhika into being your first Indian sexfight as soon as we can arrange it.’

To my surprise she swallowed it. “ You thought of me. Yes, I knew you didn’t want to fuck her. I want to fight her real bad. Try and arrange it soon”

We drove along the freeway and I caught up with a Big Mack semi I slowed down so we matched pace. At first the truckie was irritated but then appreciative as I took one hand of the steering wheel and pulled Anupama’s short skirt up revealing her naked pussy. Taking the hint she spread her legs and I displayed her new clit jewellery and still hyper extended clit. Saadhika had really done a job on sucking and fingering it because it was still one and a quarter inches long. Then I started finger fucking her, one, two three fingers. She joined in taking off her top so her tits were displayed like meat on a display ray at the butchers by her quarter cup bra.

Have you ever nearly been sidelined by a Mack semi? The driver was so astonished he nearly swerved into my lane and only a violent pull of the steering wheel surged me into the third lane. He drew level and mouthed his apologies before I slowed back behind him. 

The next thing I knew was movement beside me as Anupama wriggled to remove the tight mini and unhooked her bra. She sat beside me nude. “Catch up with him”, she implored.

I did and motored in beside him. Anupama wound down a window and stuck one leg out, the other she rested on the dash board near the steering wheel and started to finger herself to orgasm. As the Mack driver watched she displayed her clit jewellery, her nipple jewellery, her monster clit and her 5 inch landing strip. She squirmed as she got closer and closer and when she came he was in no doubt. Her thick dark chunky thighs were covered with her white cum.

She didn’t stop but revolved 180 degrees so she was on her belly and her head was throbbing up and down on my cock which she had liberated from my trousers. I didn’t last long and screamed I’m cumming so she pulled ay and hosed by spurting cum over her face and tits.

We reached the Sahib Restaurant where I had made the booking. It was Melbourne’s most upmarket conservative Indian restaurant. The head waiter greeted us and asked us to wait. Muttered conversations occurred between him and the manager as older formally dressed Indians and sprinklings of Westerners arrived and were ushered to their seats. Dressed as Anupama was we were persona non-gratis. But famous or not there were few customers and eventually, reluctantly and in order to save face we were told there was a last minute cancellation. Last minute cancellation. It was 30% full and they needed any money even mine.

We signed in and the Indian head waiter took a double look at the tattoo on Anupama’s wrist as she signed in. His eyes went to her thigh and you could see the connection forming in his head. Although they took our money we were still not wanted and we followed a waiter up the stairs to the less regal common eating area where we would be greeted by the servers working that area. I looked back as we walked up the stairs, noting that the head waiter was looking up Anupama's skirt as she mounted the stairs on her platform heels. I stopped her briefly and she turned around to face me giving the head waiter a full show of her newly jewelled pussy and shaved 5 inch landing strip.

Once upstairs they we were ushered into our seats in eating area upstairs
overlooking over the parking area. And looking through a dirty window I noted. Anupama behaved as I expected by settling herself into her chair and spreading her legs as wide as she could. I could sense the pride and sexual body heat she got from the new rings. Her pussy was completely exposed, her lips were wet and stuck to her thighs, and the thin chain joining the rings in her cunt was glinting in the light from a lamp directly over our table. I pitied those who came for a dark romantic dinner. I looked down and could see her clitoris poking out from its covering hood.

I looked up to see a waiter standing over her, apparently admiring her vaginal jewellery. Anupama widened her spread legs and leant back on the chair so her pussy was even more exposed. Eventually the waiter emerged from his trance and gave us menus; took drink orders and, with a last glance at the cunt on display he went back to his station to get the drinks order.  I leant over and gave her a passionate kiss. As I kissed I gently stroked her swollen clitoris. She was ready to cum  and was breathing heavily and murmuring into my mouth. I dropped a spoon and she stood to pick it up and bent over so that most of the other diners got a full unobstructed view of her naked pussy from behind.

Out of spite the management had given us the worst table beside the restrooms and soon we had a steady procession of men visiting it, tying their shoelaces or having trouble opening the door making sure they lingered near our table. By the time our desert had come most had seen Anupama fingering herself and all were sitting so their chairs were facing our table. Word must have got around because soon we had guests from downstairs coming apologising as they passed saying the restroom downstairs were full. By this time Anupama’s blouse was unbuttoned to her belly button and her tits were on full display from the side whenever she leant forward, which seemed to coicide with the men passing by.

We finished our meal and left to the frosty glares of the women and the following eyes of the males. I am sure there would be a few arguments at homes that night.

Outside in the carpark my hands made the rapid ascent up the outside of her thighs as I kissed hers. I moved his hands over the top of her thighs until my thumbs grazed 5 inch landing strip. "Fuck," I said, "I'm so fucking hard. I want to bury my cock in your wet pussy. You really are the incarnation of Rati"

"Yes," she said, pushing back to look at me. "Thanks to you. Now go down on me. Lick me. Right here, right now in the carpark. Make me cum. I want you."

I pushed her further up on the hood of the car, pushed her tiny skirt up around her waist, and pushed his face between her legs to bite at the inside of the top of her thighs.

Giving oral to an excited woman ranked as one of my greatest pleasures in life. To have my partner lying on her back in such a vulnerable position, yet yearning for my next move... I couldn't even put into words how that made me feel. And car sex was one of my top fantasies. In the car, on the car... I got hard just thinking about it. Even after all that had happened that day to have her offering herself up on the hood of her car was making me crazy before he even started.

Her smell was intoxicating. I tasted her vulva, revelling in the taste and texture as I licked her, beginning at her outer lips, slowly making his way to her inner sanctum. She was already moaning, allowing me to hear her arousal as I thrust his tongue into her, and she shifted, and encouraging me to move closer to her clit. I wouldn't be rushed, though, wanting to slowly build the level of pleasure he was giving her, making her wait long enough to raise her arousal as high as possible before release.

"Oh, God, please!" she begged, and she pressed herself into my face, grinding against me. I moved up finally, licking her clit as she squirmed, moaning and panting. "Fuck! Oh, fuck. Don't stop!"

As if I would stop before I pushed her over the edge. I sucked on her clitoris, and used my teeth as I continued to flick my tongue over her. She was repeating, "Yes! Yes!" as I used the flat of my tongue to lave across her, and she screamed my name into the twilight as she bucked against my face.

I continued to lick her as she came down from her orgasm, reluctant to stop, but she pushed my head away, too sensitive for me to continue. She sat up as I wiped my face along her inner thigh, biting down towards her knee as she pushed me further away.

"I want to fuck you." I kissed her, trying to push her further down against the hood of the car again. "Now. Hard." She slipped to one side and off of the hood of the car, much to my disappointment.

"Yes, but like this." She turned to face the car, flipped the back of her skirt up, spread her legs, and bent down across the hood.

"Fuck. Fuck." I was swearing as I fumbled with my belt, "Oh, for fuck's sake!" My zipper caught momentarily, and she smiled to herself at my eager frustration. Finally released from its prison, my hard cock pressed against her entrance for just a moment before I shoved hard and pushed my entire length into her in one thrust, holding her hips to pull her against me.

It was her turn to swear, feeling my length fill her, its thickness stretch her well used pussy. She pressed her hands into the hood of the car, frustrated that there was nothing to grab and hold on to as I started moving, drawing back and thrusting my length into her again. And again. 

I was rock hard as I increased speed, moving one hand to press against her back holding her to the hood of the car as I continued to pound into her. 

"Fuck me! Oh, yes, fuck me!" She was shouting, and she heard me grunting with exertion, coming closer to my own climax.

I felt my balls contract up towards my body, felt the muscle contractions start that would send me cumming inside her, and I grabbed her hips with both hands again to pull her back into me.

The spasms lasted for what seemed like forever in those moments of release. I bucked into her erratically as my ejaculation subsided, slowly coming down from the high. 

"Oh, fuck," I breathed, resting for a moment with my hands on her back, unwilling to pull my cock from her right away. "That was fucking amazing." 

She pushed backwards to get off of the car, and felt my softening cock slip out of her finally, as her skirt fell back over her arse. I looked up to see the windows of the first floor filled with people. I got Anupama’s attention and she waved to them