Black hole of Kolkata by Aussie Greg

Chp 9 Sexfight to the Finish

With my Vietnamese Accounting partner splitting over an argument and taking most of my clients I was facing financial ruin but I saw an opportunity to get into the new lucrative Indian student market and went into partnership with Anupama, a 43 year old, dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4 Kolkata woman. On a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me before she fucked and branded my wife. 

We lay in bed after she had drained me dry.  Perhaps she thought this would be a good time to ask questions when she knew my my brain was fried. 

“What is this start-up website business you have been doing on the internet.  Are we getting our own business website?  We can get an Indian student to do it cheaper. Don’t waste your time.’ 

I acted guilty with an acting display that was worthy of an Oscar.  Slowly I let her persistent questioning, let’s not beat around the bush and call it what it was nagging, drag it out of me. 

“Ok I wanted to set up a site where I could put up free videos of you fucking and BDSMing my wife Thuyet.  Hell, I thought it could pay its way and bring in a little cash.  Free videos but for a payment they could order a specific action.  Escalating payment for time and categories.  But it’s only a fantasy of mine.  It won’t happen” 

As I had been talking Anupama had been frigging her clit and it had already grown from its one inch to one and a quarter. Usually that took a couple of hours and on two occasions it had grown to one and a half.   Not as big as Keyanna Moore’s videos (eg but then again it was steroid enhanced like the body builders clit you see 

“Yes, Yes, Yeeeesssssssssssss Oh God  YEEEEEESSSSSSS” She had cum and the sight of it pooling in her hand had me hard again and I rolled her on her knees and doggied her brutally.  This one was for me not her pleasure.  Well if she got some too that was ok by me. 

“What were the five things you were going to do to her?” I grunted as I went balls deep 

I want to ungngh ungh sexfight your wife, aha ah fuck hurt your wife unh unh unh real bad, ooooohhhh make her watch ung ungh us fuck, fuck long long ungh ungh  ahhhhhhh long time, dou dou double fiiiiiiiiist the unh a aa unh a a biiiiiiiiiitch  brand her with my ungh ungh name ," she screamed as she slammed her pussy up and down my pulsating pole from tip to crotch, her movements so fast that they were almost a blur. 

“How often?” 

“Every oh oho ohohhh day unng unnghhh 3 time” 

“I asked you to tell me more things than 5.  You haven’t. I want one new thing every day” 

“oh yeeeessssss.  Think neeeeeeww   eiggggghhhh thing . tell ungh ungh yiu iunghevery daaaaaayyy” 

“so today what is it” 

“Piss,  piss. Ungh ooooohhhh always piss oh oho oh ahhhhhh her. Piss ungh face piss cunt  she ungh ungh swallow.  I love piss Tu Lan.  I waaaaaant piss Ungh ungh Thuyet. Always piss her.  You watch pleeeeaaaase” 

”Oh yes,” I groaned as I made another deposit in the black hole of Calcutta. 

As we lay together I told her the good news I had arranged another sexfighter with an ex.  This made her want more cock but I was done so I just watched her finger herself 

My Thien was typical Vietnamese. She was 45, had arrived in Australia as a 19 year old boat person refugee and wife, and had been the breadwinner as a home sewer, first on cheap tracksuits, then on the better paying more complex suits and garments. It was her, not the husband, who first mastered English, dealt with the kid's schools and so on. And 15 years later was divorced by him and replaced with an 18 year old from Vietnam who was not independent and a threat to his male superiority.

You must give the boat refugees tremendous credit. I know I couldn't take the risk of capture by the Communists and occasional execution as an example, Thai pirates rape and death, paying 2 bars of gold for a seat along with 200 others on a boat built to take a maximum of 50 that sometimes when I turned up did not exist, then go after maybe a year in a camp in Malaysia to another country penniless, unable to speak the language, no hope of being employed in my field. And then after working like a dog being traded in for a younger less independent subservient girl simply because the husband felt his dignity and control had been lost.

I had almost felt guilty as I reminded My Thien about her working at home for cash wages and getting the Government unemployment benefit at the same time because she was “unemployed” and how the Government would love to know that, but you must live in the present and that was Anupama.

My Thien wriggled and pulled and tugged her skin tight dress over her head and dropped it on the carpet. Anupama faced a confident, proud, completely naked Vietnamese. Her skin was far less dark than the Indian's and was very smooth. Her breasts were slightly pear-shaped with large brown nipples and her public hair was, as I remembered, completely shaved. Anupama gasped and I smiled knowing what had surprised her. She was staring at the largest clit she had ever seen. 

"I can satisfy your curiosity. It's real. Now let’s see yours", proudly said My Thien.

Yeah real for sure.  Although naturally large My Thien had taken steroids to turn it into almost a 2 inch mini dick.  Something that earned her votes in the Nude Australian Vietnamese competitions she still entered.

Despite now feeling inadequate as her own prized clit was dwarfed by the Vietnamese's monster, Anupama undid her checked Dhoneokali sari and tossed it aside and stood before the Vietnamese.

She was a 43 year old, dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4 Calcutta woman. To be true her body was tauter than 2 months ago, but her large swollen tits still hung with their huge stretched areola and her pot belly swelled above her 5 inch landing strip and sausage like cuntlips. Despite her roundness she had very shapely legs. Her pock scared face with its dark red lipstick, thick heavy khol eye shadow and pierced hook nose was crowned by a mane of thick wiry oiled black hair.  And then there were her recent additions. 

Now it was My Thien’s turn to stare.  At first her eyes travelled to the tattoo on the Indian's thigh of a nude many armed representation of the Goddess of love, lust and sex, Rati featuring Anupama's face.  Then her eyes moved to the Indiann;s thick lipped big clit pussy.  There were three rings in each of her big pussy lips joined to a thick chunky ring through her clitoral hood and which forced her clit out of its hood ,by small gold chains which dangled onto her inner lips.  Anupama’s clit was large too at one inch, but it looked larger with the clit ring forcing it out of its hood,  and her thick nipples were pierced. 

The tatoo meant nothing to My Thien, not being Indian, so Anupama filled her in

She stood there looked a slut whereas My Thien looked refined and elegant. Shorter at 5 ft. 1 slimmer at 96 pounds and with a 32B 23 32 figure and classic features the Vietnamese looked extremely confident. It was like comparing a cheap whore with a high class escort.  But I knew that when it came to sexfighting there was no bigger slut than My Thien

Suddenly another Vietnamese woman a couple of years older than My Thien entered the room.

"This is my cousin Loan. She's visiting from Vietnam and is a traditionalist. She doesn't think a pure blood Vietnamese should slum with an Indian. So, I want her to trial you to see if you're worthy."

As she spoke Loan stripped till she wore only a thin camisole and her high heels. I could see that she noticed and relished my all too apparent comparison with her cousin. A little taller and longer legged with longer cuntlips but with a shaved V, she rivalled her cousin and she definitely caught the eye.

I was taken aback by this development, but tradition demanded that I have no input. Anupama, who had not expected this response from her rival, glanced at me. I shrugged my shoulders and she slowly and hesitantly moved her right leg and placed it over Loan's left leg. I was totally aroused by this mind game between the Vietnamese and the Indian challenger as Loan returned the favour and the two women entwined their legs.

Not to be put down by Anupama's acceptance My Thien matched her rival's actions and placed her left leg over her cousin Loan's right leg. As the 2 women sought to take control of Loan it was obvious that Loan as she writhed under the double assault was quickly completely aroused. The two sexfighter's were equally matched. They both had a handful of tit and entwined leg of the older Vietnamese woman. The three of them lay like that for a about 10 minutes as their fingers played with one another and their legs rubbed against one another with Loan although super aroused by the double attack still managing to get both her cousin's and Anupama's cunt juices flowing.

Then My Thien disentangled herself from Loan and tore off the camisole which covered Loan’s tits. She started licking at Loan’s right tit and stared up at Anupama challenging her to match this position. Anupama slowly disentangled herself from Loan and she started sucking on Loans left rounded tit. The two women's faces were very close as they both sucked on Loan's tits. My Thien removed her lips from her now panting cousin's nipple to kiss Anupama on the lips in a kiss fight, but Anupama freed Loan's nipples from her mouth and took Loan by the hair and started kissing her fully on the mouth. A completely aroused Loan returned the favour and now the two women fell back on the bed with Anupama on top. My Thien full of anger at being upstaged pushed Anupama from Loan.

She herself lay on top of Loan and the two women kissed passionately. Anupama slapped and pushed My Thien away from the top of Loan and soon the two women were struggling and wrestling to lie on top of Loan. They pulled each other’s hair and they both fell back to the ground. They fought like cats on the ground rolling around on top of the other. This would have got out of hand but with the help of Loan I pulled the two women apart and got them to their feet. They shouted curses at each other.   iAs I said My Thien was a slut at heart and moved first to grab and hold Anupama's wrists above her head and pin her against the bedroom wall.  Anupama looked like a crucified statue. Both women were naked. My Thien's smaller paler body contrasted with Anupama's larger fleshy dark frame as she pressed against her. My Thien's smaller breasts were being poked by Anupama's thick nipples. Her belly was rubbing against the semi flabby, dark skinned belly of the Indian as the women continued to hiss insults and threats at each other. Their faces were only a few inches apart.

My Thien thrust her hips at her Indian rival who humped back. Shaved pussy came together with a full 5 inch landing slit. The women snarled at each other.

"I'll show you what a loser gets when I fuck you", threatened Anupama.

"You couldn't get me to come even if you spent the whole day at it", replied the Vietnamese as she gave her opponent a hard-pussy bump.

"You want to go at it"? asked My Thien as she slithered her taut body fully against Anupama's.

Each woman rested her chin on her opponent's shoulder. Soon it was obvious that the thick hard stubs of Anupama were drilling successfully into My Thien's long thin nipples. Since her long thinner nipples were getting the worst of the titfight, My Thien changed tactics and reached for Anupama's pussy and began to finger it. Now a more experienced sexfighter than the novice of a month ago, the Indian was not surprised at the move, and she also began to fondle My Thien's slit. Both women were trying to keep their balance as they danced around on the plush carpet with me on one side of the room with the still nude Loan resting on the bed still gasping in air after her double assault.

I could see from the look on the combatants' face that their fingers were doing their work successfully. Anupama let out a muffled groan as My Thien penetrated her pussy with three fingers. My Indian Accounting partner counter-attacked by rubbing her opponent's monstrous clit with the palm of her hand, rolling it like a ball of dough. With their faces still resting on each other's shoulder, the women closed their eyes and bit their lips as they fought to hold off the first orgasm.

Again, My Thien took the lead by sliding her free hand down Anupama's arse crack. The fingers quickly disappeared from my view between Anupama's bulging arsecheeks. As My Thien expertly writhed and moved, Anupama had trouble reaching around My Thien's constantly moving butt. Finally, her hand was just about the reach her goal when she let out a hoarse grunt. Her opponen had inserted two fingers in her arse hole and Anupama was being finger fucked by her experienced confident rival.

Taking advantage of Anupama's discomfort, My Thien slid her pussy-fingering hand directly underneath Anupama and tried to flip her over to work her over on the floor. However, she had underestimated Anupama's weight and My Thien fell backwards under her rival. There was a minute of utter confusion as the two sexfighters tried to get the upper hand. Sweat flew in all directions as they rolled around, kicking and screaming. When they ended up head to toe, each saw the opportunity and moved quickly to bury their head between their rival's thighs. Although ending up on the bottom Anupama was the first to start licking My Thien's wet slit.

The more athletic My Thien, despite losing some precious time, managed to push apart her rival's thighs and press her open mouth onto Anupama's cunt. Giving up the idea that the fight would end soon, each woman concentrated on eating out her rival as steadily and as efficiently as possible. Sometimes completely extended and rolling, other times both pressed together in a tight 69 with their opponent's knees bent under their arms, the two women fought for supremacy. Their tongues worked tirelessly against responsive wet clits and pussies. Heads moved in rhythm as both penetrated the other's pussy hole with their hard, searching, curled tongues.

Whenever they moved onto their side, each fighter tried to get in a lick or two on her opponent's well-hidden protected arsehole. Each woman was trying to find a piece of flesh to poke at, to finger or to rub that would add to the damage they were making with their tongue and make her opponent finally go over the edge. The rhythm had changed in the last few minutes. I could tell that the fighters had given up tongue penetration and were now sucking on each other's clit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Loan's fingers entering her own honey pot as she watched the contest

This went on for another few minutes until suddenly the two bodies, which seconds before were moving together wildly, slowed down and finally became rigid. Anupama, on top at the time, rolled off her rival. She was lying on her side facing away from Loan and me and her shaking shoulders told us she was sobbing quietly. She had cum first. My Thien celebrated her victory modestly and with class. Like Hell she did. She pounced on the Indian who had just regained her feet and confidently went for the kill.

My eyes darted away from Loan and back to the two women who were glistening with pussy juice, especially their faces and the front of their thighs. Much of their hair was sticking together in large gluey clumps as the two came together in a bear hug in the middle of the bedroom. Like two experienced wrestlers, the women took hold of each other's body. Their breasts were again pressed together as they both moved forward, hands and fingers busy rubbing, clasping and probing flesh.

Before long, they were fingering each other, both standing with legs wide open giving the other full and easy access. My Thien was afraid of Anupama's strength and tried to stay away from a clutch as much as possible. The 43 year Indian old had recovered and was doing a good job on My Thien's huge engorged clit. Inexplicably it was Anupama who stopped the fingering and replaced it with some kissing much to My Thien's relief. Her rival's hand had brought her close to orgasm. They both collapsed in each other's arms and tongue duelled, spit dripping from their chins mixing with the sweat on their breasts. Anupama was pulling on My Thien's head with her hand and that soon gave way to mutual but rather tame hair pulling. Both women were breathing heavily and their heaving breasts continued to rub against each other, slipping and sliding like four oiled balloons. The smell of sweat and pussy filled the bedroom.

Finally, they broke their kiss and took a step back. My Thien began to move her hips in a suggestive manner towards her Indian rival who immediately imitated her. Both women slid to the floor and got in a scissoring position. Their two arses made a squeaking noise as they slid on the soaked carpet. The gladiators moved to find a suitable position to rub their waiting slits. To even a casual observer the mutual and sudden gasp from them both would have been a sure sign they had achieved just that. Both women worked their hips in a circular motion, running their pussy lips over their opponent's. Being a Vietnamese My Thien was not a newcomer to this type of tribalism but she soon found out Anupama was a quick learner.

Supporting herself with her right hand firmly on the floor, My Thien made a decisive move as she reached out with her left hand and pinched one of Anupama's nipples pencil eraser sized nipples. Both women moved their upper bodies closer as the fight reached another level of intensity. Anupama used her reach to grab a handful of My Thien's hair. The Vietnamese woman winced and increased the pressure on her opponent's large nipple. As they were rubbing harder, their clits touched for a second which made them both give out a short strident scream and let go of their holds.

With a coarse unrefined grunt, My Thien resumed her rubbing trying to get on top of the Indian but her rival cocked her leg and delivered a well-placed kick to My Thien's head sending her flat on her back. Quickly taking advantage, Anupama followed up quickly and tried to pin her to the carpet. For a moment, the two women engaged in a short catfight, pulling each other's hair and scratching the other's face. The Indian, stronger and bigger, overpowered My Thien and forced her own wide hips between My Thien's thighs. Applying her full body weight, she pried My Thien's thighs apart and pushed her womanhood against My Thien's hairless triangle. My Thien was helpless. I could see it in her eyes. My Thien moved her head from side to side avoiding Anupama's kisses. My Thien had never found herself at the receiving end trapped under a heavy woman in a missionary position.

She began to scream "No…No….Noooooo", as she felt her clit being flattened by the Indian's pubic bone. Anupama was tiring and wanted to finish this as quickly as possible. She humped her mound against My Thien's until the Vietnamese woman began to sob in rage, her body reluctantly breaking into short spasms. For once My Thien's orgasm had not been a source of pleasure. When Anupama lifted her weight off My Thien's body, the Vietnamese woman slowly rolled to her side and onto her back.

This time it was the Indian who pressed the attack forcing their vulvas against each other, so that the oozing juices made squishing noises. She pressed down hard onto My Thien and felt her slit spread open allowing hers to enter her slightly. They began to rub against each other as their cunt lips and clits became totally engorged. She slid her clit up and down the Vietnamese woman's slit and could feel it rub between her labia and bump her own clit. They held it there grinding their pussies, clit to clit for a while before sliding their clit back down between their swollen lips. Once at the bottom they again began the assent back up their slits.

They were going clit to clit. Anupama ground herself into My Thien as she pushed back at her. On and on, moaning and clinging, they screwed their pussies together. They cupped their arses to push their pussies even further into each other. Both were almost insane with lust as they gave each other the pussy they craved. Anh hour and a half had passed but orgasm after orgasm they wearily continued their contest to outlast the other.

You can only watch so much of a good thing and my eyes drifted once again to the cousin Loan. She was steadily masturbating but noticing I was watching changed her position so I could really see her action. Her clit although normal sized was covered in cum and she milked it like a cow's teat. Her long inner and outer cunt lips were slick with her love juice and the sheet under her cunt was soaked dark in a patch about 45cm in diameter.

"Watch this", she mouthed.

She walked up to the tired women.

"This will help you fuck till one of you can't go on".

She grabbed Anupama's sari and tied the sari around the entwined Indian and Vietnamese just under their armpits and tightened it so their two sets of tits were in much closer contact. The two of them looked memorized and stunned. Kneeling next to the women, she spread arsecheeks and moved butts so that their cuntholes would align. She slowly took a cunt in each hand and opened their lips. Both of their clits were swollen and raw from arousal. She guided them together. Once they made contact, I just watched, as they involuntarily started grinding their hips together.

Loan took her discarded stockings and bound their thighs together left to right and right to left.  To finish she used 2 belts to make one belt which joined the two at the waist. There was no escape for the 2 women. Their bodies and cunts were united into one. They gasped as their cunts now pressed fully into each other. Both My Thien and Anupama although exhausted entered their own separate world now. Their sexual motors started for the final battle.

The two women slowly began to push each other. The two equally matched females rubbed their cunts together. They pushed at each other with their breasts. Their arms went around each other’s back in a tight bear hug.

"You're mine bitch", hissed Anupama into My Thien's ear. "No way, you fat cunt", My Thien retorted.

The contest was in a stalemate now. Neither tired woman had moved an inch from their positions. They were so well matched that they could not even push each other.

My Thien was the one to try and break the stalemate. She got hold of Anupama's hair pulled her face to her and started kissing her deeply. Anupama kissed back. Soon the two women were kissing each other wildly. They fought with their tongues and even bit on each other’s lips. Next Anupama took the initiative to break the stalemate once again. She managed to manoeuvre My Thien so she was on top. But My Thien drew deep on her reserves and responded to roll the heavier Anupama back under her. The two women rolled around on the floor like that for a few moments before the stopped again exhausted.

Suddenly Loan's tall slim body hovered above them.  She knelt and pushed her index fingers straight down between each women's butt hole cheeks before crooking her finger to arse fuck them both. Each fighter had the sensation it was her rival's finger rubbing against and not Loan's finger. They both began using their arse muscles to fuck the intruder even harder. My Thien screamed first and gushed. Loan knew from experience that the little Vietnamese loved anal and could squirt when she came hard. The squirting Vietnamese pumped her juices until a small area of the carpet darkened beneath her. Soon after Anupama's body shook. She was cumming hard also. Both women dropped their head to the floor and cunt fucked each other relentlessly on the rapidly wettening carpet.

Over five hours had passed and the pace of the fight was now glacial. For the last two hours the two women had been unable to mount long lasting continuous attacks, but it was obvious the 45 year old Vietnamese was winning. Anupama was trembling uncontrollably, moaning and shaking as My Thien's hips moved her clit along their locked together slits long and often enough to draw another orgasm from the 43 year old Kolkata woman. Anupama's head drooped on her chest, her mouth was open, drool dripped down her chin and a constant mechanical moan escaped her rising to a screech as she twitched and came. Blood tricked from her cunt as the larger, more harded by use clit of My Thien had rubbed the Indian's clit raw. Her own efforts to fuck the Vietnamese did not last long before weariness overtook her and rarely made My Thien orgasm.

"You're mine, bitch", boasted the Vietnamese when one of the stockings that tied their thighs together came apart.

She placed her knee inside the unresisting Anupama's thigh and forced her legs wider apart. She wriggled and pressed herself down hard and felt her clit work its way into Anupama's now wider opened cunt and fucked her.

My Thien, who was a little less drained, on top and pinning her rival to the floor and began to hump her. Moving up and down against her, she rubbed her huge clit along the Indian's cunt slit. The two women trembled and grimaced every time the two clits touched. My Thien's huge hard and throbbing, Anupama's smaller and bleeding. She raped Anupama who was screaming in pain. Then she drove her clit into her channel; its long length penetrating yet still scraping Anupama's clit.

Anupama's face was barely recognizable as she was covered in spit, pussy juice and sweat. Her mouth was twisted as she tried unsuccessfully to hold off another orgasm. Her head snapping like a snake, My Thien bit Anupama's nipple and, as the Indian raised her upper body and clasped her tits in pain, My Thien tore loose the other stocking, and pushed Anupama's legs up and slammed her long clit right into the Indian's cunt hole. Anupama make her last stand. She used her cunt muscles to squeeze My Thien's clit in her cunt hole. They were both moving their hips against each other. Sensing she was in trouble, My Thien put her hands around Anupama's neck and began to choke her.  

In reply, the Indian reached up and began choking her rival. She drew on her final reserves and put everything into a last frantic effort.  Loan and I could see Anupama's cunt milking My Thien's clit. Their faces turning beet red, both women were on the brink of orgasm. Both fucked harder.

Suddenly the elegant Vietnamese lost control of her body and she broke out in long hard screaming spasms and cramps, her cum juices spilling over Anupama's cunt and belly onto the carpet. So strong was the Vietnamese's orgasm that the fight was effectively over but it took another 40 minutes for the Indian to fuck her opponent unconscious.

Anupama barely had enough energy to straddle My Thien and release first her cunt juices then her piss, the warm stream jolting the defeated Vietnamese awake.