The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 15 Ruth Mai Epic Sexfight

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

I was prepared for another exhibition of the Vietnamese Mai's sexfighting skills. Years before she had been ranked world number 28 and the next big thing. She was, as they said in the old days in billboard magazine about the hit songs, rising with a bullet: a future number one. But a series of events involving her husband cheating on her with her best friend had killed her competitive spark. She had plummeted down the rankings ending up an easy beat on the lowly local Melbourne small bet circuit. She quit sexfighting. Circumstances caused me to meet her, and after I eventually recognised her, convince her to try again to be number one. Form varied, but class did not was my message.

I had her use the Anglo Indian Ruth, my pet slut experiment, as a training partner. Mai beat her regularly and was undefeated in their contests. She was still technically top rate, had experience at the top level to draw upon but she still lacked that killer streak that champions had and drew upon. Deep down I knew my hope and dream of managing a World number one would not happen with Mai.

However three weeks ago in a long double dong sexfight, Ruth had taken control, had Mai helpless and looked like she was going to repay all her defeat sex. Then it happened. Mai drew on her reserves. She stared defeat and humiliation in the eye and it blinked and turned away. She turned certain defeat into victory and celebrated with a brutal anal fucking of Ruth then had me fuck her while she fucked Ruth. She was back, and so were my hopes of managing a champion.

The next three weeks she had not only beaten Ruth in their matches but had gained an Australian ranking and when she was in the top three in Australia she would be able to challenge the bottom seeds in the world 100. She was back to her form of previous years and I had dreams of managing a number 1 World Asian Sexfighter.

She was done with Ruth. Her confidence and desire was back. She just wanted to humiliate Ruth in front of me.

"It's to the finish, bitch. Let us do it till you're too fucked to stop me fucking Greg," Mai spat out between clenched teeth. "When you eat me that's the last taste of Greg's cum you'll ever have, bitch."

After some trash talk, she goaded Ruth who was still scarred from her big defeat three weeks ago into one last try. It was decided. They would fuck until one was too exhausted to be able to take my cum.

The Vietnamese and Anglo Indian entwined on the bed and Mai extended her tongue out to taste the Anglo Indian's clit. Ruth moaned loudly as Mai's long tongue moulded onto her hard clit. Mai put her entire mouth on Ruth's wet pussy and flicked her weapon all around the older Indian's clit as fast as she could. Meanwhile, Ruth had slid a finger into Mai's pussy searching for her G spot where she had had her most success in their previous contests. Mai moaned as the finger moved deeply and expertly, parting her insides and widening out as it went on a search and destroy mission. The wet juices were sticky and gooey on the Anglo Indian's fingers and Ruth gloated as Mai was already beginning to push back against her hand.

I was on cloud 9 as I watched the two women pleasure each other. It was even better than what I fantasized about. The only sounds in the room were the liquid sounds of tongues, lips, fingers and cunts at work interspersed with the groans, moans grunts and shrieks as the two orgasmed, intermingled with their insults boasting and cursing.

At first, Ruth and her finger work had the advantage and Mai was cumming more than her Anglo Indian. "You like that don't you bitch? Like the feeling of my fingers fucking you like that?" gloated Ruth.

"Unnnnghhhhh.. ohhhhh," moaned Mai feeling the fingers drive in deep and hard and expertly.

But gradually the persistent tongue of the Mai, the fact that she had been beaten every time so far by Mai, the greater experience of the Vietnamese and maybe the age difference caught up and it was obvious to me that Ruth was tiring.

"FUUUUCK unnnnnghhhhhhhhhhh" Ruth screamed, her body twitching as she came very hard for Mai who was riding out the Anglo Indian's orgasm with her tongue deep inside her pussy.

Ruth's fingers moved faster inside her opponent in a frantic attempt to regain ground but Mai adjusted her position keeping Ruth's fingers away from her G spot. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted and her breathing short and fast with the pleasure she was receiving, but Ruth lacked the strength now to hold her down and ravage the Vietnamese's G spot and Mai wasn't cumming.

Ten minutes later Ruth's attacks were slow, laboured and feeble. Mai looked at the Anglo Indian. Ruth's head was drooped and her eyes were rolling. Mai smiled and dropped her head back down and started to lick Ruth's clit again with the tip of her tongue. Flicking it up and down and side to side. Ruth lay prone and moaned like a whore as Mai took long, deliberate licks starting at Ruth's asshole and ending on the top of her clit. She took her left hand and spread Ruth's pussy lips apart so she could stick her tongue deeper inside to fully tongue fuck the 50-year-old.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh," Ruth moaned, and her body spasmed yet again as Mai tongue fucked her pussy. Mai's tongue made its way back up to Ruth's clit as her hand fingered her cunt. She slid her first finger into Ruth's slit and started fucking it slowly. Ruth writhed and moaned. Mai curled the finger up hitting Ruth's G-spot for the first time and Ruth screamed long and loud.

"Oh, you like that, slut? Well, I guess you'll like this more," Mai said just before she slid another finger into Ruth's dripping hole. Bending her fingers inside the Anglo Indian's pussy getting it ready for the third finger. "You ready for three, bitch?"

Ruth no longer had her fingers in Mai and was just receiving. Mai slid her third finger into Ruth who let out a huge moan. Mai fucked her pussy hard with those fingers, stretching her pussy wide before sliding four fingers into Ruth's cunt. They went in easily. Mai had loosened her up so much that Ruth hardly noticed the fourth finger had gone in. But I did and my cock became even harder.

"You're mine bitch. Do you want to be fist fucked? Then you're going to get it."

Mai positioned her hand to move her thumb into Ruth's pussy along with her fingers. After getting all her fingers together inside her, Mai started pushing her whole hand in and out of Ruth's pussy. As she five finger fucked her Anglo Indian's pussy she spread her fingers further and further apart until her pussy seemed ready for a real fisting. Then she balled her hand into a fist and started to fist fuck her cunt.

Ruth body shook like she was hit by lightning.

Mai put her head down and started to lick the unresisting Ruth's clit as she fist fucked her pussy as fast as she can. Mai pulled out her fist and moved it up to rub Ruth's clit. The Vietnamese opened her mouth wide as her Anglo Indian orgasmed uncontrollably. She was rewarded by a face full of Ruth's love juices as Ruth came and squirted with a scream that could peel the paint off the walls. She was thrusting her waist forward, shooting her juices all over the Vietnamese's face. Mai lapped at it as it first hit her in her forehead, then dripped down her cheeks to her chin, all over her lips and in her mouth. When Ruth finished squirting her cum, she collapsed flat on the bed her arms and legs spayed wide.

Mai fastened onto her cunt to lick up all the cum she didn't get on her face. Eagerly she pulled the Anglo Indian's hips higher and lowered her mouth again to her wet pussy. She slid her tongue over her clit then buried it inside her. Using her tongue like a spoon she lapped up her juices drinking deep from her as Ruth gushed from another involuntary orgasm from the fingers controlling her clit.

Mai stood up from the bed leaving Ruth draped motionless like a rag doll on it. She advanced victoriously to me. Her body was covered with sweat, her face and hair plastered with Ruth's cum, some dried, some still wet and dribbling down her skin. Not only her large nipples were erect but her areola were swollen like mounds on her tits. Her cunt lips were spread and her clit protruded and twitched with every step.

She ripped my boxers off with frantic haste and dragged me to the bed pushing me on my back. She straddled me and lowered her body so that my quivering erect cock was positioned at her slit. She closed her eyes in ecstasy before impaling herself on my tool. As Mai started to slide down my pole she screamed in surprise, then rage, then pain as Ruth rammed a finger up her arse. Her other hand grabbed the Vietnamese's hair and with her two-handed grip dragged her off me, tumbling Mai heavily to the floor.

"It's to the finish and this fight hasn't finished yet, bitch, Ruth screamed.

Before Mai had time to recover Ruth moved quickly. She half pulled, half pushed Mai to the wall and slid between her legs. Within seconds she had Mai locked up in the Filipina control position. The 50-year-old sat with her back against a wall. She had Mai lying on her back between her legs with the Vietnamese's long shapely legs upright and draped over Ruth's shoulders and trapped between Ruth's back and the wall. Ruth's legs were spread with one over each of Mai's shoulders and then locked behind her head. Mai couldn't use her legs or arms and her pussy lay open inches in front of the Anglo Indian's mouth. She struggled but her experience, strength and youth were of no help. The Filipina control position gave her no chance. Ruth spread the defenceless labia that was wide open in front of her face and reaching up with her hand forcefully squeezed the hood of her clitoris, pulling it up and away from the wet, swollen head of the clit.

She extended her tongue and began to eat the Vietnamese. Mai was helpless and immobilised and, after what had gone on for the last two hours, responded immediately, moaning and whimpering with each stroke. Without interrupting her work on her clit, Ruth slid the index finger of her left hand into the wetness of Mai's slit causing her to groan even louder.

Slowly, she rimmed the opening, pulling at the tight muscles that guarded Mai's cunt entrance. A second finger followed. I stared at her lost in arousal as her willing digits pushed into Mai's cunt and penetrated up to the third knuckle. Mai muscles relaxed slightly as the Anglo Indian's fingers slid in and out rhythmically, pulling at her inner lips. The combined effect of the eating and fingering was beginning to bring Mai close to orgasm. When Ruth saw this and slowed down the attention she was giving to her clit to prolong her vulnerability.

Mai's building stimulation caused her to ooze pussy juice, and Ruth soon had her third finger jammed into her hot box. Ruth was soaking wet too as she ground her pussy against the Vietnamese woman's arse, but it was a controlled excitement. She slid her fourth finger alongside the others, and wedged it into the sticky folds of Mai's cunt. The group of fingers wedged just above the second knuckle. No longer able to restrain herself, She spread and pushed her fingers alternately, until the breadth of her third knuckles was surrounded by the stretched muscles of her cunt.

"Oh ... Ohhhhhhhhh Ungggggggggggggggggggggggg," wailed Mai.

Slowly, Ruth clenched and unclenched her hand, rotating it back and forth slightly. She felt the last resistance of Mai's heated slit begin to yield. Tucking her thumb into her palm, she continued to stretch Mai wide. She dipped her head and began to suck Mai's now over engorged clit into her mouth. The pungent aroma of Mai's secretions filled the room.

Pushing with all her force, Ruth watched as Mai's long hanging cunt flesh sucked in her hand. Mai's wetness was overpowering and Ruth felt as if her fingers were trapped in a warm container of thick oil.

"I got you, bitch. My fist is up inside you, and I am going to fist fuck you till you plead. Going to split you, whore," Ruth screeched to the now out of control younger Vietnamese.

"Harder," Mai gasped. "Harder make me cum! make me cuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm."

It was music to Ruth's ears. Mai was beaten and weeping. It was the start of a humiliating fisting cum. Ruth raised her head to watch Mai's straining, drawn face as it expressed total submission to her control. She started a light, rapid stroking of her clit with her tongue. Ruth forced her fist deeper slowly easing the heel of her hand into Mai, Her cunt spasmed and her lips tightly closed around her wrist. The Anglo Indian began to fist her, slow hard pushes which made Mai lift her arse grunting and groaning. Soon cream was streaming from Mai's pussy covering her long hanging cunt lips and spilling down her wrist. Ruth's face was a picture of triumph as Mai got wetter and wetter her twat oozing more juice as she bucked and writhed against the fist fully embedded in her.

The 50-year-old kept pistoning her hand up into Mai's cunt. She writhed and kicked, gasping and groaning with each hard deep thrust until she began to heave and fuck back, impaling herself on Ruth's forearm as she came over and over almost continuously.

Ruth brought her hand back then hammered her fist deep as she flicked Mai's clit hard with her tongue. Mai howled, flinching and snatching as Ruth's tongue worked Mai's clit back and forth. Hard vicious shocks thumped up her cunt with each blow making her body dance to Ruth's music. Mai went stiff as a triumphant Ruth fisted her cunt. Her mouth was locked over Mai's twitching clit, and she sucked hard.

Then harder.

"Please . . .pleassssssssssse . . NO NO!!"

Ruth pounded her cunt as she let out a long low scream of victory. It was too much for Mai.

Her belly grew tight and knotted hotly, and as her whole body throbbed and shuddered, Mai continued to climax. Her vagina opened completely, and then a series of pulsing contractions began, gripping Ruth fist, sucking and squeezing it hard. Cream flowed from Mai's fuckhole and dribbled down the Anglo Indian's wrist.

Just as Mai's cunt gripped it's tightest Ruth yanked her knuckles from Mai's fist-fucked cunt with a loud pop. When she straightened out her fingers and held them for me to see pussy juice dripped from them. With that Mai screamed in pleasure and pain as her uterus released the invader.


She arched her back as she came hard. An almost superhuman fountain of creamy white female spunk ejaculated from between her gaping, wobbling, wet labia, splattering her Anglo Indian's face from hair to chin and dribbling onto her tits. Mai gave a long prolonged groan and collapsed unconscious.

Ruth didn't waste any time starting. She manhandled Mai's nude body into a spreadeagled position on the bed, face up. She had Mai's hands and feet secured to the bed frame with her stockings, effectively immobilizing the unresisting body of the Vietnamese. She sat astride Mai, her arse resting on Mai's thighs. Her hands ran over Mai's flat stomach up to the cone-shaped breasts she was so envious of. She fingered the huge nipples. Gently she explored both her tits before moving onto Mai's face, tracing her full lips with one finger and then stroking her hair like a child seeing something for the first time.

She went over to the attack. She returned to Mai's breasts, cupping one firm breast inside both her hands before she lowered her lips to the nipple. She blew on Mai's big already hard, nipple, licking it like a cat lapping up milk. Ruth repeated the process. Mai's eyes opened now. And her eraser sized nipples became harder, remaining upright as Ruth's tongue raked over them.

Ruth left that tit and went to her other one. She toyed with it for a moment, carefully rotating it and using it to stretch the swollen nipple. Mai's eyes had closed again, but I knew she was still with us. She was moaning softly. As Ruth made love to her breasts she rejoiced and relished that Mai was responding to her gentle touch.

Ruth smiled. She was still smiling as she settled back on her heels, and raked the erect nipple with her long fingernails drawing blood. Mai screamed but Ruth just smiled and growled, "I own you bitch," before she went on to the left tit, giving that nipple the same treatment.

Then Ruth finished herself off, rubbing her clit harder and harder with one hand until she.came raising her hips to squirt her cum into Mai's face. Not a sound escaped her mouth as the 50-year-old Anglo Indian masturbated herself to another climax. Eyes locked on Mai's eyes, she fingered herself to a shuddering climax without any help from me. Finally, Ruth came; and hosed the Vietnamese again with cum. Then it was over. Ruth stared at Mai's silent face for a moment, then she scooted forward over the prone Vietnamese, squatted over her face and finished it with a golden shower. The sign of sexfighting victory. The proof she was the better woman. Redemption for all the golden showers she had endured.

But I was wrong. It wasn't over. Ruth was not finished. She moved and crouched between the vee of Mai's widespread legs, her small body easily fitting between Mai's legs. She turned to me- the first time she had acknowledged my existence since she had won.

"I'm going to fuck the bitch good," she hissed.

One of Ruth's hands spread the puffy outer lips of Mai's cunt, letting us both see the finer inner lips and between them the hole of her cunt. There were traces of cum on the lips, both cum which had dripped from Ruth and Mai's cum. Ruth wiped her other hand over these traces of cum, using them as a lubricant for what all three of us knew was coming next. She slid two fingers into Mai's cunt. Then three. Then she bunched her fingers together into a spear point, the thumb pressed into the palm. With that she impaled Mai, forcing her hand into Mai up to her wrist in one sudden push. She fisted Mai, going deeper and deeper with each triumphant thrust. Hand, wrist and then forearm disappeared into the wailing Vietnamese. Her progress was fully visible, outlined on Mai's taut belly.

It was as if she wanted to reach inside Mai and tear her heart out. I could not wait any longer. I straddled Mai and reached under Ruth to touch her slit. She lifted her cum laden slit off Mai's leg shuddering with pleasure at my touch. Within seconds she exploded bucking on top of Mai before sliding down Mai's legs and lowering her face to my cock. As Mai screamed again, I thrust into Ruth's open mouth. I gripped her head with my other hand and I thrust deep into her, battering the back of her throat with the tip of my cock.

She screamed in triumph around my cock, her working my cock as I fucked her warm mouth. She continued fisting Mai underneath me I thrust into her throat as deep as I could while at the same time Ruth matched my efforts with her fist in Mai, penetrating deeper and deeper into the Vietnamese, while still managing to take my cock fully in her mouth.

Ruth sucked my cock relentlessly. The head of my cock butting against her gullet, the underside riding over her tongue. Every few minutes she would pull off my cock and howl like a wolf as she came. Then she would thrust her head forward taking my cock in her mouth and throat. Mai continued to scream partly from Ruth's fist and partly from seeing my cock buried in her Anglo Indian's mouth.

Then Mai's screams increased. Looking down, I realized why. Ruth's other hand had also disappeared into Mai's body. She was forcing both hands into her cunt. No arse and cunt fisting for Ruth. She wanted both fists in the one hole. I could see Ruth's arms struggling inside Mai trying to coexist in a space not designed to accept what was happening. It was too much for me and I howled as I thrust as deep into Ruth's throat as I could and came filling the Anglo Indian's mouth with my seed.

Mai felt a cock at her cunt. It plunged up into her hard, burying its length into her with brutal force. She looked up into Ruth's face as she mounted her, driving Mai's strap on, the strap on she had used so often on Ruth, deep up into Mai's still dripping cunt.

"Oh yeah Mai you love it! You can't get enough in your cunt! Oh yeah, sorry but you're not getting it from Greg. You're getting it from me, his real woman. That's it, fuck it. Fuck it, good bitch," she crowed.

Always go with a winner I was taught, and I held Mai's arms fast as Ruth laughed and began to fuck her beaten Vietnamese opponent. Ruth grabbed her tits and pulled them up to her mouth. She pushed them together and began to suckle both swollen teats at once.

Glorious heavy bolts of thrilling sensation burst from each teat as Ruth expertly sucked on her achingly stiff abused tits. Her fingers digging deep into her tit flesh. As Mai writhed under her Ruth felt the tremendous surge of ecstasy that came with the domination of Mai, her now defeated, former victor of all of their 27 contests.

Mai was worked over by Ruth who pounded the strap on relentlessly into her open snatch. Fucking her cunt with deep never-ending strokes. Sliding in and out keeping Mai's cunt almost at the point of orgasm. Mai grunted and groaned under her helplessly, jolting and flinching as she was pounded by the thick hard rubber cock into her cunt. She was panting and grunting and her belly tightening involuntarily told me she was going to come yet again.

Suddenly Ruth unstrapped the dildo and left it lodged in Mai's cunt. She then slithered up Mai's body. Before Mai could react she slammed her bare cunt down on her mouth and reached down and back to frig her swollen well-used labia. Before Mai could react and pull her face away Ruth's box was rammed down. Helplessly she was forced to suck on the long folds of dangling cunt lips, struggling in disgust trying to spit them out she was forced to eat the cumming Ruth.

Cream poured freely out from Ruth saturating Mai's face and filling her mouth. She licked harder hoping for it to end but had to jam her tongue into Ruth's hole to stem the flow. More creamy juice filled her mouth and she was forced to swallow as her Anglo Indian's shrieks of joy bombarded her skull and filled the air. With her mouth full of cunt meat, she ate Ruth's pussy hard trying to end the ordeal.

"You're my bitch," Ruth's screamed. "My Bitch! Bitch, I'm better and you belong to meeeeeeee."

She thrashed. ramming herself down on Mai's face. Mai was forced to swallow rapidly, drinking the cream as it flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue and invaded the spongy heat of her insatiable 50 yr old Anglo Indian's fuck hole. Muscles attacked her tongue hungrily pulling on it. She kept licking to stop the flow of cum choking her, inadvertently keeping Ruth cumming. Mai's face was becoming drenched with cream.

"The longer you make me cum the sooner you can breathe again you fucking bitch!" Ruth cried out deliriously.

Mai found Ruth's clit and whipped it with her tongue. She sucked it and beat it with her tongue.

"I Love Greg watching you eat me. I want it every day" Ruth keened almost incoherently.

She beat her pussy against Mai's face and tried to cum, but it was almost impossible having cum so often that day. She needed more friction on her blood engorged clit. Mai had to breathe her so in a panic she scraped her teeth along Ruth's quivering clit. Ruth's body went into convulsions.

"That's it whore that's it!! I'm cumming," she screamed at the top of her lungs "I'm cumming!" Her cunt exploded. "I'm cumming agaaiinn!"

Hot milky pussy cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her twat. Her fuck hole became flooded and the white frothy cum flowed over Mai's face and into her mouth. "I'm creaming, Greg! I'm creaming in the bitches mouth."

Mai choked as the deluge of pussy cum flooded her mouth. She gulped, her teeth gnawing on Ruth's clit as the river of cum flowed from her cunt as she pounded her face with her humping arses.

"Harder," Ruth screeched as another orgasm tore through her pussy. "Harder! Suck! Suck it good or you'll be licking my arse!"

Ruth pounded Mai's face with her climaxing fuck hole. She slammed down on her face. Orgasms whipped through her cunt and spread until every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire.

"I'm cumming again," Ruth screamed. "I'm cumming again!" Her back arched and her neck strained. Spit drooled from her mouth. "I'm cumming again and I can't stop Are you proud of meeeeeeeeee. Piss on her Greg Piss on her!"

Always back the winner. I moved closer and Ruth grabbed my cock hosing Mai's face, the warm yellow stream bouncing back into her landing strip as she rode her beaten rival. Mai desperately wanted her to stop. She sucked, licked, teased, and then snapped her head hard to the side. The action almost ripped Ruth's clit from her thrashing body. Ruth's head snapped down. She stared down between her legs from wide glazed eyes.

"OOOOOH!! Eat Me! Suck that clit. Every day in front of Greg!" Her head threw back with a thud as another orgasm, more intense than the last, swept through her.

Mai, her face drenched, absorbed the pounding of Ruth's cunt. She sucked and sucked. Quick swallows kept her from choking on her the thick cum. Her own body was boiling and the inside of her hole ached for tongue. Ruth seemed to lift entirely off Mai's face. She crashed back, then she gripped her head hard shoving and humping her cunt to Mai's face as her shrieking voice trailed off until her words became sobs and raspy gasps for air. Ruth's kept her cunt plastered to Mai's face. She eased the pressure on her head, then smiled down.

"Good bitch did you like it. That's the start of breaking you completely. In a week you will be my slave. You're going to be fucked 24/7 by me, and some Sudanese boys who work for Greg and who will own your arse," she panted, after sitting back on Mai's tits on her haunches. Then holding Mai's head and staring into her eyes "And then watching Greg fuck me any and every way and having Greg watch me do anything to you."

She dragged Mai by the hair to the bondage room and a couple of minutes later I heard Mai's and Ruth's screams. Mai's screams of pain. Ruth's screams of joy. Every one of Mai's screams told me she no longer would have the drive to be the world number one. My dream of managing a number 1 was over again.