The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 5 Ruth's Fishing Dogging and Gangbang Day

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

The head of my cock was already against Ruth's cunt, seeking entry. I hammered it in, driving it deep into her slit, driving the swollen purple head into her. Ruth gasped and moaned loudly as I fucked her relentlessly, my cock pistoning inside her tight soaking wet hole. Her cunt cream coated the shaft of my cock and leaked out to cover my balls. Her fingernails raked my back, then my arse as she lost control.

"Greg," she moaned, "Faster! Oh, fuck, More. Yes, more, fuck me, yessss fuck me. Ohhhhh."

With the new clubrooms for the Indian sex club being renovated I could devote some time to Ruth.

She was a petite 50 year light-skinned Anglo Indian who had been educated at St.Michael Anglo Indian School in Jharkhand, and I was using that difference with the other 13 Indian women to create an insatiable sex monster. I had her sole aim to be better and prove she was better than those other northern and southern traditional Indian women.

My cock pumped her tight, wet cunt. She came loudly, screaming my name and then moaning loudly for over a minute. She hugged me tightly, her hands caressing my back and head. I rolled over so she was on top. I looked at her small firm tits, her fleshy cunt lips fanning out across my hard cock meat and watched as she lowered her pussy down on my shaft and smiled. The long hard nipples on her small tits stood out like lamp posts on a desert road.

Just like Angeline Jollie's and Kendall Jenner's, her nipples were enhanced with an injection of hyaluronic acid filler. We had injected 4 ml of it and together with regular suction cup treatment the size of each nipple had grown from an already long erect .75 inch to 1.2 inches and, according to my research, should stay that way for 18 months to 2 years.

She continued to ride me hard as my hands groped her small hard tits fingering and stretching her monstrous nipples, praising her continuously.

"Cum in me Greg, cum in my cunt. It belongs to you. Fuck me, fuck me and fill my cunt with your cum. I'm going to fuck your cock raw and drain every drop of cum from you."

I had heard enough, Ruth's talk caused a stream of thick gooey sperm to hose against her cervix. My cock jerked and spurted, filling her slit with my spunk. I flooded her hole with my cum and then collapsed on top of her, drained to the limit.

She kissed me, and despite my exhaustion, I returned it. Ruth wrapped her legs around me, holding my cock inside of her. Using her inner muscles she milked me. Somehow, slowly but surely, over the next 15 minutes, I felt my cock getting hard again.

It had not gone completely limp since I had first squirted on her face 95 minutes before I had started fucking her just now. Ruth kept me inside her, using her cunt muscles and encouraged by the slowly returning hardness, she started fucking me again. I felt her hips rocking and pushing against me. I started to push back and minutes later we were fucking fully again. We fucked for another twenty minutes before we both came again.

When my cock slipped free after depositing this time a much smaller load of seed into her, she kissed her way down my chest to my groin and then took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean. She then lay beside me again. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down between her legs. My fingers slipped over her smooth mound and into her silky slit.

She pushed my fingers into her dripping wet fuck hole. l felt up inside her, the mixture of my sperm and her cunt juices coating my fingers. Ruth then pulled my hand away from her pussy and brought my cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. I finished feeding her the last of the cum I had blasted into her and reflected.

I had selected Ruth from the other 14 women who made up the Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club on a whim and it was paying off big time. She was constantly horny, apparently willing to do anything sexually, was, being Anglo Indian fired by a competitive hatred of the other 13 Hindu women that made up the club, and completely trusted me and my plan to have her CEO of the club. Not the best looking, she was the second oldest but completely sexually motivated and driven.

But I wanted more.

"Now that the filler has done its work and turned fantastic into perfection, we have to establish your clothing and I think we will go fishing this afternoon and dogging tonight. Then we have to arrange some sexfight lessons and matches so that you are better prepared than the other Indians."

"Do you mean fucking with animals?"

I had to explain fishing and dogging. It took some convincing about dogging and not just watched but being fucked in a public gang bang. By other men, not me. I played my cards right using all the aces.

I wanted her to be the best. Better than the other Indians. She would pull the biggest train and I would be proud. And because she had no emotional contact with other men it would be just sex. It would be her doing something that the others were sexually incapable of doing. It would not affect me. Hell, if she had some feelings for anyone even if they didn't have sex that would kill me. Taking multiple men without attachment made me proud because she was the best. She swallowed it hook line and sinker saying how that would even make us closer.

Getting the clothing was easy. A semi see-through red blouse, no bra, a tight almost transparent cream mini skirt that finished two inches lower than her pussy, crotchless red butterfly thong and five-inch heels.

The harder part was the garter belt, but a Vietnamese lingerie factory I part-owned had provided the solution: a black garter belt whose straps reached about halfway down the pussy length so the stocking tops did not show when Ruth stood or walked even with that micro mini.

We fished at the local shopping mall. Ruth walked around; she dropped her bag and slowly bent to pick it up. She went up and down the escalators. She sat with legs apart. And she got lots of looks as her tiny butterfly thong was revealed. I noticed some men loitering and following her as she went from shop to shop.

We increased the fishing bait. She stopped to ask a man where was the lingerie shop. His eyes couldn't stray from those 1.25-inch nipples, visible and straining against the confines of a too-small 28-inch blouse.

She sat with her legs parted opposite another one who had been following her for around the mall as he drank a coffee and asked him the same question. She bumped into another and bent to pick up his dropped parcels. I followed up by approaching them after telling where she would be dogging that night. Our fishing netted over 40 nibbles.

How many would be completely hooked?

There were several cars there when we arrived at Melbourne's most notorious dogging site: West Gate Park near the West Gate bridge, and there was a lot of traffic in and out. We parked and from our car, we watched a few cars near to us and saw one voyeur get into the back seat of a car with a woman, while the male driver stayed in the drivers seat. I flashed my headlights to the other cars to let them know we were ready.

I reached over and undressed her to normal dogging attire: stockings, suspender belt, thong and bra. Ruth's bra was quarter cut, which both pushed up her small tits and fully exposing her filler enhanced nipples. Ruth had lowered her seat into a semi-lie down position.

The show started. I slipped my fingers into her thong and fingered her starting on her clit which quickly became wet. Soon a man appeared just behind Ruth's door where she couldn't see him. I told her she was being watched and I felt her push against my fingers. He was about 40, was well dressed but not one from our fishing excursion.

Then he moved up closer to Ruth to get a better view. I spread Ruth's legs wider and let him watch me continue to play with her clit. She was heavily aroused and helped by stroking her exposed long hard nipples. The next thing I knew he had pulled his hard cock out and had started wanking. When Ruth saw this she groaned and pushed her cunt harder against my hand. Suddenly he ducked and hid behind the car. Another car had entered and its lights made mine visible. When the car found a spot and its lights went out he appeared back at Ruth's window, and continued wanking, with his face pressed against the window.

I told Ruth to open it, and was not surprised when he pushed his head in for a closer watch of me fingering her. I pointed at Ruth's cunt.

"Do you want to join in?" I asked.

He nodded and put his hand on Ruth's thigh, and slowly rubbed it up and down moving toward her slit. As it came close to it, he looked at me questioningly, and when I nodded he started to go to town on her wet cunt. Almost as soon as he had started another car entered the park and its lights sent him off like a scared rabbit.

After the car settled and switched off its lights he reappeared and pointed out a spot in a quiet corner of the park. I drove to and parked where he had suggested. While we waited for him Ruth turned, knelt on the seat with her arse against the window and went down on my cock.

The man reappeared and said "Oh, yeah I like it," and put the fingers of one hand into her slit from behind while he gave himself a handjob with the other. We did this for a few minutes before I said to her, "Jerk him off."

She turned back into her seat and reached out to his cock, and she slowly wanked it while rubbing his nuts. By now he had dropped his trousers to his ankles. Suddenly Ruth stuck her head out the window and sucked his cock and he let out a long low groan. She was kneeling on the seat and her arse was facing me so I put my hand up her slit and she was oozing love juice.

She turned round in her seat and said to me, "Kiss me."

I did, and the bloke put his hand in and put his fingers straight up her cunt, making her stick her tongue down my windpipe. The next thing I knew, the door was open and she'd swung her legs out the door. She slid down the seat so her arse was out the door, and reached down, held her cunt open and grabbed and guided his cock into herself.

He started fucking her slowly and then went into a frenzy. He fucked her so hard the car was moving 8 to 12 inches every time he rammed into her. Ruth was moaning and groaning.

"Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard - DO IT."

She started to cum, and so did he. It took them about 2 to 3 minutes to slow down and stop, and he pulled his cock out.

She flopped her head back and said "Oh God, that was gooood', and started playing with her clit.

As she played with herself I could see her body starting to shake and soon the car was surrounded by guys watching Ruth. A lot of them I recognised from the shopping centre. A lot of them were pushing to get a better view of her and there was a continual flash from their phones as they took photos.

I could hear their comments. "Yeah, its the one from the shopping centre...Christ, she did come here...Look at her nipples... Fuck, that 3 fingers of hers in herself... Shit, a waist chain."

"Let them all see your wet, shaven pussy," I said.

The thought caused Ruth to cum loudly and now I knew that we were on a roll. Ruth had all the guys wanking as she stroked her cunt lips and our fishing trip had been worthwhile. I opened my car door and got out. I placed my arms on top of the car and looked at the wanking men.

"Listen up. Ruth will get out of the car and bend over the bonnet and one by one you can have a feel of her pussy. Form an orderly queue. You will all have a number according to your line in the queue. The first guy is number one, second guy number two, and so on. Then when you have all finished my wife will shout out the numbers of the guys she wants to fuck.

They all nodded agreement and I have never seen grown men move into an orderly queue so fast. I walked around to the passenger seat and opened the door. Ruth stepped outside wearing just heels, stockings, suspenders, and that quarter bra. Slowly she walked to the front of the car and bent over the bonnet.

The first guy was one we had seen at Highpoint Shopping Centre; tall, dark hair and with broad shoulders. He looked like he worked out in the gym and from the way he dressed he looked like he had money. He ran his hands up Ruth's legs before moving his fingers to her still wet pussy. I heard Ruth moan and saw her body writhe and realised that whatever this guy is doing she was enjoying it.

However, there was a queue of waiting men.

"Right next."

One by one they played with and fingered Ruth's cunt. After they finished I walked over to Ruth and asked her to tell me the numbers of the guys she wanted to fuck her. There had been eleven altogether and she gave me the numbers.

"Right," I shouted. "The lucky guys are numbers one, three, eight, seven, ten. The others can watch."

One after another pushed themselves inside Ruth as she lent on the car bonnet. Some banged her hard and fast, some just fast. Soon I could see some of the cum that was being pumped inside her oozing down her legs. However, I did notice that the first man didn't come. He just fucked for a bit then stopped. I figured maybe he had more to offer. As the last guy pulled on Ruth's hair and released his spunk in her, I made a decision. Opening the door I got out of the car and looked at Ruth's face that was now aroused, excited and covered in a film of sweat.

I pointed at Number One guy, "You, which is your car?"

He nodded in the direction of a four-wheel drive, "That one behind you."

"Great, well you get to fuck Ruth in the back of it and you fuck her till you cum."

He nodded his agreement with a smile, walked to the Toyota and opened the rear hatch door. Ruth climbed in and this time and this time instead of doggy style lay on her back. Number One got in and she lifted her legs over his shoulders so she could see his cock working her slit. He started and soon was fucking her deep and hard. Eventually, he came; a hot, hard shuddering climax that caused him to shout out in ecstasy. Getting off her, he pushed his fingers inside her one more time, before licking his fingers.

Suddenly, as we were walking back to my car, there was a roar of engines, lights turned on and the parked cars were gone. Headlights and a strong flashlight caught us, displaying the braless, stocking and garter clad Ruth and then the flashing lights on top of the vehicle started. The cops had arrived. The senior constable was a short Filipina and her partner was a tall well built 19 or 20-year-old Sudanese.

Having read us our rights the Filipina turned to me. "Well, it's your lucky night, pervert. Mabior Deng here is in his first week at the Footscray Police Station and needs to be initiated and bonded into my group.

You can go to the cells overnight and court tomorrow or help Mabior here."

"I'm all for police cooperation," I said.

Reading her badge I said, "What do we do, Senior constable Dalisay Ocampo?"

"You watch. She gets judged on a warning or lock up," the solid 32-year-old, 5ft 2, 120 pound 32A 30 34 Filipina said. "Lock up if she quits."

Ten Minutes later 3 cars and one divisional van had arrived.

Two of the empty cars with flashing lights blocked the entrance and exit from the park and 9 police were now grouped around while Dalisay Ocampo arranged Ruth in the back of the van. The Van doors were open and Ruth was bent over the back entrance with her face buried in the Filipina's pussy and her arms and legs handcuffed to the Van.

Dalisay Ocampo explained the rules. Ruth was to take all 9 policemen and continue eating her the entire time. Failure to do either would result in charges being laid.

The first cop spat on the head of his cock and drove the wet cock up Ruth's arse. His thrust was so hard any resistance disappeared, and with just one push he was into Ruth balls deep., She screamed out loud, then returned to eating Dalisay Ocampo. The cop was so surprised was he that he had fully penetrated her had to rest and wait or he would of cum straight away. When that feeling had subsided he pulled his cock out to the head and started to fuck the tiny Anglo Indian's arse. Each thrust brought a moan from her lips but they were getting loader as her arousal increased.

He started to pound her arse like a jackhammer, long deep strokes making sure she felt every inch of his prick as he buried it deep in her bowels. Above Ruth's moans of pleasure were the Filipina's cries, "More. Use that tongue. Taste pure Filipina cunt juice."

"Harder whore. Take some Aussie cock," he ordered, and thrust again.

I could see as he pulled back Ruth moved forward slightly, then as he drove his cock into her arse she pushed herself back onto his cock. Soon Ruth was forcing herself back onto his cock, screaming and cumming. He continued to fuck her arse like this for about five minutes, and at one point she was doing all the work, fucking her arse on his cock while Dalisay enthusiastically rode her face. Feeling his balls tighten he grabbed her hips and forced his cock as deep into her bowels as he could, pulling her back to bury himself deeper.

He yelled as he felt his cum shoot up the length of his cock and empty into her arse. Two more thrusts and he was done: his balls were empty. He pulled out and stood back admiring the view. There was spunk dribbling from Ruth's worked over arsehole, and he slapped her arse and stepped aside.

"I brought the A-Team "Dalisay Ocampo gloated.

"She won't last."

Seven cops later Ruth was dishevelled, cum-coated and groaning. The Filipina Senior constable still was accepting and cumming noisily on Ruth's juice covered face, and it was the Sudanese new boy Mabior's turn. He dropped his trousers and I thought he had a baseball bat hanging between his legs.

"My cock's gonna hurt some but don't worry bitch, you'll get used to it."

Ruth heard his remarks and tried to wiggle free, but her legs and upper body were held tight and her mouth was still stuffed full of Filipina cunt.

Hands reached out on either side of her, pulling her arse cheeks apart. He slapped her buttocks a few times as she squirmed on the bench, then told her, "Time for the Big Show. Now you are going to learn what it feels to be arse fucked by a BBC"?

He spat on his hand, wiped it in her arse crack, and then eased the big cock head into the entrance of Ruth's tiny anal opening, and pushed. Ruth moaned into the wet pussy covering her face. The pressure on her arsehole increased as he pushed, trying to insert his immense tool into something it wasn't meant for.

"This must feel good, huh baby?" Mabior hissed at her, battering his huge cock into her arse. "This is what you wanted isn't it, slut? All eleven inches of Sudanese prime meat stuffed up your arse."

He continued his assault on Ruth's arse. It was something else compared to the previous cop's efforts. Then, just as the pain neared unbearable, she felt her arsehole give way and the huge cockhead penetrated her, slipping through her anal opening. Some gurgling sounds and whining came from her throat. That's all she could manage while having her mouth fucked by Dalisay Ocampo's juice flowing cunt.

She couldn't tell yet, but the fat prick hadn't fully penetrated her yet. And Mabior was determined to get every inch inside Ruth's tight butt.

He pushed in deeper, forcing her arsehole to expand beyond normal limits to accommodate his girth. Her insides felt like they were being ripped apart as he grunted, trying to force his cock deep up inside her used arse. She was shaking, feeling the massive piece of meat penetrating deep into her. Then just when she thought she couldn't handle any more, she felt his balls on her arse; he was all the way in.

"What a tight arsehole." He exclaimed. "Okay, here we go, baby. "Time for course 101: Arse fucking."

The entire group of police were encouraging their new member on as he reamed out her arsehole with his big hard cock: "That's it. Give it to her. Shove it up her arse."

"Yeah, fuck her arsehole. Jam it up the slut's arsehole. Make that Indian whore scream."

He began withdrawing his cock almost all the way, then plunging back in. Ruth felt every inch as the cop's huge cock buried itself in her arse, over and over and over. She screamed every time he drove in, but the Filipina pussy covering her mouth muffled the sounds of her discomfort. Her anal ring hugged Mabior's cock, letting her feel every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed through her hole into the depths of her bowels. She could only lie there moaning as her arse was forcibly impaled on his unrelenting tool, and her mouth was flooded by Dalisay Ocampo's cum.

Spurred on by the encouragement of the others, Mabior pistoned her tight arse, slamming into her and shoving her nose deeper into the pubic hair of Dalisay Ocampo. With his cock buried up her arse, he rotated his hips in circles and widened her arsehole even more. Ruth, handcuffed to the van, could only moan as Mabior fucked her. She felt her mouth filling up with woman juice again. Again and again, she swallowed the watery load as Dalisay Ocampo came repeatedly. Her juices ran down Ruth's cheeks and neck.

The Sudanese continued his anal assault, slapping his balls against her as his frenzy grew, and he neared cumming. Suddenly she felt fingers at her clit. Dalisay Ocampo was now fingering her cunt and she was responding. Her cunt was sloppy wet and her arse was involuntarily clenching Mabior's tool nearly dislodging the big cock.

Dalisay Ocampo motioned to me and I climbed in the back of the van where she ripped my trousers down and took me in her mouth. Maybe I was inspired because I rolled the 32-year-old Filipina policewoman into 69 and went to town. We were in 69, she was working on Ruth's clit with her hand and Mabior was thrusting faster and faster, ravaging her arsehole like a madman.

The Filipina screamed and came as I ate her, taking and swallowing her cum and she drew a long orgasm from Ruth. Almost immediately Mabior convulsed. "Gonna cum in your arse, you fucking slut. I'm cumming."

With a throb, Ruth felt him bury his cock deep in her arse. Hot cream started flowing deep inside her bowels. His hard hot cock throbbed for what seemed like a minute and flooded her arse with cum.

She felt his cock stop throbbing and he eventually pulled out of her arse. As he withdrew, she felt some of his sperm dribble from her arsehole and seep down into her raw cunt. But we had avoided the lockup.