The Club 2 by Rino Asianised by Aussie Greg

Tao and Gong Shi - Outside the Club Build up

Tao Nun 46 and Gong Shi Jia 47 despise each other. No, they hate each other. The source of their animosity is an incident that occurred fifteen years ago, at college. Tao had broken up with a man, so Gong Shi had thought he was fair game.

Gong Shi fucked him in the room she shared with Tao. Tao was not pleased. She found another roommate.

They went their separate ways and married. The winds of their lives blew them together again as their husbands became workmates in the same IT firm.

Now Tao and Gong Shi contrive to run into each other all over the city. They belong to the same Mahjong club. They shop at the same stores. They have the same hair stylist.

And they belong to the same Club.

When they meet about town, they bump into each other. When they go to the bathroom, they squabble and push. If the bathroom is vacant, they've been known to slam their breasts together. They call each other slut-bitch-cunt-whore.

They are both fairly short women, just a hair over five feet. Tao has fine black hair and high, small breasts. Gong Shi has coarser hair and rounder breasts that hang a little lower.

Their constant contacts around town have revved up their battle lust to the point that when they do meet at the club, the fight is on immediately. They have yet to move beyond the meeting room, and on one memorable occasion experienced a clothes-tearing catfight in the mud room.

When they are naked and torn, they grind their cunts together and snarl. They have sexfought to the point of exhaustion, fallen asleep cunt-to-cunt, and awakened to renew their spitting battle.

It is a kind of co-dependence.

Tao Nun stepped out of the shower in her fine home and reached for a large towel. The towel was almost as long as the short 46 year old Singaporean woman with the high, small breasts. Dripping, she toweled herself roughly. Her dark nipples lengthened and became erect in the cool air-conditioning and under the vigorous application of the terrycloth.

She heard her husband stirring in the bedroom outside the large bathroom. She heard him mumble something.

Folding the towel around herself, she stepped out of the steamed up bathroom. Her husband, Ji, was knotting a red silk tie around the collar of his custom-made shirt.

"What did you say, dear?" Tao casually dropped the towel on the carpet, and reached for her Chinese-print robe that rested on the bedspread.

Ji turned around to catch a glimpse of naked thighs and sparse pubic hair before the robe concealed his wife's nakedness.

"I said, don't forget dinner tonight. It's important."

Tao ran her fingers through her medium length wet hair. She said, "I remember. Who is it again?"

Ji finished knotting his tie. He reached for his jacket. "Wong Liang and his wife."

Tao froze for a second. "Gong Shi?" She tried to make her tone casual. "That's right. Do you know her?"

A half-smile that could have concealed a sneer crossed her face. "Oh, I might have run into her a time or two."

Ji regarded himself in the mirror, adjusting his suit. "Well, good. We'll leave here at seven and pick up Wong and Gong Shi. Dinner is at Raffles. Wear something nice."

She leaned forward as he brushed her cheek with his lips. "Oh, I've got some killer outfits."

After Ji left, Tao stared at her reflection in the mirror. She thought to herself, Oh yes. Dinner with Gong Shi.

The bitch.

She opened her robe. She ran her hand along the curve of her breasts. She slipped her other hand down and parted the lips of her mound. She shivered under her deliberate stroking, remembering the clash of breasts and the wet slam of her cunt against Gong Shi's.

I hate that woman, she thought. I will mount her and destroy her. I will...I will...

Her thoughts lost coherence as she fell to the floor in orgasmic spasm, fluid spurting onto her twitching fingers.

At the same time that Tao was surrendering to her self-induced orgasm as she dreamed of sexual combat, Gong Shi Walker was preparing to get her day started. The petite dark-haired 47 year old woman selected a pair of custom-fitted black jeans and a tight, form-fitting sweater.

She sat on the bed and worked the jeans up over her thighs and past the blue G string. The lacy weave of the thong front revealed a dark patch of hair between her thighs. She then slipped the sweater over her shoulders and round, dark-nippled breasts. She usually didn't bother with a bra.

After she dressed, Gong Shi telephoned XingLi's, an exclusive spa and beauty salon. Using just the right tone of bitchiness (and a promise of a fifty to the woman who controlled appointments), she secured an 11:00 AM time slot for a facial, pedicure, manicure, and massage.

It was hot and humid outside as she went to the Merc. She hit the memory button on the seat and it automatically raised and moved forward to the optimum seating position for the short Chinese woman.

She was looking forward to tonight's dinner with anticipation. She had known for a week that she and Wong were going to dine with Ji and Tao Nun. With delicious eagerness, she imagined the oh-so-polite encounter with Tao. Their husbands, of course, knew nothing of their contests. The occasional bruise or scratch was explained away with some trivial excuse.

They would communicate their lust for battle with innuendo and subterfuge. They would say things to each other that superficially would sound sweet, but the subtext would be a verbal slap to the face. Their honeyed words would be like clawed hands to the breasts. The kind phrases would intrude like clutching fingers to the dripping cunt.

And who knew? They could contrive some time to be alone together. A trip to the ladies room, perhaps? Gong Shi gripped the leather covered steering wheel tightly and narrowed her dark brown eyes in sexual anger.

The parking valet at XingLi's drove off in her Merc. She entered the revolving door into the hushed sounds and pleasant fragrances of the spa. She gave her name to the receptionist who called another young lady up front to escort Gong Shi back to a changing room.

Inside the small room, Gong Shi removed her jeans and sweater. She slipped on a short peach-colored shift. She was naked under the shift except for her thong. Her nipples were evident through the thin cotton fabric.

During the next 45 minutes, Gong Shi enjoyed the ministrations of several young women as they pampered her hands, feet, and face. After the invigorating facial, she was led to the back of the spa for her massage. The massage room had several tables that could be hidden from view by curtains. Gong Shi saw that one other table was occupied, the curtains drawn for privacy.

The attendant said, "Your masseuse will be here in about ten minutes, Mrs. Nun."

Gong Shi sat on the table next to the occupied one. The attendant drew the curtain closed around her and left the room.

Gong Shi pulled the shift over her head and draped it on a folding chair. She stretched out on her back, nude except for her panties. She put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes.

Gong Shi heard the curtain across from her slide back quietly. She opened her eyes and raised herself onto one elbow. What was this?

With a sudden violent motion, the curtain surrounding her table was thrown open. She saw Tao Nun standing there. Like Gong Shi, she was wearing only brief panties.

Tao looked down at Gong Shi. Both women were conditioned by several encounters. Their bodies' reactions were beyond conscious control. Sexual rage inflamed their eyes. Their nipples swiftly became erect. The lips of their pussies became swollen. Beads of moisture appeared on the labia.

Tao said, in a poisonously sweet tone, "Why, Gong Shi darling! Imagine running into you here."

Gong Shi smiled. And bared her teeth.

Gong Shi slowly rose from the massage table. She maintained her smile as she moved closer to Tao, until their faces were six inches apart. Gong Shi's round, dark-nippled breasts were almost touching Tao's smaller, conical breasts.

The petite women faced each other, their arms akimbo.

Gong Shi said, "So, cunt. You're here to get pretty for our date?" Gong Shi tossed her head, her dark curls moving up and down.

Tao replied, "As if I'd get ready for you, bitch." She sneered. "This is solely for the benefit of your husband. I'd thought I'd show him what a woman looks like."

Gong Shi moved forward just a bit. She could feel her hard nipples barely graze Tao's breasts, about an inch below the year younger woman's nipples.

Gong Shi said, "Wong wouldn't look at you twice. He's got something better than a black dyed haired skank with the tits of a thirteen-year old and the pussy of a plastic love doll. And I bet your husband won't be able to keep his eyes off me."

Tao slowly raised her right hand. Her eyes narrowed. Gong Shi, in mirror image, brought her left hand up.

Tao growled, as her hand met Gong Shi's in a tight, finger-interlocked grip, "Ji wouldn't even fuck you with someone else's dick. He's got the real thing at home."

Gong Shi stared at Tao as their hands gripped each other. They started to press with their shoulders, pushing at each other. Their foreheads touched. As their one-armed contest continued, their bodies came into nearly full contact. Their swollen breasts merged and pressed against each other. They shifted the position of their legs and their thighs slipped together. The cloth of their thongs whispered together.

"Oh, you fucking slut-bitch," Tao said.

Gong Shi felt the moist exhalation of the other woman's breath. She pressed forward with her legs and slowly Tao backed up, until they came to the edge of Tao's massage table. Gong Shi continued to push forward, and brought her other arm up.

Tao suddenly worked her leg to the back of Gong Shi's, and pushed. Gong Shi went down in a sitting position, her round ass hitting the tile floor with a solid slap. She swung her leg rapidly, and Tao's balance was upset. Down she came.

Gong Shi pitched forward from the waist and pushed off with her legs. She landed on top of Tao as she was struggling to rise from the fall. Tao raised her arm and grabbed a handful of dark hair and pulled.

Gong Shi grunted in pain and slammed both her hands down onto Tao's naked breasts. Tao gasped in shock and pulled harder and rolled. She found herself on top of the younger woman. Gong Shi spread her legs quickly and formed a waist-scissors and squeezed.

Gong Shi panted, "I'll fuck you up, and I'll squeeze you until you explode!"

Tao got to her knees, with Gong Shi's strong thighs still clenched around her waist. The younger woman extended her arms and clutched onto Gong Shi's tits.

Gong Shi almost yelled from the pain. She was forced to relinquish her scissors. She placed her arms between Tao's and slowly pried the hands away from her aching breasts. Angry red marks indicated the pressure that Tao had used.

Just then, both women heard the lock jiggle. Someone was coming in.

Just like two little girls discovered doing something wrong, they quickly separated and got to their feet. They walked unsteadily towards their respective massage tables and pulled the curtains around them. They collapsed face down on the tables as the door opened.

The two masseuses walked in. Gong Shi's masseuse came in and said hello. Gong Shi's response was a non-committal grunt. The masseuse shrugged and went to work.

As the strong fingers dug into Gong Shi's shoulders and back, trickles of moisture oozed through the thin weave of her thong and fell on the massage table.

Forty-five minutes later, both women were dressed and exiting XingLi's. Tao was wearing slacks and a brown halter neck top. Both felt half-drugged from the brief intense encounter and the subsequent massage.

As Tao got into her Land Rover, she said, "See you tonight, bitch. This isn't finished."

Gong Shi stood by her Merc, her hair swirling in the brisk cold breeze. "I'll decide when things are finished, slut. I'll be ready."

The women drove off in opposite directions. Along the way, each of them envisioned tonight's dinner. Like opposing generals, they pondered strategy and tactics.