The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 14 Ruth Bondage Sex

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

Ruth lay on the bed. Tears ran down her face. It was 2 hours since Mai had defeated and fucked her (see Chp. 11) and left the building, promising to return in 3 days for their next contest. I had stayed with Ruth while she had sobbed into the pillow. I had tried to comfort the 50-year-old Anglo Indian but she merely cried louder. I tried again and this time between sobs she spluttered out, "I let (sob) you down. You (sob) saw me beaten (sob) by that Vietnamese slut. (sob) (sob) You saw (sob) her tie (sob) me to the bed (sob) and (sob) fuck me. You (sob) fucked her (sob) (sob). You (sob) don't want (sob) me. I'm (sob) no (sob) good."

I stroked her hair and went into autopilot as I talked to the short, 5 ft 1, thin and small breasted 30A 24 33 Kolkata born Anglo Indian. Being from the north she had a less rounded face, a more pointed nose and lighter skin. Educated at the famous Anglo Indian Public School, in Dhakka Johar, Delhi and culturally different, though still, Indian featured, she had a huge dislike for Hindu Indians. I had used this in my attempt to turn her into the ultimate slut who wanted to fuck and defeat the other13 Indian women who were founding members of my Indian sex club. Vietnamese Mai was brutally educating her in what was needed to be a successful sexfighter. The quest to turn her into a slut was progressing nicely with her exhibitionism, police gangbang and Sydney sexfights and willingness to fuck any way being highlights (see previous chapters).

"How can you think that. I have never been more proud of anyone than you today. At one time that bitch Mai was ranked 28 in the World sexfighting competition and you were 10 seconds from beating her."

She turned her tear-streaked face and half-whispered, choking on the words, "You don't believe that. You are only saying that to stop me crying, so you can get rid of me."

But I could sense the hope in the quaver in her voice.

"Shut your eyes, and give me your hand," I said.

Slowly, hesitantly she did and I unzipped my trousers, stepped out of them and placed her hand on my erect cock. She gasped as she mumbled, "It's big and hard."

"Yes, because I have never been as proud of anyone as you today. She was ranked 28 in the World sexfighting competition and you were fucking her and about to win. You have no experience and were beating a professional. A top professional at that."

"God, Greg, it's getting bigger."

'How did I feel when you humiliated her by showing those incredible nipples of yours were bigger and better than hers?"

I slid a hand to her small tits and caressed her nipples. Instantly they stiffened and lengthened to over an inch. As a result of suction cups and the same nipple filler that Angelina Jolie uses Ruth's nipples were long and hard. We had injected 3 ml of hyaluronic acid filler and the size of each nipple had grown from an already impressive erect 0.75 inch to 1.2 inches and, according to the research, should stay that way for 18 months to 2 years.

Nervously, she ventured in a questioning manner, "Proud."

"Yes and very, very horny," I added.

"Yeah, I loved showing that bitch how big my nipples are. Longer and better than that Vietnamese cunt's nipples. Bigger than any of the Indian bitches too. Oh God, there's precum."

I felt her breath on my cock and then her tongue licking the precum.

"She is so experienced. You had never had a double dildo. Did she make you cum quick?"

She shook her head. "No. First cum, we both came at the same time."

I remembered Ruth cumming followed by Mai. In a competition it would be Mai winning every time, but what the heck. I agreed and put my hands behind her head and guided her mouth down my cock. I groaned noisily and long and was rewarded by her frenzied tongue work. But back to business.

"God, how long did you fuck her when you were pulling that dildo out of her pussy with your cunt muscles? She was powerless to stop you pulling it out and drilling it in her because your cunt was stronger, better. You were showing her you were the better woman."

She moaned and her nipples extended to their full 1.2 inches, "About fifteen minutes. My cunt was stronger than hers."

"I was so proud. I bet you were opening her uterus with that double dildo."

Oh yeah. I was in there and she couldn't stop me. I was going to bottom it out and split her womb in half. Did you want me to do that?"

She resumed her attack on my cock and I could see her juices coating her thighs as she knelt before me giving head. I groaned my affirmative and continued, "And then she cheated because she couldn't win just using pussy power."

"Yeah, the fucking Vietnamese bitch had to use arse fingering. It was a pussy strength contest and I was unprepared. The fucking ugly cunt cheated."

"Just when you were going to finish her and destroy her cunt. But then I got proud of you because she boasted she would finish you in 10 minutes but you lasted 2 hours. You showed her you are a real woman."

"Yeah, the cunt couldn't break me, but then you fucked her," she wailed.

"It was the rules, but more importantly if I refused she wouldn't sexfight you again and I wouldn't see you win and fuck and break her. I want that. And what do you think I was thinking of?"

"Me winning and fucking her. Yes, you really did do it for me."

Mission accomplished. I laid the 50-year-old petite Anglo Indian on the bed on her back, spread her legs and started to lick her soaking pussy. I paused and asked, "Am I proud of you Ruth?"

"Oh yes. Very proud."


"Because I am the best. Better than any Vietnamese cunt, better than any Hindu slut."

I was swallowing her juices as I asked, "And what do I want?"

"See me beat the Vietnamese cunt. See me split her arse and cunt. Watch her swallow my piss like she does to me."

I increased the tongue lashing of her clit and asked, "and..."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. You want me the boss of our club, want me to make those Hindu sluts my sex slaves."

'Yes, and why have I chosen only you to fuck for pleasure not club business like the others? Why have you got the job as secretary?"

She screamed, "Because I am the best fuck woman. Because the job means we can be together and fuck and they not know, and you are proud of only me meeeee only meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

She gave several short gasps, then a loan moan. And her hips gyrated and my mouth filled with cum from her orgasm.

It was time for the kill. "I wasn't going to do this for another 6 months but I believe you are ready now."

"Ready for what?"

"For performing a ceremony that reveals and allows the woman inside you take over you. Accepting and embracing that no woman has a stronger sex drive than you. But probably not today because you are fucked out by Mai."

"But I can. You can see. I've just cum even after Mai's efforts to drain me."

I shook my head doubtfully. "Anyone else I would say, No. It is impossible. You are the only woman I know who could last and survive this ceremony. But it a huge task and I won't be thinking less of you if you say stop. I wouldn't let any other woman attempt it after what you have been through today."

I led her down the passage and unlocked the door and led the now blindfolded Ruth inside the large room. Originally it had been 3 rooms but I had knocked down the partitioning walls and converted it into my gym. But now it had been repurposed. Two walls retained floor to ceiling mirrors and the ceiling was now covered with mirrors. All the gym equipment was gone and in its place was a second hand, but unused hand-forged bondage frame and bench from Muloc Forge in Broughton, Lancashire, United Kingdom. It had been purchased for 12,500 sterling plus freight to Australia, but the Australian purchaser had died while it was in transit. His wife, no doubt surprised by its arrival, as it was for his mistress, wanted nothing to do with it and sold it without knowing its price and I had picked it up for $500 Australian.

I led Ruth to it and slowly, sensuously stripped the blindfolded 50-year-old, and spread her legs apart, adjusted the ankle bar to 40 inches, and attached the padded genuine leather ankle straps to each ankle. With her short height, she was spread wide. Her breathing was fast and short and she started to query what was happening but I silenced her and said, "Trust me and relax."

I restrained her wrists to the frame so her arms were at full extension. Then I got full value from the luxury bondage device I had managed to purchase so cheaply. Precise adjustments allowed me to bend Ruth at the waist, have her kneel, and introduce padded supports under her belly while still allowing her small tits to hang free. I placed angled mirrors under the bondage restraint so that Ruth if she was unblinkered and lowered her eyes, would see her cunt. In front of her to her left was a computer monitor taking a feed from the cameras zoomed in on her arse and cunt.

I stepped back and admired my work. Ruth was spread on her belly, immobilised on the frame/bench, with her arse open and hips and arse raised higher than her belly. With the range of adjustments, the superb British hand made machine gave it meant her arse and cunt were at my cock level. It was time.

I knelt between her spread legs and ran my tongue slowly up her slit. God, she was already drooling pussy juice. Within a minute she was thrusting back against her waist restraints trying to force her pussy against my tongue.

Concentrating on long full-length tongue strokes and rapid clit sucking I took Ruth close to cumming, then stopped, ignoring her wails to make her cum. Then, after a 5-minute break and after she had cooled down, I used a vibrator on her waiting pussy. After the experience I had gained from eating her I was able to both get her nearly cumming quicker and nudge her closer to orgasm before dropping back then building up her horniness again. The 50-year-old was humping against the padded bench below her. Her spread inner thighs were coated with her cunt juice and the leather padding beneath was stained from what had dripped off her thighs. I made a mental note to buy Dubbin leather reconditioner.

"Jesus, I got to cum. Let me cum. Oh God, please, please, pleeeaaase," Ruth screamed as her body thrashed against the restraints.

And I gave her her release. I stopped the vibrator and let the tremors subside in her body as she lay bound in the sex restraint. It took longer before the involuntary twitches ended and I could move on to fingering her. I alternated between caressing her clit and using the 2 finger salute inside her and quickly she responded. From her screams, her body spasms and straining against the restraints I saw she got aroused quicker and compared to the first two times. Despite her pleadings, I did not let her cum but stepped around the bondage device and stood in front of her.

I started talking. "You have nearly cum three times and that is important. Three because this ceremony is the start of you achieving three things. First, you commit to always dressing like a slut. No-one at the club will wear less, show more. She nodded her head and moaned.

"Second, you will fuck every and any way possible." Her moans became louder and her head was like a bobbing doll and, "third, you will make all of the other 13 club members and Mai and probably others your sex slaves, part of your sex pack."

She was screaming "Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss".

I continued, "Three things, and your commitment ceremony is that first I will fuck you to you until you cum, second fist you as I fuck you and you cum, and third deep throat you until you cum and I unload in your throat. Do you accept?"

"Oh God, Yes I want it. I need it."

"And I have some things to show you," I said as I took off her blindfold. She opened her eyes and saw an object I held in my hand a few inches in front of her. "Its a Dr Jonson Mark 2 Cock Ring and it stops me cumming and it means a very long session for you," I said as I attached it to my rock hard cock.

"Look at the monitor."

She turned her head and gasped. I had zoomed in on the jewellery tray. "For you, as you achieve certain goals." I zoomed in on a gold waist chain. "This is your commitment chain if you achieve your 3 cums today." I panned the camera to show a toe ring, belly button, clit ring, hanging clit chains, ankle chain, nipple sliders, nose ring, necklace, long hanging earrings, ear studs, 3 wedding rings and explained what she would do to wear them. I finished by picking up a bunch of gold bracelets and put one in front of her eyes so she could see the inner side.

"Read It," I ordered.

"Saanvi." I showed her another. "Priya," she read. Another. "Mai."

"Yes," I said, "Every bangle has a name and as you make them your slave you wear their name bangle. Now I am going to start".

I stepped behind her and looked at her. She was splayed out with her arms and legs pulled out by the restraints which forced her into a full split. I touched her, caressing her breasts and stomach. I traced my fingers down to her trimmed cunt. Her fuck hole was completely wet. I let my hand slide over her stomach and up to her left breast. I massaged it and felt her nipple grow hard. My fingers traced the back of her thighs until the touch was just an inch from her cunt lips. The stimulation so close to her wet fuck hole caused her to let out an involuntary gasp.

"Do you like being fucked like a lamb on a spit, like a slut, Ruth?"

She writhed trying to get her clit to my fingers. I moved my fingers in her soaking them with her sex juices. My fingertips played with her crotch and cunt lips. I caressed her arse cheeks spreading them. before working a finger up into the warm pool that was her cunt. I played with her, pushing my fingertip up into her fuck roof, watching her respond and try to move her body. My cock was stiff for her now.

I pulled out my fingers and told her to look at the monitor, and she saw my fingers glistening with love juice from her pussy.

Then I fucked her.

I slid inside her wet hole easily. I pressed myself deep, moving in short, slow strokes. Her need for cock just grew stronger and stronger. She couldn't help herself. She clenched around my cock for more friction, in a slow act, which gradually became more intense than anything I had experienced. She was moaning like a freight train climbing a steep incline.

I fucked her quickly and it was "Ungh, Ungh, Ungh". I fucked her long and it was a long drawn out rising "Uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh." It sounded like Alli May the only girl to cum on Facial Abuse. Look on Google.

She came with her whole body shaking.

I slowly inserted a finger in her upraised arse and rocked it back and forth. Then slid in another digit. I went from two fingers to three with ease as I worked them around in a circular motion. Ruth screamed no even as her body language was begging for more. I inserted all four fingers into her arse and her body was taut as a bowstring. She could hardly wait for my thumb as she felt every inch of her arse stretching. Her breathing was coming in gasps as she begged me for it. Then I pushed down. As I slowly inserted them all, continuing with the same slow twisting and turning motion, she began to react. She began to shake. The feeling that her arsehole was being stretched left her. She felt her mind begin to slip down into that "that special place".

She felt every inch of my hand going deeper, deeper into her. Her nipples were so swollen they ached. And she felt the cum at the tip of her pussy begging to be released. Her anal muscles clenched down around my fist. And it felt like they were milking me. From wrist to fingertips; fingertips to wrist, they rolled back and forth. Her mouth opened as her head was involuntarily thrown back.

I asked, "Do you need to cum darling? You know I gotta stroke my cock and you cum for you to achieve step two. You gotta hold on."

Her body shook as each breath came with a gasp and moan. "Now, I need it now." She was begging me. Pleading with me to allow her to cum. And I knew that she wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. Behind her, she could feel my actions intensify. I was ramming my fist in and out. And Ruth pumped her arse back to give me all the access to her that I could get.

Inside her arse, I uncurled my fist and through the thin membrane started stroking my cock that was still fucking her pussy. But her whole being centred on the fist that was buried in her arse. I would flex my fingers ever so slightly, only to close them over my cock as I stroked it through the inner membrane separating her two holes. Over and over I worked it. Over and over her body jerked, humped and thrashed. Then it happened. She came! And she came in that way that only she could.

It was an orgasm of monstrous proportions. With a scream that filled the empty room, her body went rigid. And she let her orgasm take control. Her mind became aware of each thing that happened and in exactly what order. Later on, she told me she could still remember it, and she would relive the orgasm as it happened. I couldn't believe how big her clit had become. I knew that when she grew excited, it would swell and elongate. But when she was this way, it felt like she had grown a dick. And the pulsing in her nipples was nothing compared to the pounding in her clit. Her muscles began to spasm. First, it was the muscles within her pulsing pussy. The only comparison I knew that resembled the way she felt was when I had watched a nature film and watched the rhythmic muscles of a Python swallowing a small animal. The muscles in her pussy throbbed up and down just like that on my cock as she came.

I walked around in front of her. She looked completely drained. She had sex fought Mai, been fucked by Mai, been eaten, fingered and vibrated to near orgasm, fucked and the orgasmed, and finally fucked and fisted simultaneously to a massive orgasm.

I held my throbbing Dr Jonson Mark 2 restrained cock in front of her. I held up her drooping glazed eyed head. "Can you take the 3rd commitment pledge?"

Her mouth moved but no sound came, but she weakly nodded yes. I rearranged the Muloc Forge Bondage Device so she was restrained in a kneeling position. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head to my cock. My hard cock touched her lips, and I began rubbing it across her mouth, smearing her lipstick around her mouth, giving her an even more slutty appearance.

"Its time, open up if you want it," I ordered, pressing my cockhead against her lips.

Ruth, despite her tiredness, parted her lips so that I could enter her mouth. I guided my cock though her soft lips, and using my hands, moved her head back and forth on my dick, slipping my swollen cockhead in and out of her waiting mouth. I increased the pace, using her head like a rag doll, forcing her face on and off my cock.

"Take it, Ruth. It's yours," I yelled out as I fucked my shaft in and out. Ruth felt one of my hands on her back and the other at the back of her head, pressing her body towards the bench and forcing her mouth deeper onto my cock. She felt my pulsing cock slide across her tongue, as I plunged in and out of her face. She felt it grow larger and harder in her mouth. My cockhead hit the back of her throat and she gagged breaking my hold and pulling away.

"Are you done?" I queried. She shook her head and pushed it forward to swallow my cock again. Three more times she spluttered and gagged, pulling away as I hit the back of her throat

"That's it, Ruth. You can't deep throat." Fear rushed through her as she heard my words and she pleaded for another try. My cock squeezed into her tight throat. Ruth gagged when the hard shaft lodged in the entrance to her throat, but she refused to pull away. She struggled. She couldn't breathe but she refused to pull away. She was being face fucked like a dirty whore but refused to stop. I had her head held tightly as I forced my prick into her mouth. The cock pushed in further and she felt it sliding down her throat, deeper and deeper. She was being brutality face fucked and was choking. Gagging, her throat muscles gripped and squeezed my cock as it went down her gullet. Gurgling sounds came from her and her throat muscles tightened more and more around the cock that was stuffing her.

Drool was running down Ruth's chin from the brutal face fucking, and she gasped breaths around my cock. I felt my balls slap against her chin, and my pubic hair press against her lips. "Look at that, You took it all!" I exclaimed as the length of my entire cock was buried inside her throat.

She had swallowed my entire aroused throbbing tool. Then holding her head tightly, I fucked her face with my stiff dick. I jerked her head back and forth, ramming my cock in and out of her throat. Wet gurgling sounds continued coming from Ruth's throat, and long strings of drool hung from her mouth. I grunted, ramming my cock between her lips, my cockhead bumping against her tonsils while she accepted the invasion into her tight, gasping throat. I continued forcing myself in, and the sounds only excited me more. The gurgling and choking sounds coming from Ruth and the sight of my stiff, drool covered shaft stretching her mouth and making her throat bulge drove me crazy. Faster and faster I fucked her mouth jamming my meat down her throat. Ruth felt my cock get harder and it seemed to grow larger as my pumping increased.

I released one of her hands and she snaked it to her pussy. The gagging noises increased from Ruth's throat as she sucked breaths on my out strokes. Ruth continued deep throating and working her cunt with her free hand.

"Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh, Ugh! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum down your throat, you Indian sex slut. Commit. Commit!"

I could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting my belly and my balls smacking her chin every time I hit bottom the sound of her grunts each time my cock fucked down her throat. Using her mouth the same way I'd use a pussy, I fucked it with quick deep strokes. Her cum came first. Shooting from between the throbbing lips of her pussy, it splashed between her legs. I looked down and was amazed at the amount. Then another cramp hit her and she almost blacked out from the sensation. Shaking, as if she were going into convulsions, she lost control. With a loud hiss, like steam escaping thru a small hole, a steady stream of her golden nectar exploded from her.

I pulled Ruth's head tightly into my groin, leaving it there and letting out a deep low groan. I ripped off Dr Jonson mark 2. Her nose was mashed against my belly as I came. Ruth felt my cock deep inside her throat throb. It began pulsating over and over and she could feel something warm running down deep within her. She realised I was cumming inside her throat. It was my hot sperm she felt running down her throat and into her belly. Her throat tightened around my ejaculating cock intensifying my orgasm and increasing the amount of hot semen erupting from my cock. My cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and thick strands of it ran from her nose. Ropes of semen dangled from her lips and chin. Cum dribbled down her neck and spilled down the front of her tits.

I began pulling my cock from Ruth's mouth. As it slipped from her throat, another blast of cum shot into her mouth. Ruth gasped for breath. More sperm hit her in the face as she coughed; spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It dribbled from her mouth and she felt some running down her cheeks. my cock continued to throb, dumping more thick fluid onto her face. Ruth closed her mouth, and swallowed my hot seed, then opened her mouth and used her tongue to lick the cum and drool off her face before touching her tongue to my cock. I could see the strands of semen still hanging from her mouth as I wiped the glob of cum on her tongue and shoved my cock down her throat one last time. Another orgasm hit her and this time she could do nothing but fall forward. She was unaware of me disengaging my cock from her mouth.

When she opened her eyes and could once again breath with some regularity, I reached beside me and took the gold waist chain and attached it around her waist as she lay still. She raised her head proudly and smiled slumped on the bench.

"Now you are a sperm faced, throat fucked, Anglo Indian cum slut. You are committed to being a slut, fucking every way, and making them your slaves. You lasted our ceremony. Only you could do that."

She raised her head with difficulty and smiled proudly. I picked up the matching ankle chain and said as I attached it, "This is your reward for the public exhibitionism and gang bang you did before." (see Chp. 4).

Finally, I took her hand and selected one of the three wedding rings; a platinum one I slid it on her middle finger. "Your reward that says you will fuck every and any way. Soon you will earn the other two."

Later that night we were spooning and I had my cock inside her and was slowly playing with her clit as she stroked her gold waist chain and ankle chain. She was too worn out to fuck so we were entwined like this and I was talking. I had spoken about the 3 doors to the ex gym room which was originally 3 separate rooms, and how entry to door one was to be fucked bondage style, door 2 for when others were involved and door 3 for her slave sessions. I had listed what she would do for each piece of jewellery and was discussing Jacqueline A. Carey's book "Kushiels Dart", and how the main protagonist Phèdre nó Delaunay a courtesan and extreme masochist as a reward for her sexual success has a marque tattooed on her back. The Marque was a brier rose whose vines resembled the bond and the lash. The rose and vines were done in black, but there are a few teardrops of scarlet, representing a flower petal, a drop of blood, or the mote in Phèdre's eye.

I said how she would have the same except it would have its roots in her shaven pussy and have the name of each slave on a leaf when she went rigid and exploded into the most severe orgasm I have ever witnessed.

She lay back and moaned, "What happened?"

I replied, "That was the real Ruth kicking out the old Ruth."