Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 12

The Fever gets out of hand pretty fucking fast, droogies. Don't get as carried away with it as I was. It seemed like one minute, my megababe was fighting dykes in beaten-up biker bars; the next minute, I was married to her worst enemy: Tara.

A death had occurred. And my darkest fantasy had come true.

Dazed and confused, I found myself sitting in a hotel room in Vegas. Without Trang. Waiting for Tara the Terror to come back from shopping at Wal-Mart. For our honeymoon to continue. I wanted to run out of there like a bat out of hell, but I couldn't. Not with the blackmail photos her slaves had on me. I was forced to stay with the bitch.

I couldn't even call my manager to tell him I wouldn't be coming back to work at all. The risk was too great that the authorities would find me. I was a fugitive now, guilty as a possible accomplice from the event in Cozumel. I knew I'd probably be shit of luck finding such a good high-tech job there in Vegas, given the circumstances.

Though if Tara kept fighting and winning big, we'd be living like kings.

Yeah, I thought to myself, then I'll get the pleasure of begging her for spending money. Let's face it. I'm Tara's slave now. Her mouse. Plaything. Pawn. Cat's Paw.

The door to our suite opened and my Filipina bride walked through it. She carried all kinds of shopping bags, enjoying the fruits of her victory. The right to shop like a native born American woman. Fuck Macy's and Tiffany's, that was esoteric bullshit. Wal-Mart. That was exotic to her.

She was wearing jeans, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, and a brown bomber jacket. Her long dark hair swayed as she removed it. The street clothes hid her bulky muscles, but not her face, which belied her stern countenance.

"Hello, honey," Tara said, trying to sound like Trang. "How is day? Find house yet?"

"Fucking shitty," I replied, answering the first part of her question. "Yeah, they're plenty of houses to be found. Not much we can afford, even with the $30,000 cash you've won. Most decent places here start at $70,000." While those sums might seem enormous, and sufficient for a downpayment, you have to remember that neither one of us could qualify for a loan, without a steady paycheck. "Wanna work at Wal-Mart?"

"Hah!" Tara snorted, dropping ice cubes into her seven-up from the bathroom. "You funny. That why Tara crazy about you." She sat down on the chair opposite from myself, planting her bare foot in my crotch, stroking my dick with her toes.

"So maybe we should just rent a place for now," I suggested. "A two bedroom place." One where I could set up a computer, surf the Internet, and forget about my monster lover.

"No need," Tara said, dipping a finger in her drink and licking it with her tongue. "We stay here for while. Cage fight in two days. Pay $20,000 to win. More fight after that. Plenty money to buy nice home in two months time."

"Awfully cocky aren't you?"

"Tara lose only two fight in two years."

"SnapDragon. And Trang."

"Tara only lose fight because of you. Because of stupid promise she made for love. Not to kill Gil's poor girl, Trang. Because Gil going to take Tara back to US and love Tara rest of her life. It make Tara hold back, not fight hard enough. Trang take advantage of that. Cost me win. Tara stupid then. Smarter now."

"How did you do it?" I asked, baiting her. I reached under my jacket, which lay under the seat next to me, and turned on a small tape recorder. I had hoped to get her confession on tape and turn it into the police. However, due to various complications that arose later, I was never able to do so.

"Hah," Tara said, the ball of her big toe rubbing up against my balls, her face cracking an evil smile. "This excite you. OK, Tara tell you the whole story now…"

What follows is Tara's story of her ultimate conquest, told her in own words. For the sake of clarity, I have cleaned up her grammar for you, my droogie fetishists.

I had never been so humiliated in my life as the time that I lost to Trang.

From the time I was young, fighting Filipinas in Marcos' prisons, to the streets of Manila, fighting men and women for food. Not even in the Catfighter's Academy, or battling kickboxers in Bangkok, have I endured such a loss of face. Tied up to a bed in a hotel room, to be found naked and shivering by the lowest of maids and janitors, who laughed at me, taking my picture and calling me names. Oh, they ran after I pulled the bed post apart in my rage, and chased them. But the little mice scurried away, and in an hour the pictures were spreading the news around Manila.

Tara had lost, lost big time, to a cocky, rookie, Chinese American girl.

Tara is going soft, they say.

The challengers came right after me. The Thai kickboxer I had defeated a year ago, suddenly appeared at the Catfighter's Palace and challenged me. She fought me for ten minutes, knocking me onto the mat with those might SnapDragon blows. Blood was streaming down my face as I lay on the floor at the end. She danced around me, wild with joy, wild with the scent of my blood. She was like a shark. I arose, faked her out with a kick, then fired off my punch, the SnapDragon blow that I had stolen from her. I hear a crackle from bones shattering. I see that silly thin Thai girl's face whip around, and when her head bang against the ground, she was dead.

Hah! I was once again the Queen of Manila.

The Cat Goddess rewarded me for this victory. It was no accident that Lustiricci's man saw me fight that day. He said, wow, Tara, you are really great. You come and fight in America, we'll make you big star.

I told him I don't care about big star. I said all I want are three things: good fights, good money, and Trang. I know this type of man, Lustiricci. I know he can deliver the first two things. But the third, I know only the great Cat Goddess can arrange.

So I came to America, finally in the golden land. I fight women a teenager in Manila could overpower with ease. Their bodies are so brittle that my great punch knocks their brains out of their heads. Hah! And I had heard that American women were so tough.

Maybe Trang and Helen were special women. Helen was a tough fighter, but old in years. Maybe five or ten years ago, she could have beaten me. But this year, she was lucky to survive my Thai-killer punch. When I won her, I finally had an American slave that can make me happy, who know how to fuck me in bed. I was happy with her for a while, learning about American life.

Until Trang showed up. When I heard that a Chinese woman had shown up and nearly killed the blond kickboxer, my heart flipped. I wasn't sure it was Trang until I caught Helen writing her a note one day. At first, I was furious. I slapped Helen hard. She had known of Trang's whereabouts all this time, and not told me.

Then I considered the design of the great Goddess.

Helen would fight Trang in the cage. If Helen won, Trang would become my slave to punish forever. If Trang won, she would be so tired, I could easily overpower her afterward.

You think that I was not playing fair? You think it was fair to make that deal with me in Manila and then take it back? You think it was fair to leave me tied up to the bed in Manila for the little mice to poke and prod me? You think it was proper rule of conduct to take my slave Helen away from me, without challenging or dealing with Helen's legal mistress? No, none of these things are fair. Trang is a cheater and a liar. I will not play fair with such a treacherous tigress.

Helen had to pay too, for her betrayal of our slavery contract.

I planned to attack Trang right after the fight, but Lustiricci, for some reason took a liking to both of you. Warned you and helped you get to the airport before I could find you. I went to Lustiricci and screamed at him, demanding to know where Trang went. He did not help at all. He told me to be patient and to wait. That he would give me Trang to fight in a two months time. His bodyguards carried me out of office, and told me not to come back there for at least a month.

The Cat Goddess smiled upon me then, as I later saw the blond kickboxer emerge from the club. I had been after the bitch for a while, as Daisy had been Helen's slave, and was now my property after I had conquered her mistress.

She walked back over to her car, and I followed her. I grabbed Daisy's neck and told her that I would snap it if she did not take me home with her. She struggled against me, but I pressed her neck and squeezed her windpipe.

I forced Daisy to take me to her home. We fought inside briefly. I easily dominated her. I fucked her in the bed, over and over again, clawing her back, demanding to know where Trang and Helen were. Daisy screamed and cried, 'I don't know!' over and over. She passed out, but I kept her prisoner, inside of her own apartment, torturing her in bed for an entire day.

I was almost ready to give up when the phone rang.

It was Helen, checking to see if her former slave was safe. I forced Daisy to talk to Helen. I listened, and I learned that Trang was staying at a Mayan Regency Hotel in Cozumel, Mexico. I learned how battered, wounded, and afraid she and Helen were.

I know I will have them both soon in my claws.

After Daisy hung up, I had to kill her to keep her from calling Helen and warning Trang. Then I traveled to Cozumel, using the fake passport that Lustiricci had secured for me. I stalked your hotel for a day before you all came out of it together.

I followed you to the blue lagoon. You were all laughing, happy, ready for snorkeling and the beautiful tropical fish.

Just looking at Trang made my eyes fill with catlust.

I knew I must strike her down right then and there.

I remembered my last fight in the Manila, the Thai girl dancing around me like a shark. I saw you putting on the snorkel gear and decided that I shall become like a shark.

In the Philippines, I swam in the ocean many times, never needing snorkel gear. My big lungs can suck enough air for me to stay underwater for five minutes. I can hold my eyes open and don't need a mask. I dived into the water, watching you all swim and play, kissing underwater. Helen seemed to get tired early and left to go back to the beach. You two separated and Trang explored the coral, while you went further out to see the sunken statue of Christ.

The Cat Goddess had given me the moment to regain my honor.

I dived downward fast, arcing my body up behind Trang. I grabbed Trang's hair and pulled her back. She didn't resist. Maybe she thought it was you, Gil. But then I hooked my left arm around her neck and squeezed. Trang thrashed around a bit, and I brought my right claw sinking into her belly. I dragged my razor sharp nails along her flesh, drawing four trails of blood. Red vapor trails streamed into the sea as Trang thrashed and panicked in my grip.

I let her go so that she could face me. Huge bubbles of air escaped Trang's mouth when she saw me. I saw the fear in her eyes. That was enough. I ripped the snorkel mask off her face so Trang couldn't see, and got her in a bear hug.

I started to squeeze the rest of the life out of her chest.

I started to feel very excited then, my nipples hardening against her breasts, as I thought of Trang dying in my arms.

But she quickly recovered her fighting sense. She closed her mouth and stabbed at my eyes. Trang kicked and tried to swim away, but I caught her ankle. She kicked back at my face with other foot, hitting me hard in the face a few times. The last time, she broke some blood vessels in my nose and I accidentally tried to breath underwater. Letting go of her foot, I surfaced.

You swam up to me then, Gil, having seen pink clouds in the sea from where your lover had been. You tried to restrain me, but I grabbed your buns and kissed you. I felt you get hard, and knew that a part of you wanted to see this fight happen.

A part of you wanted my body, my domination, my love. Wanted to see me come back and thrash Trang. Then I thanked the Goddess I hadn't killed Trang in the water after all. You had to see my victory on the beach.

I pushed your head underwater and swam towards the shore. Trang had already made it out of the water, clutching her bleeding belly and yelling at Helen. I watched Trang run into the tropical woods as Helen came to face me on the beach. Helen was crouched, and braced for me, as my mighty legs were already propelling me out of the shallow water. My foot arced into her jaw, and she fell back down in the water. Helen was in no shape to fight me. I grabbed her hair and smashed her face into the sand.

"I'll deal with you later," I told her. "Do not interfere. Keep Gil away from us."

The other natives and tourists were alarmed. One Mexican man ran up to me and asked what the problem was.

"Shark attack," I said, shoving the puny man to the side. "Run for your lives!"

I ran into the woods after Trang. I saw her footprints and her blood, leaving a trail for me to follow. Poor Trang. Stupid city cat, not used to great jungle cat. Not used to Lioness striking at any moment. Thinking that there is any safe place in the world for a member of the Cat Cult.

I followed Trang's tracks, licking my lips, enjoying the taste of my own blood. I saw Trang's footprints without the blood. She must have found some way to stop the bleeding. Later, I saw the tracks disappear. I looked all around, knowing that the wounded cat is nearby waiting for me.

Trang leapt onto my back like the Tigress she was, taking me by surprise. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and her hands brought this sharp rock smashing down on my forehead. She was able to cut into my skin above my eyes. I grabbed Trang's arms and threw her body over my head. The rock flew out of her hands.

She landed on her butt, but got on her feet quickly. I grabbed Trang's hair and smashed her face against the gray bark of a dead tree. I smashed it two or three times, as her nose became as bloody as mine.

I kept her face pressed against the tree trunk, as I said: "It's over, china girl. You lose everything." And then my right claw sunk into the nape of her neck, and I became even more aroused as I drug it slowly down her back, leaving four more red trails of victory. Trang's cat-like scream only aroused me further. I punched her kidneys with my body still keeping hers tight against the trunk. I took further pleasure in feeling Trang's flinching body quiver against mine.

Trang yelled louder, not from pain, but a yell to get herself going in the fight. She grabbed my right wrist and wrenched me around. She shifted to a battle stance and stabbed at my cunt with her foot, then kicked upward at my face. I blocked the next kick, and laughed at the woman's spirit. Then her right fist smashed into my jaw.

Now I am laying in the plants, and Trang is running, hopping over fallen trees, trying to escape my revenge. She is either very smart or very afraid.

My catcall echoed through the woods as I ran after my greatest foe. The Goddess smiled upon me again, when I saw the edge of the woods leading to a deserted part of the beach. Trang had tripped and fallen, shakily standing as I reached her. We started kickfighting then, Trang lightning fast, kicking my tits and ears, making me back up. She hit me in the face and I got very angry. I landed a great kick to Trang's chest and followed that up with another kick to her abdomen. She backed up and almost tripped.

I saw my opening, and launched my Thai-killer punch. It hit Trang in the neck, throwing her head to the side. I saw her body fly backward through the air, and she landed ten feet away on the beach.

I was pretty sure I had killed her then.

But I had heard no snap or even a pop from her bones where my fist had kissed them.

Trang was moaning and holding her head on the sand. I began to feel more respect for her then. Few had been able to take my SnapDragon punch and survive. The blood from the cut on my forehead started to sting my eyes, and I knew I had to finish this Tigress off.

I ran and leapt on top of Trang. My hands wrapped around her scrawny throat and I squeezed.

"I kill you now," I told her. "You go meet the Cat Mistress. Tell her I sent you to please her." I became aroused again as I saw Trang's face redden. Her hands pulled at my arms to release them, but she was too weak. Her lower body edged out from under mine and her legs flailed in vain.

I laughed, thinking of all those who said this one was better than Tara.

My neck wrenched to one side then. A powerful wrench, almost snapping it, throwing me onto the hot sand. Trang had maneuvered her legs up around my neck, squeezing me with her donkey strong legs.

I lost my choke hold on her.

Trang's knees shoved my face into the sand. I could barely breath, but with my great instincts, wrapped my own thighs around Trang's waist. I heard her groan while she gasped back the air in her lungs, and knew I could keep her from standing up. We struggled against each other for a minute on the white sand. I tried to crack her ribs with my legs, and she maintained the deadly headlock and face press with her knees.

When Trang had enough recovery, she threw her head forward into my butt, biting me hard with her teeth. At first, I didn't flinch, but she kept up the biting until blood was leaking. I grunted, and lost my chest grip on her. Trang released the headlock and quickly smashed my face with her feet again, fast, jabbing toes stabbing my eyes and nose.

She quickly stood up and grabbed my ankles. I was now upside down, barely able to see anything because of the blood, sweat, and sand in my face. Trang hugged my waist, lifted me up, and drove my head down into the sand in a piledriver motion.

Poof! My head disappeared underneath the soft sand pile. Trang stood on my arms to lock them down, and bent my legs apart. I squirmed, panicking, unable to open my eyes beneath the suffocating grains of sand. I thrashed my legs and arms, hoping to throw Trang off.

I heard her muffled laugh. I knew I was in Trang's death grip.

But Trang was too cocky or too dumb to keep me there. Just when I started to gag at the sand in my nose and mouth, Trang stepped off my arms and lifted my head up.

"Submit, filipina whore!" she yelled. At the point, I could have given it all up. Lucky for me, I was coughing out sand and too busy to reply to her.

Trang twirled me around and around in the air by my legs. She threw me away and I landed hard on my head. The cool water washed over my face and revived me a bit, washing some sand out of my eyes. I opened them to see Trang leaping on top of me. I stabbed my legs upward at her midsection, throwing her behind me deep into the water.

I got to my hand and knees, chest heaving, still getting my air back and coughing out sand and blood. Trang is wading through the water towards me, taunting me.

"Fucking bitch! I'll send you back home to Manila-"

Trang shut up then, because I had thrown a fistful of sand in her face. I hurled myself up as I saw her blinded temporarily. My second snapdragon punch hit her on the cheek. I saw her go flying backward in the air. I heard her hit the deeper part of the water, and then my own knees collapsed.

Choking out a sigh of relief, I threw water all over my face and back, getting the wind into my lungs and the sand out of my mouth. I looked around, and for a minute could not see anything but the blue sky and water. That's it, I thought to myself. Trang is finally dead.

Then I saw Trang sit up in the water six feet away from me. I was in shock. I could not move. No one had taken two of my great Thai-killer punches and lived. I watched Trang stand up, then fall down. Stand up again, look at me with cat lust, then fall down.

Stand up, fall down again.

I laughed myself out of the shock. Laughed big belly laugh. I know then Trang is probably tougher than me, but not as sneaky as me. I am not so soft or stupid as Trang. I knew how to seize an opportunity. I walked over and grabbed her ankles as she was sitting up in the surf. I twirled her over onto her stomach, so that the waves hit and covered her face. I bent her legs backwards towards her head, and anchored her arms with my bare feet. Her face and chest were submerged underwater.

I snorted and grinned, thinking that no one had ever performed such a Boston Crab maneuver before. Trang now looked like a crab, a crab drowning in a black bikini. Dominated by a great Lioness in my leopard-spotted bikini, bending Trang's legs and spine backward. When the tide would recede briefly, I could hear Trang scream and wail, like she was trying to submit. A part of me wanted to drag her out of the water to hear her beg for my mercy. But I couldn't take the chance that she might live.

Then I saw you and Helen come running out of the forest, towards us down on the beach. I knew that you were coming to stop me from killing Trang.

"Come closer and I will snap her neck with my foot," I said. It made you both halt.

I saw the look in your eyes when you saw me, triumphant over your woman. I saw the bulge in your shorts. I knew you wanted to love me with your dick right then and there.

"Make her your slave," you said. "Take her to the Philippines. Make her fight for you all over the world. She'll make you rich!"

I laughed at you. "Hah! I already have plenty of slaves back in Manila. Don't plan on going back to Philippines. Want to be your wife in US, Gil!"

"Wait!" Helen shouted. I wanted to slap her silly then, disobedient slave. "Maybe there's a better way to take her life. Remember how she left you stranded in the hotel back in Manila? Isn't that a fate worse than death?"

Then you reminded me of my promist to Trang. "Didn't you swear to fight her, fuck her, and take everything she has?"

The bloodlust faded from my mind a little, as I began to think of something better than death for Trang. I thought of my pictures circulating Manila after my humiliation in the hotel.

"Leave her chained up in our hotel," you said. "We'll leave together, you and I, back to the US. Trang can stay here, and I'll be with you forever."

"Hah! You trick me last time," I replied. "You must marry Tara, tomorrow. And Helen must submit to my will again."

"OK!" You yelled, panicking when you saw that Trang's face had stopped bobbing up for air. "I'll do anything for you!"

"And I'll give you my life!" Helen shouted, giving me more ideas.

I released Trang's legs. "If she still alive," I told the both of you, walking towards the beach, "you carry her back to the car." I sat on the sand and watched you fish her body out of the surf, my mind thinking of how to carry out my new plan.

I realized I needed a camera to make it all work.


Hah! It took Helen's mouth kissing air into Trang's lungs, vomiting, shower, coffee, and a 2-hour rest before you had Trang ready and naked for me in her bed.

I had you take pictures of myself and Trang. First, my foe on her belly, handcuffed to the bedpost, her Tigress tattoo on her butt showing for Manila and the rest of the world to see, to know that Tara had finally gotten her revenge. Then you snap, snap, snap, while I fuck and torture poor Trang in the bed. I made you photograph me and my white slave, Helen, too.

I saw it made you so hot and horny, that I had you fuck me, Trang, and Helen, and took lots of pictures. You think I am so dumb and kinky, then.

Later, you find out that I am one smart cat. You are taking the pictures, but I will use them to bind you to my will. To make sure you don't betray me again. Hah!

I put the camera away and strapped the dildo back on, around my waist. I slid it back into Trang's ass, humping it and pulling back on her hair, riding her like a horsy at a merry go round. I didn't think she acted much like a proper slave. Maybe she thought of that technicality that she didn't actually submit to me. Her face was black and blue and the scratches were still raw on her back and stomach. But I pumped her butt just to get your dick nice and hard for me, Gil, after all the fucking I had you do.

In minutes you were rubbing yourself in between the crack of my great ass that was dominating Trang. You poked into my butt and I loved it, so big and hard, especially when you kissed the nape of my neck and touched my breasts. You kept fucking my butt and cunt while my breasts scraped the tender back of your former darling Trang.

You were so excited to be with me again, in my greatest triumph.

I knew that was a great fuck for you, too. You came before me, and couldn't keep going anymore, since that was your third fuck with three top catfighters. You were exhausted. But I still needed my great orgasm.

I ordered Helen to take you back to her bed and let you sleep. To pack both her bags and your own.

Now Trang and I were alone. She was still handcuffed and laying on her belly. I took off the dildo and strapped it around her waist. I took a pillowcase off the pillow, ripped a strip off, and tied it around Trang's mouth, gagging her. Trang moaned softly as I slid my body under hers, and undid the handcuffs. I knew she was too exhausted to go anywhere. I held her arms, wrapped my legs around hers, and whispered softly into her ear.

"This is your last fuck in a clean bed. I will leave you here, handcuffed for the maid to find, like they found me. Only difference is, Helen's dead body will lay next to you."

Trang tried to yell, in vain against the gag. She struggled and I could see the catfire in her eyes. But I clamped down with my legs and arms. She was too weak to fight me.

"Fuck me," I whispered into her ear, biting it. "Fuck your mistress hard, slave. It might be the last great fuck you have before you go to the Mexican prison."

The remaining catfire spread through her body, ramming the dildo into me with a jolt. Trang fought with my body, aiming her only weapon deep inside me, hoping to injure me somehow. But she couldn't. Because I can take it so rough.

I slid my hips around, watching the fury in her eyes, getting more and more pleasure from her helplessness. I bit her cheek to make her more angry. As I started to come, I gripped her in a bear hug, and scratched her buns, bit her ear, bent her legs to the side with mine. My great catcall stirred through the condo and hallway.

The best fuck of my entire life.

"Good slave," I whispered to her, and she sank into my arms, giving up. I slid out from under her sweaty body and re-cuffed her to the bed.

I went into the living room, to find Helen waiting on the couch with the bags packed. I could hear you snoring in the next room.

"She's still alive?" Helen asked me, so concerned about her Mistress.

It angered me, this slave tossing her debt to me out of her mind for a Chinese cunt. I grabbed Helen by the ear, stood her up, and slapped her hard.

"Come with me," I said, dragging her by the ear into Trang's bed. I threw Helen's naked body onto the bed and climbed on top of her back.

"I'm sorry!" Helen cried, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, Mistress Tara!"

Too late. My catfury caused me to grab Helen's head by the hair and twist. Trang looked back at us, her eyes wide with fear.

I jerked Helen's head and heard her neck snap. She farted as she died. I laid her head on the pillow, dead eyes staring at Trang. A muffled cry erupted from Trang's throat, and I saw tears stream down her face.

I never had the pleasure of hearing Trang submit to me in combat.

But now I felt like I had finally broken her spirit.

After I showered, as I put on some of Trang's own clothes to wear back to the US, I watched her cry, her bare legs pounding the bedsheets in frustration. I know a feeling of pleasure almost better than sex then.

While you still slept, I went down to the lobby, and mailed the film I had taken back to my slaves back in Manila. I left them instructions to make copies of the pictures and distribute the ones with me, Trang, and Helen in them around the city.

The pictures with you fucking Helen and Trang, they must guard with their lives.

If I fail to report to her regularly, the pictures will be sent to the authorities in US and Mexico. They might extradite you for Helen's death, as your semen was found inside her during the autopsy.

That keeps you with me now, Gil. It will stop you from running off and finding Trang. Don't worry, soon you will forget about her. Especially after I win big here in Vegas and get other slaves for you to fuck. And money for you to manage.

The last part you don't know, for you slept until I came to take you to the airport. I came back into Trang's room after mailing the film, and kneeled down beside the bed, forcing her to look me in the eyes.

"Now I've done it all, Trang. Like I promised you back in Manila. Fought you and fucked you. Took your money." I held up an envelope that held the rest of the cash from her New Orleans catfight. "Took your life away, your rich US lifestyle that you, so stupid, throw away by stepping into ring with me back in Catfighter's Palace. Your clothes, car, money, man, all belong to Tara now." Laughing at Trang, I laid down on top of her naked backside, bringing my arms around to hug her breasts tightly.

I whispered into her ear: "Maid come and find you. Police come and ask questions. Maybe you don't go to jail for life, but they keep you long enough to ask more questions. Maybe you go to women's prison for a while. I've heard tales of vicious senoritas who fight to the death. I think maybe you die there.

"Don't count on Gil to save you. He loves me now, after I won our fight. He says I am so much better. Much stronger, smarter, sexier than you."

I laughed again. Trang just glared at me.

I bent closer to her face. "You see me again, I'll snap your neck like I did Helen's. And Gil will fuck me over your dead body."

I could hear what she said even through the gag. "You're dead, bitch. Both of you."

I sat up and whacked her hard on the buns, remembering her slang from the last time we parted. "May-bee, bay-bee!" I cackled as I closed the door to her room and went to collect you, Gil.

To take me to our wonderful, American life.

To be married in Vegas by Elvis the King the very next day.

Tara ended her story by standing up and removing her shirt, and staring down at me with her nipples aroused. Her bronzed skin so appealing.

The story did get me so hot and horny, my droogies.

Even now, thinking of my lover almost dying in the surf.

God help me. I feel so sick.

"You like story," Tara said. "It get you hot. Think of Tara, dominating Trang." She smiled, leaned down, and kissed me, rubbing my rigid cock with her hand.

"No," I gasped, but my hands gave me away, unbuckling her jeans and pulling them down, to reveal Tara's sexy big thighs. "Yes!"

Tara laughed as I stood up and pushed her onto the bed. I whipped off my own clothes and leapt on top of her, kissing her neck.

"Hah!" Tara said. "Who is Trang? We never heard of one called such." She wrapped her legs around mine as I squeezed her butt.