The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 4 Priya and Saanvi's First Double Sexfight


This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

Having finished the business at the new club site in Northcote, one by one I dropped the Indian women off from my hired Minibus. Finally, Ina the 20-year-old shop assistant departed outside the Indian grocery store she worked at, and that left only Saanvi 56, who had just sex fought Priya for the CEO position of the club, and Vanya, the 18-year-old who was attending the prestigious Catholic girls' school, Sacre Couer.

It was Vanya who first noticed and said, "Aren't we going in the wrong direction?" Fifteen minutes later we were in the CBD having cafe lattes in a small exclusive cafe on fashionable Collins Street and I had started my pitch. "No one else in the club must know of this meeting as it would destroy the club," I began. "I arranged the drop-offs so that you two would be left as it's only you two that I want, and only you two I think are capable of doing what we will discuss.

Please, please keep this discussion secret, even if you decide not to be part of what it offers." Both lent forward striving not to miss anything I said, which I took to be an acceptance. Saanvi's appearance was like what the French-based Indian porn star Indiana Fox would look like in 30 years when she too was 52.

Both Saanvi and the porn star Indiana were not attractive being long-faced, hook-nosed, and for Indians having thin and lank hair. Furthermore, Saanvi was wearing spectacles and like the Indian porn star Indiana, but unlike most of the Indian women who were in the club, was not solid. She was a firm almost thin-bodied, short-haired, 92 pounds and 32 26 32 with long legs on her 5 ft 2-inch frame.

She wore little makeup and for today was dressed in that staple of north Indian Indian fashion: the Anakarli suit. Vanya was also slim but even shorter, long-haired, round-faced and wearing her blue summer school uniform. Saanvi was from Patna and Vanya from Indore, so both were similarly toned being from the north and lighter-skinned than the South Indian club members.

I furtively looked around as though looking for spies. "It's impossible that any of them would shop here, but I can't be too careful," I whispered, drawing them further into my web, making them feel fellow conspirators.

"Yes," said Saanvi, "Not enough taste to shop here. It's too exclusive." I nodded my agreement before continuing.

"From what I said at Northcote you both know that the club is going to generate large income and the profits distributed between you and the other 12 gold members: the original members. To simplify things, I am setting up a Trading company that handles all the payments and receipts from the many activities the club will have. Australian law requires 3 shareholders. It will be you two and me.

"I see," said Vanya, "But why is that special and dangerous to the club?"

"Because my 2 co-directors will be paid a directors fee of 30% of the income before profits are distributed back to the Subcontinent Indian Railway Sex Club for division between the 14 women shareholders."

"You mean 30% of the profit not income," queried Vanya.

"No, 30% of the gross income. We need a lot of cash to dress you two properly."

Vanya explained the difference between income and profit to Saanvi and both the ears and nipples of the 52-year-old pricked up. "You mean Vanya and I get far, far more than the others. Just for us to spend on ourselves."

"Yes," I replied, "and its perfect. Apart from you two being the best women in the group, Vanya handles the finances of the club and, after you beat Priya and become CEO of the club, you will sign off on the books. No one will know what's happening except us three.

And there is one more thing I would like to have happen, but we can discuss this at my offices in Richmond when we set up the new company."

Before we left Vanya visited the toilets and Saanvi said, "I have to apologize for when I first met you. I was nervous because I was the eldest women there and thought the others would outshine me."

I replied, "I'm sorry I didn't award you the fight when Priya cheated but made it a rematch. But I thought it better the members see you beat her properly."

She nodded her agreement and her hand stroked my cock under the table. "But you defended me and made me feel confident. And I know you want me. I understand we will have to put up with this Vanya so we can get the money, but I know you will know how to get rid of her later.

So, what do you want me to do?"

A short drive followed and despite their questions I kept them guessing till we reached my offices and took the back stairs to the apartment on top. It didn't take long until Saanvi had the covers thrown back, lying on the bed with her legs splayed like a five-dollar whore. I mounted her and got my cock ready for entry.

Saanvi's groaned as I entered her but instead of hammering her into the mattress, I slowly ground my engorged cock into her. My pubic hair was touching her clit and as I rotated my hips to move my cock in her wet slit, I rubbed it against her quickly aroused clit. Saanvi's eyes rolled upwards and I felt her cuntal tube squeeze my tool as she came noisily on my it.

Encouraged by Saanvi, Vanya had crawled up onto the bed to join us and prompted by Saanvi she was now reverse facesitting the 52-year-old Indian who was eating her shaved pussy. I rose up from the missionary position with my cock still deeply buried in Saanvi's cunt. As I sat upright with my knees now tucked under Saanvi thighs, Vanya could see how Saanvi's cuntal lips were spread tightly around my erect organ.

Still embedded in Saanvi I rolled on my back with Saanvi on top and guided Vanya so that she was facesitting me and attacked her pussy with my tongue. God, she was wet. Love juice was flowing from her and both women were already moaning loudly. I reached over and pulled Vanya's body to me while I fucked Saanvi and started driving my tongue deep into her mouth.

I broke the kiss so that I could suck her small, firm tits. Saanvi was wailing and cumming, enjoying the steady slow sensuous screwing she was getting. Despite the sensations of the cock moving inside her, she still managed to finger the 18-year-old Indian.

I pulled out of her cunt and offered the cum-coated cock to the younger Vanya who took it her mouth and used one hand to finger Saanvi. Saanvi watched and writhed and came as my dick, coated with her sex juices and cum, disappeared into Vanya's mouth. I pushed the 18-year-old face away from my tool and re-entered the groaning Saanvi.

I repeated this scenario several times; fucking Saanvi while I ate Vanya before withdrawing and letting Vanya eat my cock and finger the older Indian.

They both came and I pulled out and squeezed the base of my cock so that I wouldn't cum. Vanya, now used to the pattern I had established went for my tool to give head, but I restrained her and pushed her prone on the bed and pulled her legs apart and entered the 18-year-old.

Saanvi mounted my face and I started tongue lapping her slit: the thick heavy lingual digit sliding up and down her slick sex trench and circling her clit twice on every upstroke. Then I changed tactics and attacked her clit from one side for a few moments before switching to the other side for another few moments before sucking the sensitive bud up with my lips. A man's got to blow when a man's ready to blow, and I am no exception. It was just a matter of where to blow my wad, in Saanvi or Vanya.

So, as my orgasm approached the point of no return. I decided on who gave the longest groan in their next cum. I groaned. "I'm going to cum soon." "Shoot it in Saanvi," Vanya shrieked. "I'll take the second load." Hearing this Saanvi came shooting cum into my mouth as her legs snapped shut around my head. I pried my head from between her thighs, spread her open and skewered her cunt. With a long moan, I spurted into her as I ate the 18-year-old Vanya.

I lay back fully satiated, but there was no rest for the wicked. I watched as Vanya ate my cum from the older woman's slit before Saanvi moved so she could give head to my cum soaked cock. Slowly it hardened and Saanvi slid her mouth off my cock to scream, "Fuck her, Greg," Saanvi yelled. "Fill her with cum and make her into a whore."

I reversed the pattern fucking Vanya while I ate Saanvi. I ground into her, stirring my cock in her inexperienced cunt, and ground my pubes into her clit. As with Saanvi, the effect was immediate and in an intense rush, she came and came hard, shrieking her pleasure to the heavens. I alternated fucking the 18-year-old and eating Saanvi with fingering Vanya and having Saanvi clean her love juice from my cock.

This time when my orgasm built, I let it run its course and shot my hot cum into Vanya's cunt: a cunt that was also cumming and had been nearly continuously orgasming since I first entered her. We all lay back sweaty and exhausted and I somehow continued with my pre-prepared speech.

"What we have discussed about the club finances before stands," I said, "but what I hope is that you two want to live here as its empty and available, rather than you, Vanya, at the school dormitory and you, Saanvi, in that house shared with 4 other families. However, to get Vanya out of the school dormitory we would need you, Saanvi, to be her mother and me her legal proxy here in Australia. Luckily you and Vanya have the same family name so passports will match up and apart from getting Vanya out of the dormitory there are a lot of things that will be easier if we are a family. So, the question is are you two happy being mother and daughter?"

Vanya piped up straight away. "I voted you for CEO because you were so hot and sexy the way you fucked Anupama. You are what I want my mother to be and I want you to teach me to be like you. Next Tuesday is a parent-teacher night at school I want you and Greg to come with me for the interviews."

You couldn't give Saanvi enough praise and she glowed and replied. "Yes, that you did that makes feel proud and we fuck together good too.

We will have Kautbik sex. Same as in the ancient texts 'Harivansh' where the daughter of the sage Vasishta, Shatrupa believed her father to be her husband and therefore had sex with him. In the same Grantha (book) it is mentioned that Daksha gave her daughter to her grandfather, Brahmadev and hence Narada was born.

Indradev also had sex with his great-grandson Janmejay's wife Vapushtma. Sex in our family is what I want. No restrictions. You, me and Greg. Any time, anyway, any combination. I can do the cooking here, so you have the time to study better."

I couldn't believe my ears. At my first meeting with Saanvi, the mother of my Indian student cricket team's captain Angard, I had thought her frigid and anti the idea of the Indian sex club. I believed that she had attended reluctantly, only there so her son would not lose face by having no female with him.

How wrong was my first impression? "I want you for a daughter but not just for a short time. Permanently, and people know that." As she spoke her hand stroked the prominent shaven mound of Vanya with its still engorged thick outer lips and wet hanging long inner lips.

"Do you think I should shave too so we are the same? I know Indian women older than 25 prefer the full bush but I would like us identical."

"Oh yes, it will mean we are the same and that huge clit of yours won't be hidden. I want to shave you after Greg cums over your bush."

Saanvi thought of something and asked me. "What are those things you want us as a family?"

"Well,' I said, "there are a lot of business functions where I want to take along the sexiest wife and daughter, and there is a big Vietnamese betting circle of mother and daughter sexfighting, and you've heard of wife swapping but there is a niche group here of husband, wife and daughter." My voice trailed off as Vanya went down on my cock, closely followed by Saanvi eating her and proffering her slit to me.

I extracted my cock from Vanya's mouth and entered her new mother doggy style. I gripped Vanya and lifted her like a rag doll and placed her before Saanvi's face and soon she was writhing as Saanvi's tongue went to work. This was my third and I couldn't last long and with a bellow of satisfaction unloaded into the 52-year-old.

Vanya stared straight at Saanvi's wet matted pubic hair and cum dripping cunt. With the pressure of my cock now removed, blood had rushed to Saanvi's labia, swelling them grotesquely and rendering them red. The freshly fucked cunt touched her lips. They rolled into 69.

Saanvi opened Vanya's legs to lick at her cunt while Vanya, quickly overcoming the newness of it all, pushed Saanvi's hips high enough to feast on her pussy. Her tongue flickered up to the older woman's sex. It was better than I imagined it would be. Vanya was moaning and rotating her hips over Saanvi's face. Resting my head between them I watched the two sluts go at it with the 69 going from hesitant to aggressive.

Vanya began to tremble and pull away from the enthusiastically sucking Saanvi and flopped onto her back. The sex-crazed Saanvi demanded Vanya return the favour and Saanvi's pussy settled onto Vanya's face. Saanvi ground her snatch into Vanya's face, and the eighteen-year-old Indian schoolgirl responded by eating her out.

I just watched their show, Saanvi face fucking Vanya, with her small tits swaying and jiggling as she rode her. I straddled Vanya on my arms and knees and hit on one of Saanvi's tits with my mouth enjoying the feeling of sucking her fat swollen nipples.

A quick look below my waist confirmed what I felt: Incredibly after 40 minutes of the two doing 69, I was ready to fuck again. Releasing Saanvi's tit, I moved between the Vanya's legs and entered her effortlessly. Firmly planted in her cunt, I leaned forward to resume sucking the tits of Saanvi who was still aggressively face fucking the cunt-licking Vanya.

Saanvi, satiated from Vanya's oral skills, needed a break. She disengaged her nipple from my mouth and tore her cunt away from Vanya, whose grip on Saanvi's hips made it difficult. But with Vanya pinned to the cum-stained mattress by my rod, she managed to break free and lay face down exhausted. Ready for a change of pace, I pulled my cock from Vanya's spasming orgasming cunt hole and maneuvered around behind Saanvi and lifted her by the hips.

She felt my cockhead, coated with Vanya's pussy juice push into her. "Yes," she cried as she was filled with my dick. 'Yes, fuck me, baby! Fuck me!" she screeched. She pulled Vanya's slit to her and went down on her again.

She pulled her head from the writhing orgasming Vanya and screamed, "My daughter. Yes permanently, my daughter, always my daughter." A huger shudder hit her as she came. "I am going back to India and fuck your mother senseless until she signs adoption papers giving you to me legally".

Vanya wailed as she too came grunting out, "Do it in my vacation so I can come to. Let me fuck the bitch too. Make her watch us fuck long and good".

In a quick moment alone Saanvi said, "Was that what you wanted? I am sure she is hooked now."

I nodded agreement my approval, but I was thinking of how horny was Vanya. I would have to investigate it further.

Next Tuesday night we were sitting outside a classroom. Vanya dressed in her school uniform and Saanvi, dressed as the new Saanvi. Her 32 26 32 figure was squeezed into a dress 2 sizes too small and when she sat, if she moved, her thong was visible. Her heels were higher than those of the elegantly dressed Vietnamese mother waiting beside us. The Vietnamese mother's daughter arrived and passed the Mercedes car keys to her mother and stated she had parked the car.

Must be 18 years old I thought to have her license. I was aware of the mounting tension between her and Vanya. "Mother, that's the Indian girl I told you about. The one nearly as good as me. The one who just learns by heart and doesn't understand."

Vanya hissed, "I don't pay tutors to do my SAC tests for me like you do."

I took a look at the Vietnamese student. The same as Vanya, she was 18 years old. Petite, a $150 hairstyle, expensive yet subtle makeup and a tailored to fit school uniform. A genuine spoilt Vietnamese princess who felt the world owed her. She muttered some remarks that I did not catch and started speaking to her mother in Vietnamese discussing how she could easily beat Vanya in a sex fight and that her mother could probably do the old woman. I interrupted, pulling out a wad of money and speaking my adequate Vietnamese challenged them to a doubles sexfight.

After the initial surprise of me speaking Vietnamese, it took a little haggling with the mother Mai reluctant, but we settled for a $3000 bet to be settled at their house in exclusive Malvern on Thursday. Saanvi and Vanya versus Mai and her daughter Xuan.

We arrived at the 2 story mansion to find only Mai and her daughter there. The daughter had the shortest cut off shorts I had ever seen which displayed her extra-long shapely legs and a thin bib like cover over her pert hard tits. Mai had a black very short halter neck cocktail dress with shoes almost as high as the length of the dress from her cunt down.

Mother and daughter argued but eventually, Mai gave in to the pouting Xuan and the daughter went first. Saanvi stepped onto the rug laid on the polished hardwood boards that marked the contest area.

Nude, Xuan was toned, small-breasted, maybe, but perfect, long-legged and shaven with a belly piercing and clit ring. Her almond eyes looked derisively at Saanvi and she had a sneer of disdain on her face. Saanvi was aroused as this would be her first sexfight, although she and Vanya had practised. The hard nipples on her A cup 32s and her fully exposed prominent mound now she was shaven like Vanya stood out.

Because of the creamy, mocha colour of her skin, her large nipples seemed even darker, almost a deep purplish hue contrasted against the paler skin around them. Saanvi attacked first. Standing together, she sucked one of Xuan's soft nipples into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, pinching it gently with her lips.

Xuan responded instantaneously, quivering and moaning excitedly. Saanvi rolled one wet nipple with her fingertips while still sucking the other one the same way.

When both Xuan's brownish nipples were wet and erect, Saanvi lightly pinched them with her fingers while continuing to kiss Xuan's mouth aggressively. She squeezed Xuan's firm, perfect breasts, then dropped her mouth to them again, sensing they were very sensitive. Xuan hand had reached between them finding Saanvi's sex trench and starting her work. No preliminaries for her. Straight to the main action.

Saanvi next scrunched the hard little balls up in her hands so that Xuan's wet nipples swelled up and pointed, and then she devoured them, sucking and tonguing and nipping them at almost the same time, moving her mouth from one nipple to the other rapidly, in a hot frenzy, until Xuan was whimpering and moaning out of control.

As per my instructions, Saanvi maneuvered Xuan close to our corner. Vanya held onto the garter belt secured to the floor by a weight, stretched out and tagged Saanvi. She took over and went down on the squirming, panting, and now wildly aroused Vietnamese. Her tongue was lashing at the Vietnamese's clit, swallowing the juices flowing from her.

I was quite confident now as I had found it necessary to privately tell Vanya to ease up on Saanvi in the sexfight practice. Somehow, she had gotten the impression from me that we needed Saanvi. Soon, I recognized the signs. Xuan was going to come any second. Vanya fingered her ruthlessly, then murmured in her ear.

"You're going to come slut, aren't you? You are so easy," Vanya slid between Xuan's spread thighs and attacking her pussy. The Vietnamese was panting and squirming so uncontrollably that she couldn't take any more. Vanya was determined to make her come quickly. She drove her tongue into Xuan's pussy, and then dragged it up across her swollen clit, repeating this several times.

Her school Year 12 rival exploded, in a huge orgasm that boiled up and surged through her.

"AUUNGGHHH." she groaned, so loudly that I feared the neighbours would hear her.

Having scored an orgasm, the two Indians quickly tagged again, and Saanvi took over getting on top of the Vietnamese and licking Xuan's still throbbing pussy. She kept it up as three more pre-cum spasms gripped the whimpering, writhing girl, who noisily came a second time as her mother swore at her, imploring and demanding she get to her corner and tag. Only a tag by her with her daughter or Xuan causing either Saanvi or Vanya to cum could get the Vietnamese out of trouble.

And locked up in our corner she had no hope of tagging her mother who had to hold on to the garter belt restraining her to her corner. Finally, the orgasm waned, leaving her out of breath and stunned. She groggily blinked up at Vanya, who had tagged Saanvi. God, I was proud of them. It would be too easy to be selfish and want personal glory, but they were operating as a team, tagging at every opportunity.

Vanya, although inexperienced, needed no coaching. Her tongue was long, and she wasn't shy about using it. She plunged it deep into Xuan's pussy, then flicked her clit energetically with it. Xuan responded: a massive convulsion of coming ripping through her.

"Auungghhhh! Oh! Oh, fuck Oh . . . shit oh!" she gasped, gyrating her hips and trying at the same time to keep her pelvis from flipping out of control as the spasms wracked her body.

"Ohhhnnnnn!" The pattern continued until she had cum five times and was out of the contest and rolled off the mat to lay convulsing on the floor. Mai glared at her as she took the mat to take on both Saanvi and Vanya who each had 5 cums left in a solo effort.

She was, like her daughter, petite, but her tits and face showed evidence of plastic surgery. Good surgery, not too excessive, just enhancing. She could have been 35. She could have been 50. It is hard to tell with Vietnamese women. But she was attractive. She put up a good fight drawing seven cums from the rotating Indians: four from Saanvi and three from Vanya before her fifth ended the fight. I took over.

"Well," I said, Saanvi and Vanya are going to fuck one of you for 5 hours. Do we draw names or is there another way?"

Mai spoke. "I will fight Xuan with the loser yours." From the tone of her voice, I knew who they would be fucking.