The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 1 Meet the Ladies Part 1


This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

A week after Anupama pulled at a train of 14 Indian tertiary students taking some of them 4 times, she greets the boys' female relatives. This is part 1 of a 2 part story of the night and is a slower and less exciting as it sets the background necessary for the many stories that will follow. However, it still has some interesting sex.

You could cut the ice in her voice with a knife as Saanvi, the 52-year-old mother of Angard, captain of the cricket team of Indian students studying in Melbourne Australia whom I coached, snarled, "I am here on sufferance. I don't approve, but I can't allow my son Angard to lose face in front of his teammates so I have attended and will reluctantly participate and for his honour will do my best," before stalking off with Angard.

I watched the pinched faced long-legged thin-bodied 32A 26 32 5 ft 2 widow from Jagdalpur, a city in the northeast centre of India, stride away, her mustard and red sari clinging tightly to her 54-kilo body. My stomach sunk, and I thought it was not a great way to start the night. The previous week Anupama had pulled an Indian train of 14 of my Indian student cricketers (see here), some of them 4 times in a 5-hour orgy. This time I had arranged for my players to bring a female who would, with their help, make my Indian accounting partner Anupama cum, with the winning pair receiving a $1000 prize for most cums drawn. To put it mildly, my meeting with Saanvi was not a great start to the night but, as she led Angard away, he glanced back and gave a thumbs up. He had warned me she was grumpy but to me, there was real venom in her words.

Next to arrive was Manu with his cousin Kyra accompanied by Prajit with his cousin Anushka and Daulat with his 46-year-old aunt Sai. All boys came from the southern city of Madurai and punctuality must be important there as there were always first to arrive at practices or matches. All 6 were very dark-skinned and both the cousins, the 30-year-old Kyra and the 40-year-old Anushka had short, solid bodies with thick thighs and relatively small tits. Kyra's pockmarked face distinguished her from her Madurai cousin clone. The older aunt Sai was overweight, big-bellied and had pendulous 38D tits and the thickest longest hair I had seen. It hung from the scrunchy at the back of her neck to just below the back of her knees. All 3 wore the sari of choice from South India, the Kanchipuram Sari, although theirs were cotton, not silk-like Saanvi's. But at least, apart from Sai, they looked willing to be there and for future identification, I memorized their bindis hoping not all 14 women would be wearing the same red dot.

There was a short delay before Metab arrived with his 46-year-old house owner from Mumbai, Tanvi. She stood out immediately. First because of her tailored, and to my eyes, expensive European style tailored blazer and tight black skirt and high heels. Second, her appearance, as she had an almost Asian facial look to go with her Indian light Mumbai coloured skin. Surprisingly, when she had visited her property to collect back rent, she had heard Metab unsuccessfully attempting to convince his sister to come and had offered her services.

Then there was a flood of arrivals. Nabh with his 21-year-old solid cousin from Indore, Dhriri, Raj with his 22-year-old short, spectacle-wearing sister Ira and Saraj, the only one of the cricketers with a girlfriend, a surprisingly good looking 19-year-old Pari. The last 2 girls were from Chennai. The first 2 wore jeans and short kameez tops while Pari wore the staple of western fashion: a short tight little black dress. Ina had plucked up the courage to ask Anika 20, a New Delhi born student/shop assistant at his local Indian store, while Nish was accompanied by a 26-year-old hawk-faced prostitute, Anvi. He had put the money I had given to all of them to good effect, although the way Anvi's eyes devoured the crowd I was sure she was looking for future customers. The younger ones wore western clothes, but the Jaipur born Anvi had a flamboyant lehenga choli and apart from her face Anvi had a good body, tall slim and with big firm tits.

The next to arrive was Isha accompanied by his tiny, demure looking 18-year-old year sister, Vanya, still dressed in her green and blue checked school uniform. She was a year 12 student at the exclusive Catholic girls' school Sacre Coeur, where she had won a scholarship, Next was Gangeesh with his 38-year-old aunt. Almost as wide as she was tall Navya had huge swaying melons far larger than Sai's 38D and a belly, arse, and thighs to match. All of this was squeezed into a red and white salwar kameez which strained at the seams containing what lay within. They were quickly followed by Bhanu with his 50-year-old aunt Ruth, whom I later found was Anglo Indian, confirming my initial guess. She was short but thin, flat breasted with an angry face, and, shunned Indian dress preferring, like Tanvi, a western outfit. The difference was that hers was a Kmart store-bought and it showed in the poorer materials, finish and fit.

Then we waited for the final attendee, Bharat and his 45-year-old aunt Priya. And we waited longer. Eventually, they arrived with Bharat trailing behind his voluptuous aunt. Priya was medium height, slightly overweight with a 36C 30 38 figure and was wearing what could best be described as a Bollywood belly dancer outfit. Priya's 36C tits were overflowing from a red and gold 34A bra. Her nose ring, headpiece, and armbands and bangles were gold or at least gold plated. Her rounded belly, complete with belly button chain, swelled above the bottom part of her outfit. This was also red with gold embroidery and consisted of a half skirt that fell to mid-calf and covered only the back of her quite shapely strong legs, leaving all the front and most of the sides of her legs bare. The revealing half skirt was attached to and fanning out from the same red coloured pair of gold-encrusted and sequined briefs. These were however like a 90's hi-cut bikini bottom: they rose above her hips where they were about an inch wide before swooping down at the front, so the top was 6 inches below her belly button. Wearing this she tottered in on 8-inch heel, 3-inch platform heels and last because I was looking at everything else first, a pretty round face with eyes heavily emphasized with kohl. Her eyes surveyed the other women before relaxing knowing that no-one could match her. To me, it was obvious her late entrance was planned.

I had Angard take the boys downstairs to the bar for drinks so that the women could mix and meet. Like a killer whale circling a pod of whales searching for the weakest, I prowled before pouncing. I went for the weakest.

Ruth was standing alone. As I approached her, I guessed her size. The 50-year-old was probably 5 ft, 85 pounds and would be a 32A 24 30 build. Her thin pinched face was framed by large spectacles and long lank hair. Not a pleasing sight after Priya. But I pressed ahead. It would be good practice for easier conquests.

"I notice that you are different from the others."

Seeing her face tighten I continued, "I mean different in a better way."

"Yes," she replied, "I am Anglo Indian and since my divorce have reverted to a proper name Ruth Andrews, not some tongue-twisting heathen pretence, and I am properly educated not like these Hindu bitches. Even though there is only 150,000 of us left in India now we are better than them."

"Ahh, I see, but I meant to me you seemed different because these others appear to be a woman on the surface, but with you, it's baked into your DNA right through you."

"Why is it so noticeable to you but not any Indian male? They seem to only want fat ignorant wives and younger fawning mistresses."

I smiled in a comforting, understanding way. "Perhaps because I am sensitive to these things. How is it your nephew Bhanu. He's not Anglo Indian, is he?"

"I was married to a Hindu family for business reasons. After I caught my husband with multiple women, they said I was the one at fault and I was sent here out of the way to look after Bhanu otherwise they would have victimized harassed and destroyed."

We were interrupted by Priya, so I shook hands with Ruth, made my goodbye and was swept away. 20 Seconds later I felt my phone vibrate as Ruth's text arrived in answer to the piece of paper that I had placed in her hand which said text me with your number. There was no need to chase and work hard for Priya, and, from what I had seen so far, I would be stupid to ignore what fate was delivering. I made the comments she wanted to hear, how she stood out from the others, that I guessed she was 35, not 45 and made it obvious I was looking at her body. I asked did she belly dance and she replied, sucking her belly in so her tits nearly pooped out of her bra and displayed their large areolae, that this outfit was too formal and restrictive for her to dance in, but I would love the real unrestricted dance. For once I wasn't acting when I reluctantly moved on and this time the message took 15 secs to arrive.

I mingled and met and greeted, speaking with Tanvi, the rich sophisticated landlord of Metab. As I suspected she had Asian blood in her. Her husband was the black sheep of the family and been banished to look after their small business interests in Vietnam. A house fire had wiped out the clan in Mumbai and he returned, accompanied by his new Vietnamese wife and daughter Tanvi, to take sole control. My discussion was cut short, but not all was lost as it looked like she would be needing an accountant here in Oz as she established her businesses here. I felt I fitted the brief exactly as she was looking for an accountant who was ambivalent towards our tax and import duties. In our double talk, we were progressing towards why she had attended tonight, and other intimate matters and it was clear both in business and sex she was ruthless competitive and greedy. But unfortunately, Angard brought the boys back and so we got ready to eat.

Priya took over assigning herself a seat beside where I would be sitting, and I sidled up to Saanvi in an attempt to get back into her good books and whispered that this should be the job of the mother of the captain and that Priya was trying to steal Saanvi's glory. Within minutes order was restored by the 52-year-old, using her son's authority as captain. She was sitting on my right beside me, then her son, and on my left was Anupama's empty chair and then Anvi the prostitute and Nish who was vice-captain. Saanvi rewarded me with a smile and later I caught the fuming Priya's eye and shrugged apologetically and rolled my eyes at Saanvi eliciting a nod of agreement from the exhibitionist Priya.

With everyone seated I gave my introduction speech which included a thank you to Saanvi for helping arrange it (well she did attend), and she stood and accepted the applause and I was rewarded with a quick touch of my hand when she sat down. I introduced Anupama when she arrived, explaining she had come directly from work, and you could hear the amazement as she walked in the room in her thick overcoat. Was this the woman they had heard about? Dressed so plainly. It was not what they expected. She reached into her backpack and replaced her Nikes with high heels. Not as slutty as Priya's but still the second-highest heels there. But still, it was not what they expected.

Then she removed the coat and stood there naked except for black stockings and a cream garter belt that contrasted with her dark oiled skin. Her one inch nipples were hard, erect, quivering and her nipple bar piercings stood out. Her 6 inch long 2-inch wide landing strip was wet and matted. I am sure most worked out that her love juices had caused it. And below that matted forest of hair was her wide lipped, big clitted pussy. Three rings in each of her big pussy lips were joined by small gold chains to a thick chunky ring pierced through her clitoral hood which forced her clit out of its hood As she swayed slightly the chains which dangled onto her inner lips jangled and moved. On her thigh was a tattoo of a nude many armed representation of the Goddess of love, lust and sex Rati featuring Anupama's face.

Who would have believed that a few months ago she was a dowdy, frumpily dressed Accountant I had brought into my failing business to capture the lucrative Indian student market. Now she was a sexaholic, an exhibitionist working her war through my ex-sex partners sex fighting or catfighting them. Her holy grail was to defeat my wife, make love to me while my wife watched, then rape and brand her name on her.

She called for Nabh. He left the table and by the time she had his trousers down the slim quiet solitary 18-year-old nerdy bookworm was hard. Anupama knelt before him and his 5 inches slowly completely disappeared into her mouth. Then she pulled back releasing the saliva covered cock from her mouth before settling into a steady rhythm. After 2 minutes Nabh's body quivered and she pulled his cock from her mouth and held his cock at arm's reach. A stream of creamy cum connected the arm length distance between her face and Nabh's tool. Almost instantly a second and third spurt, each stronger and longer spattered her face and the congealed cum of these and the first slowly slipped down her face on to her bare tits.

A two-second pause then the fourth, fifth cascades of cum splattered into her and while Anupama massaged the pooling viscous goo into her tits, the clickety-click of high heels announced the arrival of Priya who knelt beside Anupama and ripped her red bra off. Whether this inspired Nabh or not I don't know but, but after about twenty seconds of her handjob, he delivered his sixth. It was his longest and thickest yet and hit Priya high instantly matting her hair. Then turning his hips, he delivered his seventh into Anupama while his eighth and ninth spurted into Priya turning her face into a cream coloured facial skin mask with a thick cum string that joined her to Anupama. Saanvi half rose to command Priya to return to her seat, but I restrained her telling her to wait till later as Priya's nephew Bharat led the applause.

The previous weekend in one of orgasms Nabh had fired out nine times, but that was last week. After last week he confessed to me each night he spent up to 5 hours continuously watching porn, masturbating and cumming. What it is to be young. Tonight, he squirted out his tenth into Priya who was licking the cum rolling down her face before his next discharge hit Anupama. This one didn't hit her face but reached and joined his cum already drying on her tits. It took Nabh 30 seconds, but he stepped closer to Priya and jolted her with his twelfth before returning to Anupama for his thirteenth before his fourteenth, thin and watery, merely reached her knees.

Priya took the long route back to her seat necessitating her passing by Saanvi, stopping for a few seconds beside her to ostensibly adjust her now cum stained skirt, and while looking Saanvi in the eye she subtly thrust out her cum covered tits letting the audience compare them to Saanvi's smaller sari covered ones. Again, Saanvi was about to rise but my hand on her thigh kept her in her seat. We commenced the meal, those nearest Anupama casting glances at her cum covered face and naked tits, while those nearer Priya did the same to her.

We finished eating and I stood and spoke again as Anupama bent to adjust her shoes. I finished with "and Anupama wants to meet all you ladies individually."

Eyes turned towards her, but her seat was vacant. Then Anvi the prostitute gripped the table and half-shouted, "Oh God, she is eating me."

You can be lucky. As the partner of vice-captain Nish, her seating meant she was first, and a being prostitute she was the most likely to be unfazed by being eaten by another woman in front of people you have not met before. She gripped the table tighter as she closed to orgasm, but I was worried as the next woman in line was Anushka, Prakrit's 44-year-old cousin seemed frozen with fear. Everyone was watching Anvi, but I was looking ahead thinking the evening would end if one refused. As Anvi drew closer to orgasm I was saved. Priya had left her seat and had pleaded with Anushka to swap places. She stripped off her skirt to be fully nude, and as Anvi shrieked her cumming sat down ready to be ready as Anupama's second. Priya's orgasm was, as I expected, loud and noisy and Anupama below the table moved clockwise on to Raj's 22-year-old sister Ira, who came with a low long moan.

By the time she reached the final woman, Saanvi 13 women had cum. Some like Isha's 18-year-old schoolgirl sister Vanya in high pitched screams, others like Ina the 20-year-old shop assistant in moans, hesitant grunts from an embarrassed Sai, the 46-year-old big titted, big-bellied, long-haired cousin of Daulat, hissed explosions of air, prolonged groans, short squeals. But they all had cum. What had been unexpected was Anupama's startled exclamation as she started on Navya, Gangeesh's 48-year-old BBW aunt, followed by muffled squelching sounds as a glazed eyed Navya was brought to an explosive orgasm. Another thing that stood out to me was Anushka, Prajit 's solid-bodied 44-year-old aunt who had frozen and nearly ruined the ring a rosy until Priya swapped places, came the quickest with her hands cradling her now exposed tits while her fingers twisted and tweaked the stiff nipples on her smallish tits. And finally, the 50-year-old Anglo Indian Ruth Andrews who accepted the longest tongue lashing from Anupama before she came.

Anupama had reached Saanvi and started her tonguing of the last woman. Saanvi was a screamer and apart from the volume, her shaking body revealed the intensity of her cum. Unseen by the rest of the table I put my hand on Anupama's rising head and directed it back to Saanvi's pussy.

Soon her screams of "God again, again, Agaaaaaaiiiin," announced her second orgasm and with one hand still restraining Anupama's shoulder, with my other hand I guided Saanvi's elbow lower, so her hand dropped below the table and placed it in Anupama's head.

Saanvi took the hint and made sure all saw her ostentatiously take her other hand below the table to hold Anupama's head against her wet cunt. As she came 2 more times, I could see many of the women looking under the table to watch. Eventually, I stood and called out "Enough, we still have the main event," and she reluctantly stopped.

Straight away her eyes full of triumph went to Priya whom I was afraid would explode, but luckily my text reached her and its message of her superiority in my eyes calmed her.

As arranged Angard took all the boys and a now re-coated Anupama downstairs to partake of the Johnnie Walker Black Label I had purchased as a build-up to their involvement in the next stage. During the movement, I leaned close to Saanvi and whispered: "I am so proud." In a complete reversal of her frozen greeting, her hand sought mine before I stood and spoke to the women. I explained that I had originally thought the winning duo would be decided by most cums from Anupama, but on reflection that would be unfair as later contestants would find it easier to make an aroused Anupama cum, so I changed it to a vote. But because they would be doing most of the work, only they, and not the boys would vote 3, 2, and 1. I asked if they agreed and led by an enthusiastic Anushka I got a resounding yes. But because we wanted no bias, I was asking one of them to sacrifice and not enter but organize the entertainment, collect and correlate all the votes. Eyes dropped to the table not meeting mine.

Then Ruth Andrews spoke up, "I will do it. I was in a Government administration office back in Kolkata."

She had read my text asking her to trust me and volunteer for whatever I asked the group.

Ruth and I went into the toilets to discuss and prepare the event. Her eyes were watering as she said, "I did it. I volunteered but why? I lasted the longest of any of those bitches when the Hindu slut ate us. I could have won it if I was in it, but you said, volunteer."

"Yes," I agreed, "three and a half minutes longer than Kyra and four minutes longer than Priya and Saanvi's longest."

"And I could have cum more like that ugly old grandmother. Why?"

Ugly? The two looked similar to me, and Saanvi was only 2 years older, 52 compared to Ruth's 50.

I continued "And your orgasm was over 20 seconds longer than Sanvi's and Priya's."

"Was it?" You think I am better than those Hindu bitches?" she queried slowly,

I followed up with, "You and I know that you are better, but would 13 Hindus vote an Anglo Indian the winner?"

She shook her head and I continued. "I've got huge plans for this group of women. What would they think if I was spending long periods alone with you?"

"That we were fucking."

"That right. But what would they think if we were spending long periods together doing boring, yet necessary work for the group to operate as a club that none of them want to do?"

"They wouldn't think. They would just be happy it wasn't them." Her frown was vanishing.

I followed up with "And if they don't see you in action here, they will be underestimating you until it counts in the future, plus as the collection point for all data about them, we have knowledge. Far more than what the others, no matter their title or position, will have. They will rely on your advice and take it because if it looks OK its easiest for them. So, we can manipulate or even blackmail to get an outcome that suits us."

Her head was nodding up and down in agreement and I bent to give her a comforting, encouraging kiss on the cheek. She turned and I had what felt like a snake crawling past my tonsils. I am sure her tongue went further into my guts than the miniature camera the surgeon had sent down. Being the chaste person I am, I terminated before I was asphyxiated.

The boys arrived back obviously a little affected by the high priced shots of Johnnie Walker Black. All the women had their voting card issued by Ruth to place 3 2 1 on, with each card secretly coded so Ruth and I could see who voted for who. I had Ruth draw a couple's name from an empty bowl containing all the duos. I looked at the names Daulat and his aunt Sai but instead called out Gangeesh and his aunt Navya. I wanted to get off to a good start with the women seeing Gangeesh's 12-inch monster. And it worked.

To be continued