Black Hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 8 Beauty Queen Sexfight

With my Vietnamese Accounting partner splitting with me over an argument and taking most of my clients I was facing financial ruin but I saw an opportunity to get into the new lucrative Indian student market and went into partnership with Arupama, a 43 year old , dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4 Kolkata woman. On a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me, before she fucked and branded my wife. After defeating the 58 year old Vietnamese grand mother Tu Lan in an epic two week long daily sexfight battle, the Filipina Flory Fe in a catfight and the Japanese Konomi in a pain filled catfight Arupama was ready for more, and I intended her to get variety.

Cuc was 44 and my hairdresser and former lover and was unusual in that she was an employee and did not own her own business, and therefore wasn't an Accounting client of mine.  This meant there was nothing I could blackmail her with, but fortunately she had a more than healthy ego, and when I suggested Arupama had seen her and thought she was lacking in sex appeal, Cuc was spoiling for a contest and happy to accept a Cumulative Three. This meant each woman had to lie back and passively receive 3 times with the total time for 3 orgasms each: one by tongue, one hand massage and the other a free choice in the final 3rd round, deciding the winner.

Cuc was a pocket dynamo. Barely 4 ft 11 and 86 pounds the doll faced Vietnamese had had the full treatment in her plastic surgery vacations to Vietnam.  First a double eyelid to make her eyes more Western, then a nose job, breast implants, lip and eyeliner tattoo, butt lift, liposuction of the face, hips, thighs and jaw line, tummy tuck, another breast enhancement, chin implant, teeth whitening, botox, fat injections in her hands, facial fillers, laser skin resurfacing and another breast implant.  She now had a 38EE 21 31 figure that displayed her full massive tits on a petite, taut, long legged for her height, body.  The current holder of The Over 30 and Over 40 Australian Vietnamese Beauty titles, Miss Australia Vietnam Nude and she was the runner up in the Australian Vietnamese Beauty Championship (to a 18 year old) in last years contests.   She knew that most of the judges were Vietnamese men and that Vietnamese men craved tit flesh and she provided them with plenty.

Luckily for me she detested Vietnamese men who smoked. As this therefore meant most Vietnamese men, I was able to enjoy her body at a time when she had gone from her original 32B to a 36DD and before her latest operation. But the costs of her surgery put me off and so we had moved on. Now she was planning to get the, illegal in USA, polypropylene string breast implants. These string implants irritate the breast pocket which, in turn, promotes the production of fluid. The fluid is absorbed by the implant, resulting in continuous, gradual growth of the breast such as the Korean Minka displays at

That night I took my Indian business partner to Cuc's apartment.  She opened the door naked except for platform heels.  Hers were 2 inch platform with 7 inch heels  and her 38EE stood out like boulders.  No slack at all in those surgery enhansed monsters grafted on to her slim willowy body.  Even though not in full training there was no excess fat as she worked out regularly every day.  Completely shaven her thick lipped cunt and her body had the sheen of oil she hads rubbed into it.  My cock involuntarily sprung to attention. A fact Cuc noticed.   It meant even if Arupama lost I knew I was in for a long fuck with Cuc in front of the defeated Indian.

"Is this the bitch? She's ugly but I'll put a bag on her head as I fuck her later", exclaimed Cuc when I introduced Arupama to her. "I'm going to fuck you later; every part of you", she spat out into Arupama's face.

Standing in front of the Indian her eyes were glued to her sari, a 90% transparent powder pink colour in the pattern of a pleasure boat, with two lovebirds on top.  Her hand moved to the knot tucked into the waist in the middle of the back and undid it before reaching for the pallu, which was then draped over Arupama's left shoulder and as tradition demanded weighted by a large skeleton key.  Unwinding the sheer silver threaded sari she was presented with a black transparent silk choli. No modern choli with a bra. Arupama had her 36C tits hanging on display like the Indian women of old.  her new tit piercings enhancing her nipples.

She stepped forward legs parted.  At first Cuc's eyes travelled to the tattoo on her thigh of a nude many armed representation of the Goddess of love, lust and sex Rati featuring Anupama's face.  Then her eyes moved to the Indiann;s thick lipped big clit pussy.  There were three rings in each of her big pussy lips joined to a thick chunky ring through her clitoral hood and which forced her clit out of its hood by small gold chains which dangled onto her inner lips. 

The moment Cuc unwrapped her sari Arupama felt her juices flow at the thought of battle and she did not resist when Cuc pulled her Choli over her head.  Kneeling down in front of her Cuc laid her face against the Indian's inner thighs and slowly licked over her juice covered slit.  Arupama shivered and widened her legs slightly. Cuc suddenly stood and grabbed the Indian and her tongue darted into her mouth and fought with Arupama's while her hands explored the Indian's pussy. They crashed to the floor intertwined and when she broke the kiss Arupama was already breathing heavily.

Cuc kept her high heeled platforms on which negated somewhat the height differential between the two. Even unprepared for beauty competition her body looked hot. Her monster tits didn't hang, she was clean shaven and her muscled body was gleaming and oiled. I looked in awe.

"You like what you see", she inquired as she stroked my cock through my trousers. I nodded.

"Who goes first, beauty or the beast", Cuc demanded.

I tossed the coin and Arupama called wrongly so Cuc ordered the Indian to be the attacker in this first round of eating only.

"Have a close look", she said and swung her leg over Arupama's head. Her pussy was now inches away from the Indian's upturned face.

"Take this bitch", Arupama hissed into the naked mound and her lips explored the folds of the Vietnamese's pussylips.  Cuc moaned and grabbed the Indian by the hips and I started the timer.  Arupama reached up for her twat and her tongue parted the huge titted Vietnamese's slit.  Her tongue danced on her clit as Cuc pressed her pussy down on her lips. Hesitating briefly, she darted her tongue further out and licked the sweet nectar of Cuc for the first time. Steadily she increased the pace using the tricks she had learnt from her contests with the grandmother Tu Lan and 14 minutes later Cuc was jerking and moaning and after 15 minutes 19 seconds Cuc exploded in a low long moan as she came.

"Oooooh ooooooooooh aagghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Cuc showed her experience when reversed positions.  She took control and slowly, deliberately positioned Arupama in a semi Filipina control position; her face and belly on the floor and her legs resting up on the bed with Cuc sitting between her legs, her own back supported by the side of the bed and with the thick lipped open pussy of Arupama in front of her mouth.  I srated the timer. Her first lick went the full length of the spread cunt from clit to arse.  Then back along the trench finishing with a suck on the clit.  Three trips along the same path and her lips were covered in Indian cunt juice and two minutes later her face was smothered in liquid love.  After 6 minutes Arupama was jerking uncontrollably from the tireless Vietnamese tonguing and after 8 minutes she was biting her lip as she fought to stop cumming. But she was fighting a losing battle and at the 9 min 12 second mark she groaned her release with rhythmical animal like grunts, "Ungh Ungh Ungh Unnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", as she spilled her cum juices over the tiny Vietnamese's face.

This gave Cuc a 6 minute 7 sec lead and also the vital choice of who received next.  She motioned yhat she would continue fucking Arupama and quickly arranged her on her hands and knees and knelt behind her. She reached under the Indian's still heaving belly, her fingers moving through past the 5 inch shaven landing strip and into her slit. She had no trouble finding the Indian's abnormal sized clit which was still hard and throbbing from the last session.  When her finger first brushed over Arupama's clit it sent another unwanted spark of pleasure into her pussy and she almost cried out yes.  As the Vietnamese hairdresser played with her clitoris, rubbing and rolling the monster between her thumb and finger the Indian's still aroused body responded.

It took 6.50 minutes before Arupama's quivering body poured cum juice into Cuc's cupped palm and although it only took the Indian 7.20 minutes to finger the 44 year old Vietnamese to a long moaning orgasm,  Cuc again had won the round and increased her lead by 30 seconds to 6 minutes 37. She played the percentages by making the Indian receive again so she would know the final time to last for victory.

Taking her this time setting up Arupama in the doggy position from behind her tongue soon had the Indian's cunt dripping love juice and she combined this with fingering the widespread kneeling Arupama.  Within two minutes the Indian's full, heavy,  natural tits were heaving and swaying as she jerked to the tune of Cuc's fingers and tongue.  It would be less than a minute before she came. But Cuc wanted more and knew time was on her side.

"You fucking said I wasn't sexy.  Welll you’ll be watching Greg fuck me so long and I’ll make him cum 3 times", she hissed and rammed two of her juice covered stiffened fingers into Arupama's arse.   I was now hoping for a Cuc victory as I remembered her frenzied, long fucking.

"Eiiiiiighhhhhhhh awwwwwwwghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Unprepared for the anal assault, Arupama screamed as the extended fingers drove home. Quickly Cuc inserted her thumb, and then stretched her opening making room for all five digits. Two more minutes and she was fisting the Indian's arse, and another minute later she had her other hand inside the thick lipped cunt of her opponent. Lying on her back she lifted her head up to eat clit as she fisted Arupama's arse while giving a hand job to her fisting forearm through the separating membrane with the hand inside her cunt.

Arupama was aroused, hurting, being eaten, double fucked and humiliated simultaneously. She was in a near orgasmic frenzy and I could see her hands digging into the carpet. Her tight anal ring contracted around Cuc's wrist each time a wave washed over her body, and Cuc pushed her higher and higher by putting taking her clit between her teeth and lashing it with her tongue, laying off enough to prolong her control and dominance. She kept arousing and hurting the Indian until her hyper-sensitive bud could take no more and she screamed like a banshee and collapsed as she came after 9 minutes 50 secs of controlled rape.

Cuc waited confidently. She only had to last 3 min 14 secs to win.  She smiled at me confidently.

"Give me some pleasure before you lose, bitch, and then get ready to be fucked raw while Greg does me"

Arupama reached for her arse cheeks and her fingers caressed Cuc's firm globes. Cuc had a perfect shaped arse, well rounded and firm, as the beauty contest judges and other competitors knew because they saw plenty of it with a tiny thong buried in the crack as she paraded.  Arupama kissed her flesh and teased her by circling her crack as Cuc squirmed under her and tried to move her butt Arupama would touch her most sensitive part.

Arupama lips met the parting of her cheeks and planted kisses down her crack and were rewarded with a deep moan. Arupama parted her cheeks with her hands and revealed her small dark opening.  The tight round muscle lay before her eyes, inviting and very tender. Arupama pushed out her tongue and the tip touched the Vietnamese’s wrinkled hole for the first time and within seconds Arupama was exciting Cuc as her tongue was eager lapping at her brown ring.  Arupama pulled her cheeks further apart and the tiny hole opened a bit allowing Arupama to push her tongue in still deeper

Cuc howled and let out a low moan. Arupama pushed a little deeper and her moaning got more intense. Her tongue was darting into her anal opening as Arupama tried to drill her asshole with her tongue. Pulling her cheeks apart as much as possible Arupama opened her backdoor further and ate out her arse in the truest sense of the word.  Cuc was pushing her butt into the Indian’s face in the attempt to get her tongue deeper into her hole and Arupama drove her tongue home with all it was worth.  Arupama could sense that Cuc was on her way to her next climax but 1 min 38 had passed. I could see however there was not enough time, not matter how aroused Cuc was becoming.

Next Arupama probed her tight anus with her right forefinger. She felt no resistance; in fact Cuc even pushed back at the invader. The first digit of her fingers pushed past her tight sphincter muscle. Arupama pushed further and soon three fingers were completely inside her butt. She could feel Cuc's arse-muscle squeezing her fingers. Arupama fucked her fingers in and out and Cuc went crazy and her hole loosened up even further. Cuc pushed her arse back and her pussy opened obscenely. The pressure on her arsehole sent spasms through her body and when Arupama worked another finger in she went she went berserk. But 2 mins 19 had passed.

Suddenly Arupama's left hand finger and ring finger went into Cuc's dripping wet pussy. Caught off guard by this second invasion she was unable to stop Arupama pushing three fingers as deep as possible into her cunt and when Arupama crooked her fingers and luckily found her G spot first time and massaged it, within seconds Cuc lost control and had a screaming body jerking orgasm.

With one last spasm her body went limp and she moaned in despair and panted heavily. Arupama stopped her movement, her fingers still deep inside her body. It had taken 3 minutes 5 secs. Victory against the odds was hers.

Arupama quickly wrapped an umbrella in her discarded sari and used it as an improvised knee spreader tying the flowing ends of the sari at each end of the umbrella to the kneeling Cuc's knees. Then she tied a stocking around Cuc's neck like a dog's leash. She climbed onto the bed behind her. Next, reaching between her spread legs she picked up the stocking leash attached to her neck and, feeding the end under the knee spreader she pulled on it dragging Cuc's head and neck down. Arupama didn't stop till Cuc's forehead was pressing into the bed, her back arched, her huge artificial tits pressing deep into the bed and her arsehole even more raised and exposed. Tying the stocking leash onto the improvised knee spreader she leant back, looking at the Vietnamese, bound and waiting, ready for her to fuck her arse.

Cuc had lost and now her arsehole and cunt were completely open to Arupama to do whatever he wanted, and as the rules stated there was absolutely nothing Cuc could do to stop her.  The Indian could impale Cuc from behind with a strapon and she had no choice but to let her do whatever she wanted.  She couldn't even try to avoid the victory rites and run away or close her legs or try to push her away or fight her off as she was bound motionless.  She couldn't do a thing.

She was helpless.  Without waiting Arupama's hand moved the greased cock of the strapon till the head of the rubber cock rested on Cuc's puckered arsehole. Placing both hands on her hips she started a small rocking motion, pushing the dido forward and then back again. Her arsehole looked so tiny against the wide thick dildo.

"Ready bitch? Ready for me to fuck this Vietnamese arsehole and give it some Indian surgery?"

Cuc flinched but remained silent.

Arupama started to tighten her grip on her hips, digging her fingers in as she applied a bit more pressure with the strapon's cock.

"I can't hear you. Did I win? I asked if you're ready for me to fuck your arsehole."

"Yes you won, I'm ready for you to fuck my ... my arsehole."

"Then beg me cunt. Come on, beg me. Tell me how much you want to feel this dildo inside your arse, or it will go in without lube."

Sweating, Cuc swallowed her pride.

"Please fuck my ... my arse. Please you won. I, I want to feel the cock inside me. Inside my arse. Please fuck my tight arsehole………………... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhnnoooooooooooooooo, hurts!"

It was in! The head of the latex weapon was inside her, feeling like the top of a tree had been punched into her guts. Instinctively Cuc tried to pull away but it was impossible, restrained the way she was.

Arupama smiled triumphantly as she felt Cuc's ineffectual attempts to try to escape. For a while she was content to just rock slowly back and forth, enjoying the incredible sight of the black rubber, the head invisible now, distending Cuc's brownish red arsehole, stretching it beyond belief. As she rocked her hips Cuc's arse ring puckered out and then disappeared back in. Fucking amazing!

"Now bitch, I'm going to fuck your arse till I cum. Are you ready cunt?"

When she didn't answer he slapped her arse as hard as she could.


"I said are you ready cunt? Are you ready to have your fucking arse reamed out."

"Yeeeeessssssssssss", Cuc wailed.

Tightening her grip on Cuc's hips she pushed as hard as she could, her eyes opening wide with the incredible sight and sensations as the cock plunged into her till her hanging belly slammed into the Vietnamese's arse.  Cuc wailed as she fucked into her but she didn't care. She'd done it. She had fought and beaten another of my former lovers.  She could only imagine the feeling of Cuc's arse ring tightly gripping the black monster as she plowed into her and the walls of her arse rubbing against the artificial cockhead and shaft. But she could feel the pleasure the smaller secondary cock of the strapon inside herself. And she enjoyed it.

"Nooooo ... Ahhh, hurts ... please no. NOOO! Take it out! stop, take it out!"

"No way bitch, not till I cum, slut!"

For Cuc this was pain and absolute humiliation because as the cock split her in two like a red-hot poker; the force of Arupama's thrusts jammed her face and neck roughly
into the bed. Instinctively she tried to pull herself off her but there was nowhere to go and when she tried to twist away the Indian's iron grip on her hips stopped her.

Arupama drove it deeper and stayed there for a few moments, savouring the sight and feel of her belly pressed firmly into her arse cheeks and then started to rotate herself on the smaller dildo in her own cunt.

"Ahhhhh ... nooooooooooooooo, please! No, don't."

"Oooh, I'm nearly cumming", Arupama moaned before slowly withdrawing

As she slowly pulled out again Cuc felt like Arupama was pulling her guts out and her whole body started shaking uncontrollably as the tears coursed down her cheeks. Her arsehole was gripping the cock so tightly that it distended out as though she was trying to keep it inside her.

"No more, please, please Hurts. Hurts too much! Ahhhhhhh!", she pleaded

The smiling Indian slammed into her again, ignoring her pleas. Then, as Cuc continued to beg her to stop she set up a slow, steady rhythm pulling out till only the cockhead was in her and then bearing down again, sinking back into her greased arse till her sagging belly was pressing into Cuc's bum. For Arupama the sensation was fantastic and because she had already come so many times she was pretty sure he'd be able to last as long as she wanted.

Cuc had stopped her desperate attempts to pull away from her, apparently resigned to what she was doing so Arupama let go of her hips and leaning over slid her hands under her so she could hold her big tits. Arupama was now in a V shape, her feet providing purchase on the bed so she could keep fucking her, her upper body pressing against her back. Out of control she started kissing and biting her shoulders and neck, while her fingers started playing with the swollen nubs of her nipples and the strapon cock kept relentlessly fucking her arse; total pleasure.

Arupama kept her grip on Cuc's nipple, the cock still buried deep in her arse.

"Oh fuck, you're arse is so fucking tight. Oh yeah this is so fucking good bitch, so fucking good. Reaming you out, reaming you out with my strapon."

And she slammed the fake cock into her even harder, driving her shoulders and face into the bed.


"Tell me how much you like being arse fucked slut."

Cuc was so squashed into the bed she could barely speak but somehow she managed to squeak out a reply.

"No. Hurts. Please stop, please. Ahhhhh."

Arupama was in a rhythm, maintaining the pace and climbing screaming to her peak.

"Ooooh, I'm getting close! So damn fuckin' close!" 

The joy of the strapon cock raping Cuc's arse become mixed with the glow of pleasure
building steadily in her cunt from her dido and grew and grew until with a final thrust that had me looking to see if the dildo had broken Arupama shook and jerked as she came.