Corporate Catfight by The Raven

Chapter 9



They drove up to South Lake Tahoe in Kimo's new car, a Toyota Land Cruiser. It was the first of Rose's three Christmas gifts to her. The Japanababe drove it with delight up the winding Highway 50.

Rose sat in the passenger seat, relaxed and ready for Christmas Eve in her favorite hideaway. She ran her finger along Kimo's thigh. She could feel the Japanababe's muscles even through the jeans.

"Don't do THAT!" Kimo squealed. "I'm too ticklish."

Ahhh, what a year it has been, Rose reflected, looking out at the snowside scenery. My Kimo. You've fit into the corporate lifestyle without losing your savage catlust. I love you more than ever.

Her position at work had become stronger, due to her careful negotiating. Barry had announced that Allison had suddenly quit to pursue other opportunities, and that after careful consideration, decided that Rose Chu was the best person to take Allison's place. She received a lucrative new stock option and salary package. He covered up Allison's death as well as Mitch's, and even helped to destroy the evidence that Mitch had collected on Rose.

Rose made Kimo her executive secretary, and Judy Buck became the new head of Human Resources. She replaced the open positions of Director and Manager with two men, one gay and one a happily married Mormon, who would present little threat to her in the future.

Barry gave her all that power and money, and in return Rose did something for him.

She kept his secret about Paradise Island and allowed him to maintain his secret video taping system.

Rose had made it clear to Barry in their one-on-one meetings: "I am not your whore, I am not your servant, I am your employee. I work for you in order to make the Company profitable as well as myself. I'll fight in the Health Club to stabilize my own position and to have fun, but I will never again fight in your private palace."

She had grabbed and squeezed his balls hard to emphasize her next point: "All the women in the Company are now part of my Catpack. It's hard enough to hire good people now--I won't loose any more fighting to the death at your mansion. If you want that shit, go to the fucking Philippines!"

Barry's reply: "What if I give you one million dollars to fight Trang Ho?"

It was tempting. Rose's head swirled for a moment in catlust. "No way," she replied. After all, her options alone could be worth millions one day soon.

Judy helped keep Barry occupied. The fifty-three year old executive had a grudging respect and lust for aging cowgirl. With Collette and Allison out of the Company, he needed someone who could broker fuck fights and keep him busy in bed. Judy was loyal to Rose and reported everything that Barry said or did.

The cowgirl's daughter, Donna acted as their contact to the outside world of professional catfighters. She arranged for them to fly into Silicon Valley for bouts in Barry's mansion. The billionaire's appetite and lust for catfights was regularly sated between this and his ongoing health club tapes. Barry had learned his lesson not to cross the corporate cats with the professional cats, just as he knew not to fuck up business with pleasure.

In November, Judy Buck became the fourth Mrs. Kosmos. Rose was her Maid of Honor and Kimo was one of the attendants.

Their pictures were all in People Magazine.

The Catalan Chateau was just as pretty as Rose had remembered it being a year ago, when she won Judy in combat. It had been prepared per her unusual orders: no furniture in the grand living room. Rose told them she would decorate it herself for her private "Christmas party."

After they had finished lighting the fireplace, Kimo looked at the view of the lake from the windows and commented: "Shit, ya always like to fight in the fanciest places!"

"Let's go upstairs and unpack," Rose said, "I'll give you the second present."

As they put away their clothes, a part of Rose wished that Bunny were here with them as well.

There was so much pain and irony and loss in the life of a catfighter, Rose mused. Even after they had released her from Allison's dungeon, Bunny was grateful and happy to be with Rose once again. She went back home only to pack up a few things and returned to live with Rose permanently. Bunny was ready to live as a lesbian and a catfighter, forsaking her conventional family dream.

The problem was Kimo. Rose loved both women in different ways.

Both were demanding and wanted her love all the time. They tried sleeping together in a threesome. They tried fighting over Rose, which proved unfortunate for Bunny, for Kimo nearly always won. They tried sleeping together on alternate nights.

Nothing worked. The ultimate problem was that Kimo and Bunny were incompatible and wanted the same thing: Rose. They put the decision up to their Mistress.

Rose looked at the situation logically. Of the two women, she had more in common with Bunny Li. They came from the same country, had the same education, same taste in clothes, perfume, movies, etc. Emotionally they were very compatible. Rose could see a long and happy life with her.

Kimo, on the other hand, was a rough girl who grew up in a motorcycle gang, who smoke cigarettes, talked like a two-dollar whore, fought and loved hard. She would rather watch X-rated videos than a foreign film and her vocabulary wasn't strong enough to read a novel. Rose knew their chances of a successful relationship with the Japanababe were low. Kimo knew that Rose had cheated death in combat only with the help of Allison's collar. Rose would have to keep on her toes constantly in order to never let Kimo get the better of her. If Kimo did stay with Rose, it would be for the money, the love, the excitement of their sweaty sex.

The Japanababe was like nitroglycerin, unpredictable, ready to explode at any moment.

Bunny was like TNT, easier to control, the safer choice.

Her heart wanted Kimo. She was forbidden, exciting, and sex with her turbo-charged everything in Rose's life. Rose's career certainly benefited. She wouldn't have become the Vice-President in the Company if Kimo hadn't forced her to fight as savagely as possible.

Rose didn't have to say she preferred Kimo.

Bunny figured it out first.

She left them. Rose was happy that Bunny didn't go back to her family. She had last heard that Bunny had moved to Los Angeles and fallen in love with a professional volleyball player named Sato.

I hope you as happy today as I am, Bunny! Rose thought warmly. She pulled Kimo's gift out of the closet and held it up in the bathroom mirror for Kimo to see.

"A wolfskin bikini!" Kimo exclaimed, eyes going wide.

"Female wolf, naturally." Rose threw it over to Kimo, and started taking off her jeans. "I have one, too. Ready to fight?"

"You?" Kimo asked, pulling off her sweater. "Anytime."

"Not me," Rose replied, putting on her thong bikini bottom. The little patch of wolfskin barely covered her cunt. "That's your third and final gift."

After Kimo had on her bikini on, Rose hit the intercom switch and said: "OK, we're coming down now. Get ready!"

She guided Kimo down the stairs. Rose's hand covered her lover's eyes so that she could not see what waited for her in the living room. She could feel Kimo's pulse race excitedly as the stepped into the room.

"Here she is!" Rose exclaimed, lifting her hand away.

The sun had set and the empty room was dimly lit. In the glow of the burning fire, Kimo could see an Asian woman facing her. She wore a bear skin bikini, and her body was awesome. She looked even better than the last time Kimo had fought her in Manilla. Her hands were placed on her hips and she looked defiantly at Kimo.

"Hello, runt!" Trang Ho taunted. "Last time I saw you I broke your arm. Since this is a charity fight on behalf of your benevolent Mistress, I'll settle for a verbal submission."

"YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Kimo screamed at Trang. Her face instantly contorted into utter hatred. The Japanababe leapt at her greatest enemy and ensnarled her legs around Trang's neck.

Both catfighters crashed to the ground. Kimo was choking Trang. The Chinese woman clawed Kimo's buns.

"Merry Christmas, Sugar Britches!" Rose exclaimed. She sat on top of the wet bar to enjoy the rest of the catfight. "I'll take on the winner."