Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 5

My dreams that night were filled with images that Helen's story had breathed into my imagination. I dreamed of Trang fighting Matadora in the Fuck Fight room. I dreamed of Trang having a Catpack under her command, a collection of mauling megababes whom she would share with me. My own little harem of hellcats. I dreamed of fucking Kamiko in the ass while Trang grappled with Helen in the bedroom.

When I did wake up, a little hungover, Helen was performing some naked Yoga positions in front of the bed.

"Hello, stud," Helen said softly. "You were pretty great last night. Even after four hours of talking and two bottles of wine."

"You're everything I dreamed," I said, kissing the nape of her neck. "But you aren't hungover?"

"Hell, I've already run five miles! You're out of shape."

I looked at the time. It was almost noon. "I guess I wouldn't go very far in a ring myself."

Helen laughed. "I've been thinking about Trang. About making her into a world class catfighter. I don't have the patience anymore, to train her like I did Kamiko."

"Then, I'll have to get her to go to the Catfighter's Academy in the Philippines."

"That's the fastest way," Helen replied, bending one leg behind her back. "She's got the Fever almost as badly as I do."

"I'm having a little trouble getting her--"

I stopped. Trang walked into the bedroom, dressed in a French maid's outfit. She was wearing a black lace number, fishnet stockings on her legs, and stiletto heels on her feet. My dominated lover carried a tray of food: coffee, bagels, eggs, and jam. Food had never smelled so good. She placed the tray on the bed.

Helen bent Trang forward at her waist, exposing her bandaged buns. Hellcat whacked them lightly, and Trang gritted her teeth in response.

"Go eat, slave," Helen commanded. "Quickly. Await my pleasure in the master bedroom."

"Yes, Mistress," Trang replied, bowing her head. She avoided looking at me as she walked out of the room.

"Wow," I said to Helen. "I sure don't get this kind of service at home!"

While we ate our breakfast, we discussed Trang's future. Hearing Helen's story last night had opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Trang. Not only was Catfighting a real sport, you could actually make a fantastic living from it, if you were good.

Helen offered to help motivate my lover to achieve her maximum potential.

I heard the moaning as soon as I stepped out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and raced into the living room. On the monitors, from several different angles, I saw Trang, laying naked on her stomach.

Helen was licking her cunt and stroking her nipples underneath her.

I went to the door of the bedroom, only to find it locked.

"Uh-uh," Helen said from inside the room. "This is just between us gals. You can get your kicks in the living room."

I gave up, and sat down on the sofa to continue watching the show my Hellcat had cooked up.

Helen proceeded to have sex with Trang in much the same way that she had described at first with Kamiko. Starting off tenderly, kissing and stroking her nipples and clitoris. She got Trang wound up to the point of an orgasm…

…then stopped, flipping my darling over onto her stomach.

Hellcat reached into a drawer and pulled out a toy. A strap-on dildo.

"Your gal ain't gonna like this much, honey, but I sure am!" She exclaimed into the camera. Helen gave me a good view, first putting on, then lubing the dildo with a gel. I noticed something that seemed like a battery pack on the rear of the strap-on that rested against Helen's back.

Helen slipped the tiny shaft into Trang's ass. I got goosebumps when my lover squealed.

"I'm startin' the engines, honey!" Helen yelled.

She clicked a button, which activated the ingenious device. It expanded the shaft inside Trang's butt slowly, but also vibrated against Helen's own clitoris and vagina. The shaft grew bigger and bigger, simulating a penis. I saw Helen grab Trang's wrists and pull, arcing her backward again, to drive the shaft deeper into her anus.

Trang pleaded and begged with her Mistress to stop, but Helen kept on humping her butt.

Helen finally stopped poking her slave when the vibrator made her squeal with delight. I'm sure the orgasm was caused as much by the psychological domination of Trang as much as the physical pleasure.

Helen withdrew the vibrator and flipped Trang over, who was grimacing from the pain.

"Awww, your poor kitty. Let me make it all better." Helen cried.

She proceeded to make love to Trang in a tender and gingerly manner once more. It took about fifteen minutes for Trang to soften up and trust her mistress again.

Needless to say, that in the living room, as I rested back on the couch and watched them stroking and caressing each other, my penis was once again standing at attention. I was in heaven. Hoping to take a tape of this and the battle last night, to watch again and again.

I was so comfortable, droogies.

That was about to change.

Helen pulled out a special vibrator and turned it on. I saw that this vibrator had two prongs on it. One was the vibrator for the cunt, the other prong was much shorter, like a thumb, and had some kind of small twirling wheel on it. She started probing the vibrator into Trang with her right hand. With her left, Helen caressed Trang's breasts, kissing her occasionally. I soon understood what the wheel on the thumb was for. It was to stimulate Trang's little butt-hole by brushing and tickling it as the main prong slid in and out of her cunt. The effect was stimulating.

In a few minutes, Trang was near-orgasmic, moaning, thrashing her arms about the mattress.

Helen pulled out the vibrator and turned it off. She stopped touching Trang and merely watched her.

"Oh, Mistress! Mistress! Mistress!" Trang wailed. She reached her hands down between her thighs.

Helen grabbed her arms and pined them above her head.

"Please let me come!" Trang cried. "Please! I'll do anything you say."

"You will, my pretty kitty-cat?" Helen asked, basking in the darkness of Trang's desperation. "I'll let you have that orgasm...but you may regret it later!"

Helen grabbed some handcuffs out of the nightstand. I heard the bedroom door unlock, and Helen walked out, dragging Trang by the hair behind her. She took Trang down the hallway towards a room I hadn't been in, and ordered me to stay in the living room.

I wondered when I was going to get my turn at these Cats, as well!

After I heard the sound of the handcuffs snapping shut, Helen walked back into the living room.

"Close your eyes." She commanded. "Don't open them until I tell you."

Hellcat walked into the kitchen. I listened to the grinding gears of the can opener, and Helen running quickly back into the room where she had led Trang. Sounds of Trang squealing in horror, but not pain.

Helen came back into the living room and told me to take a look at my kitten.

I raced into the last room in Helen's house.

It was bare. No furniture at all.

On the floor lay Trang, on her back, legs and arms spread diagonally. She was handcuffed to circular, metallic rings embedded into the floor. And on her naked body, from her breasts, her stomach, to her crotch, lay mounds of moist dog food.

An especially big clump of dog food lay on top of cunt.

"Gil! She's a crazy bitch! Get me out of here right now!"

I hesitated for an instant. I knew what was going to happen. I knew about Trang's fear of big dogs.

But my dick hardened at the thought of seeing Trang totally humilated!

"Gil! Hurry before she comes back!"

"Too late, dear." Helen appeared, naked in the doorway, wearing her black high heels.

Woofie the Labrador retriever panted heavily beside her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, dripping saliva on the floor.

"It's feedin' time," Helen continued, "and Woofie here hasn't eaten all day!" She let go of Woofie's collar.

The dog trotted over to Trang, and immediately started licking the dogfood from her left breast.

"Gil! You son of a bitch! Get me out of this now!" Trang screamed and flailed at her handcuffs, but it was impossible for her to pull the rings out of the ground.

I made a start for her body. A puny, weak, step in that direction, my droogies.

Helen cackled madly and shoved me outside the room, pulling the door closed shut behind us.

I could still hear Trang's muffled screams.

"Getting some second thoughts now, lover boy?" Helen said, pushing me back down the hallway. "There's no turning back. From the minute you walked into this house, you gave both of your lives to the Fever!"

We were back in the living room now. Woofie and Trang were on the monitors.

Every goddamn room in that fuck house must have been bugged!

Helen stood close to me. The heels almost brought us eyelevel.

"You know what my greatest joy is this weekend? Beating the shit out of your bitch is cat's play. What really gets me hot is that you'll do anything to make your dream come true. You'll fuck me here as my dog rapes the hell out of your babe. Have you ever been this aroused before?"

She held my stand-up erection in her hand.

I could say nothing. I could do nothing.

I was paralyzed by my total, out-of-control lust.

Helen then hooked her leg around mine and jerked it, causing me to fall slowly onto my back as she kept hold of my shoulder.

Woofie was eating the dogfood off of Trang's tummy now. She had stopped screaming for help, but her body trembled.

My dick stood straight up like an arrow.

Helen impaled herself on it, juicy as a hamburger.

My guilt and fear slid away. Nothing held me back now.

Helen fucked me like she had fucked Trang earlier. Whenever it looked like I might come, she paused, waited till I got smaller, then started again. She was waiting for something to happen.

"Oh, the best part is coming up! Woofie is getting his treat--and now, so will you."

Hellcat slid my dick out, and laid down on her flat stomach in front of the monitors


"Put your pod up my brown eye, honey. Knock my lights out!"

I sat up and looked at Helen's firm, toned buttocks with anticipation. I pounced on her back and slipped my dick into her asshole. Her head chucked up a bit as it first went it.

I saw Woofie eating at the mound upon Trang's crotch. He first ate the juicier chunks, the licked the remains. Woofie just couldn't get enough of the food residue in and around Trang's cunt, and kept licking.

Licking, licking. Tickling Trang's cunt.

My babe started squealing again. Her legs strained against the restraints.

I humped and humped against Helen's butt as we both watched it all happen. We saw Trang start to pump her crotch up and down slightly against Woofie's tongue.

"Look at that. She wants to come so badly, she'll let Woofie fuck her. A bitch fucking a bitch!" Helen laughed madly.

As we saw Trang start to yell and thrash as her orgasm took place, I exploded into Helen's anus. It must have been the fuck of the decade.

I lost consciousness right afterward.

I awoke on the floor of the living room. The monitors were turned off. I must have slept for a couple of hours at least. My dick was raw as hell from all the fucking. I felt enormously exhausted and burned out.  Meeting Helen had been like throwing a tanker full of gasoline onto a small fire. As soon as I awoke, sore and cramped, I knew my life would forever more be dictated by whims of the Cat Scratch Fever.

But what about my darling, Chinese freshman fuck fighter? My first instinct was to look for her.

I stumbled to the room where Trang had been with Woofie. No one was there. Not even a scrap of dogfood lay on the carpet.

I walked to the master bedroom. The door was closed.

I opened it gently and saw Helen sleeping in her bed. Alone.

I began to feel panicked. Where was Trang? Had Helen tortured her more? Did Trang get so disgusted that she had left without me?

The Fever chilled and my spine shivered.

I made my way to the guest bedroom off the kitchen. The bed was empty.

I looked through the window to the patio and yard outside. Other than Woofie, I saw nothing.

I heard a sound of water swooshing, and raced into the bathroom. Trang was there, sleepy in warm soapy water.

"Well, I always knew you'd come through for me when it really counted." Trang paused, digging the knife in a bit deeper. "Was she that good?"

I was too tired to lie. "Yes, she was." I sighed and dipped my hand in the water. "The dog. Was it awful?"

"It was disgusting." She flicked some water at me and sneered. "You bastard. Enjoying yourself like a…dog!"

"What did she do to you after I passed out?"

"What, afraid you missed something kinky?" She stepped out of the tub and I towelled her body. "Well, you did, you dick head!"

I gulped hard.

"Helen took me outside, to the yard, and used a hose to wash all that horrible dog saliva off my body. She strapped another weird vibrating dildo in me, and wheelbarrowed me all over the yard and back into the house. I had to wear the strap-on and fuck her good on the bed. Look at my back."

I saw many deep red scractches on Trang's muscular back. Not as severe as her butt, but it looked bad.

"The bitch did that to me when she came. She toyed with me again with that weird vibrator, and went to sleep without finishing me off!"

Trang pinched my nipple. I knew she wanted to me to pleasure her.

"That fucking Hellcat," Trang hissed. "I'm not gonna rest until I get her Gil. Whatever it takes, I'm going to dominate her. I will have her as my slave. And not for a measly weekend."

My poor brusied penis was making a comeback. Trang pushed me onto the carpet and she guided my aching dick inside her cunt.

"Helen's going to belong to me for life, Gil!" Trang gasped, thrusting her hips. She clutched my hair and pulled my head back. "I'll get the edge I need in the Catfighter's Academy. You're gonna take me there soon, right?"

I exploded inside of her, but continued thrusting.

"Yes," I panted. "Yes, my darling. We'll make the reservation today."

Trang's body hit a spasm, legs and arms squeezing my body like a vice. Her nails bit into my flesh, as her orgasm spread throughout her body.

I knew my body was only the instrument of her pleasure. The real source came from the idea of training with savage, third-world catfighters. And the idea of returning to Austin to maul Hellcat into a docile slave.

We didn't know then how much we would have to pay make both of our dreams come true.