Aussie Challenge by Mr Cage

This work of fiction involves humans on the edge: extreme violence, hatreds, sexual activities, etc. As always, this is not for the squeamish, the sensitive, the empathic or the immature. Please do not read on if the written word is likely to harm or disturb you. And for you guys sitting in row behind me at the mad-slasher movies taking notes, this is not a how-to-book.

Aussie Challenge by Mr. Cage

I finished business early and had two free full days and nights before the god awful flight from Australia to LA and then home. I decided to find me some fun in Melbourne. I had money now and some power, but forty years earlier when I was seventeen I didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. I had just been kicked out of the worst foster home you can imagine and was on the way to something probably worse when I joined a friendly overseas tour group called the U.S. Marines. They specialize in taking bad boys, kicking their ass, teaching them to kill foreigners and respect honest citizens. During that era kids like me got to see the world in Vietnam alternating from the "idyllic friendly" villages just south of the DMZ to the fuck or fight alleys of Saigon and for a rare treat, usually after surviving a month long shit storm, Bangkok for pussy and Phuket to see the girl fights. Well all that was past, but memories linger, especially these days when life is fat, happy and a bit boring.

So I found myself eating with my bodyguard and driver, yes I sometimes need the former and prefer the later to keep me out of scraps with locals by not driving, in a Vietnamese restaurant in Footscray a western suburb of the city. I didn't have any flashbacks or jump when somebody dropped a plate, but I had definitely gotten out the boat and had my jungle eyes open. The apparent manager, a mama-san named Khan Le, kept looking at me from behind the counter. My jungle eyes saw glass in the food, or piss in the wine or a bomb in the bag by the door. It was that kind of look. I nodded to my bodyguard and he shrugged that I had nothing to worry about and then whispered she was probably coming over to sell me her granddaughter's pussy.

Khan Le, a tiny withered taskmaster, said in highly accented English, "You Big Yellow Hair who likes the fights. I fight for you five times in Saigon, I not use new name."

I studied her. About that time a teen, quite obviously the old woman's granddaughter, entered the front door  carrying a book bag. The young face brought back the memory of a dirty street and a falling down club that sported a hand painted "Dragon Fuck or Fight Club." I knew exactly who this old bitch was. I'd watched her beat three young girls half to death and then fuck them with her fist, feet, a piece of fruit, a beer bottle and a huge strap-on dildo. Throw her a twenty and she'd suck your cock while riding on the bloody face of the whore she had just whipped. I even remembered her Americanized name, Crotch Ripper Khan.

She saw the flash of recognition and smiled. She leaned down and whispered, "Hey, G. I. you got a wife. I fight her good. I fuck her in front of you. Cost you lots more than it used to."

I broke out laughing and so did she. We shared a drink, or several, just like old war buddies might. She had arrived in Oz by illegally by boat in 1982. Since then she had worked her way up starting as a kitchen hand in Vietnamese restaurants while still fucking and fighting for money when she needed. Tough old bird was proud of what she had done. She had lost her first set of kids in Vietnam, but since arriving in Oz had managed to raise two girls. Both had grown up hard, but not as hard as Khan Le. And now a third generation by the one who had gotten married went to an exclusive Catholic girl's school. She showed me her pictures, including a boy who had gotten stomped to death by a skin head clan, a group of good ole boys locally called the Southern Cross Soldiers. After that she again mentioned fighting my wife and added my kids and their kids to the mix. She didn't seem mad at me but she seemed mad at my wife. Well my first three wives were out of the question and my fourth wife, Barbara, was a twenty-six year old beauty queen with the good sense to sell her body to me in return for devoted sex and a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. Our two new kids were under six and would never know the seamier side of life if I could help it.

She returned to the subject and I finally asked her why. It wasn't my family she wanted to fight it was any white woman with her children and grandchildren. First she wanted revenge for whatever shit she thought whites had done to her. Second, and far more important, she wanted money. There was a local underground community that would pay big money for savage fights, especially between Asians and Whites, especially if brutal sex was involve. Khan Le was still hustling money for street-fighting forty years later. You got to admire her consistency.

About that time, an Australian male entered. Khan Le introduced her apparent sponsor and promoter, Barry "Bazza" Drummond. Nothing about him made my bodyguard nervous so I figured I must be dealing with a fellow fighting aficionado, not a rip off artist or some other kind of fraud. When you're looking for that special violence, sometimes you end up with empty pockets and a stupid look on your face waiting for someone to show up and fight. However, if he was a true fan he would not be in it just for my money. He would be doing it for himself too. We do exist at all levels of society. Even now that our thing is no longer that unheard of, we still live like a hidden priesthood hiding from whatever the current Inquisition, religion or for-your-own-good government, is called.

Bazza took me and my bodyguard to a tiny office, accountancy of all things, and showed me a couple of fights of Khan Le in action. The skinny old whore was still ripping cunts at the age of sixty. He had compilation video stored on a hot plug hard drive he produced as if by magic from a floor board under his squeaky office chair. Khan Le starred in a series of brutal beatings and after-fucks: an Indian, several Japanese women, a number of Vietnamese women, a couple of Thais and Burmese, white Australians, a German, two aboriginals, and a savage Ethiopian who didn't survive the beating. Bazza explained as a matter of fact that sometimes accidents happen. Well I don't know how much of an accident it was when Khan Le had the woman bleeding from every orifice and choking on a twelve inch studded dildo as she stepped down with her toes inside the woman's cunt.

Then he showed me another compilation file. Khan Le was beaten to a pulp by a larger, younger white Australian and then fucked until her ass was bleeding as badly as her broken nose. After that there were at least a dozen fights with a mix of types all ending in the Viet woman losing and paying the price. No wonder her older fights showed a wrinkled scar-crisscrossed skinny bitch. The next file included her two daughters, Tien and Xuan Tran, fighting fewer women, but still touching many different types. Some of their battles were clearly fought when they were teens. According to Bazza, Tien was a lawyer married to a white Australian who was a good customer of Bazza's product. He even promoted his two daughters Yen and Ha into the same games. Xuan Tran had taken a different path. She apparently preferred the company of women and remained unmarried. She ran a strip joint now, but had been a stripper which explained why she had big round tits when her sister and mother had very little.

Bazza wouldn't give me a copy of the hard drive. He had a foreigner's faith in the FBI and CIA and feared some kind of discovery. I tried to convince him that they couldn't pour piss out of a dirty boot with the instructions printed on the heel. They had never been very good and these days' successive idiots in power had gutted the bureau and the agency. There was no convincing Bazza. Apparently, their reputation far exceeded my evaluation.

So I was left with his number and email address as well as some brutally hot memories of the kind that just ate at my resolve. I closed my eyes on the long trip home. I had a dream about that last foster home. I had just turned eighteen, but I'd been fucking the foster mother's natural daughter for two years. The chick was a total whore legendary for getting into fights with girls and women she had taken men from. More often than not she was dwarfed by the bitch she fought, but also more often than not she ended the fight kicking the other woman's belly and face until someone dragged her off. When I had left she had just started dealing drugs door to door for a Nazi biker meth cooker she naturally started fucking.

What struck me when I woke up with a raging hard-on under my complimentary blanket was that Jenny Macon had been the shortest, toughest, most whoring, white bitch I had seen in my long history of associated with women who would fight and fuck for money. Open Legs Jenny would be about sixty years old and unless she had packed on the pounds she would near on Khan Le's weight class. Once that wicked thought was rattling around the dungeon I keep that part of my mind in during its downtime I was helpless not to follow my instincts. I fingered Bazza's number and sent a message to my private eye to look up Jenny Macon.

He found her living in the desert close enough to LA to sell her product, expertly cooked meth, to the local biker trash for distribution. Times were tough just now; she'd recently gotten out of lock-up and technically jumped parole. She had her cook trailer and living trailer tucked away in a new location behind a desert gas station crossroads, but her old contacts were dead and she didn't have the stakes to buy raw materials or the cooking equipment. She had organized her daughters and grandkids putting them out as shoplifters, whores and sneak thieves trying to raise a stake to get her lab back up and working. Her two boys were long gone on multiple life sentences and most of her grandkids were at one time or another in juvenile hall. Christ, I'd been lucky to get shed of that crazy bitch and sent to Vietnam where I'm sure the odds of getting shot or blow-up in the war were less than being her front man in the drug trade.

I got a list of her surviving family members, ignoring the two grandsons still out on the street slinging drugs for the bikers and the four granddaughters currently in penitentiary. Two daughters were out of state, one in jail. Even so, I still had a number to choose from to match the listing I had from Bazza Drummond. I typed up an e-mail and sent it to Oz with the proposed matches, clearly stating I didn't have the fighters yet. Just wanted to see what Bazza would think.

I listed them in pairs although I had in mind something I had staged years ago in New Orleans:

Khan Le 61 years old - 5' 1'' 110#, 32A 28 34, grey black short-haired - leathery;


Jenny Macon 62 years old - 5'2'' 115#, 34B 26 35, short dyed blonde hair - scarred leathery tanned skin with Aryan biker tattoos;

Tien 40 years old - 5'3'' 98#, 32A 24 32, long black hair - elegant and still beautiful;


April Macon Jones 44 years old - 5'2'' 105 34C 24 34, long blond hair - still whoring and going strong out of jail for five years;

Xuan Tran 38 years old - 5'6'' 105#, 34DD (implants) 22 32, long black hair - stripper/escort;


June Macon 36 years old - 5'4'' 105# 34D (implants) 24 34, short silver blonde - stripper/hooker/three jail terms/dyke;

Yen 19 years old - 5'4'' 104#, 33A 23 33, long black hair - Tien's daughter;


Jane Jones 18 years old - 5'5'' 110 34B 24 34, long blonde hair, - April's daughter - just out of juvenile hall for prostitution and purse snatching;

Ha 18 years old - 5'2'' 110 32A 28 34, short black hair - Tien's daughter;


Mary 18 years old - 5'3'' 115 34C 24 34, dyed blonde hair, half Latina, - April's daughter - warrant out for shoplifting and purse snatching but no convictions.

I sent the e-mail: "Bazza, I propose the two sets of females fight it out one on one, beginning with the matriarchs. Fight in the dirt of the alley we talked about, no rules or clothes. Winner is the one that drags the loser to her waiting family and discarded mattresses. After a win the winner has to return to the dirt to fight again. The loser becomes the temporary slave bitch of the winner's family. After two minute rest winner must fight the next woman on the loser's team. A loser becomes freed as soon as a woman from her family drags the last winner across the line. The fight goes on and one until one side surrenders completely or are all dragged across the line by a single fighter. While being a slave bitch, no beatings are allowed unless the slave bitch resists her domination. Permitted tools include strap-on dildos, hand held dildos, clit and nipple clips, plugs, vibrators, both sides can use one studded dildo and have two sandpaper condoms to use over their dildos. Losers work in local brothel until they pay off a five thousand dollar ransom a piece to the winners. Winners take home twenty thousand dollars in prize money and losers get eight thousand for their pains, but only after they pay their ransoms."

I got back a big Fuck Yeah from Bazza. Now it was a matter of contacting my old foster sister and not getting shot for the trouble. The detective gave her two hundred bucks to meet me. Strangely enough, she recognized me immediately. Her sharp eyes looked for an angle to get into my pocket. Up close she was even rougher than I imagined. I thought her and Khan Le might just kill each other and do the world a favor. I told her what I had set up and she asked for fifty thousand under the table, win or lose. I thought about walking away. She sprung the idea on me that April was my daughter. The timing was approximately right, but even if she was mine I seriously didn't give a shit. Nothing that came out of Jenny Macon's cunt belonged to me but my cock and I thought I was lucky to have that back. She said she needed the fifty thousand guaranteed or failing that she wanted to set up the slavery to pay her one hundred thousand. I actually didn't believe the bitch had a hundred thousand left in her. The issue simplified. One of my companies got a government contract from the most recent Economic Recovery Administration. I took ninety thousand out of the payment and just added three fake employees to the cost-plus salary (I'd report three fake jobs and the government would report six jobs created or saved) to cover the fraud. Government money is like hotel towels, they expect you to steal it. Just for laughs though I upped the slavery to ten thousand dollars per loser. Bazza asked for pictures and Jenny supplied full nude front and back of everyone. They made sure to shoot the bird in every picture and Jenny had Mary put a Gooks Must Die tattoo above her slit. Now it was a matter of time. Bazza would set up the scene and all I had to do was deliver the white bitches across international boundaries, no mean feat for a bunch of felonious bitches.

Jenny Macon's little gang liked the idea of beating up a bunch of gook bitches and prison raping them in a back alley, and besides they'd never seen Oz. There was some concern about passports since they were felons and some of them were not even close to being street legal. Getting a USA felon parole jumper out of the USA by plane is practically impossible. So I planned to take the felons to Mexico in my car, call them Germans, buy fake passports and fly back to the USA and connecting to Oz. Best way to get in the USA with fake ID is to come across from Mexico. There is way too much money in the trade of drugs and wage-slaves for guns and money for the Feds to look seriously at anyone coming in from Mexico who takes the trouble to bring a fake ID. Once in on foreign ID, they won't look when you leave.

Traveling with white trash bitches is no easy thing, but we made it. I took a four day walkabout to get the girls used to being down under. I didn't care which side won although I made a friendly wager with more of the government's money with Bazza on the white bitches. I avoided fucking any of the willing sluts, including my supposed daughter and granddaughters. I had been young and crazy once, but even when I was getting shot at every other day I wore a condom before nailing any of Khan Le's compatriots. I figured a Saigon whore was marginally safer than any of these biker-fucking felons and the last thing I wanted with them was a connection after this fight.

Bazza had prepared the long alley behind an abandoned movie house next to an old condemned hotel. He had a couple of bully boys roust out the few wastrels wondering around or squatting in the condemned businesses. He set up tripod cameras in eight windows overlooking the alley. Four, two to a side, were focused from above on the dirty mattresses which served as team bases. The other four gave an overview of the fight arena, a rectangular patch of soft dirt, decayed trash, and dust bounded by two brick walls. I guessed the alley was twelve feet wide blocked at the far end by a wooden wall and at the open end by Bazza's truck. Four cars rented for the event parked inside the alley hidden by the truck from any pain-in-the-ass innocent by-passers. Bazza had laid out a white chalk line on either side of the patch of dirt indicating the team goal lines. The mattresses lay just beyond the white chalk. The makeshift arena was probably twelve feet square although that was just a guess. He had four roving cameras held in the sweaty hands of nervous patrons. I liked Bazza's style. He had his camera men pay for the right to see the fight live while they made recordings for him to sell to his underground to pay for the festivities and maybe make a few bucks for himself. I suspected he'd get a cut from the whorehouse earnings as well, but I didn't mind. This was not about money for me.

So the two teams of five exited from different sides of the alley through broken doors wearing robes and color coded high heels, red and yellow, to suit Bazza's movie customers. After the brief introduction of each fighter, they shed their robes and kicked off their heels and stood almost nose to nose apart from their counterpart. The contrast between the tight firm young bitches and the old battlers could not have been more apparent. I could see the camera men's hard-on tents promising problems for the tan-slacks wearing cameramen. It was going to be a warm time in the alley, but the coming heat did not cause the sweat on their balding foreheads.

The women glared at each other, mouthing insults. I could feel the hatred building; as artificial as the circumstances were this had become a tribal war just like Bazza and I had hoped. The two old queens stayed in the arena and their daughters and granddaughters returned to their respective mattresses. Before the fight even started, the girls held up dildos and waved their weapons taunting the other side with what they planned to do to each other. Now I had my own hard-on, but as an experienced voyeur I wore dark pants with a full cut.

Khan Le and Jenny Macon, more than sixty years of bad road each, faced each other. Insults began to fly as they stood almost nose to nose with hands on their wrinkled hips. Both were relatively skinny, but at their age and with their well-traveled birth canals they had soft wrinkled pouches hanging out over their well used slits. Khan Le had virtually no pussy lips, but a leathery clit hood and thick bud stuck out between dark brown lips framing the still pink inner tissue. Jenny Macon had thick hanging pussy lips and a weight lifters clit, despite her small size. Her clit hood was as rough and leathery as the Viet bitch, but there was more meat to abuse down below as well as up above.

Bazza said, "Take two steps back." They did and he simply said, "Fight!"

"I kill you white devil!" "Bleed you gook cunt!"

They screeched in mutual blind race hatred and leapt for each other. Both granny warriors had short hair, dyed black or blonde, and were otherwise hairless old bitches. Their wrinkled tits and bellies clashed as their claws raked each other's scalps finding a fistful of hair despite the shortness. Jenny seemed slightly stronger because of her weight. She almost twisted Khan off her dirty feet in the opening struggle, but the Viet proved she had excellent balance and managed to plant a left foot after almost going down. Suddenly her sharp right knee smacked into Jenny's fat cunt, not once but three times and headed for more as Khan's tiny foot bounced off the dirt driving the knee back up almost to quickly to follow with the eye.

Jenny grunted and groaned, throwing her hips to the side taking the fourth knee on the thigh and the fifth to the hip. The old bitch's cunt was tough. She jerked on Khan's hair and rammed her forehead into the old Viet warrior's nose. Khan's right knee missed its next strike completely and the Viet wobbled, turning her head to the side as far as she could with her black hair still being wrenched. Now the blonde biker Nazi-tattooed whore drove her right knee up into Khan's cunt. The Viet groaned and her girls started yelling curses. The old yellow-brown woman slumped against the pale blonde and Jenny snarled throwing the woman hard against the brick wall. It looked to be over already.

Khan slumped against the wall, but kept standing. Jenny reached for Khan's hair to bang her head on the bricks and gasped as the Viet kicked, driving her dirty toes straight into Jenny's cunt The slit seemed more sensitive than the lips or perhaps the number of blows had taxed the fat lips pain threshold. The blonde moaned and grabbed for the foot with her left hand and her cunt with the right. Khan came off the wall and smashed her hard right fist into Jenny's snarling mouth.

The blonde stumbled backwards. Khan yelled and leapt on the staggering blonde grabbing both her tits with her boney claws and pushing the stumbling woman back hard into the opposing bricks. Jenny screamed as the Viet claws ripped welts in the old fat bags and then groaned as she thudded into the breaks propelled by Khan's dust kicking feet.

Jenny clawed furrows in Khan's forearms as the snarling Viet matriarch twisted her thumbnails into the white tit flesh. Both screamed curses. Jenny sank a knee into Khan's soft belly and hurt her more than the knee to the cunt had. Khan's assault slowed for a second. Jenny's family yelled for her to knee again and she did. Khan's face twisted in sick agony and she pushed against the white woman trying to keep the knee out of her obvious weak lower pouch of a gut.

Jenny's tits still suffered, but she countered by digging her claws into Khan's shoulders and then ripping all the way down her scarred back to her jiggling ass cheeks. Khan howled and arched her back trying to step back, but too late. Jenny had the Viet ass cheeks, clawing the underside and spreading them trying to find asshole or cunt from behind. Khan cursed and let go of Jenny's tits, pressing their upper bodies apart to reach for the white woman's face. Jenny captured two fingers in her mouth biting, but she still had to let go of Khan's ass and grab her hair to keep from losing her blue eyes.

Covered in sweat, with dust up to their knees now, the two old bitches struggled off the wall and staggered in a drunken circle, clawing bodies and kicking at each others' ankles. Their old bellies and tits heaved trying to keep up with the demands of their sixty year old bodies for oxygen. Bigger women would have collapsed, but these were compact fighters. Jenny pushed Khan back hard and drove her right fist into the Viet woman's nose. This time she got blood and Khan staggered backwards turning away. Jenny kicked hard to the back of Khan's bent thigh. Khan's foot left the ground and the old warrior hit the ground hard on her ass. She continued onto her back, moaning and holding her bleeding nose.

Jenny stomped the downed woman in the gut. Khan doubled up her knees for protection. The old blonde snarled and stepped around to grab the top of Khan's hair. She started to drag the Viet backwards through the dirt toward the chalk line as her girls jumped up and down and shouted for her to give the gook bitch to them. Khan's girls screamed wildly, her younger ones in English and the daughters in a mix of Viet and English. It looked to be over.

Khan threw a hand backwards and caught Jenny's right foot as she stepped back with her left. Jenny cursed, jerked on her right foot, but then stepped forward to kick Khan in the kidneys. The old Viet groaned, but held on. Jenny drove a knee into the woman's shoulder blades and stood over her pulling up with both hands on her hair. Khan screamed as her scalp was used to lift her off her ass. Jenny drew back her knee again, but suddenly Khan's dirty right hand shot up and over her shoulder, four stiff fingers found the inside of Jenny's trapped right thigh and slid up her leg straight for her fat-lipped gaping slit.

The blonde screamed as she was penetrated and let go of her hair hold. Khan's ass hit the dirt and she twisted around, gouging out Jenny's cunt with her right hand and bringing her left fist up into Jenny's down turned face. The blonde's hands were pulling the right hand out of her cunt when the left fist hit her mouth. Her head snapped up and she fell backwards on her ass pulling the Viet fingers from her pussy. Once on the ground she grabbed her cunt screaming. Her girls yelled for her to fight. Khan's girls were hopping up and down yelling in triumph.

"Scoop out the old cunt!"

Khan grabbed the white woman's dirty ankles and stood, dragging her through the dirt toward her screaming family. Jenny let go of her blood-rimmed pussy and clawed at the ground to slow down the Viet woman. That earned her a brief pause, but with her legs spread she earned a hard, dirt-covered yellow brown hard calloused foot to her bloody pussy. Khan stomped the white pussy twice bringing Jenny's hands down to cover. The blonde jerked and writhed trying to free her uplifted feet while protecting her cunt. Khan, covered in sweat so thick that the dirt on her back and ass began to streak with muddy rivulets, started dragging again. Both sides were screaming as the Viet fell backwards pulling the blonde's ass across the chalk line.

Khan sat in the dirt gasping. She took a bottle of water and poured it over her head washing some of the dirt away and continued to huff and puff. Her nose was swollen and she was clawed raw in places and hurt as well. A dark brown bruise had formed on her lower pouch. She managed to roll over to her hands and knees. Bazza called one minute left in her break. Jenny's vengeful daughter, perhaps my daughter, stood ready in the arena, standing in some of her mother's sweat and blood. Khan's family paid her no attention, they were otherwise engaged.

Screaming in wild Vietnamese, the daughters had Jenny flat on her back on the stained mattress. Xuan Tran had the white woman's dirty feet up in the air, pulled back even with Jenny's clawed and swelling tits. She sat down hard dropping her brown ass down in reverse on the white woman's clawed face grinding away on the nose and mouth using the waving white legs as a kind of bridle. Tien, the more gentile of the two, had a twelve inch hand held in both hands driving it in and out of Jenny's cunt with both hands. The thing had to be bottoming out deep inside. Each thrust caused the white woman's legs to shake and toes to curl. I couldn't hear any screams from under Xuan Tran's ass or the Asian women's taunting cheers. The two girls had taken the time to put on strap-on harnesses. Yen was rolling one of the sandpaper rubbers over her ten inch dildo. Ha waited with her bare ten inch tapping her mother's shoulder. Tien pulled the huge dildo out, taking time to slap Jenny's clit with it, not a technical foul.

Ha thrust forward keeping her sister and the sandpaper waiting. The youngest girl wanted Jenny's puckered ass. She grunted and twisted the head finally forcing it in. I had moved closer and now I heard a scream. One of the camera men caught the moment of penetration and a release of a stream of piss from Jenny's folds as she lost control. Ha didn't' like piss on her belly and went to work driving the dildo into Jenny's asshole. About that time I was distracted by the sounds of cheers coming from the other end.

I looked away. Despite a bloody nose, April had driven a staggering Khan Le into the wall with her fists. The old Viet cat bitch's face was battered and bloody. She kicked out leaving a foot print on April's sweaty belly. The blonde grunted, but did not retreat. She slammed a hard right into Khan's already swollen nose knocking the slumping Viet woman's head back into the bricks. Khan fell to her knees and then forward into the dirt, clearly knocked out. April spit on her back and stomped on the back of her head screwing her face into the dirt. The rest of her families' screams must have reminded her that she had taken four minutes to finish the old woman off. She kicked Khan in the ribs and then straightened her legs. She ruthlessly dragged the Viet grandmother by her ankles face down through the dirt and across the chalk line to the white women's mattresses.

I turned back to see a disappointed Yen standing with her sandpaper dildo already to go and no place to stick it. Bazza ordered the Vietnamese off the battered American bitch. Xuan Tran stood pissing on the bloody face as Ha slowly pulled out the bloody dildo from the raw asshole. Bazza dragged Jenny by one arm to the side where his two bully boys picked her up and carried her by the underarms to her waiting family, dropping her on back on the family's second mattress. However, only April watched, she poured water on her mother and then turned to fight. The other three were on Khan Le like rabid dogs, taking revenge immediately as a very angry looking lawyer, Tien, watched, her claws curled up waiting for the bruised and sweaty April.

June was on her ass with her legs spread, using Khan Le's sweaty mangled hair to guide the bloody face back and forth across her dyke mound, grunting as she smeared blood and Viet flesh back and forth across her mound and slit. The two daughters were double penetrating the Viet grandmother. The youngest Mary had put the Khan Le across her legs elevating the limp bitch off the mattress. She used her right hand to grip a twelve inch handheld that she rammed in and out of the brown cunt at an angle. Khan Le's bloody puffy cunt lips sucked along the shaft with each pull and push. Meanwhile Jane had a strap-on dildo buried deep in Khan Le's ass. The old warrior did triple duty getting stuffed twice and face grinded expertly by a rapacious dyke. I tore my eyes away from the triple torture as Jenny groaned from a second mattress and rose on her elbows to watch April fight Tien. I decided to do the same.

April, sweaty and sneering, faced Tien, grim faced and determined. The taller, thinner Viet woman stared directly at April's relatively fat tits. They had Khan Le's claw marks on them but other than sweat and red welts, the white globes with their pink eraser like nipples stood firm and proud. Long black-haired beauty lawyer faced a raw, but attractive long blonde haired whore and drug mule bitch. April had bigger tits and hips, but at the waist they were equally thick. Having seen April use her fists and knowing nothing of the higher class Viet woman's skills I though Khan Le's time in hell might be rather longer than Jenny's had been. And, perhaps, the grandmother might be joined by her daughter on the stained mattress.

April stalked forward, sweaty, fists up and ready. Tien snarled and rushed forward swiping a right claw at April's big left tit. She scored it with four finger nails but took a right fist to the mouth. Tien's head snapped back and her long black hair flew. April stepped in and swung a left right to the center of Tien's very thinnest part of her super flat belly. Tien's eyes went wide and she bent slightly. April's right fist hit her in the left eye and the Viet woman staggered backwards. Tien ducked under a left to the jaw and lunged forward driving her shoulders up under April's big tits and driving the white woman backwards toward the wall. April hit with a thud and grunted. She dropped and elbow between Tien's shoulders. Tien fired rights and lefts hard into April's belly. The white woman groaned and raked Tien's back with her claws leaving ten dark scratches, some weeping blood. Tien screamed and sank her teeth into April's side just missing the swell of her tit since April's elbow was in the back of her neck. They worked each over roughly until the blonde started using her knee to Tien's gut. The Viet fighter fled backwards to the middle of the alley. Both women dripped with sweat, showed growing bruises and glowing scratches.

Tien tried to fist fight the white woman marking up April's tits and face, but the hard hitting white bitch scored heavily bringing blood from Tien's small nose and putting big lumps under both eyes driving the Viet woman around the alley. Both women tired. Tien grabbed April in a clinch and tried to knee her cunt, but all they did was bounce knees of each others' thighs. April tried a trip, but the black-haired lawyer managed to hold on and grabbed to fistfuls of blonde hair swinging the American in a short circle before letting her crash ass first into the bricks. Tien's family cheered for the first time since the fist fighting had started.

Tien drove a dirty foot straight up into April's fat lipped cunt. The blonde squealed and grabbed the foot before Tien could retreat. Tien reached for the blonde's hair, but April had already lifted the leg up to her shoulder and pushed. Tien squealed and fell backwards her right foot still held high. She kicked with her left foot, thudding hard into April's hip, but the blonde's right foot had already passed Tien's defensive kick. The heel hit the point of Tien's tight lipped mound with a loud thud. Tien screamed and clawed at the foot. April didn't' move her foot, instead she ground her heel on Tien's clit. The Viet woman screamed and clawed the white ankle bloody, but the white woman had almost all her weight on the foot and Tien suffered on her back.

Tien's left foot left dirty prints on April's hip but she couldn't dislodge the offending foot. Suddenly, April lunged forward letting the held foot fall and drove her knee into Tien's thin belly nailing the lawyer painfully to the ground. Tien's mouth opened and all the air in her rushed out. She gasped, her eyes wide, her mouth making sucking sounds and her hands pushing at the knee dug into her gut. April slammed right and lefts into the girl's face. Blood from the nose and mouth flew staining the dirt. April hit the Viet until her head flopped back and forth and her hands lay in the dirt. The white women cheered. April dragged Tien by one foot over the line and took a bottle of water and started resting up for Xuan Tran.

The white bitches left Khan Le moaning face down on the blood, sweat and cunt stained mattress and went for Tien. Jenny crawled and grabbed a handheld dildo out of their stock and moaned as her old beaten body struggled to put a sandpaper condom over the fat head. She crawled on top of Khan Le's heaving back. The old warrior gasped out something in Vietnamese. Jenny cursed her in white trash English, separated her old wrinkled ass cheeks with both hand revealing an already bloody asshole. The white bitch hocked a bloody bit of spittle on the brown puckered hole and rammed the thick sandpaper head into Khan Le's ass. The woman's scream caused the men to look down the alley and the women to turn to Khan Le. Jenny grunted as she worked the devilish dildo deep in the Viet ass. Khan Le curses and whimpered clawing the mattress and promising to kill "all white cunts."

Tien suffered the triple team again. June sat facing Tien's face this time, smashing her tiny swollen tits under her white ass while she held Tien's face close by the hair. Then the bitch unleashed a yellow stream of piss filling Tien's nose and mouth. Meanwhile April's daughters the nasty Mary had again elevated her victim across her legs opening the Viet mother to a double penetration attack. However, this time Jane had placed the Viet's dirty feet against her shoulder and elevated Tien's legs straight up and back so her toes were above her battered tits. The strap-on dildo, still stained with Khan Le's cunt and ass juice, brutally pumped in and out of Tien's ass as she screamed and gagged on the hot piss.

April stood ready to face the tough plastic big-boobed dyke stripper Xuan Tran. They weighed the same, but Xuan Tran was taller and thinner accept in the plastic tits. Both whored, but Xuan Tran was a veteran of many dyke fights and grinned hungrily as she stalked the blonde fist fighter. April was marked and sweaty. The Viet dyke was fresh and six years younger. April moved to strike with her hard left jab. She connected, but Xuan Tran's longer arms hit her hard on the nose with a right and then a lighting flash left.

April staggered backwards shaking her head; blood started dribbling from her right nostril. Xuan followed up with a hard right, but April blocked it perfectly with a left and crushed the Viet's tight mouth with her right. Long black hair flew and Xuan Tran's head snapped back. Her legs wobbled and she stepped back raising her hands defensively as her lower lip poured blood from a deep cut in the middle. April drove her left through the guard into the right eye. The Viet staggered backwards again. April's right looked to be headed for her chin, but the Viet dyke dodged out of the way. The blonde's sweaty hair no longer flew, but it did whip as she almost spun around.

Xuan Tran snagged the long wet hair in her left hand and pulled. April almost went down. Instead she staggered ramming her right side into Xuan Tran's fat left tit. The Viet moaned as the basketball hard tit stretched under her armpit. Xuan Tran's longer right arm snapped around capturing April's tucked down chin, just missing a choke. She twisted pulling the blonde into a standing headlock. April clawed at the right arm bending her back over the Viet bitch's sharp right hip, but the yellow-brown dyke completed the move and the blonde flipped over the hip to hit on the back of her head and shoulder's before falling the rest of the way over landing face down in the dirt.

The blonde reacted amazingly fast, rolling out from under three foot stomps to the head. Xuan Tran cursed as her dirty foot pounded into the dirt just missing the blonde' head again and again. She stopped head hunting and landed a stomp to the ribs. April grunted but grabbed the foot. She twisted on her hip and kicked Xuan Tran's legs out from under her. The Viet landed hard on her ass her left ankle in April's right fist. April tried to deliver a left heel to the smooth tight lipped cunt, but Xuan Tran now showed how fast she could react to adversity. Her right foot slammed into April's cunt first. April rolled away scrambling to her feet, gasping. Xuan Tran got up and circled. The Viet woman was dirty, bloody and sweaty, but she hadn't been in three tough fights and April had.

The forty-six year old blonde backed away her tits and belly pumping trying to get oxygen to her sore muscles. Xuan Tran gave her a minute, recovering herself ignoring the agonized sounds of her mother and sister. Finally the bubble-tit dyke struck, faking a charge and delivering a perfect kick with her instep to the back of April's left leg. April twisted away limping avoiding the Viet woman still trying to recover. Xuan Tran faked a punch and then faked the same kick. April drew back her leg fast and dropped her left hand to snag the foot that was not there. Xuan Tran leapt forward, her claws slashing down April's face to her neck. Then she pushed the off balance white woman backwards with a choke.

The blonde took to steps before falling on her back. Xuan Tran came down on top of her straddling her belly, both yellow brown hands throttling the white neck. April clawed at Xuan Tran's hands and arms. She reached for Xuan Tran's neck, but the angle was to the the longer-armed woman's advantage. Xuan Tran dug her fingers into April's neck. April's already bright red face turned dark red and then her eyes grew. Her flailing hands found Xuan Tran's hard tits and fastened on the dark rather pointed nipples sticking out of almost no aureole at all. Xuan Tran moaned as the blonde clawed her nipples, but she kept on the choke. April's feet dug in the dirt trying to buck off the Viet stripper, but Xuan Tran rode the white belly and endured the ripping of her nipples. Even when both nipples bled from the dirty nail work she kept on the choke. April's eyes rolled back. She arched her back and then her ass dropped to the dirt.

Xuan Tran stood slowly, grabbed the white woman's heels and dragged her through the dirt. Her neck was dark blue. One of the men dropped and gave her mouth to mouth. April coughed and started gasping, her belly heaving in and out. Then to her horror Tien's two daughters jumped on her with handhelds taking revenge for the wrecks of their grandmother and mother, both of who now lay bloody on the second mattress on that side of the ally. Xuan Tran drank water and then poured it on her bloody nipples. April had cracked one and sliced into the side of the other. Xuan Tran gasped as she touched them trying to determine the extent of the damage.

She looked up to see June Macon her counterpart on the white team. June's implants were only 34D as opposed to the Viet 34DD. The white dyke/stripper/hooker/felon was two inches shorter and two years younger. She was the same weight, but thicker and looked stronger. Xuan Tran's long black hair was matted to her sweaty back while June's dyed silver short hair stuck out in greasy spikes like a punk rocker. The two teams were effectively equal again, but Xuan Tran had taken a battering and needed some help to beat her counterpart.

Xuan Tran snapped a quick kick at June' knee, but the stripper/hooker/dyke was fast. The foot missed and as the Viet stripper/escort/dyke recovered her balance white fists hammered her face knocking her backwards in a desperate stagger. Xuan Tran recovered and tried a knee to the white woman's cunt as she came in, but June again stopped short and slammed a right and left into the Viet's plastic tits. You could see the packed orbs moving on the chest wall and Xuan Tran cried out despite her toughness. She hammered June's implants, but apparently the white woman's balloons were better constructed or seated. They deformed, but did not appear to move independently from the flesh and muscle around them. The blonde grunted and drove a knee into Xuan Tran's well used cunt. The woman groaned and her head drooped.

June grabbed two handfuls of long lustrous sweaty black hair and repeated the tactic of swinging a woman by the hair in a circle letting her crash hard into the brick wall. Xuan Tran scrapped her left shoulder and hip, but far worse she leaned against the wall moaning for a couple of seconds. June impressed me with a perfect round kick, high and on target to the back of the Viet stripper's bent neck. Xuan Tran staggered two steps and drove her knees into the dirt. She continued to fall forward and came to rest on her hands and knees, her fat balloon tits dragging down stretching the puckered brown skin of her connecting tissues into a long cone.

June took two steps to the side and kicked hard up into Xuan Tran's gasping face. The Viet woman's hair snapped and whipped as her head threatened to fly off her neck. Xuan Tran's mouth spewed blood and white teeth. She pitched backwards then forwards falling bloody face first into the dirt. June delivered a toe kick between the helpless woman's spread legs smashing her cunt from behind. When the stripper didn't move, June took a look at her screaming older sister, chuckled as the two younger Viet bitches double fucked her with sandpaper strap-on dildos, one from the reverse pile-driver position the other from the front pile driver. June kicked the Viet cunt ten more times not bothering to drag the cunt-busted whore toward the line.

Finally Jenny Macon's matriarchal screams got her daughter to drag the broken Viet across the chalk line and stop the torture rape of her sister April. The two young white girls and old bloody Jenny Macon went to work on the bubble-tit Viet stripper. April moaned in the fetal position on the rest mattress, blood dripping from her ass and cunt. Jenny Macon rode Xuan Tran's bloody nose with her ass while using the chain nipple clamps on the swollen bloody cracked and sliced dark nipples like a bridle. Jenny's wrinkled ass pumped back and forth while she jerked on the chained-linked nipple clamps. The ruined nipples stretched and puffed up even more. The two white girls used huge handheld dildos to double fuck the helpless dyke, trying to rip her apart like their mother had been.

Thirty-six year old June faced the far younger Yen. The primary difference were big tits, short-blonde hair, white skin and age against small pointed tits, long black hair, yellow-brown skin and youth. June had been in a fight, but she hadn't been really hurt yet. I waited to see how the young fighter would do against the experience dyke bitch. I turned away from Xuan Tran's agonized screams in time to see Yen flash forward and hit the older woman with a dozen superfast punches from every angle.

June staggered back stunned by the shock and awe. Still the punches were not hammer blows, more like bee stings. The silver-blonde took about a dozen punches before ending it with a straight right to Yen's tight mouth. Yen stepped back and slammed three quick kicks into the side of June's leg all aimed at the side of the knee, but all taken on the meat of the calf. The fourth kick hit June's turned knee. The white woman's bony knee hit the front of Yen's young shin and the Viet girl screamed. She retreated limping. June shook her bruised and now bloody face clearing out the cobwebs and limped forward.

The young girl's shin had been hurt. The area colored immediately and a big knot formed on the shin bone. June's leg showed bad bruising but nothing so extraordinary. The older blonde attempted to slug it out buy Yen continued to avoid the slower woman's fist, despite her badly damaged leg. June exhausted herself relatively quickly. As she slowed, Yen's hard fists picked at June's already swollen face. The blonde took the beating for a couple of minutes, then screamed and lunged forward, hands finding the long black hair without a problem. Yen's knee tried to stop the charge by crashing into the June' cunt, but the blonde took it on the thigh. June smacked into the girl and drove her back hard into the bricks.

Yen's claws ripped at the side of June's bruised face and then went for the eyes. The blonde retaliated by slamming the Viet woman's head against the bricks twice before having to let go to save her face. Yen staggered and leaned against the brick. Her left hand felt the back of her head and it came away bloody. She cursed and straightened up just in time to take a full kick to her own young cunt. This one wasn't blocked by a thigh. The dirty instep of June's foot smashed Yen's cunt lips and caused the young girl to scream and grab herself.

Yen's hands went to her cunt and she bent forward propped against the wall by her firm ass. June stepped in and fired hard rights and lefts to the girl's face, marking it up. Yen covered her face with crossed arms and lunged forward ramming into June, surprising her. The blonde fell down with the Viet on top of her. Yen sank her thin fingers into the tit meat, driving her thumbnails straight into the aureole below the nipple then gouging. June's legs kicked and she screamed wildly clawing at the hands. Yen snarled and kept gouging and clawing. Blood covered her fingers within a minute and June ripped open the girl's flesh in return.

Yen fixated on tearing up the strippers tits and sat too straight on June's belly. The stripper's knee slammed into Yen's kidney repeatedly. The fifth time the girl cried and twisted around trying to block the knee forgetting about the bloody orbs swelling on June's chest. Relieved for a moment the bloody blonde snaked a hand into Yen's young cunt. The Viet girl screamed and rolled off the stripper rubbing her sex and holding her lower back. Both rolled to opposite walls and pulled up breathing hard and unable to straighten up fully. June sucked in air and the dirt turned muddy red at her feet. Both her nipples had been cracked and sliced. A steady drip of blood splattered on her dirty feet and rolled into the dirt.

Yen moved first, hunting June's swollen implants with her fists. The white woman moaned as the hard young fists sank into her tit meat, almost making blood squirt from her ravaged nipples. June fought back making Yen's nose bleed and both cheeks puffy. A crashing blow to the jaw drove the Viet teen back several steps. June charged trying to end it with another of her super round kicks. Yen ducked under the sweep of the heel, took the thigh on her side and drove a wicked straight right into June's gaping cunt. The blonde hit the ground as much from shock as behind caught off balance.

Yen held the leg that had thudded against her on one hip. I knew what would happen and so did June, who twisted frantically trying to cover her cunt. Yen's tiny foot stomped down hard crushing cunt lips and June's large clit. The white woman screamed, grabbed the foot and twisted hard. Yen screamed and fell to the side, scrambling away, but June didn't follow. She was crawling toward the wall, her tits bleeding badly and her cunt obviously robbing her of her leg strength.

Yen staggered, hurt and exhausted. She walked toward June as the whites yelled for June to stand up. June pushed up, her hands supporting her as she straightened her legs, her ass high. Yen took three painful steps, her shin causing her a great deal of pain, and stunned everyone, including June by executing one of those pro-wrestling flying jump kicks that no one in their right mind would do in a real fight. She didn't get any height, but her feet hit June's ass. Yen fell hard, proving why you should never, well almost never, execute such a fool maneuver. As Yen gasped on her back and bruised ass, June stumbled forward falling across the chalk line ending the round for the downed Viet girl.

Only the youngest Viet girl, Ha, was still fresh enough to enthusiastically ram her abrasive sandpaper covered strap on dildo to June Macon's asshole. The bubble breasts covered with scratches and bruises rolled on June's chest. Ha had the stripper's dirty feet on her shoulders and her pelvis thrusting like a machine driving the huge dildo in and out of the tight hole. I moved to get a great view. Jane cried out with each thrust and then moaned in a mixture of agony, pleasure and relief as the monster pulled back out, the anus drawing outward trying to suck the thing tight. Ha had a real brutal style, sweat rolling off her as she pounded away. Slowly the other three battered Asians crawled to June and began to work on her thick pink nipples, first with their fingers, then their swollen lips and finally with brutal nipple clamps dug into to the swollen base. The stripper blonde wailed in agony as she was brutally fucked on the dirty, wet mattress by the young teen. As before the sounds of battle drew me away.

Yen and Jane had been fist fighting and kicking each other for a few minutes. Both were bloody, but the blood seemed to be from clawing rather than impacts. Then I saw the techniques being used. Yen missed a right hand toward Jane's smallish left breast. Jane's left fist flew over the Viet's right forearm and crushed the tiny 33A nipple to the bone. But before she pulled back her hand, she opened it and ripped down across the already red and blue yellow brown tit. Her broken nails catching the dark brown nipple just right dragging it down before it snapped back weeping blood from a second or third gash. Yen cursed savagely in her Viet language then in Aussie. Her left fist hit Jane on the right cheek, opened and then ripped at the swollen cheek with broken nails. Jane replied with a right straight to Yen's mouth, driving her back several steps.

Yen shook her head, screeched and charged forward, but a bare foot caught the teen Catholic girl's school right on her smooth tight lipped cunt. Yen gasped and slashed out grabbing the foot. Jane jerked frantically, but the slender Viet girl stepped forward pulling the leg up in the classic schoolyard maneuver. Jane squealed and hopped on one foot, trying to reach the sneering Yen with her claws. The Viet girl forced the white girl to bounce backwards toward the chalk line hoping again to get a white fighter across the line before she had been broken in the fight. Jane heard her sister Mary warn her about the line. I thought it was all over, but these bitches kept surprising me.

Jane stopped trying to keep her balance. On the next hop she simply sat down with a thud, her hands braced in the dirt. Yen still had her right foot by the ankle. She had the perfect chance to get in a cunt stomp, but her mind had been on winning the fight by bouncing the blonde across the line. Jane's left foot shot out. Her foot hit Yen on her right knee just as it straightened. Everyman watching the fight gasped because we could all imagine the knee bending in reverse and the girl being crippled. Instead the foot slipped before the knee dislocated. Yen fell in a twist, her belly actually riding the trapped right foot in a slow motion monkey flip. She went over the blonde's head and landed face first on her family's side of the chalk line.

I looked to Bazza for a ruling and he looked to me. Neither of us had a copy of the International Rules of Brutal Alley Rape Fighting - Condensed Version - First or Second Edition in our pockets. While we stood by uselessly, Jane solved the problem. She grabbed Yen's ankles without stepping over the line and dragged the still stunned Viet girl face down back into the arena. Once there, the white girl held the Viet's dirty feet on her hips bending the downed girl backwards. Yen's hands clawed at the dirt as she awakened from the face plant. Jane had no intention of dragging the girl over the goal line without putting a hurt on her. Yen seemed to think her fingers in the dirt had stopped Jane's progress. She learned differently when the blonde's right foot started repeatedly kicking Yen's dirt covered cunt from behind and above. Mary hopped up and down yelling for cunt blood and Jane delivered, switching to jamming her big toe in and out of Yen's cunt then stepping down from above while pulling up on the screaming girl's legs.

The Viet strategy of winning the rounds quickly had not been adopted by the white bitches. They seemed happy to let their own suffer a brutal fucking on the stained mattress while they beat their opponent far beyond what was needed to win the round. As I thought back to my days in foster care I realized the white bitches probably enjoyed listening to the screams of their relatives. Paradoxically the white trash meth-cookers had the right kind of "Family Values" for this type of match-up.

Yen screamed non-stop for a minute then she began begging promising to lick Jane's cunt and asshole. Jane responded by worming more toes into the swelling now bleeding cunt. Yen howled so loud that half of us turned to the alley entrance fearing discovery. Then she passed out. I looked back at the point of entry. Jane had worked her toes into the cunt like she was trying on a tight pair of pumps on two-for-one sale day. Her heel was off the ground as she arched her foot and drove the toes all the way to the ball of the foot into the cunt. She was literally trying to crush the front and inside of Yen's cunt to the ground. She screwed her foot around, drew it back, bloody toes, stepped in the dirt getting them muddy and stuck it back in. Mary celebrated and yelled for Yen's ass to be dragged across the line. Jane obliged.

Mary went to work on Yen going straight for the ass with a handheld. Her mother April had recovered enough that she slide in and used the sobbing teen's face as a vibrator, jerking and rubbing the face across the white cunt with no mercy. Mother and daughter worked on the Viet girl as Jenny and June saw to Jane's abused body. The older women were all moving slowly; their wounds growing worse not better as they sat out the fight. Blood had dried and caked as either dirt or scabbing started. I checked out the Viet side and they seemed slightly worse for wear and concerned to be one down in the fight.

It looked bad for little Ha. She was unmarked, but she had been fucking like a demented rabbit since the very beginning of the fight. She was slicked with her own sweat and the blood, sweat and cunt juice of the three white women she had abused. Now she faced a tough, taller and older girl, but for once her hair was short and the blonde's hair was long. If Jane won this then old Khan Le would be up next. The old woman had taken a terrible beating from the white matriarch even though she won and then the tough fist fighter April had crushed her. I thought she looked in worse shape than anyone, even old Jenny.

Ha bounced on her toes, ready to fight. Jane watched her carefully. Suddenly Ha sprang forward, not fist first but with a perfectly executed push kick. Her foot crushed Jane's 34B right breast flat and propelled the flat-footed blonde backwards. Jane got her balance just in time for a savage front kick to her pussy. Jane fell on her ass and brought up her hands to guard her face. Ha shouted like a martial artist and whipped a kick around the guard into the side of the blonde's head. Luckily, Jane's forearm blocked part of the impact. The blonde fell on her side having not delivered a punch yet. Ha got in a stomp to the ribs. Nothing broke, but Jane squirmed. The squirming saved her from another rib stomp. Ha kicked the blonde in the back and moved to kick her in the head, but Jane twisted on her ass, ignoring her pain and drove to wild feet out straight, taking Ha's ankles out from under her. The Viet girl fell across the blonde's thighs, face bouncing off the dirt.

Jane grabbed for the short black hair and pushed the girl's face back in the dirt. The blonde pressed down as she dragged her legs out from under the squirming Viet girl. Jane kept her left hand pressing down on the back of Ha's head and reached for her round tight ass with her right. Ha screamed as the dirty blonde penetrated her pussy from behind. Ha seemed to go limp, but her two hands snapped like snake heads and grabbed Jane's left wrist as she reposition herself to her knees in order to get deeper in Ha's cunt. Jane's left hand slipped away ripping out a handful of black hair. Jane lost her balance and fell across Ha's back.

Ha twisted around as Jane squirmed to straddle. The blonde got the straddle, but the shorter Viet girl got two handfuls of blonde hair. Ha bucked hard with her hips and pulled down on the hair, her biceps flexing impressively. Jane found herself lying tits first on Ha's face. The blonde pushed up with her hands, but then started screaming. She jerked and rolled. Ha rolled on top her mouth fastened to Jane's right tit. Jane screamed and ripped at the short hair, pulling Ha's face back just enough for me to see her teeth were around Jane's pink aureole threatening to make the breast with nipple free. The blonde howled as Ha growled and shook her head back and forth trying to rip off the nipple. The blonde seemed to stiffen her resolve, bite her lips and worked her thumbs around the side of Ha's face.

Both women screamed in agony almost simultaneously. Jane's dirty thumb dug into the outside corner of Ha's almond eyes. Ha let go of the bite and rolled off rubbing her eyes furiously. Jane squealed and grabbed her tit. She still had her nipple but her tit looked to be squirting blood from an oval around her aureole. She had been bitten open. The thumbs in the eye might have just saved her nipple.

Jane sat up, still holding her tit. Ha was on her knees rubbing her eyes. The blonde's sister had left Yen to the older women and stood on the line yelling for Jane to get back in the fight. The blonde cursed at her sister, but stood up, one hand still cupping her nipple, blood trails turning muddy as they dribbled down the dirty belly. Ha kept her left eye closed and shouted some kind of war cry. She sprang from her knees and flew into Jane, tackling her before the blonde could get set. They hit the ground hard and rolled, Ha's fists hitting the blonde on the back of the head as they rolled over and over. Mary shouted a warning but too late. The young Viet had adopted her sister's clever strategy of playing the chalk lines. Jane rolled over the line still fully in the fight, especially with Ha's closed left eye.

Yen could barely move after the men dropped her on the Viet's rest mattress. Jane squealed in complete agony as nipple clamps bit into the torn flesh around her aureole. I wondered if applying the clamps like that might be a violation, then I remembered the lack of a rule book and decided to see if the youngest white could stand up to the youngest Viet's martial skills. I had seen enough fucking to last me a day and almost enough fighting.

The dyed blonde half-Latina circled the wounded Viet girl carefully watching for a sudden flicking foot. I noticed she kept moving toward Ha's now weeping through swollen eyelid left eye. Ha had to keep her right eye turned toward the brown-skinned challenger. Finally Mary circled so her back was to the Viet's chalk line. The blonde had repeated the mistake of the last two bitches to lose by maneuver rather than beating. Ha shouted and charged her right foot out going for a chest high thrust kick. I could almost see Mary flying backwards.

Instead, Mary outfoxed her enemy as well as me and ducked under the kick and charged into Ha's leg split. She hit shoulder to the cunt and lifted the Viet girl off her left foot. Ha got carried backwards as Mary hugged her left leg carrying the Viet girl toward the white's chalk line. Ha twisted and overbalanced the blonde. It saved her being carried across the line but cost her a savage head first body slam to the dirt. Mary ended up on her knees with Ha's right foot still on her shoulder.

Ha tried to cup her cunt before the first blow hit, but Mary had already buried four fingers in the slit. You could see the muscles in the back of her hand as she clawed the inside of the youngest Asian cunt. Ha struggled, but Mary had her right knee on the inside of Ha's left thigh, nailing the limb to the dirt. Ha ripped at the short blonde hair and clawed at Mary's body, trying to distract her with breast and tit work, but the young blonde Latina/Anglo seemed mindlessly focused on the Viet girl's cunt. Ha screamed and struck, but her very professional punches thudded into Mary's left side while her right hand did its dead level best to scoop Ha's cunt out onto the dirt. Ha had to stop striking and grabbed for the almost cunt buried hand's wrist. It was a bad angle, but the Viet girl had surprising strength. She finally managed to wrench the hand out of her bloody cunt. Mary's hand was bright read and made a sucking sound as it left the tight cunt.

As Ha held the right hand, white fingers dripping blood an inch from her cunt, Mary happily smashed her left fist down on the mound and clit. Ha moaned and again tried to shift her legs, but the blonde had her legs wide open and split. Ha's moans turned to screams as Mary screwed her left thumbnail into the swollen clit bud barely protruding between the now bloody upper lips. Ha started screaming for help, then mercy, then she begged and Mary grinned. Ha let go of the right to grab the left. Mary drove her right hand back into the slit, four stiff fingers making the sound of someone popping a water balloon. Ha screamed, but instead of grabbing the right hand she twisted the left threatening to break Mary's wrist.

The Latina cried out and yelped as suddenly her body twisted to save her wrist. She lost her knee pin to the thigh and then Ha's right leg slide off the shoulder. The Viet girl rolled over and tried to press up, but her legs refused to work. She ended on all fours. Her slit practically bubbled blood. She had been righteously cunted. Mary however had no trouble standing. Her right foot smashed the exposed bloody cunt from behind. Ha moaned and rolled over. Mary kicked her in the face. The Viet rolled again and scored a self-goal by escaping across the white's chalk line.

Mary shouted and pumped her bloody fist. The men dragged Jane back to the white's rest area and the older women, minus the matriarch fell on the bloody teen like vultures. Old Khan Le staggered to her line ready to fight. I didn't give the old warrior much chance against the basically untouched young Latina bitch. Mary promised the old woman the beating of her life. I doubted the old warrior had another fight in her, especially against the brutal relatively unmarked young teen.

But, before the fight could start Jenny Macon snarled, "I want that old gook whore. Hey bitch, my granddaughter gives as long as she doesn't get raped and we give back your granddaughter. I want another chance at you bitch."

I looked at Bazza. He turned to his boys, paying customers. They all nodded avidly. Everyone wanted to see the two old bitches gut each other. The first fight had been so violent and even they were happy to "adjust" the rules, such as they were. Ha was carried to the rest area, must to the disappointment of the two blonde mothers. Ha looked pale. She dripped blood the whole way and showed no more signs of recovery from her cunting as her older sister. It might be up to Khan Le to win this thing. I saw no way she would get past April even if she got past Jenny.

The two sixty plus year olds had come into the fight looking worn out. After the mutual beatings they had given each other and the pounding Khan Le had taken from April, both looked like car wreck survivors, not fighters. They moved in slow motion each one cursing the other between swollen lips. They had started the fight nasty old bitches and now they hated each other fully and completely. I felt that cat fever tingle and looked at Bazza. He smiled. Sometimes women fight for money, sometimes for sex, sometimes because they got talked into it, but you can tell when two women truly hate each other and are willing to suffer just to hurt the other.

Khan Le lunged first, her boney fingers reaching for Jenny Macon's scabbed over, black and blue tits. Jenny punched. Her right fist reopened Khan Le's nose and snapped her head back just as the old Viet warrior's dirty broken nails cut four new furrows in Jenny's 34Bs. Khan Le staggered and Jenny grabbed her tits reflexively. The Viet grandma recovered first and delivered a slow kick to Jenny's swollen cunt lips. The white woman would have blocked it with ease, but her reaction time had slowed. The dirty foot smashed the fat cunt and Jenny doubled over moaning. Khan Le grabbed her blonde hair and tried to ram her into the wall. She could have adopted her granddaughters' strategy and gone for the quick win, but she wanted to destroy the white bitch. Jenny staggered into the wall, but not at full speed.

Khan Le tried to use the short blonde hair to smash Jenny's face into the wall, but Jenny jammed her butt backwards getting some space. She elbowed the Viet in the black and blue belly and twisted around leaving brittle dyed hair in Khan Le's boney fists. Khan Le drove a knee upward but only got Jenny's hip helping her turn faster. The blonde's ass bounced off the brick wall and she slammed a low right into the dark brown bruise covering Khan Le's stretch-marked puffy lower belly. Khan Le moaned and fell against the white woman clawing. Jenny responded in kind or just as un-kindly.

Jenny's tits got carved up, but her claws found Khan Le's ass cheeks again. She clawed and spread them threatening Khan Le's blood stained asshole. The Viet fighter went up on her toes trying to escape. Jenny twisted around, her teeth in Khan Le's neck with her index finger a hair away from the puckered dark brown asshole. Khan Le's hands had to claw Jenny's ruined face to save her jugular. The blonde buried her face against Khan Le's shoulder, sacrificing her bloody cheeks to save her eyes. Khan Le moaned as the broken, dirty nail of Jenny's index finger ripped at the already bleeding anus hooking the two thirds of the finger inside.

Khan Le cursed as she was ass raped, twisted her face around and bite into Jenny's right ear. The blonde staggered under the weight she was holding up. She threw Khan Le back against the wall and staggered back holding her ear. When she took the hand away she was missing a notch out of the top of the ear. Khan Le grinned and spit it in her hand and then tossed it at the blonde's dirty feet. Jenny growled like an animal, but she didn't leap into the old cat.

The two old bitches staggered around slowly closing again. Both bellies heaved. Both staggered, covered in wounds and sweat. All four of Jenny's girls were screaming for her while only Xuan Tran was screaming for her mother. Ha and Yen had not stood and their mother Tien hovered over them very worried as they stained the mattress with blood. Jenny taunted Khan Lee.

"Looks like no more babies will be coming from those whore's cunts. My girls scooped them out saving the world one gook bastard at a time." The Nazi tattooed meth cooker was a slimly piece of work, but I had known that when I fucked her when we were kids.

Khan Le lunged forward with a right hook. Jenny tried to block it but it got her left eye and almost put her down. She staggered, but the force of the blow caused Khan Le to stagger by without a follow-up. Jenny twisted as Khan Le staggered past and kicked her in the back of the knee. Khan Le fell forward on her hands and knees breathing hard. Jenny took two steps and kicked up into Khan Le's heaving belly. Khan Le gasped and tried to grab the foot. She missed. Jenny drew back and this time stomp kicked Khan Le in the ribs sending the old warrior rolling onto her back moaning.

Jenny staggered and raised her foot. Khan Le shouted and threw a handful of dirt. I had seen her do the same thing back in Saigon, but she had scooped up broken glass and blinded her opponent at the cost of slicing up her palm. Jenny took it full in the face and sputtered, wiping her eyes and standing on wobbling legs. Khan Le twisted on her ass and drove two boney heels up. The left one sank into to Jenny's heaving lower belly and the right one crushed her meaty clit. The blonde staggered backwards and fell on her ass holding her cunt.

Khan Le crawled on her hands and knees toward the blonde. Jenny snarled an unrecognized curse and shoveled a fistful of dirt at Khan Le. Khan Le dipped her head and the dirt scattered over her back. Jenny rolled to her knees as Khan Le came back up. The blonde's right fist hit the Viet woman on her swollen nose just as her head came up. I heard a crack this time for sure and Khan Le sat back on her heels, blood pouring out of both nostrils. She blinked her eyes stupidly for a couple of moments, long enough for the exhausted blonde to load up another punch. The blow landed from the right on the chin. Khan Le's head snapped around and she wobbled on her heels, hands slowly rising to defend herself.

Jenny snarled and reached out digging her nails into the dark brown swollen nipples and ripping downward. Khan Le screamed and pitched forward, her claws going for Jenny's eyes again. The blonde ducked her head and ended up with her forehead under Khan Le's chin. The blonde's left moved forward slowly at knee level and slipped between Khan Le's thighs to find her bloody pussy. Khan Le beat on Jenny's back a few times, but then she reached under Jenny's scrunched

Over shoulders and fastened on her bloody nipples, literally milking the old cow until she gave blood. Jenny endured the nipple pain and tried to rip out her enemy's cunt.

They were too tired for finesse or brilliant moves. They were two old battleships with their engines dead locked together at point-blank range pounding away while they both sank. Khan Le's screams grew louder and she shifted her chin freeing Jenny's head. The blonde's bloody face slipped over Khan Le's shoulder. Her eyes had the thousand-mile stare in them I recognized from my war days. Khan Le methodically tore at the bloody pink nipples while Jenny ripped at the Viet's cunt. The battle of attrition continued on and on, both women growing closer and closer to passing out. The dirt between them turned to red mud. Khan Le whimpered and pushed Jenny backwards. The blonde did not have the energy to resist.

Both women sat back on the heels close enough to wound each other but too tired. Jenny's tits were bloody orbs but she still had her nipples. I wasn't so sure about Khan Le's clit. The leathery, thick clit bud looked torn. Something bloody and wet hung lose from Khan Le's upper lips. It was the clit hood, the clit or a slice of her tight cunt lips. The blood was so red and thick and the area so swollen and damaged I could not tell. Khan Le whimpered. Xuan Tran yelled for her to fight on. The blonde team screamed for their exhausted matriarch to fight. Xuan Tran looked on worried while her sister jabbered wildly in Vietnamese. Neither of the Asian teens had recovered enough to sit up and both were still bleeding from their sex. Xuan Tran yelled back at her sister. They argued brutally, but then the dyke nodded her head slowly.

Jenny moved forward slightly and drove her forearm into Khan Le's bloody mouth. Khan Le bent backwards but did not go over on her back. Amazing, Khan Le sank her bloody teeth into the forearm and reached for Jenny's ruined tits again. Jenny moaned as her forearm was chewed, but rather than jerk it away, she made a fist and brought it down like a hammer on Khan Le's broken nose. Khan Le made a funny sound and bloody bubbled out of her nose. Jenny cried out and jerked her forearm away. It had been gashed open. Khan Le wobbled on her heels blinking. I could swear I could see her eyes swelling shut and her nose looked to be spread across her face.

Jenny sat back gasping. Khan Le raised her arms like she was reaching for the blonde's unrecognizable tits. Jenny snarled and brought her right fist down again. The hammer blow glanced off the side of Khan Le's head, hurting Jenny's hand. The blonde held her hand and moaned. Khan Lee slowly fell to one side. She put down a hand to brace her body and incredibly reached for Jenny's cunt with the other hand. Jenny screamed. She started to hit with her right fist, but stopped. She rose up on her knees, Khan Lee ripping at her cunt, and bought down her elbow on Khan Lee's left cheek, just missing the nose. Again I heard something crack. Khan Lee fell onto her side, her swollen cheek split open and her eye seemingly pointed in the wrong direction. I later found out that Khan Le's orbital socket had cracked. At the time it looked like Jenny had knocked the Asian's eye out of her head.

Khan Le laid on her side, her belly heaving, her toes and fingers curled up. I saw no way the blonde could drag Khan Le across the chalk line. She didn't even try. She alternated between driving her left into the front of Khan Le's face and then the right elbow down on the side of the face and head. The blonde pounded and pounded. I realized she had no intention of stopping. Jenny mounted Khan Le's side and punched and elbowed some more even thought the Viet matriarch only jerked from the impacts. Mary yelled for her grandmother to spill Khan Le's brains in the dirt. I thought she just might do it.

Then suddenly, Xuan Tran yelled, "We quit, stop the beating. We agree to all terms but the girls and my mother have to go to hospital first."

Bazza looked at me. I nodded because I couldn't enjoy anymore sex and violence, at least not before a good dinner and a few drinks. He looked at his camera men and they all nodded. Bazza pointed to his assistants and they dragged Jenny off. The old woman stood long enough to have her bloody hands raised then she passed out.

Everyone got a trip to a hospital, well actually a vet. He stitched folks up and examined them for immediate dangers. Once cleaned and dressed the girls and their grandmother went to a more legit hospital where Bazza had a friend on staff to keep things quiet. I decided to pay Jenny and her bitches off right there and then and trust to Bazza to send over the slavery contributions when they were raised. What can I say; I'm a generous kind-hearted and trusting man. He paid off just as expected and has started wondering if the Macon's might like to meet up with some aboriginals he's courting for Bitches in the Alley Two. Oh yeah, he's gone Hollywood now and make a fortune selling Bitches in the Alley One.

Amazingly, Khan Le recovered as did her granddaughters. She's even up for a new fight. When she finally dies I suggest they put a stake in her heart and cut off her head just to make sure. She's want touch old bitch! I understand Jenny's meth lab is up and running again and the money is rolling in. I go home every night to my trophy wife and perfect new kids and play the role I've played most of my life. The world goes on.