Corporate Catfight by The Raven

Chapter 5

If you stripped away the title, the intelligence, the street smarts, and the luck that made Barry Kosmos the man he was, there was one major difference between him and Mitch: the power to make his catfighting fantasies come to life. Barry was as addicted to catfighting as Mitch was, and the risks he took in creating the arenas in his mansion and at the Spa were enormous. If the secret ever got discovered, he would surely go to jail for the deaths in the arena. He had several men and women killed to keep things quiet.

Murder seemed pretty bad at first. But, like everything ugly that Barry had to do in order to survive, he got used to it.

Barry's first encounter with real catfighting happened as a lark back in 1991. During a business trip in Thailand, he had hired a couple of bi-sexual whores to be his companions for a weekend. They spent an entire day fucking and sucking in Barry's suite. They were ravenous for sex and hungered for his power, his power to make them employees of the Company and to bring them to the United States. He told them they had to fight each other for it-the winner would get the prize. They squared off in the living room of his suite, the two women who had before seemed like lovers, now suddenly the bitterest of enemies, grappling and clawing at each others naked bodies.

The fight went on for twenty minutes. The surge of sex in Barry's groin was incredible. He had never been so hard, so erect, since he was a teenager. Their blood started to drip and stain the carpet, vases fell and smashed on the floor, their screams echoed through the halls. All meaningless to him: money could make it all go away.

The fight ended when one of the Thai women choked the other one to death.

Barry celebrated by fucking the victor in the ass.

Getting rid of the body, cleaning up the room, getting away with murder in an Asian corrupt country where officials could be bribed: no problem.

He did make the Thai woman, Dong, a Company employee, and paid for breast implants, too, because that was the kind of generous man Barry Kosmos was. Dong was his escort whenever he went to Thailand, and battled all kinds of bitches for him in a private house in Bangkok. That was the first arena he built, nothing compared to his current setup, but better than anything he ever saw in Asia. He never did bring Dong to the US, but not because he didn't want to. Barry lusted to see what would happen if Dong took on a westernized bitch-to see what would happen when you pitted Dong's raw savagery against a city catfighter. Particularly if you let them fight to the death. That kind of catfight always seemed to be the most exciting. Dong was going to give it to him.

No, Barry never got to see that fight, because Dong entered the Catsport back in 1992.

He was rigid with excitement the moment he heard about Catsport: an arena where women fought each other, no rules, all kinds of fighting styles, in a contest to see who was the toughest catfighter in the world. The fights ended in slavery or death. He paid for all kinds of training for Dong. She learned kickboxing and kung fu, and did a lot of weight training for three months before the event.

Dong fought women from Africa, from Japan, from America. She killed two, enslaved one, and made it to the semi-finals.

Then she fought a Chinese-American named Trang.

Dong hated her guts. Not because she was one of the top fighters-because Trang had everything Dong wanted, a life in the US.

Dong went after Trang like a wildcat, had her on the ropes several times, throwing lots of gut punches, breast punches, cunt punches. Trang was on the floor one time and almost ready to submit to Dong. But Trang came back, kicked and slashed Dong to the point of unconsciousness, and won her as a slave.

Barry was wild with excitement as he watched the fight, and almost came in his shorts when Trang turned the battle around. A red torrent of blood had spattered all over the arena as Trang almost clawed Dong to death.

When Trang had won, Barry had one thought: I've got to fuck her. No. I've got to own this Trang!

Poor Dong wouldn't be serving as his contact to this mysterious catfighter. She committed suicide rather than serve Trang as a slave.

Barry tried to contact Lustiricci, the international broker of catfighters, and tried to arrange for a bout between Trang and other women. Lustiricci did his best, especially when Barry offered him $100,000 to arrange for a naked catfight, but the reply came back from Trang: no fight unless you give me a worthy opponent. Otherwise, she was busy in Hollywood, catfighting the rich bitches who lusted after her, easily earning tons of money without having to risk her life.

Barry was disappointed, but never gave up hope of finding a great catfighter to take on Trang. He decided to fulfill another fantasy instead: corporate catfighting. Working with Lustiricci, he found Collette, who worked in Vegas as a wrestler/whore, and brought her into the Company. She was his link to the world or wrestlers/catfighters in Silicon Valley, and soon she hired a stable of women who loved to fight and fuck, from all walks of life. Some of his favorites were the ones like Bunny, hinked on wrestling and sex with other women, but kept it all a secret from their husbands. The risk made the sex all that much better.

Kosmos built the Paradise Island Health Spa through a dummy corporation, had it bugged and stocked with tiny hidden cameras in every room, so he could watch all the fighting and lesbian activity.

He showed some of the videos once to Lustiricci. The broker wanted to buy the rights for international sale, said Barry could make millions on the tapes alone. Barry resisted the temptation-the risk of exposure was too great.

After a couple of years, Paradise Island and his lover Collette weren't enough. Barry wanted to see more fights like Catsport, all the time. He built the arena in the basement of his Seacliff mansion, customized for catfighting to the death. A secret room with a bed existed behind one of the mirrored walls, where Barry could watch a fight and fuck a bitch in the ass at the same time. Lately, Allison had fulfilled that role, as Collette was getting a little stale.

Barry had two goals.

The short term goal: pleasure from non-lethal and lethal catfighting.

The long term goal: to find a bitch who could entice Trang Ho into fighting in his private arena!

Kimo was the one, he could feel it. His sex with her grew even more intense after she told him about the fight in Catsport 92-then Barry knew why she seemed so familiar to him.

Finally, Barry had the bitch he had lusted for so long! A savage catfighter with the smarts to dominate his Company. Kimo would be capable of fighting Trang--the desire for revenge would make her an animal. He was going to contact Lustiricci when he got back and send him the video of Kimo killing the Filipina in mortal combat. The prize purse he would put on the table to the winner of the fight: $500,000. Even Trang Ho wouldn't be able to resist that.

But first, Barry would see another fantasy come to life: the savage catfighter Kimo against a city bitch, to the death.

The city bitch would be either Nanette or Rose. He waited to see who would win.

Barry didn't get the tape of the fight until two days after it had happened. He made Allison swear not to tell him the outcome until he watched it. It arrived through his personal courier service at his hotel in Vienna. The hidden cameras in the Paradise Island Health Spa had recorded the event; his butler had edited the fight and transferred the bout onto a single videotape.

Barry was attending a European conference for the Company, hawking the latest software his boys were making, telling them why he was going to beat Microsoft, all gusto and bullshit. He had dinner with the chief of the Company's Italian subsidiary and retired to his hotel room at 9pm. The tape and the fight were the utmost things on his mind. He hadn't felt that excited to watch a fight since he watched last year's Catsport tape.

He laid back on the bed as the videotape started to play…

…and got hard as Nanette walked into the arena at Paradise Island Health Spa. The mats had been removed, and her high stiletto heels clacked on the hardwood floor of the court. Nanette was dressed in a bikini, her hands were covered by boxing gloves. Nanette's head was unprotected. The other ladies roared as she entered the arena. Nanette danced around the room, jabbing at the air.

Rose followed her soon after. She was wearing a lime green thong bikini. You could see a mark on her cheek and a pink trail down her back. She didn't dance or jab like Nanette-she just waited in the center of the court for the blonde to come to her.

Smart girl, that Nanette, Barry thought. She set the terms of the fight to her advantage. She softened up Rose with an ambush. Nanette let all the gals in the Company know that was the second time she beat Rose. The stakes are high now for Rose, utter slavery if she loses, enough to frighten the toughest bitch. Since Rose challenged her to this fight, Nanette got to dictate the terms. Nanette choose a kickboxing type of catfight. High heels will make it harder for Rose to perform those kung-fu kicking maneuvers she's so good at. Boxing gloves will soften Rose's hard blows. Since Nanette is fast and strong, she just needs to wear down Rose and take her out.

Nanette had almost every advantage, but the crowd was rooting for the underdog. The crowd cheered for Rose too, even louder than they had for Nanette.

Rose's predicament just made Barry that much more excited.

Nanette advanced towards Rose.

"Go get her, Rose!" one woman shouted. Bunny.

"Rip her ass off, Nanette!" Collette.

The blonde fuck-fighter fired a series of blows towards Rose. Rose parried most of them--one connected with her breast. She grimaced and managed to punch Nanette in the head. Nanette responded with three blows to Rose's head, to her breast, to her head once again, all connecting with deadly force.

The crowd applauded Nanette's skill.

Rose backed away and threw a kick at Nanette's head. Nanette moved quickly, caught Rose's leg under her left arm, and punched at Rose's cunt with her right hand. Rose hobbled on one leg for a few seconds. Nanette punched her cunt again and Rose fell down hard on the floor.

The women in the audience roared like lionesses.

Rose was on her back. Nanette raised her foot, about to bring her heel crashing into Rose's cunt. Rose whirled her body just before the heel came down, turning over onto her stomach. Barry thought he saw the heel graze Rose's butt briefly.

Nanette leapt on top of Rose's back, pinned her against the floor, and started punching her kidneys.

"This is where we left off, honey!" Nanette shouted. Barry's microphones could pick up even the slightest whisper in the arena, although Nanette was speaking loud enough that even the ladies on the balcony above the court could hear her. "Give up now! I won't wanna fuck ya tonight if you're too scarred!"

Rose screamed and twisted her body to the side, throwing Nanette's back against the floor. The blonde wrapped her legs around Rose's thighs and squeezed them tightly. Nanette's left arm locked around Rose's throat, while the right punched her breasts.

"You're not gettin' away from me!" Nanette shouted, punching Rose's tit again. "Submit!"

Rose rammed the back of her head into Nanette's nose, three times in a row. It stunned the blonde fighter long enough for Rose to somersault away and stand up.

Nanette quickly got to her feet, shaking her head, locking onto Rose's eyes. This time the Asian fighter advanced on the blonde, firing a fake-out punch at Nanette's ribs. Rose followed this with a deadly arcing kick: her heel sliced lightly into Nanette's left breast, cutting the bikini top string.

Nanette stared down at her chest. Half of the bikini hung down, and a trail of red appeared just above her nipple.

"You fucking bitch!" Nanette roared, and kicked at Rose's head. Her foot went crashing into Rose's ear.

The impact stunned Rose and made her back away.

Nanette chased her, and the crowd once again shouted in a catlust frenzy.

Rose shifted her stance, dodged one of Nanette's kicks, and punched the blonde in the head twice, near the nose.

Barry could see blood stains on Rose's boxing gloves. He could see the sheer anger on Nanette's face as the blood dripped from her nose into her teeth. She foolishly fired a punch at Rose's head, which the Asian dodged, and merely punched hard at Nanette's bloody breast.

The blonde groaned and hugged Rose's body with her own, to prevent further blows.

"That's it!" Nanette roared. Her legs wrapped around Rose's thighs-the heels bit into the Asian's flesh. "The gloves are comin' off!" Rose was still standing and carrying Nanette, who was wrapped like a cobra on her body.

Nanette threw the boxing gloves off her hands. Her claws dug into Rose's back and raked downward.

Rose screamed and threw off her own gloves.

Upstairs, the lioness' roared with pleasure at Nanette's savagery.

Watching the tape, Barry was about to come.

Rose's bit Nanette's cheek with her jaws. The blonde replied by biting Rose's neck.

The Asian's bare claws found Nanette's breasts and ripped away what remained of the blonde's bikini top. Nanette had already ripped away Rose's top and was raking her claws along the Asian's butt. Rose found Nanette's nipples and pinched them hard.

Rose shifted forward, slamming Nanette's body down hard on the floor. The blonde groaned, especially because Rose's nails were still digging into her tits.

Momentarily stunned, Nanette had stopped scratching Rose's back. Each woman was now bare breasted. Rose punched Nanette in the cunt, and grabbed her legs to twirl her around. But Nanette was faster-and encircled Rose's head with her legs. She squeezed her powerful thighs and immediately choked off Rose's air supply.

Nanette stayed on the floor, arcing her back, putting all the strength she had into her leg vice. Rose sputtered for air. The Asian tried twisting away, but Nanette kept shifting her body. It was an incredible tug of war that lasted for a minute.

Finally, Rose flipped her body, twirling Nanette over onto her stomach. She leapt on top of the blonde's waist. Rose's claws dissected the blonde's bikini bottom. The Asian raised her hand in the air and brought it crashing down into Nanette's asshole.

"Payback time, honey!" Rose shouted, speaking in the fight for the very first time.

Nanette screamed as Rose sunk a bare fist into her ass a second time.

The ladies started to go wild with excitement again.

Nanette brought her heels crashing into Rose's back, scratching the Asian's skin slightly. It didn't distract Rose that much. She grabbed Nanette's ankles, bent them backward, snapped off the heel straps, and threw the heels up to the balcony.

"Finish her, Rose!" This time the voice in the crowd was unrecognizable.

"Give her what she deserves!" Bunny again.

Rose smiled and punched Nanette's asshole two more times. "Submit!"

"Go to fucking hell!" Nanette shouted, squirming and shaking her body violently.

The smile from Rose's face faded. The Asian grabbed Nanette's arms, pulling them behind the blonde's back. Rose shifted her weight and brought her heels into the crook behind Nanette's knees, careful to wrap her calves around Nanette's, to lock her leg down.

Falling down gently on her back, Rose pulled and pushed at Nanette's nude body. The blonde was a victim of a perfect bow and arrow maneuver. The blonde was crucified on top of Rose's limbs.

The ladies upstairs clapped and started to stomp their feet. The vibrations echoed even through the tape.

They thundered almost in total unison: Submit! Submit! Submit! Submit!

Rose stretched Nanette's body out even further. "Go ahead. Resist. Don't listen to them…aahhhh! I'm enjoying this!"

Nanette screamed: "I submit! I give up!"

Rose didn't release her yet. "Give me a reason to accept!"

"Aiieeeee!" Nanette screamed. "You can have me for your pleasure…"

"For a month!" Rose shouted.

Nanette gasped.

Rose stretched her body harder.

"Yes, mistress Rose! You will have me for…aiieeeeeeee!….one month….stop the agony!"

"You are MY slave!" Rose shouted.

"YES!" Nanette screamed. Her whole body was trembling in pain.

Rose released Nanette. The blond crumpled to the floor.

The ladies above roared: Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose!

Fast forward through the remainder of the tape: Rose fucking Nanette in the hot tub; Bunny Li fucking Nanette savagely for payback, scratching the blonde's back as she comes; Rose and Bunny fucking each other tenderly while Nanette slips into unconsciousness.

"Rose!" Barry whispered as he came in the hotel room. "I've got to have you…"

Maybe he would have to alter the conditions of the fight between her and Kimo at his mansion…maybe it would be for slavery, instead of to the death. He had secretly lusted after Rose's ass for a long time, after all.

If Barry knew that Rose was going to fight Kimo in Mitch's apartment beforehand…he might have had the bastard killed.


Collette had left the Paradise Island Health Spa soon after Nanette's defeat. She didn't need to suffer through her slave's torture and humiliation in the locker room. Instead, Collette went home, put her kids to bed, faked an orgasm with her husband, and tried to think up a new plan to beat Rose.

She couldn't think of anything. Their match, their catfight to determine rulership of the Company's Catpack, was one week away. The worry that lay at the back of her mind, was that after twenty years of wrestling, her time to pass the baton to a younger Cat had come.

So when Allison left a message for her Friday morning at the office, it was a pleasant distraction.

"Let's have lunch at your house. It's been sooooooo long," Allison's voice purred.

Something was up. Collette knew it. Maybe the little bitch had an idea on how she could kick Rose's ass once and for all.

Collette was excited as she drove to her Cupertino home just after 11:30. She loved fucking Allison in bed…sweet little bitch…her skill at fucking made up for lack of fighting skill, sure enough. It had been too long since Allison's tongue had played with her cunt.

She heard a funny vibration as she pulled into the garage, a booming sound that vibrated the mirrors in the car. Cat Scratch Fever! It was that old rock n roll song. For a moment, Collette thought it was the car stereo, but no, she had just turned the engine off…

She got out of the car. Was it a neighbor's house? Collette opened the door to the kitchen.

Cat Scratch Fever!

It's from inside my house! Collette realized.

Fear ran through her mind. A burglary? No, maybe it's just Allison, playing a trick.

Cat Scratch Fever!

"Allison!" Collette yelled, but her voice was inaudible next to the crashing stereo. "ALLISON!" She ran into the living room and turned the stereo all the way down. Her ears hurt when the room suddenly went quiet.

"Allison!" she tried again. No answer.

Collette ran from room to room, scared, her fists bunched up, ready for anything. All the rooms were empty. She searched her closets, her jewelry boxes: everything was there. She ran back to the kitchen and looked outside, towards the pool.

As Asian woman was out there, in a lounge chair, reading a magazine. Sunglasses covered her face; she wore a white one-piece bathing suit.

"Allison!" Collette yelled again. The woman paid no attention to her and calmly sipped a glass of iced tea.

The flat of Collette's hand smacked the screen door open, and she walked quickly towards the woman.

"Allison, I'm gonna tan your hide for scaring me like that!"

The Asian woman looked up at Collette. "Stop shouting like a two-dollar whore."

Collette stopped in her tracks. She looked closer at the woman and realized this was not Allison. "Who the fuck are you? How the hell did you get in my house?"

The Asian woman stood up from the lounge chair. She wore black blunted heels on her feet. She put her hands on her hips defiantly, challenging Collette. "My name is Kimo. Barry gave me the key to your house. And you're ten minutes late for my interview, bitch!"

Collette laughed; this was one of Barry's kinky little games. This Kimo woman was shorter than Rose, and Collette had to have a good three inches in height on her, plus more body weight. Still, Kimo was a sexy bit of trailer trash, and Collette's catlust was aroused. "What are you interviewing for, honey? There aren't any openings in janitorial!"

Kimo whipped off her glasses. Light blue eyes glared into Collette's face. Collette was momentarily stunned by the appearance of blue eyes on an Asian face. "What I want…" Kimo said, walking closer to Collette. "…is to replace you!"

The Asian woman kicked Collette in the chest. If the heel she had been wearing was a stiletto combat type, Collette would have been dead. As it was blunted, it merely hurt like hell, and drove Collette's body backward into the pool.

Stunned, Collette accidentally swallowed some water, before coming up for air. Her head barely scratched the surface of the water, before Kimo's body slammed down on top of her head, driving her below the surface once again.

Water seared through Collette's nostrils once again. She tried to get away from Kimo, but the bitch had an arm lock around her neck.

Collette's hands traced Kimo's tiny, supple body. Not an inch of fat…she found Kimo's crotch and waist. She grabbed hold of each part and hoisted the Asian into the air, behind Collete's back.

Collette swam hurriedly for the stairs, and reached a rung of the ladder before Kimo grabbed her shirt-tail and pulled her back down.

"Die bitch!" Kimo yelled.

Collette could hear the words even as her head went underwater one more time. Kimo's thighs wrapped around Collette's neck and held the brunette's head down underwater. Kimo steadied herself upright in the water by holding onto the ladder with her hands. The Asian's powerful legs kept Collette's head submerged.

Collette thrashed about, clawing at Kimo's legs, trying to break her hold in vain. She knew she was in a fight for her life now. Collette braced her legs against the wall of the pool and pushed hard. Kimo's grip on the ladder remained solid. Collette's neck was wrenched, and Kimo still maintained the vice-like grip.

Don't give up, get out of here, beat this bitch! Collette's mind screamed as she yearned to breath air. Her legs braced against the wall of the pool again, and with all her strength, Collette pushed…

…and broke Kimo's hold on the ladder and on her neck.

Collette swam like crazy for the other end of the pool, where the steps where. She sucked in air as her head broke the surface, reached the steps before Kimo could get to her again. Collette ran up the steps and into the grassy lawn, popping the buttons off her shirt.

"C'mon, you bitch!" Collette yelled, as Kimo walked up the steps of the pool. Collette threw her shirt to the side and started unbuckling her belt. "You want to take my place? Fight me like a woman!"

Kimo hissed, tiny waterfalls spilling off her thighs and bathing suit. She twisted some water out of her hair and walked barefoot onto the grass towards her opponent.

Collette had removed all her clothes except for her black bra and panties. She had recovered her breath and dug her feet into the moist ground, ready for battle.

Collette woke up naked, tied to her own kitchen table. Her wrists and ankles were handcuffed to the table legs of the oak furniture. There was a funny feeling in her butt.

She was dazed and did not know how she got there. Had she fought Rose in the arena? Did Nanette finally betray her? Maybe Rose had sent her bitch Judy after her?

Then she heard a clacking of heels, saw Kimo enter the kitchen stark naked, and remembered: cunt punches, spin kicks, breast mauling, submission to my new mistress.

Kimo was smiling, an evil grimace of pleasure. In each hand, she held an object. In one hand there was a dildo…and in the other hand…a picture of Collette's son, Hal.

"I want you to understand who I am," Kimo stated flatly, circling Collette. "All you rich bitches here in Silicon Valley, doin' this corporate catfighting, with these stupid rules you made up, just so you could give your men some idea that they control you. You ain't nothing compared to the great Cats, little kitty. We live to fight, lust to own other catfighters, and won't give up till a stronger bitch beats us. I've fought in fuck-fight cages to the death all over the world. I've killed other bitches, a lot tougher than you, in the wink of an eye. And I had more than one chance to kill you today."

Kimo rubbed the dildo against Collette's vagina. She trailed it along her waist, up a trail through her stomach and next to her breasts. Kimo pushed a button on the dildo…and a stiletto blade erupted from the top, just a hair breadth away from Collette's skin.

Collette gulped and her body started to shake in fear.

"You're alive for one reason," Kimo continued, pointing the blade at Collette's head. "Barry wants you alive. I'll go along with his decision…unless you fuck up. If you ever disobey me, ever double-cross me, ever lie to me…I'm gonna come after you and your family."

Kimo jerked the blade away and slashed the picture of Collette's son, over and over again.

Collette squirmed helplessly against her cuffs. Her eyes moistened with tears. I've got to get her out of here before Hal comes home from school…

Kimo retracted the blade inside the dildo and snapped it around her waist. She climbed up on the table and straddled Collette's hips. Collette was still trembling as her new mistress caressed her breasts.

"Don't worry, kitty," Kimo teased. "The safety catch is locked on the dildo."

Kimo grabbed hold of Collette's buns and jerked the dildo deep inside her new slave's vagina, sealing her domination of the older brunette forever.