Road to Mayhem Bangkok by Mr Cage 

WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

Do not read this if you are underage or disturbed by such extreme fantasy themes.

After his daughters' defeats in Manilla, Thomas Williams reconsidered his decision to give them a crash course in living the tough life. At forty he had three rebellious, spoiled children: Doreen at 20, Phoebe at 19, and Linda at 18. He had a few contacts in the Far East. Further he and they shared a secret hobby, one exercised behind closed doors in various Far Eastern sexual hothouses. He brought the girls home for summer and announced they were flying around the world. Only when they were stuck in Manilla did they find out the truth: fight twelve times win or lose and gain a twelve million dollar nest egg, add a million bucks with each win, and become totally free to blow it all or make something of themselves.

The Bangkok fights would be just as brutal, perhaps more so, but of course every locality liked to add a twist to the general formula of win or get fucked up and then fucked. They entered a large warehouse with arena seating and a small boxing ring in the center. A cage had been built around the outside apron so even if you rolled under the ropes you wouldn't fall off the blood stained canvas. A blinding white light hung over what looked to be a ten by ten foot ring. A scorers' table sat at ringside on a stage. A betting black board lined the wall behind the stage. Boys with wicker baskets on poles collected bets. Some eight hundred spectators on the other three sides of the cage roared their approval or disappointments and settled bets. The girls were scheduled to fight at various times so they were again taken to a small windowless room with a single bench and three folding chairs as furnishing.

Thomas Williams left to watch some opening bouts. The scheduling had a mix of fights: beginners, experience fighters, a couple of so-called championships and three grudge matches. He checked the board and found his daughters listed by the name Snow Kittens and their ages. He watched four savage fights and then returned to the locker room to tell his girls what the local wrinkles were.

He explained slowly and calmly, "These fights are essentially no rules anything goes, but because your hands, elbows, knees, and feet are going to be loaded and taped you will be striking for the most part. Your hands will be taped into fists so you won't be able to claw, but grabbing on and holding while kneeing is a good tactic. The tape is abrasive and it will be soaked in some kind of goop and then coated with some kind of abrasive. They want blood. And the fights are meant to be stand-up. But if you fall or are thrown you can still be hit or kicked or even knee dropped for twenty seconds, then they pull you apart and start up again. If both of you are on the ground, they give you sixty seconds to work and then you are stood up. You will fight in rounds of five minutes. If you go down you will be stood up in your corner. If you're unable to stand they'll hook your arms over the ropes and let the other girl go to work on your body only until you unhook your arms. There are no stoppages or knockouts until three rounds of five minutes fighting have been fought. Then both fighters will be equipped with a studded strap-on and the fifth round is to the finish. The only way to win is beat down your opponent and push your dildo into her ass all the way to the harness, pull it out and do it ten times total before she does it ten times to you. You want to knock her out. Be ready to continue the fighting if she wakes up while you are fucking her. If you lose the winner and her sponsor get you on the stage under the betting board for thirty minutes while the next fight goes on. After that you're cleaned up and spend a day turning tricks for the winner and her sponsor. Then I get you back. So just like the last time, you want to win. She's fighting for a few dollars and whatever you earn fucking and you're fighting for a million. That should give you a little inspiration. By the way, nobody is betting on you to win. They call you the Snow Kittens because you are considered easy wins and good whores."

Then the call came. Linda was up first tonight. Scared, Linda trembled as they stripped, measured and equipped her. She still had some traces of the terrible clawing her face and tits had taken in Manilla. Her bruises had faded, but it was clear she had been recently worked over. There was a look of panic in her young eyes. The equippers ignored her and pulled and pushed her as needed.

First she was given a series of wooden cylinders with pre-cut finger groves to grasp in each hand. When they had one that barely extended from either side of her fist they fitted her fist into a thumb-less hard solid rubber gloves. The back hand, knuckle and front hand were covered with metal washers studded to the glove. Finally they taped the fist solid with abrasive sticky tape and then wound the tape up her forearm almost to her elbow. Next they strapped on elbow bands that again had metal washers attached to the hard leather outer band. Next they put on knee pads that sported a wicked two inch raised hard rubber prong, dull but still pointed enough to look wicked. Finally they put her in a pair of flat sole pointed toe boots equipped with rubber studs on straps across the top of the foot and up her instep to the mid-shin. The boots sported a set of rubber cleats with metal tips on the soles. When she was equipped they tied her long blonde hair into a ponytail with a long leather strap, put a leather collar around her neck and fitted her with wire gauss eye guards. Otherwise she was nude.

The equipment man explained in broken English, "This is for novice fights. Championship fights have sharpened metal points. Grudge fights have three inch metal spikes on knees and elbows."

Linda was led to the ring. As she walked the cleats sparked on the dirty concrete floor. Five dark brown girls on stretchers were carried past going the other way. The girls were bloody messes and none of them were moving. Their fists, elbows and knees showed bloody metal spikes. The man leading her to the ring said, "Burmese girls challenge Thai girls to four on four gang fight to finish. Burmese girls lose: four dead Burmese and one dead Thai girl. There is very bad blood between Burmese fighters and Thai fighters and this will not finish it. Be glad you not in grudge fight tonight."

Linda wet herself dribbling on the concrete. What was one more stain? The management didn't even notice. Her body was already covered in fear sweat.

She was led to one side of the cage. The door was opened and she found herself standing in one corner across from a similarly equipped short dark brown girl with a tied back black long black ponytail. The girl's flesh showed some recent scabs and a set of just removed stitches across her right breast. Somehow, seeing the other girl had suffered too seemed to relax Linda enough to stop trembling.

An announcer then began to jabber in five or six languages ending finally in English: "Novice Blood Fight to the finish between Snow Kitten Linda and Thai Farm Girl Duradee. Snow Kitten Linda is 18, stands 4'11'', weighs 98 pounds and is taped at 33C 24 34. She has fought once on the circuit and lost. Duradee is 19, stands 4'10'', weighs 99 pounds and is taped at 34C 24 33. She had fought once on the circuit and lost."

A large Thai man in a mask and white shorts stood ready. He was sweaty and already splashed with blood. The off white ring was freshly stained and splattered as were the ropes. Even the fence showed hair and blood had been caught in the links during the night. The referee held a metal prod to enforce the breaks and showed every intention of using it.

The timekeeper rang a bell and the crowd roared.

Duradee rushed forward and threw a wild front kick directly at Linda's firm lower belly. Linda dodged back and bounced off the ropes. Duradee's foot went by and got stuck up in the ropes.

Linda looked on stupidly as the girl extracted her foot and prepared to lunge again.

Linda heard her father's voice screaming, "Hit her. Don't give her a fucking chance!"

Duradee pulled her foot out and swung around with a back fist expecting Linda to be on her. Startled the black eyed Thai missed again and her arm flew into the ropes and she staggered into them. This time Linda jumped forward and drove her boot straight out. She aimed her kick for Duradee's hairy crotch, but missed. Instead the wicked cleats hit Duradee's fine brown thigh. Duradee moaned and Linda jerked her foot downward by instinct, which was exactly the right thing to do. She ripped open six or seven bloody gashes in Duradee's thigh. The brown girl cursed in her native language and grabbed for Linda's leg. Linda just escaped getting hooked by the ankle.

Linda moved backwards as the crowd roared its approval. Duradee cursed, screamed and ran forward like an avenging angle. Duradee kicked again. Linda jumped to the side. As Duradee passed, Linda swung her left fist wildly. By luck it hit the dark brown girl on the right cheek and snapped her head backwards. The crowd roared and Duradee stumbled.

Linda stood flat footed. Duradee whipped around and smashed her backhand into the blonde's mouth. Linda's head snapped back and her upper lip ruptured. She staggered back grabbing her face uselessly with her club like fist. Duradee's supporters cheered.

Duradee charged forward and kicked again. This time her cleats took Linda in her belly. Linda fell backwards bleeding from a couple of gashes. Duradee shouted and tried to get in another kick while Linda was down for the twenty seconds. Instead, the white girl instinctively kicked out with both her feet. Duradee's raised right foot was caught coming down. Linda's left cleats scored the back of Duradee's left calf and then sank into her meat of her thigh. Linda's right cleat smacked straight into Duradee's hairy cunt.

The crowd roared. Duradee gasped and fell backwards moaning. Linda rolled over and stood. Her face was flushed now. She had tasted her blood again and this time all her terror seemed to convert into fury.

Duradee rolled over on her hands and knees ready to get up. Linda put the pointed toe of her right boot right into Duradee's dark crotch from behind. The blow was solid. Duradee fell forward on her face. Linda stomped down on Duradee's rounded left ass cheek and then twisted her foot. Duradee screamed as her ass cheek was shredded. Linda drew back her foot for another stomp, but Duradee rolled over and started to kick up. Linda dodged backwards.

Duradee got up and pursued the Snow Kitten, furious at being humiliated by the useless white girl. The crowd was roaring they had expected to see the white girl shredded, but instead she was putting up a fight!

Duradee missed with three wild swings. Linda bounced of the ring ropes and kicked. This time her cleats caught Duradee on her round lower belly just above her hairy mount. Duradee grunted and bent over spitting over Linda's sweating body. Linda swung her fists like hammers and thudded into the back of Duradee's head.

The Thai girl fell forward. The count began. She reached out awkwardly for Linda's legs. Linda leaned back on the ropes and stomp kicked with her right. The wicked boot hit the Thai on the right shoulder and drove her face first into the mat. Linda stomped down trying to walk on the Thai's head, but Duradee rolled to the side and Linda's cleats dug into the mat just as the Thai's ponytail snapped out of the way.

The referee stayed back. Duradee kept rolling. Linda kicked hard and caught the Thai in the ribs. Duradee moaned and flopped on her side holding herself. Linda raised her foot again and the referee blew time. Linda's twenty seconds were up. If she had been faster she could have finished it right then and there!

The referee directed the girls to their corners. The score clock indicated 4:03 remained. Both girls were breathing heavily already and sweating profusely.

Duradee started taunted and gesturing. Linda had no idea what the farm girl was saying, but she slammed her right fist up hooking over her left arm shooting a fistic American fuck you at the Asia. Apparently it was universally understood because the Thai girl tried to rush out and fight before the referee was ready. He pushed her back with a pointed finger warning.

He restarted the fight. Duradee screamed and charged across the ring, jumping up and throwing a knee. Linda looked startled by the girl's stupidity. Linda had no idea the Thai's level of embarrassment at being beat-up by a Snow Kitten and then insulted in front of the crowd. Linda leapt to the side and Duradee sailed past, accomplishing nothing but putting herself off balance and out of position while giving the crowd something else to laugh at.

Duradee stumbled into the ropes and got tangled. Linda rammed into the brown girl's back. Duradee's upperbody slipped through the ropes and her tits and face were pushed into the chain link. Linda pushed her left forearm into the back of the Thai girl's back and started hammering with looping above the head rights.

Duradee's head and neck took a pounding from Linda's loaded fists. The Thai pushed against the chain fence trying to pry herself off, but all that did was allow the white girl to use her weight and position to scrub Duradee's face and tits across the links. Duradee howled and the crowd roared its approval.

Duradee kicked backwards with her right foot missing Linda entirely. Linda cracked her right fist into Duradee's right ear from behind. Duradee groaned and lost her footing falling over the middle rope, doubled over with her round brown ass up in the air.

Linda reached through the ropes and used her left fist to keep the Thai girl bent over. Linda pressed down with her right forearm across Duradee's upper ass and pinned the tangled girl to the middle rope. The crowd was screaming. Linda was unskilled, but even she knew she had poor Duradee in a dangerous position.

Linda had suffered horribly from a cunt clawing in her first fight and now she had a chance to get some revenge, even if it was against a stranger. She drove her right knee up between the Thai's legs and speared her cunt with the nasty two inch hard rubber prong. Duradee cried out and stiffened as she was violated. Linda reacted to the Thai's pain by rapid firing her knee into the girl's crotch. Duradee bounced on the ropes and tried to block, but her left leg was outside Linda's left hip and Linda's right knee was already inside Duradee's right thigh.

Smack, grind, smack, grind, thud, squish, thud, smack, grind and do it over again. Duradee wailed and screamed as the white girl worked over her crotch and lower belly. It went on and on until Linda had to stop. The white girl leaned over the brown, still in between her legs from behind and gasped for air.

Duradee was whimpering and unable to take advantage. The crowd roared for Linda to hurt her some more. Linda gasped and gasped using up vital time. Finally she drove her knee up again. This time she speared Duradee and left the knee prong inside the Thai.

Linda pressed down on her knee using the prong inside Duradee to press against the Thai's pubic bone from behind. Duradee went rigid screaming in agony.

It was then that Thomas Williams saw something knew in his pampered daughter's face. Her eyes gleamed and Linda's split lip spread into a grotesque evil smile. She worked her knee making sure the inside of Duradee's womanhood was savagely used and bruised. If it had been a metal spike Duradee would have been ruined for good. As it was the white girl was rewarded with a steady drip of blood from Duradee's crotch.

The bell finally rang and the referee pulled Linda off the dominated and thoroughly humiliated Thai girl. Duradee collapsed in her corner trying to touch her ruined sex with her taped club-like fists. There was no way she could relieve the burning agony. All she managed to do was worsen the problem by smearing her abrasive taped fists with her own cunt blood and abrading her own already roughly treated crotch. The referee stood her up for the start of the second round and she still was crying and trying to ease the pain between her legs.

Linda showed no hesitancy. The blonde moved forward methodically. There was no mercy or empathy in her eyes as she stalked Duradee. Duradee staggered defensively. It looked like each movement of the legs hurt. Sweat rolled off the girl and she looked like she might pass out at any moment. Linda had to finish her!

Linda feinted with a kick at Duradee's legs. The brown girl reacted by jerking out of the way. Her face twisted in agony and her leg seemed to tremble. Linda didn't kick. Instead she lunged forward and drove a hard left straight into the center of Duradee's lower belly, right above the mound and below the navel.

Duradee groaned and doubled over. Her weakened legs gave way and down she went to her knees. Linda was like a demon. She grabbed Duradee's head with both fists and drove her right knee up into Duradee's down turned face. The blow was perfect and drove the Thai's head upward through Linda's grasping fists.

As Duradee's head snapped up and then back an arc of bloody white teeth and a spray of blood and spit flew through the air, splattering Linda, the ring, the referee and some ecstatic spectators. Duradee's mouth gaped open. Her two front uppers and one lower had been broken off at the gums and her lower lip looked to be hanging lose from the right corner of her mouth.

The referee stood close. He hadn't signaled Duradee was down yet. The ass, shoulders or tits had to hit the ground for the count to start. Duradee was sitting on her heels; arms limp at her side and her head hanging back. Her mouth was gurgling as she breathed her own blood. She coughed and spewed blood. Her head came upward as she struggled instinctively to breath.

Linda stood back and drove her right foot outward. Her cleats took Duradee full in the face. Duradee's swollen cheek was ripped apart. The blow finally knocked the Thai of her haunches. She lay on her side, blood pouring from her mouth and nose. She was out. The count started.

Linda rushed in and drove the toe of her boot into the Thai's belly six times before the twenty seconds were up. The last two kicks got no sound, only flopping body parts. Poor Duradee was helpless. Linda wanted more.

Linda waited. The referee dragged the Thai to the corner, stood her up. She slid down. The referee shrugged, looked at the scorer's table, nodded, stood the girl up and hooked her arms through the ropes, pushing her ass up on a turnbuckle. There she stood for the mandatory forty second break after knockdown. Then the referee waved Linda to attack again.

Thomas Williams had wanted to teach his girls life lessons. Well he had succeeded to a degree. Linda had become a savage fighter and learned that it was better to win than to lose. She had also learned mercy was for losers.

The blonde girl rushed in and hammered at Duradee's tits with both fists. She spread the brown orbs all over the Thai's rib cage. The abrasives and metal washers slowly skinned Duradee and turned her black nipples into raw bloody points of pain. Then Linda went low and started working over Duradee's ribs. She pounded Duradee like the girl was a body bag. When she couldn't break the ribs with her hands she used her knees until she felt the Thai's ribs giving and cracking. Checking the time, Linda took the last minute to drive knee after knee up into the Thai's belly and already bloody mound.

When the round came to an end it was clear the fight was Linda's, but there was still a round to go. Thomas Williams watched in shock as his little girl proceeded to beat the defenseless Thai for five full minutes of the third round without Duradee even raising her hand. The referee checked and amazingly the Thai was still alive.

Two attendants entered to strap on the studded dildos for the fourth round finish. The only doubt was if the white girl could manage to get the dildo into the Thai girl's tight brown ass. Linda bounced up and down on the balls of her feet causing her weapon to bounce in front of her. The crowd laughed and roared its approval. Linda was thriving on their cheers. She pumped her hand and then drew her bloody right fist across her neck showing she planned to finish it! After this story got around her next opponent wouldn't be so confident.

The fourth round started with Linda savagely kicking and punching the Thai's lower belly. When Duradee lost control of her bladder and bowels, the blonde finally unhooked the brown arms and threw the Thai down on the filthy canvas. Linda rubbed the broken girl's face in her own excrement and only then did she begin the difficult labor of getting the dildo inside the tight brown ass.

Linda struggled for at least a minute to reinsert it each time she rammed it home and pulled it free. In frustration she punched Duradee in the kidneys over and over again. Finally she finished plunging the studded dildo into Duradee's now bloody ass and pulled it out to the roar of the crowd. Most had lost money betting against the Snow Kitten, but they had seen the birth of a new tiger and they were delighted.

Linda's only disappointment came when it was announced Duradee had expired and would not be earning any money in the pens. Linda still took some pleasure in squatting over her dead opponent and pissing on her.

Linda was all smiles that night. And amazingly, so was Doreen. She had won her match and her opponent had lived to be fucked on the stage and then carried to the pens. The two sisters were celebrating when attendants carried Phoebe into the dingy holding room. The Snow Kittens had won two out of three fights. Phoebe had done well, but in the end lost and it showed. Phoebe had a broken jaw and ruined nose. After being patched up and serving in the pens, she would be convalescing for a couple of months. Doreen had a broken rib and would also be off the circuit until it had healed. That left little Linda for the infamous Hong Kong sex maul fights.

Next stop Hong Kong.

Next stop Hong Kong.