Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 2

The trick, my droogies, was not to force the new catfight upon her. I planned to let Trang be the first to mention it.

After Morgan had left, we were both so fucking tired (pardon the pun), that we had to stay at home the following Monday and sleep. We were so exhausted for the remainder of the week, that we didn't make love again until the weekend.

Trang's nails scraped against my back as I thrusted inside of her.

"You're thinking of Morgan again, aren't you?" I asked.

Trang moaned.

"You'd love to be scratching her back, wouldn't you?" Her legs tightened around my waist, and her hands moved to my buns. "You'd like to have a bitch in your claws again!" Her nails bit into my skin and Trang's body jerked around as she climaxed.

"You're feeling restless," I whispered, touching her face after I had come.

"I can't help it," Trang said. "I want another catfight. I keep thinking about Morgan."

"Do you ever…" I hesitated.


"Do you ever think about fighting Linda?" The aerobics instructor at our health club. The Norwegian type blonde whose body drove Trang wild in bed when I described my fuck fight fantasy to her previously.

"That can't possibly happen. What am I supposed to do? Walk up to her and say, 'Hey, let me fight you, fuck your socks off, and let my boyfriend fuck us both in the ass.' "

We both laughed. "No, silly. Do it much more subtly. You already know her a little from the aerobics class. Start by hanging out with her afterward."

"I have worked out with her a couple of times."

"Yeah, and I saw her eyeing your sweet ass while you did your lunges, too."

"Really?" Trang asked.

"Yes." It was the truth. "Work out more often together. Then, you know, just tease her about who is stronger. Challenge her to an arm wrestling match. Maybe another day comes along when you're alone together. That's when you make your move and wrestle her, for the fun of it."

"And you think she'll go along with it?" Trang asked me.

"Hell, if I were a buffed dyke like her, I sure would."

Trang clobbered me with the pillow.

Trang started to part our little plan into action, and began regular workouts with Linda. I went to the gym at certain times to observe how it was going. I could pratically see the lust glowing out of Linda's eyes for Trang's hot body. I knew from the way the two women were joking and touching each other, it would be easy for them to fall into bed together.

I observed them arm wrestling one day in the aerobics room after the class had departed. After Linda had won a grueling two out of three matches, I thought she was going to fuck Trang right then and there on the hardwood floor.

Since things were looking primed, I walked in on them. "Wow, that was very intense! Maybe we should have another contest."

Trang laughed, but Linda said nothing. She glared at me and walked out of the room.

"You should give me more time alone with her, Gil," Trang warned. "I think she's a little jealous."

"Okay," I replied. "But that's your hook, if you need one."


"Tell her you won't have sex with her unless you she makes you submit. That you couldn't betray me otherwise. And set up pre-conditions for the fight. If you win, I get to join you in bed."

"And what happens if she kicks my ass, and refuses to have anything to do with you?" Trang asked.

I kind of stumbled then.

"Didn't think about that, did you, Gil?" Trang laughed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell that Linda was watching us from the window. I hugged Trang and kissed her. I swirled her body around so that I could look across the room into Linda's eyes while I pinched Trang's buns.

If looks could kill, droogies, I wouldn't be writing my story now.

"It's going to happen tonight," I whispered in Trang's ear. "Stay behind with Linda after the club closes. Challenge her. She won't refuse."

"I can't wait," Trang whispered back. "But you won't be here to see it."

"I'll see the next one. When you give her a rematch in our place tomorrow."

I had to fight the urge to stay behind and try to watch them through the outer glass walls. I gave up on the idea only when I realized the viewing angle sucked. It might have scared off Linda, too. Instead I went home and tried to rid myself of anxiety by jerking off. How do I spell relief, droogies? By bopping the old baloney and dreaming of my lover getting her ass licked by a butch femme.

I was split 50-50 between Trang winning or losing the fight. Linda was a superb athlete, a tough competitor, but an unknown quantity in a fight. Did she know how? We couldn't tell.

When a couple of hours had passed, I popped out the beer for more anxiety medication. Trang had to have lost. She would have been home by now. At first, I wasn't that concerned with Trang losing the fight. Linda had too many feelings for my darling to really hurt her. I thought of this as a stepping stone to bigger catfights. It was possible we could use this to hook Linda and draw her into our world.

It all seemed perfectly logical. Except for one factor, that I learned about later on.

Linda was a total lesbian. Unlike Morgan, she was not going to let me join in the sex at any cost. And this added more fuel to her catfire, propelling her to win most of the catfights with Trang.

By 2am that night, I was beside myself with drunken worry. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head. I was almost ready to call the police, but I passed out on the couch before I could spill my whole crazy story on the 911 line.

Around 8am, the buzz of the phone erupted in my ears. At first I thought it was part of a dream. Waking up with a start, I realized it was real. I jumped off the sofa and grabbed it.

"Trang!" I yelled. "Trang, honey! Are you OK?"

"I'm OK," Trang whispered. "I lost, Gil. I'm sorry."

"Oh God, forget about that! I'm the one who should be sorry. Where are you? I'll come and get you now."

"I'm in Linda's apartment," Trang whispered again, this time more excitedly. "Gil, you can't believe it. Linda's a semi-professional wrestler!"


"Yes! She wrestles in some exotic clubs in New Orleans. She says it's great money!"

"Shit! That's great!" I was starting to get aroused. "I mean--I mean, that's fucking awful!"

"She put me down so quickly in the gym. Linda even gave me four more tries, but she won every time. She's makes Morgan look like a cream puff."

"Oh God." I was stroking my dick. "Give me the address, Trang."

In the distance of Trang's receiver, I heard a loud slapping sound. My fearless Chinese femizon cried out and dropped the phone.

"I told you not to call him! Our deal lasts the entire weekend!" It was Linda's voice. She picked up the phone. "You'll get what's left of her on Sunday night, Gil-fish."

The line went dead.

I had to spell relief in myriad ways for the rest of the weekend, my droogies. Every effort I extended to find out the location of Linda's apartment was in vain. Her number was unlisted, and the people at the health club refused to cooperate. I tried a myriad of distractions, designed to make me forget about what might be happening to Trang. I medicated myself with booze, more Macedamian MJ brownies, lap dances, video games, wrestling videos, and cheap hand jobs in lapidated massage parlors.

When I returned home at 8pm on Sunday night, Trang was quietly sitting on the sofa, quietly reading the latest Vanity Fair and listening to music.

"Trang!" I hugged and kissed her repeatedly, examining her body for painful bruises or scars, and finding none. "I'm so sorry, honey. What did that monster do to you?"

"Oh Gil," Trang replied, touching my face. "Don't be sorry. It's what you wanted, isn't it?"

"No, no, it isn't--"

"Don't lie, Gil. To me or yourself. It wasn't as bad as what Morgan had put me through. Linda was pretty gentle. She's not into domination that much."

"Thank god you're OK," I said again. I let out a long sigh of relief and slumped back against the couch. "I was so worried."

"Gil, I can't have you falling to pieces whenever I lose a fight. You'll have to manage the stress better next time."

"What do you mean, next time?"

"I am going to keep on fighting Linda, until…she teaches me everything she knows about wrestling and catfighting."

My initial reaction was one of horror and shock. Then it was replaced by pleasure and orgasm in our bedroom, when Trang shared every memory and sensation of the weekend with me.

In the weeks that followed, Trang learned lots of different wrestling techniques from Linda. A lot of the classic holds, falls, and manuevers, plus some of the ones she had thought up herself. She taught Trang how to train with weights specially for catfighting and wrestling. There were certain leg muscles that had to be strengthened in order to choke a woman's body with their thighs. Likewise with the arms, tremendous pressure had to be applied to the neck or ribcage in a matter of seconds. Linda improved Trang's speed by having her run special drill patterns. Flexibility, for enduring leg twists and arm pulls, was acheived through Yoga. One of the most important techniques was the use of "catfire": the ability to channel all their hatred, lust, greed, or envy into the fury of the catfight.

Trang took to these lessons like a duck to water. She absorbed the techniques quickly during the eight week affair with Linda.

Why did Linda do it? I cooked up many theories during the periods when I was alone before I settled on the one that I believe to be true.

I think Linda knew she had a potentially great lover in Trang. But Linda was no Mistress. She had to love Trang as an equal. And to be her equal, Trang had to be as fit, as smart, as strong, as cunning, as Linda was.

Linda was molding Trang to fit this model.

In that sense, Linda and I had much in common. Neither of us could find the perfect wrestling lover. So we both tried to mold and shape Trang to be that person. And now we were in a mental wrestling match, Linda and I, to see who would win this Asian Amazon.

At first, Trang trained with Linda during weeknights, but came home to me. On Friday night, they would wrestle, with the prize being not only sex, but the house in which they would stay for the weekend. Trang lost, each and every time. Linda was too advanced. I would be adrift until Sunday evening.

Then the stakes got higher, to make it more exciting for Linda. Soon it became three days, then four.

I was able to put up with it, knowing that Trang was becoming the woman I had always fantasized about. I became more secure in our love, strange as it may seem. Trang always came back, always shared every scintillating detail of her time with Linda, for our pleasure in bed. I never doubted that her affection for me remained true. I could see that while she loved lesbian sex, she could never go down that road completely, even though Linda tried to seduce her down that path.

Trang was bi-sexual, as I had suspected from the start. While she could be promiscious with women through the catfighting scene, with a man she desired stability. And it couldn't be just any slob of a man, it had to be someone yuppie-fied and decent, who could share Trang with other women.

Therefore, my place in her life was secure.

But even I had my limits. When Trang lost the penultimate match with Linda, the prize they fought for was a one week vacation. I was left alone in Austin with they were in South Padre Island.

When Trang came back to me, I put my foot down. "That's it," I said firmly. "You've learned enough from Linda."

"I'm this close, Gil," Trang pleaded. "I almost beat her the last time. That's why I risked a whole week!"

"No. Even if you win, Linda won't allow you to stay with me. She won't give up until she's broken us apart. We'll find another woman."

"I've got to have one more crack at her. Please, please, Gil."

I gulped. I knew I couldn't deny Trang her wish. "OK. One more time. This is really the last one."

"Yes!" Trang hopped up in the air and wrapped her legs around my waist. "I'll get her, Gil." She kissed me.

I started walking into the bedroom. "I get to see it in person this time. It has to be in our own backyard."