The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club by Aussie Greg Legacy

Chp 17 Anushka's Gangbang Contest

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series

The largest ship in the Kenyan navy, the 280-foot-long P3124 Jasiri was built in 2013 and was now docked in Melbourne. The pride of the Kenyan navy was in Melbourne for 2 weeks before heading to the Indian Ocean for joint USA Australia and smaller nation war simulation games. I had left a message on the noticeboard at the Seaman’s Mission near Docklands. It was pinned up along with the messages from the escort agencies, massage parlours, legal brothels and freelancers. It must have been read because, despite the Kenyan seamen being only allowed off their vessels for short time periods, my phone had received enough messages. The result was 6 Kenyan seamen from the vessel who were now gathered with me in the grand suite of the prestigious Melbourne Marriott hotel.

They were there as part of my conditioning of Anushka, the 44 year old Madurai born southern, dark skinned Indian whom I had a first dismissed as sexually repressed but had found to be an insatiable lover with skills that I had never experienced before.

One of the Kenyans Waitimu, a 250 pound mass of solid black flesh, said to me, “Just to get this right, we fuck the Indian bitch anyways and she has 6 hours to make us all not able to get it up within 30 minutes of cumming. Fat chance of that happening.”

“And if she can’t do that then we are all each going get $3000," chimed in Gathii, a tall, skinny, short haired, dark skinned deckhand.

“And if she quits before we finish, then it goes up to $5000 each," added Chege a heavily tattooed marine.

“And the one of us that lasts the longest and one other of us boys the bitch picks get to try for a $5000 prize to see who makes the bitch dog cum the most," contributed the darkest skinned Pili.

“That's correct, gentlemen. Now I,” I replied but was interrupted by a menacing growl from the one who looked the oldest, Sokoro. “We ain’t no gentlemen. We are here to fuck the bitch until she can’t take no more black meat. Ain't we bros?”

A chorus of noises and grunts I took to be affirmatives answered him so I continued nervously, “That's right bro, but there were certain requirements for you all to meet,” and I pulled the tape measure from my pocket.

“You ain't no bro and no white, homo pervert gonna touch my cock, an angry Sokoro yelled and snatched the measure from me, muttering how he would break the arse of anyone who tried to touch his tool.

Secretly relieved that I didn’t have to measure I watched as Sokoro stripped and pumped his cock into hardness, used the tape and proudly called out, “10 inches of hard prime meat ready to go here.”

They followed one by one, each making me feel more inadequate. Chege matched Sokoro at 10 inches, though his was thin compared to the other sailor’s fuck sticks that they held in their hands. Pili added another quarter inch in length while Gathii arrogantly stroked his curved 10-and-a-half-inch rod to hardness. Waitimu smiled, and proudly topped that by reaching 11 inches. Then Onkwani grunted as he fisted the tree stump hanging between his legs. Although only 9 inches in length it was 3.5 inches in diameter with a head the size of his fist. Thick pencil like veins ran along its length and just before the head were 2 encompassing circles of bumps. I had been in Vietnam during the war and seen the black soldiers there. I knew he had slit the skin and inserted ball bearings, although in Nam they had used triple O buckshot. His cock hadn’t reached the stipulated length, but I wasn’t about to argue.

Anushka appeared from the bathroom nude except for a white garter belt white stockings and high heels. I don’t like white stockings myself but the videos I had seen seemed to show that the blacks liked their women wearing them. She was greeted by jeers and promises of what they would do to her as they earned the maximum by making her quit. As she walked, she thrust her pelvis forward displaying her mound type cunt above which was a thick horizontal bar of pubic hair with four thick lines of hair radiating from it.

The idea of the pubic designs had come when I first saw the fuller matted bushes of the Indian women when compared to the Vietnamese women whom I was familiar with. It was part of my plan that had them feel elite as the founding members of the Subcontinent railway Sex Club. I had used Hitler’s SS indoctrination ideology as my basis, with its focus of superiority, loyalty, superb training, self-discipline, selection and purpose. That training was of course based on that in the Jesuit seminaries which had proved so successful for the Catholic church. On top of that I had layered the myth of medieval knighthood. Instead of their shield with its family coat of arms, my Indian women had their pubic hair design.
Priya’s massive thick, tangled 6-inch-long 2-inch wide landing strip was especially notable, and I had merely had her turn it into a character of a number one. Vanya, despite being 18 had an immense bush and hers had been shaven bristle length into a 5-inch-long 4-inch wide diamond with an uncut mohawk strip running down the middle. Saanvi had a 5-pointed star, Ruth had 3 lightning bolts each pointing to and reaching her clit hood. Navya was shaven except for a small postage stamp an inch above her slit which drew even more attention to her huge clit. Of the others: Anvi, the 26-year-old prostitute proudly wore a porn star triangle, the 30-year-old Kira 4 horizontal lines, each becoming longer the further from her slit, Anika, the slim 20 year old shop assistant, featured a thin pencil strip, crossed at the top like a sword hilt, Tanvi the elegant 46 year old businesswoman with her sparse hair was fully shaved, Dhriti, a teardrop while Ira had a 5 inch X.

No two were the same. The good looking 18-year-old Pari sported a cocktail glass, while Sai the 46 year old from Madurai whose long oiled hair reached to her knees and was matched in quality in her pubes had a five 1 inch strips in a zigzag pattern with long African style braids hanging from the thick mat of each strip. But all were proud of their unique design which I had assured them showed that they were the best and a founding member of the club.

I drew out numbers and Sokoro stepped up to the plate to take strike as the others arranged the 5ft 2-inch-thick bodied Indian into a kneeling position on the bed.

"I want a blow job, bitch. I want an Indian bitch to suck cum out of my cock, and you better be good at it too!" he warned. “Take it in your mouth, slut.”

Anushka opened her mouth and became cross eyed as she watched the dark meat slowly laid onto her moist, outstretched tongue. The mouth in her round, double chinned face widened and began to slowly suck at it when she was suddenly hit in the face by Sokoro. "I never told you to start sucking. You just hold it there. Yeah...that's nice… and you suck when I tell you to, not one second sooner." Sokoro demanded.

Anushka just knelt, her wrists and ankles held by Onkwani and Waitimu, her bare arse and exposed pussy feeling the cold air from the air conditioner, and a large stiffening cock filling her mouth and resting menacingly on her salivating tongue. Suddenly a quick thrust from behind caught her off guard, and her already wet pussy welcomed the ten thin inches of Marine Chege’s cock being slammed into it. As Chege’s fucking pushed her forward it forced Sokoro’s cock into her throat, and she began to gag.

The two men working Anushka began to near their climax, so they both pounded harder. Chege at the back was now slapping her bare arse reddening it between powerful thrusts while Sokoro at her face was slamming his hard cock into her accepting throat repeatedly. The first to come was the one enjoying her pussy. Chege gripped her waist hard and thrust in as deep as he could, as he spewed cum into her belly.

Anushka felt his seed filling her from within and moaned with pleasure. Soon after, Sokoro at her face began climaxing and pulled his saliva coated cock from her mouth to pump flow after flow of hot cum onto her face. She was caught unprepared and got a large gob in her eye and another up her nose. While she blinked, he kept pumping his dick and shooting cum into her mouth and all over her lips, cheeks, and chin. When he was finally finished, he stepped back leaving Anushka sputtering and her face covered with his white goo.

Gathii was ready with his 10 inches of curved black meat and he took over at the rear while Pili pulled his long, meaty cock from his pants, just inches from her face preparing her take him orally. Gathii’s callused fingers probed her snatch clumsily and then gripped her by her 34-inch full belly. The sailor in front grabbed her head tightly on either side and positioned his fully erect cock at her lips. She took it eagerly while, with a deep grunt, Gathii rammed his rod into her cum filled pussy.

As Pili’s cock searched for her tonsils Gathii pulled out with a plopping sound, but this was only to change entrances. He pushed the cum covered deep brown head of his cock at the puckered eye of the short Indian’s arsehole. At the same time, he used his fingers to tease the clit in her sperm oozing pussy. As she focused on her oral administrations of Pili, Gathii thrust into her anus slowly and I could see him pushing into her; impossibly, hugely, painfully and determinedly. Her head was forced forward onto Pili’s cock as Gathii drove all his inches into her receptive arse.

The timer on Chege’s clock rang. It was 30 minutes from when he had cum in Anushka’s pussy and he effortlessly stroked his 10 inches into hardness again. A minute later Sokoro’s clock sounded his 30 minutes and he also had no trouble in making his ten and a half inches quiver into hardness. I was merely envious of their efforts.

Meanwhile Gathii had emptied his load into Anushka’s arse who momentarily stopped her blow job on Pili to scream an orgasm before getting back to work deep throating his 10 and a quarter inches, The bulge which traversed her neck with every full lunge was visible to everyone in the room, as were her efforts to have his pubic hair reach her lips.

Then I saw Pili stiffen, his fingers digging painfully into her tits. She took a deep breath and prepared to swallow. The transfer of semen began. I could almost hear the churning in his nuts, pressed firmly into her chin, his belly touching the red bindi on her forehead. She felt the pulsations pass her lips, felt the head of his weapon swell, and then felt the cum begin to puddle in her oesophagus. She panicked with the torrent of cum. Swallow she thought. Swallow quickly so I'll be able to breathe as soon as he pulls out.

He pulled back as his spurts grew weaker. Her lips were no longer mashed into his pubic hair. Her convulsing throat tube shrank back to normal size as the head retreated into her mouth. A final spurt coated her tongue, and then he pulled past her lips, smearing the final few drops of white stuff onto her lips as though it were chapstick to protect against the sun.

All six came up again for a second round. The highlight was Onkwani turkey slapping Anushka’s face with his nine inch super thick monster. Each slap twisted her face as she sat bouncing up and down on Pili’s rod. They gangbanged the portly Indian for a third round but this time the 30-minute recovery time was not enough for Pili and Sokoro to get hard again and to the derisive comments of the remaining four they departed.
With Sokoro out of the contest Chege was first in line. Reaching down he grasped his raging hard cock; it sprang up and slapped her between the thighs. Dropping to his knees, he pressed his face to her cunt. Pushing her thighs apart, he let his long, flexible tongue lap at her wet pussy for a moment, just long enough for her to pant out a howl of pleasure. Then he was back on my feet behind her. His fuck meat cockhead had swollen enormously, purple and oozing pre-cum as he pressed it forward against her pussy from behind. Her round cum smeared face turned over her shoulder, and he lifted one hand to her chin, his thumb smearing her bright red cheap lipstick all around her face.
"Yes," She murmured to no one yet everyone, "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me anyway you can."

"They can't hear you," the marine scolded, twisting her nipples and beginning to slam her arse with his rigid cock. He stood there, smacking her, slapping her, spanking her big brown arse with his enormous cock. "You better let them hear you beg, baby."

"Fuck me," she managed, a little louder, each word giving her more volume and confidence. "Fuck me with your cock. It's so BIG... so good, she continued. "I love cock. I love your huge cock fucking my cunt!" She let her tongue slide back and forth between her lipstick-smeared lips as she eyed the hardons sported by the waiting three. Cunt, arse and mouth. Give it to me.”

She leant forward until she was bent over at the waist, with her arse poking high in the air toward Chege. Then, before she could steady herself, he shoved his giant cock all the way, balls deep, into her pussy. One vicious thrust that forced her forward until her face was slapped by the cock of the next navy man, Gathii. Letting out a pleasured cry, she gulped and forced her mouth over his ten-and-a-half-inch rod. Her gasps and cries were muffled as the marine both pumped his cock into her pussy and forced her head forward to take Gathii's cock deep into her waiting throat.

Grunting like a bull in heat he took over steering her head, as his hands replaced Chege’s in her long black hair. With both hands free again, Chege took hold of her hips and really started to fuck her’. Simultaneously, Gathii in front had his hands on either side of her face, driving his cock into her throat. The remaining two stepped forward eagerly, reaching down to play with her tits and pinch her nipples. The navy men were determined to get her to quit and get their cash. But to their surprise she reached out and placed a hand on each of their two big cocks.

There she was, bent over, one monster of a cock up her pussy, another huge cock down her throat, and one in each hand. Cock surrounded her, and her moaning left no doubt that she was in slut heaven.

Carried away I shouted, "Can you believe this, slut? You got a cock in your pussy, one in your mouth, one in each hand, and it isn’t finished yet. There are still four of them left." She moaned in response, while the gangbang continued. She was loving every minute of it.

After this round Gathii failed to get hard in the mandated thirty minutes, so the Marine, Chege, the eleven inches of Waitimu and Onkwani’s tree trunk now remained in the contest. They took her singly now, her body shuddering from one orgasm after another, and she must have cum half a dozen times from each man, but she was still taking their black meat. The three changed tactics and began to pull together as a team, switching places so that each stud had the chance to be in her mouth cunt and arse.

My money was on Onkwani. He was the most relentless, fucking her... pounding into her... ramming jamming slamming into her... fucking her hard and deep with his extra thick big veined monster. It seemed to expand and grow bigger and thicker with each massive thrust that threatened to split her into two. But he failed to get it up and so the remaining two now fought for the prize. It was an anticlimax as 2 minutes into the sixth round the eleven inches of Waitimu simply wilted and shrunk and he retired leaving the field of battle and victory and prize money to the Marine.