Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 7

We weren't back in Austin for more than a day than Trang made me drive her over to Helen's for a rematch. My lover was fiesty and anticipating her revenge, until the sign on Helen's lawn hit her like a cold tsunami: FOR SALE.

"She's gone," Trang said. "That fucking bitch!"

But her hopes were renewed after I picked up our mail from the post office. I found a postcard addressed to Trang, which read:


I couldn't wait for you to come up to my speed. There were bigger cats waiting for me over here in the Bayou. If you want a rematch, find a man named Lustiricci. He owns a club called New Orleans Knockouts.



"Let's go, Gil!" Trang exclaimed, pounding my chest. "Tomorrow!"

For the first time, I had to say no to a catfight. I was supposed to start my job on the very next Monday, and my boss had already called to confirm that I would be back at work. I was broke and living on my credit cards, which were nearly maxed out. I needed some cold hard cash very badly.

"You'll have to wait," I told her.

All in all, Trang had to wait for nearly a month. I worked hard to restore my rep at work, and to collect two paychecks. It took that much damn cash just to pay the minimums on my cards, my mortgage, and other expenses, with the little surplus that we would need to go to Louisana. Trang was barely able to contain her temper and frustration and not being able to fight. She was showing all the classic signs, I realize only now, of withdrawal pains from the catfighting addiction. She even tried to pick a fight with one of the women on her landscaping crew, which failed miserably. The woman just walked away and never came back to work.

The cat had to be let out of the bag. Or Trang was going to go crazy!

We started driving early the Friday before Labor Day, towards New Orleans. Trang slept for most of the ride and did not say much. She was dressed in a white T-shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it, and a pair of brown khaki shorts that showed off her awesome buttery legs.

We stopped at a small Quik-E type store just outside of Houma. Trang walked ahead of me into the store. As she did so, I noticed a man and a blond-haired woman, leaning against the hood of their truck, both eyeing Trang as she walked into the store. The man, whose name I never did learn, but called him "Tex" anyway, for he wore a cowboy hat and boots, plaid shirt and jeans. He woof-whistled as Trang went into the door, and I stared at him for a moment before going in myself.

"Just ignore it," Trang said to me.

"You're the fighter, not me." I replied, as I paid for our drinks and walked outside.

"Well, look at this piece of trash that blew into town," the blond-haired lady drawled in a southern accent, looking up and down at Trang. She looked to be about 30. Her hair came down just past her ears in a bowl type of haircut. She wore cut off blue jeans, and legs were tanned, sexy and firm, but did not appear that muscular. A white shirt was tied at her breasts, bigger than Trang's but not enormous, exposed a washboard stomach. She was sexy and feisty, and her slightly freckled face snarled a bit whenever she talked to Trang. "Hope you aren't planning on stayin' here too long, honey."

Trang glared at the woman briefly.

"Ooo! You challengin' me, dirt fox?" the blond taunted.

"Hey, mister!" Tex called over to me. "I'll bet ya one-hunnerd dollars that Daisy here can take yer ladyfriend there in a fair fight."

"No way, pal..." I started to reply, but Trang glared at me in the eye and cut me off.

"I can take her," Trang said calmly. "Are you sure you've got $100 to lose?"

Daisy squealed and stood up from the truck, staring her blue eyes into Trang. "You better be sure, honey. I grew up wrestlin' pigs that weighed more than you do."

"Right here, honey bun," Tex drawled, waving around five $20 bills. "Let's go around back, where we can have us a bit of privacy."

We let them lead the way around the back of the market into an empty dirt field. I looked around it, suspicious of some kind of setup or trick, but there appeared to be none. The little dirt field was protected from the sight of the highway and some trees even obscured the back of window of the Quik-E mart.

Daisy skipped over to one side of the field, looking like a happy kid. Trang handed me her water bottle. I was worried, even though excited about seeing her fight again. Trang was taking this much too calmly.

"Watch out, darling," I whispered to her. "Don't get too overconfident. She may be tougher than she looks."

"Don't worry," Trang replied, kissing my cheek. "It'll be over soon. Get ready to be $100 richer in a few minutes."

"Enough stallin'!" Tex barked. "Get ready to wrassle, ladies!"

I walked over next to Tex over at the edge of the field as Trang started to stretch a little.

"Before we begin, I wanna know if you got a hunnerd on you, city-boy." Tex said. I pulled out a third of the money from my wallet to show him. "You're gonna see a good show now, bud."

"Come and get it, darlin'!" Daisy said to Trang. She awaited Trang, standing with her hands on her hips at the far side of the field. Daisy was a bold cat even though she appeared to be about an inch shorter than Trang, and certainly not as muscular. Trang ran over to her and lunged for her arm, but Daisy dodged away. Both women circled each other in their tennis shoes. Daisy's eyes locked onto Trang's and she hissed at my beloved. Suddenly her arms shot out and grabbed at Trang's long, straight black hair, yanking down hard. Daisy brought her knee up quickly to smash into Trang's lower jaw. Daisy then brought her right leg above Trang's head and wrapped it around her neck, choking her, then driving her body to the ground.

Trang was now crouched on the ground in the choke hold, Daisy on one knee above her. "You ain't so tough. Come on, why dontcha show me some of that kung-fooey shit?" She grabbed Trang's right arm and bent it behind her back.

Trang's left hand was free, and she used to grab hold of Daisy's right breast, and squeezed hard with her claws through the white shirt. Daisy squealed a bit and let go of Trang's arm to remove the claw at the breast. Trang then used both free hands to grab hold firmly of Daisy's buns, and stood up, flipping Daisy behind her back into the air.

Daisy landed on her back. Trang quickly fell down on top of Daisy hard, driving her butt into Daisy's stomach. Trang locked her left arm around Daisy's neck, and wrapped her right arm around Daisy's knees. This was called an accordian move--because Trang locked her fingers together, pulling Daisy's head and shoulders towards her legs, which were locked down and immobilized by Trang's tremendous grip.

Daisy sputtered and strained in Trang's grip. Her left arm was under Trang's legs pinned. Only her right arm remained free, but all it could do was pull on Trang's hair, which wasn't enough to make my darling let go.

"Give it up and go back to your pigs!" Trang said to her.

"Eat this...sugah..." Daisy gasped, then opened up her jaws to take a tremendous bite out of Trang's left breast.

Trang's fingers let go of the accordian hold almost immediately as she wailed in pain. Daisy used the freedom to grab hold of Trang's legs with her left arm, and threw them up in the air, driving Trang onto the dirt ground while maintaining her bite. Trang pushed away at Daisy's chin with her hands, which ended the breast-biting. But by now Daisy had stood up, gripping on Trang's ankles, and whipped her around on her stomach. Daisy bent the ankles and calves backward towards Trang's head, executing a Boston Crab maneuver.

By this time I was fully aroused, my dick begging to be released from the layers of underwear and jeans that I was wearing. As I watched Daisy grip my darling's legs, bending them and her spine backward, making my darling shout, "Aieee-yaaaahh!" in agony, I realized that Daisy was no mere pig fighter. The maneuver she was using was a professional one.

"Your babe out there fight in the pros?" I asked Tex.

"Yep, my sister fights down at a club in New Orleans," he drawled. "Been doing it fer ten years now. Makes a good livin'. What about yer gal?"

"She's been taught by pros, but only fights amateurs so far." Fucking hell, I thought. Daisy worked out of the same club that Helen did. I spent thirty years of my life looking for catfighting women in vain, and now they were coming out from under every nook and cranny!

"Too bad. She's a real spitfire!"

"Give it up, sugah!" Daisy yelled at Trang, driving her right foot into Trang's genital area for a moment. "Even your boyfriend's losing interest."

Trang slapped at the ground with her arms, her grimacing face determined to find a way of the crab hold.

But Daisy could tell that as painful as the crab hold was, it was not making Trang submit. She changed position and pushed Trang's ankles down to her butt, keeping them locked down by sitting on top of Trang's legs and back. She took hold of Trang's arms, pulling them backward, bending her spine like a bow.

"I'm gonna snap ya like a twig if ya don't give it up, honey," Daisy warned. Her expression was one of determination, with a slight smile of triumph coming out of the corner of her mouth.

Trang sucked in her breath and made her break for freedom. She reached backwards with her arms, even further than Daisy was pulling them. Her hands found the bottom of Daisy's chest-high shirt, and gripped it tightly. She shifted her body weight forward and pulled. The end result somersaulted Trang's body forward, and flipped Daisy off of her. Both Tex and I exclaimed when we heard a ripping sound.

Daisy landed on her ass, topless. Trang had ripped the shirt off her back. Daisy's breasts vibrated as her body absorbed the impact of the fall.

Trang allowed Daisy no room to recover. She sat her knees upon Daisy's arms, pinning them to the ground. Daisy brought her legs up and back to get Trang's neck. Trang forestalled them with her arm instead, and used the tattered remains of Daisy's shirt to hogtie Daisy by the ankles.

"Isn't this what they do to pigs in roping contests, cowgirl?" Trang taunted Daisy, while gasping and recovering her breath. Daisy remained silent. "No snappy comebacks now, Bimbo Daisy? How about this?" Trang drove her nails into Daisy's exposed breasts and laughed as Daisy screamed.

Trang lay down on her side and pulled Daisy by the hair, quickly forcing Daisy's neck high up in-between Trang's thighs. Trang lay on her left arm and squeezed with her incredible leg power, putting Daisy in one hell of choke hold that looked impossible to break. Daisy flailed her legs around, but since they were tied up, they were useless to her. Soon, Daisy's face was turning red was making grunting noises.

"Anytime you're ready to give up, shugah, just say the word," Trang teased her, and clawed at Daisy's tits with her right hand. She was smiling now and looked up at me in anticipation of her victory.

But my darling had forgotten about Daisy's hands. The left one appeared to be almost useless, under Trang's butt. But there was enough room for Daisy to reach up and grab the side of Trang's shorts.

Just enough to anchor Daisy's hand underneath the rim.

And enough for Daisy's right arm to come in fast, latch onto the front of Trang's shorts, near the front button. Daisy yanked hard, and the button popped right off and landed a few feet away. Daisy tugged very hard another three times. Trang tried to stop her with her right hand, but it was too late. On the second tug, Daisy had snapped the zipper open, and on the third tug, had ripped the shorts in half.

Trang's cunt was now exposed to Daisy, as my darling was not in the mood to wear panties that day! Daisy opened her mouth and bit down into Trang's vagina.

Trang immediately released the choke hold, but Daisy kept biting. Trang stabbed her fingers into Daisy's eyes in order to make the blonde release her mouth.

My heart skipped a beat while my hard-on begged for release. I had never seen Trang so injured before. This was getting out of hand. I thought that maybe I should stop this now before she got really hurt.

"Maybe this is goin' too far," Tex drawled, echoing my thoughts.

The two women had paused for a moment. Trang had rolled away from Daisy, and was on her hands and knees, massaging her vagina. Daisy was laying down and sucking in huge gasps of air, her breasts quaking with relief. They rested for at least a minute.

"I guess it is a draw," I said. "Let's go, Trang."

"No...fucking...way," Trang said, standing up shakily. There was a look of intense hatred on her face.

"Tougher than I thought, darlin'..." Daisy said, and got to her knees, then stood up. "It's just gonna make my conquest a whole lot sweeter." She unbuckled her shorts, stepped out of them and threw them over to Tex. Daisy stood naked as a jaybird, her nipples stood out and erect, the expression on her face grim, shaking away the sweat. "Let's finish this, darlin', before your boyfriend over thah proposes to me."

Trang removed her Mickey Mouse T-shirt and threw it over to me. Now both wildcats were naked, except for their athletic shoes. Daisy let out a yell and charged Trang with her arms outstretched. The two fighters locked hands for a contest of strength and leverage, each trying to topple each other over. I saw the muscles in Daisy's back and shoulders now, not hidden any more by her hayseed clothes. Even though Trang was an inch taller than Daisy, the smaller woman held her own.

They pushed, tugged, and turned around, allowing Tex and I to view them both. I saw beads of sweat drip down Trang's muscular back, down her lovely toned bun, and down to the dirt. Trang stepped forward to gain some leverage, but her foot slid on a big rock, and she went down on one knee. Daisy pushed her advantage forward, causing Trang to arch backward.

"Got ya now, darlin'!" Daisy exclaimed, as her supple breasts rubbed up against Trang's.

Trang's answer to this was to simply fall backwards. In doing so, she took Daisy by surprise, as the blond fell down upon my megababe's chest. Trang then pushed up with her legs and knees against Daisy's body, while gripping her shoulders, to somersault Daisy's body backward. Daisy landed hard on her ass, once again.

Trang somersaulted backward herself and sat on Daisy's stomach. Trang pinned Daisy's arms under her knees. She curled back her right fist and slammed it into Daisy's left tit, hard. "Give up, bitch!"

Daisy moaned, but yelled, "Never, chink!"

Trang hurled a half dozen blows against both of Daisy's breasts. "Don't ever call me that, pig-whore!"

Daisy seemed done for. Trang sat up a bit and twirled Daisy over onto her stomach like a rag doll. She lay her bronzed skin down upon Daisy's ass and back, and curled her buttery legs around Daisy's, locking them under her control. Trang's left arm took hold of Daisy's left wrist, and bent it behind her back. With her right arm curled tightly around Daisy's neck in a choke hold, it seemed like the hayseed had no where to go. Her face turned red again as she strained futilely against Trang.

We were deep in the Fever then, droogies. I gazed at my lovely Asian femizon riding on top of the blond Southern hellcat, my penis yearning for my touch, or for a thrust inside either of their cunts or their ass. I hoped that I could somehow talk Daisy into ditching Tex and coming back to a motel room with us. How wild she would be in bed!

I snapped out of this fantasy when I heard Trang yell out. Her head suddenly jolted to one side.

She released her grip on Daisy and clutched the side of her head.

In Daisy's right hand, which had been free, I saw that she gripped a large, jagged piece of rock. In her desperation, she must have reached out into the dirt and found it. She slammed it into Trang's head again. The impact still hurt Trang even though she had her hand in between the rock and her skull.

Daisy shifted her body weight and flipped Trang over. Daisy let go of the rock and steadied her hands on the ground, now laying on top of Trang's stomach. Daisy raised her pelvis into the air and slammed her bare butt into Trang's diaphragm, smashing the air out of her lungs.

Her face still red and enraged, Daisy sat up quickly, in between Trang's legs. She brought her fist smashing hard into Trang's cunt, once, twice. Trang yelled and tried to sit up, but Daisy hammered away at her four more times before Trang managed to place her hands over her vagina for protection.

I think Trang was close to crying, then. Maybe she might have, had Daisy not stopped and took hold of her legs. Daisy curled Trang's legs backward, and moved to the side of Trang's body, bringing her left knee on top of Trang's left arm. She used her right knee to exert pressure against Trang's windpipe. Daisy's arm's were holding down Trang's legs, which started to flail as soon as she started to choke.

Trang's right hand shot up to claw at Daisy. But the blond merely caught it with her right hand and kept it pressed against Trang's legs in the bear hold.

"Whatsa mattah…honey…" Daisy said, panting for breath. A dirty smile appeared as she taunted, "This…ole polecat…got yer tongue?"

Drops of saliva sputtered of Trang's mouth as she tried to get of Daisy's death hold. But it was useless.

"Tell ya what, sugah. Since y'all seem to be incapable of talkin', you can signal your submission by holdin' up yer thumb. Then me and yer man are gonna have us a little celebration party." She yelled and whooped at me, winking her eye and grinning.

I couldn't help but be turned on. I wanted Daisy so bad, I could have peeled off my clothes and done it right there with her in the dirt.

But another part of me was afraid…when I realized that Trang hated this bitch.

So much she might not submit.

Trang's middle fuck-you finger shot up in defiance.

"Now that ain't nice, honey!" Daisy drove her knee harder into Trang's windpipe. "Submit, ya stupid illegal cunt! Before I break your neck."

Trang's middle finger stood erect again.

As I watched my darling's eyes glaze over and her face lose consciousness, Tex and I rushed toward to separate the two hellcats, praying that it wasn't too late.