The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 9 The Ceremony and Nude Beauty Contest

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

Mai and I arrived at the Candelles Vietnamese Wedding Reception where a Vietnamese body beauty contest was to be held at midnight. Mai was 43 and 10 years ago was the world 28 Asian sex fighter who was predicted to go far very quickly. But a combination of factors, mainly based around lack of support from her husband, destroyed her confidence. Two years later she back in Melbourne and being beaten on the $200 to $500 betting circuit centred amongst the Vietnamese housewives and factory workers. By chance, I had recognised her. I had become involved and who better than me to give her what she needed. Now in her, I mind was the only person that believed in her and needed her. She considered herself my wife and to cement it I had invented a very horny ceremony that she felt made her my wife as her divorce was still a year away, then there was the official waiting time till the decree nisi was passed enabling her to marry legally.

As part of her confidence building and her perceived view that the sexier she was the more proud I was of her, I had brought her to this venue for the contest. She did not know and was over the moon when I told her why we were there. She knew as well as anyone who had attended one of the Vietnamese body contests that the final parade would be nude, and the way she clung to me as I said I wanted my wife to enter told me I had made the right decision. Sure, I could have stayed at my business premises in Springvale where I employed her as the receptionist, but deep down I knew this gave a far greater return.

We had been told we were too late. The field of 163 had been narrowed down to a final 9, but the surreptitious slipping of $1000, plus the chance for the organiser Loc to get a closeup view of a traditional Vietnamese challenge to settle a dispute between women changed his mind. He would get to watch a sexfight between Mai and a 22-year-old hairdresser, Thuyet in his backroom. Up close and personal to the action.

Mai relished sexfighting a younger women in front of me. More so when she saw me flogging my meat as she made Thuyet cum twice on her way to an untroubled two zip win. Just for good measure she rode Thuyet's face to cum herself, and then ripped another orgasm from the disorientated hairdresser just because she could.

She rushed off to the change room to compete, only for us to find I had misread the newspaper. It was midnight, not 12 midday and this meeting was only to familiarise the contestants with a new stage. So much for my Vietnamese reading skills. However, it was a godsend because it gave me another 12 hours to help Mai get ready for the contest at midnight.

I thought quickly and got on the blower to Vy, a mid-twenties Vietnamese who had just opened her own business: a tattoo salon specialising in piercings. And it wasn't going too well as I knew from doing her books. I wouldn't want to be owing money to the people who had lent her her starting stakes. It wasn't a form of blackmail. It was just when she turned down my suggestion of a sexfight with Mai with the result recorded officially as Mai's first small step in the Australian scene towards competing internationally, I offered her an interest-free loan that would get the vultures off her back in return for the sexfight and another service. She changed her mind and agreed to both.

Mai, as you would expect was ecstatic. To her mind, I had magically conjured the first contest that would start her journey on the Holy Grail: World Asian Sexfight champion. We did some other shopping and arrived at the parlour about six to be greeted by a rather sulky Vy. I don't know why she was upset. After all, I was helping her.

But she was Vietnamese. Whether she wanted to sexfight or not, once she started she would be going at 150%. I nominated a Tribbing with first to 2 cums as it would be the least draining on Mai for what I had planned later that night. Vy stripped to display a lean taut body with small but really firm tits. I thought I did a good job noticing that because although she didn't have the full-bodied tattoos of a Yakuza gangster her body was a walking mural for the eye to feast on. She had full-arm sleeves of interlocking images. Her back was covered with an immense spread wing dragon and I lost count of the images on her legs. Free advertising I suppose.

They advanced together for the preliminaries. As I said, I knew she would go flat out and straight away she licked and sucked Mai's nipples hard before getting down to real business using her fingers to first wet, then, after opening, probe Mai's pussy. It quickly became wetter, as Mai was already turned on knowing this was her first sexfight that counted, allowing deep penetration to the Tattooist's attack. Two fingers became three and Mai was responding to Vy's touch. But Mai was also using her skills getting her fingers into Vy, then folding over her thumb and using the pad to massage her clit. Soon both were moaning and moving in response to the fingering they were receiving.

After 10 minutes I called time and we got down to the real business: the Tribbing. The two knew the drill. They wriggled up to each other. Mai forked her thighs around Vy's and slid along the bed right up so their pussies met and pressed together. Both women's slits were still dripping wet and the slippery flesh made a slurping sound as they slapped together. Mai grabbed Vy's skinny thigh and start grinding herself against her. At the same time, Vy was doing the same to her. I love watching things like this and groaned out loud causing Mai to redouble her efforts when she heard.

Despite the coating of the cunt juice coating their battling twats, the two pussies seemed to unite to become one organ. Fifteen minutes of sustained, locked pelvic rotations passed as the two cunts fought for supremacy. Then Mai felt it. There was a weakening in Vy's efforts and Mai increased her thrusts and began to assert herself, intensifying Vy's arousal. Then success. Mai worked her engorged, stiff clit deep into the Tattooist's cunt. Vy's head rolled back and forth on the bedspread and Mai increased the speed of her humping.

"Fucking hell oh fucking hell I'm gonna cum," screamed Vy. Then she spasmed and screamed her cumming.

Mai gave her no respite continuing her attack on Vy's clit with her larger stronger weapon. Vy fought to the last as Mai directed her tumescent clit into full contact with Vy's. For a couple of minutes in the arena of their folded cunt meat two females engaged in an erotic battle. Then Vy's clit surrendered. It no longer stood proud and resisted. It folded and allowed Mai to rake it with her strong quivering triumphant large button. Mai could feel her clitoris dominating Vy's shaft. Vy screamed and pulled on Mai's right leg, trying to will herself to fight, but it was useless.

"Ohhhh!! Fuuuuuccckkkk!!" she screamed without restraint, now totally out of control.

"Shoot into me. Give it up, BITCH," Mai shouted as she felt the stream of Vy's cum fill her triumphant cunt.

"Oh Fuck," I grunted as I shot my load onto the carpet.

Soon Mai was ready to leave, but I said that we hadn't finished and directed her to the salon at the font where Vy was waiting with her tattooing chair ready and her assortment of piercing implements: alcohol, swabs, etc ready on a tray. Mai's eyes widened and she turned to me.

"Oh didn't I say. I must have forgotten. While you were getting the skirt adjusted I went back to the jewellery shop and made a couple of purchases. But first, we need you naked, my wife."

As she stripped I said to Vy, "The ears first."

We got Mai onto the chair/ table so she was on her belly. Then Vy adjusted it so it was raised at the front with her tits resting on the upraised portion and the rear was lowered for her knees so she was prepared doggy style. Vy busied around making preparations muttering about how it would be a hard job because she had to ream out Mai's existing piercings as Mai had worn no earrings since she was kicked out penniless by her ex-husband, and also because I wanted the earings on straight away instead of using sleepers from the gun.

As she was complaining I got behind Mai and starting licking her trench and despite, or maybe because Vy was there watching, she quickly became wet allowing me to place my cock at her cunt and slowly slide it in and begin fucking. As Mai looked back over her shoulder to watch me, and as arranged beforehand, Vy stripped, then stood in front of Mai, opened her legs, put her hands on Mai's head and guided her face to her cunt.

"When Vy cums she does a piercing so we need you to make her cum 4 times," I said.

Mai groaned in anticipation and pushed back against my cock and extended her tongue into Vy wrapping her arms around Vy's hips so her slit was completely covering Mai's mouth. At first, progress was slow but after about eight or so minutes Vy shouted a prolonged "yes Yeeeesss," disengaged her pussy and attended to Mai's left ear and stepped back to see the attached ruby stud. Then she returned to her previous position and showed Mai the stud in the mirror and proffered her quim to Mai.

It only took five minutes before Vy screeched again, put an emerald stud below the ruby in the same ear and hurried back to quickly join her pussy to Mai's face. Four minutes later Vy was working on the third piercing having cum again. But then Mai exploded, screaming and bucking as I fucked her when she looked in the mirror. She saw a six-inch chain comprised of rubies, emeralds, black sapphires and diamonds hanging from her left ear. It took Vy only two and a half minutes to explode for the fourth time, but Mai wouldn't let her go, holding her slit against her face and continued to eat her. Vy came again, and again Mai refused to let go. After the fourth extra cum Vy made no effort to leave but was humping and face fucking Mai. By this time I had three fingers in Mai's arse and was pumping it while still fucking her doggy style. For the next 15 minutes, both women were cumming continually until Vy groaned and slumped to the floor and I unloaded into Mai.

Two minutes later Vy crawled to the table and pulled herself upright to pierce and attach an identical chain in the same left ear. Fifty minutes later Mai was on her back on the recliner, legs spread, my cock in her mouth and Vy was attaching two three-inch chains constructed the same way as those in her ear to Mai's inner cunt lips. Vy even smiled when I paid her a bonus and she made noises about being available if Mai needed a sexfighting doubles partner or we wanted a three-way.

It was midnight. Candelles was packed. First up was Sang Nguyen. She was 33 years old, 5 ft 3 32A 22 32, a travel agent and regular competitor for the past 15 years, and the quintessential Vietnamese. If it hadn't been for Lan Nguyen who was to parade second or Thuy Do who would be onstage even later, and who between them split first and runner up in the big events, she would have had many, many victories. But her career had clashed with the champions and she was third place on countless occasions. Although she had had many victories in smaller events like this she was, in the words of that famous 1960's West Side Chicago Bluesman Otis Rush, "Right Place. Wrong Time."

I thought to myself she was unlucky again as both number ones had turned up to contest this unofficial event.

She looked even more breathtaking than I remembered in her red skin-tight dress. The dress was hand made to fit and cut perfectly to her slim body. It looked like it had been sewn onto her body, similar to Marilyn Monroe's when she sang happy birthday to JFK. No slit was necessary as the translucent material fully displayed her legs and body. Her hair was up in what looked like almost perfectly square knots and had the proverbial chopsticks to hold them in place. Her makeup was perfect with lines of light and dark shadow that not only covered her eyelids but streaked out toward their temples. Mascara, heavy blush, crimson lipstick and she was the almost perfect Vietnamese doll.

The 33-year-old travel agent seemed to be in a world of her own as she slowly stripped off her hugging dress for the approving audience. First, the top and her years of experience showed, as she paused to fondle her breasts, tweaking her large dark nipples until they stood fully erect. The crowd was going wild by then. She slinked out of the rest of her dress and then slowly tugged her minute G-string off and tossed it to a group seated near my table. Then she stood there in her 5 ft 3, 32A 22 32 shaven glory before removing her wooden hairpin and shaking her hair loose in a very erotic way, soaking up the applause as she paraded displaying her lean, taut body for her remaining time.

Next up was Lan Nguyen. She was 43 and the oldest competitor. At the age of 18, she had visited Melbourne's Vietnamese plastic surgeon for an Asian Blepharoplasty or double-eyelid operation which google will give you the details of. On her first visit after the operation, she became the 58-year-old surgeon's lover and receiver of the latest plastic surgery techniques. Deserting him 4 years later for his younger partner in the business, she continued her search for the perfect body, and from the age of 19 to 31 was unbeatable in any Vietnamese Beauty body contest in Australia until the arrival from Vietnam of Thuy Do. Twelve years later she had to work hard at the gym to keep away the years and give the judges some pre-contest extras on the side but was still capable of beating the younger similarly big titted Thuy on a given night.

Petite at 5 ft 1 and 43 kilos she had a 36E 22 34 figure, and though I am not a liker of enhanced bodies, I had to admit she was eye-catching and stunning and a miracle for her age. She wore a gold dress that clung to her body from her coconut shaped breasts down. It certainly showed what an hourglass figure should look like. Over her right shoulder was the only strap. The dress was cut to show off her sides and accentuate her figure even more, and gold embroidery added to the delight of her too-big-for-her-dress tits. As she moved they bounced and jiggled, threatening to spill out of some opening. The dress reached her ankles but was split along the left side showing off a single line of her entire body. There were stockings and some serious thin-strapped high heels that increased her height. She had used a glitter spray on her jet black hair and it sparkled as much as her dress. A touch of light gold eye shadow brought out her onyx black eyes brilliantly; dark maroon lipstick to offset the dress and eye shadow, and a touch more of the glitter on her cheeks. I felt like I was looking at a golden statue in her honour. Not a bad idea.

The music started and she slowly removed her dress, timing each dramatic revealing removal to the song. Underneath she had encased that body that defied gravity and time in a tiny thong and bra that fitted under her nipples giving her man-made 36E breasts extra bounce. I had forgotten just how big her tits were, and how long and hard her nipples were and watched as she dramatically let her dress fall to her feet displaying her major asset: the body time forgot.

Turning with her hips to the crowd she spread her legs and arms wide accepting the applause as eyes feasted travelling from her exposed nipples and down to her barely covered pubic area. Her dark pubic hair was completely visible through her transparent G string. Toying with the crowd she made several starts to remove the G string waiting till the audience were screaming before pulling them down and then completely nude except for her heels did a slow dance in front of the crowd. She was the consummate performer and had, as usual, outpointed Sang.

Lieu Nguyen was a 22-year-old hairdresser who had achieved a few 3rd, some second places and 2 victories of late in smaller events like this one and was considered a challenger to Lan and Thuy long term for the number one. A simple black dress with spaghetti straps showcased her cleavage which like Lan was not natural but a surgeon's 39DD. The dress didn't hang on her correctly because of the way her tits stood at attention from her slim upper body, so a gold chain fastened it to her 24-inch waist and her 36-inch hips took care of the rest. Two vertical slits to the top of her thighs gave a front panel that allowed a full showing of her legs whether walking or sitting and black stockings gave her already shaped and toned legs more curve and a pair of silver platform heels finished it off. Her lips were soft red and a touch of eye-liner and just a hint of blush gave her face that pristine look. Her long straight hair hung loose to the bottom of her arse. She came and went without adding anything special and looked a bit flabby and underprepared. Not a contender this night in my opinion.

Then it was Mai's turn. We hadn't had weeks to prepare like the other 9, so her outfit was far plainer. As she had that morning she wore the cream micro mini. We had altered it at one of those sewing alteration shops at shopping malls so that the front and back had the shape of those 90's high cut bikinis. The sides rested on her hips, but the front curved and swooped down before rising to the other hip fully exposing her flat slightly convex belly. The side and back length was 10 inches while at the front the material was only about five and a half inches in length. The material, as it had that morning stretched and clung to her body and revealed the tiny black butterfly thong she wore. She was braless exposing her firm tits as did the women of Minoa (Ancient Crete 2000BC) with a tight bodice beneath her tits which were both fully exposed and uplifted. I was sure no one would have higher heels than her 5-inch spiked, 10-inch platform ones.

But compared to the other women our lack of time to prepare showed. Her music started and she got down to business stroking her tits, removing the bodice and seductively wriggling out of her micro mini. She swayed in time to the music on her extreme heels presenting her lightly covered slit to the audience.

As the cheering increased in volume she reached down and tore her thong apart, the tiny side strap having been partially cut. Then I got what I paid for with my pre-event meeting with the spotlight men. One thin tight beam focused on her cunt while another was directed to her face, and a third on her tits. The spotlight on her tits showed her two nipples and they were erect and huge. Following my instructions, secretly in the toilets she had rubbed chill paste into them after she had used a nipple suction pump on them. They were huge.

The second spotlight was directed at her cunt and lit the two three-inch dangling chains reflecting the ruby, emerald and black sapphires they were made from. Like all Vietnamese, she had wanted diamonds but I knew the coloured stones would show up on stage while the diamonds would not. She proudly caressed the combined V, N and Y letters I had shaven into her pubes: the V standing for vợ (wife) and the N and Y for người yêu (lover). The spotlight on her face reflected the ruby and emerald studs in one ear and 5-inch chains that matched her inner cunt lip chains that also hung from each earlobe. Before exiting she looked at me and kissed her wedding ring.

It wasn't a lot but it was the best I could do in the short time available. Luckily her body was in top shape and her long legs on those shoes wouldn't be surpassed by anyone else. But anything better than 8th place was a win.

Suong Tran was a 32 22 34, 5 ft 6, 29-year-old shop assistant who had been a regular for a few years but had stagnated in the top ten, but at the bottom end of it. She was now remodelling herself in an attempt to make the final step up and had gone punk dominatrix. She wore a black leather outfit complete with chains and zippers. She even wore a tiny leather thong under her skirt of straps. The top was designed small because it tightened down on her torso so much it made her 32B tits bulge. This plus her small torso made her breasts look so much bigger than they were. The skirt moved with a weight in each strap and it stayed in place unless someone or something moved it. She seemed to have mastered the knack of keeping herself barely covered with it, showing plenty of what was to come. Her legs were encased in thigh-high leather boots. She wore her hair up, and around her neck a metal collar. Somehow, it just looked right on her, especially in that outfit. 

Very slowly, Suong bent over at the waist and pulled her leather mini-skirt up. A loud cheer was heard as those in the audience got a tempting glimpse of her little, tight arse. The 29-year-old wiggled it about for a bit, then spun around on a boot-heel and cupped her breasts through the black leather vest and matching bra she had on. I smiled to myself as the crowd seemed to be just as much into Suong as they had for Lan.

Suong's hips bumped and undulated to the music as she then unsnapped her little mini-skirt at the side, and whisked it off to show her black soft leather G-string. The short-haired shop assistant peeled her vest off as well and flaunted herself and her pierced nipples around the stage through a series of provocative dances in just her G-string, and those thigh-high boots. Then the piece de resistance. She unzipped the front of her G string and peeled it off to reveal her clit lips that had long dangling silver chains which she toyed with before drawing them up and attaching them to her nipple rings. The spotlight shone off the clamps, holding her nipples taut. She reached up and flicked at the clamps, feeling a slight sensation of pain, but a bigger sensation of wetness coming from her naked pussy visible to the crowd.

Suong cupped and squeezed her smallish breasts as she danced and swivelled about in just the sexy pair of leather boots. The crowd was becoming unruly, which only seemed to add more fuel to Suong's inner fire. The new-look Suong had changed from her previous persona and leant back against the pole and held on tight, then began squirming and bucking her hips about as if she were in the process of getting drilled during sex. The cat-calls and whistles reached a fever pitch, as her time ran out.

Next up was Van Nguyen. Van Nguyen was the youngest at 18, the minimum age. A top student and scholarship holder at Merton Hall, Melbourne's most exclusive private girls' school, her lithe form was emphasised by her dress. It was by far the shortest and tightest and emphasised her youth. It was hot pink with purple embroidery running along her curves, accentuating her form and even drawing attention to her puffy nipples with rhinestone arrows pointing right at them on the curves of her small breasts. Again, there were no straps but then she wasn't that top-heavy. Her black, yellow streaked hair was pulled up only to fall back down from the small bun on top of her head. It was like the design of the bun couldn't accommodate the volume of hair she had, but it worked. Purple eye shadow matched the embroidery on her dress and pink lipstick to match the heat of the dress and her extreme heels. Possibly the best set of legs so far: long and lean.

It was her first big competition and she was nervous. She stumbled more than strutted to the front of the stage and stopped several feet before the optimum position. She swung her hips to the left and the right several times, then with nervous hands pulled the top half of her shocking pink short skin-tight, almost sprayed on dress down over her mandarin sized 33B breasts. In comparison to the other woman so far she was small nippled but her areolae were swollen into puffy nipples. The crowd applauded and cheered, and this gave her a little more confidence. She grabbed hold of the pole and tossed up her heels a few times. Then with her back to the audience, she slowly slid the miniskirt down, while keeping her legs straight. Her tight little arse was covered only by the mandatory g-string, and the crowd loved it. She turned around, shook her boobs at the audience and removed the minute strip of silk that hung from the bikini strings and rested between her legs.

Again the crowd applauded and then she went wild walking and gyrating the length of the stage, twisting and turning as she moved to display her shaved thick-lipped slit and her huge puffy nipples. Several times, she squatted, spread her legs and allowed the audience a full view between her legs so they could see her sex gaping open, her clit rings moist from her juices caused by the excitement of men and women staring at her sex. As she trotted off stage it was clear the 18-year-old had raised the bar for the others.

Thuy Do was next, the woman who together with the older Lan was the current top of the pack, although she did not have the complete dominance that Lan had during her 12-year reign at the top as she and Lan exchange first place regularly. She was at her physical peak: 27 years old, a home sewer who could not speak English despite arriving from Vietnam 10 years ago. I don't know how the Vietnamese do it. She came from a small country village, a bamboo dwelling with no floor and one room. Yet her clothes sense and knowledge of makeup would put a model to shame. She had the classical Vietnamese beauty looks of a long, not round face, long silky black hair, taller than normal at 5ft 6, longer-legged than other South East Asians apart from the Thais, and with a willowy tit enhanced36C 20 32 figure.

She had started flaunting her body at parties and a group paid for her entrance into a New Year contest where she placed top 3 and 4 months later and with those winnings converted into tit surgery inflicted Lan's first loss in 12 years. She was the punters favourite and they willingly paid her entrance fee for her so they could bet on her.

Her sheer black dress was like a long tube top that hugged her from the tits down. Like Lan, her big hard surgeon made tits overflowed and her tiny waist made them look larger. Her dress had no shoulder straps and a simple yank of the front would have her nipples meeting the cool air-conditioned air of the venue instantly. I suspected she had spread something over her skin to slip into the dress because the exposed breasts shone like they had been oiled up. The back of the straight dress stopped below the top of her arse crack. Without the see-through skirts that swished about her legs, she would have been showing cleavage on both ends. As she walked the material allowed you to see the black lace panties that covered her front, but as she passed the back revealed the g string that it was. No stockings, but her shoes were 7-inch heels that would have needed a Uni degree to master walking on. Her hair was up again, showing her delicate neck to add to the skin above the dress. Light purple shadow made the large eyes darker and red as blood lipstick stood out in stark contrast to her skin.

She showed why she taking number one from Lan placing first seven out of eleven from their last contest meetings, with victories in all of the last four. Far from intimidated by the teenager's sex-charged performance she quickly disrobed to her thong, knelt, and removed her thong as she lay back on the stage floor pulling it off her shapely legs, and tossing it to the crowd before grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs back and wide, showing as much of her open slit as possible. She sashayed to the edge of the stage, bent back to brace her hands on the floor behind her and slowly did first a reverse handstand, and then a complete backflip. Then standing up straight, she moved to the pole, grabbed it and spun in a perfect five hundred forty-degree circle, so that she came to a stop facing the pole and with her back to the audience.

She then bent over at the waist, grasped the pole and began to gyrate her perfect arse at the crowd in time to the throbbing music. Whistles and shouts rang out, and Thuy pulled herself to the pole, twirled to the side and began to sensually slide up and down it like she was humping it. She wrapped a leg seductively around it and spun, then while spinning, wrapped her legs around it and threw her arms back, holding herself off the floor with her thigh muscles alone. She slowly let herself slide to the floor and then rose up to gyrate back and forth across the stage, every movement of her body timed to the throbbing bass pumped out by the PA.

She had given the audience a complete view of her body and the level of applause showed that they wanted more.

Hyunh Nguyen was 35 and one of Melbourne's top eye specialists and the second last competitor. A complete contrast. On one hand a well educated woman with an incredibly responsible job and on the other a slut notorious for such acts as challenging and defeating Melbourne's number one Vietnamese prostitute into how many men they could pick up and service in a night, public sex at parties, and deliberately targeting other women's husbands just for the thrill of victory.

She looked like her non-surgical half in a typical, for her, sluttish outfit: a short cream transparent skirt which hung low on her hips like some popular jeans so that you could see her curved lower belly and frontal pelvic bones and tattoos. Unlike Thuy who looked sexy and sophisticated despite leaving school at the age of 11, the eye specialist looked and prided herself on slut.

The cut of the dress and the way she wore it, made it longer in the back than the front, plus there was a cut out V that had its apex at the low waistband allowing her tiny red thong and matching garter belt to be seen at every step and displaying her magnificent legs. The silver jacket was short and open allowing her diaphanous red mini bra and the hard bullet sized nipples full exposure. She wore a pair of high-heeled boots that came up to mid-calf. Her thick wavy hair spilled over her shoulders and down her back, framing a face that could launch a thousand ships and a 5ft 3 34BB 23 33 figure that could launch the rest of the fleet.

Moving lasciviously to the music, she peeled off her top, bra and skirt and danced most of the set in her stockings and heels, playing with her breasts and putting herself completely on display. On her back, legs in the air, pussy exposed to all, pussy lips glistening with what had to be arousal. She inserted two fingers into her hairless pussy and held them up wet for the audience to see. I knew the same as all the men I wished I was having my eyes tested by Melbourne's leading eye surgeon. She flirted shamelessly with the front row customers, moving naked around the stage to allow herself first to be fondled by some of the men and women before asking them to dip their fingers in her cunt and fingerfuck her. She sucked on many of those fingers.

By this time, the song was nearing the end, and she moved back to the centre of the stage and lay on her back, her legs spread wide. With one hand, she began rubbing her clitoris. With the other, she massaged her nipples, bringing herself to a tremendous climax at the exact instant the song ended.

A bare right leg slowly emerged through the curtains until it was revealed right up to the hip. A bare right arm followed. They both slowly disappeared and then a bare left leg and a bare left arm were revealed and then removed. At the exact moment that the music started the curtains were thrown aside and Kim Cuc stepped out onto the stage. She, she oozed around the stage. She was a newcomer from country Vietnam, married and sponsored here by unknown Vietnamese, Van Do, but privately it was rumoured he was merely a front for the plastic surgeon of the aging Lan Nguyen.

Kim Cuc was 19 and wore a flamboyant headdress of gold and turquoise, peppered with long dazzling peacock feathers. Her long black hair was swaying down her back as she walked. Her eyes were traced with kohl below the heavily shadowed eyelids, her orbs burned jet black and her smile was made from full luscious lips painted iridescent pink against her darker sun-exposed country skin. She wore a golden necklace whose many strands dropped into her deep cleavage. Her tits were barely covered and stood proud in the flimsy halter neck and were natural 34C rounded large orbs with hard bullet sized nipples with large dark cones of swollen areolae that had the consistency of a ripe tomato.

Her natural C-cup breasts were full, heavy and slicked with simulated sex-sweat and barely covered by her transparent halter neck top. Her broad areolae drew in the contrasting colour of the gold nipple ring that pierced her long nubs and the strands that fell from the clamps, which dangled in the air. Her bare muscled stomach was highlighted by a ring of gold in her belly, which, like the chains that hung from her nipples, danced, glittering with the colour of the gemstones. Around her belly ran a thin belt which supported a diaphanous white dress, the front of which was split. Inside the white folds, at the peak of her muscle-toned legs, was her pulsating organ of sex just below her long silky straight pubes which were shaven into a V.

She preened as if before a mirror, grabbing the hem of her dress and alternately holding one side down while lifting the opposite side as high as the material would permit. The guys near the edge of the stage were craning their heads trying to look up her dress. Up and down the dress went until the stage side crowd seemed to be frothing at the mouth waiting.

Every eye in the audience was upon her now. She slinked toward the edge of the stage and whipped off the skirt so quickly that most didn't see how she had removed it. Beneath it, she was wearing a pink Chantilly lace thong. She strutted to the edge of the stage and squatted down with her back to most of the audience. She looked over her shoulder and lifted her hair off her neck revealing where the straps were tied together. Willing hands reached up to untie the bow. As the man behind her was untying the bow she slowly spread her knees apart and a small group of men at the far end of the stage cheered loudly as they got a clear look up her dress. With the top released she stood and began to peel the material down her body.

It was clear from the moment she began to strip that she was as aroused as the crowd. Her nipples looked like they were trying to escape from their confinement. She peeled her halter neck top down to her nipples, then she paused and seemed to tug harder and harder. Her areolas were visible and yet her dress was caught on her erect nipples. She kept tugging on the dress and then seemed to give up. She walked to the edge of the stage and beckoned to two guys and knelt before them; whispering into their ears. They nodded vigorously with each one taking hold of a strap of her dress. Kim Cuc placed a hand on each of their shoulders and counted off "one...two...three...pull!" The front of the dress was peeled down to her hips. She moved her hands to the back of their heads and pulled their faces into her tits.

There was a loud clamour from a part of the stage that she hadn't spent much time performing in front of. She walked right to the edge of the stage and planted her feet with her hands on her hips. A blind man could have read her lips as she mouthed, "Well?"

A hand reached out and took hold of the hanging material of her dress and began to pull downward. It unpeeled with excruciating slowness. A cheer rang out when the top of her thong appeared. Howls erupted as the crack of her arse came into view. The dress cleared the width of her hips and moved more quickly down until it pooled at her feet. The group in front of her went berserk; she smiled and nodded her head at them. She stepped out of the dress and kicked it off the stage.

Kim Cuc turned and walked slowly along the edge of the stage from one side to the other. The rest of the room went berserk as they soon saw what the first group had seen. The front of her thong was as transparent as her halter top had been. She might not yet be naked but she was already bare. Not only could you see the cleft of her swollen cunt lips and a very prominent clitoral hood; you could see her glistening inner thighs too. Sultry, sexy Kim Cuc was very, very aroused, and motioned a woman onstage and directed her to slide her thong down to the floor.

Kim Cuc now completely nude reached her arms overhead and did an exaggerated stretch as she arched her chest forward. The effect was instantaneous as her natural tits rode up. She moved forward and beckoned again: another two women from the audience stepped up to her. Kim Cuc bent forward and the women immediately began to kiss and suck her breasts and nipples until her eyes went wide in mock shock then rolled upwards in delight and arousal.

Kim Cuc's mouth opened wide and her brow wrinkled. The guys near the front started screaming as they looked up, and Kim Cuc inched back from the edge of the stage. Her nipples stuck out like two red thumbs, her breasts were swollen and mottled with colouration. She was crawling back on her hands and feet as she edged away from the crowd at the stage with those magnificent breasts revealed to the entire room, with the golden rings piercing those perfect nipples shining in the spotlight.

Cupping her breasts with her hands, she tossed her head back, eyes closed, and let her hands trail down the sides of her body, all the time rolling her hips in a circular motion. It was as if the music had been written especially for the moves she was performing. She then raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head and slowly spread her legs. As the music stopped, she tossed her hair with one hand and with one finger of the other suggestively moved to her slit. Playing with it she started finger fucking herself standing spread legged in front of the crowd till she came with her party trick. She squirted her cum in a thin short arc.

There was a break before the finale, but I was unable to see Mai as I had signed her up for the important contests Springvale Harvest Moon, St Albans Lunar New Year. Footscray Buddha Birthday and the Richmond Champion of the Year. Mai had done more than enough to impress as she was being put through a makeup and photo session for publicity. She the other 8 and a couple more like the hairdresser, Thuyet who Mai had sex fought to get entry into this event and were around the 10 to 15 rank would appear on posters and the Vietnamese newspapers.

While most backstage had fawned around the stars I had honed in and showed real interest in Van, the 18-year-old Year 12 student attending the prestigious private school Merton Hall for girls. She and her mother had perfunctorily dismissed a couple of attempts by sleazy Vietnamese men promising to make them rich by managing Van, so they were wary when I approached. I eased into it, complimenting Van, showing that I had taken interest in her performance, wishing her well and so on. I chatted on finding the mother was a single mother, working as a picker in the market gardens 45 or so kilometres from the CBD and Van was on a full scholarship she had won which paid the $40,000 per annum fees at her girls' only prestigious private school.

I said the usual. Was she going to be a doctor, and was surprised when she said no she wanted to study business, especially Accounting, and when I told of my business the mother knew all about me though she had no idea what I looked like.

"So you are the western accountant who helped so many Vietnamese get a start here," and explained to Van.

I smiled modestly and they listened to my advice of the advantages of Accounting/Law rather than Accounting alone, whether it was better to first work for the one of the Big 5 or a smaller firm and so on. The mother asked if I knew of any firm that Van could do her work experience at and perhaps get a school holiday internship at. I replied that I could provide both and sort of hinted that long term I would be retiring and it would be a good base for a newcomer to have a steady built up income while they modernised the business and targeted larger corporate clients.

I directed the conversation back to tonight's event and asked Van if this was just a short term thing or she was looking long term because she had that X factor. Sure they were plenty of good contestants, even some excellent but only very rarely the great. She replied long term and I followed up by saying that I had never seen an 18-year-old with as much potential as her since Lan had started all those years ago and established her reign of supremacy. I said I was happy she was in it long term as I truly believed if well managed and promoted, not exploited she could even set a greater legacy than Lan.

They enquired about Mai and I replied I only had her here for self-confidence building as her area was sexfighting and I heard the quiet sigh of relief from the mother. From there on it was easy and before the finale began I had managed to sign up the 18-year-old newcomer Van Nguyen to a management contract for 5 years and a 5 5 option with both her and her mother eagerly signing.

Thirty minutes later the 9 were naked on stage for the final 15 minutes body show. This was the last chance to shine and the tricks to get noticed or divert attention from another at a critical time were numerous. Stage position, timing, taking the spotlight from a rival and making the most of your assets had won many an event as despite the earlier stuff this last session was what the judges remembered.

I noticed that the experience Lan positioned her self next to the 22-year-old hairdresser Lieu Nguyen. Lieu along with her number one rival Thuy was the other surgery enhanced big titted Vietnamese. However, despite Lieu's high ranking, she was underdone for this contest and Lan's toned body looked even better when standing beside her. Sang Nguyen the 33 years old, 5 ft 3 32A 22 32 travel agent had just started her centre spot when Suong Tran, the 29-year-old shop assistant stepped to her and started rubbing her 32B 22 34, 5 ft 6 body against her showing that though their bodies were similar the 29-year-old had the longer legs and slightly fuller tits.

But again it was the school girl Van Nguyen who upped the ante. It looked like the advice I had passed to them was being acted upon. As Thuy Dang and Hyunh Nguyen fought for the spotlight and supremacy the 18-year-old moved in close and brought her lips within inches of Thuy's. She offered her "come fuck me" glare to everyone in the crowd and completed her move on Thuy's neck, kissing as she moved lower. Next, she was sucking on the current number ones stiff nipples taking each one in turn. She was putting the pressure on the number one favourite, challenging her to respond. Thuy glared deep into the precocious 18-year old's eyes, upset at being upstaged, but being a pro realised what this side play offered and responded by grinding her body against the teenager. She wasn't going to be outpointed by a snotty faced newcomer and she would be prepared and belittle the newcomer on stage in their next contest.

The two simulated sex before Thuy guided Van to the floor. She lay her onto the floor and moved into a sixty-nine position. Some who were there swear that it was real, but it was obvious to me the two were simulating 69. Still I could see the muscles and tendons of their silky tanned inner-thighs flexing as they ground their hips into each others face. Then at once, in matching synchronicity, they stopped and turned to the audience displaying their bodies glistening with sweat. When the song was over, they split and each moved off across the stage the spotlight flicking from one to the other. Still, they had monopolised centre stage for 5 of the 15 minutes.

Sensing she had been pushed far into the background, the slut eye surgeon Huynh frantically looked around. Mai was the nearest to her and her eyes made contact with Mai's and she nodded her head in a come here motion. They glided to each other, one arm curling around the others neck and the other hand diving into the front of the other's slit. Their lips met in a smouldering kiss and Huynh's tongue trailed down the side of Mai's neck. I had been aroused before during the night but when Mai sunk her teeth into Huynh's neck in a playful bite, her lips curling in a smile at the edges, and her eyes locked with mine, I was rock hard.

Huynh's head tilted back, her hair swaying across her shoulders while she ground her pelvis on Mai's hand, rocking to the music, ".Oh... Tainted love..."

As the words "Don't touch me please" pumped through the speakers, the next few minutes were a whirlwind as the two crawled all over each other, moving seamlessly from position to position, kissing and licking and exploring: their fingers over each other's bodies. Soon they were lying at in a 69. Not simulated like Van and Thuy but tongues and fingers disappearing into each other. Huynh quickly fastened on to Mai's clit with her mouth as she drilled her cunt with her fingers. Mai was in her first competition and inexperienced. She moaned with arousal as she succumbed not knowing Huynh was using her, showing her superiority by making Mai cum first on stage.

But Mai was no fool, and soon realised what was happening and managed to push her off and rise to her knees and force Huynh onto her back and mounted her, her knees pinning the 35 year old Vietnamese. Her head lowered, and she again licked Huynh's pussy. Three minutes later Mai looked up to me and the crowd as Huynh writhed under her, and the spotlight showed her face gleaming with Huynh's pre-cum juices. Mai turned around and straddled Huynh's face, and Huynh's mouth reached up. The eye surgeon started licking at her in real earnest, but she was too far behind. Mai's tongue drove into Huynh's throbbing wet pussy relentlessly as Huynh tried to catch up and match her lick for lick.

They got deeper and deeper into their 69. The crowd poured money onto the stage, but the two women were too into each other to even notice. Both were now totally intent on making the other cum in front of the audience. Mai switched her mouth from Huynh's pussy to her clit, capturing it in her teeth and pulling. As Huynh moaned, close to cumming, Mai reached out, grabbed, then thrust the stage microphone lying on the floor into Huynh's pussy, using it as a dildo.

Huynh could handle no more. Melbourne' leading eye surgeon screamed into Mai's pussy and came on the microphone, the squelching sounds as Mai fucked her with it amplified over the JBL sound system. Her juices flowed out of her pussy lips, past the microphone, over her thighs and onto the stage. Huynh kept her mouth glued to the eye surgeon's pussy whose moans of joy hummed through Mai's body, causing the Mai to cum herself. Her orgasm easily matched Huynh's in intensity and length. Not to be left out Kim Cuc was masturbating over the two of them until another of her thin cum shoots arched out. Then the music stopped. Slowly, the crowd came back to reality. The two felt the smooth stage floor on their backs, and the spotlight zoomed in on her face as Mai triumphantly lifted herself off Huynh and into a standing position. Huynh slowly rose into a kneeling position.

An official rushed on stage announcing Huynh, Mai and Kim Cuc were disqualified, and that Thuy and Lan were joint winners, the reinvented Suong Trang was third and Van best newcomer. Some say that I was the first to Boo, but within seconds of the announcement, the hall was full of derisory whistles, jeers, catcalls and boos. When the naked Thuy came out to receive her prize she was near tears as the crowd intensified their roared disapproval.

I started to chant "Mai," "Huynh" and the crowd joined in, and as Thuy burst into tears and ran offstage a chair was thrown and it quickly became like a soccer crowd whose team is losing. Priceless. I couldn't pay for this much publicity. It was much better than Mai getting an 8th or 9th place. Overall a great night for telling the community Mai was back in town.