The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 11 Ruth's Two Sexfights

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

With the premises at Northcote for the club progressing slowly I had time on my hands which I had used well. I had set up Saanvi and Vanya as proxies to syphon money from the club and introduced them to sexfighting, discovered the Vietnamese Mai and set on her pathway to be Asian World sexfighting champion, and started the Anglo Indian Ruth on being the ultimate slut. Mai was sexfighting Ruth daily as part of their respective journeys. I had witnessed Saanvi's belief in Black Magic sex and finally covered my arse by using Vanya to hook up with Priya in case Priya defeated Saanvi in their upcoming sexfight to be CEO of the club. All of these events can be read in earlier chapters.

Businesswise I had been to Sydney to look at the books of the Trang Travel agency in Parramatta owned by a Saigon born mother and her daughter. I was inspecting them for a client who wished to purchase but didn't trust the figures they were feeding him. After 2 visits to Sydney, the cards were on the table. The Trang mother and daughter wanted $1.3 million and I valued it at $950000. A decision had to be made otherwise the opportunity would pass with the end of the financial year and new regulations coming in. At the moment it was a game of bluff with the Trang's claiming they had plenty of offers and me crying poor for my client.

While this was occurring the rejuvenated Mai, now believing in herself again and wanting to challenge again for the World Asian Sexfight Championship was sexfighting Ruth regularly, determined to work her way through all of the 69 official contests that could be used in the Championship and the preliminary contests to determine rankings. She was gaining confidence from each victory although she still lacked that X factor she had from twelve years before when she was world 28. Ruth had surprised me with her efforts although she had been defeated in every one of their contests.

I decided to take Ruth to the final discussions with the Trang mother and daughter telling her the trip was a reward for her efforts against Mai. She was reluctant as it would mean a break from her sexfight training which she saw as part of my plan to make her the dominate Indian in the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club I had set up. That is what she thought. I had other plans.

Ruth and I met at the airport and she was genuinely surprised that we were at the pointy high priced end of the plane. "Why are you sit with me? No Indian man would unless I was 25 years younger and looked perfect. He would be here and I would be in economy class."

"Fools," I muttered loud enough for her to hear.

That night in Sydney I again surprised her taking her to Doyles, the famous fish Restaurant, being attentive and close like a couple on a date.

Next morning I entered her room and could hear her vomiting in the bedroom. The thought of accompanying me to the discussions with the Trang mother and daughter too much for her nerves, as I had shown her photos of the two self-confident Vietnamese beauties, and she felt she would not be able to compete with the sexual elegance of their clothing and looks. I went into the bathroom to find her crouched naked over the bowl retching. I cleaned her up and helped her to the bedroom and couldn't stop noticing her body. Short and thin for an Indian woman at 5 foot and 85 pounds, still firm but small 32A tits above her 24-inch waist and 30 hips, the 50-year-old needed reassuring.

After she calmed down she moaned she couldn't come with me and I should go alone as she searched for her clothes to cover herself.

"They are hanging behind the door," I said and heard her gasp.

Instead of her trouser suit was a tight-fitting halter neck dress with a large V cut from the front from the hem to about 3 inches below the cunt. Also hanging on the hook was a minuscule thong and diaphanous white bra.

"The Trangs are not going to look down on you," I said as she nervously handled the garments.

"I want you, Ruth. I think you are a feminine sexy woman and I want to fuck you until you scream," I heard my voice say, the words sounding fine in my mind but unsure whether she would take the bait and rise to my plan.

My head was soon between her legs. She sighed in pleasure as she felt my hands pull apart her pussy lips, exposing the sweet pink of the inside of her cunt. Extending my tongue, I slowly began to lap at her pussy, licking and sucking the juice that was already starting to form from it. My other hand was searching for her hole and when I found her clit I concentrated on it. Her pussy lips and labia grew aroused and full as I worked my tongue deep inside of her, exploring her sex cavern with my fingers as well. Ruth was soon writhing on the bed and I could feel a flood of juices begin oozing out of her cunt and as I lapped at her clit, I knew she was about to cum.

"Oh God, I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuumming!" Ruth yelled.

I took her clit in between my thumb and forefinger and began to squeeze and pleasure it back and forth, the hard big wet love button throbbing beneath my touch. As I used my other fingers to fuck her cunt, Ruth gave out a hoarse yell and came again all over my hand, my mouth going immediately down between her legs to lap up her juices, but not moving fast enough as more and more of it seemed to just pour out from between her cunt lips.

She put her head on the bed, spread her knees apart and arched her back. She curled her arse into the air and like a seasoned pro reached back centring my cockhead at her dewy gash. When I pushed forward it sank all the way in on the first stroke. Ruth let out a long, sustained moan as I continued fucking her, holding her hips in my hands, keeping her still. She raised her head from the bed cover and got into a traditional doggy-style position and I weaved my fingers into her hair and pulled her head back. Her chin jerked up as I fucked her very hard now, slamming my rigid cock in, filling her hole to the hilt. Sweat dripped from my chest onto her arse as I fucked her.

I attached a gold chain to her ankle and then felt around her and cupped both her tits. I played with her clit as she pushed hard back into me. What a feeling; her arse slapping into me, my cock surrounded by her tight slippery cunt, her small hard tits bouncing around in my hands.

"This chain means I think you are a woman," I moaned as I ploughed into the 50-year-old Anglo Indian. Ruth began quaking below me and her orgasm was long and sustained, even bigger than the one she'd experienced earlier. As she shuddered, I groaned and filled her. Reaching between her legs I cupped our mixed cum and then worked it into her tits with their huge, hard hyaluronic acid filled nipples.

"The Trangs are going to know subconsciously you are a woman, and you are going to sexfight one of them," I purred to the still moaning Ruth.

Outside the door to the Trang mother and daughter's office, I could sense a recurrence of Ruth's nervousness and reluctance to confront the two Vietnamese so I kissed her, gripped her hand and dragged her in.

The Trangs were waiting. Quy, the mother was 45, tall for a Vietnamese at 5 ft 7, immaculately made up with long coiffured hair, dressed in diamonds and gold jewellery. Oh yeah and she also wore a tight short one-piece, Chinese collared red and gold dress that displayed her 34C surgery enhanced tits and gravity-defying 34C 25 32 figure, perched on platform 6-inch heels. Her daughter Nguyet was 21 with blonde streaks in her long silk-like hair, 5 ft 5 and a natural 32A 18 30 figure and dressed like a supermodel in semi-transparent white blouse, the tightest lowest waisted jeans I had seen and expensive high heeled boots. Like her mother, her face could have come off any Vietnamese singer's CD cover where looks are more important than a voice.

Taking the initiative I said, "We're late but when Ruth starts fucking I can't stop," as I dragged her close.

Thankfully for me, Ruth responded widening her stance so the V cut at the front stretched and opened displaying her legs almost to her black thong. At least we had matched the complete sexual intimidation card of the Trangs.

We parried to and fro over the figures. The Trangs generously (their words) coming down from 1.2 million to 1.180. Finally, I said. "We all know a fair value is 950,000. Ruth will sexfight one of you. If you win, 1.2 million. When Ruth wins 950,000. If you refuse no-one else will pay 950,000 and I guarantee all of Paramatta and the rest of Sydney's Vietnamese will know you backed out of a sexfight."

It's easy to spend someone else's money. If Ruth lost well I had negotiated down from their original offer of 1.3. If she won then I was flavour of the month with my client, not to mention my commission. Either way, I got brownie points from Ruth for believing in her and got a chance to see her in action against someone apart from Mai.

"Let me fight the Indian bitch," Nguyet pleaded with her mother who nodded her agreement.

Nguyet peeled off her jeans, how I don't know, and shrugged off her top to reveal a lithe, slim body clad only in crotchless black panties. A tattooed dragon was above her slit, and her body jewellery consisted of the entire shop's inventory. Nose stud, nipple rings, belly ring with gold tassels, a clit bar and two clit lip studs. No Swiss finishing school for this 21-year-old. How Vietnamese women can remain so slim and tanned without exercising is one of the mysteries of the world. She fingered her nipples and I could see why because despite her smallish tits she had large thick nipples, and it was a similar procedure to the Arnold Schwarzenegger technique because I read somewhere most of his rivals were intimidated, beaten and psyched out in the dressing room before the event when he purposefully warmed up.

Ruth stripped removing the revealing dress. Her body was slinky and alive, still glistening with the cum I had rubbed in. The see-thru bra hugged her like a second skin, doing little to hide her areolas. They rose from the white half cups like kids peaking over a picket fence. Her nipples were long to start with but with the filler and her regular use of a nipple vacuum pump, they were far longer than Nguyet's. They stood erect like lighthouses, begging for release from the tight holsters snuggling them. The G string was just as see-thru, clinging to her swollen lips. Both of these she took off and her hand rested on her firm breasts and caressed.

"Like the look of these, slut?"

Nguyet didn't answer so Ruth kept teasing her breasts and tweaking her nipples making her nipples harder with desire and as the 2 stood naked, facing each other. Ruth stepped forward pressing her tits against the 21-year-old Vietnamese's. Despite the size of Nguyet's, it was obvious that Ruth's were far longer and nearly as thick, and Nguyet pulled away first from this contest for superiority to avoid any further comparison.

Standing, the two pressed their bodies into one as they kissed clutching each others arses and their cunts engaged for the first time igniting their internal lubrication. Nguyet right hand left Ruth's left arse cheek and dipped between the two of them to her thigh. She stroked it softly until Ruth's legs parted; then opened her wet folds, experiencing Ruth's slickness before her fingers opened her long inner and outer pussy lips and began entering her. In the unwritten law of an Asian sexfight that Mai had taught Ruth she parted her legs more, giving Nguyet complete right of entry and her fingers eased in further. Ruth used her hand to

part, and then enter Nguyet, and her fingers soon felt like they were in a tub of warm honey.

Still standing upright the 2 women were locked in a tight embrace kissing and using their fingers on each others cunts. Deep penetration, short strokes, slow prolonged fingering, rapid stimulation, one finger, two fingers, and three fingers. They used every skill they possessed to make the other cum. After 15 minutes both were moaning and groaning. Ruth curled her fingers and gathered some of Nguyet's freely flowing love juice, bringing it to her opponent's clit. She could tell the younger Vietnamese's clit was ballooning with desire, hard and clammy, almost pulsing on her fingertips. It was time. She plunged three fingers deep inside and used her thumb to tease the swollen clit. Simultaneously she drilled a finger deep into the 21-year-old Vietnamese's arse. Nguyet's legs trembled and a long low keening sound came from deep inside her.


She bucked so hard it was all Ruth could do to hold her up. It was like an earthquake. But the Anglo Indian held onto her, keeping her stimulated right up to the end. Nguyet's orgasm seemed to last an age, but at last, Ruth let her collapse spent, the Vietnamese's breath rasping and heavy. Her fingers slid out of Quy's daughter and she quickly lay on top of the 21-year-old and went to work on her before she fully recovered. Her tongue was as busy as a mechanic servicing a Formula 1 car. Nguyet wailed the moment Ruth pressed her long tongue to Nguyet's gold studded pubic mound. Her pubic hair was pushed aside and Ruth began tongue probing the thick-lipped dark brown labia. She pushed the cunt lips open and the darkness of the Nguyet's skin gave way to the sopping pink inner fuck tube that all women have.

The strong acidic sugar of Nguyet ran onto Ruth's tongue and her heart thumped as she knew complete victory was hers. Her vision was blurred by tears of joy as she felt the 21-year old's body convulse in orgasm and rub her slit uncontrollably into Ruth's face. Two unanswered cums in their best of three and victory. The look of disgust on the Quy's face as she looked at her daughter was priceless.

I handed the papers for Quy and Nguyet to sign. $950,000. Nguyet had recovered somewhat and as we left she muttered to Ruth, "I'm better at no limit."

Remembering what Mai had said to Ruth in similar circumstances I turned and looked at her. "So is Ruth," I said dismissively.

It was a completely different Ruth who snuggled up to me in the taxi as we drove to a nearby Indian restaurant. It was early for lunch and there were no other patrons; only the owner inside the typically dark, barely lit, empty eating room. She was a woman, obviously not wealthy with imitation designer label clothes but still attractive at 40. She was not wearing a sari but dressed for business wearing a black suit jacket over a royal blue, button-down silk blouse unbuttoned to reveal some amount of cleavage and a very short black skirt and platform high heels. She had jet black hair that flowed to her waist and had the presence of someone very confident- in her sexuality, and herself in general. Of course, she had the usual array of yellow gold jewellery. As we walked in, my arm around Ruth, she gave us the once over and her eyes hardened and she sneered as if to say, "Is that the best you can find."

The new confident Ruth still on a high from her victory over Nguyet 30 minutes earlier whispered, "Am I better than her? Is my body better? Do you want to fuck me or her?'.

I reached under the table and my hand found its way to Ruth slit. Soon she was biting her lip, letting my fingers enter her, feeling the warm current of her juices stirring again. Looking down at her, I saw her excited nipples poking through the bra, her flat belly, her prominent hip bones and her slick pussy lips seeping wetness into her diaphanous thong.

She couldn't help but move her thighs slightly, hoping for some relief when the owner glanced again at her. I returned the owner's look before reaching over and slipping the halter neck off her tit and pulling one of Ruth's soft bra half cups down, letting her breast spring free. She let out a small gasp but said nothing to stop me. She was a completely different woman now. I squeezed her slippery nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As the owner stared Ruth shifted the chair so she faced her and fanned her legs wider. My cock stood to attention when she did this. I looked between her legs and pulled at the top of her thong, making it press even tighter against her pussy. Then I put my hand on her left thigh and pulled the skin so the cunt lip oozed from the thong. I leaned across her body and did the same on the other side so that now both lips overflowed the sliver of material between them. Satisfied with the effect I'd created, I reached up and adjusted the other bra cup so both breasts were fully exposed.

The owner crossed the space in front of her and looked directly between her legs. Ruth could almost feel the heat of her stare on her. Her body heaved with the thrill of her flashing the Indian, and her tits bobbed like small craft in heavy seas. Ruth's legs were spread wide and her drenched pussy lips clung to the sides of her thong like silkworms on a mulberry leaf. Her breasts were completely uncovered, propped up on her bra like trophies. Her nipples jutted out so long you could've hung a pair of trousers from them. Opening her pussy lips Ruth slipped her finger into her wet pussy, her back arched slightly and she began moving her hips up and down while sliding her finger deeper inside and back out teasing and circling her clit. It felt so good and her pussy was aching to cum, and as the pressure started building and she started using two fingers. Raising her hips, using her other hand, she slowly pushed a finger into her arse and immediately began climaxing. The owner and I watched her juices dribble out of her pussy and run down her legs and puddle up on the floor beneath her.

It was the moment of truth. I had hoped for a reaction to top off Ruth's trip to Sydney. Would the owner be intimidated and pretend to ignore or make a fuss and kick us out? I hoped she wouldn't call for the police. It didn't matter because it was another step in Ruth's progress just like her dogging at the park and subsequent gang bang. The owner reacted and reached down and slid her hand up her skirt. When she pulled it back out I could see her middle finger was wet. She licked it, before unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her tits. Although they were only 34s they were 34C and firm like grapefruit and didn't hang. She put her hands around them and lifted them so we could see the underside.

"I'm Arti. Have a look Indian bitch. See, no scars, no operation, all-natural, and all woman," she hissed. "Don't flaunt it unless you can back it up. Before here I was a worker in Kamathipura in Mumbai, specialising in lesbian and one male with two or more women. Take me on with 2000 dollars for the winner."

This was not what I wanted. Ruth had just had one sexfight and had to be tired and here was a woman who had worked in Mumbai's redlight district. At its peak over 50,000 women worked in the small area but rising real estate prices have forced the brothels out so now Sonagachi in Kolkata is India's largest redlight district.

Before I could worm my way out Ruth had accepted boasting what an Anglo Indian educated at the famous Anglo Indian Public School, Dhakka Johar, Delhi would do to an overweight Kamathipura whore. I pulled out my wallet and reluctantly nodded acceptance even though there was only 200 in it.

"Go and clean up in there," Arti said to Ruth.

As she did the owner walked toward the front door, her tits leading the way, giving me a view not only of the rounded large orbs but the rapidly hardening nipple and swelling aureole. Her long black hair was swaying down her back as she reached the door and locked it. Noticing I was watching she took my hand and placed it on one tit. It was amazing. They had the consistency of a ripe tomato and I could feel the hardness of the now swollen and raised cone of the darker aureole and the quivering eagerness of her nipple.

"Better than your sluts," she whispered. Ruth returned and she led us upstairs.

Quickly she took off her skirt to proudly show she wore only a garter belt of lace holding up her stockings. Her thick pussy hair was shaved into a thin V and was very moist with juice sticking to her inner thighs. She slid the rest of her blouse off her shoulders, leaving her naked except her garter belt and thigh-high nylons and high heels. Facing Ruth she thrust her tits forward challenging the older woman to respond.

"Turn around and bend over my desk," she instructed.

Ruth did and Arti stood, bent over pushing her pussy into Ruth's arse as she bent over her back, rubbing her tits into Ruth's back as she softly moved her hair to the left side of her face and gently kissed her neck and brought the kisses down her back before kissing Ruth's arse. She slid her knees between Ruth's and then pushed her knees apart and as her fingers gently ran circles from the back of her knees up her thighs, down to her knees, up the inside of her thighs. Again she kissed her butt cheeks and licked the crevice where the Anglo Indian's legs met her arse. She kept kissing her butt cheeks and ran her tongue down her crack to her arsehole and flicked it with her wet tongue.

"Ooooooooooooooh!" Ruth shuddered. She was getting more and more aroused by the minute as Arti flattened her tongue against her pussy lips and licked upward to her arsehole. Ruth moaned again as Arti kissed her arsehole and then pointed her tongue to push into her arse.

Ruth groaned as the Indian pushed her tongue into her arse, withdrew it and licked from her pussy lips to her arsehole. Her hands kept holding the back of her legs as she licked her pussy lips, pushing her tongue up just a little into her cunt before returning to her arsehole. Ruth was panting and I could see her arsehole twitch as Arti forced her tongue in. She continued to expertly eat Ruth until, as she was licking up her lips to her hole for the umpteenth time, Ruth began spasming and pushing her arse against Arti's face.

"Ahhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm cuming, I'm cummmmmmming!," squealed Ruth.

The owner pushed her tongue further up Ruth's arse whose body quaked and spasmed. It had taken 12 minutes 5 seconds and it was Arti's turn to bend over and grip the desk.

Ruth smeared and rubbed her cum against Arti's pussy lips, and soon it was mingling with the juice there. Ruth pushed two fingers into the outer wall of the Indian's pussy and went to work. The owner reared her head back and her long hair flailed from side to side. Soon her body was shaking as Ruth worked on her exposed cunt, her larger tits swaying from side to side. Her moans turned to screams as she gripped the desk so tightly her knuckles turned white. Finally, it came. A huge shudder and prolonged high pitched stream announced her orgasm, but the timer showed 14 minutes 10 secs. A clear win. Quickly she turned to face Ruth. Ah-ha, a victory piss I thought, but I was wrong, Arti was a squirter and she covered Ruth's face with the rest of her cum watching it bounce from her face.

"That's 2000 dollars and a lesson for you," she gloated.

"Double or nothing," I pleaded. Not being able to pay this gave me a small chance but more importantly time to plan how to do a runner leaving Ruth there.

"$6000 and then I fuck you in front of her. First to 3 consecutive victories and we start with me ahead one-nil. Take it or leave it."

I was dealing with someone who had haggled to live in Kamathipura.

"Lie back on my desk and spread your legs," the owner demanded.

Ruth did and I had a full view of her defeated pussy. It was smooth and still throbbing, the 3 lightning bolts in her pubic hair newly trimmed from that morning and those incredibly long inner and outer lips were all wet and gleaming from her earlier orgasm.

The restaurant owner leaned in and hissed, "I'm licking this pussy until you come so many times you've lost."

She quickly ran her tongue up one side of Ruth's cunt and down the other-completely avoiding her clit but then slid her tongue up and down the full length of her slit that was so now completely wet. I could see the cream from Ruth's pussy sliding down her crack into the office chair as the Indian ex brothel worker licked the flowing juices from her cunt.

Soon she was writhing on the desk, Arti's tongue pushed so far up her cunt that she was kneeling on the edge of the desk grabbing Ruth's hair to pull her pussy into her face. She rammed her tongue as far as it would reach and with her cheeks wet from her juice, pulled her tongue out and sucked on Ruth's clit. In and out of her mouth the clit was sucked until after 8 minutes Ruth gave a series of animalistic grunts and came hard.

The owner raised her legs in the air and spread them wide as she pushed her V shaven pussy eagerly into Ruth's face. 9 minutes later Ruth felt the Indian spasm against her mouth as she came, bucking against Ruth's face as she sucked every part of her pussy and pushed her tongue into Arti's cunt as far as it would go. But it was 60 seconds too late and meant Arti led 2 zip. If she won the next I would have to pay the 4000 (which I did not have) and be fucked in front of Ruth (which didn't sound do bad). And she slid off her desk she placed herself between my knees and as she gently pushed my legs over the arms of my office chair she rubbed her breasts up against my face, then crawled up to kiss me on the lips, and push her tongue softly into my mouth.

"I love fucking a man in front of his woman. In 10 minutes you get the best dish in the restaurant and then you'll see the bitch get fucked and receive a cum shower," Arti breathed into my ear as her hand played with my cock.

She took Ruth in the Filipina control position and the Indian restaurant owner enjoyed licking pussy as much as she liked having her pussy licked. She experimented running her tongue lightly over Ruth's pussy lips before pushing her tongue up her cunt and thrusting it in and out like a penis before refocusing her licking on her clit. I looked at Ruth, naked on her back, her legs draped over the sitting owner's shoulders, her slit stretched open at Arti's mouth, her body responding to every stroke of her tongue. It was hopeless. There was no hope. I watched her orgasm start to begin, then build, as Ruth's body shook as she beat the floor with her hands trying to stave off the inevitable. Her cunt spasmed into Arti's face who lapped up all of Ruth's juices as an out of control Ruth continued to thrust her pussy toward her lips. It had taken 5 minute 40seconds.

Ruth also took the confident Arti in Filipina control style and went to work frantically knowing another defeat meant three in a row and total defeat. Her tongue worked like a machine gun and she fingered and rubbed Arti's clit with her fingers while she tongue-fucked her. At 5 minutes Arti was thrashing around oozing love juice all over Ruth's face as he fought to last another 40 secs. Ruth reached up and lifted Arti's pelvis and fingered her arse as she continued to eat her and finger her clit. It took 20 secs till she exploded giving Ruth victory and another life and leaving Arti screaming in frustration.

They continued alternating and receiving but it was obvious Arti was in control and during the next 3 hours seven times she was ahead 2 zip but couldn't get the 3rd for victory. Both women were exhausted as Ruth wearily let Arti take her for the 27th time. She wrapped her trembling legs around Arti's cum caked face. The 40-year-old Indian restaurant owner shook her matted hair from her eyes and opened her aching jaws to tongue the older Anglo Indian. It only took 3 minutes 15 sec before the whimpering Ruth shook and shuddered and orgasmed, her cum dribbling onto the still erect nipples of the big titted restaurant owner.

Almost without a rest she had to work on the cream-laden slit of the younger Indian but surprise upon surprise within 2 minutes Arti's screams filled the room as she came, followed by another victory in the next bout where the time was 3 minutes 10 seconds to 1 minute 25 seconds. Ruth was on a roll 2 up and for the first time, another unanswered cum would give her victory.

A now worried Arti went to work in a frenzy ignoring her aches and tiredness. Her chin and cheeks became stained with Ruth's juices as she sucked and licked with one minded purpose. But Ruth resisted the onslaught, even though she clenched her fists so tight her fingernails drew blood. Arti drained by the 4 hour plus sexfight slowed her assault and Ruth lasted 4 minutes 50 before her entire body twitched and she came.

Ruth could feel Arti's clitoris growing immediately her tongue traced along it. The Indan's cunt was now so wet, that Ruth had to use her hands to open her cunt flaps so that she could continue to ravage the super responsive nubbin. Arti's usually deep voice was now replaced by a series of high-pitched pre-orgasmic wails and her breaths came in quick gasps. As Arti's cum juice ran into the long silky straight black pubes of her V-shaped bush, Ruth took the fine hairs into her mouth and sucked them dry of the honey-nectar. The slippery lips tasted fragrant as he sucked them each into her mouth, but the clit of the Restaurant owner was her prize. Arti was like a marathon runner who had hit the wall. She couldn't move her limbs or resist as Ruth ate her and was lying limply moaning in her bliss and the movements of her hips were pushing the boiling snatch hard into Ruth's face.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeees" Ruth cried as she felt the oncoming climax shake Arti's cunt.

She pulled her mouth from Arti's sopping cunt flaps and a thick trail of saliva and clit cream hung from the inner pinkness of the hers fuck hole to the cum splattered cheeks and chin of the older Indian woman. Arti lay there completely gone, her open pink flaps hanging, waiting again for Ruth's tongue. Suddenly Arti felt all five fingers of one of Ruth's hands force their way into her dripping tunnel. She unprepared for this invasion, and the blissful joy was accompanied with sharp pain as four nail-tipped fingers forced their way sharply into her soaking slit.

"Nnngggghhh, nnnnggghhhh unnnIndnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Ruth stood triumphant and straddled Arti who lay curled in a fetal like position. She screamed in triumph and a flood of piss poured from her victorious cunt. It went on and on as though she hadn't pissed for a week. Arti's hair, face and tits were saturated. It finished with a spluttering dribble. Or so I thought. Ruth lifted Arti's legs and supported them with her arms until Arti lay on her back her legs spayed on either side of the standing Ruth's hips and her slit pulled tight against Ruth's. Ruth strained and shook and screamed as another torrent of piss flooded, filled and overspilled from Arti's open cunt.

That evening as I lay deep inside Ruth drained and sleepy while she was ready for more, and here was I thinking she would be too worn out to fuck for a week, so I started talking convincing her she was capable of definitely being the best in my Anglo Indian sex club, perhaps even capable of beating the Vietnamese Mai in one of their 69 contests.