The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 1 Anupama Pulls a Cricket Team

After her victory in a seven-hour marathon sex fight Anupama was almost beside herself as we entered the jewellery shop. Another victory another piece of jewellery. It took her almost 3 hours to decide on the gold ankle chain and waist chain, and her final decision showed her taste. Not thin elegant or refined, but vulgar ostentatious, and as thick as a man bracelet.

Early last summer I had noticed a group of Indian students who arrived, no matter the weather, to play cricket (that English, Australian, South African, West Indian and of course Indian sport maybe most close to baseball for USA readers). For Indians, it is almost a religion and National team stars are more revered than Movie or Pop idols.

Anyway, I had noticed that their enthusiasm was 10000% but skill level and technique was 15%. After a couple of weeks of passing by I could no longer bear it and offered my coaching skills and this summer had entered them into a low level competition where we finished 3rd. Now I was taking them out to a restaurant for a meal and season ending trophy presentation.

We arrived first at the Chindia , a Chinese Indian restaurant, and Karaoke room. Apparently, the owners were a married Indian chef and Chinese. As at the last restaurant visit everything was on display. Anupama was wearing a short black hip-hugger mini-skirt that came just a couple inches below her arse and had a split up the left side to about four inches from the waistband. Her full belly forced the top of the mini skirt down low and both the top of her 5-inch landing strip and new gold waist chain were visible. Her top was a semi-transparent cream blouse that clearly showed the black of her quarter cup bra, the darkness of her nipples and the gold of her nipple piercings and left about eight inches of her upper abdomen, belly and lower chest visible. As she walked glimpses of her nude cunt and her hanging clit jewelry was visible. It goes without saying that her 6 inch thigh tattoo of the Goddess Rika, the Goddess of love and lust was uncovered.

As we ascended the stairs to our reserved table in the higher level, in the centre, which was raised about three feet and there was just an open railing around it. By sitting in the raised area, the seats of the chairs were about even with people's heads in the lower area and many were noticing the 43 year old Indian's spread legs and exposed pussy.

But that was nothing compared to the reaction of my Indian student cricketers. As they saw us the late teenager, early 20s students jaws almost hit the floor. My teammates were not the super rich Indian students living in inner city apartments. They were living 10 to 15 in a suburban house, working as many hours as they could at a $10 hour cash job like a convenience store or petrol station. They had no money for going out or girlfriends, just watching Bollywood or porn, or reading sex stories about fucking their mothers or aunts or school teacher on their phones and laptop.

As each arrived Anupama stood and intimately hugged each of the 14 as I introduced them. Their eyes goggled as they took in her clothing and when the tattoo was worked out there was a buzz of conversation in Hindu around the table. During the meal, they were constantly coming to me to ask something or tell some news as their eyes dropped down onto Anupama's totally exposed wet cunt as she now had the dress like a belt around her waist.

Dinner finished we moved to the private room booked till 4 am with a side entrance for departure. Student after student knocked each other over to hold the door or just walk behind Anupama. In our room, I quickly talked about our year, the result and handed out the individual trophies for the season.

The boys thought it was over as I concluded. "The one thing that will make us closer and better for next year is team bonding and that is what tonight is for?."

They all cheered enthusiastically yelling remarks like "Number 1 next year, Give it our best', before preparing to leave.

I continued "And that is why we are going to have Anupama pull the Indian train"

They all, including Anupama, looked at me blankly before the scholastic pedantic Nish said, "Guys I think Coach means more training will make us better."

"No," I said. "Anupama is going to pull the Indian train. One by one you will fuck her. If she cums and you cum within 7 minutes then you are into round 2. Straight fucking only. Those left in round 2 must cum in or on her within 10 minutes. Round 3 Same time but take her anyway then if any are left it goes to 20 min most cums from her. Top 2 plus one Anupama chooses to get a gang bang for one day in I months' time. And I mean one day. It can start at one minute past 12 am and go till midnight that day."

Anupama's eyes were open wide with incredulity or excitement or lust, or maybe all 3 as I led her forward.

Manyu yelled out "What about Sachin. He didn't come because he thought it would be boring. Wait till I show him this on my phone." He stopped in embarrassment. "Sorry coach, I was carried away. We won't record."

Anupama interjected. "You fucking will record. Those that are knocked out will be the cameramen. Make sure you pool your cameras because we want batteries all night and it's going to be a long night. Now, boys, I will be trying to cum. I don't want you out because I didn't cum."

"Strip, strip." I started the chant and soon all the team was chanting as Anupama slowly took off her top and mini skirt and stood naked before the 14 Indians. I stepped up to her and said "I've got a present for you so you will remember. Shut your eyes."

She did and I removed the nose stud she had worn since she was 5 and replaced it with a ring. The ring had a heavy gold chain which I then attached in place of her earring so she had a heavy gold chain running from nose to ear.

I put my hand on her shoulders and guided her down to her knees. Dropping my trousers, I pulled the meat out. In anticipation of what was going to happen, it was already rock hard and ready. Anupama lovingly kissed my cock, then in front of the 14 Indians licked it before taking it in her mouth and sucking it. She sucked it slowly before pushing forward until my cock was in her throat and she was rewarded with a deep moan from me as she swirled her tongue over my rod. My hands were on her shoulders, then on her tits, squeezing her nipples as she sucked and licked. I took one of her hands to her pussy and then I started fucking her mouth deep and fast while she finger fucked herself.

I couldn't last so I withdrew and blasted stream after stream of jizz into her face and tits before stepping aside. Anupama squatted slightly, at the same time pulling apart her pussylips with her fingers. Her inner pink cuntmeat gleamed, dripping with juice as she flashed it to the incredulous now horny Indians. They went wild cheering and surging closer.

"Christ look at that clit. Is it real? God, she is wet. So horny what a slut."

The comments came and turned her on more. She changed position showing her spread cunt to all of them wherever they stood. As she displayed herself, juice began to trickle from her cunt and leak down the insides of her thighs. She bent forward then and tugged apart her smooth solid meaty arse cheeks, showing the men her moist, pink, twitching arsepucker.

Then she went back to business her fingers invading her pussy while her thumb controlled her 1 inch clit.

"God I'm cumming for you boys. I Need cock meat and cum tonight Ungg unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh Yeeeeessssss."

Cum ejaculated from her covering her meaty thighs.

"Ok boys, time to get ready," I said

"No," interrupted Anupama "That's my job."

She went to Ina who was closest to her, knelt before him and undid his belt, zip, pulled his jeans and boxers down, handled his cock and then engulfed in her mouth for a minute, before crawling to Mehtab beside him and doing the same. She then worked her way around the room pausing only to gasp and stroke and lick for longer as she pulled a rock hard quivering 12 inch cock out of Gangeesh's briefs. The things you learn every day. With no changerooms at our ground, we arrived dressed to play. The only other thing of note was Nabh cumming and Anupama pulled him out of her mouth so the others could see his jism explode into her eyes hair and face. And the quantity was far more than mine with at least 10 spurts all with force not just dribbling out.

Nabh was second last and a minute later all 14 had been in her mouth.

I took her discarded bra and put their names in it and handed it to Anupama. She held it above her head, reached in and drew out a name.

"Nabh," she called out. A groan went around the room as he had cum only a minute and a half ago

Naked the slim 18 year old stepped forward to where Anupama lay back on a sofa. Nahb stood before her and I felt sorry for him. No chance to get it hard in front of everyone. But he knelt and Licked Anupama. Instantly her body quivered and she rubbed her pussy against his face and 10 seconds later he was pumping his cock into her. Three minutes later Anupama was cumming and Nabh exploded again a few seconds later. I counted his cum thrusts and there were 9 of them and when he pulled out to the cheers of his mates a thick long cum string was attached to his cock for at least 2 feet before he took the phone camera from Raj

Anupama pulled another name from the bra. "Sabal," the best looking Indian on the team and the only one with a girlfriend and a good looking one at that.

He had more experience fucking than the others and he had no trouble drawing an orgasm from Anupama but preferred to cum on her face, showing off to his mates. Bhanu was next and came as soon as he entered the waiting Anupama so was out of the next round. Similar fates awaited Ina Manyu and Mehtab while Bharat lasted nearly 3 minutes before cumming making it easy for the next person Isha who had barely entered the aroused frustrated Anupama, who had been denied her orgasm by Bharat cumming, when she exploded but he drew another from her 4 minutes later then came inside her with a howl. Incredible as Isha was our quietest most reserved member. The other person to get 2 cums from Anupama was Gangesh with his 12 inch log hanging between his legs. Luckily Anupama was filled with cum so she could accept 9 inches of the monster but when she came she dragged the last 3 inches in and held him there while she used her cunt muscles to milk his cock

We rolled onto the second round in the same order and after each had had their 7 minutes we were left with Angad the captain of our team, Daulat, Gangesh and his 12 inches, Isha the quiet one, Nabh, Nish the scholar, and Prajit. Surprises were Gangesh struggling to get it up in his first 3 minutes, and only the fact that Anupama was so turned on by its size that he came at the 6 min 45 sec mark, Sabal the woman's man failing to get it up while Nabh managed 12 ejaculations this time from his time, his cum coating Anupama's face eyes and hair with the last shot from 2 feet away.

Round 3 and an anyway fuck for 10 mins. First up as usual so that the timing was equal from round to round was Nabh and he took the cum filled Anupama doggy style. As he positioned her and spread her legs cum oozed from her cunt and dribbled down her legs. He fucked her like a piston and soon Anupama was moaning.

By this time the boys were betting on the result with me as bookie.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shoot it deep Nabh, shoot it de eeee eeeep I ungh need itttttttttttt."

She had cum and Nabh obliged pulling her hips back and sending 9 long spurts into her, then having achieved his aim stopped. Angad played it safe taking her on her back with her legs on his shoulders until she came and he did 4 minutes later. Gangesh couldn't get it up for 8 minutes and although Anupama groaned as she took the full length doggy style and came he couldn't send any seed into her in his time in her. Daulat and Prajit both fell for the trap of getting excited with the chance of anal and both shot their cum in her arse within a minute with no cum from Anupama. Nish was simply too fucked out to get it hard.

Quiet Isha arranged her doggy style on a table but with her face and shoulders on the table surface and her arse in the ate. He started finger fucking her alternating cunt and arse with at least 4 fingers in the hole he wasn't eating. He mountedthe table and they went into 69. She groaned and wailed around his cock as she ate it, screaming for his cum as he pulled out to avoid cumming. She had cum 3 times before at the 9 minute mark he lay her on her back with her head hanging over the edge and thrust his cock ball deep down the now straight passage of her throat sending his cum straight down to her belly.

Only the final round remained and I said, "Boys, this has been great and next week we have something else. I want you all to bring a female, girlfriend (I managed not to smile), sister, cousin, friend, aunt or mother. Now I know this will be hard but I will pay $250 for coming. That's more than a week's wage to you and the winner gets $1000 and runner up $500 plus the chance for more. Make the effort."

"What is the event?" asked Daulat

"The women are going to try to make Anupama come the most. She must do what they say lie back and take it passively, but unlike tonight she will be trying not to cum. Of course, you will be watching and coaching.

The other thing is that next season the man of the match gets a trophy. I decide who that is. It may be someone performing under pressure or better than they have before not just figures alone. Well Anupama has said the trophy is 4 hours with her doing what you want"

Meanwhile, Anupama had risen unsteadily to her feet. Her face, hair, and tits were covered with cum. Cum oozed from her cunt to join was "Greg, get me an empty beer jug. I looked around and took one to her. She squatted over it and pulled her pussy lips apart. Cum slime flowed into the jug filling it and I hurriedly handed her another which she partly filled before unleashing a smaller flow from her arse.

She held it up and read on the side the official measurement 1140ml (40 oz) and screamed its mine and steadily skulled the first jug slowing down on the partly filled second, taking more gulps from it the rather than a continuous swallow. Then she put her fingers in her cunt and swished around before bringing another handful of jism out.

"This must be Nabh.'

Another handful that she rubbed into her tits. "And more of Nabh"

The crowd roared.

"Then she said to them. "This time I won't be trying to cum. You got to make me cum. Work for it. But first, do you want me to freshen up or stay like this?"

She took their roar as a sign that they wanted her cum covered.

Nabh was up first and his cock was hard and already dribbling precum. He brushed her lips with it saying, "Every hole baby, cum in every hole.'

I had spoken to him during the night and he said he didn't watch TV, just internet porn and every night he kept cumming for 6 hours.

He started by finger fucking her with one hand as he put his cock in her mouth. Driven by the hand on her pussy she was sucking like a paid pro at a glory hole and Nabh was talking about how much cum she was going to get. She came hard and he pulled back his cock from her throat turned on the hose in her mouth. It was more than she could swallow and she was gagging as he pushed ball deep seeling her mouth. We could see cum running from her she tried unsuccessfully to swallow it all. Nabh pulled out and Anupama orgasmed on the fingers still controlling her clit screaming

"So much fuuuucking cuuuuuuuum."

Nabh took her doggy and he fucked he was demanding

"Who has given you the most cum tonight?"

"You, you you got so much cum," she wailed

"Whose cum hits you the hardest?"

"You You Nabh. You really shoot it in me."

"Whose cum do you need?"

"Neeed unhgh ungh need Nabh cum in me."

"Eiighhhhjhhhhh," she wailed and came as Nabh orgasmed in her arse

It continued along the same lines

"Ahhhhhhhh you are cumming again."

"Cum in my arse in my arse."

"Shoot it in me. Fill me agaaaaiiiiin."

After 25 minutes she had cum 7 times and received 5 loads from the machine like Nahb.

Angad was an anti climax after that. He had nothing to offer except enthusiasm and she came one time.

Isha stepped up to the plate. The betting was heavily on Nabh and deep within the youngest team member and nerd knew he had it won.

Quiet Isha, who I had hardly every spoken to except for coaching and who was a bit of a loner within the group, approached it differently. He used a napkin to blindfold Anupama and another 2 to gag her and others to bind her wrists and tie them to a seat on the other side of the table so she was in a standing doggy position but unable to see him. He stood behind her and started finger fucking her.

"Don't move," he ordered as he knelt and tongued her arse while fingering her pussy.

She writhed.

"I said Don't Move," he said. "You disobeyed"

He took four candles and greased then with Nabh's cum that was still in her and forced them into her arse. Now as he fingered her his hand played with her nipples squeezing them roughtly. She strained against the bindings and another 4 candles joined the first group.

He entered her and started fucking her doggy style with one hand controlling her huge clit the other arse fucking her with the 8 candles. She came and moved and he pinched her clit running his nail down its length. She came again even louder than before.

"Good girl," he said and quickly rearranged her, now with her back on the table. He pulled out 2 candles from her arse light them and knelt and ate her as he allowed the candles to drip on her nipples. She writhed as each unseen drop of wax hit her nipple

And he talked to her.

"Cum and the pain stops. You can cum. I'm eating your wet slutty pussy. Nod your head if you are a slut and want to cum."

Anupama nodded her head like a boobing doll on a car dashboard as he continued eating her.

Then a huge groan came from her as a savage orgasm shot through her followed by another as Isha scraped his teeth along her clit. Standing close by I could see that her clit was enormous. At least equal to the largest I had seen it; the one and a half inches that the Indian female tattooist Saadhiki had made it reach.

"I want to cum in you but I need you cum at the same time. Do you want cum hard have me make you cum harder a few seconds later? Do you want my cock in you so you can squeeze it and cum?"

Again she nodded and he fucked her sucking her nipples. She jerked and came, followed by his bite and her cumming again. After 15 minutes it was over Anupama having cum 8 times and by the time he finished fisting her arse while he had his fingers permanently on her G spot and teeth scraping her clit she had cum 19 times the last 12 in 5 minutes. 5 minutes of semi continuous orgasm.

It was over. Isha was the winner, Nabh runner up and a shaking, cum soaked Anupama had announced Gangesh or rather his 21 inches was to be her choice as the 3rd for her gangbang in a month.

As we left Isha approached me. "Coach, with the man of the match trophy does anything mean anything like at Kink com or BDSM?"

It was his longest non cricket discussion with me. I was about to say no when Anupama said: "Of course it does."