Road to Mayhem Manilla  by Mr Cage

WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

Do not read this if you are underage or disturbed by such extreme fantasy themes.


Thomas Williams was small in stature, but he considered himself a fighter. He had, despite the odds, made a small fortune early in life, married a beauty, had three beautiful daughters and was thought to have a perfect life. However, his wife and children treated him like wallet and little more.

As each girl entered her teens she found new ways to get in trouble. In a single year he paid for an abortion for each of the three girls and had to put them in a total of seven different private schools. His wife did him a favor by crashing into a truck with her lover by her side and saved him the cost of her incessant spending or the divorce she constantly threatened.

So at forty five he had three rebellious, spoiled children: Doreen at 20, Phoebe at 19, and Linda at 18. He had a few contacts in the Far East. Further he and they shared a secret hobby, one exercised behind closed doors in various Far Eastern sexual hothouses. He brought the girls home for summer and announced they were flying around the world.

First stop was Manilla. The girls weren't too happy; they wanted to see Europe and shop. They were even less happy after arrival when he announced that he was giving them a choice: disinherited and cutoff without a single cent in the Philippines or earn their inheritances early, in fact, within a year or two. After that they would be emancipated and they could go to hell in style or they could grow up and become independent young women.

The girls whined and complained, but there was no one too call and no one to complain too. The oldest, Doreen, was the first to ask what they had to do.

He smiled and explained to their wide blue eyes, "Fight hungry, poor, desperate women in dirty fights designed to encourage cruelty and sadistic pleasure. They will be fighting for a few dollars and you will be fighting for millions of dollars. Win and all you will know is pain. Lose and you will know the degradation that poor, desperate women experience daily. If you fight twelve fights, win or lose, you will find twelve million waiting in your bank accounts. For each fight you win you will be given an extra million at the end of your trial.

Linda whined, "But we aren't fighters. We're shorter than everyone and that's your fault."

He laughed and said, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, girl. It's the size of the fight in the dog. Or in this case I should say cat. Besides, you will find you are probably just as big and strong as your competition. And, you will be fighting girls with similar fighting backgrounds, increasing in experience as you do. It's all arranged. I'm giving you a choice. Choose to fight and if you live you'll be rich and free of me if you want. Choose not to fight and you'll be poor and stranded and free of me whether you like it or not. Either way, I'll wager if you survive you will have learned a valuable lesson. So what's it going to be?"

Well it wasn't going to be that easy. It took eight hours for the crying, pleading, threatening and sulking to end. Finally all three chose the route to the money and swore they would get even with him when they got back to civilization.

Thomas laughed and said, "Well I'll take that for a yes. Good. Get your rest; you fight tomorrow in the infamous Blue Navy Club, a left over from the days when sailors were the prime source of income for Manilla whores.

The girls were led into the club through a backdoor in a dirty alley. Once inside they could hear loud male cheering and the occasional female scream. Thomas stayed with them.

A man walked in and handed them three paper bags with their fight clothes in them. The girls changed in the small room lit by a bare bulb and cooled by a tiny window fan to about eighty degrees in the nighttime Manilla heat. Thomas stood with his face to the door as they slipped into the tissue thin white thongs and half t-shirts. The t-shirt barely covered the bottom swell of their firm young breasts and was cut low to show whatever cleavage they possessed. Hair was to be kept loose, rings and jewelry removed, feet bare. Another man came in and checked their outfits, then measured and weighed them.

A man came and mumbled in broken English, "Time for the oldest one."

Thomas said, "Doreen, time to make a million."

As they walked down a small dank hallway Thomas said, "These fights are essentially no rules anything goes. You can give up anytime you want, but that only gives you a break in the fight for a minute. You pay for the break by being held in place for an escalating period of time while the other girl gets to maul your breasts and crotch. The first time you give she gets thirty seconds and the next time it goes up to a minute and so on and so on. The first part of the fight goes fifteen minutes, not counting breaks and punishments, no matter what. Give up enough and she'll tear your tits off. After that it goes on with no breaks until one of you is stripped naked, bleeding from the face, the tits and the crotch and unable to keep the winner from jamming hand held dildos into your cunt, ass and mouth. That usually means a knockout. If you lose the winner and her sponsor get you in the center of the ring for thirty minutes. After that you're cleaned up and spend a day turning tricks for the winner and her sponsor. Then I get you back."

"Oh my god!" wailed Doreen.

Thomas replied, "Yeah, so don't lose."

Doreen pleaded the whole way down the hallway, but Thomas explained the fights were set and he was no longer free to walk away. She would fight whether she wanted to or not and if she lost she would fuck as many men and women as lined up outside her kennel. Doreen cried.

Thomas warned, "Let her see you're scared and you'll give her an advantage. Remember, she's never been in this kind of fight before. She's scared too. But she's fighting for twenty dollars and whatever you earn in the kennel just to feed her family. Show her no mercy, use those long manicured nails of yours on her face and tits. Get her down and go for her cunt. Make her bleed. Make her beg for a break and then maul her until she can't see straight. If you don't do it to her she'll do it to you.

The door opened and suddenly they were in the middle of a brightly lit ten foot square. The boundary around the once white padded floor included three glass walls about four feet high with a pad along the top. Outside the walls were crowded dozens if not more than a hundred hungry sweaty faces laughing and betting.

Inside the arena waited a large muscular man with a white mask and black jock sock. He was brown and glistening. His hair looked wet. For that matter the pad and glass were wet too. Doreen looked around and saw a pressure hose wound around a wheel about six feet off the floor on the one solid wall that she had emerged from.

Thomas said, "Go to the far side and wait. Your challenger comes out next. I'll be watching from outside. Good luck and remember, fight dirty and merciless. She'll be trying to tear you apart for food to feed her family."

Thomas disappeared. Doreen walked into the arena. The big man motioned to a corner and she stood there arms crossed across her breasts. The shirt was so thin her pink nipples stuck out and she had already sweated through showing her tidy landing strip bush, her mound and both nipples. She shook all over as the muffled taunts and cheers from the crowd pressing against the glass were heard.

Doreen stood there in her bare feet only 5'1'' and 120 pounds, soft with a round belly, big ass and thighs and large round breasts. She wished she had worked out now. Her body was still young and firm, but she was heavier than she wanted to be especially when on display like this. Her lush figure was 34D 28 38. Her long blonde hair laid down already stuck to her sweaty shoulders.

The door opened. Doreen heard and announcer say something in what sounded like Spanish, then Japanese, then Chinese, then four other languages and finally in English.

"Doreen from the U.S.A. verses Maricel from the Philippines. Doreen is 20, stands 5'1'', weighs 120 pounds, and is taped in at 34D 28 38. Maricel is 18, stands 5'0'', weighs 105 pounds and is taped in at 33B 25 34. This is the first fight on the circuit for both girls."

The crowd roared. There was furious betting going on. Doreen heard somebody call her a pig and that made her angry. Then someone else said the pig would crush the little cunt. Some of the comments were in languages that Doreen had never heard.

The referee held up his hands, made a motion to a table that had been sit up on the ledge above the door on what looked to be eight feet above the floor. The room must be sat up like an arena with different levels. But all Doreen could see were the faces pushed against the glass and the nearly empty ledge where the time keeper obviously sat.

Maricel was dressed identically to Doreen. The girl's breasts might be small, but she had enormous nipples that jutted straight out through the tissue thin white t-shirt. Curls of dark black hair escaped around the edge of her thong, but her bush was thin and wispy.

He rang a bell. The referee stood back and yelled in two languages "Fight!" while motioning with his hands for them to come forward.

Maricel yelled, "I kill you cunt!" Then she ran forward screaming in her own language, but Doreen caught the meaning in full.

Doreen dodged to the side. Maricel cursed and snatched for the blonde's hair. Doreen jumped backwards trying to escape the charging brown fury. The crowd roared its disapproval of the white girl's cowardice. Maricel charged again. Doreen dodged, but hit the wall with her left shoulder.

Maricel screamed and leaped on the blonde as she tried to move away from the wall. The brown fury thudded into the heavier American girl and pushed her back against the glass. Maricel grabbed to handfuls of blonde hair and banged Doreen's head against the glass.

Doreen screamed and was forced to fight back. She brought her hands up, dug her long red painted nails into the Filipina's round, not unattractive brown face. Doreen ripped eight furrows down the side of Maricel's face while gouging her thumbs under the girl's jaw.

Maricel screamed in agony and twisted away. Doreen grabbed the girl's shorter black hair and jerked her backwards and then tried to throw her down. Maricel's calloused rather broad feet slapped the mat, but she kept her balance.

The referee yelled in two languages, "First blood to Doreen, face blood!"

 The crowd roared as bets were settled and more bets were made on second blood and its location. Maricel's round ass hit the glass wall and she finally got her feet under her. Doreen jerked down on the hair, not knowing what else to do and started to throw knees up into the brown girl's face.

Betting started to go to the American. She had been scared into fighting back, but she was turning out to be a nasty scrapper, just like everyone had hoped.

Maricel took three badly thrown knees to the face and was hurt even though the American was no expert. The Filipina pushed forward, grabbing the knee and drove into the heavier girl. Doreen was off balance and after two skips backward she found herself falling backwards with the brown demon pushing forward.

Doreen hit hard with Maricel's head in her belly. The Filipina scrambled to get on top, but Doreen snapped her thighs shut on the brown girl's hips and held her in place. Maricel thrust forward with her toes digging into the mat and her hands reaching up for Doreen's face.

Doreen fended off the Filipina's dull fingernails and then grabbed the bitch's black hair. Maricel cursed as her hair was jerked again. She let her hands fall to the tissue thin t-shirt. She wadded up the cloth and jerked down ripping the thin shoulder straps and then splitting the front open. Doreen gasped as her pink nipples and broad based round breasts were suddenly exposed. The crowd roared.

Maricel did her best to get her teeth into those white orbs, but Doreen screamed and kept jerking back on the black hair. Maricel's forehead was stretched back as her entire scalp threatened to be pulled back. Her hair was short, but thick and deeply rooted. She moaned.

Maricel gave up on biting the fat breasts, but she had two free hands. Even as her head was forced up and bent to the side she clamped her relatively big farm girl hands around the American's fat white tits. Doreen squealed, first in shock and then in pain.

Maricel's strong brown fingers sank into the tits, disappearing into the white orbs. Maricel twisted the basketball like mounds in opposite directions and then tried to rip them off Doreen's chest.

Doreen screamed, "Stop."

The referee moved in and asked, "Do you want break?"

Doreen yelled, "Break!"

The referee yelled at Maricel to stop. When she didn't he called for something. A stick flew into the arena from the timekeeper's table. It had a leather loop around its grip. He picked it up and stuck the pointed metal tip to the small of Maricel's back.

The Filipina screamed. Her hands dropped away from Doreen's now well kneaded breasts and grabbed her back. Doreen's legs opened and the Filipina rolled off holding the small of her back and moaning.

Doreen cupped her breasts and realized that they had used a cattle prod on Maricel for refusing to break the hold. Doreen almost smiled, but suddenly the referee tossed the prod away and grabbed Doreen's wrists. He pulled her up straight, twisted her arms behind her back and held her while he shouted at Maricel.

The timekeeper began a count and the crowd joined in. Maricel got to her feet at ten and stumbled forward to grab Doreen's exposed nipples at fifteen. Doreen screamed wildly as her nipples were crushed, twisted and pulled. It only lasted fifteen seconds, but when it was done her pink nipples were bright red and swollen twice their normal size. They felt like twin fires.

This time Maricel quickly broke and retreated to the side of the glass cage. The referee pushed Doreen to the opposite side and another count began. Doreen's pain stunned brain reminded her that she had a minute to prepare.

She was drenched in sweat and her stomach was twisted with pain sickness and adrenalin. How long had they been fighting. It seemed like forever. She looked up at the timekeeper's table and saw three clocks. One looked like a stop watch with thirty second intervals marked. One was the break clock with a minute marked. The other was the match time and it showed no more than three minutes had passed. God, she felt exhausted.

The break clock ticked down, the referee picked up the prod and tossed it to the timekeeper and then he yelled, "Fight!"

Maricel rushed forward again. Doreen dodged again. The Filipina screamed in fury and snatched at the blonde's wet hair missing. Doreen swung an open hand defensively and ended up slapping the Filipina hard across the mouth. Maricel moaned and staggered to the side holding her mouth.

Doreen looked at her hand, made a fist and punched the shocked girl square on the nose. Maricel's head snapped back and she leaned against the glass holding her nose. Doreen yelled and kicked up hard.

Doreen's several years of soccer training before she became too small to play on her high school team came in handy. Her foot smacked up hard between Maricel's spread brown thighs. The resounding thud jarred both of them. Maricel squealed grabbed herself and fell to her knees. Doreen started forward but Maricel screamed something.

The referee pushed in between them and yelled, "Break."

Doreen stopped. The referee grabbed Maricel by the arms and jerked her up. Then he twisted her arms behind her back and shouted, "Go."

Doreen looked and saw the thirty second clock start ticking and the crowd started counting. She rushed forward and at the last moment heard her father's voice yelling for her to cunt that little whore.

Doreen grabbed the white thong and ripped it away to the cheers of the crowd. Maricel squirmed and started to kick, but the referee shook her and lifted her off her feet.

Doreen saw the thin, but long black bush exposed and the thick drooping cunt lips. The white girl stiffened her index finger and drove it into Maricel's exposed cunt. Maricel screamed and arched her back. Doreen jammed her finger in and out. Then she pushed in three more and hooked her nails into the sides of Maricel's cunt. The Filipina screamed in agony and the crowd roared its approval. The count was close to thirty, so Doreen used her left hand to pull back the thick brown clitoral sleeve and dug her right thumb nail into the exposed pink clit beneath. Maricel howled and at the count of thirty was allowed to fall to her knees by the referee.

Doreen walked to a corner of the glass arena. The referee pulled up Maricel and put her in the other corner. He announced to the gamblers that Doreen had scored second blood and cunted the Filipina. A lot of money exchanged hands. Maricel's hands came away from her cunt with blood and she screamed in fury at Doreen. The referee stood in her way as the break clock counted down. Doreen saw that seven minutes of the fight had passed.

The fight started as usual. Maricel rushed and Doreen avoided. The Filipina missed three times and then started stalking. Doreen was breathing heavily, but so was her opponent. The stalking took a full minute off the clock and the crowd began to call for action.

Maricel grabbed with her right hand. Doreen avoided it and swung with her left fist. She smacked the Filipina in the right eye. Maricel turned away for a second and Doreen swung a wild round house right that caught the brown girl on the ear. Maricel grabbed her ear and doubled over.

Doreen grabbed the back of the Filipina's t-shirt and ripped it away, exposing the brown girl completely. The blonde thudded an axe handle blow into the middle of Maricel's back and the Filipina went to her knees.

Doreen grabbed Maricel's hair with her left hand and jerked the Filipina's head back. At the same time she drove her right knee into the brown girl's back. Maricel was arched backward. Doreen swung her right fist down like a club and smashed the Filipina across the face again and again.

Maricel didn't call for a break at first. She must have been too stunned. She finally waved her hands frantically and the referee took it as a call for a break. When he stood up the brown girl, her right eye was swelling shut, her lip was busted open and her already swollen nose was now bleeding readily from both nostrils.

This time Doreen didn't hesitate a moment. As soon as the Filipina was pulled up in place, the blonde went for her big black brown nipples. Maricel screamed in agony as the vicious American gouged her nipples with sharp red nails. It took a lot of work but before the sixty seconds were up the brown girl's tits were crisscrossed with deep bloody scratches and both nipples showed blood.

Eleven and a half minutes of the fifteen minute preliminary battle was over. Doreen almost smiled. She had that dirty little bitch bleeding everywhere she needed to bleed. Now all the blonde had to do was beat the bitch down and stuff her with the dildos to win it.

Maricel was a wreck. This time she didn't charge. Doreen stalked her. The Filipina avoided contact. Two minutes were eaten away. Doreen lunged forward finally. Maricel snapped her brown foot up and kicked the American in her round soft lower belly.

Doreen grunted and bent over. Maricel grabbed the blonde's hair and jerked her in a circle. Doreen flew hard into one of the glass corners. Maricel screamed and leapt onto the American's back as she tried to stand.

They went down in the corner. Maricel was all teeth and fists. She bit into Doreen's right shoulder and punched wildly with both fists into Doreen's kidneys. The blonde squealed and reared back.

Maricel was thrown on her ass. Doreen spun around and punched the Filipina in the already bloody nose. Maricel moaned and returned the favor. Doreen's head snapped back and she leaned forward hugging Maricel and bleeding on the brown girl's shoulder.

Maricel punched Doreen's belly again and again. The blonde spewed blood down Maricel's glistening back. Doreen finally grabbed Maricel's arms and wrestled her on to her back. The heavier American's big ass was up in the air as she crawled on top the skinny Filipina. Maricel again bit Doreen's shoulder. Doreen screamed and sank her teeth into the Filipina's shoulder. They scrabbled at each other for the final minute exchanging screams and bites.

At the end of the fifteen minutes the referee pulled them apart and stood them in opposite corners. Three identical handheld studded dildos were tossed into the ring. They were white, studded and about ten inches long with a bulbous head. The studs around the base of the head pointed back along the shaft so going in would be far less aggravating than going out.

Doreen's shoulder bled in four places and her right eye was swelling. Her nose stopped bleeding but it was larger than it should be and bright red. Her tits were red, but blood free and amazingly she still had on her tissue thin thong although it was now soaked and transparent.

Maricel's face was a mess. Her right eye was almost closed and her left eye was swollen. Blood dribbled from a split lip and a cut on her right eyebrow. Her tits were still oozing and her inner thighs were tinged with blood tinged sweat. She couldn't believe the fat American had given her such a beating.

Maricel moved forward slowly with her fists raised. The American circled with her fists up to. Both their bellies heaved as they sucked in air. Sweat poured off their body splashing red on the stained white padding. The glass walls had been smeared a bit too. The blonde's hair was matted on her shoulders and back. The Filipina's black hair was just as matted. Now it was to the finish.

Maricel feinted. Doreen swung her right fist missing. Maricel rushed behind the punch and grabbed the blonde's hair while driving a knee into Doreen's soft belly. Doreen groaned but stayed erect. She raked her left hand across the Filipina's face tearing open a mouse under Maricel's right eye. Maricel screamed as a rush of blood covered the right half of her face.

The Filipina jerked back on Doreen's long blonde hair exposing her neck to a bite. Doreen got her left hand under Maricel's chin and forced her head back. They staggered tit to tit around the ring. Doreen moaned as a wad of hair was ripped from her head. Maricel howled as the blonde's already bloody nails dug in below and around the Filipina's chin. Maricel's sharp knee found Doreen's cunt.

The blonde staggered, but came back with right punch to Maricel's left eye. Maricel drove her knee in again. The blonde groaned and dug her nails into Maricel's face going for the left eye. The Filipina screamed and pushed the American hard back into the glass wall.

Doreen's ass smacked the glass and she almost slid down the wall. She was hurt and tired. Maricel staggered in front of her rubbing at her left eye. Doreen stood straight and came off the wall aiming a kick for Maricel's already bloody cunt. Smack! The blonde's foot almost fucked the Filipina right then and there.

Maricel howled and grabbed herself falling to her knees. The American stood back and drove a side kick into the Filipina's mouth knocking her backwards. Maricel lay backwards sitting on her own heels, stretched out, doubled backwards and stunned. The crowd howled in pleasured.

Doreen staggered forward, aimed a stomp at the prominent dark mound in front of her. Her foot thudded hard on Maricel's pubic bone. Maricel flopped, but lay back with her feet and legs still trapped under her ass.

Doreen staggered around and found a dildo. She held it up and was energized by the cheering crowd. She dropped down beside Maricel, and tried to ram the thick headed thing straight into the bitch's bloody cunt, but Maricel's lips were swollen tight.

Doreen spat on the head of the dildo and then worked it in between Maricel's cunt lips. The Filipina howled as she was penetrated and straightened up in one motion. Doreen was shocked to be face to face with the girl she thought was finished. Doreen's hands were still pushing the bent dildo into the brown cunt.

Maricel howled like a fury and drove her right fist into Doreen's left eye. Her left fist landed a moment later to Doreen's nose. The blonde's head snapped back and forth and she wilted falling face first over the half inserted dildo.

Maricel pounded on the back of Doreen's head until the blonde rolled away. Then the Filipina stood and pulled the wicked reverse studded dildo out of her sore cunt. Doreen stood up bleeding from the nose again and wobbly.

Maricel charged forward and whacked the slow moving blonde across the face with the dildo. The meaty thud sounded like the thing might have been real. The white cock was red with the blood of both girls' now. Doreen staggered and almost fell against the glass.

Maricel swung the dildo again. Doreen ducked underneath it and charged into the Filipina head first. This time the heavier American speared the Filipina and drove her hard into the mat.

They lay there for a moment twisted together in exhausted agony. Maricel tried to push the heavier girl off and that stirred Doreen. She pushed forward and straddled the Filipina's hips. Maricel tried to club the American with the dildo but the angle was wrong. She paid for the effort when Doreen grabbed the Filipina's right breast and pulled it to her mouth.

Maricel screamed in agony as the American bit deep into her tit. It felt like the fat bitch was going to rip away a nipple. Maricel had seen some of the older fighters with scared nipple-less breasts and she feared that more than anything else.

Maricel grabbed the side of the American's head and tried to push both her thumbs into the biting bitch's eyes. Doreen cried out and rolled off the gasping Filipina.

Maricel staggered to her feet looking at her bloody breast. Her nipple was still there. Somehow she didn't mind the deep bleeding teeth marks all around it. She staggered forward barely able to move. Doreen was on her knees rubbing her eyes and trying to stand. Doreen was clearly ahead on points, but she was more exhausted than her badly beaten rival.

Doreen opened her eyes and started to stand just as Maricel's big farm girl's foot sank into Doreen's round soft lower belly. Doreen gasped as all the air was expelled from her already tortured lungs. She pissed herself and started to fall forward.

Maricel grabbed the blonde's matted hair and jerked her head up. A brown knee crashed into Doreen's chin. Her teeth clashed together almost ruining her perfect bite. The blonde's blue eyes rolled back in her head.

Maricel's own exhaustion caused her to stumble over the limp American and fall face first on the mat. Doreen flopped onto her belly and tried to crawl away. Maricel rolled over on her hands and knees and grabbed the American's thong, ripping it away.

Doreen rolled over and kicked up weakly. Maricel was too slow and the white girl's foot hit her under the tits, knocking her backwards.

Doreen started to crawl again. Maricel grabbed her ankle and pulled her flat. The Filipina fell onto the American's big white ass and held on. Doreen reached back over her shoulder and grabbed a handful of matted black hair. Maricel moaned as her head was pulled back, but she held onto the American's big ass. Then she rammed her right hand up between the blonde's legs.

Doreen howled as her tight pink shaved cunt was penetrated by four stiff brown farm girl fingers. Doreen ripped out a handful of Maricel's hair, but the Filipina held on and rode the squirming American across the mat, gouging away at her pink cunt.

Doreen beat on the mat and yelled for a break, but the referee waved his hand negatively and yelled, "No more breaks. Fight to finish."

Maricel worked and worked as Doreen screamed. The blonde finally managed to snag another lock of hair and rip it out, but Maricel was beyond caring. She finally pulled her hand out and held it up in the air. Her fingers were bloody and the referee acknowledged the score. The crowd roared its approval. Maricel celebrated by biting Doreen's big white ass cheeks until both were bloody.

Doreen screamed and wailed. Maricel's torture seemed to reinvigorate the exhausted girl. Maricel started to push her thumb into the American's puckered pink asshole. Doreen suddenly jerked and rolled. Maricel lost her hold and suddenly the American was sitting up behind her.

The Filipina rolled to face the American, but Doreen's claws were ready. She raked Maricel's bloody face back and forth almost tearing out her left eye. The Filipina screamed and rolled away hands to her left eye.

Doreen crawled after the Filipina. She was sobbing with pain and exhaustion, but she wanted to hurt the girl more than ever now. She felt her own hot blood on the insides of her thigh and knew she had been cunted by the brown bitch and wanted revenge.

Maricel heard the screams of the crowd. She forced open her left eye; the right was swollen shut now. Doreen was a second away. Maricel grabbed the already used dildo and threw it. The bloody thing wobbled through the hair and hit the bloody blonde across the forehead. Despite the weakness of the blow it still stopped the blonde.

Maricel got to her knees and rose up to meet the blonde face to face. Doreen's claws went for Maricel's nipples and she latched onto the thick, swollen, dark brown nubs. Maricel howled and grabbed Doreen's pink hard nipples. They twisted and jerked at each other. Doreen's nail advantage reopened the wounds on Maricel's chest. The blonde mauled and was mauled.

They leaned against each other. Maricel suddenly snaked her head to the side and bit into Doreen's right ear. Doreen screamed and released Maricel's bloody nipples to claw at her face. Maricel jerked away with the bottom of Doreen's right ear in her mouth. The blonde screamed and grabbed her bloody ear.

Maricel released the blonde's red nipples and drove a right then a left punch straight into the blonde's wide open face. Doreen's head snapped back and she rocked forward almost ready to fall.

 Maricel pushed her back and grabbed the blonde's tits. She jerked them up and pushed back and forced Doreen onto her back. Doreen clawed at Maricel's wrists, but the Filipina had other things in mind. She squeezed the big white tits from the base making them balloon outward. Then she brought her wicked teeth into the game.

Doreen howled for mercy as the snarling Filipina bit into her right tit. Maricel chewed hard and fast going for the taste of tit blood. She got it as Doreen's claws opened her left cheek and threatened her already bruised and scratched eye. The Filipina hid her face between the American's big 34Ds and twisted her teeth into the side of the left tit. She wanted nipple blood, but would take what she got.

Doreen screamed as the inside of her left tit was chewed until it bled from crisscrossing bite marks. She ripped away handful after handful of black hair, but she couldn't dislodge the Filipina's teeth from her breast meat.

Doreen felt weaker and weaker. She flailed at the bitch's back, clawing long bloody streaks up and down the brown back, but she couldn't get the teeth out of her tit. Then suddenly the teeth were gone and she was allowed to fall on her back.

She vaguely heard the cheers and the referee acknowledge that Maricel had scored two bloody tits now. They were even now on blood. Doreen tried to lift her head. She saw a brown fist flying straight for her eye. The knuckles hit and hit and hit and hit again. Doreen's face was busted open over the eyes, under the eyes, the mouth and of course the nose poured. Doreen finally flopped down unable to move other than to flop when the bloody brown fists impacted.

The referee warned Maricel that she wouldn't get any fuck money if she killed the other girl. Maricel's sponsor yelled at her from behind the blood smeared glass walls. The Filipina stopped hitting the bloody mess that had been the perfect little blonde beauty's face.

Maricel crawled around the mat gathering the dildos. She wormed one into Doreen's ass. She managed to get it in over the head which was all that was required. The tight ass bitch couldn't take any more and Maricel was almost ready to pass out herself. So she labored another dildo into the American's bloody cunt. The third was easy. She just put her hand on the bitch's bloody chin and opened her mouth pushing the dildo in until it hit bottom.

The referee pulled Maricel off and raised her hand. He quickly removed the punishment dildos and checked to see that Doreen was still alive. They gave her smelling salts and made sure she started the next thirty minutes awake.

Maricel wasn't all that anxious to fuck the American after the fight, but she got into the swing of it. Her sponsor, a fat Filipino about forty years old, was more than ready. He rolled the American over on her face and pushed his cock in her ass. After the dildo his cock had relatively easy going. He was slapping his hairy balls against her fat ass within three minutes driving six inches of brown snake into her pink asshole. Doreen cried out in a mixture of agony and shame.

Maricel watched for awhile and then opened her legs. She rubbed her tortured clit until the pleasure factor was higher than the residual pain and pushed her bloody cunt into the American's face. The rules were simple. If the loser didn't do what was wanted she could be hurt. Maricel explained in broken English and Doreen started sucking on the clit she had tried to sever with a thumbnail. It took awhile but soon Maricel was thrusting her pelvis forward and actually pinching her own bloody nipples as Doreen ate the victorious Filipina's cunt from asshole to belly button. Maricel climaxed after ten minutes.

Her sponsor left his load deep in Doreen's fat ass after five minutes and just kept humping her fascinated by Maricel's passion. When Maricel finished and collapsed back on her elbows he pulled out his wet cock, grabbed the back of the blonde's hair and jerked her head around so she could lick his cock clean. Then she sucked his hairy balls and tongued his ass until he was hard again.

This time he fucked her in the mouth and pulled out to squirt on her face. That got Maricel going and she put on a strap on and fucked Doreen hard in the cunt for fifteen minutes straight actually forcing the American to climax despite her agonized exhaustion. Maricel stood over the crying American, squatted and pissed over the broken girl's face in the traditional final humiliation.

The crowd roared its approval. Thomas Williams watched dispassionately as the referee hosed down the ring and his daughter. She was dragged to the back to be treated. Once she was stitched up and given medical treatment, she would be pumped full of pain killers and aphrodisiacs. A six by five kennel room with a pad awaited her. The master of ceremonies announced she would be serving at twenty American dollars a session for twenty-four hours with the first session being auctioned right then and there.

Much to the glee of Maricel, the blonde fetched two hundred dollars for the first fuck of her session. As it was she did four an hour for twenty four hours and Maricel and her family ate very well for a change.

Thomas Williams watched Phoebe and Linda take more one-sided beatings by two much smaller girls, Evangeline and Fely. All three of his spoiled darlings learned something about the hard life that night.

A week later they were released from the surprising excellent medical services the club provided. Next stop was Thailand. Bangkok had a host of possibilities. The blonde girls were already being called snow kittens and every girl wanted to fight them since they made such good whores.

Thomas Williams smiled as they were packed into a closed van and whisked through customs without inspection. A private plane waited for them.

He happily announced, "Next stop Bangkok. Let's see if you can keep from getting your asses whipped again. Or maybe you like non-stop fucking so much you lost on purpose."

Next stop On the Road to Mayhem is Thailand.