Corporate Catfight by The Raven

Chapter 7

"This is it, Kimo," Allison muttered, as she drove her BMW into the garage.

She did that: talking to herself, when Allison was alone, especially when she was troubled. And Allison was troubled…because of Kimo. The alleycat had usurped her throne with Barry and was now poised to assume control over the Company's Catpack!

Allison's butt was still sore from the ass fucking, a regular nightly habit with Kimo since that night of the kill in Barry's mansion. Allison had suddenly gone from being a mistress to a slave, with the merest utterance from Barry's lips.

Slavery was new to Allison. For most of her life, she had played the role of a dominatrix. She had been skilled enough in the art of domination to break the will of a graduate from the Catfighters Academy. She loved to take wrestlers and catfighters, with whom her slim and petite body could never compete against, into her dungeon and totally break them down with her cat-o-nine tailwhip.

Allison had ached to get Rose into her bed chains. To break down this suddenly defiant sexy upstart and master her fierce love. But the bitch had refused to succumb to Allison's enticements of lesbian sex.

That had given Allison even more justification to use her pawn: : Cuntfighter Kimo. She had invited the alleycat to live with her and offered to pay her a stipend while Allison tried to get her an audition with Barry.

Kimo hadn't come home last night. Despite her relief at not being savaged in bed, Allison was worried. Saturday night was Kimo's last night at the Kit Kat Club in Sunnyvale. Tomorrow was Monday, Kimo's first day of work. Had something gone wrong? Had some old enemy found Kimo and ambushed her?

Allison had bought a special present for Kimo, one that was guaranteed to make Allison a Mistress Supreme once again. She longed for Kimo's return, so that she may give it the bitch where she deserved.

Damn you, Kimo, Allison thought. I had it all worked out. You would conquer Collette, Nanette, Bunny, and Rose for me…I would control you…rule THEM through YOU! Fuck you, bitch! And fuck Barry, too!

It was Allison's mistake: she had read the rich bastard wrong. He was getting off on the idea of Kimo the Alleycat coming in and taking control of the Corporate Cats.

Allison unlocked the door and entered into her lovely quiet Los Altos house. Her geriatric neighbors had never once complained about the noises emanating from her basement or bedroom. Once they remarked: We sure do hear lots of cats making love around your house, Allison! Their comment always made her laugh when she thought of it.

She kicked off her shoes by the front door and removed her socks. Her power walk around Vasona Park had left her lightly sweaty. Allison took off her shorts and stretched briefly, almost nude in her lingerie.

Allison stopped and sniffed the air.

Cigarette smoke.

Kimo's here, she thought. Come and get your collar, kitty!

Allison padded lightly into the living room, to find Kimo, nude, sitting with crossed legs in a highback chair. She sat near a window that had the blinds drawn. Blades of light sliced across her eyes, breasts, and crotch. She smiled cooly at Allison.

"Good, you're home," Kimo said. "I've got a present for you in the bedroom."

"Oh, mistress!" Allison said coyly. "What is it?" Nowhere near as good as mine, I bet.

"Something you've always wanted," Kimo replied, stubbing out her cigarette in the ashtray. "Check her out."

A woman.

It must be Collette, Allison thought, and walked hurriedly to the bedroom. She saw a nude woman, lying on her stomach on top of the bed sheets. Toned and slightly tanned legs. Muscular back. Supple and firm breasts, squished underneath her chest. Black silky hair. A familiar looking Asian face, sleeping under tossled hair.

Rose! Fucking hell! Kimo conquered Rose! She defied Barry and took her on too early, goddamn it, she looks better nude that I ever imagined--

"What are ya waitin' for?" Kimo shouted, suddenly appearing behind Allison. Kimo ripped Allison's bra and panties off. "Mount the bitch! I wanna watch you slaves get it on!" She slapped Allison's buns hard.

Allison's nipples were erect. This was an order she was happy to fulfill. There were questions to be asked: what, how, when, where? They could all wait until later.

She gently climbed up on the bed. Goosebumps appeared over Allison's flesh as she ran a finger, from Rose's feet, across her calves, up her thighs, around her ass, along her back.

Rose groaned softly and stirred awake. "Mmmm…Kimo…ah!"

Allison stuck her finger into Rose's cunt. She kissed Rose's neck from behind, reached around, and started playing with her breasts. Rose's cunt grew moist after several minutes of kissing and caressing.

"Mistress, you're ravenous!" Rose moaned.

"Yes," Allison panted, and turned Rose to face her. "I AM your mistress, finally!"

"Allison!" Rose's eyes went wide. "This is your house!"

Allison shifted her body weight on top of Rose, clasping her hands around Rose's wrists, to press against her nude body on the bed. "You've finally accepted my invitation!"

She bit down hard on Rose's right nipple.

Rose groaned and buckled her hips gently. She tried to throw Allison off her body, but she was too weak from a night and a day of constant fucking.

Kimo laughed. Allison looked behind and saw the alleycat sitting in a lazy boy chair, playing with herself.

"Play along, kitty," Allison whispered to Rose, pressing her tiny breasts against Rose's. She kissed Rose's mouth, a deep full, delicious kiss. "You're mine, now."

She looked in Rose's eyes and saw a mixture of emotions: lust, love, fear, insecurity, and helplessness. It made Allison even more excited. She pulled back hard on Rose's hair and kissed her mouth even more deeply, sucking her tongue. Rose's body tensed, but she kissed Allison back.

Allison's mouth went into overdrive: biting Rose's earlobes, Rose's neck, Rose's breasts over and over again. She let go of Rose's hands to see what would happen. Rose grabbed Allison's hair and pulled her mistress' lips to Rose's mouth. Their lips smacked as they kissed each other over and over.

In-between kisses were soft sighs and whispers.

"I hate you," Rose whispered.

"No," Allison corrected. "You hate to love me." She pinched Rose's ass.

Rose moaned and swiveled her pussy against Allison's cunt. A wet, smacking sound.

Allison grabbed the dildo that laid on the corner of the bed.

"Fuck that cunt!" Kimo whispered from behind.

Allison lubed the head of the dildo with her own cunt before strapping it on her waist. Then she spread Rose's legs and plunged the dildo into the vagina. Rose groaned again.

Allison teased her plaything, sliding the dildo out slowly, till it almost escaped Rose's vagina, only to thrust it back in suddenly. Rose grabbed Allison's buns to try and control the rhythm of the strokes. Allison grabbed each of Rose's breasts and squeezed them hard.

"I'm in charge!" Allison panted fiercely. "Grab the rails!"

Rose groaned and did as she was told, grasping the iron rails of the bedframe with her hands.

Allison thrustred her hips, driving the dildo deeper and deeper into Rose. Rose groaned with each successive thrust, ready to come any minute. Allison felt hot and played with her own breasts as she felt overjoyed in seeing Rose helpless before her. She imagined Rose laying helpless on the special table in her dungeon…

"Flip her over," Kimo ordered.

Allison was almost faint with pleasure. The whole scene was like a dream. She extracted the dildo and Rose turned back over onto her stomach. Rose arced her butt upward slightly towards Allison.

She grabbed Rose's hair with one hand, hip with the other, and jammed the wet dildo into Rose's ass. Rose's body jerked and buckled, almost throwing Allison's tiny frame off. She pumped the dildo again, and Rose's body buckled madly.

"Shit!" Kimo exclaimed, and jumped up from her seat. "Ya need more weight, honey!" Allison heard the alleycat rustling around behind her.

Allison placed her hands on Rose's back and pushed her slave back down, pumping the dildo while Rose screamed with pleasure.

"I've got you now!" Allison whispered. "And it's only the beginning…"

The bed suddenly shook. Kimo's hands gripped Allison's shoulders as the alleycat staddled Allison's buns.

"And I've got you, honey!"

Allison shrieked as Kimo thrusted a dry dildo into her asshole.

Kimo snorted and bit Allison's shoulder. "Haw! Two fer the price of one!"

As the cuntfighter thrusted her dildo again and again into Allison's ass, so did Allison's dildo pump Rose's in turn. Both Rose and Allison were screaming in agonizing pleasure as they became the meat in Kimo's double decker sandwich. The double ass fuck continued for five minutes.

"C'mon, honeys!" Kimo yelled. She reached around Allison's back to pinch Rose's breasts. Her pelvis pumped violently as her teeth bit again and again into the nape of Allison's neck.

Finally, Kimo stopped pumping, but bore the full weight of her pelvis on the dildo, plunging it even deeper into Allison's ass. The bottom of the strap-on was rubbing against her clitoris. She rocked her hips side to side as she started to come.

"Mistress!" Allison yelled.

"Stooooppppppppp!" Rose wailed, as Allison's dildo was doing the same thing in her ass, at the bottom of the deck.

Kimo yelled and raked her nails across both slaves' rib cages. Her orgasm always meant pain for her slaves.

For Allison, it was even more painful when Kimo rolled off her back. The dildo popped out and Allison felt a raw burning in her colon. She rolled off Rose, whose back was a river of sweat.

Sweat beaded all over Allison's body. She cooled down slowly. She looked over at Kimo and saw beads of water dropping off her heaving breasts. Next to Kimo, the clock read "5:12pm".

Rose flipped over on her back groggily, and wiped the perspiration off her forehead. She looked weak, out of it. Allison remembered now: a Porsche outside, parked on the curb. Rose's car.

"Did you fight her here?" Allison asked.

"No." Kimo rolled on her side, rubbing her foot along Rose's thigh. "We met at Mitch's place."

"Mitch?" Allison almost forgot, then remembered: Mitch, Rose's fat-boy employee.

"I met the geek at the Kit Kat Club. He brokered a private little wrasslin' match between me and Rose. Figured I ought ta have a preview before the main event!" Kimo played with Rose's breast. "Now I know why you're so hot for this bitch. I come every time I fuck her!"

"Shit!" Allison exclaimed, sitting up on one shoulder. "You let Mitch know that Rose is a catfighter? My God, this is serious! Rose will be under Mitch's thumb from now on! Barry will go--"

Kimo slapped Allison's face. "Shut the fuck up. I'll handle Mitch this week. Barry will never know." She smiled evilly at Rose, who was half asleep. "She's the bigger problem."

Allison rubbed her cheek, and stepped off the bed. "Why?"

"It's always tough to kill the ones you love." Kimo sighed and kissed Rose's lips. "But ya do what ya gotta do."

Allison pulled her present out from a jewelry box.

"Mistress," she said, in her best coy voice. "I have a present for you."

Kimo looked at what Allison held in her hand: a necklace, studded with diamonds. At the apex of the string of rocks was a tiny pendant. "Let me see it."

"Remember the catfighter from Manila I told you about?" Allison asked, handing the necklace over.

"Conchida Perez." Kimo looked closer at the pendant: it bore the mark of a Tigress. The same as the Tigress tattoo that all graduates of the Catfighters Academy had inscribed on their butt.

"I met her after a fight," Allison purred. "Brought her home for a little rough sex. I drugged her wine. When she awoke, I had her strapped down on my dungeon table. It took me a month, but I broke her down."

"Must have been a weak pussy," Kimo mumbled. She looked over the necklace greedily.

"She ransomed her way home with that necklace. It's worth over $10,000."

"Why give it to me?"

"Only a catfighter should wear that necklace." Allison laughed. "You think I want some bitch recognizing the Tigress icon and whipping my tiny butt?"

Kimo roared with laughter, evidently picturing the scene in her mind. "OK. I love it. Ain't never owned no jewelry before…but this is perfect!"

"I'll help you put it on." Allison walked behind Kimo and gently opened the clasps of the necklace.

This is it, Allison thought. Be cool. Don't let your hands tremble.

She locked the bracelet securely, pressing the studs in a secret order: a combination lock which Kimo would never be able to figure out. The bracelet was on permanently now. Only Allison could remove it.

"Let me look!" Kimo hopped over to a mirror. "Coooolllll!" She gave her naked body a thumbs up in the mirror.

Allison approached Kimo's back. "Yes. It IS you."

Kimo said to Allison's reflection: "Now you are learning to be a decent slave!"Allison pressed a switch on her ring.

Electrical impulses stabbed Kimo's body.

Kimo screamed in agony, turned to face Allison. "You fucking bitch!" She moved to strike Allison, but the pain was too great.

Allison counted to five slowly, then released the ring switch. She slapped Kimo hard across the face once, then twice, whipping the alleycat's head from side to side.

Kimo raised her fist to strike Allison-

--and Allison simply pressed her ring switch again.

"Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!" Kimo screamed.

Kimo's body convulsed in electric shock pain. The necklace was a wonder of technology: hidden power packs, electrical cells, sending pain through nerve endings throughout the human body. Turned on/off by a switch in the ring of Allison's right hand.

She felt joy in witnessing Kimo's pain. This time Allison counted to ten slowly before releasing the switch. Kimo had fallen on the floor. Allison stabbed her cunt twice with the heel of her foot.

"Bitch!" Kimo yelled, and yanked hard on the necklace, trying to break the clasp.

"Forget it," Allison said, pressing her foot onto Kimo's breast. "It only looks delicate. It's almost unbreakable. Even if you did do it, it would release a tremendous electrical charge, which, if it didn't kill you, would leave you severely crippled."

Allison gave Kimo another two second jolt. Kimo cried and pounded her legs on the carpet.

"Submit to me Kimo," Allison ordered, " and I'll let you go to work tomorrow."

"I, I, I--" Kimo stammered the words, "I submit."

"Good. Crawl down to the dungeon."

She watched Kimo slowly get on her hands and knees, making her way weakly to the door. That was it: in a matter of seconds, Allison had turned the alleycat into a kitty-cat.

"Don't ever think about escaping," Allison told Kimo as she crawled down the stairs. "That collar can also be controlled by a pager-type receiver. You go anywhere in the world, I can just dial a telephone number, and you'll get the jolt of your life."

When they reached the basement, Allison stepped into her black stiletto high heels and pulled out her cat-o-nine tailwhip. Her nipples stood erect as she popped the whip lightly against Kimo's back.

Allison was an S&M artist: she knew how to hurt the bitch without breaking too much skin.

After all, she still needed Kimo in good shape to fight Rose in Barry's fuck palace.

Her revenge left Kimo unconscious in the basement, strapped to a table. The kitty cat had eaten her Mistress's pussy hungrily at the climax of their session. Allison glowed with the orgasm produced by her cunning plan.

She went upstairs to continue her campaign against Rose. But as she entered the room, she saw that the bed was empty. Rose was gone. She had escaped while Allison had gotten carried away with Kimo. Only the musty smell of Rose's perfume and sweat remained.

"Flew the coop, eh? No matter.," Allison murmured, pleasantly tired. She turned the hot water up in tub, pouring in lots of soap bubbles. She clicked her heels together as she made plans for the next week. Now I just have to get Rose to Barry's house this weekend. Bunny will be the perfect bait. Time to call in Judy's debt.

Allison kicked off the heels and entered the tub. The water took the pleasant exhaustion off Allison's body. She couldn't help but become aroused again and again for the rest of the night, remembering how good it felt to finally dominate Rose in bed.

"Ahhhh. You're going to lose the war, Rose…" Allison touched her own breast, "…and visit my dungeon forever…my darling, beautiful slave."

It was the week that hell took over Rose's life. And after a week that had ended with both Mitch and Allison fucking her in the ass, it was mighty bad indeed.

Rose's arms were trembling as she drove home. Kimo had fucked her all Saturday night and all of Sunday, leaving her no time for rest. The bitch had humilated Rose thoroughly by letting Mitch get into bed with her…and photographing the orgy that continued thereafter.

The score now was:

Rose: 2, for 2 victories against Nanette and Collette;

Mitch: 2, for having twice the blackmail against Rose that he had previously;

Kimo: 1, for 1 victory against Rose;

Allison: 1, for dominating Kimo and having her to use as a surrogate fighter against Rose.

Rose cursed herself for being so stupid as to underestimate Kimo's abilities during the apartment fight. She was probably one of the most formidable fighters Rose had ever met. And this was just a simple wrestling match. Rose had no doubt that Kimo would be fierce in a real catfight.

The thought of such a fight was both scary and thrilling.

She knew it would come to pass soon.

Rose got to work late on Monday, entering the management meeting 10 minutes late. Allison was there, holding court as usual, making a casual joke as Rose entered the room.

"Rough weekend, Rose?" Allison asked. "You're looking a bit pale, dear."

Rose was staring at the woman seated next to Allison.

It was Kimo. Oh, she looked different-her hair shampooed, her makeup, her lipstick, but it was the same cunt. She did not smile at Rose. Her lower lip pulled into a smirking acknowledgement of Rose's prescence.

Allison has gotten her a job here! Fuck! Rose thought. Then she remembered Allison's off-hand comment the night before: "Submit to me Kimo…and I'll let you go to work tomorrow."

"This is my new executive assistant: Kimo." Allison nodded. "I believe that she already passed a very tough interview that you gave her, right, Rose?"

The men didn't pick up on the subtle innuendo…but the women in the meeting did. They all knew some sort of fight had taken place. They turned and looked at Rose.

"Yes," Rose replied. "She's very good."

Allison smiled and tapped her pen. "Now, back to the schedule…"

Rose didn't hear a thing she said afterward. She and Kimo simply exchanged tiny glances full of catlust for the rest of the hour.

She found Kimo in an empty restroom after the meeting, checking her makeup in the mirror.

"How does a stripper like you land in a place like this?" Rose asked.

"Like anyone else, honey," Kimo replied, putting her kit back in her purse. "I fought my way in here." She turned and faced Rose directly. "You gotta problem with that, sweet-buns?"

"The only problem I got," Rose jabbed a finger in Kimo's chest, "is you letting Mitch in on our fight!" She jabbed her finger repeatedly. "We-don't-let-men-know-our-secret!"

Kimo caught Rose's wrist in her hand and twisted it. "No one tells me what to do, bitch!" Her free hand suddenly jabbed up through Rose's skirt. Her fingers found their way into Rose's cunt. "Kinda wet. I think I excite you." She took Rose's hand and guided it to her own cunt. "Ditto."

Another woman entered the restroom. Their hands flew out of each other's pants.

"Don't worry, honey," Kimo laughed. "I've already taken care of your problem with Mitch. Allison's put you on my to-do list, too."

The other woman went into a toilet stall.

Rose felt overwhelmed by her catlust. Her love/hate for Kimo was so intense, she could have just lost control and ripped the bitch's clothes off and fucked her there on the bathroom floor right then. She grabbed Kimo's ass and moved to kiss the bitch's lips.

Kimo dodged and raced to the door, laughing.

Monday night was awful for Rose. Judy was mysterious absent from the stables and her room. Rose was wondering if her slave had finally abandoned her, just as she had tried to do earlier in Lake Tahoe. Rose kept thinking of fighting Kimo, naked in a private room, and making her submit in a catfight. She moaned and called Bunny to come over, but her slave had to cook dinner for her family.

By Tuesday, the word of the new catfighter was spreading through the women's ranks. Kimo had challenged Roxanne to a wrestling match at Paradise Island Health Spa at lunch time and had won three out of three submissions. Roxanne was so sore that she had to take the rest of the day off after Kimo's lovemaking.

Nanette had challenged her for a fight in the Thursday night arena. Rose had wondered why it hadn't been Collette; usually she was eager to fuck-fight the new bitches. She must be saving herself up for the Thursday night battle with me, Rose decided.

Mitch didn't come in to work either Monday or Tuesday. Rose called his house repeatedly. She never even got the answering machine.

Rose went to the health club in the afternoon, looking to challenge Kimo to a fight. She was constantly wet, thinking all about Kimo's body. The bitch wasn't around. Rose found Bunny instead, working out on the stairmaster. She dragged her lover into a room, calling her a coward, a pussy, a fake for living a lie with her husband, for not loving Rose. She provoked Bunny into a fight, and they went at it, biting, clawing, grappling at each other in their tight athletic bra and panties.

Rose won a grueling submission by holding Bunny's legs in the air and stomping on her cunt. She fucked Bunny in the ass hard, until the vibrations of the dildo made her come, picturing Kimo helpless on the ground below her all the while.

After her orgasm was over, Bunny cried.

Rose felt guilty then. She had made a mistake by taking her frustration out on her lover.

On Wednesday, neither Mitch nor Bunny showed up for work. Judy had not been seen at Rose's house for two days.

Something was up. Rose started to imagine that all of these events were tied together, but resisted the thought, resisted the terrible implications that Allison might be involved in everything bad in her life.

The fight was Collette in the arena was scheduled for tomorrow. Rose walked by Collette's office for the usual pre-battle taunting.

She found the brunette packing books into boxes. "Rose, come in," Collette said. "I'm leaving the Company."

Rose closed the door behind her. "I see. Where are you going?"

"Nowhere." Collette shrugged. "To be a housewife. I'm tired of work."

"Hmm." Rose watched the nervous woman carefully. "You didn't seem fed up last week. What about our fight?"

"I forfeited the match," Collette replied, sitting down in her chair to face Rose. "Nanette's passing the word along: You're the Queen Bitch now."

"What happened, Collette?"

She started unbuttoning her blouse. "Want to do it? Here, for old times sake?"

The thought suddenly popped into Rose's head and she spoke it: "You interviewed Kimo, didn't you?"

Collette stopped unbuttoning her shirt. "Yes," she whispered, and started to cry.

On Thursday, it was Mitch and Bunny who didn't show up, Collette who no longer came in to work, and Judy who never came home. Bunny's husband had left a message and wondered what the hell Rose was doing with his wife for the past two days.

To hell with it, Rose decided. Let's just get it over with.

She called Allison and scheduled a one-on-one meeting for 2pm that afternoon.

The bitch's office was dark when Rose entered. Cool, dark, and romantic.

Allison was at her desk. She pushed her chair back and Kimo crawled out from under the desk, with messy hair. Kimo wiped her mouth with her hand. The glow on Allison's face left no doubt as to what they were up to.

"I'm tired of your games, Allison!" Rose exploded. "I want to know what's happened to Bunny, Collette, and Mitch! And what are your fucking plans for that cunt?" She pointed at Kimo.

Kimo smacked her lips. "Be careful of where ya point that thing. I might just have to break it off."

"Rose, Rose, Rose," Allison sighed. "I warned you two weeks ago: there's more than one way to skin a cat."

"What do you mean?" Rose asked.

"I mean this: Mitch is dead. Collette is my slave now, thanks to Kimo's skill. Bunny is in my dungeon, courtesy of Judy."

"Bunny is where?" Rose roared, clinching her fists.

Kimo laughed. "Her little ass looks real purty there on Allison's table!"

Allison continued: "You were pretty rough with her last Tuesday, Rose."

"Purty rough," Kimo chimed in, lighting a cigarette, oblivious to rules and regulations. "Who could you have been thinking of when you fucked that little cupcake so hard?" She sat on Allison's desk and crossed her sexy bare legs.

"The irony of it is," Allison said, "It worked. Bunny had decided to leave her hubby for you. But Judy got to Bunny just before she got to your house. Fought her on the lawn. Bunny put up quite a struggle. Nearly ripped all of Judy's clothes off and took a hunk of flesh off her back."

"I don't believe you," Rose retorted.

"I got it here," Kimo replied, waving around a video cassette. "On tape. With Mitch's camera, caught the whole thing!"

She plunged the tape into a player and Rose quickly saw images of Bunny attacking Judy, claws ripping into the blonde's checkered shirt. The blonde howled in agony and struck Bunny with her fist in the gut, on the chin, and down into the cunt. The fight lasted ten minutes, but in the end, Judy was victorious.

"The cowgirl is my slave," Allison said. "Has been all along. Waiting to betray you on my word."

There was a pause. Rose was seething with catfury and frustration. She wanted to attack the both of them, but held herself back.

"What do you fucking bitches want?" Rose asked fiercely.

"You, stud," Kimo said, pressing her finger into Rose's chest.

Rose moved to strike Kimo, but the Japanababe quickly backed away.

"This is it, Rose," Allison said, walking around her desk. "Two choices. Submit to me tonight at Paradise Island. Acknowledge me as your Mistress Supreme. Let me fuck you in front of every woman in the club to demonstrate your love for me. Do this, and Bunny goes home tonight."

Rose bit her lip. She would do that, if it was her only option. "That's one choice. What's the other?"

"You'll fight Kimo in an all-out catfight in a private arena. The fight will end in either death or permanent slavery."

A chill went up Rose's spine. Everything fit into place, even Kimo's remark on Sunday: "It's always tough to kill the ones you love."

"Tell Rose about your record in professional catfighting." Allison commanded.

Kimo coughed and stubbed out the cigarette. "Pro fights, won sixteen, lost one. Amateur fights, won over a hundred, lost only six. Nine deaths. They don't call me Killer Kat Kimo for nothin', honey."

More chills racing up and down Rose's spine. Her catlust was aroused.

She recalled the dreams that often haunted her, where she was in Catsport facing the great Matadora or the awful Trang Ho. Fighting naked, to the death, the ultimate gamble, the ultimate orgasm, the ultimate risk.

Her fight with Judy, along in the chateau, had been the most thrilling catfight of her entire life. The orgasms alone produced by the memory of the event were worth it. But she would not be facing some middle-aged woman this time. It would be the woman she was terrified to love.

"Well, Rose?" Allison tapped her foot. "What will it be? Submit or die in battle?"

The smart thing to do was to submit now and figure out some way to double cross them later. To plan and scheme and fight another day, as Judy often did. Poor Bunny…the torture in Allison's dungeon must be terrifying.

The answer blurted out of her heart: "I'll fight."

"Good." Allison smiled, and caressed Kimo's shoulders.

"Tomorrow at midnight, honey," Kimo smirked and leaned back into Allison's embrace. "I'm gonna come when I snap yer neck like a twig."

On Friday, Rose didn't go to in work.

She prepared for what could be the final fight of her life alone at home. Meditating, doing yoga, reviewing martial arts maneuvers…and remembering both Bunny's and Kimo's kisses in bed.

When the limousine arrived at 11:00pm, it filled Rose's heart with fear.

Not a fear of Kimo…not a fear of losing Bunny…or dying in mortal combat.

A fear of entering a bold new underground world of professional catfighting.

One from which Rose might not ever wish to return from, should she survive the night.