The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 10 Vanya and Priya

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.


My buttons shot across the room next as Vanya Chopra tore my shirt from my body and then pushed me back so that she could forcibly remove my pants. Once I was completely naked the 18-year-old Indian student of the prestigious Melbourne private Catholic girls school, Sacre Couer, straddled my legs, then taking my still semi-hard dick in her hand, she rubbed it up and down her wet crack groaning out loud as she did so. It didn't take long for my cock to become as hard as a mizzen mast and I was hoping that she would soon either absorb it into her intricately shaved snatch or deep throat it.

She did neither. Vanya still straddled but moved up the bed until her groove spread out over my mouth and then she tugged on my hair and told me to make her cum. In spite of my lack of oxygen, I managed to move my tongue up and down the long moist folds which hung from her thick outer lips. She was enjoying it but she wanted me to go faster so she pulled on my hair like it was a pair of reins. I held onto her thighs as I tried to force my pussy flicker further and further into her hole. When she began to bounce her arse up and down and became more vocal, I knew she was about to cum.

"Holy fuck," she cried out, as her quim began to quiver, "Shit, keep doing it, keep doing it. God, I'm cuuummmiiiinnnngggg."

I thought after I'd given her the big O she would surely give me a blow job but that wasn't the case.

"I want you to suck my tits," she said, kneeling before me and pushing her small firm orbs towards my face. Her round face was fully exposed by her thick, strong black hair which was pulled straight back into a long ponytail, and her features were screwed tight in anticipation and ecstasy.

I fondled them, licked them and sucked them for a good ten minutes, as Vanya whimpered with delight. Even though she'd had one orgasm she wanted another and so it was back to eating the 18-year-old Indian's pussy. My face slid down her rounded belly and I went to work. It didn't take long before she shuddered and screamed and then it was my turn. She twisted and moved down rubbing her cunt across my face as she advanced on my dick, slithering down my sweaty body like a python in search of its dinner.

She fondled my balls and licked up and down the sides of my cock and then took it between her lips and swallowed it deep into her mouth. Holding it there for a few moments she continued to massage my balls and then started to slowly move her lips up and down it. I was breathing heavily as her slit gyrated just a few inches from my face. As she increased the pace I could feel my sperm welling up in my balls ready to make a break for it.

"I'm cumming," I yelled. She responded by going even faster until my load shot into her mouth.

"That was fantastic," I managed to gasp, as she lifted herself off and sat beside me looking as though she could go on for hours. She was from the rich residential area of Shanti Niketan, New Delhi where she had been raised very strictly. She had discovered sex at the founding of my new Club when the 14 founding members competed to make my employee, Anupama, cum the most times. Now she was hooked and insatiable.

'It was to say thank you for my tailored school uniform. It's even sexier than what Xuan and the other Viet bitches wear at school."

Xuan was her Vietnamese year 12 rival at school. Both were 18 and fighting for top academic student. Xuan had also been Vanya's first sexfight opponent in a doubles match partnered with the 52-year-old Saanvi against Xuan and her mother Mai. One that ended up in victory for Vanya and Saanvi.

She continued proudly, "And I followed your advice. I didn't try and work my way up the ranks. I just challenged Lien, the number 1, after I got her pissed off. Even though she is nearly 19 and been 1 for a long time I took her 3 to 1 and made her eat me in front of the other Vietnamese. Then she got her older sister Nga, who is a lawyer, to sexfight me after school and I beat her too. Now I'm after the Vietnamese mothers because you said they will be tougher."

She rambled on with me half listening. "And you were right shaving my pubes. All the girls know about my pussy hair and how it says I'm the best. Those weak Vietnamese sluts can't grow proper pussy hair anyway to shave an emblem in it."

I smiled to myself. My plan of having each of the club members shave their pussy hair into a distinctive shape just like the knights of old heraldry on the shields was already bearing fruit. It gave each of them an identity to be proud of, fight for, defend and cherish. And it didn't hurt that each of them thought I had told only them this was the emblem I had selected personally for them, and the others would have to come up with their inferior mark of honour.

The idea had come when I first saw the full bushes of the Indian women compared to the Vietnamese women I was familiar with. Priya's massive thick, tangled 6 inch long 2-inch wide landing strip was especially notable, and I had merely had her turn it into a character of a number one. Vanya, despite being 18 had an immense bush and hers had been shaven bristle length into a 5 inch long 4-inch wide diamond with an uncut mohawk strip running down the middle. Saanvi had a 5 pointed star, Ruth 3 lightning bolts each pointing to and reaching her clit hood. Navya was shaven except for a small postage stamp an inch above her slit which drew even more attention to her huge clit, while Anuska had 4 radiating lines from ta horizontal strip above the top of her slit. No two were the same.

Of the others: Anvi, the 26-year-old prostitute proudly wore a porn star triangle, the 30-year-old Kira 4 horizontal lines, each becoming longer the further from her slit, Anika the slim 20 year old shop assistant featured a thin pencil strip, crossed at the top like a sword hilt, Tanvi the elegant 46 year old businesswoman a capital letter T, Dhriti, a teardrop while Ira had a 5 inch X. The good looking 18-year-old Pari sported a cocktail glass, while Sai the 46 year old from Madurai whose long oiled hair reached to her knees and was matched in quality in her pubes had a five 1 inch strips in a zigzag pattern with long African style braids hanging from the thick mat of each strip.

But all were proud of their unique design which I had assured them showed that they were the best.

Vanya turned around, licked her lips and slowly lowered herself on to my throbbing cock. I thought it might not be hard enough to fuck her so soon after I'd blown my load, but when she grabbed onto my hands and started to bounce up and down on it, I couldn't wait to cum again. The strong thighed, big arsed, thin upper bodied Indian acted as though she was a rodeo rider, and she kept grunting as her arse crashed against my thighs. I had no doubt she would grow into a Bhabhi or Aunty that younger Indian males would be masturbating over.

When she realized I was about to cum she began to yell and that turned into a full-blown scream as I arched my back and gave several powerful thrusts upwards, creaming her cunt as I did so. Two hours later she repaid me again taking me anally and doggy style until worn out and spent I trickled into her. After all the activity I was completely shagged out and we lay there in bed; I was fucked out yet she was hardly breathing heavily and looking ready for another few hours workout. I was showing my age.

I said, "You know we have got it worked out perfectly with the club premises nearly ready then we skim off 60% for you, Saanvi and me." I was referring to how she and I would control the financial records and Saanvi as CEO would sign off accurate.

"Yeah," she replied, "and the sex. I didn't know about that religion stuff Saanvi believes in, but what the hell. The three of us. No restrictions, any time, anyway, any combination. Like us fucking now is OK with her, though I won't tell her how often, just in case."

"I agree. I don't understand it either, but its best to minimize it. Only there is one thing and I probably shouldn't tell you because you are so close to Saanvi."

"What?" she queried.

"Well, you and Saanvi together is great, but you alone like this is 10 times better but it's hard for you because of your close feelings for Saanvi and of our age difference, but today just makes me want more."

"Me too. You and me solo is so much better. She wants the mother bit and I just go along. As for the age. You think I want some boy who cums before he gets it in me or an Indian guy so full of fantasies that he can't do it in real life, or thinks he is a porn star or he is a God that women throw themselves at. What we have is want, and I want as often as possible."

I smiled to myself. It was going to plan. Although unlikely, now that Saanvi had revealed her true self and her total belief in her sexual black magic powers, there was the remote possibility that Priya may defeat her in their upcoming sexfight to be CEO of the club. Over the years I had learnt to cover all angles and eventualities.

"Only one other possible problem. Saanvi has to fight Priya to be CEO of The Indian Subcontinent Railway Sex Club, and what happens if she loses. It would mean the end of it all. I've been thinking and I think I might have a solution, but it depends on you."

Encouraged by Vanya's attention I continued. "What I am thinking is that you try and hook up with Priya so that if she wins, we proceed but with her replacing Saanvi. But that depends on how you feel about Saanvi. After all, she wants to sexfight your mother and force her to sign papers so she can adopt you."

Ah, the loyalty and the youth of today. "Its no problem. Yes, Saanvi is a good horny fuck and I want my mother to be fucked by someone who wants me, Maybe I can get Priya to do those things."

We got down to discussing it in detail and immediately hit the problems of Saanvi and Priya thinking it was only them, and what about after the fight with the defeated woman knowing the plans to syphon money from the club. Finally, we came up with Saanvi knowing and approving that we were seeing Priya to spy on her preparations before the fight. Then after we established contact with Priya, we would get Priya to agree with us spying on Saanvi for her benefit. Thus, at the fight, both women would think we were for them but not be surprised and upset if the other woman claimed we were backing her. The second was solved by Vanya who suggested we escalate the fight with the loser kicked out of the club immediately with the threat of physical punishment via my Sudanese contact if they tried to contact any member.

Vanya showed her true colours. "I was thinking," she said, "both Saanvi and Priya will know we are dividing the money we have hidden from the club three ways. You, me and one of them. But only you and I know how much. We can give them anything, say 10 or 5 % and they will be happy. What do you think?"

I answered her and finalized our discussion by taking her doggy again and as she came again I said to her, "Of course the really important thing is that when you are fucking with either Saanvi or Priya you are experimenting, finding out about them. Discovering what they like, what effects them most, what they can accept, what arouses them the most."

"Why," she queried.

"Because after this is settled and we know who is CEO and the club is operating fully and normally, then you will be challenging one of them, whoever is victorious in their contest, to be CEO and club champion, because that is what I want and it is your destiny."

Her wild bucking orgasm almost broke my impaled cock.

All was set and Vanya played her part approaching Priya with the offer to be her spy within the club after she beat Saanvi and became CEO. Then I came in with the offer.

With the three of us in a bedroom for the first time and being unable to keep her hands and mouth to herself for a second longer, Priya dropped to her knees and took my throbbing cock as deep as she could in her mouth. She was salivating like a feral dog causing a steady stream od mouth juice to fall past her lips, down my shaft and collect itself onto my lap, cock and balls. She placed her right hand around my soaked sack and cupped me tenderly while continuing to use her tongue to dance along my shaft. I grabbed her by the back of the head and held her while she worked her frothing mouth up and down.

Priya was a real-life representation of the very popular Indian porn comic character Velamma. Curvaceous, big titted and horny. I thought of the first time I had seen her when I met the 14 Indian women who would become the founding members of the club. All the women were relatives or friends of the Indian tertiary students and formed the cricket team I coached.

Bharat had brought his 45-year-old aunt Priya who was last to arrive at the restaurant. Eventually, they arrived with Bharat trailing behind his voluptuous aunt. Priya was medium height, slightly overweight with a 36C 30 38 figure and was wearing what could best be described as a Bollywood belly dancer outfit. Her 36C tits were overflowing from a red and gold 34A bra. Her nose ring, headpiece, and armbands and bangles were gold or at least gold plated. Her rounded belly, complete with belly button chain, swelled above the bottom part of her outfit. This was also red with gold embroidery and consisted of a half skirt that fell to mid-calf and covered only the back of her quite shapely strong legs, leaving all the front and most of the sides of her legs bare. The revealing half skirt was attached to and fanning out from the same red coloured pair of gold-encrusted and sequined briefs. These were however like a 90's hi-cut bikini bottom: they rose above her hips where they were about an inch wide before swooping down at the front, so the top was 6 inches below her belly button. Wearing this she tottered in on 8-inch heel, 3-inch platform heels and last because I was looking at everything else first, a pretty round face with eyes heavily emphasized with kohl. Her eyes surveyed the other women before relaxing knowing that no-one could match her. To me, it was obvious her late entrance was planned.

And I had observed it was not just for show. She did the talk and walked the walk. If it had not been for Saanvi revealing her belief and practising of black magic sex she was the obvious choice to be CEO, although long term Vanya, my slut project the Anglo Indian Ruth or the mysterious Indian Vietnamese Tanvi might challenge.

She reached between the legs with her left hand and wiggled her fingers creating a gushing hole. Priya's love juice was flowing past her fingers and down her thighs. She kept her left-hand thrashing vigorously while using her right to rub her dripping spit onto my cock as it fucked her face. Vanya took the hint and lay down, her lips seeking the fully wet slit of the older Indian. I lifted Priya from her knees and threw her on her back.

She lay on the mattress, legs spread when I slammed into her warm midsection tongue first. The shockwave from my lapping, kissing and biting made its way to her vocal cords and escaped in the form of a primal scream. Her whole body was moving in seemingly every direction at once as I grabbed her thighs tighter, trying to remain in contact. Vanya had shifted her attention from Priya's slit to my cock and was taking it balls deep in her mouth. Priya's legs smacked against the sides of my face as she bucked and squirmed from my onslaught of licks and bites. It was hard to hear at first, but the voice slowly got louder.

"Please, please." Her begging sounded desperate. I looked up at the writhing l woman and she screamed, "Fuck me."

I pulled out of Vanya's mouth and slid inside of her entrance while my hand grabbed a lock of her hair to hold her steady. I thrust inside of her overflowing sex canal and my balls slapped against her. My other hand wrapped around her throat. She grabbed my wrist with both hands but did not pull it away.

"Yes, please yes, keep fucking me."

Her encouragement gave a new energy to my efforts. Using her neck to balance myself I let my hips lunge back and forth harder and harder. Priya raised her legs to give me more access causing my ball sack to smack against her arse as I drove myself deeper. Her orgasm erupted. She let out a series of animalistic cries as crash after crash of overwhelming sensation released from her core. Her fluids ran down her cheeks and over the hole between them. She released her grip on my wrist with one hand and reached between her legs and grabbed my rod.

"My arse, my arse needs it tooooooooooooo." Having heard what I needed to hear I dove into her tight hotness as she moaned and purred.

Her arse was willing and ready to receive the welcome guest. I felt her open up to my cock's assault and a heatwave of pleasure and excitement covered her insides as I steadily built up my pace. Her legs were resting on my shoulders as I balanced on my knees. Vanya mounted Priya's face and her tongue searched for Vanya's enlarged clit. Vanya looked down and could see my cock emerging from within and then disappearing again into Priya's back hole. I couldn't take the tightness; I was going to cum.

I began pounding her arse harder and harder as my grip, now on her legs, tightened. I pushed myself one final time as deep as I could manage and stopped as the current of hot satisfaction spewed into her waiting slit tunnel. I am sure Priya could feel every drop shot against the walls of her insides. She was going wild at the sensation of my cum filling her. Suddenly she stiffened and wailed as her orgasm intensified due to Vanya ejecting her stream of cum into her mouth.

I grunted as I started to pull out, making a loud, "AHH,'" sound as I extracted my limp spent cock completely.

Thirty minutes later Vanya lay on the bed kissing Priya. I, thanks to the Viagra taken earlier, picked up speed as I continued pounding Priya from behind. Vanya slid so she was laying on her back under Priya. Letting my erection slide over her face, she started kissing Priya's folds softly. Priya now looking down at the 18-year-old's pussy, followed suit and spreading Vanya open with one hand, she jammed her tongue into her eagerly.

Vanya grabbed my cock by the base by the base and allowed my motion to carry her hand back and forth with me. Arching her back and craning her head more toward me, she removed me from Priya and let me slide down her throat. I started jerking in the younger Indian's mouth. After a moment she removed me and placed my cock back into Priya. Once again, the change of feeling for me was intense and I let out a few verbal, "Oh fuck's," as she carried on removing me from one hole and placing my cock in another. The random switching of one feeling and immediately into another was nothing I had ever even imagined. My orgasm started to pump inside Priya and finished in Vanya's mouth. Bits and pieces went flying in between, hitting Priya's legs, Vanya's tits and neck and eventually down her throat.

Vanya smiled as drops of my cum splashed onto her face from Priya above. Priya was getting to yet another orgasm. Vanya laid her head back down to suck my cock and noticed I was no longer there, but being aroused she kept her attention on Priya's still dripping box. Using her fingers to push the moisture around and caress her slowly, she began kissing and licking the edges. My absence made sense when she felt me make my way inside her. Priya was holding Vanya open for me as I pressed deep into her.

I put my hand on Priya's head and motioned for her to rest it on Vanya's mound. With one hand on Priya's face and the other on Vanya's legs, I began switching back and forth again. I was more deliberate with my movements, taking the time to enjoy each woman's availability before switching to the next. Priya turned around and lay so the two were tit to tit and started kissing. Priya's legs were spread on the outside of Vanya's legs and I was now staring at two throbbing holes that needed to be filled.

I didn't hesitate. I pushed into Priya and then pulled out and into Vanya. I pulled out of Vanya and pushed back into Priya. I was getting confident in my accuracy and because the two bodies were intertwined, it became an almost fluid continual motion. Out of Priya and into Vanya, out of Vanya and into Priya. The slapping sound from me driving myself into one woman and then the other filled the small room. Both Priya and Vanya came as I fucked them, thrust after thrust. Priya sprayed her cum onto Vanya, who squirted her cum like a geyser over Priya's belly where they congealed before waterfalling onto the sheet below.

Priya guided my knob into her wet moist pussy lips. My knob found her entrance and pushed in her tunnel. She groaned as I entered her, her eyes closed. Vanya fondled Priya's large swaying tits as Priya slowly rode up and down my cock taking me fully.

"Oh yeah, it's like there's parts of my pussy that haven't been touched till today," she moaned hornily.

She rode me faster. Vanya sat up and straddled my face again looking down as I licked her pussy. She played with her clit as I licked. Priya's kept riding my cock, groaning and swaying as she sought to take it deeper. After a few minutes, Priya got off my cock and lay with her back to me. I lifted her leg guiding my cock in her from behind. Vanya shifted to lock herself and Priya in a 69. Vanya watched my cock fuck Priya's pussy as she licked Priya's clit and pussy lips. As she ate Vanya, Priya finger fucked the 18-year-old, and this continued until my cock slipped out. Vanya grabbed my cock in her mouth sucking my knob and licking my shaft tasting Priya's pussy juices which were on it. She pushed it back into Priya's pussy, again watching as I fucked the completely aroused Indian.

Using her cunt muscles Priya pushed me out. "Your turn Vanya," she said. Vanya lay down on the bed. I knelt between her wide open legs seeing her wet pussy. I placed my knees on the bed. Priya lay in a 69 holding Vanya's thigh and rubbed her clit. Vanya looked down at Priya rubbing her clit and then shuddered as my cock found the younger Indian's fuck tube. Priya whimpered as I slid my cock deep into Vanya holding it fully inserted there. Vanya's eyes closed as she groaned fondling her firm tits. She put her head back. Priya licked Vanya's clit and rubbed it as I slowly pulled back my shaft except for my knob, then slowly pushed it back into her and then steadily, relentlessly fucked her.

She groaned as I slowly deep fucked her. Priya turned around. She lay at Vanya's side, she kissed her lips. Vanya put her hand on Priya's cheek kissing her lips passionately then slid her hand to her breasts fondling Priya's heavy, full, erect nippled breasts. We changed positions so I was dogging Priya while she knelt eating Vanya.

"Cum in her," Vanya said. "I want to eat your cum out of her." Fill her pussy," she added. "He's going to fill your pussy with cum, so I can eat it out of you," Vanya said to Priya.

I groaned as I shot my cum, and. Vanya rubbed Priya's clit as my cock emptied into the older Indian. Priya stood up, reaching behind her head adjusting her hair. I stood my cock still oozing cum over her cunt. I looked up and down Priya's naked body.She had a nice body I thought. I stepped aside with my cock hanging limp. Vanya went down on her knees licking my knob then went to Priya's pussy licking the cum oozing from her pussy. Her tongue was syphoning it from Priya's cum oozing slit. Priya with Vanya still tonguing her picked up my cock draping her lips over my knob sucking my cock. She could taste her pussy juices mixed with my semen.

I looked at her full ripe body, my cock in her mouth. I looked down at her breasts, her nipples. I looked down at Vanya's face buried in Priya's pussy hearing the squelching sounds as the 18-year-old ate Priya to exhaustion.

Our backup plan was in firmly place.