Corporate Catfight by The Raven

Chapter 2

"Mistress!" Nanette cried. "It's too much pressure! I can't…aiieeeee!"

The blond buckled under the weigh of Collette's naked body. Collette straddled Nanette with a strap-on dildo boring into Nanette's ass. The dildo vibrated back into Collette's clitoris with each thrust; for every painful jerk Nanette felt, Collette felt pressure. 

"Shut up and take it, slave!" Collette grunted, whipping her curly brown hair out of her eyes. She grabbed Nanette's blond hair with her right hand.

The two bitches screamed simulataneously. Nanette in pain.

Collette in orgasm. She jerked Nanette's head when she came.

The cat mistress let go of her slave's head, removed the dildo, and slumped onto the bed in pleasant exhaustion. Collette's bed, lunch time on Friday. She sighed and stretched her legs, thinking of the times when she used to bring Rose back home for a refreshing afternoon tryst.

"It was a fluke, Mistress!" Nanette said, sensing Collette's worry. "That Asian cunt got lucky twice. We'll take her down, the two of us, back to back!"

"Don't be stupid!" Collette replied, swatting Nanette's buns. "Never underestimate your enemy. It isn't luck that allowed Rose to win. It was skill. Rose was always a good fighter. But now she's even better. She's on catfire, and Rose isn't going to stop until she's both a director and a cat-mistress."

Nanette slid one leg on Collette's body and played with her breast. "She won't have the director's job. I won't let her have it!"

"Your chance of beating her in the arena is 50-50." Collette hesitated a moment, realizing what she was saying: You're ability is even with Rose, which means you could possibly kick my ass.

"Let's do something to give me an edge, then." Nanette's mouth suckled Collette's tit.

Ahhhh, loyal slave, Collette thought to herself. You'll always love me for being your mentor in this world of Silicon Valley. Teaching how to fight…how to fuck…how to rise from being a lowly temp worker to a manager in technical support! "What do you have in mind?"

"I want to ambush Rose when she goes horseback riding in the Santa Cruz mountains. I'll surprise her, kick her butt, bring her to my house for a little b&d. I might not be able to break the bitch, but I sure could wear her down before our fight in the arena next week!"

Collette considered the plan. It was reasonable, because it could be executed without anyone else in the Company getting involved. Nanette was a horsegal like Rose, and lived about five miles away from Rose's house. "I like it. But how will you know when Rose goes for a ride?"

Nanette steadied her head on one elbow and looked at Collette. "I know Rose goes riding every Tuesday at lunch, and I have an idea what path she takes."

"But you can't just wait for hours for her to show up! No, we need to know exactly when she leaves. We don't have the time to keep walking by her office to check on her…" Collette snapped her fingers. "Mitch! He sits right across from Rose."

"Yeah!" Nanette laughed. "That horny bastard watches her every move! He'll know exactly when she leaves. But how do we get him to tell us?" 

"Easy." Collette propped her head up on a pillow. "It's been reported to me that he's gotten a hold of a superuser password. He's been using it to snoop into other users' files."

"Fuckin' peev!"

"Yeah. But we can use this to our advantage in two ways. One, I'll tell him I keep the snooping violation suppressed if he plays along with us and spies on Rose. Two, I'll want him to snoop into Allison's files."

"Allison? That weak little cunt? What's up with her?"

"I don't know." Collette paused. Allison used to make love to Collette regularly a few times a month. She had suddenly stopped responding to Collette's e-mail or phone calls. "I think she's up to something. I need to find out what it is."

"Why don't ya let me pay the bitch a little housecall?" Nanette asked, squeezing Collette's cunt.

"No…" Collette gasped. "We should take care of Rose first."

"It's almost one." Nanette got on her knees.

"I'm horny again," Collette replied. "Put on the dildo and fuck me."

The blond slave did as her mistress commanded.

Collette grabbed a firm hold of Nanette's toned buns as the fake dick entered her cunt. She moaned with pleasure as Nanette thrusted her hips. She kissed the blonde's breasts again and again. They had a plan for their mutual survival. She could finally relax and surrender herself totally now to the pleasure. 

"And if you should ever be found doing this again," Collette said sternly, "You will be instantly dismissed from the Company. Do you understand me, Mitch?"

"Y-y-yes, ma'am." Mitch replied. He pushed back the glasses onto his nose and gulped hard. He knew it would be a matter of time before he got caught. Perhaps part of him did want to get caught, did want to be punished. But it did not make his actual scolding any easier to take.

"I am only going to give you a chance because you are an excellent software engineer…" Collette crossed her legs and watched Mitch's eyes follow her thigh. "…and I am going to expect a lot from you in return."

"I'm always happy to do anything for you, Collette," Mitch said, bringing his eyes back to Collette's face. God, she's a great looking bitch, even if she is white, Mitch thought.

"Good." Collette smiled grimly. "I'm concerned about Rose."

"Rose?" Mitch asked.

"Yes. She wants the Directors job, you know."

"Allison's old position."

"Yes. But I'm worried that Rose may be distracted…by outside commitments. You know, like her horse farm, or her real estate business. I want you to do me a favor…and tell me immediately whenever she leaves her office to attend to these duties."

"You want me to spy on Rose?" Mitch asked, incredulously. Rose, distracted, a less than stellar performer? Impossible! Everyone knows she's one of the top performers in the Company.

"It's either spy…or die in the Valley," Collette replied. "The news of your breaking into our e-mail accounts will make the papers. You'll be prosecuted. No Company will ever hire you again. You'll be out of the business, Mitch."

Mitch gulped hard again. The bitch had his ass up against the wall now.

"No shame will come to Rose, whatever you do for me. After all, if Rose does have too many outside activities, she won't be happy in the Directors job. It could be too demanding for her. I want the same thing you do, Mitch: the best for Rose. She'll still have her old management job, for which she is very well compensated."

No, you don't want what I want, Mitch thought. I want my cock in Rose's ass. But I have no choice. "What do you want me to do, exactly?"

"Every Tuesday, Rose takes off to go horseback riding. Starting tomorrow, I want you to call me the minute she leaves to go riding. I also want you to call me the moment she returns to work. That's all."

It didn't seem too bad. Could keeping track of comings and goings hurt Rose's career that much? "All right. Is that it?" Mitch stood up to leave.

"One more thing…" Collette held up her index finger and stood up, leaning against her desk. "You will snoop inside Allison's e-mail for me and report back to me on her personal, non-business related e-mail. And you will share this information with no one else."

Mitch's heart skipped a beat. Allison's e-mail. The one set of files even HE had fear of intruding. Along with the fear…came excitement. "What should I look for?"

"Anything non-work related. Anything relating to her friends, or to the health club, or to activities with other Company officers outside of work."

Collette leaned over Mitch. Her blouse was opened enough for him to get a look at her boobs. "Can you do that? Are you smart enough, Mitch, to do it this time without getting caught?"

She had spent the past twenty minutes telling him how they had caught him.


He left the room and added Collette to his mental masturbation rolodex of female fighters for Rose to tackle in his fantasies. 

Mitch was an addict.

There were a lot of things he was addicted to: voyeurism, computers, alcohol, movies, marijuana, and science fiction novels. He was an asiaphile, a horny bastard who could get a hard-on at the merest whiff of Asian pussy, and he loved working at the Company, with a zillion Asian babes to look at everyday, and he especially loved his megababe manager, Rose. But, most of all, Mitch was hinked to a fetish which dominated over 60% of his conscious brain: female wrestling and catfighting.

His magazine collection of female wrestling, catfighting, and apartment wrestling consisted of over four dozen magazines.

He had over thirty different videos of wrestling/catfighting from the US, from Asia, and from South America. His favorites were the Catsport videos of the forbidden female catfighting tournaments in the Philippines.

He had 2 gigabytes of jpeg and gif files on his home computer, pictures of women fighting each other, culled from years of hard horny obsession on the Internet.

He once paid $1000 to have two whores fight each other in a hotel room (with lackluster results).

He traveled to Las Vegas, to New Orleans, to Miami, to Los Angeles, in search of witnessing an honest to god real catfight between two women. All were fake, but none came close to imitating the fantasy in his mind…

…and the fantasies in his mind always involved the women he worked with.

The current cast of characters featured Rose, superstar Rose, in her underwear, fighting Nanette or Collette or Bunny Li. Sometimes Rose would fight a famous bitch like Raquel Walsh or Demi Godless. When Mitch was angry at Rose, Demi would kick her ass mighty good and fuck her good for hours afterward.

When Mitch was angry at some other bitch, Rose would kick their ass.

And always, always, in the fantasy, Mitch would be there to fuck both women, no matter who won. It was hard work creating these fantasies. Mitch's eyes had to constantly scan for every bit of Rose's body that was hinted or exposed to him. Fridays were his favorite: short-shorts day for Rose. When Rose wore skirts, Mitch would memorize the image of her thighs and calves in stockings. When Rose wore tight jeans or pants, Mitch would memorize the contours of Rose's perfect round ass. Of course, when Bunny or Allison wore similar clothes, he would do the same, but since Rose was Mitch's manager, and therefore his de-facto dominatrix, she took priority.

Needless to say, with all this work of scanning Asian megababes into his mental masturbation rolodex, plus all of the work he was supposed to do for the Company, plus all of the addictions he had to feed…Mitch had no time for a steady girlfriend.

Also needless to say: Mitch was unaware that Rose, Bunny, Nanette, and Collette really did fight each other at the Paradise Island Health Spa.

Mitch did not believe that catfighters really did exist.

He did not know that the Catsport videos were the real deal, not faked.

And he never believed that he would ever be so lucky as to meet and fuck a real catfighting woman.

And he never thought he would ever get as lucky as to actually fuck Rose, let alone see her fight. 

After he had steadied his nerves with a couple of Mai-Thais, Mitch returned to his office after most people had gone home, and proceeded to break into Allison Wu's e-mail files.

Bunny Li strutted past his office, looking good in tight jeans. She always worked late.

What if she could fight Tiffany from Beverly Hills 90210? Mitch asked himself, picturing the Hollywood star naked and facing Bunny in an empty living room. His dick grew hard and he wished he were at home so he could jack off.

Naw, fuckit, later…

Mitch began typing in the commands that would lead him into Allison Wu's directory, using a superuser password which would give him total access to all of the supreme bitch's files and e-mail

He began reading some boring business related items…


…performance reviews…

…justifications from Rose for his own performance review…

…while Rose thought Mitch was just an average performer…

Fucking bitch!

…meeting schedules…

…appointments for lunch on Fridays with Allison and Colleen…

…lots of appointments for dinner between Allison and the Company President…

The Company President? The single motherfucker lecher? He was rumored to have lechered at many of the top babes in the Company.

Scan for e-mail between Allison and the President…

…mostly business. A few flirtations.

Mitch was now almost as hinked to this e-mail reading as he was to the Internet. If there was more between Allison and the Prez, it might be found in his mailbox.

He changed to the President's directory of files. Mitch hesitated for a minute before scanning the President's e-mail. If Bunny walks by my window in the next minute, Mitch thought, I'll forget the whole thing and go home. C'mon, BunnyBabe!

But BunnyBabe never showed up.

What the hell.

Scan the Prez's personal folder…

…lots of lecherous talk about Allison with his cronies…

…many dates with Allison…

He probably bagged her.

…talk of a babe named Kimo from the Kit Kat Club…

…a babe who really can fight!

"WHAT?" Mitch yelled out loud.

He read more of the messages, but could only find three references to Kimo and the Kit Kat Club, a stripper bar in Sunnyvale, with a rep mostly for lap dances from lame-o chicks. Mitch had never heard of any wrestling going on there.

Two refs in the Prez's e-mail to and from a buddy.

Buddy: This Kimo's a babe who really can fight! I saw her at the Kit Kat Club last Monday.

Prez: I can't be seen in there. Give her number to Allison.

Cowabunga! Mitch thought. I'm there.

He ran into Bunny as he left his office and pretended to tickle her.

Bunny squealed as Mitch ran down the hallway to the exit. 

Sure enough, the sign by the entrance to the Kit Kat Club said: "Monday Night Female Wrestling Show!"

"Ten bucks and a two drink minimum, bub!" the attendant at the door growled.

Mitch never noticed money when he was horny.

He took a seat near the front of the stage. The place was three-quarters full, good business for a Monday night. He saw blondes, brunettes, Mexican gals, and a couple of filipinas walk by in thong bikinis. A lot of good tits and ass, but no Asian gals.

I thought she would be Japanese, Mitch thought. Don't tell me that Kimo is one of these filipina bitches?

After thirty minutes, three drinks, and lots of leering and watching the lame dancing, the announcer said: "And now we present what you gents came here to see…our female wrestling show…starring the one and only KIMO!"

Applause, hardly thundering.

The most sexily buffed Japanababe Mitch had ever seen walked out onto the stage, dancing and swaying her hips to music in a pre-fight dance. Her hair came down to her shoulders and her skin was dark. She stood about 5'4", shorter than Rose was at 5'6".

Mitch compared every Asian woman to Rose, instantly calculating their potential to kick her ass.

Kimo's arms and legs were thicker and more muscular. Probably weighed more than Rose, too.

This bitch has potential, Mitch thought. His hard-on struck the instant she appeared on stage.

The fighting started and last approximately forty five minutes. Mostly, it was the Kimo show. Kimo versus a blond. Kimo versus a brunette. She took those girls down in five minutes, and even then Mitch could tell she was playing with them. But when Kimo boxed one of the Filipinas…then Mitch saw a taste of reality.

Kimo had knocked the Filipina off her feet, onto the mat, and she was down for a count of five. Technically, Kimo had won. She stooped down to collect a dollar bill from Mitch…

…while the Filipina sneaked up behind her and threw a punch. Kimo turned as the audience roared. The punch hit Kimo's naked tit, and the Japanababe fell back on the mat. The Filipina pounced on top of Kimo and began punching at her tits, over and over again.

Everyone in the club jumped to the feet to watch Kimo get pummeled. The beating continued for a minute. Then Kimo regained her composure. She brought her feet up to ensnare the Filipina's neck, and rammed her head into the mat. Kimo rolled over and quickly got to her feet, shedding her boxing gloves.

"C'mon, you fucking cunt!" Kimo yelled at the Filipina, who was getting up to face her. "Think you can take me out!" The two women circled each other. "C'MON!"

The Filipina threw off her gloves. "Beeeeetch!" she hissed, and lunged at Kimo.

Kimo's foot arced upward and caught the Filipina just under her jaw. The Filipina's head whipped upward and was lucky that it didn't come clean off. Kimo's foot kicked the Filipina's cunt hard, then her knee rammed into her opponent's jaw. Kimo yanked her hair and threw the bitch to the mat, flat on her back.

The Japanababe threw herself on top of the Filipina. Kimo began to choke her savagely.

"Submit!" Kimo yelled.

Mitch could see the tiny muscles ripple down Kimo's back, to her ass, down her thighs, her tiny feet trembling, keeping her foe pinned down on the mat. His hard on threatened to erupt as he drank every bit of her body into his mind for later replay.


The Filipina squirmed and tried to say something. Her hands flailed on the mat.

This feels so fucking real, Mitch thought. The most real I've ever seen it.

"ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…FIVE!" The announcer counted. "THE WINNER AND GRAND CHAMPION FILLY IS…KIMO!" He grabbed Kimo's wrist and dragged it up over her shoulders, breaking the choke.

The men in the Kit Kat Club went nuts for Kimo, applauding, whistling, shouting, waving dollar bills.

She stormed off the stage in a huff.


Mitch hung around the club for another half hour, hoping Kimo would come out for some lap dances. He drank more screwdrivers to pass the time, getting more blasted, reliving the fight he just saw over and over in his mind. Replaying the same fight, but with Rose fighting Kimo.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Kimo lap dancing on an old fart.

He started and watched every bit of her performance. She wasn't grinning or pretending to enjoy her work the way the other girls were. Kimo's face was grim…nasty.

It was a total turn-on to Mitch. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

When the dance was over, Mitch yelled her over.

"You are great! I want a dance…" Mitch said, a fistful of dollar bills in his hand. "But something more-"

"Exciting?" Kimo asked. Now she grinned. "You can come with me in the room over there for a ten minute dance. Twenty five bucks."

Mitch looked over and saw a dim room with couches, maybe two other guys in there with women crawling over their bodies, giving them dry humps, with their clothes on. He was about to say Yes…

"Or you can come with me to a private room for $75 and a twenty minute dance."

"Yeah!" Mitch exclaimed. "I mean, the $75 room. That's great!" He handed her the money.

Kimo took it and placed it inside her shoe. "This way."

Mitch followed the Japanababe through the crowd of envious men, watching her butt sway, memorizing the way her hair swayed against her naked back, as she led him to a room with a small loveseat and a dim lamp. Kimo shut the door.

"Sit down," Kimo ordered. "These are the rules: You don't touch my body. I can touch any part of you. If you're a good boy, I'll touch you in all the parts that count. Understand?"

"Yeah!" Mitch laughed. "Sure thing, kitty."

"I'm no kitten." Kimo turned, placed her butt in front of Mitch's face, and dropped her face down between her legs. She looked upside down at Mitch. "I'm a Cat. A hungry, cagey, Killer Kat!" 

The private show was very, very good. She made him come twice in his pants.

Mitch was so happy and drunk, he forgot to ask Kimo if she knew Allison.

When he awoke the next morning, drunk and hungover, Mitch would have written the whole night off as a drunken fantasy, except for one thing:

A matchbook from the Kit Kat Club.

Handwriting, her name and number: "KIMO MATSUI, 555-XXXX." 

It was 11:35am when Nanette received the go-ahead signal. The beeper on her hip silently throbbed; the screen read "06". Turn the beeper around and it spelled: "GO". Collette's relay that nerd-boy snitch Mitch had given the word about Rose's departure.

She kicked one of her flunkys out of her office and ran to her Toyota pickup. Nanette wore tight white lycra athletic pants, a Polo shirt, and tennis shoes. Good riding clothes; excellent fighting gear, allowing maximum freedom of movement.

Her heart pounded excitedly as she made her way out to Highway 101, cursing at the slow drivers who blocked her way. Finally, she was on the highway, then made the turn off to Highway 17 south, towards Los Gatos and the Santa Cruz Mountains, where Rose was heading. The bitch had to have a least a ten minute head start.

Luckily, Nanette knew Rose's route when she went horseback riding.

I'm gonna fuck her up good, Nanette thought. Steal her horse too. It was a champion from Europe. Little uppity cunt.

Nanette had a history with Rose. Nanette had been Collette's protégé. The HR mistress had "discovered" her one day at a lesbian bar in San Francisco. Nanette had Collette pegged for a rich-bitch dyke from the start, the type that kept her secret from her hubby. She had thought she would be easily able to dominate Collette and hoped to bleed the bitch dry in blackmail. Instead the witch could fight and turned the tables on her when they first fought at Nanette's place.

That was when Nanette fell in love.

The love increased in intensity when Collette brought her into the Company as an admin. Nanette was in heaven, fighting pretty college educated cunts at the Health Spa for her mistress, adding new slaves to Collette's Catpack, and expanding her power base. Soon Nanette became a manager in technical support. Even though Collette showed signs of aging lately, getting beaten by Rose twice in a row, Nanette knew she could turn things around for her mistress by surprising the Chinese cunt today.

She hated Rose like no other woman at the Company.

It wasn't because Rose was rich.

It wasn't because she was college educated and higher class than blue collar Nanette.

It wasn't because Rose was smarter than she was when it came to computer shit.

It wasn't even the Directors job that Nanette was going to fight Rose for at the club.

It was because Collette had a crush on Rose.

Oh, she could tell that her mistress loved sex with Nanette during the Friday trysts, but she was really longing for the days when Rose was in her bed, sucking her pussy. Collette had even commanded Nanette to attack Rose at home and break up her marriage, just so she could get the Asian back into bed.

Collette wasn't the only one swept off her heels by Rose. Nanette could sense that Allison felt that way about her, too.

Nanette reached her home, which she had just bought in the last year, in twenty-three minutes. She ran out of the car and vaulted over the fence, running towards her barn, where her horse waited.

As she mounted her horse and took off down the trail, Nanette wondered if she hadn't bought a place so close to Rose's estate, just for this very opportunity. 

It took her almost thirty minutes to find Rose. She was near the end of the trail that ran along a creek in the forest. Rose hadn't heard her yet; the creek disguised the sound of the hoofbeats as Nanette slowly advanced down the trail.

Rose was dressed in a black leotard, a black polo shirt, and tennis shoes, similar to Nanette. Nanette felt a streak of catlust shoot through her body as she saw Rose's buns rest on the saddle.

The blonde's heart skipped a beat as she reached for her whip and unhooked it from the saddle. It was a whip Nanette had used during dominatrix fights at an S&M club in San Francisco. It was twelve feet long and the tail of the whip was weighted. Nanette had snagged many a bitch with this weapon.

Her heart skipped a beat in anticipation of using it on Rose. Nanette was about fifty yards away from her enemy. Now is the time! Nanette thought, and jostled her mount into a fast gallop.

Rose jerked around to see Nanette's horse racing toward her. Nanette could see the fear on her startled face.

Nanette screamed to frighten Rose even more, cracking the whip in the air. The catcall echoed through the empty woods.

Rose jerked on the reins and started to get her horse running, but it was too late. Nanette's whip kissed her back, tearing the shirt slightly. Nanette popped the whip a second time, and this time the whip smacked hard against Rose's spine, tearing not only her shirt, but her flesh.

Rose screamed in agony. Her horse kept running.

Nanette laughed. Come to Sheba, little honey! With expert precision, she launched the whip, arcing the weighted end just past Rose's head. Nanette guided the whip as it curled, wrapping itself around Rose's neck. The weighted end smacked the Asian in the face as Nanette tightened it. Rose's hands instinctively went up to keep the whip from choking her.

The blonde yanked hard. Rose flew out of the saddle and out of her stirrups. She landed hard on her butt and back on the hard dirt trail. Her horse kept running down the trail.

Nanette brought her own horse to a quick stop. She had lost the whip when Rose had fallen, and as she quickly dismounted, she could see Rose pulling the whip off her neck. The bitch is still dazed, Nanette thought. Gotta keep up the pressure!

Rose threw the whip behind her and tried to get up, but it was too painful. Nanette reached her first, and kicked her hard in the stomach. The Asian groaned and rolled away on the ground.

"Get up on your feet, Rose!" Nanette taunted, slowly circling her prey. "Try and take my job away from me! Show me who's the better bitch!" She removed her gloves. Her blood-red painted nails were razor sharp and ached for Rose's flesh.

Rose stood up shakily and assumed a battle stance. She looked at Nanette with hatred and defiance. She blocked Nanette's whizzing claw attack with her forearms, even though the nails bit into her flesh. The Asian parried blows with her enemy, until Nanette made a mistake and gave her an opening. Rose quickly shifted her body weight and kicked upward. Her foot slammed into Nanette's breast and knocked the blonde off her feet.

Nanette landed hard on her ass. Shit! I can't give her any advantage! I've got to end this now!

Rose gave her no more time for recriminations. The Asian leapt on top of the blonde and punched Nanette in the face.

Nanette struck back. She grabbed Rose's face with her right hand and dug her thumbnail into Rose's cheek. Rose screamed as Nanette raked her nail down Rose's cheek, drawing a trail of blood in its wake.

Rose squeezed Nanette's breast through her Polo shirt, but the blonde ignored the pain. She kept gouging Rose's face, until the Asian tried to get away. As Rose yanked her body away, Nanette grabbed Rose's shirt, already torn from the whip, and yanked it off her body.

Rose stood up topless, her naked breasts quivering. Nanette launched herself to her feet, Rose's tattered shirt in her hands, twisting it into a weapon.

The Asian touched the bleeding wound on her face.

"What's a matter cupcake?" Nanette taunted her. "Don't ya like my little beauty mark I gave ya? I know the gals back at the Company are gonna loooovvvee it, cutie!"

"No matter what happens now…" Rose rasped, her throat still constricted from the whip, "I'm gonna get you in the Arena!"

Nanette laughed and circled Rose, staring at the bitch's eyes with deadly intent. She flicked Rose's tattered shirt at the Asian's face.

Rose dodged it and tried to punch Nanette in the face.

Nanette caught Rose's arm, wrapping the shirt around her elbow. She jerked the shirt, and brought Rose crashing down on the dirt. She stabbed Rose's cunt with her foot.

"Tough talk from a whipped pussy!" Nanette said. She kicked each of Rose's breasts, then her pussy once more.

Rose groaned and clutched her pussy, protecting it from Nanette's foot.

Nanette cackled and crouched on the ground. She grabbed Rose's legs and twirled the Asian over onto her stomach. Nanette gripped Rose's black leotard pants tightly with her left hand, and used her right claw to slice the leotard open. Using her nails like a razor blade, she sliced Rose's leotard right down the middle, across both legs, and pulled it off the Asian's lower body.

Rose lay naked upon the dirt trail, except for her tennis shoes. Nanette left them on; it looked sexy to see a woman like that.

The Asian pushed her hands on the dirt, trying to get up.

"You're not goin' anywhere, honey!" Nanette said, grabbing her hair with her left hand. She balled up her right fist and smacked it into Rose's buns.

Rose screamed and her body shivered. Nanette could sense that all the fight had just gone out of her. She punched Rose in the ass again, this time digging deeper into her anus.

"GOD, YOU CUNT!" Rose yelled. "I give up! I submit to you!"

The catlust spread like wildfire through Nanette's body. Part of her wanted to take Rose home, lock her up in the dungeon, and invite Collette over for a gang bang. Another side of her wanted to fuck Rose right now on the dirt trail. The darkest part of her…the cattiest side…wanted to kill Rose right here and now and be done with her enemy, once and for all.

She punched Rose twice more in the ass.

"You're my mistress!" Rose pleaded. "Take me! Take my horse as your prize!"

Nanette looked up and saw that Rose's horse had returned, and stood next to her own steed, restlessly watching their mistresses on the trail.

"I will take your horse…" Nanette said. She saw Rose's tattered shirt next to her body and grabbed it. She wrapped the shirt around Rose's neck and pulled it tight. "…and I'll take your life, bitch!"

Rose sputtered as she started to choke and tried to get away. It just made Nanette all the more hornier. Nanette straddled Rose, sitting on top of the Asian's ass and back, to keep her body trapped. The catlust exploded within her and Nanette wished she had a dildo to pump into Rose's butt.

Despite her darkest thoughts, she wasn't really planning on killing the bitch. But she had to give the Asian amazon a lesson in power and domination that would haunt her everytime she faced Nanette in the arena. Nanette planned to release the choke hold when Rose started to pass out.

Then Nanette heard a rustling in the woods.


Someone was in the woods watching her and Rose. The catlust in her body instantly chilled. She let go of the shirt and Rose's head dropped to the ground. She twirled Rose over onto her back. The Asian was motionless.

Now Nanette was frightened. I've killed the bitch and there's some fuckin' freak-o who's seen it!

"Rose." No response. "ROSE!" Nanette slapped Rose's cheek.

The Asian responded groggily but kept her eyes shut.

Fucking dumb shit luck, she's alive! Nanette thought. I've got to get the hell out of here!

She raced over to the horses, lacing the reins of Rose's steed to her horse's saddle so that she could lead it away. Nanette paused for a moment and looked over at Rose, who slept naked on the dirt trail. She thought about picking the Asian up and slinging her over the horse to take her home for the gang bang.

The rustling in the woods got louder.

Nanette mounted the horse and swiftly motioned it into a gallop down the trail. Rose's horse obediently followed. Nanette looked back and saw a figure in the woods, someone who looked like a man, making his way towards Rose.

When Nanette was safely away down the trail and out of sight from where Rose lay unconscious, she breathed a sigh of relief.

I've done it! Nanette's heart rejoiced as she replayed her attack in her mind. Rose is finished. Hopefully that guy back there isn't some kind of sex maniac. Whatever happens, it'll just increase her humiliation, worse than if I had brought her to my home in chains.

Her pussy was wet as Nanette anticipated the future. I know Rose will still fight me on Thursday. She'll be weakened and scared. Every cunt at the Company will ask how she got that scar on her cheek. I'll let it pass through the rumor mill that it was me. When we fight, it'll be for the third time: catfight, no holds barred. I'll win and Rose will be my slave. Collette will love me for bringing the bitch back to her bed…but I'll make sure she doesn't see Rose that much. And I'll be a Director and get a raise to boot!

Nanette had reached her barn. An hour had passed since she had received Collette's signal. She led the horses inside, fed them, and brushed the coat on Rose's grand champion steed. Icing on the cake. A beautiful trophy.

She laid down on some straw and masturbated herself to a climax, looking at her prize horse and fantasizing about what was happening to Rose.