Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 9

The blood sprayed off the red-head's nose into the crowd at the New Orleans' Knockout club. It was indeed a legitimate club, with a regulation sized ring set down lower in the middle, the tables and chairs surrounding it a bit higher. Daisy was fighting a red-head named Wanda, who had just now taken a dive towards the canvas, in the first round. The referee came over and counted to ten, then threw Daisy's arm up and announced, "Da Winnah!"

Daisy danced around the stage in her white bikini. The crowd booed her in return. "This stinks," one guy muttered. "Give her a real fighter!" said another.

It was the perfect moment for us. Trang stripped off her jacket, revealing a nice black athletic bra, combined with a pair of skin-tight black biker shorts. She hopped up onto our table and pointed at Daisy.

"I challenge you to fight me with the gloves on," Trang yelled. "Let's see if you can take out someone at your level, bitch!"

The manager/announcer by the stage started to say no, but the audience roared their approval for the match.

"Beat that blonde's ass," one guy said.

I saw the manager glance back towards the end of the bar, where a semi-distinguished man of Italian descent slowly nodded and gave his approval.

That had to be Lustiricci. The lust broker of catfighting.

"I beat you before!" Daisy shouted. "And I'll beat you again. Come on, cunt!"

Trang leaped off the table and hopped over the ropes into the ring.

"Take off your shoes," the manager said to her. Daisy was fighting barefoot. "Put these gloves and this mouth guard on, and we'll start the fight."

As I watched the manager help lace up Trang's gloves, Daisy splashed water all over her face. She danced around her corner of the ring, jabbing at the air. She noticed me watching her.

"I told you to ditch the bitch," Daisy said. "Now she's gonna pay the price for coming here. Hope your gonna be free tonight, after she's in the hospital. I got some moves to show you."

"Back off, pig-whore!" Trang shouted, and jumped to her feet.

"Wait, wait," the manager said. "To your separate corners."

The bell rang and the women started dancing around on the balls of their feet. Daisy moved in quickly, jabbing at Trang's chest and head, who dodged or blocked most of her blows. I had been wondering how Trang was going to do in a boxing type of fight, considering that I had never witnessed her doing this back at the Catfighter's Palace in Manila. But, it had been part of the training, and supposedly part of her workouts in the gym, which I hadn't been watching. And in this ring, there were almost no rules. A referee was there to split them apart if one went down, but we saw other matches where women throw off the gloves and just start to wrestle.

Daisy fired a rapid series of punches, one of which made it through Trang's guard and hit her left breast. But Trang countered back quickly with a one-two punch combination to Daisy's head. Daisy hugged Trang then in an effort to punch her kidneys, but the ref separated them quickly. And then the bell rang for the first round.

Trang sat down on her stool while I held up the water bottle. "What do you think?"

"I was just testing her out," Trang replied. "Now we'll really see…"

The second round began with Daisy landing a solid right in Trang's stomach, with little effect for her washboard stomach. A fury of blows from Trang rained upon Daisy's face and chest, at least four solid ones making contact. I saw Daisy's nose start to bleed. Daisy drove Trang into the net in an attempt to corner her and got in a few more good tit punches. The anger exploded from Trang in a tremendous punch to Daisy's head, which knocked the blonde down on to the canvas. She stood up at the count of three, and then the second round was over.

"See, she's not so tough," Trang said to me as I toweled her off.

"Don't get cocky, Trang," I said. "That's what made you lose last time. A woman like that has a lot of tricks. She might have been trained by Helen. Watch out."

My words turned out to be prophetic as the third round started. Daisy started out jabbing at Trang's mid-section, then suddenly shifted her weight and kicked upward with her left foot, slamming it into Trang's mouth and jaw. A kickboxing move! While Trang was stunned, Daisy shot off a couple of hard blows to Trang's face. I watched the blood spray out, and then Trang hit the mat.

The ref counted until 9 before Trang stood up. Now her nose was bleeding, but she didn't look that shaky.

Trang danced around Daisy, jabbing, then kicked her high on the chest. Suddenly, the fight changed to a kickboxing match. Daisy and Trang trading a series of fist punches coupled with kicks.

The crowd went crazy.

This took up the rest of the third round and all of the fourth. At the end of the fourth, the two women started to tire, and grasped each other in a violent bear hug, went the bell rang.

"It's going to end now," Trang said, gasping for air as she rested. I poured water over her face and body to wake her up. Daisy's steely eyes never left Trang's for an instant from her corner.

"This is it!" Daisy shouted after the fifth round began, and threw off her boxing gloves. "Face me with your bare hands, chink!"

Trang threw off her gloves, and charged at the blonde. The crowd was going nuts. The referee didn't try to stop it. It was beyond his control now.

Daisy dived into Trang's midsection and wrapped her arms around Trang's waist. She lifted Trang off the ground and flipped her over on the mat, on her back. Daisy dropped to the ground, bringing her elbow smashing into Trang's stomach. Trang jumped up a bit at that move. Then Trang grabbed a hold of Daisy's hair and pulled her forward. Her other hand gripped Daisy's waist and pushed, flipping Daisy over, to land hard on her back on the mat.

Trang quickly got to her knees and sat on Daisy's right arm. She placed her knee upon Daisy's throat. Mimicking her exact finishing move two days ago, Trang ensnared Daisy's legs with her arms.

"Ha-ha-ha!" Trang laughed at the blonde's ever-reddening face. "Which polecat's got your tongue now?"

Daisy's right hand, though pinned under Trang's leg, had enough mobility to reach Trang's shorts. Her hand slid inside, scratching, pinching, digging deeper to find a sensitive area. It irritated Trang enough to make her lose concentration for an instant, just as Daisy's left claw attacked her in the face.

Trang fell backward, then rolled to her hands and knees. Daisy got up, face red as a beet, and sat on Trang's back like she was a horse. She encircled her legs around Trang's thighs, and started punching my lover repeatedly in the kidneys.

"I'm gonna ride you like a pig!" Daisy wailed. She took a fistful of Trang's hair and pulled it, to arch her back.

Trang groaned while the kidney punches kept coming. The crowd was still going berserk. They didn't care who won, as long the fight kept escalating.

My darling Asian femizon managed to half stand up, then fall backward, using Daisy's body as a cushion. She brought her elbow smashing backward into Daisy's left breast three times. Daisy clawed at Trang's face and crossed her legs together, crushing her rib cage. With great effort, Trang managed to shift to her side, but Daisy rolled with her. Now Daisy rode on top of Trang again, squeezing her ribs, smothering her face against the mat.

"Won't be long now, honey," Daisy said, winking at me. "Got a nice hotel?"

Just then the expression on her face turned from a smile to a grimace. Trang was biting her left breast with intense pressure. Daisy released her legs and somersaulted away from Trang.

Trang stood up quickly, with her face now flushed and red. Daisy danced over to her. Daisy's leg darted upward in a lightning kick aimed at Trang's head. Trang caught the leg with her arm, and brought her other elbow smashing down hard into the thigh.

Daisy yelled and her face contorted with pain.

Trang released the leg and fired a series of blows against Daisy's head, driving her into a corner of the ring. Barehanded blows, all of which connected, but also bruising Trang's own hands.

The final blow whipped Daisy's head and body around. Trang's foot jammed the blonde's body against the post. Trang moved in and paid back the hayseed for her earlier kidney punches, yelling, "Give up! Give up! Give up!"

Daisy's groggy head swirled, but she yelled, "No!"

Finally, Trang grabbed her shoulders and whipped Daisy around, facing her again. "GIVE…" Trang shouted, raising her claws above her head. She brought them down fast, scraping Daisy's breasts, tearing off her bikini top. "…UP!"

Daisy screamed, cried tears, and crumpled down to the mat on her butt. "I give up…ya whipped mah hide…bitch…"

Trang kicked Daisy in the face. "What is my correct title?"

"Mistress! Ah mean, Mistress Trang…" Daisy cried again.

The referee stepped back into the ring to declare Trang the winner. The crowd was on the verge of rioting with pleasure. The entire club was all caught up in the high-temperature Fever.

After the fight, we were ushered backstage by some bouncers to the owner's office. He gave us some drinks and towels, and offered us a seat. He was introduced to us as Mr. Lustiricci.

"I was very impressed with the fight you just put on," Lustiricci said. "I've got to wonder what made you pull a stunt like that, coming off the street."

"It was personal," Trang said. "A grudge match to pay off a fight we had two days ago."

"Ah, that explains it," he said, laughing to his bouncers. "Two bitches in heat, maybe? Fighting over this guy?" He accented the last, as if that was too hard to believe.

"Part of it," Trang said, smiling at me. "And part of it for honor."

"Honor, hmm? That's a concept I don't hear very much nowadays. How would you like to defend your honor here on a full time basis?"

"Thank you very much, but we're just tourists passing through," I said to him.

"Tourists passing through? And ruining one of my top drawer fighters on the way. She might be out for a while after the licking you gave her. How am I supposed to make up the money?"

There was a bit of silence. "Perhaps I can pay you back if you name a sum," I said, lying through my teeth again.

"You can't pay back in money this type of thing. By all rights, I should be mad as hell at you. Coming in off the street, could be from some rival club, seeking to tear up our women?"

"It wasn't like that-"

"I know it wasn't that way. You're both way too naïve. And frankly, I was dying to see Daisy, that trashy mouthed small town pig-wrestler, get her ass whipped. Luckily, I also bet money on you, young lady, and you paid off handsomely." Lustiricci laughed again. "However, it's not enough to make up the loss of Daisy. But you can pay me back…with doing only one fight." He held up his index finger.

"What sort of fight?" Trang asked, her curiosity aroused.

"It's a caged fight. Highly illegal, of course, but lots of money to made there. Lots of foreign businessmen will be there, and they will love to see you fight with another woman. The rules are simple. There are no rules. We take you and the other lady fighter, and lock you inside this steel wire cage, which is about the size of a room. You fight until one of you wins. By winning, I mean that one of you submits, gives up, gets wounded…"

"Or killed," Trang finished.

"Yes, there is that chance," Lustiricci said. "But the payoff is handsome. Not only will I win big if you fight, for you will be a top draw, but if you win, you can make $20,000 cash that very night. Of course, if you lose, you get squat."

Trang squeezed my hand hard. I knew she was excited. This was exactly the sort of fight that we had hoped to find…one that was as intense as that one in a suburban woman's fuck-fight room back in Texas. The thought of it was challenging to Trang, and sexually exciting to us both.

"I'll do it on two conditions," Trang said. "One, you'll give me a hotel room and three days to recover from this fight. Two, you already have a fighter that I want to challenge in just such an arena. Her name is Hellcat. Helen the Hellcat."

The Italian laughed once again and relaxed back into his chair. "I agree to your terms. This is going to be one hell of a fight."