Corporate Catfight by The Raven

Chapter 1

Rose Chu was determined to get to the top. Possessed with a fine intellectual mind, a sexy, agile body formed from years of catfighting and working out, she risked everything to excel in the executive ranks of Silicon Valley's hottest Company. Nothing would get in her way of her goals: to become a high-level executive, to maximize her wealth and power base, and to become a Mistress Supreme. She was determined to never be anyone's slave ever again!

Corporate Catfighting details Rose's quest for supremacy. Standing in Rose's way:

- Judy Buck, a veteran cowgirl wrestler (briefly seen in Cat Scratch Fever with Hellcat) who was Rose's old Mistress from her college days.

- Collette, the director of Human Resources at the Company, who is also the current Mistress Supreme.

- Nanette, Collette's loyal lover, who succeeded in breaking up Rose's marriage.

- Kimo Matsui, a Japanese-American expert catfighter who desires to get rich in Silicon Valley.

- Allison Wu, Rose's current boss, an expert dominatrix who lusts to enslave Rose forever.

- Barry Kosmos, CEO of the Company, who lusts to see Rose battle to the death.

- Mitch Spock, Rose's nerd employee, who blackmails Rose into fighting a stripper in his apartment.

- Bunny Li, Rose's lover, who refuses to admit her lesbianism and leave her husband for Rose!


"Is there anything else you want to talk about?" Rose asked Mitch. She crossed her legs slowly and saw the saliva in his mouth. The software engineer's eyes drifted down to her lower body. Ahhhh, thank god for the light grey pantyhose and the peach skirt just above my knee, Rose thought. This, and the shorts I wear on Friday, turn Mitch into putty. He's like clay in the hands of a sculptress.

"Um, no," Mitch said, adjusting the glasses on his nose. "I'm really glad we started these one on one meetings."

"Me, too," Rose smiled. She saw Mitch's cheeks turn a light pink on his white skin. I wonder if he'll be so easy to control if he ever gets a girlfriend? Rose wondered. "When will you have those test results for me?"

"Oh, by Friday!" Mitch said enthusiastically.

"Ok, then, let's go over them tomorrow," Rose replied. And check out my legs, too, nerd-boy.

After Mitch had exited her office, Rose stood up and stretched her body. She felt strong and powerful, both as a manager and a catfighter. She hadn't missed her daily workout in over six months. Her new slave Judy kept Rose on her toes in the areas of wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and catfighting, in addition to being a damn fine horse trainer.

Rose had always fought, mostly for fun and fitness and sex, for over twenty years. She learned how to fight at prep school, and mastered in many fighting arts in college, under the tutelage of Judy. Rose was addicted to catfighting and sex with women-that she knew beyond a doubt, especially when Jim had walked into their room to find Nanette straddling her in bed. The divorce ensued, Rose lost custody of Mary, but she kept on fighting, and never looked back too often in regret.

Even though Rose was guilt-free, there was always something lacking in her life. Something unsatisfying, no matter how many slaves Rose won or how much sex she had. Something she only realized when she had taken a "7 Habits of Highly Successful People" seminar. Rose had stopped expanding her circle of influence after she had established herself as a first line manager.

Her career had plataued.

To be happy, Rose needed to find new heights to aspire, new goals to set and accomplish.

She found her goal when Allison was promoted to Vice President. Allison's old job of Director was now open.

The head of Human Resources was Collette, a lovely tall brunette in her late thirties, one of the prettiest and sexiest women at the Company. She was also the smartest and toughest wrestler in the fuck-fighting circles of the Valley, and the official cat-mistress at the Company. No matter how much power Rose or Allison or any admin had, Collette called the shots on every woman's department within the Company.

There were times when Rose needed more head-count for her department. If it meant that another woman's department would have to lose a headcount, Rose would have to fight for it. Two female managers want to hire the same candidate? Rose would strip and wrestle her colleague. Not giving Collette enough respect at the Company? Rose would have to face her in the arena at the club.

And Rose hadn't been giving Collette enough respect. They faced off in the arena one month ago, and to everyones surprise, Rose made Collette submit to her. It didn't gain Rose much, beyond a little more respect and a night of dominating Collette in bed. To become Collette's mistress, Rose would have to beat her three times in a row.

Company Policy. Dictated by Collette.

When Allison's job became available, Rose went to Collette and told her she wanted it.

"Suck my pussy now," Collette hissed, "and I'll let you have it."

"Suck mine instead," Rose shot back, "and I'll go easy on you next time at the club."

"Fine, you bitch," Collette replied. "I'll see you there on Thursday. You'll have to beat me just to interview for the job. But even if you win, you'll still have to face Nanette. She wants it, too."

Nanette: a blond fuck-fighter who seemed to follow Rose around from Company to Company in the Valley. The woman who destroyed Rose's marriage. Who tried to steal away members of Rose's Catpack. And Collette's most dedicated and ruthless slave.

"Nanette's going to have to get through Bunny tonight. You'll both be my slaves when this is all over."

Collette laughed. "In your dreams, kitty."

"So, I hear you are fighting Collette tonight, eh?" Allison asked Rose. The petite Chinese women eyes danced over Rose's body almost as hungrily as Mitch's did earlier. "I've bet money that you'll win."

"Thanks," Rose replied, blinking and trying to resist Allison's attempt at seduction. "I'm ready to take Collette down."

"I'm sure you are." Allison smiled at Rose and tilted her head. "What if I told you there was an easier way to win your new title?" She stood up and walked over to Rose.

"An easier way than fighting for it?" Rose asked. "What do you mean?"

Allison's fingers ran up Rose's arm and brushed her ear. "I'm going to Napa this weekend. Why don't you come with me and I can share with you…my plans for our success."

"You want me to be your lover," Rose sighed. She always knew it since Allison came to the Company a year ago. Allison had flirted with her on and off during the past year. During the last Christmas party, Allison had gotten slightly tipsy and pinched Rose's ass in the ladies room. Rose had laughed it off as a girly tease.

"Yessssssss," Allison hissed, and kissed Rose's neck.

Rose pushed Allison away gently. "You're very pretty, Allison. Sexy, too. But I can't be with a woman who doesn't fight. I've tried it before. It's not exciting enough."

"Damn you, Rose!" Allison's hand slapped the table. "After all I've done to help your career! That bitch Collette has done nothing but hinder you, and you still--"

"I only sleep with her after she has beaten me in the arena," Rose stated. "Look, if sleeping with a woman was satisfying enough to me, don't you think I would have given up this lifestyle? I can't do it. I'm hinked on catfighting. I'm going to fight for your old job. I won't whore for it."

"You wouldn't be my whore! I want you as my partner! I'll let you fuck-fight all you want. Just bring your conquests home to me."

"Be reasonable, Allison. I'll still support you. Together, we'll run this place. You can have any other woman in the Company that you want."

Allison gripped Rose's chin in her hand and tilted her head up. Her eyes locked on Rose's face. "I want you, Rose. Kissing my feet. You and that bitch Collette. And I am going to have you both."

Rose calmly removed Allison's hand and stood up to leave. "We'll talk later, when you are not so emotional."

"There's more than one way to skin a cat, Rose!" Allison hissed as she left.

The Paradise Island Health Spa was a very exclusive health club in Silicon Valley. Only women were allowed to join or to work there. To become a member, you not only had to work in the Valley, but needed to be either a catfighter, a lesbian, or a bi-sexual. The applicants were funneled by the HR departments throughout the Valley, which were all run by cat-mistresses, such as Collette.

It was a great club for Rose. She could go for a workout in the evening, challenge a bitch to a wrestling match, and have a nice little fuck in a private hot tub room before heading home. Or, if it was the weekend and the babe wasn't married, Rose would challenge her to fight for slavery. The winner would dominate the loser until Sunday afternoon.

Rose could box or kickbox at the club as well, as long as she wore protective gear. Wrestling was preferable, because it hardly ever left any noticeable marks or bruises on the body. Still, a manager who had to fight to keep her position had to be ready for anything, so Rose regularly trained in the martial arts as well.

Catfighting only occurred at Paradise Island during the most serious disagreements or power struggles. There were no rules during catfighting; a woman could be bitten, gouged, have muscles sprained, or bones broken. Many of the ladies were married; few of the husbands knew of their wife's secret life. A woman could get by with an excuse for a face scar at work, but her husband would need a better explanation. Some took the chance and came up with a good lie.

Fortunately, Rose didn't need to worry about that anymore. She had married after working for a few years, mostly to please her parents. She managed to keep her secret life hidden from Jim for two years. After Mary was born, Rose decided to give up the catfighting life once and for all.

Collette wouldn't let her go.

She sent her prime bitch, Nanette, over to Rose's house one afternoon. The perky little blond pretended to be interested in the baby. Cooing and cawing. Giving her a nice pink little outfit for Mary. Rose was touched by the sentiment. After she put Mary into the crib for her afternoon nap, Rose walked back into the living room to find all the furniture pushed up against the wall.

Nanette was standing in the middle of the room, stark naked.

"Collette's disappointed that you haven't been going to the club," Nanette said coldly. Her grey eyes were chilling against her pale skin. "I'm going to have to punish you."

Panic rushed through Rose's mind then. Thoughts of fleeing, of locking the door in the room with Mary, calling 911, flashed through her mind.

Instead, she quickly removed her sweat pants and underwear and advanced naked into the room to fight Nanette. The blond bitch smiled greedily as Rose disrobed.

Rose felt the tiny layers of flab shake on her body as she moved toward the blond. She knew she was out of shape. She even knew that she was going to lose the match as soon as Nanette hugged her body and slammed her down to the floor.

But she felt the catlust in her body again, and that made her feel alive.

The match lasted ten minutes. Nanette had Rose's body locked down on the floor, and was ready to break her arm if she didn't submit.

Jim came home an hour later and found Rose licking Nanette's pussy in their bed. Rose left the house the very next day, never looked back in regret. She wouldn't miss her marriage or Jim, but she would always long for Mary.

That happened eight months ago. The decision to advance her career and position was made three months ago. Conquering her oldest demon first, Judy Buck, was just the first step. Now there was Collette, Nanette, and Allison to contend with.

Even though Allison didn't fight, somehow she scared Rose the most.

Thursday was tournament night at Paradise Island. Women challenged each other in open combat, while their colleagues watched, bet on the outcome, and cheered for their favorites.

The racquetball court was turned into a makeshift arena. Mats were laid down on the hardwood floor. Rose's colleagues from the Company and other Silicon Valley firms stood and watched on the balcony above, which surrounded the court. Most were dressed in leotards or athletic gear, although some, like Allison, had come directly from work and were dressed more formally. They drank water or juice, munched on healthy snacks, and fondled their lovers while they watched the fighting.

Bunny Li was a member of Rose's Catpack. Bunny was called Bunny because she used to be a Playboy bunny in a club back in Hong Kong. She dressed in her Playboy bunny outfit every Thursday night. She was smaller than Rose, 5'3", 120 pounds, with neck length hair. Older than Rose, but more girlish. Very strong, and smart at fighting. It had taken Rose months to dominate Bunny and become her mistress.

"Next match is between Bunny Li and Nanette Lyons," the female announcer spoke over the the intercom. Her voice was laced with a British accent.

Rose had come directly from work, and managed to catch Bunny just before she entered the arena.

"You can take her, Bunny!" Rose kissed her slave. "Don't let that bitch intimidate you. Don't try to match her raw strength. Just wear her down. You've got more stamina."

"I'll do it, Rose," Bunny said, taking off her bunny ears and tail. "I'll bring Nanette to your bed." Bunny's athletic legs kicked off her high heels, and she walked barefoot in her burgundy stockings into the arena. Her blue leotard accented her tiny hips and wide shoulders. Women clapped as she walked into the middle of the room.

Rose was shoved from behind. Nanette pushed past her to open the door to the arena.

"Don't count on your bitch coming back from work tomorrow," Nanette warned Rose.

A cheer went up as Nanette strode into the arena. She was dressed in an aerobics leotard, black stockings covering her legs and hips, with a pink thong going up the middle of her toned butt. Her long blond hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head.

Someone tapped Rose's shoulder from behind.

It was Collette. "A hundred dollars says Nanette is going to lick your bitch's ass." She was already dressed in her leotard, black stockings like her slave, but a yellow thong bikini and top. The bare skin on her back was exposed.

The catlust ignited within Rose. "I'll match your bet. I'm going to have Bunny fuck you tonight after I win."

"Big talk from a little kitty," Collette replied. "Look."

Nanette already had Bunny in a full nelson.

Nanette wrung the submission out of Bunny after twenty minutes of wrestling. Bunny left the arena in tears and headed straight for the locker room. A night of slavery and sex lay in store for her at Nanette's command.

"You're next, bitch!" Nanette pointed at Rose.

Collette entered the arena first, to great applause and cheers from her Catpack. The women were eager for this fight to happen. Last time, to everyone's surprise, Rose had won over Collette.

Rose hadn't had time to change into a leotard. She kicked off her heels, and unbuttoned her blouse. She wore a black athletic bra underneath for this event. The other women oogled Rose's body as she removed her peach skirt, revealing the hip-hugging grey pantyhose and underwear that she had bought from Victoria's Secret.

Rose walked half-naked into the arena in her lingerie, tingling with nervous anticipation. Women clapped and catcalled. They loved her sexy brazen appearance, the lack of a formal fighting garb.

"Enough!" Collette shouted, and the noise stopped. "Let's see who's the better woman today!"

She stepped towards Rose. Although Collette was not as expert in the martial arts, she was taller, her arms were longer, and her strength was formidable. In a sheer wrestling match, the HR rep had all the advantages. Her hands darted around Rose's body, trying to get a hold of her body for a takedown.

Rose dodged and danced around Collette.

Collette snorted and her nostrils flared.

The HR rep's hand lashed out and caught Rose's arm. She wrenched and yanked, sending Rose's face and chest into the wall of the court. The ladies in the audience gasped.

Rose felt a sharp pain in one of her teeth from the recoil of hitting the wall.

Collette gave her no time to recover. Her right claw dug into Rose's butt cheek, piercing the thin veil of pantyhose. Collette's left hand pinched Rose's neck and kept the Chinese woman from escaping. The muscles in Collette's back suddenly expanded like a cobra, as she bent down and lifted Rose up off her feet.

Rose squirmed in the air, flailing her arms, kicking her legs, doing anything she could to get out of Collette's grasp. She knew what was coming next.

Collette merely laughed, even while straining to hold Rose up in the air, just above Collette's head. She held Rose up in the air and turned around slowly, allowing every kitten in her pack to see who the mistress of the Company really was.

Collette dropped down to one knee on the mat. She slammed Rose's backbone down onto her knee. A perfect backbreaker maneuver. The crowd applauded and Collette's most ardent supporters cheered.

Rose groaned and rolled over onto her stomach. She gasped for breath and tried to hold back her tears. I'm not going to lose this one, she chanted to herself. I'm going to take in the pain and send it back to the bitch!

Collette's foot jabbed Rose's back. The pain shot up her spine. She rolled over on her back to avoid another blow, only to find Collette's foot jabbing hard into her stomach.

"Give up, Rose!" Collette yelled. "Last time was just a fluke! You'll never win again!" Her foot stabbed Rose's crotch.

Rose screamed, grabbed the floor mat, and sent her legs careening against Collette's ankles. The cocky HR bitch fell down on her ass. Rose leapt on top of Collette, but the brunette's legs flipped Rose over her head.

Rose scrambled to her feet, but Collette had gotten up faster. Before Rose could stand upright, Collette had reached her back. Collette's arms ensnared Rose's shoulders and throat in a nelson vice. Rose felt her air supply suddenly diminished.

Collette whipped her head to the side, jerking her hair out of her face. A grim smile appeared. "No more cocky comebacks now, huh, cutie?"

Rose dropped to her feet, tucked her chin downward, and rolled forward. Both Rose and Collette somersaulted on the mat. Rose was laying on top of Collette's stomach. She knew this was her moment to turn around the match. Rose sent her elbows crashing into Collette's ribs, and the heel of her foot stabbed at Collette's cunt. The HR rep groaned and released her nelson grip completely.

Rose sat up and turned. She moved her body over Collette's torso, pinning her arms against the floor. Rose's forearm pressed Collette's face against the mat, to prevent the bitch from biting her way out of the hold.

Collette's legs pounded against the mat, lifting her torso up off the mat, seeking to throw Rose off her body. Rose's arm pressed harder into a nerve on the neck, causing Collette to scream.

The audience was reluctant to show too much appreciation, but they were clearly restless at the turn of events. They pressed each other against the rails of the balcony in order to get a closer look. The minor mistresses in the catpack became horny watching the match and caressed their spandex slaves as Rose started to dominate Collette.

Collette screamed for almost a half a minute, and kicked her legs violently. Finally, she wrenched herself up to her knees. Rose lost some of her hold against the bitch. The brunette's right arm became free and ensnared tightly around Rose's neck.

Collette forced Rose off of her body. Now Rose was crouched on the mat, sitting on her knees, her torso bent over her thighs, as Collette tightened the vise around her neck with two arms.

"You're going to be my slave forever, Rose!" Collette shouted. Beads of perspiration were dripping down her forehead. She trembled as she fought to dominate her Asian foe. She was also on her knees, bending over Rose.

Rose struggled to hold back her fear. She started to see spots when she realized her way out of this trap. Out of the corner of her eyes she could she Collette's neck. Rose's left hand quickly reached for the nerve, that nerve her instructors had taught her about which could immobilize anyone when savagely pinched. She found it and dug her nails into it.

Collette screamed and released Rose.

Rose quickly fell back on the mat and opened her legs wide. Her thighs encircled Collette's neck and brought the HR rep down on the mat. Collette landed chest first; her mouth and nose were pressed against the floor. Rose brought her body up, grabbed one of Collette's ankles, one of her arms, and found a firm hold on each. Her thighs tensed and squeezed against Collette's neck.

The HR rep was completely immobilized. She squirmed violently, but Rose had her limbs locked down.

Rose's thighs ached as she held up the pressure on Collette's neck.

"Give up!" Rose panted. The sweat on her forehead was stinging her eyes. This match was short but hard. Her discipline allowed her to maintain her concentration.

Collette kicked her free leg helplessly on the mat. Her muffled scream echoed throughout the arena.

"Slap your hand three times against the mat if you're ready to be my slave!" Rose shouted. She hoped Collette was ready. Her legs were trembling now and she couldn't keep up the pressure much longer.

The seconds dribbled by slowly. A hundred power squats couldn't match the pain in Rose's legs.

The audience slowly began to chant for Rose. Some called out Collette's name.

Finally, Collette's free hand slapped the mat three times.

The audience applauded and Rose released Collette's arm and leg. Rose released her thighs and rolled over to stand on her feet. She was ready for a sneak attack by the HR rep. But Collette was really beaten tonight-she rolled over onto her back and sucked in huge gasps of air.

"Rose! Rose! Rose!" the women chanted.

They knew her campaign to overthrow Collette and become the new cat mistress of the Company was a reality. It would be the first serious challenge to Collette's position in years.

"I hereby challenge Collette to a catfight in this arena!" Rose shouted. The women roared with delight. "A naked, no-rules fight for the right to become your mistress! In two weeks time, after I take down that bitch next week!"

Rose pointed at Nanette, who stood at the balcony's edge with Bunny in her grip.

The blond hissed back at Rose.

Every part of Paradise Island Health Spa was designed to be the most luxurious and convenient for catfighters. After the fight, Rose took a hot shower with Collette, her temporary slave for the night. It was a good humilation for the bitch to soap Rose's back and suckle her wet toes, while the other women passed them in wonder.

Collette, lose a fight? It simply didn't happen.

The private hot tub room had already been prepared for them, but Rose fucked Collette in the public hot tub first, just to increase the degradation. She placed a studded collar on Collette's neck, with a leash attached to the back, and dragged the HR bitch into the bubbling foam. The other women in the tub scrambled to get out, not seeking to have Collette remember their faces when the night was over.

But the kittens in the catpack peeked and walked by anyway, to see Rose with her strap-on dildo, boring a hole into Collette's third input. Collette's ass bucked and fought Rose's pumping, but Rose jerked on the leash and broke her slave down.

It would give the women lots to gossip about, until the next fight. Rose could win against Collette in a third-round catfight to the finish, and she could dominate the bitch.

Pretty, delicate looking Rose. She could be tough enough to be our cat-mistress!

After twenty minutes of fucking, Rose had decided to move to the private room. She led Collette through the wet hallway of the locker room to the door. Roxanne, a petite Mexican wrestler from the accounting department, stared at them as they walked.

"What the fuck are you looking at, bitch!" Collette roared.

Rose yanked the leash and Collette stumbled backward. "Now, now," she chided Collette, grabbing hold of the brunette's hair. "That wasn't very nice. You'll have to apologize. Roxanne, spread your legs."

"What?" Roxanne asked, astonished. She was naked and had just opened her locker to put on her clothes.

"Sit down on the bench and spread your legs," Rose commanded. "And Collette will make up for her harsh words."

Roxanne hesitated. To enjoy Rose's victory over Collette was one thing. To take part in Collette's humiliation could ruin Roxanne's future at the Company, if Rose lost the next fight. To do so would mean making a vote of confidence in Rose's abilities.

"Come on, Roxanne," Rose smiled wickedly. "Her tongue is simply marvelous."

Collette growled. Rose yanked on the leash again.

Roxanne looked into Rose's eyes and grew moist. "All right." She sat down on the bench and opened up her legs.

Rose pushed Collette's face into Roxanne's crotch. "Lick that cunt, slave!"

Roxanne's face turned to joy as Collette started licking her. Her tiny hands played with Collette's hair as the pleasure grew more intense.

Rose watched with satisfaction as the rest of Collette's catpack emerged from the locker room to witness the pleasure of Roxanne.

"Next time, it'll be in my home, Collette. I'll fuck you there the entire weekend when you lose the next round. I won't let you go until Monday. I'll let your husband stew and worry. When you go home, you'll have to answer tons of questions. Your marriage may not survive." Rose laughed, as she finished buttoning her blouse back on in the locker room.

Collette was putting on her jeans. It was 11:45pm. The slavery session was over, by the laws she herself set down, to allow her time to get back home to her husband, who would believe that Collette had tons of work to get done that evening.

"Nanette's gonna kick your little butt," Collette said. Her voice was scratchy and broken. "She's gonna break you. I'll have to fight you even if she doesn't, but even then, when there are no rules in the arena, I'm the toughest cat around." She slung her purse around her shoulder.

"Ask my slave Judy who's tough in a naked fuck fight." Rose replied, closing her locker.

"That old hag is nothing compared to us!"

Nanette's voice. The blond emerged from a private hot tub room, fully dressed. Her eyes glared at Rose.

"What I did to you in front of your ex-hubby is nothin' compared to what I'm gonna do to you next week, chinky-dinky." Nanette said, brushing her breasts against Rose as she walked past her to join Collette. The pair made their way to the exit, as Nanette said: "Ask your gal-pal what kind of lover I'm like these days."

Bunny. Rose had totally forgotten about her poor little slave!

The blond bitch's laughter echoed through the room as she and her mistress left.

Fear jabbed through Rose's heart as she raced into the room that Nanette had just come from. Bunny lay naked on the floor.

"Rose…" Bunny gasped. "Help me…get up…mistress!"

Bunny's legs were covered with scratches from Nanette's violent love making. Her nipples were red and swollen. Rose grabbed Bunny by her shoulders and lifted her up to her feet. Bunny stood wobbily and sat down quickly on a bench.

"What am I going to do about Vic, Rose?" Bunny asked dejectedly.

Rose looked at Bunny's back. More red scars trailed down and across. Blood was leaking out of Bunny's ass. She counted one more reason on her long list to whip Nanette's ass into permanent slavery.

"You're coming home with me," Rose said firmly. "We'll think of something to tell Vic."