The Club 4 by Rino Asianised by Aussie Greg

Tao and Gong Shi  Final Battle

When Tao entered the bedroom, she saw that her husband had already removed everything but his boxers. She closed the door behind her, and went over to him. He turned around and pulled her into his arms.

He said, "How about it, darling? I'm more than ready."

She reached down and felt the rock-hard tube of flesh between his legs. She slipped her hand inside his shorts, and caressed his penis. One finger found a drop of slick, sticky moistness on the tip of his cock. She swirled her finger around it, and brought the smeared finger to her lips. He watched, mouth open, as she licked his pre-come off her finger.

She stepped back and flicked off the light switch. A dim glow from the bedside lamp illuminated them. He pulled off his boxers and stood there naked, his hard cock sticking straight out of his thin thatch of pubic hair. She undid the knot on the back of her neck and let the front of her dress fall forward. Her small, conical breasts appeared, crowned with stiff brown nipples.

She sat down on the bed and took his cock into her mouth. Ji groaned as Tao energetically sucked his penis to the root. She worked her muscular tongue over the head of his cock, paying particular attention to the underside of the glans. She pulled her head
back partway, and started to jack him off with her slim hand, her fist moving up and down on the fleshy tube.

Under her expert ministrations, Ji could not last long. Tao, sensing his impending orgasm, intensified the sucking and hand motion. Ji let out a long, guttural sound from the back of his throat. He placed his hand on the back of Tao's head, grabbing a handful of her hair. His hips bucked.

Tao felt the first forceful blast of come hit the back of her throat. She continued to pump his cock with her hand as she moved her head back. Another jet of semen landed on her tongue. She then pulled her mouth off his cock, and looked up at her husband. He yelled and spurted again. A white plume splashed on Tao's lipsticked mouth. She directed the cock downward. Another lunge of his hips, and a rope of come hit her neck. He sprayed again, looping a line on the top of her breasts.

When he finally finished, Tao was liberally decorated. She licked the semen from her lips and swallowed, as Ji collapsed on the bed.

She stood up and pulled the dress back over her come-streaked breasts. Ji said, "Uh...aren't you coming to bed?" His eyes were already drowsy.

She quickly pulled the covers back, and worked her husband into bed. She said, "I've got to clean up. You sleep."

Ji made a muffled snoring sound. Tao moved the covers up over his shoulder, turned out the bedside lamp, and left the room. She would go do battle with her husband's secretions on her skin, like ribbons of valor.

Meanwhile, Gong Shi was flat on her back on one of the double beds in the guestroom. Her dress was pulled down in front, the straps untied. Her husband was thrusting his diamond-hard cock between her round breasts, panting as he did so.

Gong Shi's head was against a pillow. With each thrust of the penis between her tits, she moved her mouth forward, and the head of the cock bullied its way in. The tip of his cock was wet and shiny. She pushed her breasts together and made a tunnel that was getting slick with sweat and pre-come.

Wong's hips moved faster as he tit-fucked his wife. He looked down at the lewd way his wife licked the tip of his thrusting cock. It set him over the edge. With a roar, he spilled his semen in spurting streams that hit his wife's lips and mouth. Each contraction of his buttocks meant another spray of come, pooling in the hollow of her neck and coating the valley between her breasts.

After he finished coming, he collapsed backwards on the bed. Gong Shi wasted no time in arranging the covers and pillows of the bed. Soon her husband was tucked in.

She brought the front of her dress up and retied the straps on her shoulder. The material of the dress was sticky against the wet semen spattered between her breasts. She left the room and headed downstairs. She would do battle with her husband's secretions on
her skin, like ribbons of valor.

Gong Shi found the stairs easily and walked down. She was barefoot, and didn't make a sound. Off the main hall, she found the other flight of stairs that led down to the basement. The entrance to the basement was through a broad, short hallway. She could make out the flickering of firelight.

She turned the corner into a large, carpeted room with casual furniture along the walls and a small fireplace. A brisk fire was blazing there. A couple of candles were also burning. The fireplace and candles were the only light in the room.

Suddenly a match flared. She saw the figure of Tao across the room, lighting one last candle. She blew out the match and tossed it into the fireplace. She came forward into the firelight, and Gong Shi saw that she still wore the dark red backless dress. She was also barefoot. And Gong Shi knew that Tao was just as naked under her dress as she was.

Tao was quiet, regarding her rival with steady eyes. She was eager, but she was also relaxed. She felt fit and warmed up.

Gong Shi came into the room and stood a few feet away from the blonde. She noticed the drying streaks on Tao's skin, the stains on her dress. She said, "I see you managed to pacify your man."

Tao saw the tracks on Gong Shi's skin. "As you did."

Gong Shi said, "And when this is over? Will I taste the pleasure of your husband's favors?"

Tao said, "It'll be me who does the tasting, bitch."

The women started to slowly circle each other. They kept their hands down by their sides, the fingers flexing. They kept their eyes on each other, seeking a clue where the first strike would spring from.

Their bare feet made light skritching noises as they walked and circled. The candles and firelight danced on their skin. Outside the high windows along one wall of the basement, the wind moaned and the palm fronds scratched against the glass.

Their movements brought them along opposite sides of the sofa, near the ends. The walked towards the center of the couch, Gong Shi in back of it. The faced each other over the barrier.

"Do you feel safe over there, baby?" Tao said, taunting.

"As if I'd feel endangered anywhere around you, slut," Gong Shi shot back.

"Then come on over, baby," Tao hissed.

"Why don't you make me?" Gong Shi said.

The schoolyard repartee inflamed Tao. She reached quickly and grabbed the front of Gong Shi's dress and pulled sharply. The straps broke and the front of the dress fell down and Gong Shi's round, dark-nippled breasts came into view, the globes beautiful in the candlelight. Her husband's semen tracks could clearly be seen between the tits.

Gong Shi returned the favor. With a backhand swipe of her arm, she pulled the front of Tao's dark red dress down, tearing the thin cloth. Tao's high, conical, brown-nippled breasts flashed out.

Both women stood there a second, viewing each other. Then Gong Shi leaped over the back of the couch and slammed into her enemy. The two petite fighters hit the carpeted floor with a thud, and they flailed away at each other, ripping the rest of their clothing to shreds as they tumbled back and forth on the floor.

When they pulled back from each other to catch their breath, only a few tattered scraps of the expensive dresses remained. Tao's sparsely-haired cunt was visible, the lips of her pussy slightly open. She could see Gong Shi's dark tangle of pubic hair, the labia winking into view now and again.

They got to their feet, naked except for a few strips of cloth. Both women brushed away the remnants of their dresses and stared angrily at each other.

Gong Shi said, "What kind of a woman are you? Are your tits good enough to go against mine?" She thrust her chest out, her round breasts bouncing.

Tao retorted, "My tits will bend yours flat." With that, she jumped at Gong Shi and wrapped her arms her with a bone-crushing bear hug. Tao's higher, conical breasts, with nipples as hard as little pebbles, met Gong Shi's bigger, but softer globes.

Gong Shi gasped as the hard little points of Tao's nipples dug into her breast flesh. Her own nipples lengthened in response. She also threw her arms around the blonde woman, and they shuddered, standing upright, fighting for balance. Their naked bodies pressed against each other, and their foreheads leaned hard together. They grimaced as their breasts fought and tangled, raking from side to side to score the tender skin.

Their hips slammed into each other as they struggled for balance. Their pubic hair brushed together as their cunts grew wet and swollen, the clits becoming hot needles of sensation.

Gong Shi felt her feet move too close together. Her stability faltered, and Tao, sensing advantage, leaned into her. Gong Shi toppled backwards onto the carpet, with Tao right on top. They hit the floor, and Gong Shi's legs were driven apart by the 46 year old Tao's hips.

Their pussies made slamming contact. Tao's inflamed labia smacked into Gong Shi's vulva, and both women cried out in sudden pain and unexpected animal pleasure. Tao spread her legs to open her cunt lips and expose the pink tube of her clitoris. She plunged her hips down and felt her clit slide into Gong Shi's cunt and tangle with the older woman's stiff pearl.

Gong Shi felt waves of sensation radiate from her crotch. She knew that she would have a screaming orgasm if this continued, and that must not happen.

Gong Shi grabbed two handfuls of black hair and pulled up. Tao grunted as her head was pulled up, but she continued her frenzied fucking, her eyes shut and mouth open. Gong Shi let go of the hair with one hand, and reached between them, to Tao's left breast. Gong Shi felt the firm tit and her fingers found the nipple. She positioned her thumbnail and forefinger and squeezed hard.

Tao yelped and rolled away from Gong Shi, her hand tenderly cradling the wounded tit. Gong Shi lay there a second, her cunt wide open and leaking female juices, as she caught her breath.

Tao propped herself up on one arm, still holding onto her breast. She looked at Gong Shi and said, "Goddamn bitch! Fucking cunt!"

Gong Shi got to her knees, hands resting on her thighs. "I am not going to lose this one, bitch!"

Tao also rose to her knees, facing her rival. "We'll see about that."

Gong Shi said, "Let's go straight to the sexfight,. That's what we're here for."

Tao nodded. "Cunt-to-cunt it is."

The two women sat down on the floor and moved forward. Their legs entwined and they pressed their cunts together. They wrapped their arms around each other and pressed themselves firmly against each other. Their breasts merged and they moved their heads to each other's shoulders. Their faces were expressionless as they shifted position for their best contact.

Their arms and shoulders pulled, and they started to rock together. Their wet cunts slapped into each other, and the fluids started to flow and leak from between their thighs. They muttered obscenities and threats as the slapping of the cunts became faster. Their eyes closed as they fought to make the other woman come and to prevent their own treacherous orgasm.

The staccato beat of their hips increased. Intelligible words disappeared, to be replaced with grunts and moans. Their breasts continued to slip and bump, stiff nipples sending electric jolts of sensation to their brains.

Their heads drew back from the shoulders and they opened their eyes and looked at each other as the cunt battle continued. Their eyes became glazed and their breath was hot and moist.

Tao's moan reached a higher pitch and her body started to rock. Her hips lost the rhythm of the sexual combat.

In an erotic haze, Gong Shi saw her advantage and pressed it. She knew she was close herself, but Tao was closer. She grabbed the sides of Tao's face with her hands, and slammed her open mouth onto Tao's. Her hot, questing tongue dived into Tao's mouth and met Tao's thrashing tongue.

Tao lost it. She let loose of Gong Shi and fell backwards onto the floor, as Gong Shi continued to hump her with furious effort.


Tao came. She screamed a series of high-pitched howls as her body shook with the incredible orgasm. She felt her pelvis and vagina contract in sharp, searing waves of raw lust, and her cunt expelled a hot flow of juice. Her breasts shook, the erect nipples
dancing their own erotic celebration.

The spurt of Tao's juices into Gong Shi's cunt was enough to trigger her own orgasm. She moaned and fell forwards slowly, her body shuddering as it came into contact with Tao's still climaxing body. Gong Shi let loose a long, undulating cry as she came, her own sexual fluids issuing forth from her cunt.

After her breathing subsided, Gong Shi rolled off Tao and lay flat on her back. She knew it wasn't over. The battle was always to submission. One of them would have to give up.

For five minutes they lay there. Then Tao got to her feet, unsteadily. She looked down at Gong Shi, her petite body resting in the sensual candle light. The bitch would pay.

Tao opened the drawer on an end-table. She reached in and pulled out two paper-wrapped objects. She turned around to see Gong Shi also getting to her feet.

Tao said, "Round two, whore. Choose your weapon."

Tao removed the paper and held both objects, one in each hand.

Gong Shi almost laughed. Tao held two large dildos. Each one was ten inches long and two inches thick, incredibly realistic in color and texture. What made these different were the handles. Each one had a handle like a sword, with a hilt and pommel. The handle was made of carved ivory.

Gong Shi took one. She slipped her hand around the handle and hefted it. The artificial penis was a heavy, flexible plastic, with detailed veins and tendons. The glans was velvety smooth. She stroked the plastic cock with her other hand. It was so realistic she thought it could ejaculate if she stroked it enough.

Gong Shi looked at Tao. She was crouched in a fighting position, the sword-dildo held in her right hand. She was swinging it back and forth, her eyes fixed on Gong Shi.

Gong Shi assumed her own fighting position. She bent down a little, her sword-dildo also in her right hand. The two small naked women circled each other, sword hand moving in slow dances, as they checked for an opening.

Tao feinted right. Gong Shi moved her sword-dildo to counter, but Tao ducked to the left, and thrust forward. Her weapon made a stabbing punch to Gong Shi's gut. It didn't really hurt, but it enraged the older woman. She swung her weapon down, and the plastic dong hit Tao's dildo. Gong Shi saw a brief opening and closed.

Tao was pressed backwards by Gong Shi's advance. Gong Shi thrust her weapon up. The head of the dildo went home like a guided missile, and Tao had six inches of plastic dick up her twat.

She grunted and swung her own sword-dildo up. The head slid along Gong Shi's slick crotch for a second, then found the opening. Tao snarled, and fucked the weapon home. Now both women had their sword-dildos buried into the other's cunt. Standing their, they worked the artificial penises up and down and liquid started to ooze around the thick plastic schlongs as they worked the handles, trying to get even more of the outrageous weapons buried in their rival's vaginas.

Tao suddenly pulled her weapon out of Gong Shi's pussy, and grabbed Gong Shi's sword hand. The wet dildo pulled out of her cunt with a distinct plop as she pulled Gong Shi's hand out and up. She positioned her feet for good balance and swung Gong Shi around so that she was against one wall.

The quick movement had surprised Gong Shi. She was taken by surprise as Tao pushed her against the wall with a strong forearm against her chest. She tried to break the hold with her hands, but Tao quickly broke her concentration as she drew her arm back and swung it in, impaling Gong Shi's cunt forcefully with the dildo.

Gong Shi yelled as eight inches of the sword-dildo penetrated her vagina. The tip of the artificial dick pressed against her cervix. Never in her life had she been penetrated so deeply.

Tao held her forearm against Gong Shi's chest as she twirled and thrust with the thick plastic penis. She could hear the slurpy noises as Gong Shi's cunt gripped the weapon and spewed forth more fluid in desperate lubrication.

Gong Shi was seconds away from a devastating orgasm. She reached down with her hands and grabbed onto Tao's sword arm. She gripped it tightly and let her feet buckle under her. The weight of her body was suddenly on Tao's arm, and she was forced to pull the dildo from Gong Shi's vagina.

As Gong Shi crumpled to the ground, she saw an opportunity. She thrust upward with her sword-dildo and slipped it into Tao's dripping cunt. Tao screamed in pleasure and rage. Gong Shi thrust upward again. As Tao tried to dance her way off the dildo, she lost her balance and fell onto her back. The dildo popped out.

Gong Shi was on her like a hawk. She spread Tao's legs roughly, and slammed the dildo down into the sparsely-haired, swollen cunt. Keeping her distance, she rapidly fucked her rival with the plastic weapon. 

It was now Tao's turn to face impending orgasm. With her last bit of will, she kicked out. Her foot hit Gong Shi in the stomach, knocking her backwards.

Tao got to her knees and made her way rapidly over to Gong Shi. She swung her legs over and sat down on the dark-haired woman's chest, her cunt resting over Gong Shi's sternum. She was facing Gong Shi's feet.

With her legs pinning Gong Shi's chest down, Tao spread Gong Shi's legs wide apart. She held the legs apart with one hand, and raised her weapon high overhead. She brought it down in a perfect swing, and buried it in Gong Shi's cunt.

Gong Shi gasped. She was able to work her weapon arm free. She looked forward, and saw Tao's naked ass resting on her tits. She got her left hand free and pushed forward on Tao's butt. It wasn't sufficient to throw her off, but it was enough to expose Tao's pussy. Gong Shi stuck the dildo into Tao's steaming wet cunt.

The women were in a perverse sixty-nine, working the huge plastic cocks in an out of each other's vaginas. They started to move their hands faster, with wet squelching noises issuing from the violated cunts. Each woman wore a grimly determined look on her face.

Tao had the advantage of gravity. She raised her upper body and used both hands to slam the dildo into Gong Shi's gushing cunt. Gong Shi was starting to cry as she realized that the end was near. She worked her own weapon into Tao's pussy, but her strokes had less power as the battle went on.

Tao held onto the handle of the sword-dildo with a strong double-handed grip as she plunged the cock down and twisted it from side to side. She could see the front of Gong Shi's pelvis bulge outward as she fucked the giant plastic cock into Gong Shi's sodden cunt. She looked like she was churning butter as she worked the dildo faster and faster.

Gong Shi's eyes lost focus. The orgasm came out of the night like rolling thunder and took her. She screamed and wept as her body shook. Her cunt was on fire and spewing juice around the pistoning plastic penis. Her hands fell away from her own weapon, and the dildo slipped out of Tao's cunt.

Still Tao fucked her with the dildo. Gong Shi was in continuous orgasm now, her body going from peak to trough to peak, the pure pleasure swinging into pure pain and back again.

Finally, Gong Shi found voice. "Oh, GOD! NO MORE, PLEASE GOD, NO MORE!"

Tao stopped thrusting. She brought her tired hands up to rest on her hips, as she sat back, her butt still sitting on Gong Shi's tits. The dildo popped out of Gong Shi's pussy, and sexual fluids that were dammed up by the plastic cock spewed out in an arcing stream to
stain the carpet.

One more thing to do. Tao turned around and brought her cunt up to Gong Shi's mouth.

Gong Shi looked up and saw Tao look down at her. Tao's wet pussy clamped around her mouth.

Gong Shi did what she had to do. She licked her rival to a short, sharp orgasm. After Tao's victory climax, she smeared her cunt lips over Gong Shi's face until it was shiny. Gong Shi would taste the sharp and tangy flavor of Tao's cunt for a while.