Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 11

Trang shook back her head, whipping her hair around her naked back, as if to say: I’m the queen here, honey.

I watched them with a peculiarly quiet fascination, my droogies, as Trang played with her new toy on the bed. She kissed Helen’s mouth and stroked her upper torso, ass, and legs. Helen got very passionate, kissing Trang intensely, grabbing Trang’s ass with hands. They were both extremely aroused in each other’s company.

"Not so fast, bitch," Trang said as she grabbed Helen’s hands and pinned them above her head. "We’ve got the whole night ahead of us." She said to me: "Get me my special strap-on, baby."

From Trang’s travel-bag, I pulled out a 6-inch dildo that was attached to 4 elastic straps. Helen groaned.

"We’re gonna have some fun now," Trang told her. My Asian Amazon straddled over Helen while I strapped the dildo around Trang’s waist. Once it was secure, she took Helen’s legs, lifted them upright, and plunged the dildo into Helen’s vagina. Trang continued thrusting the dildo into Helen, her hands pressing Helen’s legs in the air, her pelvis and marvelous buns gyrating with each thrust. Helen reached up to grab Trang’s ass. I could hear the wonderful sound of Helen’s moistness as the dildo went into her again and again.

They continued fucking that way for some time. I watched and my penis became so erect it was pointing straight up. Trang went slow with Helen, but finally it looked like Helen was going to come.

She withdrew the dildo.

"What...why did you stop?" Helen asked.

Ah. Helen. She taught Trang how to dominate much too well. Now she was paying for her mistake.

"Shut up and do what you’re told" Trang snapped back. "Roll over on your stomach. Gil, give me a condom and a lube."

Trang took the condom and put it on her index finger. I took the lubricant and poured it over the finger while I kissed Trang several times.

Trang took the finger with the lubed condom and stuck it inside Helen’s anus. Helen’s back jerked with a jolt, but Trang steadied her with her free left hand. "Easy, honey. We’re gonna get you opened up real nice and easy."

I laid down on the bed next to them and lubed my own dick. Trang stuck two fingers into the condom and plunged them into Helen’s ass. Three, and Helen started to moan. Four fingers, and Hellcat was sweating under the pressure and the pleasure.

"Okay, we’re ready," Trang announced.

My darling mounted Helen, sticking the dildo into her ass. I moved to Trang’s rear, watching her sweet torso pump the dildo into Helen’s rear chassis. Helen was moaning in pain and begging Trang to stop. But Trang merely grabbed Helen’s hair, raised her head, and said, "Why don’t you squeal like a pig?"

I shoved my own finger, wrapped in a similar sheath, into Trang’s butt. She shivered in delight. I widened her anus in the same way she opened Helen’s. Then I stuck my penis into my Asian lover’s firm ass. She recoiled from the entry and fell down momentarily onto Helen’s back.

"Aiee-yahhh....You’re just so goddamn big and hot....I feel like I have a burning log up my butt.....but it’s so gooood.....aiee-yahhh!"

I started pumped Trang’s butt, slowly at first, working up speed as went along. I tried not to put too much weight on her, as Trang lifted herself up again, and started pumping Helen’s ass with the dildo, my gyrations matching hers.

It was like two big bangs for the price of one, droogies!

I finally came like a rocket, the explosion widening Trang’s anus all the more. She yelled as it happened. It was no doubt painful, but it was the kind of pain she relished, as much as she loved a raw hot chili pepper. I withdrew my penis and Trang slumped on the bed on her back.

I laid down as well, on the other side of Helen. We were all catching our breath for a few minutes.

After a while, Helen sat up on her knees and straddled my lap. She sat her cunt on my dick and brushed the lips of it against my now tiny penis. "Finish me off and you can get a crack at my back door, too."

Hellcat rubbed herself against me, encouraging my dick into making a comeback. Helen leaned down and started kissing me on the mouth, sucking my tongue, grabbing at my ass. The defeat back in Louisana hadn’t stifled her sexual appetite in the least. We continued our foreplay until Helen deemed my erection big enough for her, and slipped it into her vagina. She started moving up and down. I touched her cunt and she moaned...and then let out a yell. But she did not come.

Trang was standing above her in the bed. She had pulled Helen off of me by her hair. "You bitch! You don’t get his dick until I say you can have it. Is that clear--SLAVE?"

Helen was angry then. She looked like she wanted to slug Trang, but hadn’t the strength left to do it. "Yes, cunt mistress!" She hissed.

"Aie-yuuuhhh!" Trang cried, and whacked Helen hard on her buns. "You want his dick--take it now!"

Trang pulled Helen by the hair, whipping the older fighter around, so that her back was facing me. She forced Helen back down on top of me, and I guided Helen’s buns downward so that my burning shaft went into her anus, made ready-to-order from Trang’s dildo humping.

"Oh god! Oh god! Not again!" Helen cried out.

"Hold her arms and her legs, baby. She’s struggling too much. Let her know she can’t get away." Trang told me. I wrapped my legs around Helen’s and did likewise with her arms, to prevent her thrashing about.

Trang mounted Helen once again, this time, topside. She kissed and played with Helen’s cute breasts, kissed the inside of her ears (which drove Helen crazy), then licked Hellcat’s vagina and clitoris. Whenever Helen seemed likely to come to a climax, Trang would stop what she was doing and rest or move on to something else. When I would start to get too soft, she would help pump Helen’s pelvis against my dick. Like the conductor of a symphony, Trang masterfully guided us through the night, to a shuddering, scratching, sexsational three-way climax.

My poor pecker was so red and raw after that catorgy, droogies. But the fucking was worth the pain. Worth it to see my lover finally come into her own as a catfighter, to exert her dominance over the Hellcat of my fantasies.

Hell, at that moment, I almost figured it was almost as good as seeing Trang get her ass kicked.

Maybe I was getting better.


We all slumbered until noon the next day. Trang commanded her slave to rise first, showering and then making breakfast for us in the kitchenette. We ate eggs, bacon, coffee, toast with jelly, and started to feel rejuvenated enough to the point where we would actually go out to the beach that afternoon.

Since our arrival in Cozumel three days earlier, we hadn’t done much in the wonderful Carribbean paradise that lay outside. The catfighters were exhausted from their grueling battle and flight from New Orleans, and had slept for most of the first two days. Helen was even starting to look halfway decent again. We had to tell the flight attendants a story about a car crash, just to get them to stop their goddamn staring.

"So, I guess it finally caught up to you, huh?" I asked Helen.

"What?" Hellcat asked.

"The big loss that you said felt coming on. A double loss…Tara first, then Trang. You must have had quite a streak to lose like that."

"It’s been a couple of years. But if you ain’t prepared to lose it all, then don’t fight." She looked at Trang and smiled.

"What was it it like," Trang asked, crossing her bare legs and leaning forward, "when you fought that Filpina whore in the cage?"

"Well, honey," she said, sighing and taking a sip of coffee. "It’s like getting hit by a 10-wheeler truck first, and getting raped afterward by the Green Bay Packers. I was stupid and overconfidant. I should have suspected that bitch was hiding some kind of secret weapon."

"The SnapDragon punch," I replied. Trang still did not believe my story when I told her how Tara had demolished a concrete block with it.

"Damn near took my fucking head right off," Helen confirmed. "Next thing I knew, I was declared the loser by a TKO, and Tara’s towering over me. Fucking shitty grin on her face. ‘Good, you not dead,’ " Helen mocked Tara’s broken English. " ‘Pretty lady, good to be my slave.’ What a brute. And a bore." Hellcat jostled Trang’s foot with her own. "You dildo her, she dildos you, screws you in the butt, gets all worked up, and claws your skin when she comes. Doesn’t last a half hour. And she snores."

Helen honked and Trang laughed.

"So, how bad does she have it in for me?" Trang asked her servant.

"When the garbage disposal is running, Tara will say things like, " ‘Sound Trang’s bones will make when Tara fight her.’ Whatever the hell you did to her in the Philippines, Tara has not forgotten it."

"It was a fair fight," Trang insisted. "I beat her once, and I’ll do it again."

"I’ll tell you one thing, Mistress," Helen said, grabbing Trang’s shoulder. "I know this much from watching her fight over the past couple of weeks. Tara has no honor in the art of catfighting. She’s uneducated in the ways of the modern world, but in the arena she’s a killer jungle cat. She makes Matadora seem like Princess Di. From now until you see her again…watch your back. Until you’ve settled this affair, you’ll always be in danger."