Seven Kingdom Wars  China 234BC part 2 by Sega

Asianised with permission

Ying Zheng, ruler of the Quin (Chin(Chen)),) was set to embark on his conquest of the Han, Wei, Chu, Yan, Zhao and Qi empires. And succeed he did. In quick succession the Han(233 BC), Zhao(228 BC), Yan(227 BC), Wei(225 BC), Chu(223 BC) and finally Qi(221 BC), fell to his forces. China was unified under one centralized authority for the first time in its history. Yin Zheng (for whom the Tomb of the Underground Warriors in Xian was made) took the title of Qin Shihuang, "The First Emperor" as he had unified China for the first time.

Despite their dislike of each other these kingdoms feared the Qin expansion and therefore reluctantly engaged in limited cooperation. This story is set against this background.
The threatened kingdoms were meeting in the Kingdom of Wei. Mountains of flesh - chicken, pork flesh, bear steak, fish in sauce - fried fish, pork heads, bear claws, noodles, wine, cookies and syrups... The meals and the beverages on the long tables were... apocalyptic. But not as apocalyptic as what was going on between the tables: two young girls in their teens were engaged in the last moments of a fight. A short thin 13 year old city girl was riding a squirming larger country 14 year old, choking and leaning on her foe's throat with all her weight. The mandarins were yelling, urging the city teenager to finish off the squirming peasant girl. The High Priest of Wei stood proudly between his invitees, watching the slow devastation, as the younger city girl placed her knee on the other girl's throat, taking her time to show off before crushing her foe's neck. The peasant was throwing herself about but it was clear she stood no chance: soon, she began to quake, showing the white of her eyes…

A minute later, she was dragged out by the ankles, to the blasting hoorays of the audience, while the city girl received a… gift: a long, red robe. Her eyes were glittering - she thanked the High Priest and left the dining hall, bowing again and again. She would fight again when the time will come. She sure would.

Then, the banquet went on. Troubadours and acrobats, poets and magicians. As always, the High Priest of Wei knew how to entertain his noble guests.

It was almost midnight when King Zhang Yimou of Wei got up from his throne, announcing to everyone that this year, it was the Chu who had accepted the usual fighting challenge. Imperial court advisor Deng Xa the main advisor to the 9 year old boy King Wa of Chu had brought a strong peasant from his Chu kingdom to the South, a big farmer's wife who was ready to fight the woman so carefully chosen by the High Priest of Wei. An anxious murmur ran through the audience, as this was the banquet's most awaited moment, and a warlord from Han said: "I hope it's going to be something more serious than the two small girls we saw earlier…"

"I am sure you will be most satisfied, honorable Wang Xiaoshuai … You will see the strongest women in our lands…"

The selection of the two women is told here

"Clear the place!" said High Priest then and the servants wiped the floor between the two rows of tables. "Bring the two women!"

The two contenders came in and a mumble of appreciation ran through the audience. Both women were naked and their shapes impressed everyone from the very moment they appeared. They were big, they looked strong and they were willing to fight to a devastating end - the glare in their eyes showed obviously that none would exhibit the least lenience towards her foe… Both were endowed with heavy breasts, and their bellies were strong that made the men in the audience eye them with lust - all in all they were stout women, obviously worked out by hard labor.

The Chu woman Liu Mang was about 40, 10 or so years older, two inches taller and thicker legged than the Wei woman Mu Zi, but the latter had stronger arms and a bigger arse . She had rough, but attractive traits - a wide big nose, a rather wide forehead and straight lips. Her black hair was so long that it reached the small of her back. She had dark brown eyes that threw an almost icy glare. Liu Mang blushed and she covered her big breasts with an arm, while cupping her thick genital hair with the other. She had more than generous breasts, surmounted by huge, brown areolas; her round nipples, the size of a cherry, proudly tasted the air. She had broad hips and strong legs, very strong legs, noticed. Her calves and thighs were muscled and tense and, despite their... obvious strength, they exhibited the delicate shapes of the hind legs of a mare...

Mu Zi was a nice looking woman, 31 years old, and her face was always smiling. She had deep, brown eyes, a slightly crooked nose that gave her an air of nobility and straight lips. Mu Zi was short yet sturdy. Her large breasts were full as if filled by large amounts of milk with incredibly huge areolae, dark brown colored, the size of small plates and her belly dangled, but her muscles were tense and she surely had stamina. Her arse, however, was her most prominent asset - her huge buttocks were sumptuous and they were fully made of hard muscles. Oh, yes she was damned strong! A damned strong peasant! Her shoulders were broad and her forearms were covered by rather thick veins for a woman. In fact, her whole body looked as if carved by the hardest labor.

"Mu Zi is the strongest woman in Wei," announced General Zha Leung her trainer, proudly.

"Your Mu Zi will bite the dust!" shouted Deng Xa then, clearly taken away by the wine he already drank. "Look, honourable nobles, my Liu Mang from Chu is bigger and she will tear the Wei peasant apart!"

"We shall see about that..." said the high Priest, smiling. "I am sure my Mu Zi will do her best! After all, I promised her a great deal of money…"

"As did I with my fighter, honourable audience!" spat Deng Xa, rolling his eyes around the hall. "I must warn you, Priest, that my Liu Mang will be merciless with your woman! Beside, she defeated the strongest woman from the Xia valley!"

"Mu Zi is anxious to crush your peasant's skull, my lord! She also proved before that she's a good fighter, believe me!" said the Priest, smiling, and looked at General Zha Leung. The General took a deep breath and got between the two women. They were already in guard, staring at each other with wild eyes, parted by only two feet.

"Go on! Let the best one win!" shouted General Zha Leung.

Yelling, the two sturdy peasants ran at each other like rams, throwing a shower of blows to the face and shoulders. The Wei woman Mu Zi was in a fighting frenzy and proved to be a hard slapper from the very first, hitting like a wild bear. Taller, older Liu Mang, however, was more deliberate, throwing powerful hammer butts at her opponent's face and, for awhile, they kept hitting each other in the middle of the great hall, between the two rows of tables. Grunting and hissing, they went on, hitting harder and harder until the younger Mu Zi managed to force backwards the taller Chu woman. The Wei swordmaker threw forth her palms so quickly that she always got Liu Mang in the neck and chin, the way black Nene, her trainer, had taught her.

Soon, the Chu farmer's wife's wife gave a yell of frustration and turned her back on her enemy. She ran away for some steps, before turning to engage the frenzied Wei woman in another exchange of heavy blows. They began to let brief grunts and Mu Zi increased the pressure even more, delivering these unusual slaps that always snapped back the Chu woman's head. Finally, the strong swordmaker's wife overwhelmed the Chu farmer's wife who retreated toward her master's table.

Liu Mang propped her muscled butts against the brim of the table and resorted to hammer butting her foe in the head, but Mu Zi kept on, unabated, with the heavy slaps. The onlookers began to encourage the Wei fighter who, fueled by their cheers, managed to keep the bigger Chu woman cornered. Liu Mang began to look in disarray against the relentless Wei woman and, gathering her strength in a desperate effort to escape, delivered a most powerful hammer butt that got the locksmith's wife in the right breast, making the Wei woman squeal.

"You cunt, you'll pay for that" yelled Mu Zi, throwing herself against the Chu woman, arms outstretched. Liu Mang twisted her trunk and dug another powerful punch in Mu Zi's right breast, the way her Mongolian trainer taught her. She felt it mash under her knuckles, as if the Wei woman's soft flesh tore beneath the skin - Mu Zi opened wide her eyes and retreated, massaging her voluminous breast.

That's it, Wei bitch! You'll be more careful from now on, thought Liu Mang.

"Go get her, Liu Mang! Teach the Wei bitch a lesson!" shouted Imperial advisor Deng Xa.

The Chu woman gave a wild grunt of acknowledgement and rushed at the Wei woman, getting her in a side neck lock. In response, Mu Zi let a savage yell and her arms encircled the Chu woman's waist. The crowd in the hall began to shout, enjoying that the two furious women unleashed their energies. For awhile, they went from here to there, Liu Mang dragging the locksmith's wife in furious bursts, the latter struggling to avoid her being thrown to the ground.

"Punch her face! Punch her face!" advised Deng Xa, fiercely, as the older farmer's wife's wife succeeded in bending the Wei woman in two.

The two peasants were now giving loud moans of effort and, as time passed by; taller Liu Mang managed to secure a good hold around Mu Zi's neck. The Wei woman parted her long legs and fought to remain on her feet but then, the Chu woman began to punch her in the face.

"Yes, my farmer's wife! Punch her! Crush her face! Crush her bloody face!"

A most powerful punch exploded in Mu Zi's face then and the Wei woman parted her legs even wider. She looked confused - her breasts swayed from side to side and blood was pouring off her broken nostrils. She hardened, however, the waist embrace but Liu Mang punched Mu Zi again, with all her might, crushing her lips this time. The Wei woman's strong thighs began to tremble, the crowd roared and the bigger woman let a wild yell then, managing to outwrestle the swordmaker's wife to her knees, to the hoorays of the Chu and those others who had bet on Liu Mang

The Priest threw a furious glance at General Zha Leung.

"Don't get excited, milord!" whispered the knight. "Mu Zi will surely get out of it!"

"Push big cow, Mu Zi! Push, push, push!" yelled Nene then.

"You two…" hissed the Priest. "I hope you know very well what awaits you if Mu Zi is defeated!"

"I am confident in her!" smiled General Zha Leung.

By then, Liu Mang was pressing her body against the Wei woman Mu Zi's trunk, trying to force her flat on her right side, but the Wei woman readily resorted by savagely pulling the Chu woman by the hair. She yanked her head back in furious bursts that made Liu Mang scream - for awhile, they fought evenly but suddenly, the bigger Chu gave a savage groan and, pushing harder against the swordmaker's wife, forced her flat on her right side.

"Pull hair! Snatch her hair from roots!" yelled Nene, hardly heard above the onlookers yells.

"I will… I will…" answered Mu Zi, wildly.

She twisted Liu Mang's mane around her wrist, feeling she had a good grab on the Chu woman. Snarl, Chu cow! - she said to herself. Snarl! This pain is nothing compared to what will come!

Screaming in anger and pain under her Chu foe, the strong Wei woman twisted on the floor, turning belly up and grabbed her foe's mane even harder, arching back her head in wild bursts. Mu Zi pursed her lips and looked straight in the Chu woman's eyes, reading in them her foe's helplessness despite the fact she was atop. Liu Mang was moaning in pain and she writhed desperately, trying to restrain the wide eyed screaming triumphant Wei woman below her when her Mongolian trainer shouted:

"Get her by the tits! Get the Wei cow by her tits!"

However, Mu Zi was pulling too hard on the farmer's wife's hair, making her grimace in sheer pain. The crowd was yelling continuously and Liu Mang, still on top, and ignoring the pain leaned on the strong Wei woman, trying to crush her under her weight. She did her best not to avert her eyes from Mu Zi's, as she felt she damned had to stand the Wei peasant's wild looks, as her Mongolian trainer taught her. Look in her eyes; always look in her eyes, if you want to make her feel your strength!

But Mu Zi knew she had a most terrible hold on the bigger woman. She pulled harder on the Chu woman's mane, further arching back the Chu's head - Liu Mang let a moan of frustration, unable to stick her eyes to Mu Zi's and parted her strong legs, holding the Wei to the floor. Some moments passed by and the big the Chu woman began to search for her foe's tits but then, the wild Wei fighter sunk her teeth in her foe's left breast that dangled around her face, unprotected.

"Nooooooooooooooooo" yelled the big the Chu woman.

I got you, cow! - thought Mu Zi and sucked the Chu woman's nipple, getting a mouthful of Liu Mang's breast flesh. She bit harder then, making the Chu peasant bark like a wounded dog. The invitees yelled, cheering Mu Zi as she tried to hold Liu Mang in place, preparing to bite her as deeply as she could.

"Get away, Liu Mang! Get away!" shouted Yen Shi-Shan, the Chu court mandarin and the bigger woman readily leaped back, avoiding the ripping of her breast. However, the Wei woman had already found her mark, as a thin streak of blood began to easily flow off the bitten breast.

"Get up, Mu Zi! Get up!" urged General Zha Leung, but the strong Wei woman had something better to do: she delivered a double kick that got Liu Mang in the chest, throwing her on butts. The crowd was shouting and clapping, excited by the narrow fight, encouraging the two women that readily got to their feet.

"How about a pause, my lords?" asked the King from Qi. "These peasants are fighting valiantly… Let them recover their strengths…"

"Say yes, milord!" whispered Yen Shi-Shan, anxiously. "There are few things I would like to tell our Liu Mang!"

"What do you say, Deng Xa?" asked the High Priest.

"I think the King of Qi is wise…" said Deng Xa, listening to his Mandarin's advice, and General Zha Leung motioned the two women to retreat towards their masters.

Liu Mang came near the Imperial Advisor's seat. She was breathing heavily and a creek of dark blood was already staining her left breast.

"You are doing good, Liu Mang!" said her Mongolian trainer. "How do you feel?"

"I am thirsty, my lords… I reckon I am damned thirsty…" she said and Yen Shi-Shan gave her a cup of wine which she drank in a gulp. Curious, the big the Chu woman looked at her foe - Mu Zi was doing the same thing at the other table, across the hall.

"What do you say about the Wei bitch?" asked her Mongolian trainer.

"She hits faster than I thought… She is strong… But if it were not for that awful bite, I would've choked her, I swear to you!"

"All right, Liu Mang, all right…" said her Mongolian trainer. "See that black man near her? He taught her how to bite! But I know, believe me, I know what you have to do in order to beat her! You are better than her at close range but then, she will always bite you, you got that? That's how they fight in Numidia, the land of the black man! So, beware of her teeth! Hit her as hard as you can before engaging in a close clash! Hit her as hard as you can, got that? Use your forehead, the way I taught you! I know from my experience that blacks are not aware of these kinds of blows! Head butt the bitch and aim her breast, got that? Aim for her right breast, Liu Mang! You already crushed it twice and she'll not stand another couple of good blows! Got that?"

"Yes, my lords… Please… Believe me I'm doing my best!"

"You'll beat her, you'll see! Head butt her breast and beware of her teeth!"

"Are you ready?" asked the Priest, interrupting her Mongolian trainer.

The Imperial Court Advisor of Wei Deng Xa nodded and General Zha Leung motioned the two women towards the middle of the hall.

The audience was silent. Bent from their waists, arms raised in guard, the two peasants began to move in circles, looking for an opening in each other's guard. Their eyes threw furious glares, their voluminous breasts were slowly dangling from side to side, and their strong butts easily trembled as they took small steps towards each other. Mu Zi's lips were swollen and she was still bleeding from her broken nose but then, Liu Mang's left breast was letting a rivulet of blood that ran down on her belly, already reaching the massive triangle of curly hair that covered her lower belly.

Hit her! I have to hit her! - said the big the Chu woman to herself. I have to aim her right breast! - she thought, looking at Mu Zi's battered mammary: it was slightly swollen and its nipple was violet. Taller Liu Mang attacked first; delivering hammer butt after hammer butt at Mu Zi, but the latter began once again to launch her strange slaps that powerfully snapped the Chu woman's head from side to side. A furious exchange of blows ensued as the two women stood toe to toe - they began to let screams of fury and both mounted the pressure, shoving each other. It seemed that Mu Zi's slaps were overwhelming the bigger woman but then, Liu Mang powerfully dived, head first, in the Wei woman's right breast. Mu Zi was taken unaware by this unexpected assault; she felt her tit flatten painfully under the impact and she gave a high pitched scream. She took a step back but Liu Mang followed her closely and unleashed a kick at the belly, throwing the Wei woman against the nearby table.

"Your Mu Zi will bite the dust, High Priest! My Chu woman will tear her to pieces!" hissed Deng Xa as the Chu woman jumped at the dazed Wei woman, getting her in a side neck lock.

"Don't hurry, Liu Mang!" yelled Her Mongolian trainer. "Take your time and punch her hard!"

"Slam her down, Mu Zi! Slam down the Chu cow!" yelled the High Priest, as the Wei woman encircled the Chu woman's waist with her strong arms. Mu Zi tried to hook Liu Mang's legs from behind, attempting to tumble her down, while the latter kept bending the strong Wei woman by leaning on her neck. Again, Liu Mang began to punch the Wei woman in the face but this time, Mu Zi seemed to secure a better hold on the Chu woman's waist. They were giving guttural moans, straining against each other with all their might - big Liu Mang dragged the Wei woman after her, in powerful bursts that threw Mu Zi's heavy breasts from side to side, but the strong Wei woman always managed to straighten her trunk, trying to unbalance her bigger foe.

Suddenly, tall Liu Mang let a brief yell of fear, looking worriedly at her Mongolian trainer. I got her! - realized Mu Zi, as she felt the big the Chu woman could not regain balance.

"That's it, High Priest!" said General Zha Leung, seeing that Mu Zi succeeded in securing a powerful hug around the Chu woman's hips. "That's Mu Zi favorite move! Watch this!"

Hissing in effort, the sturdy Wei woman parted her strong legs and steadied her tight embrace - big Liu Mang felt she lost the leverage that allowed her to punch Mu Zi's face and a moment later, the swordmaker's wife raised the big the Chu woman from the floor. She held her up in the air for a brief moment before hooking Liu Mang's legs from behind and slamming the bigger woman to the floor, on her left flank.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" moaned the farmer's wife's wife as Mu Zi landed across her.
However, the Chu woman still had Mu Zi in the neck lock. She readily twisted on her belly and got to her knees, forcing the Wei woman to kneel beside her and, for awhile, they leant against each other, trying to force the other one flat on her side. As time passed by, the struggle became more and more violent - their trunks began to tremble in bursts, waving up and down, until big Liu Mang of Chu, aided by her superior weight, managed to push Mu Zi on her right side.

"I got you, you shit!" she mumbled, as Mu Zi began to throw her legs in the air, trying to roll back on her knees. "I got you!"

However, strong Mu Zi still embraced her foe's waist and strained for all she was worth. For awhile, the two women remained motionless, taking loud breaths.

"Now", smiled General Zha Leung. "Watch our beloved Mu Zi!"

Liu Mang was leaning on her, crushing the Wei woman under her weight, when the Wei woman bit her on the cheek. The Chu woman let a sharp yell and released the pressure of her neck lock. Damned bitch, she thought and a moment later, Mu Zi fully rolled her, turning Liu Mang belly up and slamming her against the floor. Before Liu Mang could make out what happened, she found herself mounted by the Wei woman who was snarling wildly, right above her face.

"You are mine, Chu cow!" said Mu Zi before grabbing the Chu woman by the mane.

"Get her by the hair! Get her by the hair!" shouted her Mongolian trainer, and Liu Mang, fuelled by fear, instantly grabbed up at Mu Zi to grab by her mane and pulled her head towards her, forcing the Wei woman to curl above her. Again, the two women remained motionless, as if none knew what to do next. The men in the audience began to stare in Mu Zi's pried open butts that allowed a clear sight of her shaven groin. Even her womanly crease could be seen, fading between her hard as rock buttocks.

"I'll kill you, cow!" she said and began to bang Liu Mang's head against the floor.
The big Chu woman let a scream. Desperately, she brought her heels near her strong butts and attempted to bridge, hoping to dismount the Wei woman, but the latter was banging Liu Mang's head harder and harder. Dull thuds were heard and soon, the big Chu began to throw her legs from side to side, in desperation. Her loud screams became sharper, as she understood that younger Mu Zi in her fighting frenzy would go on, relentlessly, until she, Liu Mang, would pass out. She began to squirm, seeing the Wei woman through a blur but then, she suddenly found a way out.

She gathered her remaining strength and her knee dashed up, finding its mark between Mu Zi's wide open thighs. Imperial advisor Deng Xa compared the ensuing sound with that of a frog being trampled, and Mu Zi froze above the Chu, screaming soundlessly.

"Yes Liu Mang! Crush her cunt! Crush her stinking cunt!" shouted Yen Shi-Shan. Again, the Chu woman delivered a most powerful knee ram that into Mu Zi's shaven cunt, making her groan loudly and curl above Liu Mang. The farmer's wife's wife seized her chance and grabbed the Wei woman's neck in a reverse lock, capturing Mu Zi's head in her left armpit and steadied her before delivering a third knee blow that shook the stout Wei from head to toe.

"Blind her! Blind her, Mu Zi!" shouted Nene but it was bigger Liu Mang who continued to throw punch after punch in her foe's ribs, making the stout Wei woman grunt heavily, unable to find a way to fight back.

"Yes, Liu Mang! Crush her cunt! Punch her belly! Crush her cunt and punch her belly!" shouted her Mongolian trainer and his pupil began to alternate the blows, as ordered, feeling that the swordmaker's wife was unable to find a way out of the powerful grip.
Mu Zi tried to punch back, but hadn't had enough leverage and, slowly, she felt her strength fade away. I must find a way out, she thought. A way out. I have to follow Nene's advices.

She began to fumble over her foe's chest, trying to feel Liu Mang's heavy breasts, but this didn't help: bigger Liu Mang caught her by the wrist and parted Mu Zi's arm away. A way out. A way out, she thought, as she couldn't use her left hand anymore. She began to search a target with her other hand. Caught at Liu Mang's armpit, unable to see anything, shaken now and then by the knee rams that ravaged her, Mu Zi slid her hand over the floor. She felt the Chu woman's thick mane. Liu Mang turned her face away. Mu Zi outstretched her hand, blindly following the Chu woman.

"Enjoy this" hissed the big Chu, wildly, and kneed her foe's cunt for all she was worth.
Mu Zi quaked, almost crumpling over the Chu woman and then, Liu Mang made a great mistake. As Mu Zi's right hand approached her eyes, the Chu woman set free the Wei woman's left hand, grabbing the fingers that threatened her eyes. A moment later, Mu Zi plunged her free hand in Liu Mang's face. The Wei woman's claws readily found the Chu woman's eyes. She gouged them. Both. As hard as she could. The way Nene taught her.

"Noooooooooooooo. Aaaaaah! Noooooooooooo"

Desperately, the big Chu woman set Mu Zi free and hastily crawled away on her butts and elbows but the fierce Wei woman mounted her, forcing Liu Mang flat on her back. She placed then her big butts on the Chu woman's belly and grabbed her by the hair with one hand while seeking to gouge her eyes with the other hand. Liu Mang gave a yelp of fear and began to twist violently underneath the Wei peasant, but Mu Zi steadied the bigger woman by rocking her heavy ass on the Chu woman's belly. Moments later, she pinned Liu Mang's head to the floor by pulling on her hair and managed to press her thumb in the Chu's eye socket, making the Chu woman shriek in terror.

"Nooooooooooo! Noooooooooo" screamed the bigger woman and began to buck like a wild mare, succeeding in dismounting the Wei woman. Instantly, she rolled on all fours but Mu Zi remained atop. The Wei woman readily went for the strangle from above, but the older woman suddenly headbutted in reverse, stunning the Wei woman. Still yelping and scared, Liu Mang crawled away, leaving a confused Mu Zi behind her. She then sat on the floor, taking her time to rub her eyes as Mu Zi slowly got up on unsteady legs, shaking her head. The Wei woman was still dazed by the head blow and, for some moments, she stood apart, trying to recover her senses; meanwhile, Liu Mang crawled even further, trying to clear her tearful eyes.

"Wonderful, my lords…" yelled the Qi king. "Let's give them a chance to recollect themselves! I reckon I want this fight to last as long as possible…"

Both Yen Shi-Shan and General Zha Leung began to whisper at their lords ears and the High Priest motioned the two women to go at their places.

"It will be the last pause, my lords…" said the Priest then, as Mu Zi approached him. He turned to her: "It's only your fault, woman! You should have followed the Chu cow! You should have followed the cow and knocked her down!"

Mu Zi was taking shallow breathes and shrugged her shoulders.

"You shouldn't have stopped the fight, milord!" she answered. "I've almost blinded her! I was preparing to grab her by her stinking cunt, and she would have been mine…"

"You will do it next time!" said General Zha Leung. "What do you think, Nene?"

"Big bitch unable to stand much. No stamina. Mu Zi must exhaust her. Mu Zi must avoid a decisive clash until the big bitch tires."

"Hmm… That's what I think too…" said General Zha Leung thoughtfully. "You understood Nene, didn't you, Mu Zi?"

"I did, milord! The cow is strong, all right, but I also feel she's not worth in a long run… I'll exhaust her as hard as I can and if she'll get me, however, at close range, I'll bite her and escape… She's not used to this kind of scratch or bite fight!"

"Do whatever suits you best but finish her off, Mu Zi, or else, your husband won't get his new forge… And neither will you get the chance of seeing Nene and his black cock in bed again!"

"Milord!" blushed Mu Zi.

"Never mind, woman! My priest is ready to forgive any of your sins… By the way… How is your cunt doing?"

"Milord…" blushed Mu Zi even more, throwing a furious glare toward her enemy. "It still hurts… The bitch did hit me, I reckon! May I… er… may I kill her, milord?"

"That's what I wanted to hear you say!" smiled the Priest. "That's what I wanted to hear! Beat her until she shits all over, you hear me! Trample her until she breathes no more!"

Mu Zi looked at Nene. Snarling, he made a strange sign, as if he advised the Wei woman to bite Liu Mang's throat. A throat bite, if well applied, always killed your enemy. Always.

"All right… Listen, Mu Zi!" said General Zha Leung. "Keep attacking her! Keep attacking her but be ready to retreat anytime! Don't engage her in a decisive clash before you see that her legs are unsteady! Then, wrestle her down and bite her throat, you got that?"

Mu Zi looked at Nene. He acquiesced.

"Draw her blood! I want to see big woman's blood! Big woman must choke on blood!" whispered the black man.

"Now, drink that!" said General Zha Leung, as Mu Zi nodded and offered her a small cup of rice wine. She sipped it at once, feeling a pleasant warmth running through her flesh. She looked at the farmer's wife.

Liu Mang was still rinsing her eyes. Her Mongolian trainer was talking and talking and talking, telling her to hug the Wei woman and slam her down.

"She's strong and she fights dirty! Your chance is to squeeze her strength off! You must take advantage of your superior weight while keeping a safe distance from her! Slam her down until she won't be able to get up anymore, got that?"

"I do."

"Slam her down the way I taught you… But be fast, or else, she'll bite you or whatever…"

Liu Mang nodded again and looked at the cup of wine in front of her Yen Shi-Shan The Mandarin motioned her to drink it.

"We are talking about twenty acres of land, woman! Twenty acres of prime rice growing land, 20 times more than your barren lot now!" he emphasized as the High Priest motioned the two women to get in the middle of the great hall.

Liu Mang and Mu Zi worked themselves into a fighting frenzy as they approached each other, arms raised in guard, looking fiercely at each other. The began to breath through clenched teeth, in anticipation, and Zha Leung waited for some moments, until the tension between the two peasants became almost palpable.

"Go!" he said.

This time, they rushed at each other, yelling, anxious to finish the fight once and for all. Their strong bodies smacked and, for awhile, they fought to get the upper hand. Mu Zi broke the mutual hug and retreated, her eyes cautiously following the bigger woman. 
The Chu woman jumped at her, arms erect, and another test of strength ensued. It became obvious that the Wei woman in her bloodlust was preparing to bite, as she set free her foe's hands - Liu Mang stumbled forwards and Mu Zi hugged her, ready to sink her teeth in her foe's neck, but the farmer's wife broke the embrace and retreated on the spot.

Again, they began to circle each other and, as Liu Mang raised her arms, Mu Zi found the opening she expected and rushed forth, ready to claw the Chu woman's huge tits. 
"Aaaah…" yelled the Chu peasant as the shorter woman's nails found their mark. She grabbed Mu Zi's wrists and tried to pry them away from the big breasts, but the swordmaker's wife sunk her fingers deep in the soft flesh. She felt the Chu woman's breasts compress under the awful crush and twisted them in opposite directions, making Liu Mang yell sharply but then, the bigger Chu woman savagely head butted the wei fighter.

A crunching noise was heard and the shorter woman's head snapped. Blood began to pour from her broken nose and she took a step back, looking in bewilderment at the taller woman. However, she remained standing and despite the pain continued crushing Liu Mang's breasts, making the Chu peasant yell once again as Mu Zi's nails dug their way deep in the mammary flesh.

"Damn you!" cursed bigger Liu Mang then and punched her foe in the face, throwing her head sidewards and provoking another loud crunch. Shaken, the Wei woman moaned but, in response, she mauled her foe's tits with all her might, making Liu Mang yell once again.

"Kick her, Mu Zi!" shouted General Zha Leung. "Crush her tits and kick her thighs!"
The shorter Wei woman managed to get Liu Mang's nipples between the thumbs and index fingers and began to powerfully milk her, making the big Chu woman shake in pain. She felt from the Chu's cries that she was unable to protect herself fully and so, Mu Zi's right foot dashed in a circular blow, getting the Chu woman in the thigh. Liu Mang let a howl and pushed both palms in her foe's chin, forcing her head backwards but still, she wouldn't let go of her nipples. Mu Zi kicked again then, but Liu Mang managed to push her so hard that she made the Wei woman lose balance while kicking.

Again, they split, breathing heavily. Now and then, Liu Mang would massage her aching breasts, while the strong shorter Wei woman was trying to stop the heavy bleeding from her nose. Mu Zi looked at the blood that covered the back of her palms and she felt a cold fury build up in her. I'll kill her, she said to herself. As my ancestors are my witness I shall kill the Chu bitch!

She took a deep breath and charged the taller Chu woman, unleashing a low groan, as if she was a wild she-bear. Breathing through clenched teeth, the farmer's wife retreated hastily but she readily understood that now, Mu Zi would attack to the very last consequence.

I have to face her, she realized, as the strong shorter Wei woman was following her, arms erect. The great hall became silent as bigger Liu Mang moved in too - the peasants' powerful bodies collided and bigger Liu Mang swiftly encircled Mu Zi's waist while the shorter Wei woman grabbed the Chu woman's mane. They held the stance for a too brief moment, steadying their grip and then, the farmer's wife twisted briskly, throwing the strong shorter Wei woman over her hip, the way her Mongolian trainer taught her. The swordmaker's wife was still pushing Liu Mang and this aided the Chu to hoist Mu Zi off the ground, throwing her up in the air. The Wei woman gave a shout of bewilderment as she felt no more the floor under her soles - General Zha Leung opened wide his eyes and Nene cursed as Mu Zi's long legs pointed straight to the ceiling for a brief moment before the Chu woman powerfully slammed her stout foe to the floor, back first.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..." A long drawn out moan of pain.

The shorter Wei woman arched her back in sheer pain and tried to roll away, but Liu Mang followed her: in the very moment Mu Zi got on all fours, the farmer's wife got the Wei woman by the hair, keeping her down on knees and palms. Nene yelled something and Mu Zi sprang forwards, despite the pain in her scalp, but bigger Liu Mang crumpled over her, getting the shorter Wei woman in a most powerful head lock. The crowd was still stunned by Liu Mang's swift maneuvers, when she embraced her foe's trunk from above, resting her tense belly on the back of Mu Zi's head.

Then, she strained, making the strong shorter Wei woman groan in the embrace. Oh, I have a good hold on her! Thanks God I have a good hold on her, thought Liu Mang, in relief.

"Yes, my fighter! You got the Wei whore! Do her! Do her, as I taught you!" urged her Mongolian trainer in the deep silence of the hall.

The crowd went mad on the spot. Mu Zi tried to rise, but bigger Liu Mang leant on her with all her weight, forcing the shorter Wei woman to curl beneath her.

"Push, Mu Zi! Push and topple her! You can do it! You can!" yelled General Zha Leung, baffled, and the Wei peasant tried again to push off her knees. The muscles of her ample butts hardened like rock, but the Chu woman reinforced the hold until she felt Mu Zi's relax. The strong shorter Wei woman curled, straining at her turn, from head to toe but then, Liu Mang quickly got up, forcing the shorter Wei woman to follow the movement. Mu Zi was breathing heavily and her breasts flopped up and down; she parted her long legs and pushed forth, giving all she could in the desperate maneuver. I must topple her on arse! Topple her on butts, she said to herself, heavily breathing. You do what I want you to do, thought the big Chu, leaning with all her weight on her foe's back and pressing her chin against Mu Zi's spine.

Mu Zi gave a muffled shriek - she tried to resist beneath the bigger woman but Liu Mang hardened the waist embrace with her legs and soon, the shorter Wei woman's muscles let her down and she fell on parted knees and elbows. She felt the Chu woman's weight of flesh and bones that crushed her; Liu Mang's chin was spiking her spine and then, Mu Zi's knees slid away. Desperate, she pushed forth with all her might. I damned have to topple her! I have to topple her! she thought as the Chu bitch began to slide backwards. Mu Zi began to breathe faster, in hope, and powerfully sprang forward, taking by surprise the big Chu woman. Again, she made Liu Mang slide on the floor.

"Bravo, Mu Zi! Push her! Push her and then topple the bitch!" yelled General Zha Leung, clutching his fists.

In a tremendous effort, Mu Zi managed to rise from the floor on parted legs. Still bent under the big Chu woman, she embraced her foe's strong thighs and began to takes small steps, forcing bigger Liu Mang to the nearby table but then, the farmer's wife leant over Mu Zi, bringing the strong shorter Wei woman back to her knees. Urged by the audience shouts, the swordmaker's wife once more raised her arse and went on pushing her foe. Her breasts swayed back and forth, her belly was inflating and deflating at a fast pace and finally, she managed to push Liu Mang even further. The big Chu began to backpedal but the shorter Wei woman held her thighs, forcing the bigger woman to move. After some moments, the Chu woman was obliged to lean again over the strong shorter Wei woman, pressing her chin on Mu Zi's spine as hard as she could and forcing her for the third time on parted knees.

Sacred Buddha, thought Mu Zi, she's so heavy! Once again she raised her arse and tried for the fourth time to bump the Chu woman, this time causing, Liu Mang to straighten her trunk and set Mu Zi free - the strong shorter Wei woman shouted in triumph and wanted to get up but, in doing so, she rushed straight in the trap set by the Chu woman. The farmer's wife readily captured the shorter Wei woman's neck at her left armpit and, straining mightily, she forced Mu Zi back to her knees, curling above her.


Mu Zi began to squirm and bigger Liu Mang hardened the powerful neck lock, steadying the kneeling shorter Wei woman under her armpit. She kneeled too, resting her weight over her foe's shoulders. She felt the swordmaker's wife irregular breaths and she strengthened the lock, until Mu Zi began to tremble. The shorter Wei woman's mighty butts hardened like rock and she let out hisses from her efforts, but Liu Mang took a deep breath and unleashed a most powerful punch that dug in her foe's loins, launching waves of pain through the shorter Wei woman's breasts and belly.


The swordmaker's wife froze beneath the bigger woman, unable to even breathe. Her hands began to try to grab onto the Chu woman's butts. She found nothing to get a grip on and Liu Mang tightened the lock even more - the Chu woman sensed her foe's growing dismay as Mu Zi began to let brief sighs and, without allowing her to recover, she dug another punch in the shorter Wei woman's loins, making her big butts quake.


Strong Mu Zi yelled and her knees began to give out, sliding away. She strained, exhibiting the steel muscles of her thighs, but there was nothing she could do as Liu Mang leaned over her with all her weight: the shorter Wei woman's strong legs were gradually giving away. Liu Mang's supporters started to urge the Chu woman to go on.

"Punch her! Punch her again," shouted her Mongolian trainer. "Take a deep breath and punch her as hard as you can! Got that?"

"Push, Mu Zi! Push!" advised General Zha Leung and his pupil tried her best to rise on knees but then, a most terrible blow exploded in her kidney, launching a devastating pain that ran from her loins to the depth of her cunt. The Wei peasant tried to stand the pain and took a shallow breath but her belly muscles were useless as she gasped for air. She felt she was about to throw up and her stomach began to flutter, uncontrollably. Liu Mang sensed the shorter Wei woman's growing disarray and, taking a deep breath, she dug another blow in Mu Zi's loins.

This time, the swordmaker's wife jerked from head to toe and her voluminous arse fell to the ground, between her parted feet. She felt the cold floor under her cunt and, as she tried to breath, she felt that her muscles wouldn't obey her anymore. Pain! The pain in her back was terrible! She sunk her nails in Liu Mang's big butts but then, the farmer's wife punched her so hard that Mu Zi opened her mouth wide, frozen in agony. Eyes shut, she brought both palms at her back and she arched her head, showing her teeth - she began to shake uncontrollably, while Liu Mang rapidly moved behind her.

"Get up, Mu Zi! She's behind you Get up, fast!" yelled General Zha Leung and the shorter Wei woman understood that she was in great peril. She overcame the pain and she hastily crawled forth on knees but couldn't escape the bigger Chu woman who encircled her waist from behind.

The crowd roared, acclaiming the Chu woman. Desperate, Mu Zi leaped forward, but this only allowed Liu Mang to force her on all fours, beneath her, steadying her big butts over the shorter Wei woman's firm arse.

"Push back, Mu Zi! Push the bitch back!" shouted General Zha Leung as his pupil began to squirm in the Chu woman's arms but the latter held her tight for awhile before setting her waist free. Mu Zi changed tactics then - she rose on her knees and tried to push backwards, but bigger Liu Mang took advantage of it and encircled her foe's neck with both arms, steadying a devastating hold on the strong shorter Wei woman.

"Push her back, damn it!" urged General Zha Leung and the swordmaker's wife twisted and snaked in front of the bigger woman. She got on her muscled butts and rose on her soles, trying to tumble Liu Mang on her arse, but the farmer's wife was too heavy and forced the shorter Wei woman once again on all fours, beneath her. Mu Zi began to feel the terrible strength of the Chu woman's viselike grip around her throat and bucked, throwing her big butts in the air. She began to snake vividly, almost throwing the Chu woman off her, but Liu Mang seemed to wait for it: she instantly captured the shorter Wei woman's waist between her powerful legs, crossing her ankles beneath Mu Zi's tense belly.

"Oh, Nooooooooooooooo!" hissed Mu Zi, out powered, and crumpled beneath the bigger woman. Her voluminous breasts flattened under her and she let a sharp hiss, struggling to break free. No use. Bigger Liu Mang had a most powerful grip on her and the spectators yelled madly, as each encouraged his favorite. Mu Zi swallowed her spittle. She felt an cold icicle impale her heart and she strained from head to toe, trying to stand the combined neck strangle and waist scissors but soon, she opened wide her eyes as she understood she was caught beyond escape by the farmer's wife. Liu Mang's strong arms were crushing her throat while her tremendous legs squeezed the shorter Wei woman's belly, depriving her of the much needed air. Mu Zi began to twist her head, trying to bite her foe, but the bigger Chu woman knew what the shorter Wei woman was after and reinforced both holds.

The swordmaker's wife froze. She saw in a blur the nobles that stared at her. She heard Nene's urges but there was nothing she could do. Suddenly, she felt a cold draught in her hairy groin and she understood that her strong legs had parted unconsciously. Again, she felt the cold icicle pierce her heart. She was scared. She was damned scared. She rose on the balls of her soles, preparing to get on all fours.

"Crush her, Liu Mang! Crush the bitch!" urged her Mongolian trainer then and the big Chu woman strained with all her might, feeling her steel thighs slowly crush the shorter Wei woman's waist. Strong Mu Zi tried to resist - she pushed on her feet, her face went red and she grinned, but soon, she could only hold her breath, trying to keep on. Some moments passed by and, urged by the crowd, the big Chu reinforced the scissors. Mu Zi exhaled loudly, giving a deep grunt and grabbed Liu Mang's forearms, trying to dislodge them from her throat.

"She's yours! She's yours! Do her! Do her, now!" yelled her Mongolian trainer when seeing the strong shorter Wei woman desperately gag for air under his pupil's crush.

"Hold on, Mu Zi! Hold on!" yelled General Zha Leung at his turn but then, big Liu Mang gave a loud groan and briskly rolled on her back, bringing the swordmaker's wife above her. The crowd let a terrible "ooh" when seeing the strong shorter Wei woman helplessly flail her limbs, caught in the double embrace. Her breasts trembled like gelatin, in rhythm with her fast breaths and her muscled thighs parted, revealing Mu Zi's shaven cunt. She was out letting brief gulps and her eyes rolled from side to side, seeking an indefinable help.

Help, help, she said to herself as her bare heels slipped on the floor in the attempt of bridging out of the double grip. She let an awkward groan, as if she was a kid in deep pain and the audience let a loud hooray, realizing that the Wei peasant was losing control of the fight. The farmer's wife snarled - she felt the Wei woman weaken between her thighs and, taking a deep breath, she hardened the scissors. The twenty acres of land will be mines, she thought. We will have twenty acres of rice land. A fortune!

Ravaged by the Chu woman's squeeze, Mu Zi gave a hoarse moan and the onlookers roared, encouraging bigger Liu Mang. The shorter Wei woman had her eyes wide open and, desperately, she seized Liu Mang's knees, trying to pry them, but the farmer's wife reinforced the crushing scissors. Mu Zi gave a scared groan, sensing that the Chu woman's legs were too strong for her and she hastily clutched to the arms that encircled her throat.

However, Liu Mang arched, pulling the shorter Wei woman's head and taking her time to squeeze the shorter Wei woman's strength in the double grip. She held her like that; listening to Mu Zi's mute sighs; staring at her quivering flesh and feeling the shorter Wei woman's bones soak in the deadly embrace. Now and then, strong Mu Zi would jerk her long legs, attempting to free herself, but the bigger Chu woman simply reinforced the scissors until the swordmaker's wife yielded and began to moan in fast pace.

"Hold on, woman! Hold on, Mu Zi!" yelled General Zha Leung. "Twist and get out of it!"

However, Liu Mang was snarling, sensing that she brought her foe near the end of the rope and scissored her once again, making the Wei woman groan and raise her parted legs in the air. Mu Zi's muscled calves quaked. She was out of air. Her nipples were filling with blood. And her right breast, the one Liu Mang hit repeatedly at the beginning of the fight, was blue and slightly swollen.

I got her, said Liu Mang to herself. She's mine! The Wei bitch is mine! Realizing that Mu Zi had no way out, the Chu woman's sustainers began to shout. Strong Mu Zi was moaning helplessly in Liu Mang's double grip that drained off her strength. Her powerful thighs began to quiver and Liu Mang strained so hard that the shorter Wei woman suddenly gave a muffled shriek - she quaked from head to toe and then, her strength failed her and the shorter Wei woman's strong thighs fell apart, opening like a book. Her huge butts pried too, allowing a full sight of her stretched arse hole. She groaned louder and her legs began to flail uselessly - she tried once more to twist, but the big Chu scissored her relentlessly, making Mu Zi eyes seek Nene in the crowd gathered around them.

She didn't see him. Where was Nene? - she asked herself while the big Chu squeezed her until Mu Zi began to throw herself about. She spread her arms and she began to gasp. Her toes began to knead the air. She felt the blood that rushed in her skull, blurring her sight. She tried to breathe. She had no air. She caught me, she caught me. She looked around, realizing that all the men's eyes were stuck to her widely exposed crotch. Thanks God, she saw Nene - he was staring in her eyes, urging her to do something, but what?
She felt Liu Mang's forearm pressing her chin and then, as Nene urged her to bite, she realized... She was almost passing out but she still had the force to sink her teeth in the Chu woman's forearm. Nene shouted like mad and began to jump around them. Mu Zi felt the salty taste of the Chu woman's blood, she heard the shouts of the audience and this fuelled her.

Again, she bit Liu Mang's forearm, ripping the Chu woman's flesh. Blood began to pour on Mu Zi's face and she bit harder. Harder. And harder. I'll crush her bloody bones, said Mu Zi to herself. I'll rip her veins!

And then, she heard a high pitched yell. Unable to stand the pain anymore, Liu Mang bucked her hips, throwing the strong shorter Wei woman aside. While Mu Zi, dazed, rolled on her belly, the big Chu woman got up slowly and made it to the nearest table. She was so thirsty that she took a cup of wine which she drank in a gulp. Blood was pouring off her forearm and, stumbling, she got near her Mongolian trainer, holding her wound. Her strong legs were trembling and she was looking haggardly around.

"Fuck" she mumbled. "She always bites… The bitch…"

"She bites because you are stronger, Liu Mang!" said her Mongolian trainer. "Don't think about it anymore! Kill her, Liu Mang! You're stronger than her and she knows it! Kill her!" he urged her.

The farmer's wife swallowed her spittle. She grabbed her Mongolian trainer's shirt and tore its sleeve with a brisk movement, making the spectators laugh.

"Help me!" she said, trying to tie the ripped sleeve around her forearm. Her Mongolian trainer aided her, hastily, but blood still poured through the improvised bandage.

"I swear to God I'll crush her!" she said.

"That's what I wanted to hear… Now, go and kill her!" hissed the Chu Imperial Advisor.

The big Chu woman took a deep breath and searched for her foe. The Wei peasant was still dazed. She had clutched her hands to the brim of a nearby chair and awkwardly tried to hoist herself on two feet. She could barely breathe and her long legs were wobbling as she got up. Her arse seemed too heavy as her knees bent every now and then, as if she was on the verge of falling on butts. She managed, however, to stand on parted legs, propping her hands on the chair and General Zha Leung was pouring a bucketful of cold water above her.

"Face her, Mu Zi! Face her!" he shouted, when seeing Liu Mang approach the shorter Wei woman.

Mu Zi tried to turn, but the big Chu woman grabbed her hips from behind and, cheered by the audience, delivered a most powerful head butt in Mu Zi's back, shaking her from head to toe, throwing surging waves of pain from her ample butts up to the nipples of her voluminous breasts. The shorter Wei woman froze on the spot, clutching hands to the brim of the chair. She tried to breathe, but another head butt exploded in her back and, this time, the swordmaker's wife fell across the chair, letting a groan. Her hanging breasts were still dangling when bigger Liu Mang captured her neck from above in a reverse lock, straightened Mu Zi and steadied her head under the left armpit, forcing her on knees. The crowd roared and the farmer's wife slowly kneeled behind the Wei peasant, arching her trunk.

Mu Zi's breasts were fully showing off now, shaking in rhythm with her shallow breathes. She got me! She got me, she said to herself before letting a shriek of terror - she felt Liu Mang's fingers rummage between her thighs until they found her cunt crease. Desperately, Mu Zi began to search blindly for her foe's huge tits with her left hand, until feeling the left flesh globe. Liu Mang gave a shout of fury and tightened the neck lock, steadying the writhing shorter Wei woman, but in the meanwhile, Mu Zi wildly plunged her nails in the Chu woman's breast, squeezing the soft flesh for all she was worth and making the farmer's wife cry in terror.

"Yes, Mu Zi, go on! Go on and rip her bloody tit!" yelled General Zha Leung.

"Tear her stinking cunt, Liu Mang!" shouted her Mongolian trainer in response.

The two women were moaning in pain, grimacingg and hissing - bigger Liu Mang tried to grab a handful of Mu Zi's cunt, violently clawing her groin while the shorter Wei woman viciously twisted the Chu woman's breast. After awhile, the swordmaker's wife came out on top pulling Liu Mang's tit in savage bursts and then, she twisted it again, making the Chu peasant shriek.

"Crush big woman's udder! Crush her udder and big woman will be yours!" yelled Nene.

"Rip her cunt! Rip her cunt, Liu Mang! Do her!" shouted her Mongolian trainer while his pupil's fingers hastily disheveled their way through Mu Zi's groin. The swordmaker's wife began to pull harder on the captured breast, but Liu Mang hardened the neck lock, almost crushing the shorter Wei woman's wind pipe while she parted her fat cunt lips, searching for the entrance in her womanhood. The spectators were urging them madly to go on; the Imperial advisor was clutching his fingers to the table, while General Zha Leung pursed his lips, anxiously.

"Go, Mu Zi, go! You can beat her! You sure can! Tear her breast!"

"Crush the Wei bitch, Liu Mang! Rip her cunt!"

Liu Mang found the wet hole, and penetrated it, feeling her inner flesh. The next moment, however, the shorter Wei woman's fingers seemed to bury in Liu Mang's breast flesh and a wave of blood spilled off the tit, spreading on the Chu woman's belly who let a sharp shriek.

"Aaaaaa… aaaaaaa… aaaaa…"

Liu Mang knew she had no time to lose, as the pain in her breast grew, invading her whole body. Gathering her strength, she bent Mu Zi backwards. The swordmaker's wife began to quake and then, bigger Liu Mang briskly clutched her fingers inside Mu Zi's cunt, grabbing her right labia as if it was a bucket handle. Mu Zi gave an endless shriek, shaking from head to toe and scratched Liu Mang's pierced breast for all she was worth, but the latter pulled then on the shorter Wei woman's labia, rocking the strong Wei woman with all her strength.

"Oh, Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooon!" she yelled before the bigger Chu woman gave a shout of fury and hoisted Mu Zi up by the groin, throwing her on the floor.
The shorter Wei woman fell on her back, stampeding the floor and it's only then that the crowd saw the patch of bleeding hairy skin in the Chu woman's hand.

"My cunt… my cunt… my cuuunt…"

Liu Mang raised her hand in the air, looking around with red streaked eyes, exhibiting her trophy. Her left breast was bleeding heavily, however, while her right forearm was covered by dark clots.

Liu Mang threw the hairy flesh on the floor, and then she slowly approached Mu Zi who retreated hastily on butts and erected palms, leaving a trail of blood behind her. She tried to get up, but the big Chu woman closed in and kicked the strong shorter Wei woman in the belly. Thighs parted, hands slid in her crotch, the strong shorter Wei woman was snaking on the floor, while a thin stream of blood was flowing through her fingers. 
"Aaah..." moaned the swordmaker's wife, curling on the floor. She leaped back and tried to roll on all fours but then, Liu Mang powerfully kicked her in the spine, provoking a dull thud.


The swordmaker's wife arched her trunk, freezing. However, desperation gave her enough strength to crawl further, until she reached the wall of the great hall. She propped her palms on the wall and attempted to get up but Liu Mang delivered a most powerful kick in the shorter Wei woman's groin, throwing her against the wall, head first.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah", mumbled the strong shorter Wei woman, curling again and sliding both hands in her bleeding crotch. Her belly inflated as she seemed to strain, and she remained there, carelessly propping her forehead against the wall.

Again, Liu Mang kicked her stout foe in the groin, embedding her hands in her hair and banging her head against the wall. Mu Zi moaned in frustration and curled as much as she could, covering her head with both arms and, therefore, fully exposing her bleeding and quivering crotch. The big Chu woman was already feeling dizzy, due to her breast hemorrhage and she hastily kicked Mu Zi once again, with all her might. Her toes disappeared in the shorter Wei woman's cunt flesh and the swordmaker's wife gave a loud gurgle, trembling.

I have to face her, she thought. Oh my God, I have to face her! - she said to herself but Liu Mang encircled her trunk from above, catching her arms in the powerful hug. Desperate, the Wei peasant tried to get up, but the big Chu lifted her off the floor and rushed her, head first, in the wall, wildly cheered on by the spectators.

A terrible crunch was heard and Mu Zi fell to the ground, moving slowly, as if she was swimming in mud. She felt the bigger woman was over her, staring at her helpless attempts to get up and she tried to roll, belly up, in order to face her foe. She could punch from the floor, she really could, the way General Zha Leung taught her. The onlookers roared as Mu Zi twisted, turning belly up, but the bigger woman grabbed her left arm and forced her flat on her right side, as if ready to mount the shorter Wei woman's flank. However, Liu Mang didn't mount her foe: she straightened her arm, exposing Mu Zi's breasts that rested both on the floor. The right one! Liu Mang had to crush the right breast! She looked at the wild shorter Wei woman who began to hammer butt the Chu woman's shin, as hard as she could. Ignoring the pain, the Chu peasant snarled wildly and she slipped her foot between her foe's breasts and then, in a dash, she trampled Mu Zi's right breast, crushing it between her sole and the floor.

The swordmaker's wife went stiff on the spot and gave an endless shriek, jerking in spasms, but the bigger woman pulled up Mu Zi's left arm and kept trampling her breast under her bare foot, making the shorter Wei woman yell from the bottom of her lungs. Terrorized, Mu Zi sensed that her breast flesh was tearing and ripping beneath the Chu woman's stomps and, after awhile, she felt no more pain - however, the splashing sounds that came from her crushed breast, made her yell louder and louder, to the spectators' delight.

Desperate, she managed to grab the Chu woman's ankle, attempting to tumble Liu Mang over but then, the bigger Chu woman turned her belly up. Mu Zi tried once more to get up but the sight of her right breast, blue and swollen, as if it was a tense balloon, made her yell in fear and, a moment later, she felt the Chu's hand grabbing her by mane and hoisting her up. The crowd let an endless howl, encouraging bigger Liu Mang, and Mu Zi could do nothing when the Chu woman embraced her and powerfully slammed her against the wall, before taking a couple of steps back, breathing heavily.

She's too strong, thought Mu Zi. She's too strong … She looked at the High Priest but she understood he would never help her.

"Fight Mu Zi! It's your only chance!" yelled Nene. "Slap her the way I taught you!"

Dazed, the strong shorter Wei woman propped her big ass against the wall, raising her arms in reflex, the way Nene taught her. She looked at Liu Mang with rolling eyes. Grinning, the big Chu approached her slowly - she was also unsteady, due to her massive blood loss - in fact, blood was heavily pouring from her torn mammary, gathering in her creased belly. However, the bigger woman still had resources: she feigned a kick, making the shorter Wei woman lower her guard but she followed with a slap that sent Mu Zi reeling along the cold wall.

The crowd roared but, to everyone's disbelief, Mu Zi turned to face Liu Mang, swallowing her spittle. The ladies yelled, the nobles screamed, the big hall echoed, but the sturdy shorter Wei woman could hardly see anything else than bigger Liu Mang who approached her, cautiously. She was also bewildered by the Wei peasant's seemingly endless resources.

I punched her… I crushed her damned breast… I strangled her - and she's still up on two legs! Liu Mang got closer, arms erect, sizing up her foe. Mu Zi was gulping, taking short quick breaths, her right breast was damned tense, her broken nose was bleeding, her cunt was bleeding too… What else? Oh! Her eyes! Mu Zi's eyes! She was looking from side to side. And she blinked!

She is scared, damned her! - thought the bigger woman. She is scared!

But then, so was Liu Mang, as she felt that strength was leaving her along with her blood pouring off her breast. Besides, her right forearm, the bitten one, was getting numb… 
I must hurry! I have to hurry, or else… said Liu Mang to herself. It's only then that Mu Zi felt the warm creek that glued to her inner thighs. Looking down, she first saw the swollen breast that stuck to her chest like a mellow melon, and then she saw the dark rivulet that ran down on her leg from her groin.

Fury fuelled Mu Zi. I have to attack the Chu cow, she snarled. It's now, or never! She took a deep breath.

"Chu whore!" she yelled and rushed against her foe, launching slap after slap at Liu Mang's face. The older woman retreated under the unexpected assault and Mu Zi's backers let a loud hooray. The strong shorter Wei woman was still delivering the unusual slaps that Liu Mang couldn't' block but then, the big Chu woman yelled like a wild animal, and decided to stand the assault, no matter what.

She charged Mu Zi; shoulder first, powerfully throwing the shorter Wei woman back, against the wall and a violent exchange of blows ensued. The two powerful women let loud groans of effort, interspersed by brief shrieks; their blows always thudded on each other's flesh, their heads snapped, blood began to pour off their nostrils but soon, it became obvious that the bigger Chu woman was hitting harder and harder, overwhelming the swordmaker's wife in spite of her powerful slaps. After awhile, Mu Zi's blows began to be lost in the air and the Wei woman started to bend, while Liu Mang kept digging uppercut after uppercut in her foe's belly, making her supporters go mad with delight. Finally, the bigger woman took a deep breath and delivered such an awful blow to the belly that the strong shorter Wei woman curled around the Chu's forearm, exhaling. She clutched her hands to Liu Mang's shoulders, trying to remain on two feet, but the farmer's wife retreated, taking her time to stare at the shorter Wei woman.

Fuck! Mu Zi didn't fall. She still managed to remain on two feet, propping her arse against the wall. She was over powered, spittle poured off her mouth, her strong legs were shaking, but she could still stand, damn her! Big Liu Mang closed in, breathing through clenched teeth. She grabbed Mu Zi's wrists, parting them, and straightened the shorter Wei woman, looking in her eyes. The swordmaker's wife grimaced and tried to push away the bigger woman but Liu Mang shoved her and got closer, her face almost touching Mu Zi's, as if she was weighting what kind of blow could finish once and for all the Wei woman.

Liu Mang briskly took a step back and delivered a most powerful head butt in the shorter Wei woman's swollen breast. A splashing sound was heard and the swordmaker's wife froze, eyes wide open. She tried to cross her arms in front of her tits but the bigger woman held her arms spread and eyed the shorter Wei woman from head to toe, curiously, anxious to see the effect of the last blow upon the shorter Wei woman.
Damn her! Mu Zi suddenly shouted like a madman and her knee dashed at Liu Mang's belly, shaking the Chu woman - a bewildered rumor ran through the spectators, but the bigger woman cursed through her teeth and delivered another head butt in her foe's breast.


The high pitched shriek made everyone shiver and then, a gushing was heard, as pain made Mu Zi lose control of her sphincters - a brief creek of urine sprang from between the shorter Wei woman's strong thighs, throwing the audience in a state of madness.
The shorter Wei woman's swollen breast was swelling even more under the bewildered eyes of the spectators and, in a final effort, Mu Zi gathered strength and rammed her knee in her foe's belly

Liu Mang let an "oooooooooooooof", but she head butted again her foe's breast and she retreated, putting a safe distance between her and the Wei peasant. Shaking, Mu Zi shrieked sharply, unable to control herself - she lost another jet of urine and her knees began to bend. The nipple doubled its size and went blue, while blood began to ooze through its unseen orifices.

There it is, thought bigger Liu Mang then and the two women remained some three feet apart, trying to recollect. However, it's still Mu Zi who charged first, although moaning in exhaustion. The big Chu woman felt she had only a way out and she countered the stout shorter Wei woman by diving, head first, crushing for the fourth time Mu Zi's right breast. The shorter Wei woman was thrown back, against the wall and Liu Mang took a deep breath and punched her foe's breast with her last forces. The flesh and skin tore instantly: blood spilled off the mammary, flooding Mu Zi's creased belly. Breathing heavily, Liu Mang grinned and took a step back while the younger woman covered her breasts, doubling over in silence. She remained like this for some moments, then her legs let her out and the shorter Wei woman fell to her knees, without a word. A heavy silence seemed to spread through the audience. Mu Zi's belly loosened, as it rested on the shorter Wei woman's strong thighs - then, the Wei peasant fully curled, pissing uncontrollably in front of the bigger woman who was breathing heavily.

"That's it, Liu Mang! That's it!" shouted her Mongolian trainer. "Her pisser let her out! Her pisser let her out!" he yelled.

"Damn you, woman! Fight! Fight! Fight!" screamed the High Priest, furiously, and Mu Zi raised her arms, obediently, although she was still kneeling.

However, there was nothing she could do when Liu Mang hoisted her up by the hair and embraced her waist, lifting her off the floor. The Chu woman held her up in order to insure a strong grip and then she rushed strong Mu Zi to the long table where the High Priest sat. The bigger woman made her foe seat on the table's brim and she began to crush her ribs in a mighty embrace, the way her Mongolian trainer told her about those strange warriors that lived between some faraway sands.

Her arse flattened on the brim of the table, Mu Zi froze in the hug, trying to resist. She embedded her chin in her foe's neck, ready to bite, but Liu Mang was expecting the movement and forced the shorter Wei woman flat on her back - she then hardened the hug, pinning the Wei peasant on the table.

"Scissor her! Scissor her, Mu Zi!" urged General Zha Leung's and the sturdy shorter Wei woman crossed her ankles behind the Chu woman's back, squeezing her with her last forces. However, bigger Liu Mang snarled, sensing that the shorter Wei woman wouldn't be able to fight back for long and she reinforced the embrace until strong Mu Zi began to quake in her arms.

"There you are, bitch…" she whispered, staring in the shorter Wei woman's eyes. "There you are," she said, once again, enjoying to stare at her foe's writhing traits. She saw desperation that slowly turned to fear and fear that gradually became terror, as Mu Zi's powerful muscles were letting her out.

"You are finished, bitch!" snarled the older woman, reinforcing the hug and leaning heavily on Mu Zi. She felt her knuckles bury in the shorter Wei woman's muscled back. She felt her bleeding udder mingling its flesh with her foes. She crushed Mu Zi even harder and she felt a strange delight build up in her, as she realized that the swordmaker's wife didn't match her strength.

The Wei woman let a cry, trying to hold on, but her whole body went shivering. Soon, her ankles uncrossed. Mu Zi let a hiccup. Her strong calves slid on Liu Mang's muscled back. Liu Mang strengthened the hug, listening to the way Mu Zi was breathing: coarsely and in brief bursts. The big Chu woman hardened the embrace even more, in a surge that made the strong shorter Wei woman growl and, instantly, her legs fell aside Liu Mang, shaking every two or three breaths.

"Crush her in your arms!" yelled her Mongolian trainer and the older woman squeezed the Wei peasant for all she was worth, feeling her arms plow in Mu Zi's rib cage. Soon, the swordmaker's wife began to jerk her strong legs in spasms. She tried to push Liu Mang's chin away with her palms, but the bigger woman began to shake the shorter Wei woman in the powerful embrace and Mu Zi's arms fell aside, on the table, trembling between the plates and the cups of wine. Froth gathered at Mu Zi's mouth corners as she desperately twisted her head from side to side. She could not hold on anymore. Her strength was fading out. The bigger woman was suffocating her.

She got me, Sweet Buddha, she got me! She gathered her strength and attempted to scissor once more the older woman, but her muscled legs slid over Liu Mang's back. The Chu woman seemed tireless as she kept wearing Mu Zi out and the shorter Wei woman raised her head, trying to bite her foe, but the farmer's wife arched her head while still crushing her foe's chest. Yes… The shorter Wei woman's eyes were popping out… Yes… Mu Zi's face was writhing… The air rushed off her! Mu Zi was desperately breathing through clenched teeth. She tried to resist. Her face went red. She let a brief growl and she went stiff as cardboard beneath the elder woman. Overwhelmed, she began to blink.

And then, a crack was heard. And another one. And still another one, as the shorter Wei woman's ribs fractured one after the other.

"Great Buddha…" uttered Mu Zi, going limp beneath Liu Mang. She suddenly quaked and she let out a loud fart, making the spectators laugh.

"Kill her! Kill her, for the honor of Chu!" shouted Deng Za then, going berserk.
Liu Mang began to jerk the shorter Wei woman, snarling in triumph. Another crack signaled another fractured rib. And another one. Mu Zi's bones were giving out and the sounds of the fractures fuelled the elder woman who sunk harder on poor Mu Zi, as if she wanted to dismantle her. The stout shorter Wei woman was quaking and the big Chu woman triumphantly straightened her trunk above her opponents. The swordmaker's wife was barely breathing and then, Mu Zi got up and retreated, eyeing her foe.

The sturdy shorter Wei woman slowly regained her senses. She heard a continuous humming around her, as if she were drunk. A voice. A scream. Laughter. She awkwardly raised her trunk, propping on elbows and resting her massive ass on the brim of the table. She could not breathe. Her chest was aching all over. Her muscled legs were shaking. She tried to get up and stand but her knees bent, obliging her to grab the margin of the table with both hands. Again, she farted but now, none laughed anymore.

I'm finished, the forge is lost, she thought - the hall was reeling and her muscled legs were like cotton. She shook her head but the hall was still reeling. And still, she could not breathe in enough air.

Liu Mang was eyeing the younger woman. There you are. There you are… She peered at her for some more moments and then, she found another target. The real target. The one that will finish her foe for good: Mu Zi's heart was throbbing, throwing brief shivers through the shorter Wei woman's breasts. The throbs were obvious, however, right beneath Mu Zi's chest bone, between the joint of her lowest ribs, right where her fat padded belly began. This time, she won't get up anymore!

"Come, sow!" hissed Liu Mang. "Come…"

Mu Zi did her best to walk toward the farmer's wife. Her eyes were slightly rolling as she was still dazed, but she managed to take a step toward the bigger woman. She raised her arms in guard. She pursed her lips.

"Big woman will kill Mu Zi," mumbled Nene.

Liu Mang inhaled deeply and delivered a most powerful uppercut through Mu Zi's guard, right under her foe's chest bone - to the heart. The younger woman went stiff from head to toe, unable to walk anymore and she let out another jet of urine. She waved back and forth for three or four times before she stumbled, propping once more her voluminous arse against the table and letting out a long fart.

She's stronger than me, understood Mu Zi. She could breathe no more. She opened her mouth wide and let out an almost inaudible gag. Her belly was convulsing and her face went blue. A most weird smile flourished on the shorter Wei woman's face then and she extended her palms toward Liu Mang, begging. She managed to take a shallow breath. 
"I can't… take it… anymore… please…" she mumbled.

"You're mine, whore!" spat Liu Mang and grabbed the shorter Wei woman's shoulders. She looked in her eyes and then, fear made Mu Zi piss once more.

"I… I had enough… please…"

"You're mine, Wei sow…" hissed the older woman through clenched teeth and delivered a head butt to the heart. Mu Zi quaked and Liu Mang retreated, taking her time to enjoy the sight of the ravaged Wei woman.

Propped against the table, Mu Zi was emptying her bladder, waving to and fro. After awhile, Mu Zi managed to hold herself but spittle still poured off her mouth. Liu Mang rushed at her, hugging the shorter Wei woman; she raised her in the air and stepped back until she got halfway between the tables, crushing the now helpless Mu Zi in the hug. A snarl flourished on the Chu woman's face as the shorter Wei woman's shallow breaths were slowly turning to gasps. Suddenly, a most loud crack was heard and the Wei peasant seemed to fold backwards, letting a low groan. Her arms were twitching, her feet were jerking in unconscious bursts, while her ripped breast quaked aside her trunk, letting blood waves spill down to the floor. She was choking on her own spittle.

Liu Mang sensed that Mu Zi was taking her last lungful of air. She twisted powerfully, slamming the shorter Wei woman's head against the table. A dull crush was heard and the bigger woman threw the Wei peasant on the floor, acclaimed by the spectators. Big Liu Mang grabbed then her foe's ankles and savagely pulled the younger woman in the middle of the hall. She parted Mu Zi's legs and then she placed her knees on the shorter Wei woman's muscled thighs, pinning them to the floor. Slowly, she joined both fists above her head and waited. The shorter Wei woman was taking short gasps in her last attempts to suck in air - she saw her triumphant foe preparing for the finishing blow and uttered something. She swallowed her spittle. She drew out the tongue, obviously offering to lick the Chu woman's cunt. She raised her right palm, begging.

The hammer butt was aimed at Mu Zi's pubic bone: it provoked a loud crack and it made the Wei woman jerk in spasms. A red froth blasted off the shorter Wei woman's mouth and she began to quake beneath the elder woman while the audience was yelling at Liu Mang, urging her to kill the shorter Wei woman.

The older woman looked at her foe: Mu Zi gagged for air, arching her head rhythmically, quaking as dismantled. I did her, rejoiced the Chu woman. I did her, she thought as she took her time to sit on her foe's face, covering the shorter Wei woman's mouth and nostrils with her broad groin, in the hoorays of the audience.

It was Mu Zi's quick, unconscious head movements that made her mouth and nose rub the depths of Liu Mang's crotch, harder and harder, until the Chu woman began to rock on her foe's face, triumphantly showing off. She felt her cunt seal the shorter Wei woman's nostrils, while her ample butts fully covered her foe's mouth. Liu Mang was hearing the crowd's shouts of approval as if they came from some faraway place and she raised both hands above her head, proudly looking around. She was preparing to get off the beaten woman but then, Mu Zi's desperate attempts to breathe brought an unexpected pleasure in the Chu woman's womanhood and she decided to remain still and take advantage of this unforeseen pleasure.

It didn't count at all that she was surrounded by all these people. She even forgot that she had won twenty acres of land. She felt only Mu Zi's gasps in her cunt, she felt only the delicate draught coming off the beaten woman's mouth - it tickled Liu Mang's ass hole - and she felt the shorter Wei woman's chin moving in spasms that rubbed the bottom of her spine. Uuh… That was good! It was much better than expected… And… Yes! The poor Wei peasant suddenly began to lick the Chu woman's ass hole, desperately hoping to please the older woman.

At least, she'll let me be, thought Mu Zi in a dashing burst and plunged her tongue even deeper, tasting the Chu woman's arse hole. It was bitter and this bewildered Mu Zi but still, she kept on licking Liu Mang's rear entrance, provoking loud slurps, tasting Liu Mang's arse sweat, mingled with her groin thick juices.

By then, the crowd began to clap, as the Wei peasant, gone almost limp, clearly gave in by the arse lick she offered to her victor.

"My Liu Mang is stronger, much stronger!" boasted the Imperial advisor, as Mu Zi, desperate to get a relieving lungful of air, was now licking hastily her foe's ass hole.

Oh my God! I come! - realized Liu Mang as her cunt tightened around Mu Zi's nostrils, catching her unaware. The shorter Wei woman licked her deeper and deeper, throwing waves of ecstasy through Liu Mang's body and forcing her to stand still, ashamed that anyone could realize what she experienced. I come! I come, she thought, trying to cover her feeling. The shorter Wei woman too felt her victors' orgasm. Hope made her think that she had pleased her - I'll be able to breathe, she thought but then, as the Chu woman kept crushing her face under her broad groin, she suddenly realized that Liu Mang might not be willing to get off her. Mu Zi tried to push the bigger woman off her. No use. She tried to twist. No use. She tried to bridge.

Her muscles wouldn't obey her anymore. Scared, Mu Zi drew out once more her tongue, slipping it in Liu Mang's arse hole as deep as she could, until feeling the Chu woman's shit. She won't let me be, realized the shorter Wei woman as she felt Liu Mang's second orgasm - she gradually slipped in a gray twilight, in which the sounds melted with the fading light and with Liu Mang's shit taste. The younger woman began to twitch her feet unconsciously; her fingers clawed the floor and a wave of blood seemed to rush off her ripped breast, bringing another wave of ecstasy in the Chu woman's flesh. A loud fart was then heard as the strong shorter Wei woman lost control of her bodily functions, suffocated beneath the older woman and Liu Mang almost passed out, ravaged by the most terrible orgasm she ever felt. Waves of pleasure rushed from her groin up to her belly and breasts, as she realized that the Wei peasant was succumbing - the big Chu felt once more her foe's desperate search for air and this threw numbness in her flesh. She leaned with all her weight on Mu Zi's openings, sealing her nostrils with her cunt and covering once more her mouth with her heavy butts, manipulating herself into another orgasm, an orgasm brought about by the shorter Wei woman's approaching death.

There it was! Weakened beyond any capacity to resist, the Wei peasant began to quiver underneath the big Chu woman, her strong legs jerked in spasms, her palms slapped the floor. For some moments, strong Mu Zi's body shook harder and harder, not willing to die, but then, as her last attempt to breath subsided, her flesh seemed to smoothen and she remained motionless beneath the bigger woman, while Liu Mang's juices flooded her mouth and nostrils, pouring on her cheeks.

Liu Mang looked at her landlord then. She gathered her whole strength and managed to say, between the blasts of pleasure:

"I killed the bitch, my lord! The twenty acres of land are mine!"