Catscratch Fever by The Raven

Chapter 15


That was how I came to be chained up to the bed in my room, for a week after Tara and the Dirty Pair had recaptured me. They had allowed me enough slack to reach my computer, where I was able to type up the first part of my story and send it to you, my fellow droogies, on But alas, in a world full of false identities and forged stories, I'm afraid none of you could take me seriously enough to get me help in time.

At night, my hands would be securely cuffed to the bed post. My legs were anchored as well. Crucified on the bedpost, I felt like Jesus with the Fever, sleeping that way for seven nights. My neck developed a severe cramp when I was awake and unbound. Tara put me to work around the house, cleaning, cooking (I had to taste my own food in front of her to demonstrate it wasn't poisoned), and taking care of minor business affairs from my computer. I was watched constantly, and always secured in my room whenever they were gone or making love in the master bedroom.

They had found everything I had on me from that night I tried to get away. Tara had read the letter from Trang and accused me of plotting against her with Lustiricci's help. The Filipina pinched, slapped, and beat me to derive a confession. She even loosed Buri the buttfucker on me. When no guilty confession was forthcoming, Tara gave up all of her tortures, save one.

Every night, Tara, Ina, and Buri would walk into my room and lay upon my bed, naked. Then they would pop in that tape, that awful tape, where Trang fought Matadora.

"Lay naked upon my butt," Tara commanded. "Maybe this time, dick dance for Tara!"

"This tape makes me sooooooo horny," Buri hissed, hugging Ina's back against her stomach.

"I wanted to fight Trang one day," Ina moaned. "I wanted to make her my slave!"

"You'll have to fight me for her first," Buri said, pinching Ina's nipples.

"I take Matadora. Already beat Trang. Hah!" Tara laughed.

I tried to turn my head away from the tape as it started to play. Ina grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.

"You watch, slave!" Tara commanded, clawing at my butt.

And so every event on the tape became etched in my mind…

The venue had changed to a bar in Mexico City. The bar was two stories tall, with an upper balcony that surrounded the main dance floor. Every space, on both floors, save for the dancing area, was occupied by men. Mostly Mexican, there were a fair number of Americans, and some Asian businessmen as well. Musky smoke permeated the atmosphere so much, you'd have thought Ridley Scott had made the video. The men drank and shouted out bets at each other, while the two fighters circled each other.

Trang was dressed in a black one-piece swimsuit. Her long hair was tied up in a bun, and a bandage was wrapped around her left thigh were the knife wound had occurred. She was in a crouched position, moving around the floor carefully in her bare feet, looking at her opponent. The tigress tattoo on her butt was available for all the crooning men to see.

Matadora's eyes glared at Trang. I could sense both a powerful mixture of catfury and catlust in her expression. A light blue bandanna covered her forehead, sweeping her long dark brown out of the way. She circled barefoot around Trang in a red one-piece swimsuit, her trademark costume from her S.O.W. days. A rose, smothered with thorns, appeared on her left forearm. The Mexican's hands were protected by weightlifting gloves, the kind that allows the fingers to protrude. She was three inches shorter than Trang, but every bit as sexy, muscular, and tough.

"I'll spread your ashes on my sister's grave, chica!" Matadora shouted, her face exploding with anger.

Trang looked at her grimly. "I didn't kill your sister. But I'll kill you if I have to!"

"Lying bitch!" Matadora screamed, and rushed forward at Trang.

The Mexican reached out for Trang's arm, but my lover darted away quickly. Matadora fired off a volley of punches at Trang, none of them connecting. Trang fired off some blows of her own, as the two catfighters gauged each other's abilities. Matadora's speed was lightning fast, much faster than Trang, even when she was at her best. After Matadora's fist finally connected with Trang's chest, the Mexican leapt up in the air and executed a flying spin kick. Saliva and sweat flew from Trang's head as she fell down on her back.

Trang wasn't stunned for long. Her good leg swept the floor, and Matadora went crashing down on her own wallet. Trang grabbed Matadora's ankles and sat on her chest. Matadora was pinned beneath Trang, the Mexican's feet almost curled backward towards her own shoulders.

"Listen to me!" Trang shouted, as Matadora struggled wildly beneath her. "I didn't kill your sister! Xuxa-uuhhh!"

Matadora's fists were pummelling Trang's kidneys. "Shut the fuck up! Liar! Pig!" Matadora's feet tore away from Trang's hands, and came crashing into Trang's ears. Matadora's feet slammed into Trang's earlobes simultaneously, three hard times in a row. Then the Mexican wrapped her legs around Trang's shoulders, and slammed the Chinese femizon's face crashing down to the floor.

The Mexican hellcat quickly sat up and straddled Trang's back. She grabbed hold of Trang's hair, pulling my lover's head upward. "I'm gonna finish the job sis started!" Matadora yelled, and her hand squeezed Trang's bandaged thigh.

Trang screamed and the crowd went wild. The men were jumping over each other for a better view. They smelled a death coming.

The Chinese catfighter got up on her knees, crying through the pain. She somersaulted forward,and Matadora went flying through the air. The Mexican leapt to her feet like the great Cat her reputation had put forward. Trang held her leg with her hand as the Mexican circled her again. Sensing an easy kill, Matadora raced forward once again. Trang stopped Matadora's attack with a great punch from her right fist. She followed that with a left punch to Matadora's head. Another blow followed, and I could see a mixture of saliva, snot, and blood erupt from Matadora's nose and mouth.

Then, probably by reflex, Trang pulled a dumb move. Standing on her injured leg, Trang shifted her weight on it and kicked upward, fast and hard. Matadora went flying backward and landed on her head. It would have been a great time for Trang to move in for the kill. But her leg buckled from under her, and Trang fell on the floor, gripping her thigh and crying out in pain.

If Trang was fully healthy, this could have been her easiest victory. Matadora was laying on the ground, holding her head for a full thirty seconds. But Trang spent the same amount of time massaging her leg. By the time she got onto her knees and crawled over to Matadora, the Mexican was crawling on the ground as well.

Each woman was on their knees, as their hands locked in a battle of strength. Trang pressed her weight against the Mexican, and the smaller woman's back arched backward. The sweat glistened off their foreheads as they grimaced at each other.

"Your sister was killed by Xuxa!" Trang shouted, pressing Matadora backward.

As the Mexican's back slumped down on the floor, her legs quickly wrapped around Trang's midsection and squeezed. These were the legs, that Helen had once described, as being strong as a mule. Trang groaned as her opponent squeezed and poured on the pressure. Their hands were still grappling with each other.

"Liar! Xuxa was her friend! She has more honor than a chink bitch like you…uuuhhh…who kills over the hill catfighters in bed while they fuck!"

Helen! Somehow, Matadora had heard about Helen. Well, hell, the police had to have told her.

Trang's legs flailed on the ground, trying to get her body away from the Mexican, but the little bitch had her all locked up. I could see Trang's face grimace in pain as Matadora crushed her ribs. I was sure they must have been bruised or cracked. Worse, I could see Matadora's fingernails biting into the back of Trang's hands as the grappled, causing trickles of blood to pour down her arms. Trang lost focus and Matadora pressed her hands flat against the floor.

Matadora's hand flashed backward, turned into a fist, and smashed Trang in the face, once, twice, again and again, till she had pummeled my lover's face with lightning blows a half a dozen times. Blood was spattering all around.

The men in the audience were going crazy. Animals! I hadn't been any better. But as I watched the tape laying on top of Tara's mightly buttocks, that night, and every night we watched it, my dick remained flacid. The Filipina moved her buns beneath me, already lathered up with lotion and ready for a butt-fuck. Ina even touched by balls from behind in an attempt to stimulate my genitals. But there was no movement.

On the tape, I watched Trang make her comeback. Her blood encrusted face screamed her trademark "psyche-myself-up-to-survive" catcall. She grabbed Matadora's shoulders and pulled the Mexican's face closer to her body. Trang's jaws opened wide and bit deeply into Matadora's cheek. Matadora let out a yell and her legs stopped crushing Trang's ribcage. Trang's grip on her shoulders was not going to let the Mexican go away. You could see blood dripping down from Matadora's face.

The Mexican's claws dug deeply into Trang's breasts through the swimsuit. Trang stopped biting and hauled off a short punch at Matadora's face. Not as powerful as before, but enough to whip the Mexican's body off of Trang.

Both women slowly got on their hands and knees, and then to their feet. Trang's nose was broken and there was blood all over her teeth. Her hands were braced for Matadora. The little lithe cat quickly leapt up in the air, bringing her legs around Trang's neck, and my lover's face crashed down on the ground again.

Trang was now laying on her stomach, her neck encircled between Matadora's powerful thighs. The Mexican squeezed her leg vice on Trang's neck, while gripping Trang's wrists to prevent her from clawing. You could see the straining muscles ripple in Matadora's thighs and back, while the color in Trang's face started to darken.

"You're a tough fucking bitch!" Matadora yelled. "But this is for Mina!"

I could see panic settle in on Trang's face. Her legs were still free, and she got on her knees. Standing up first on her good leg, Trang brought her body up, dragging Matadora's body along. Grunting, she stood up on the wounded leg, and now Matadora dangled upside down, her thighs still constricting against Trang's neck. Trang started to twirl around, obviously hoping to throw Matadora off her body. But the Mexican was too smart for that. She grabbed hold of Trang's ankles, and kept up her thigh choke. She wasn't going anywhere that Trang wasn't going.

Trang realized this and stopped twirling around. She pulled at Matadora's thighs, but it was impossible. Now Trang's face was red as a beet.

The Chinese fighter leapt up in the air, raising up her calves, and came landing on her knees. Matadora's head slammed into the hard floor. Trang's knees had landed on her upper arms, pinning them somewhat against the ground. Matadora had released the choke hold and her legs crashed to the floor along with the rest of her body.

While sucking air back into her lungs, Trang grabbed hold of Matadora's ankles and again bent them backward, in a wheelbarrow hold.

"Give it up, Matadora!" Trang yelled, and then wheezed. She looked exhausted. "I did not kill your sister!"

Matadora struggled against Trang's pin. The Mexican's pressed her legs and arms forward, but it was no use. Her face inches was away from Trang's butt, but still not enough to close in for a bite. Matadora closed her eyes and slammed her head on the floor, almost crying with dishonor as she appeared to be defeated.

Then her hand found Trang's wounded thigh. Her claws dug in under the bandage and ripped into Trang's flesh. Trang screamed and lost control of Matadora's legs.

The crowd in the bar erupted as Matadora turned the tide once again. Trang fell to the side in an effort to get away from the hellcat. But the deadly senorita maintained her claw grip on Trang's wound. Trang kicked at Matadora's chest to make her stop. This only enraged the Mexican even more. Her own sweet little leg raised itself into the air, smashing down on Trang's chest about three times, and then into the Chinese catfighter's bloody face another two times.

Trang stopped struggling.

Matadora stood up on her feet, raising Trang's left leg in the air. Her hard whipped off the bandage covering Trang's wound. Matadora's sharp nails sliced through all of Trang's stitches, reopening the wound. Trang screamed and writhed on the floor helplessly.


"TELL ME!" Matadora screamed. Her head whipped her hair around, and sweat was wringing out from her body. "CONFESS! TELL ME YOU KILLED MY SISTER AND I'LL KILL YOU PAINLESSLY!"

"IT WASN'T ME!" Trang sobbed. Tears were streaming down her face. "ON MY LIFE, MISTRESS JULIA! IT WAS XUXA! I SUBMIT TO YOU!"

Matadora let go of Trang's leg. My former lover continued to cry and sob on the floor. I knew then that Trang would despise me forever, even if she lived. This was her ultimate humiliation. The breaking of her spirit.

I could hear Ina moan with pleasure from behind. The Dirty Pair kissed each other hungrily, as the dominance of Trang made them so excited. Tara gyrated her hips under me, and I could hear a moistness in her cunt. But no movement stirred in my loins. How could it, when Trang's loss meant for me, in effect, a life of total slavery with these bitches from hell?

And then there was the very last part of the tape. The part that got Ina so hot she could come as she watched it. The part where Matadora turned away from Trang, ready to walk away from her beaten and bloodied foe.

But the cretins in the bar couldn't have that. They wanted death. Many of them had paid to see a women perish in battle. If both survived, they would feel cheated.

"Keel dat chica!" one oaf shouted.

"Da bitch killed your sister!" another thug yelled.

"I bet on you-don't fail me!"

Matadora looked at them and brushed some hair out of her face. Her chest was heaving with excitement as she looked at her fans. It was now a matter of saving face in front of them.

Matadora's face contorted, and she let out a fierce catcall that must have vibrated through the entire bar. It did not stop, but rose, as she leapt upward into the air, and landed her feet on Trang's face.

Trang's body jerked under the impact, and immediately went limp. The crowd erupted with pleasure. Matadora's catcall finished, and she looked up at the ceiling, as if to heaven, and made the sign of the cross on her chest.

"LA MATADORA!" the men in the crowd yelled. "CONQUISTADORA! OLE! MATADORA!" They were almost frothing with excitement and glee.

I stifled my tears as I watched Matadora walk into the crowd. Two thugs grabbed hold of Trang's arms and pulled her body to the exit, dragging trails of blood along the path. The first time I had seen it and cried, Tara had punched me in the mouth.

Ina's foot jabbed my ass as she had her short orgasm, true to form. I got up from Tara's back as the tape began to rewind. I knew what was coming next was no good for me.

"You useless," Tara said angrily, on her knees.

"Sorry, Mistress…" I said apologetically. "Let me pleasure you with my tongue…"

"Silence!" The palm of Tara's hand smacked against my cheek. "You cannot lie to Tara. You not excited. You not love Tara. Try to run away from Tara. Tara run out of patience with you!"

I watched her thunderous thighs stalk out of the room, her head shaking her long silky dark hair back. Ina and Buri exploded in laughter and guffaws.

"You blew it!" Ina said, cuffing my hands to the bedpost. "Gutless Gil!"

"So, you're impotent, huh?" Buri asked, sticking her tongue in my ear, enjoying my entrapment. "Well, guess what? Your dick just blew it for you big time with Tara."

"What does that mean?" I asked, but I already had my suspicions.

"It means," Ina said, securing my ankles in their ropes. "That you are not coming with me and Tara on the plane to the Philippines tomorrow."

"You're leaving for Catsport already? Aw, and you're leaving Buri behind to take care of me. How thoughtful!" Catsport. The ultimate catfighting competition was held once a year in Tara's own hometown. Until we saw that tape, my deepest hope had been that Trang would kill Tara in this year's Catsport, and win me back my freedom. Now all I could hope was that some other bitch would kill her, and I would be able to make a getaway in the transfer of slaves and property.

Buri's tongue moved down to my nipples. She rubbed her breasts against my stomach. "You want it! You want it, big boy! Hee-hee…but you can't get it up!"

"Nope. Catsport is still four weeks away." Ina massaged Buri's muscular back as she smirked at me. "There's an emergency back in the Philippines. Tara's had no answer from her slaves back there for a few weeks now. We have to go and find out what happened to them. But we'll stick around for the contest, since it's so close."

"Tell him the best part," Buri muttered, her tongue running down my stomach, on the trail to my crotch. "Strange thing, now that he's impotent, I wanna make it with him."

"OK," Ina began. "We gotta leave tomorrow. But we'll need lots of cash to place bets during the Catsport, as Tara plans to win big there. Unfortunately, she made the big mistake of putting the money in your bank account." The money that I had managed and invested for Tara. Her winnings and the Dirty Pair's assets, all in one account for maximized profit. "The banks are closed tomorrow." Since it was Sunday. "So, Buri's staying behind to take you to the bank on Monday. You'll remove $50,000 in cash, which you'll place into a briefcase. Buri will bring this over to us in Manila and you'll…"

I yelled as Buri's teeth bit into my limp penis.

"…you'll be free." Ina finished.

"Forever!" Buri exclaimed, grinning up at me from my crotch.

The two she-bitches laughed once again, and hugged each other with excitement. Ina pressed Buri on her back and started licking her cunt. I knew what the subtitles were reading. I could see it in Buri's eyes, as she softly stared at me with those insane eyes, while Ina worked her up to a crescendo. After I got them their blood-money on Monday, Buri was going to kill me. Perhaps she even planned to emasculate me with her bare claws. That bitch was going to thoroughly enjoy every sick minute of it if it happened. She probably imagined it in her mind at that moment, as Ina made love to her, hissing at me until her orgasm temporarily sated her catlust.