The 7 Kingdom Wars China 234BC Part 1 by Sega

Asianised with permission


Ying Zheng, ruler of the Quin (Chin(Chen)),) was set to embark on his conquest of the Han, Wei, Chu, Yan, Zhao and Qi empires. And succeed he did. In quick succession the Han(233 BC), Zhao(228 BC), Yan(227 BC), Wei(225 BC), Chu(223 BC) and finally Qi(221 BC), fell to his forces. China was unified under one centralized authority for the first time in its history. Yin Zheng (for whom the Tomb of the Underground Warriors in Xian was made) took the title of Qin Shihuang, "The First Emperor" as he had unified China for the first time.

Despite their dislike of each other these kingdoms feared the Qin expansion and therefore reluctantly engaged in limited cooperation. This story is set against this background.


I'm not scared of her, said Liu Mang to herself but, once again, Xu Mu's foot lashed out, getting her in the belly. Liu Mang Yan moaned and crouched, breathing through clenched teeth. Retreating, she saw out of the corner of her eyes, the taller Xu Mu, her breasts heaving, cautiously taking a step towards her. The peasants and farmers gathered around the two women held their breath.

"C'mon, granma!" shouted a little boy. It was Du Fu, Liu Mang's grandson.

Long haired Liu Mang raised her arms, eyeing her taller foe. The bitch! She was strong, she was damned strong. That short haired tavern owner surely deserved her fame! Hissing in effort, Xu Mu unleashed a most powerful kick, but Liu Mang jumped aside at the last moment, avoiding the devastating blow. The crowd let an 'ooooh' of surprise and then, Liu Mang leaped at her foe, shoving the much feared tavern owner with all her might.

Caught off guard by the farmer's wife's surge, Xu Mu stumbled backwards, falling in the mud. She tried to get up, but Liu Mang kicked her in her face.

"That's it, Liu Mang! Go on! Go on!" urged Wang, the farmer's wife's husband, as the tall short haired woman fell back on her butt, looking at Liu Mang in disbelief. She felt a warm creek of blood pouring on her chin. She tried to get up, but her hands slid in the mud and Liu Mang dived on her, forcing the short haired woman flat on her back. A violent struggle ensued and both women began to pant, rolling and snaking in the mud. After a while, Liu Mang succeeded in maneuvering Xu Mu onto her right side and then, as the tall short haired woman twisted wildly, she got her in a neck lock.

A most powerful neck lock, realized Xu Mu, breathing heavily. Her husband the tavern owner pursed his lips and shouted:

"Scratch her face, Xu Mu! Scratch her!"

The others mumbled. Poor Lin Sen! Not only was he henpicked but he was not at all aware that Liu Mang and Xu Mu were fighting because his wife Xu Mu offered rice farmer Wang to go with her in the wood, away from the farmers and peasants gathered in the meadow, for the Harvest Festival. She knew a well-hidden spot, near a spring. 

Wang was Liu Mang's man and he was bewildered by this straight proposal. He simply looked at the tall woman, unable to utter a single word when the short haired woman grabbed his hand, smiling at him. However, Liu Mang saw how the short haired woman bitch was trying to steal her man - it was a most common thing during the Harvest Festival - and she left the table where she ate and drank with her friends, joining her husband and Xu Mu. Neither Liu Mang, nor Wang were young anymore, but they both looked damned well, and Xu Mu was always willing to "try" a strong and proud man…

Wang, the farmer, was indeed, strong and proud. Rumors said he owed the longest hard dick around the Xia Valley. In fact probably all of the Chu Kingdom (now Hubei on the Yangze River). Besides, Xu Mu also wanted to show everyone that she could steal, anytime, with impunity, any woman's man from the valley. Xu Mu was tall and big. Xu Mu was feared. Xu Mu was the strongest woman in the Xia Valley. She was a bully, damn her! And, above all, she was paid to challenge the strong farmer's wife…

But Liu Mang decided to not step aside. 

Liu Mang hardened the neck lock, making the short haired woman moan. She's not that strong, thought the farmer's wife. I wonder why the other women feared her so much…

"Scratch her, Xu Mu! Scratch the bitch!" shouted Lin Sen again.

"Strangle her, Liu Mang!" shouted Wang, the farmer, tapping his grandson on the shoulder. "Be proud of your grandma," he said.

But he was anxious. As everyone else around, he was well aware of Xu Mu's fame.
The tall, short haired woman began to breathe quickly. She desperately tried to lay her muddy hand on the farmer's wife's face, but strong Liu Mang always turned her face, leaning with all her weight on her foe. I must not let her breathe! She must not breathe, damn her!

However, Xu Mu was fighting back. She had her fame to stand for. She hooked Liu Mang's left thigh with her foot, and hugged her, trying to roll the farmer's wife belly up, but the farmer's wife held on. Breathing in short gasps, she pressed her chin on her foe's neck and leaned over Xu Mu's face with all her weight. The short haired woman let out a moan of pain and her foot slipped off Liu Mang's thigh.

"Fight, grandma… Fight!" shouted small Du Fu.

Gathering her strength, Xu Mu snaked and wriggled in the mud, trying to relieve the pressure of the farmer's wife's hold. The men and the women around began to mumble but still, the much feared tavern owner remained beneath her foe, unable to escape the dreadful hold. Liu Mang hardened the waist hug, and felt, in relief, that she over powered her foe. She strengthened the neck lock, and Xu Mu went stiff, trying to keep going. Some moments passed by and Liu Mang felt the crowd's anxious eyes stick to them. Everyone waited. Would Xu Mu escape the hold? Would Liu Mang finish off her foe?

It was a much awaited clash, since Xu Mu had became the most feared woman around. Everyone said that only Liu Mang could stand any chance in facing the tall tavern owner, and many thought that Xu Mu provoked the fight only to prove who the best woman in Xia's Valley was.

It was half true…

Xu Mu began to throw herself about. She tried to hit Liu Mang in the thighs with her foot, but the farmer's wife hardened the lock until her foe began to make choking sounds. Overwhelmed, Xu Mu went stiff. She looked around and saw Liu Mang Yan, the Chu court mandarin from the capital of Wuhan, who had paid her a week ago. He wanted to make sure if the feared tavern owner was in peak condition. I'll crush that bitch, she had said Xu Mu, when Yen Shi-Shan mentioned Liu Mang's name as a challenger.

"Strangle her, Liu Mang!" shouted Wang. "Strangle her! The big cow is almost out…"

Desperately, Xu Mu began to punch Liu Mang in the kidneys, but her blows were too weak. The farmer's wife increased the pressure of her hold, making the short haired woman groan. Seeing the court official staring at her and fearful of her promised rewards, Xu Mu did her best to resist. She grabbed the farmer's wife's mane and yanked her head backwards, but this only enraged Liu Mang who hardened the neck lock even more. Some moments passed by and then, Xu Mu suddenly exhaled and rolled belly up, unable to resist anymore. Neck caught under Liu Mang's armpit, she raised her left calf in the air, while her right leg stretched straight in the mud; an obvious sign of yielding. Her grey robe had already rolled up, exhibiting her powerful thighs.

"There she is, Liu Mang! She's yours!" shouted her husband.

The farmer's wife knew Xu Mu reputation well, however, and she hastily mounted her, wanting to make sure she defeated her. The taller woman bucked in desperation and managed to roll on her belly; panting loudly, she tried to crawl away from beneath the farmer's wife, but Liu Mang hung on, placing her buttocks over her foe's. Then, she grabbed Xu Mu's short greasy mane and, leaning on the short haired woman's head, she forced her face in the mud. A collective gasp of astonishment ran through the farmers, as they all understood that Big Mouth Xu Mu had finally met her 'teacher', as they said in the mountains near Xia. No other country woman, maid, farmer's wife or whatever, had managed to beat her. But it seemed that Xu Mu's good times were gone…

"Get up, Xu Mu! Get the hell up!" urged her husband Lin Sen, but the feared tavern owner could barely move. Liu Mang leant with all her weight on the back of her head, slowly but steadily burying Xu Mu's face in the mud. The short haired woman began to squirm, frantically, desperately, as she ran out of air - she pushed on both palms, she writhed and she twisted, but there was no way she could dismount heavy Liu Mang. The women gathered around the camp fire started to shout in rhythm, enjoying Xu Mu's defeat and Liu Mang placed her knee over her foe's back of the neck, while still burying her face in the mud with both hands.

"Fantastic!" shouted the Chu court mandarin.

Xu Mu understood it was all over: her reign over the other women of the valley had reached an end, a most shameful end. She threw herself about, trying to break free for the last time, but the shouts she heard from the on-lookers reminded her of the day when she defeated Wei, the wild woman from the big city. Her movements became uncoordinated, as she lacked air, but big Liu Mang didn't stop the punishment. Damn Yen Shi-Shan's money - desperately, Xu Mu managed to twist her face and she screamed:

"I… I give… damn it, woman… I giiive!"

Liu Mang, however, wouldn't halt the punishment. She leaned as hard as she could on her knee, sensing that her knee cap was crushing her foe's neck. That will teach her a lesson!

Xu Mu began to yell in desperation: "Noo… nooooooo… noooooooooooo… Please… Let me be! Let me beeeee!"

"Let go of her! Set her free, Liu! You've beaten her! It's enough!"

It's only then that Liu Mang, the farmer's wife from Xia, set her foe free and got up, acclaimed by the farmers and peasants gathered in the meadow.

"Will you fight me anymore, whore?" asked big Liu Mang.

Xu Mu rolled belly up, happy to suck in the much needed air. Tears were flowing down on her cheeks as her husband looked at her, despising her for her defeat. Yen Shi-Shan, the mandarin, was already going away. He knew very well what he had to do from now on.

"Will you fight with me anymore, bitch?" asked Liu Mang once more, placing her dirty foot on Xu Mu's heaving chest.

"No… No…" mumbled Big Mouth Xu Mu, awkwardly squirming in the mud. "Please, … No!"

The crowd cheered Liu Mang, especially the women. Wang's wife was known as being good company. She never stole any man from another woman. She gossiped with them, she sometimes indulged herself in drinking too much rice wine (who didn't?) but she never fought without a reason, although she was a big woman too... She was, well, she was a good wife.

"See? That's my grandma!" bragged small Du Fu, as the heaving farmer's wife approached her husband.
"I knew I would beat her…" smiled Liu Mang. "I really knew I was better than her…"

In less than a day, the rumor ran through the whole valley: Liu Mang had defeated Big Mouth Xu Mu, in a straight fight, before numerous witnesses, at the Spring Fair…

Nan Yang in HeNan Province Wei 235BC

Yan Sham couldn't believe her eyes. Buried in the haystack, Mu Zi Mei was riding Wu, Yan Sham's husband. Wu was forcefully pumping the Chinese woman, making her moan in deep pleasure.

"OhYessssssssss… Yes, Wu! Ooooooooooohhhhh!" shouted Mu Zi. Tears filled the short haired Yan Sham's eyes as she understood why lately, her beloved Wu seemed to lack passion when he fucked her. It was Mu Zi! It was only this damned Mu Zi who was sucking him off! Wu began to thrust his hips harder and harder, letting out deep moans, while Mu Zi was riding him for all she was worth.

"Mu Zi… Mu Zi… Mu Zi…" 

Oh, my God! He comes! He comes in that cow's cunt! - thought Yan Sham, unable to avert her eyes from the sight of her groaning husband. Shaking, he was deeply and mightily fucking that bitch! That whore… Mu Zi, the swordmaker's wife…Mu Zi's hoarse moans showed clearly that she was coming too - her full breasts swayed forcefully and she started to hiss, rhythmically. Yan Sham couldn't stand the sight anymore and rushed in, deciding to put a halt to their ecstasy..
"You, bloody whore…" she shouted, as she grabbed Mu Zi by her mane, forcefully pulling her off Wu. Out of the corner of her eye, Yan Sham saw her husband's proud flagpole, spitting his last drops of semen in the air, while the swordmaker's wife let a shriek of bewilderment.

"What the hell…"

Her exclamation ended up in a scream, as Yan Sham shoved her on the ground, right near the stables.
"Whore!" yelled the short haired woman, throwing a kick at Mu Zi's hard butts.

"Ayyy!" screamed the semi naked woman and grabbed a hanging harness, hoisting herself up. She turned to face her assaulter, but a punch exploded in her face, throwing her against the wooden wall of the stables, right in front of two horses who looked at her with empty eyes.

"Yan Sham!" said Mu Zi, opening wide her eyes. "Wu told me you went to see your mother!"

"D'ye think I'm stupid? D'ye think I'm stupid, whore?" yelled the short haired woman before charging the swordmaker's wife. She delivered wild slaps at Mu Zi's face, making her cover her head. "Take that! And that! And that too!" screamed the furious short haired woman, as Mu Zi retreated along the wall, crouching. Her long, grey robe was rolled around her waist, hindering Mu Zi from easily moving and also showing off her much envied breasts.

"I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" threatened Yan Sham as she prepared to kick the other woman but then, the swordmaker's wife let a savage yell and charged Wu's wife, embracing her. Screaming, the entangled women pushed and shoved each other for awhile before they fell to the ground, yelling and cursing. Wu couldn't believe his eyes. The wild bitches were slapping, scratching and biting, as they rolled from here to there, in the barn. He readily pulled up his pants, buttoning them, unable to take his eyes away from the two women that struggled savagely.

Oh my God, he realized, that's a real fight! They will go to the very end, he understood. 

Both were big and strong. Yan Sham managed to bite Mu Zi's bare shoulder, but the swordmaker's wife succeeded in getting the short haired woman by the hair, pulling her head back for all she was worth. They were giving brief moans of effort and soon, Yan Sham got atop. She sunk her teeth deeper and deeper in the swordmaker's wife's flesh, making her shriek, but the latter held on, bucking and squirming. She was pulling harder and harder on the short haired woman's mane, trying to arch her head. Yan Sham gave a muffled shriek and sought for the brunette's eyes, trying to gouge them, but then, Mu Zi powerfully bucked her hips, making the short haired woman lose her balance. Yan Sham gave a yell and Mu Zi violently rolled, managing to get atop.

Wu's wife continued to bite her foe's shoulder as hard as she could, making Mu Zi yell from the bottom of her lungs. However, she could not stop Mu Zi making it to her throat, biting too, and making Yan Sham scream in dismay. She thrashed beneath the swordmaker's wife, desperately trying to escape the killing bite, and Mu Zi seized her chance then, fully mounting Wu's wife and pinning her to the ground.
The short haired woman began to slap her foe from underneath, but Mu Zi steadied her position over her rival's chest and went for the choke. The short haired woman let a scream and started to buck her hips like a wild horse. However, she realized she couldn't dismount the swordmaker's wife and then, she threw forth both hands, grabbing her full tits.

"Ayyyy! I'll kill you for that, Yan Sham!" shouted Mu Zi and she began to slap her foe. 

Yan Sham let a scream, but she held on to the breasts, making Mu Zi shriek from the bottom of her lungs.

"You… bitch!" shouted the swordmaker's wife, rolling off her foe.

Eyes wide open and breathing in fast pace, the short haired woman crawled backwards. She tried to get up, but Mu Zi charged her on the spot, forcing Yan Sham on her back. The short haired woman bucked wildly, but her foe readily grabbed her mane, pinning her head to the ground. Wu's wife gave a loud shout then, realizing that she was at her foe's disposal. She bucked, helplessly, she squirmed, but there was no way she could stop Mu Zi.

"I gotcha, stupid bitch!" snarled the swordmaker's wife and her fists began to pound into Yan Sham's face, crushing her nostrils and tearing her lips. Wu's wife screamed, unable to defend herself and Mu Zi snarled, in triumph, punching her foe harder and harder. Blood began to pour heavily on the short haired woman's face while all she could do was to slap back. Her blows, however, were too weak to stop the other woman's blows.

"Damn it, women! Stop that!" shouted Wu, unable to believe his eyes, but Mu Zi went on, unabated, fuelled by her foe's weak retaliation.

Yan Sham understood too that she couldn't hold on for long and she once more struggled to break free from beneath Mu Zi. She began to throw her legs from side to side, she bucked and she twisted madly - but she found no way out: Mu Zi was too strong for her. Soon, she began to let brief screams of frustration, while the swordmaker's wife turned her face to raw meat. Again, she sought for her foe's breasts, but Mu Zi steadied the ride and put her shins over the short haired woman's spread arms, pinning her to the ground.

Wu couldn't believe his eyes. When he began his affair with Mu Zi, his most dreaded fear was… Yan Sham. His wife was known as the strongest woman in the county - a wild woman who had always succeeded in taming her foes… In fact, there was no lady around who dared to engage Yan Sham in a clash. Lilei, the whore, escaped Wu's wife only by running away, and strong Zhou, the tailor's wife, could now barely walk, half-crippled after the wild fight she had with Yan Sham.

"Now, take that, bitch!" said Mu Zi, hoarsely, as she grabbed Yan Sham's hair, banging her head against the ground.

The short haired woman held on to Mu Zi's bare breasts, desperately scratching them, but it was obvious that she couldn't stand the head banging. Suddenly, Mu Zi took a deep breath and slammed Yan Sham's head to the ground with all her might. The powerful, short haired woman went limp on the spot and Mu Zi let out a triumphant shout. Her hands clutched to the short haired woman's throat then, and she began to choke Wu's wife for all she was worth.

"I am the woman your man wants to fuck, bitch! He wants to fuck me, not you!" she hissed. 
"Mu Zi, stop that! You kill her!" said Wu. His wife was already jerking her muscled legs, unable to breathe anymore. Scratching the ground with her fingers, she was babbling something, but Mu Zi went on, unabated. She felt the warm moisture that poured off her cunt and then, she readily made up her mind.

She knew how to fully take revenge on Wu's wife. It was the usual way between women. She even saw it once, after a whore's fight in a back street of the capital.

She got up only to place her butts over the short haired woman's face.

"Now, taste that!" she hissed. "It's your husband's cum, stupid cow!" she said, rocking her voluminous butts over Yan Sham's face.

The short haired woman began to jerk her arms and legs in brief spasms. She gave muffled shrieks, but still, Mu Zi went on.

"Let her be, Mu Zi! You kill her!" shouted Wu.

"So, what?" asked Mu Zi. "Who started it?"

"Get off her, Mu Zi! We were just having fun! I fucked you for fun! Why should you kill her for?"

However, she didn't stop.

"I told you to stop it! I don't want to end up beheaded!" shouted Wu and grabbed Mu Zi by the hair, dragging her off his wife. He shoved her away, slamming her against the nearest wall.

"You, bastard!" shouted Mu Zi, as she got up. "What the hell are you doing?"

"You were killing Yan Sham, damn it!" he said, pointing a finger to his wife, who was barely breathing on the ground. He felt weird then, as he saw his semen emptied into Mu Zi now sprayed on Yan Sham's cheeks. She never allowed him to mouth fuck her, he thought.

"You are stupid!" said Mu Zi, furiously, and she rushed to Wu, slapping him as hard as she could.
Wu's eyes popped. She hit him really hard.

"Damn you, woman!" he said and approached her. His cheek was burning. "You, bloody whore!" he cursed and he slapped her at his turn. Mu Zi's eyes threw wild glares then. She took a deep breath and slapped Wu back, almost stunning him.

"Damn you, Mu Zi!" he said, breathing quickly. "You will bloody pay for this!"

"Yeah?… Better take out your ugly wife and get out of the barn, Wu!"

"Fuck your arse! Not before you pay for this slap!" said the young man, looking with wild eyes at Mu Zi. He weighed her up. She was as tall as he was (and Wu was one of the tallest men in the Kingdom of Wei) but she was only a woman, damned her! How dare she slap him?

Wu rushed at her, trying to tumble her in the hay, but Mu Zi engaged him in a test of strength. They began to struggle for control. The young man pushed her as hard as she could, but Mu Zi held on. She propped her forehead against his and shoved him backwards, pushing with her strong legs. He retreated quickly, trying to make her lose her balance, but Mu Zi bent and parted her legs like a man, still fighting him.
He rushed in then, but she resisted, looking at him with wild eyes. She's a hell of a woman, said Wu to himself. He was somehow embarrassed, but Mu Zi's wild pull and shove made him gather his strength, trying to get her in a neck lock that would wear her out, once and for all. By then, Yan Sham had half risen, looking bewildered at the violent struggle between her husband and his mistress. Wu did his best to capture Mu Zi's neck under his arm, but his fast paced breathing showed obviously that the woman matched him in strength. Suddenly, she pushed him with all her might, forcing him against the wall and, after awhile, the man couldn't avoid anymore the mutual hug that the woman seemed to seek.

Yan Sham covered her mouth with her hands and her eyes popped out. Her husband was giving all that he could but still, he couldn't overcome the swordmaker's wife. Covered in embarrassment, Wu tried to tumble the wild woman, but Mu Zi pushed harder, pressing him against the wall.

"Bloody woman!" he hissed. He broke the hug and slapped her powerfully, throwing Mu Zi backwards. She grinned, in fury and then, she jumped at him, shoving Wu backwards in a wild outburst of power. Bewildered by her surge, the man stumbled and his back hit the wooden wall of the barn. He slapped her as hard as he could, but then, Mu Zi let a scream and she began to slap him so rapidly that Wu had to crouch, covering his head.

"Wu…" mumbled Yan Sham, hardly believing her eyes.

"Let's get finished with this stupid game!" he hissed and he charged his opponent, throwing punch after punch to the face but then, Mu Zi slapped him even harder, dazing the young mason. Bewildered, Wu punched her with all his might, but the swordmaker's wife held on and soon, her heavy slaps overwhelmed him. The mason retreated once more and soon, he found himself cornered, right near the cows that were ruminating, as if nothing happened. Desperate, he tried to fight back, but the woman's slaps were too hard for him - suddenly, one of her powerful blows got him in the balls, knocking his air off, and Wu crouched in front of Mu Zi, helplessly.

"Damit, woman!" he hissed, but the woman was now slapping him in the back of his head, stunning him for good.

"Wu…" shouted Yan Sham, desperately, when she saw him fall to his knees, covering his head with both arms. 

The wild woman began to kick him and her feet found their way to Wu's ribs, making the mason howl in fear. Ashamed, he did his best to get up and he tried to embrace Mu Zi's legs and tumble her, but the swordmaker's wife hammer butted him in the head with all her might. Wu fell to the ground, on all fours. Another kick exploded in his head, making him scream:

"Damit, woman, stop that!"

Yan Sham got up on unsteady legs, trying to help her husband, but furious Mu Zi saw her and turned to face her. Wu's wife yelled, charging the brunette, but the swordmaker's wife kicked her between the thighs, making the short haired woman scream as she curled in front of her.

"Oh my God… My cuuuunt…" howled the short haired woman.

Mu Zi retreated then, looking with red streaked eyes at her two foes.

"Stupid bastards!", she said and kicked Wu once again, getting him in the face.

The mason let a scream and tried to crawl away on knees and elbows, but Mu Zi kicked him again in the belly, halting him in his tracks. He rolled on the ground, getting near Yan Sham who, crouched on her knees, could barely breathe. 

"Please… Mu Zi… stop… that…" he begged, feeling he couldn't take it anymore.

It's only then that Mu Zi seemed to realize what she did, as if she awakened from a nightmare.

"Take your bitch and leave my courtyard, Wu! Leave my courtyard before I kill you both!" she said, blinking in fast pace.

"Lets' go, Wu…" mumbled Yan Sham, scared. "Let's go! She almost killed us…"

"You are right, bitch! I can kill you both! Now, take Wu by the hand and leave my courtyard!" ordered Mu Zi, swallowing her spittle. "Go away, or else…"

"All right… all right…" said Yan Sham. "We leave, Mu Zi! We leave!" 

She took Wu by the hand and helped him to get up. Baffled, they stumbled towards the door.

"Please… don't say this to… anyone…" begged the young man as they got out.

"Bastard! I'm sorry that I allowed you to taste my cunt, you, stupid prick!" hissed Mu Zi before shoving them out.

A week later, the whole village was aware that Bigwoman Mu Zi, as she was known in Nangyong, had beaten the young mason and his wife, because the man didn't rise up to her… 'fucking' expectations, as it was said. It was pretty strange, since everyone knew damned well that he was a strong young man, while Yan Sham was not a woman you could play with, the way you wanted. 

Anyway, neither Wu, nor Yan Sham, left their home for a whole week. One of their neighbors said that the man's face was bruised, while Yan Sham could not even look in the mirror: she was too scared to see her nice face crushed and swollen. However, the swordmaker, as with all the husbands in the world, was never told the story. Months later, he would look at his wife with much wonder and respect, when seeing that the mason and his wife Yan Sham always saluted her so humbly.

Final Trials for Chu Kingdom

Propping her muscled butts against the wall of the dining room, the Emperor's number one fighting concubine Sun Fu Ming bent from her waist and covered her head with both arms. The farmer's wife was pulling her by the hair, while powerfully punching her in the top of the head. Sun Fu Ming, a strong whore from Pei who had fought her way to her present position, understood she had no way out. The peasant was much stronger than her. She looked, beseechingly, at Yen Shi-Shan, the mandarin she had offered so many unbelievable moments in her bed. His face was frozen like ice. A most powerful punch exploded in Sun Fu Ming's head and she fell on all fours. Her head was hanging between her shaking arms. Snot poured from her broken nostrils, mingling with her blood. Her legs were trembling. It was all over.

"I… I had enough…" she begged.

"That's some woman!" said Imperial court advisor Deng Xa, staring at the big, naked, farmer's wife, who arched her foe's head by the hair. Barely breathing, strong Sun Fu Ming knelt on all fours, her head pulled back by the hair. Her strong arms were shaking. She sought mercy in their eyes.

"Please… woman… have pity…"

However, Liu Mang tossed her by the head, making the strong whore yell, desperately. The court advisor nodded. The farmer's wife was in full control.

"How old is our peasant, Yen Shi-Shan?" he asked.

"Who knows, Liu Mang is a farmer's wife from Xia Valley and, as you can imagine, she never knew her age."

Deng Xia threw another glance at Sun Fu Ming. Yen Shi-Shan said she was the strongest whore in the Wei Kingdom. She was a hell of a woman, all right, but the sight of her swaying breasts, her rolling eyes and her trembling legs said everything - she was scared to death. In fact, Liu Mang easily over powered her. The Court advisor nodded slightly towards the farmer's wife, motioning her to finish off the whore.
"Nooooooooooo Dooooooon't…" uttered the whore, but the farmer's wife chuckled. She joined fists above her head and then, she dropped to her knees, hammer butting Sun Fu Ming in the small of her back, with all her might. A loud crack was heard.

"Nooooooooooooooo…" wailed Sun Fu Ming, crumpling on the floor. Eyes wide open, she tried to crawl away, but her strong legs were numb. After awhile, she felt a warm liquid bathing her inner thighs and she realized that her bladder was emptying. Liu Mang placed her foot on the brunette's back of the neck and looked at the Court advisor, waiting for his order. Sun Fu Ming sighed. The peasant was doing to her what she, Sun Fu Ming, also did to her beaten foes.

"No… Please… woman… I can lick… Let me lick your cunt! Let me lick your cunt," she offered, hastily, as any beaten woman from the Pei backstreets used to do.

"Leave her," said Deng Xia and motioned the big farmer's wife to approach him. Liu Mang was taller than him. She had rough, but attractive traits - a wide big nose, a rather wide forehead and straight lips. Her black hair was so long that it reached the small of her back. She had dark brown eyes that threw an almost icy glare. Deng Xia eyed her from head to toe... Yes... She seemed to be a good choice... 
Liu Mang blushed and she covered her big breasts with an arm, while cupping her thick genital hair with the other hand. Yes, thought Deng Xia. She is big and strong. Liu Mang, a farmer's wife... However...
"I assume she is around 40," noticed the Court advisor, thoughtfully.

"You are right," smiled Yen Shi-Shan. "She has a daughter of 24 and a son of 16. Priest Zien says that women usually marry around 16 in Xia Valley so, 40 is her most probable age... Anyway, whatever her age, she looks damned good for our purpose! After all, her foe is only 27, but that didn't help her."
"That, I can see!" noticed the Court advisor.

He looked at the strong whore. She propped on her palms but still, she couldn't get up. Her muscled legs were limp and she was still pissing, unable to hold herself. Then, she collapsed on the floor, breathing in fast pace.

"Holy God!" exclaimed Yen Shi-Shan. "It looks like Liu Mang broke her spine!"

The mandarin snapped his fingers and two servants readily came in, looking with eyes wide open at the farmer's wife. They were scared. They never thought that two women could fight as such. One of them tried to help Sun Fu Ming on her feet, but her legs were motionless.

"No Noooooooo…" she whispered. "I don't feel my… legs…"

"She… she can't move, your Excellency!" said the servant. Yen Shi-Shan went near them.

"You promised me a… golden necklace…" mumbled the whore, when seeing the mandarin.

"You'll have it, sweet Sun Fu Ming!" smiled Yen Shi-Shan. "Take her out!" he ordered the two servants who, without a word, grabbed the paralyzed whore's wrists and dragged her out of the dining room.

"Yen Shi-Shan… Yen Shi-Shan…" uttered the strong whore, but the mandarin didn't answer, approaching the Imperial Court advisor.

"You did her, woman…" smiled the Court advisor, looking at Liu Mang. "You really did her…"

"I wanted to please you… your Excellency," said Liu Mang, blinking. She was still breathing heavily. That woman had been very strong, even stronger than Xu Mu. But Liu Mang had beaten her. She looked at Sun Fu Ming's body, as the two servants dragged her, and she understood that the whore will never walk again.

"I wanted to please you…" she said again and Deng Xia tapped her cheek. Then, he began to walk around her, puffing now and then.

"Turn around, woman!" he suddenly ordered, and Liu Mang began to turn easily, toward her left. She gazed around like a captured animal and she swallowed her spittle. She didn't know why the Court advisor's soldiers brought her to Deng Xia's fortress. She didn't know why she had to undress in front of the Court advisor and why he was staring at her like that. She didn't know why she had to fight that whore. She blushed even more when the Court advisor approached her from behind, but she decided to shut up. Deng Xia was her mighty landlord - he was ruling the whole county from the highest mountains near Xia, up to some faraway river she only heard about. In fact, he was such a powerful man that he was the main advisor to the 9 year old boy King Wa.

Hm! The Court advisor had promised her husband some twenty acres of land near Xia if she did well. But, what was her assignment? What was the Court advisor up to? She didn't know. 

The Court advisor approached her even more, until she felt the draft of his breath upon her face. He noticed her tanned skin and the delicate wrinkles that spread from her eyes. He ordered her to show her teeth and he saw, with satisfaction, that her gums were healthy. Her breath didn't smell. And…What a pity, he thought. This woman could have been a most stunning appearance at the court, provided she would have been of noble descent.

"What do you say, Yen Shi-Shan?" asked the Court advisor.

"She looks good and she did well, but still, I would like to test her... my way. If you allow me, your Excellency!" said the old mandarin.

"Proceed!" said Deng Xia.

"Rest your hands on your hips, woman! And keep your back straight!" ordered Yen Shi-Shan.
Blushing, Liu Mang did as she was ordered. She had more than generous breasts, surmounted by huge, brown areolas; her round nipples, the size of a cherry, proudly tasted the air. She had broad hips and strong legs, very strong legs, noticed Yen Shi-Shan, as a connoisseur... Her calves and thighs were muscled and nervous and, despite their... obvious strength, they exhibited the delicate shapes of the hind legs of a mare...

"Bend, woman!" ordered Yen Shi-Shan.

Liu Mang did so and, instantly, her massive butts hardened like rock. Yen Shi-Shan approached her and began to feel her tense thighs and the bulging muscles of her arse. The Court advisor's counselor felt then her hanging belly, as if he was weighting it - large enough, it pleased him.

"Strong legs... powerful arse... a thick belly that allows her to stand the belly blows... And, besides, she did Sun Fu Ming… I think she's fit, your Excellency! She's a good choice, all right!"

"I don't want to make the least mistake, Yen Shi-Shan! Do you understand me?"

"I do, your Excellency! I do!" he looked around, thoughtfully, and he said, confidently: "She is fit, Court advisor!"

"All right, then! Dress up, woman, and take a seat!" ordered the Court advisor. "I reckon, too, that she might fulfill my wishes. She's strong, tall, and she's a true warrior..."

"You saw her at work," said Yen Shi-Shan, "Besides, Liu Mang has beaten the most feared woman in the valley, no more than three weeks ago..."

"How come you did it, woman?" asked Deng Xia.

"That whore wanted to... she wanted to fuck my husband, your Excellency! Yes! Xu Mu wanted to fuck Li Sen! But, I don't get scared so easy. I beat her! I gave her a beating she'll never forget! Now, she gets out of my way any time she sees me!" she bragged when seeing Deng Xia's glittering eyes.

"I'm pleased to hear this..." grinned the Court advisor. "Was that woman stronger than the whore you've just beaten?"

"No, your Excellency! But, please believe me… I could have killed them both, if I wanted! I'm sure I could have killed them… If you would have told me, I would have broken the whore's neck, your Excellency!"

"I know… I know…" smiled Deng Xia.

The farmer's wife smiled too, happy to see her landlord's smile and covered herself with a robe. She took a seat, at the corner of the dining room. She looked around her. What a place to live in! Her home in the land was half buried in the ground and had a single room in which she and Wang lived together with their son. What does the Court advisor need such a big home for, she asked herself.

"All right, then! You have almost month ahead of you, my dear Yen Shi-Shan!" finally said the Court advisor. "By then, the King of the Wei Empire will organize the great meeting, as usual at this time of the year. Take Liu Mang and train her, Yen Shi-Shan! Teach her the best tricks in the book, you got that? I'm tired of the King' stupid boasting and I don't want his bloody banquet to end the way it always does..."

"Well, your Excellency! To say the truth, none of our women have ever won against his!"

"That's the point, Yen Shi-Shan! This will be the first time when one of our peasants will win in the Wei Kingdom, and I want to teach this King a lesson he'll never forget! A Chu, even if we talk about an ordinary woman, will never submit in front of a Wei! Just do your job, Yen Shi-Shan, and I'll pay you well!"

Final Trials for Wei

"Mu Zi! Mu Zi! Where are you?" asked the swordmaker, running like mad toward the blacksmith shop. His wife poked her head from behind a forge. Smiling as always, she was still beating the white hot metal .
"What's the big hurry, Zheng?" she blinked.

"Come, Mu Zi, come! A priest from the King's court is here and he wants to see you. Now!"
"What?!" asked the woman and rushed out of the forge, wiping the back of her hands against her heavy robe.

She was a tall woman. A big, tall Chinese Wei woman, as the priest of Nan Yang had described her to the Wei Court High priest. She was a nice looking woman, 31 years old, and her face was always smiling. She had deep, brown eyes, a slightly crooked nose that gave her an air of nobility and straight lips. She had two boys - one was 17, the other was 15.

She was breathing heavily when she got in the house and she let an "ooh" of astonishment when she saw the Priest. He was sitting on her husband's chair, in the small kitchen. The High Priest of Wei, a short, white haired man, was eyeing her from head to toe.

"Your Excellency!" she covered her mouth and readily executed a clumsy reverence...

However, she was still smiling. It's only then that she saw a woman hidden behind the door. She wore a red, dirty robe. She was tall and skinny.

"Oh, my God! What happened?" asked Mu Zi, looking in her husband's eyes. However, it's the Priest who answered:

"You don't need to get scared, Mu Zi! The King heard about you and wanted to see if you... stand up to the rumors that describe you!"

She understood on the spot why they were here. All the villagers knew about the Kings' favorite habits. Since the big meeting with the Chu was only four weeks away, there could be only one reason for the priest' being here, especially after beating Wu and Yan Sham so hard. Mu Zi smiled even wider then. The King was also known for his generosity to winners.

"Welcome, High priest!" she said, executing another reverence.

"I think you must send the kids away, Mu Zi!" said the priest, bluntly. "We will have a most serious talk!"
Zheng nodded and took the kids out. A minute later, he closed the door behind him and the priest ordered Mu Zi to undress.

"Your Excellency" she gasped.

The other woman burst into laughter and the priest said in a low voice:

"Don't be afraid, woman! The King only wants to make sure you are fit for a... special assignment. Now, please, undress!"

Mu Zi looked in Zheng' eyes and the swordmaker readily replied.

"Milord! We are willing to obey any of your orders, but you must admit that this is a rather peculiar... wish!"

"I know you want to buy the forge in Hui, Zheng!" said the marquis. "It will be yours, provided your beloved wife passes my... test, if you understand what I mean!"

Zheng looked at Mu Zi and she nodded slightly. Puffing in annoyance, he didn't say anything else. He always obeyed her.

Mu Zi began to undress. Oh, yes! She was at the height of the priest's expectations. Since Wei Lu, his former fighter, had passed away last winter, the King had constantly been on a quest throughout the villages of the Wei kingdom. To his frustration, he didn't find a peasant fit enough for the fights he always organized after the big meeting with the other kingdoms - until now... First, Yin, the prisoner, and now, Mu Zi…

Mu Zi was tall and sturdy. The Priest ordered her to jump and, when doing so, he weighed the woman's muscled legs and butts - she was elastic and fast. Of course, her large breasts and belly dangled, but her muscles were tense and she surely had stamina. Her arse, however, was her most prominent asset - her huge buttocks were sumptuous and they were fully made of hard muscles. Oh, yes she was damned strong! A damned strong peasant!

"Show me your teeth now!" ordered the Priest. 

Yes… The swordmaker's wife was healthy - she had white, clean teeth and pink gums. Her shoulders were broad and her forearms were covered by rather thick veins for a woman. In fact, her whole body looked as if carved by the hardest labor. Her breasts were heavy, as if filled by large amounts of milk. She had incredibly huge areola, dark brown colored, the size of small plates.

"She is sturdier than you, Yin," noticed the marquis, smiling from the corner of his mouth.

"She is a bag filled with food, milord! But food does not fight!" said skinny Yin. "Being big wouldn't help her too much in the prison where you found me"

"Well… we shall see about that… Mu Zi! Will you please," smiled the Priest, "lift that log over there?" 
The swordmaker's wife grabbed the big log that rested near the oven and easily lifted it. The muscles of her arms showed then, her buttocks hardened and her strong legs went stiff. She held it up for awhile and then, the Priest acquiesced.

"Can you raise that log above your head, Mu Zi?" he asked.

She nodded. Her face went red and she showed her teeth, in terrible effort, but finally, she managed to raise the heavy log above her head. Oh! What a wonderful sight! Mu Zi was splendidly built! She was trembling from head to toe, exhibiting rock hard muscles - even her large nipples seemed to harden in the effort, as if they were smelling the air.

"You may put it down, Mu Zi!" said the priest then and, as she was catching her breath, the Priest suddenly threw at her a small wooden cup. The swordmaker's wife caught it on the spot.

"Bravo, my dear!" smiled the Priest and got up, obviously pleased. "Is it true that you defeated a man in a fight?"

Mu Zi blushed.

"I... it was not my fault, Excellency. That man... well... you know..." she babbled, looking at her bewildered husband.

"Did you beat him, Mu Zi, yes, or no?"

"I did, milord!" she said. "And I also did his wife, milord! I did them both!"

"That's what I heard too..." smiled the Priest, eyeing her once again from head to toe. Zheng wanted to say something but the priest motioned him to shut up.

The Priest looked then at the other woman, with glittering eyes:

"What do you think, Yin? Which one of you is the fittest to represent the Wei?"

"Now, milord, I can also lift that log over there…" smiled the skinny prisoner. "Besides, this woman is too… puffy… I tell you: being big is not enough in my neighborhood!"

"You think so?" asked the Priest. The farmer's wife nodded. "What do you say, Mu Zi?"

"There's only one way to find out, milord," she said, faking a smile. "Tell that bitch to undress!"

"Are you sure, Mu Zi? Yin is a thief and she lives only during the night, in the backstreets of large cities…"

"Tell her to undress, milord!"

"Mu Zi… Mu Zi…" said her husband. "Are you crazy, or what? This woman… she is a thug, damn her!"
"Do you still want the new forge, Zheng?" asked Mu Zi.

Her man shut up, as he always did. Meanwhile, Yin undressed and approached the strong swordmaker's wife, glaring at her with despise. Yin was taller, but she was damned skinny. Her long legs, however, were covered by terrible muscles, that looked like tight ropes
"You made a terrible mistake, woman," bragged Yin.

She got so close that their breasts touched. The prisoner's tits were smaller but very tense and she had the biggest and hardest nipples any of the men in the room ever saw. Big and dark brown, they seemed to bury in Mu Zi's soft breasts. However, she didn't retreat.

"You might as well go ahead," said the Priest, and the two women embraced in a mutual hug, pushing and shoving around the kitchen. In the first moments, Yin took advantage of her superior height and managed to push Mu Zi backwards but then, the country woman hugged the prisoner and crushed her with all her might. Yin held on, however, and pushed as hard as she could. What ensued next was beyond belief… The two women froze in the middle of the kitchen, moaning and grunting in effort, seeking to out power each other in a most terrible test of strength. Slowly, they bent, propping their chins against each other's shoulder, as if they were engaged in a deadly cheek to cheek power game. Soon, they began to push on their strong legs, driving from the floor.

They broke the hug concomitantly and their hands joined - by then, their breathing had become coarse and Yin slowly seemed to get the upper hand. Hissing in effort, she began to push strong Mu Zi backwards, but the latter suddenly sunk her teeth in the prisoner's shoulder and, before her foe realized what happened, she broke the hold and backed off.

"You, whore…" hissed Yin, charging her foe.

However, Mu Zi seemed to expect the surge and launched a most terrible punch at Yin's left breast, crushing it against her foe's rib cage. The taller woman halted in her tracks, astonished, and the Mu Zi shoved her violently, throwing Yin against the table.

Before the taller woman could recollect, she seized both her breasts and pulled them in a most brutal burst.

"Ayeaeah!" yelled Yin and, desperate, she grabbed Mu Zi's mane. A wild push and shove contest ensued, Yin pulling Mu Zi's hair, Mu Zi clawing her foe's breasts. Mu Zi screamed, as Yin managed to pull her head back, but she twisted Yin's breasts so hard, that the taller woman released her mane, retreating. It was then that Yin felt her blood running from her shoulder over her breast. She began to breathe through clenched teeth and kicked at Mu Zi, getting her in the belly. She moaned and, once more, she engaged the farmer's wife in a test of strength. This time, Mu Zi easily overcame the taller woman, briskly shoving her backwards.

The prisoner Yin was still stumbling on unsteady legs when Mu Zi dived, head first, against her, tumbling her on butt and, before the taller woman understood what happened, she forced her flat on her back, mounting her belly.

"You, cow…" hissed Yin, twisting, but then, Mu Zi placed her shins over Yin's arms and pinned her to the floor. Frantically, the taller woman bucked, but Mu Zi clutched her hands over her foe's neck and went for the choke. She leaned with all her weight over the taller woman's windpipe, squeezing her and slamming her head against the floor.

Soon, Yin began to flail helplessly beneath Mu Zi, twisting and stampeding the floor, but the swordmaker's wife hardened the choke. Her thumbs slowly dug their way in the thief's neck, making her bridge in desperation. Yin's eyes popped out, she thrust out her tongue and she went stiff like cardboard, desperately seeking to resist.

The Priest got up then and approached the two women. Poor Yin was near the end of the rope. Now and then, she would bridge for a brief moment, but her muscled legs would always let her out. Her pants grew louder and louder and, in a last effort, she began to slap Mu Zi. However, the older woman increased her choke. Her thumbs seemed to bury inside Yin's wife's windpipe and Yin's face went blue on the spot. She gurgled and she arched her back, grabbing Mu Zi's wrists in the attempt to alleviate the choke. She was looking straight in her foe's face, lips contorted in effort. For some moments, she held on.

Then, her butts fell to the ground and her feet began to twitch. She knew it was all over. Her eyes sought help in the Priest' face, but he nodded at Mu Zi, as if he was urging her to finish Yin once and for all.
"High Priest…" whispered the convicted thief and murderer. "Please, High Priest…"

By then, Yin was already quaking. She kept jerking her left leg, unconsciously. A crack was then heard, and the priest averted his eyes, while Mu Zi released her foe, resting her hands on her hips. She looked at Yin who could barely breathe.

"You want me to beat her more, milord?" asked the swordmaker's wife.

"Please… Priest… no… tell her… to stop…" begged the prisoner.

"Set her free, Mu Zi! I think she had enough." said the Priest, obviously pleased, and Mu Zi got off her foe.

Yin remained flat on her back, still gagging for air and jerking her left leg. A puddle of urine had gathered around her butts. Mu Zi was breathing heavily. Zheng, the swordmaker, stood in a corner, not willing to believe his eyes.

Suddenly, a red froth covered Yin's mouth and she began to quiver, twisting from side to side in brief spasms.

"Someone…" she begged. "Help… me…"

The priest kneeled near the beaten woman and rolled her, belly down. Yin began to cough, slowly regaining her breath.

"She did you, Yin," noticed the Priest. "You said there is no woman, in all of Wei, who could stand you!"

"She… she's strong like a bear…" 

"I saw that. I saw that and I'm most satisfied with it!" smiled the Priest, averting his eyes from Yin. "One of my mandarins will come after you, Mu Zi, tomorrow, in the morning. I hope you don't mind, Zheng, but your wife will spend a month at the Imperial Court! Consider it as a first payment for the forge"

To be continued in part 2