The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 16 Tanvi and Anushka

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series

I lay back on the bed and thought of the happenings of the past few weeks while the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club premises club were being renovated. The 44-year-old Anushka was lying beside me. She was the last of the 14 Indian women, all foundation members of my club, whom I was to sleep with and rate. Four I had been already very familiar with and had not needed to fuck again. The 50-year-old Anglo Indian Ruth who was progressing well on her slut journey. Saanvi, the 52-year-old mother of the captain, and the 18-year-old Convent student Vanya whom I had living together, working as a sexfighting doubles team and was fucking singly and in a three-way. The fourth was the exhibitionist, sex crazy 45-year-old Priya whom I had as insurance in case she defeated Saanvi for the presidency of the club.

The remaining women, with the one exception of Tanvi, had proved to be: same day, same shit. Most were over thirty, at the best average looking, solidly built, inexperienced, horny, eager and enthusiastic. I did the deed, said the right words, promised the world, and everyone was happy. I had thought and hoped Tanvi would be different. She had accompanied one of her tenants Metab, one of the 14 Indian tertiary student cricketers I coached, to the dinner I gave them where they all had to bring a female. Unknown to the boys, the females were to be eaten by my Indian accountant Anupama. Then each pair of cricketer and accompanying female was to compete to make Anupama cum the most. It was a night that changed my ideas regarding Indian women and led to the establishment of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club.

As most of my Indian cricketers were not uber rich and lacking cash, they had no girlfriends and brought along sisters, cousins, aunts, mothers. One had even spent his best cricketer award prize money on a semi pro prostitute. Tanvi was the 46-year-old from Mumbai who had accompanied Metab and had stood out immediately. First because of her tailored, and to my well tutored, when it comes to money, eyes, expensive European style tailored blazer and tight split black skirt and high heels. Most of the others were in saris or were wearing a salwar kameez. Second, her appearance, as she had an almost Asian facial look to go with her Mumbai light coloured skin. Most surprisingly to me, when she had visited her property to collect back rent from Metab, she had heard him unsuccessfully attempting to convince his sister to come and had offered her services.

Later, that night I had found out, as I suspected, she had Asian blood in her. Her father was the black sheep of the family and been banished from the rich family to look after their small business interests in the backwater of Vietnam. A house fire had wiped out the clan back in Mumbai and he returned, accompanied by his new Vietnamese wife and daughter Tanvi, to take sole control. My discussion had been cut short, but not all had been lost as it looked like she would be needing an accountant here in Oz when she established her businesses here. I felt I fitted the brief exactly as she was looking for an accountant who was ambivalent towards our tax and import duties. In our double talk, we had been progressing towards why she had attended tonight, and other intimate matters and it was clear both in business and sex she was ruthless competitive and greedy when our conversation had to be halted as the meal was to be served.

Tanvi had been the third in my list of the untried Indian women and she had sat on the bed, already starting to undress. Her body was so different to the other full bellied thick thighed Indian women. Despite being 46 years, her body was lean and taut with small but firm and pert tits. Long shapely toned legs, a firm belly and tight arse and short pixie style haircut differentiated her from them. And her pussy: shaved unlike theirs, and it was a perfect Vietnamese slit with long hanging lips not a Filipina thick lipped mound type. I approached, and she drew me near and undid my pants. My hardening cock burst out, and she took just the head of it into her mouth. The sight was wonderful: her high cheek boned attractive face, her eyes looking up as me as she held my cock in her mouth.

"Greg, I have to ask you a favour."

"I'm in no position to refuse you with your teeth near my cock," I said, smiling at her.

She smiled too, but then looked serious. "I have to tell you something. About what turns me on."


"I like to watch. I mean, watch sex."

I digested that. "So, you're a voyeur? You like to watch other people?"

She nodded. "Yes, but it has to involve me. I mean like me and you. Could I record us having sex? The only person that would ever watch it is me."

She sucked my cock deep into her mouth for a minute, then pulled back again and with a flutter of her eyelashes said, "You can say no."

I tried to think clearly, but it was difficult. Would I get in trouble? What if she departed and kept the videos? Would it come back and bite me someday if I tried to run for office, or something like that? Naaah.

"I guess it's OK. If it turns you on."

She slowly took me down her throat, just to show me she could, then a big smile as she pulled away, reaching for a Go Pro Hero 8 next to her bed. She set it on a small tripod, aimed it at us, and turned it on.

"So, um," I mumbled, looking from her to her camera and back.

"Just pretend it's not there. Don't be nervous." she said, embracing me. I reached around her, our mouths joined, and I tried to put the Go Pro out of my mind. I couldn't not notice, though, she was arranging her position so that it gave a good view of what was to happen. She lay on the bed on her back, spreading her legs wide, inviting me to play with her pussy, first with my fingers, then eating her, the Go Pro capturing everything. We fucked once in missionary, then she grabbed the camcorder and lay back for me to eat her pussy again. This time she had the camera in her hand, pointing it right at my face where my mouth met her pussy and tongue flicked her clit. I didn't seem to distract her too much, because she managed to come strongly even with the camcorder in her hand.

"Now we can watch." she said, popping the SD card out of the camera and after putting it her laptop attached to a flat-panel screen, opened the 5kPlyer app and pressed play. I stared, at the unfamiliar sensation of seeing myself naked in the third person. The couple on the screen, that had been us just a few minutes before, were nothing like watching porn, even amateur porn. I noticed my flaws, the odd shape of my arse, my balding head, my awkwardness. But Tanvi looked as beautiful on tape as she did in person.

"Christ, it turns me on. It's sexy, isn't it?" she said, sitting next to me, facing the screen. She flopped one of her legs over mine, to expose her pussy, gently touching herself as she watched. I looked at her and thought about it. I didn't find the odd couple on the screen that sexy. Maybe I wasn't a voyeur. But seeing Tanvi getting turned on by watching us, that was sexy. I kissed her neck and played with her tits as she watched. She reached her left hand into my lap to grasp my hardening cock.

"Let's fuck again, while I watch!" She put the Go Pro back on its tripod, pressed record, and got on her hands and knees, inviting me to take her doggy style from behind. I couldn’t wait and hammered into her. The video captured our eager doggy-style fuck, and it was surreal. The Go Pro was recording us having sex, while watching ourselves having sex. It was sufficiently weird that I averted my eyes and just looked down at her arse, my hands on her hips, my cock slamming into her tight pussy, focusing on the one thing about the situation that I understood perfectly, the pleasure of fucking her. Despite the lack of direct stimulation on her clit, Tanvi was going crazy, moaning and pushing her hips back against me, her eyes glued to the screen in front of her, which showed a close-up of my face eating her pussy.

I was working up a sweat, and finally pulled out and sat back to catch my breath. I'm an aging accountant, not a porn star, and this sex was getting almost athletic. She scrambled around, grabbing the camcorder with her right hand, laying on her back, using her left hand to spread her pussy lips.

"Fuck me like this, but don't come inside me. I want you to come where I can see it. OK?"

"OK." I leaned forward and slid into her, in missionary, but sitting up just enough for her to point the Go Pro down between our bodies, capturing my cock sliding into her. I wasn't going to last long like this. The whole thing with the camera was starting to feel kinky to me, and it was clearly doing a lot for Tanvi, because her pussy felt incredible, oozing pussy juice and involuntarily clutching my cock.
"Should I come on your tits?"


Feeling my balls starting to clench, I quickly pulled out, scrambled up her body and stroked my cock. She pointed the Go Pro right at it, making my cock the star of the show, as it jerked and sprayed cum on her perfect tits. Luckily, the wide-angle lens of the Go Pro made close objects look bigger so my cock looked monstrous. To those people who didn’t know about lens distortion it probably looked like my dad was black.

"Mmmm, cool. That’s a keeper," she said, using her left hand to rub the cum into her skin. "I'm going to love watching that later." Now I was a bone fide porn star.

I lay down beside her and waited for her to turn off the camera before kissing and cuddling. We talked for a while, about her background and life, and I discovered why she had attended the restaurant dinner with Metab.

She explained,” I had overheard the boys talking about your Accounting Indian woman pulling a train of them and wanted to see what was on the menu this time. And it was worth it. The thought of what you have planned for the club and I believe it is different to what those dumb bitches think it will be really turns me on. And I will have them all servicing me like they did Anupama, but on my Go Pro. I don’t know how it will affect your club but I’m into BDSM as a mistress and they will know it.”
My brain worked at warp speed. I replied. “Instead of the Go Pro, we could turn the top floor of the club building into a porn studio and apart from the BDSM with them we could turn you into a porn star working independently with our own web site not travelling to the USA and being paid peanuts by a studio.”

“But there is so much amateur porn on the net who would pay for ours?’

The biggest market in the world. India where making porn is banned. Then Japan where locally made porn must have pixilation. And your heritage Indian and Asian gives both markets. For the rest of the world the big niche markets are Black Asian and BDSM so you tick the boxes.”

“But I am 46.”

I noticed there was no talk of not being able to perform on stage. “Take a look online at Miami born Diamond Jackson,” I said. “Probably my favourite black porn star now that Jada Fire has retired. 53 and started porn at 46 after being an MTV video presenter. Over 50 porn movies, her own website and like you a killer body. Apart from her fake tits you could be twins.”
She considered. “Should I get fake tits?"

She was still considering as she adjusted the Go Pro and like a director motioned me to the bed so she could mount me for what became a long kinky night.

But back to where I was now. Ruth, Sanvi, Vanya and Priya from before, and then Tanvi and 6 others left only Anushka and I was ready to do my duty for the final time.

"Harder, Harder. Give it to me Greg" Anushka yelled out as I pulled on her oiled, thick dark hair that hung down her dark brown back as I ground doggy style into the 44-year-old Madurai born Indian. She was now residing in Melbourne looking after her nephew Daulat while he studied I.T. and played for my cricket team. He played better than he studied. Like a lot of Southern Indians, she was quite dark skinned.

There is always the unknown excitement in fucking for the first time: compatibility, expectations, mental and physical chemistry. Sometimes, something you expect to be great just fizzles, but this was the opposite. Anushka was 46, 5 ft 3, solid, small titted, and a fair bit overweight at 68 kilos with a 34B 31 37 body. Round faced, doubled chinned and with thick dark eyebrows but as I was discovering she was magic when she fucked.

It was surprising because she had appeared to be at best ambivalent towards the sex activities at the fledgling club, nearly freezing from fright or embarrassment at her first lesbian experience, and appeared to be a disinterested loner separate from the rest of the Indian women, even those from her own southern city of Madurai.

But she was like nothing I had experienced before: Vietnamese, Filipina, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. None came close to her. Her fuck tube was incredible being able to expand to easily take my forearm, yet capable of fitting like a second skin on my cock. In fact, it was so tight if it wasn’t for the huge amount of fuck juice, she was releasing I probably couldn’t have slid along her love channel. On top of that her cunt muscles control could vary. Sometimes she rippled rhythmically along my cock, other times squeezing randomly anywhere along its length, while at other times the entire full length of my shaft was squeezed. It was magic.

On top of that she somehow seemed to contract the length of her vagina allowing me to get my cock head past her cervix into her uterus where she trapped it, held it there and unleashed her cunt muscles on my enlarged throbbing tool. Finally released from this new pleasure, I was now pounding her doggy style like a man possessed as she thrust back with her strong thighs. She had gasped and opened her eyes wide for a second with arousal when I took her doggy, but it didn’t take more than a moment for her to regain her composure. Before I could take control, she raised up her arse and began to contort her body like a belly dancer up and down on my throbbing cock. Her writhing torso moved rhythmically as if to some inaudible metronome. All I could do was to close my eyes and drift into paradise.

I couldn't hold any longer. It was too good. "Anushka, I'm cumming,” I yelled.

When I shot my load it prompted her to start whimpering with frustration as the fuck was over but she continued to work her body up and down until I could stand it no longer and releasing her hair I slumped back on my haunches.

"Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". She orgasmed noisily again and slid off my limp cock. Like a flash, she changed her position and soon her lips were locked on my knob sucking out each last drop of my cum.

It was just the start.

Four successive fuck days later we were at it again having just been out for dinner. I could not hold out much longer against the overwhelming pleasure and excitement that she was creating in my mind and particularly in my cock which was being pleasured by this middle-aged Indian woman sucking my cock.

Somehow, I managed to maintain control and not cum and I arranged her on the bed kneeling her doggy style. Her long black skirt was a wraparound secured only by two buttons on her hip. I lifted it up exposing her buttocks and slowly and gently eased the black thong down over the suspender belt and off her ankles. Then I turned her onto her back. Above her sin slit her thick thatch of hair was shaved into a pattern of 4 outward radiating lines starting from a horizontal strip above the top of her slit. The idea of the pubic designs had come when I first saw the full bushes of the Indian women when compared to the Vietnamese women whom I was familiar with. It was part of my plan that had them feeling elite as the founding members of the Subcontinent railway Sex Club. I had used Hitlers SS indoctrination ideology as my basis, with its focus of superiority, loyalty, superb training, self-discipline, selection and purpose. That training was of course based on that in the Jesuit seminaries which had proved so successful for the Catholic church. On top of that I had layered the myth of medieval knighthood. Instead of their shield with its family coat of arms, my Indian women had their pubic hair design.
Priya’s massive thick, tangled 6-inch-long 2-inch wide landing strip was especially notable, and I had merely had her turn it into a character of a number one. Vanya, despite being 18 had an immense bush and hers had been shaven bristle length into a 5-inch-long 4-inch wide diamond with an uncut mohawk strip running down the middle. Saanvi had a 5-pointed star, Ruth 3 lightning bolts each pointing to and reaching her clit hood. Navya was shaven except for a small postage stamp an inch above her slit which drew even more attention to her huge clit. Of the others: Anvi, the 26-year-old prostitute proudly wore a porn star triangle, the 30-year-old Kira 4 horizontal lines, each becoming longer the further from her slit, Anika, the slim 20 year old shop assistant, featured a thin pencil strip, crossed at the top like a sword hilt, Tanvi the elegant 46 year old businesswoman with her sparse hair was fully shaved, Dhriti, a teardrop while Ira had a 5 inch X.

No two were the same. The good looking 18-year-old Pari sported a cocktail glass, while Sai the 46 year old from Madurai whose long oiled hair reached to her knees and was matched in quality in her pubes had a five 1 inch strips in a zigzag pattern with long African style braids hanging from the thick mat of each strip. But all were proud of their unique design which I had assured them showed that they were the best and a founding member of the club.

Slowly I kissed, licked and tongued her cunt from the clit to its arse hole. Her juices flowed as my tongue drew those long inner lips from her cunt.

"Fuck me and shoot inside me," she howled.

Unlike our normal love making I didn't follow her instructions and enter her, but slowly and relentlessly continued to pleasure her with my tongue. She tried to grip my cock and pull it in her, but I held her hand and prevented her efforts. She came strongly with her body thrashing around the bed, but despite her pleading to have me in her, I kept simulating her responsive clit with my tongue and fingers.

As she writhed through another orgasm, I grabbed her wrists and tied them to the top bed posts with her discarded stockings. I held an ankle and slowly parted her legs revealing her swollen inner prize. Starting at her ankles I slowly let my tongue glide up her leg to flick her inviting cunt. After this was done about four times to each leg, she was straining to push her pussy against the approaching tongue. Then I changed the variables, the speed, the length of time and position inside her cunt until she came. Unlike my Anglo Indian slut Ruth’s short violent orgasms, Anushka’s early climaxes were long and steady. They seemed to give her reassurance of love she needed.

I continued to pleasure her this way, before removing the camisole covering her tits. They hung before me in their smallish glory, lemon sized, firm, but out of proportion to her solid body. Her nipples quivered standing rigid from their dark circular aureoles. Once again, I returned to her cunt, covered now, as were her thighs, with her glistening cum. As I buried my face into her pussy, I could smell the musky aroma and taste the distinctive juice flowing from her.

By now, her orgasms though still long, were more intense and the twisting of her body were matched by whisperings and moans that escaped her lips. Pulling away I placed my cock at her mouth and let her extend her tongue chasing its tip before allowing her to take it between her lips. Kneeling astride her I accepted this and reached back with one hand to finger fuck her. Feeling worried I would come I pulled back, untied both hands and told her when she made herself aroused enough, I would enter her. Her hands explored her cunt and tits trying to climax and at the same time display and reveal her body and the sex she wanted it to give me. I allowed her to come twice before placing my cock at her willing cunt lips. Holding my cock in my hands I ran its tip against her clit, partly entering then withdrawing in both her entrances, before succumbing and entering her.

She sat astride my love juiced covered penis that was held prisoner in her love tunnel. Each rhythmical lift of her hips left me almost out of her with my tip at her entrance, before her down thrust caused me to experience the caresses of her muscles culminating in a vice like grip at the base of my cock. My groin and the bedsheet beneath were soaked wet from her love juice. Raising her hips, she covered my exposed cock with the oversized inner cunt lips hanging uncovered from her love hole, and using her fingers thrilled my cock by rubbing it with these wet lips. Taking me deep again she gripped my cock at its base with her muscles then let the rest of her incredible vagina muscles spasm against the shaft in her. With one hand she played with her clit, the other fondled her nipples.

She snuggled into me feeling relaxed, warm and contented and loved. I could smell the very essence of her in her hair. I was in seventh heaven. Apart from the incredible fuck, I believed that with her sex drive, love of experimenting and nearly discovered and released horniness she could be what I had chased for all these years. A number one world Asian sexfighter.
Three days later I knew the truth. Three Vietnamese housewives had easily destroyed her sexually and she was very familiar with the taste of Vietnamese victory piss. She had the desire, but not the talent. My dream of a world number one would not be fulfilled by Anushka. It was frustrating, because I knew if the contest involved making a man cum multiple times or most men in a time period, no one in the top 10 would beat her. It was just she sucked at the other more common events.

But it not all was lost. I used my silver tongue and it was like Donald Trump talking to the believers at one of his election rallies. We had to keep it secret from the other club members because they would be jealous of her. We had our “unique extreme horny” connection. I would be fucking my “soulmate” whenever I could because I needed her. She would be to her, “my trusted aide”, to me “spy” in the club prior to becoming president when the club was functional and running smoothly.
As well I now had a great take along to swinger nights. She would be a sure thing to increase my reputation. And finally, I had someone to compete with Suzie Lee. She was a late 40s Singaporean who had emigrated here with her daughters Tammie and Judy and set up her Accounting business. The trouble was she specialised in the same area as I did; setting up overseas Asian businesses wanting to invest here. The mother and daughter had ripped the heart out of my hold in this lucrative area. Not even my everchanging roster of Vietnamese Accountants could satisfy the Japanese and Chinese businessmen like they could. But now I had a weapon to combat them with.

To test her I thought of arranging a gang bang with black cock. The ultimate test. As I started to sell it to her it, I stumbled on a line I wish I had thought of years before. As I deep throated her just like they do on the Facialabuse website it came to me. As I watched drool run out her nose, I explained how I would cope with her being gangbanged. How I could handle seeing my soulmate being taken by half a dozen or more men. Well first there was my pride in seeing her being better sexually than other women, seeing her achieve her potential. Jealousy didn’t come into it as I knew it was physical not emotional act. I had tears in my eyes as I said how even if she felt some slight concern or tenderness for another man, say a shopkeeper we visited regularly that would destroy me because of our emotional as well as physical attachment.

By the end she was almost demanding she be unleashed on of all of Melbourne’s male population and with some clever prompting she suggested that it would be similar to me fucking another woman to entrap her into sex with herself as she somehow thought it was only her inexperience that had given the three Vietnamese women their victories.