Road to Mayhem Hong Kong by Mr Cage

WARNING: This is a fantasy of extreme nature about violent, brave, lusty people who are willing to personally suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their actions with out regards to the norms of modern society or the qualms of conscious. Don't read it if you are not interested in such topics or at all squeamish. Also, make sure you are mature enough to know the difference between illusion and reality. This is not a how to book.

Do not read this if you are underage or disturbed by such extreme fantasy themes.

On the Road to Mayhem Chapter Three by Mr. Cage

Hong Kong

With Doreen and Phoebe out of action, little Linda was the Snow Kitten's only representative for the Hong Kong stop on the circuit. After his daughters' defeats in Manila, Thomas Williams had reconsidered his decision to give them a crash course in living the tough life, but after they won two out of three in Bangkok and more importantly showed some fighting spirit he had thought they lacked he was prepared to proceed with his harsh life lesson.

At forty he had three rebellious, spoiled children: Doreen at 20, Phoebe at 19, and Linda at 18. He had a few contacts in the Far East. Further he and they shared a secret hobby, one exercised behind closed doors in various Far Eastern sexual hothouses. He brought the girls home for summer and announced they were flying around the world. Only when they were stuck in Manila did they find out the truth: fight twelve times win or lose and gain a twelve million dollar nest egg, add a million bucks with each win, and become totally free to blow it all or make something of themselves. So far Doreen was 1-1 with three million earned, Phoebe was 0-2 with two million earned, and little Linda was 1-1 with three million earned. Linda had a shot at adding another two in Hong Kong, but first she had to win a savage sex maul fight.

Linda and her father were taken by limo to a small boat and then out into the water to a floating casino, a converted cruise ship. The facilities were finer than ever before; the holding rooms for fighters and the fuck pens for the surviving losers were full suites this time. Linda's short stay in the underbelly of Asia had given her a new appreciation for finer the things of existence like clean sheets and bathrooms.

They watched the first show on a small flat screen in their holding pen. Thomas made a note that the Commies sure knew a thing or two about decadence. Apparently the party of Mao had joined with the Republicans. Anyway there were three shows daily: four fights a show. They watched four different fights: a sex maul; a straight catfight; a chain match; and a striking match with cestuses. The last two fights ended with deaths before the obligatory three dildo penetration ending.

The sex maul was instructive. Two girls were placed on a platform in strapless four inch high heels with about three inches between their nipples. A slip chain was strung from high above around their necks. Then they fastened a Plexiglas sheet harness around the girl's necks. The neck hole was padded and quite large so they could move around, but it kept there noses from getting any closer than about an inch and any further away than about five. Furthermore, the stiff clear sheet prevented either girl from raising her hands above her shoulders. The object of the fight was to maul each other's body for fifteen minutes while balanced on the strapless high heels. If you fell off your heels or passed out the chain would choke you. Amazingly both girls survived the maul portion of the fight. They were unshackled and finished with a no rules catfight until one girl was unable to keep the other from jamming three dildos in her.

Linda was horrified and thrilled. Despite her age and small stature she was cursed with big 33C targets with thick, easily grabbed rubbery pink nipples. She had shaved her mound so there was no hair to snatch. In the fight she had watched, both girls had easily been able to reach the others crotch and pubic hair with their nails. She really didn't like having her cunt ripped up by some desperate oriental bitch trying to earn a few bucks. Still, she knew there was no choice. Win or lose it meant a million to her and if she managed to out maul the bitch she would double her money.

Someone came in and painted and Linda's nails pink and sharpened them. Luckily she had relatively long and strong nails even after two savage fights. Linda was put in pink thigh high stockings and fitted with four inch high pink strapless heels. Then it was time for the second show. It was almost impossible to walk at first, but then she found her balance walking down the slightly rolling ship's corridors toward the lower deck arena.

Entering the arena she was struck by its construction. The floor arena was relatively small. In the center of the floor was a ten by ten raised platform with a chain link fence around its border. There was room for maybe hundred standing men and women around the ring, but there were five or six levels above with people leaning over the edge making wagers that were carried up and down in wicker baskets from the top level. There was no way to tell how many people were watching from above, but the rails showed no empty places as well dressed men and women pushed and shoved to get their faces over the rail.

An announcer then began to jabber in five or six languages ending finally in English: "Sex Maul Fight to the finish between two young ladies of quality: Snow Kitten Linda in pink and Tiger Lee in lime green. Snow Kitten Linda is 18, stands 4'11'', weighs 98 pounds and is taped at 33C 24 34. She has fought twice on the circuit and has won one and lost one. Tiger Lee is 18, stands 4'11'', weighs 99 pounds and is taped at 33C 24 33. She had fought once on the circuit and lost. Both girls are from special backgrounds. The Snow Kitten is on an involuntary quest to earn her wealth. The Tiger's father is paying a debt of honor and she is fighting five times for her family."

The crowd roared its approval of the special nature of the girls about to savage one another. For some reason it was far more exciting to have two privileged girls fighting tooth and nail than two street bitches. Apparently having two of their own kind fighting truly intrigued the well-to-do audience.

Lee and Linda stared across the few inches between them as attendants positioned them so their feet were in circles drawn on the mat. Then the chains loops were fitted around their necks and drawn to where they had no more than two inches of slack. Finally the harness was snapped in place. Their eyes were locked across the transparent shield, inches apart. Their already accelerated breathing blew in each other's noses. This was going to be up close and personal. Their eyes, blue and dark green, sought out some sign of weakness or fear in the eyes of the other.

Breathing heavily, already sweaty with excitement they glared across the inches separating them. Nostrils flared and eyes glared. Linda was shocked at how much she was beginning to hate that round, high cheeked Chinese face staring daggers back at her. She wanted to hurt this bitch, make her cry. Linda understood now why attendants held their hands to prevent any premature outbreak of hostilities. The tension grew and grew.

A noise from above had them both raise their eyes. A camera and microphone had been lowered on a rod to about an inch above their heads. Another camera was rolled out and placed between them. There was applause from above. Apparently they were now on large screens for their fans above, no expenses spared to bring the action to the patrons.

Tiger Lee spit out in surprising good English, "I will slice off your nipples and rip out your cunt."

Linda thought about ignoring the taunts, but the girl just kept on cursing. She was working herself up into a fury. Spittle flew from her lips and covered Linda's face.

Finally the white girl yelled back, "Fuck you slut. I'll open up your belly. You'll die shitting your guts out with my piss in your mouth."

That was apparently what everyone had been waiting for. There was a roar from the crowd. A bell rang and the attendants released their hands and stepped back. A voice shouted for them to fight, but neither girl needed any further hints.

Linda screamed as she felt Lee's lime green nails dig into her pink nipples. The white girl looked down as her nails went high into the top of the Chinese girl's conical breasts and ripped ten furrows down the flesh, still bruised and marked from her last fight. Lee gasped but didn't scream until Linda got to her fat, long black nipples. Lee's nipples were bigger and softer than Linda's pink rubbery nipples. They were almost velvety to the touch until Linda had scored them with deep nasty thumb and forefinger nail pinches.

Lee grasped both of Linda's nipples and twisted them around and jerked. Linda almost came out of her heels, but she withstood the agony. In retaliation, she drew back her right fist and sank it into Lee's flat belly right into her navel. Lee's eyes went wide because she hadn't tensed her belly and was focused on her breasts. Linda saw she had hurt the Chinese girl and slammed another nasty punch into her belly, this time lower grazing the top of the mound.

The Chinese girl gasped and bent over, jerking the chain taunt, the links biting into her neck. She straightened involuntarily. Linda hammered her gut again. Lee spit in Linda's face and sagged, choking herself again. Linda drew back her fist and struck again, only to be blocked by Lee's arm. Linda punched again and was blocked again.

Lee reached lower, turned her hand into a hook and went straight for Linda's mound. Linda tried to rise up on her toes, but with the four inch heels she was already almost standing on her toes. God damn Lee's nails hurt her pussy. The Chinese girl was raking her fat cunt lips and doing her best to insert a finger into her sex. Linda had been gouged out in her first fight and knew she didn't like it.

Linda dropped her other hand down and sank a left fist into the Chinese girl's lower right belly. Lee moaned and tried to double over again. Linda's eyes saw agony and fear in Lee's as tears rain down her cheeks inches away.

Linda snarled, "Can't take it in the belly, can you bitch?"

Linda's fist went in again. Lee's eyes closed and she dropped her right hand to grab the white girl's pumping fist. Linda delivered three full blows and two partials until Lee captured her wrist. Linda's punches had forced Lee's left hand away from her cunt and now they two girls struggled in literal hand to hand combat at the level of their bellies.

Lee spit, "I kill you white whore."

Linda snarled, "Let go of my wrists and fight you yellow cunt and I'll bust your belly."

They struggled. Linda got her right hand free at the cost of deep scratches on her wrist. Lee snatched after the hand, but this time Linda wasn't punching. She hooked her hand low and grabbed the fine silky black bush that Lee had happily let grow on her mound. Lee gasped as a Linda ripped out a fistful. Lee grabbed for Linda's wrist again, but lost control of the left hand.

Linda tried to rapid fire punch the Chinese's weak, bruised belly, but Lee's scrambling hands deflected most of the punches and took time off the clock. Lee managed to again capture the white girl's wrists and held on. As the stalemate continued, a lot of the Chinese audience switched their allegiance from Tiger Lee to Snow Kitten Linda. They wanted to see action, not a wrist wrestling match.

Linda wrestled her arms up to the tit level and Lee held onto her wrists. Linda shoved her arms forward and managed to get her nails into Lee's clawed tits. The Chinese girl howled and jerked back on Linda's wrists. Lee's conical tits were stretched straight out by Linda's buried nails. Lee howled as Linda's pink nails sliced furrows in the pale brown tit flesh until the nails came free.

Lee held Linda's clawing fingers a fraction of an inch from her bloody tits. Linda snarled and jerked on her arms trying to get to the bitch. Then suddenly Lee struck. Carefully balanced on her left leg she drove her right knee up into Linda's cunt. Linda's legs were spread and the knee hit her perfectly, crushing her flesh upward, pinching bits between her pelvis and Lee's hard sharp knee.

Linda moaned and her knees bent reflexively. The chain tightened and suddenly bit into her neck. Linda was forced to straighten her legs to keep from choking. Lee released Linda's wrists and ripped straight for the white girl's tits. The lime green nail carved up Linda's pale white orbs crisscrossing them with deep red scratches, bringing blood from the aureole and nipples.

Linda screamed and rather than grab for Lee's wrists she drove her fists low into the Chinese girl's already battered belly. They went in simultaneously on either side of the lower belly, just missing the hip and driving downward and toward the middle. Lee groaned and her knees went weak. The chain jerked tight and despite the churning in her guts she had to stand. Linda endured having her nipples twisted, pulled, pinched and gouged almost in a complete circle just to sink her fist in again and again.

Lee finally had to grab for the white girl's fists. The last punch had loosened the Chinese girl's bladder and Lee's piss dribbled down her thighs and onto the mat. The audience roared its approval and shouted several things in Chinese that Linda could see made Lee's face darken and tears of humiliation flow.

Lee captured Linda's wrists again, but this time Linda had a counter ready. Her pussy was still throbbing from Lee's knee. The memory of it was still hot in her mind because she had not thought to use her legs until the Chinese girl had cunted her with the knee. Now with Lee holding both her wrists, Linda drove her right knee upward into the Chinese girl's mound. The satisfying thud and the look on Lee's face told her she had scored a perfect strike.

Lee dropped enough for the chain to bite into her neck, and then she planted her feet firmly and straightened. Linda had been waiting. She looked downward, raised her right foot again. Lee brought her thighs together as expected and the white girl drove the spike of her right heel down into the instep of the Chinese girl, ripping through the lime green stocking and spearing the girl's foot.

Lee howled and jerked her left foot backwards. Lee lost her left heel, which was a bonus for Linda. Linda just managed to keep her know bloody right heel on her foot. She kicked Lee's left ankle. The girl lost her balance. The chain snapped taunt and for ten seconds, Lee's weight was supported by the long chain biting deep into her neck.

Lee's eyes bulged. She scrambled desperately to get her feet under her. Linda kicked again and knocked off Lee's right shoe. Now the Chinese girl had no choice but to support all her weight on her tip toes. Lee's eyes showed real fear as her toes brushed the mat. The muscles of her legs ached as she just managed to keep from being choked to death by the brutal chain. Her lovely neck now bore dark red bruises and it wasn't over yet.

Linda jerked desperately on her arms, freeing her left arm. Lee grabbed for it, but her precarious balance kept her from catching it. Linda snaked her hand upward and fastened onto Lee's right nipple. Linda's own nipples were burning and still oozing blood. Now she wanted some revenge.

Lee cried out as her nipple was ripped and shredded. Balancing on her tip toes she was barely able to again capture the white girl's hand and pull it off her bloody nipple before the black knob was ripped from her chest.

Totally on the defensive, Lee struggled to maintain her balance and hold off the surprising vicious white girl. Linda freed her right hand long enough to rip her claws across Lee's clit, sending a new wave of agony through her strained body. She grabbed the arm and again managed to get the claws out of her body.

Unfortunately, Linda's knee struck again at the same pained place. The blow knocked Lee's tip toes out from under her and she swung at the end of the chain again. The roar of the crowd in her ears was drowned out by the sound of blood in her ears. She was being throttled again!

Lee grabbed for Linda's body for support. The white girl immediately folded her arms up between them and grabbed both of Lee's conical orbs. The pink nails tasted blood again, but Lee could do nothing at the moment, not even screaming was possible. In total desperation, the Chinese girl raised her legs off the ground and somehow hooked them around the white girl's hips.

Linda was stunned to have Lee's weight suddenly secured to her hip. Lee jerked and actually worked her thighs up over Linda's hips, too low for a standing scissors hold, but high enough that Linda couldn't hope they would slide off.

Linda ignored the legs for the moment and put her hands to work on the Chinese girl's big velvety nipples. Lee screamed and arched her back, now supported by Linda's hips. Lee tried to get her hands in between them, but Linda's arms were blocking most of the area between them now that Lee's belly was flat against Linda's. Lee cried and howled. There was no break.

Linda snarled, "I can feel them bleeding cunt."

Lee grimaced and held on, clawing great long gashes down the white girl's back. Linda moaned, but she was too fascinated by the hot blood on her fingers to do anything to relieve her own pain. She worked on the nipples without pause and listened to Lee scream for four minutes until a buzzer rang.

Attendants pulled her arms behind her back and the chains loosened. Lee collapsed against her attendant's supporting hands. They got the collar off the girls and Lee fell to her knees. She weakly cupped her bloody breasts and sobbed. Linda looked at her own hands and they were bloody back to the wrists. Even better she had flesh rolled up under her nails. Lee's nipples were sliced and diced.

There was a five minute break as they removed their heels from the arena and stripped off the stockings. Six dildos, three pink and three green were thrown into the cage. Now the fight would go on until three dildos of one color were buried in one of the girls.

Linda examined herself. She was marked; her nipples sliced and still weeping blood. Her mound was badly scratched and showing bruising and she had some blood on her thighs, but compared to Lee, she had come out unscathed.

Lee on the other hand couldn't take her hands away from her nipples without bright red blood dribbling in streams down her belly from her unrecognizable nipples. The Chinese girl's belly was black and blue and her mound was far bloodier than Linda's. Finally, there was a nasty hole in Lee's left foot.

Lee limped in a circle away from Linda as the catfight started. Linda resisted the urge to rush forward and attack her enemy immediately. Instead she stalked the limping girl, snatching out with her claws to rake Lee's blocking arms, or gash at her bloody nipples, or claw her face. Lee fought defensively.

Linda moved in again. Her hand slashed Lee's right nipple and Lee took it, but the Chinese girl wasn't out of the fight. She snapped a nasty sidekick out and speared Linda's belly. Linda grunted and doubled over stepping back just in time to miss a right hook to the face. Linda retreated and Lee charged.

Linda hit the cage just as Lee slammed into her. The two girls grunted as they slammed together. Lee's hands went for Linda's blonde hair and she twisted Linda's head to the side exposing her neck. Lee sank her teeth into Linda's neck trying to kill her right then and there. Linda screamed and jammed her left hand up into Lee's bruised neck and pushed her head back before anything worse than deep teeth marks were on the white girl's neck.

Suddenly scared again, Linda used her hand around Lee's neck to force the girl back and two the side until it was the Chinese fighter who had her ass against the cage trapped in the corner. Lee's claws ripped at Linda's face and almost scratched her eye, forcing the blonde to duck her head and lean against Lee.

Lee punched and clawed at Linda's back. Linda took it because she wanted to get a specific target. With her left hand on Lee's neck pressing her up against the fence, the white girl used her right hand to grab the Chinese girl's bloody left tit, squeeze it at its base and push it upward into her mouth. Lee's claws ripped Linda's back and then moved to her hair to stop it, but it was too late.

Linda greedily sucked the bloody nipple into her mouth and bit down with all the strength in her jaws. Lee screamed and rose up on her toes. She ripped out handfuls of Linda's hair finally pulling Linda's head back. Linda kept the tit in her teeth, pulling it out and up from Lee's chest wall.

The crowd roared as a camera got a perfect angle shot on it and caught the bloody white lips and chewing motions. Lee finally got enough space to get her right hand up. She worked her nails up Linda's face going for the eyes. At the last moment the white girl let go and pushed off.

Lee howled and grabbed the bloody mess on her chest with both hands. She fell to her knees crying out for mercy in a place where there was no mercy. Linda spit something bloody out of her mouth in a high arc. It hit the mat near Lee. She looked at it, screamed and flung herself forward at the white devil that had ripped her nipple from her chest.

Linda side stepped the wild charge. Lee snagged her around the waist and they staggered in a circle. Linda pounded Lee on the back of the neck as the Chinese girl tried to get her fingers in Linda's cunt. The brutal dance went around three times before Linda's savage strikes hammered the weakened girl to her knees. Still she held on to Linda's hips and clawed at her crotch.

Linda took the pain and jerked Lee's twisted face upward by the hair. Lee's tearful eyes looked up in hatred. Linda drove her knee up into Lee's chin. Lee's white teeth clashed and her eyes rolled back in her head. The Chinese girl went limp, suspended by her tangled sopping wet hair.

Linda delivered four unanswered knee strikes to the girl's face, crushing her nose and splitting her lips. She let Lee drop to the mat and then stomped down on her belly. Lee spit in the air and curled up, but it was all reflex. Linda kicked and stomped the girl until all she did was flop and spread blood and sweat around.

The white girl picked up a pink dildo, rammed it home into Lee's cunt. She didn't just stick it in; Linda pumped it in and out mocking the local girl with a dildo fuck. The crowd loved it. Linda rolled the broken bitch over and did the same thing to her tight brown asshole. Standing over her victim, Linda used her foot to pound the dildo in deep, splitting the tight brown ass cheeks apart leaving only the base of the pink dildo sticking out, almost flush with the distended asshole.

Linda rolled the girl onto her back, knelt down on her belly, carefully securing the Chinese girl's limp arms under between her thighs and Lee's sides. Linda leaned forward and started methodically clawing what was left of Lee's fine young tits until they were unrecognizable masses of shredded gore.

Happy with her work the growingly savage blonde took the final dildo in both hands and jammed it ruthlessly into the barely breathing girl's mouth. Lee didn't react to having the thing shoved in until her gag reflex started in. By then attendants had entered the cage and pulled Linda off.

During her thirty minute victory ceremony, Linda did indeed squat over the once fiercely proud girl and fill her mouth with piss as Thomas Williams pumped his cock in and out of her already ruined pussy.

Lee's defeat was total and even with rapid work they were unable to save the nipple. She served her night in the fuck pens and then was unceremoniously thrown off the ship. She wasn't judged fit to fight for the honor of her family anymore. No one wanted to see her ruined body in the ring. Her father would have to put forth another of his daughters for the remaining three fights.

Linda was two and one and at that moment her only concern was that her bloody wounds might keep her from fighting again when they hit Tokyo.