Deserted Island by Sega

Asianised by Aussie Greg with permission 

They had a single bottle of water and the two Vietnamese families lay, eyes sunk deep in their sockets, under a roof of canvas and palm leaves… Fuck the South China Sea! Fuck the Gulf of Thailand.! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck the fishing boat!

And fuck the damned Thai pirates! Trying to escape them had sunk the boat and lost 120 of the 125 on board escaping from the Communists in Vietnam to Malaysia. Drowned, sharks, pirates or picked up by a passing freighter. They were lost. All they could do was wait, just wait, on this bloody island… A thin piece of land, covered by ten or twelve palm trees… Wait, wait, wait…

The two mothers, however, couldn't wait anymore. Their eyes said everything. Their girls stared at them, begging, from beneath the small shelter and they understood, they understood damned well what was about to happen. Instinct made them crawl away from each other, looking in anguish at their mothers. In their deep selves, they were also preparing for what they had to do.

There was no other way, damn it, no other way… Drinking only half a liter of water, daily, changed for sure your priorities. And the well-established-fucking-social-rules, as well…

Binh wore a black pair of panties that barely covered her solid butts, and a man's white undershirt that could hardly hold in place her dangling tits. She was a 5'6", stout, long haired woman of 43, weighing around 135 lbs. Her face was pretty weird - although she had nice traits, you couldn't stop yourself from comparing her to a cocky bulldog that always looked around placidly, as if there was nothing that could touch her… She had strong legs, almost thick, a big arse and an obvious potbelly. However, her flesh was tense enough from her daily work on the farm in Vietnam to grant a man a good fucking session with her. Widowed, she had engaged on a relationship with Tuan, and accompanied him aboard the fishing boat. All her life savings 6 small bars of gold had paid their passage. Who could say, anymore, what they would do? For the moment being, Binh had eyes only for that bottle filled with hot water.

Kieu, the other mother, was the opposite: a thin refined woman from Saigon. At 49, she stood two inches taller than Binh, weighing around 115 lbs. She wore red panties, deeply engulfed between her hard rock arse cheeks and a pink blouse showing off a smaller, but firmer pair of breasts. She had muscled legs, her traits made her look like a bird of prey and she had jet black hair. She was also divorced and, in the waiting before the trip, she had set her eyes on Tuan, a man ten years younger than her. However, she knew very well that their relationship was to be continued only if she proved better than the younger Binh. Kieu was good in bed, she was very good at fucking, but then, how could a ten years younger man than her marry her if they would get back to the civilized land?

After all, she was not a wealthy woman. She was only a primary school teacher with no savings… Only a week ago, the two women used to spend most of the time together, along with their two girls, waiting for the boat's departure. Binh's daughter, Lanh, was a 13 yo developed young woman, who looked more or less like a younger Binh. Kieu's daughter, Nhu, was a 15 yo attractive and slim, just like her mother. She was bigger than Lanh, but she was softer.

The fishing boat… the week long trip before the pirates forced them to flee onto the rocks… What a time they had. The two women competed as Tuan fucked both, promising the world to both. But now, the ravaging sight of their daughters, dying from thirst, made them forget all that. That bottle of water! That damned, single bottle of hot water, did melt everything! Markets, night life, good manners, rules and correct behavior - who cared about all this anymore?

Tuan didn't. Neither did they. There was only a bottle of water left and the two girls were thirsty. A child, even a teenager, is more vulnerable to lack of water. Besides, there was no law down here, on this bloody deserted island. The result was more than logical: it was up to their mothers to…
The two women approached each other, slowly, real slowly. Only their eyes were throwing cold glares and suddenly, without a warning, they rushed in - heads taken aback, breasts poking forward, they began to throw slaps and punches to the face and chest, each hoping in a fast victory. It was obvious that they were not used to fighting- however, their blows became heavier and heavier, as they became more and more determined to finish off each other.

Still, none got the upper hand and all and they split, breathing heavily. The sun was hot. The sand of the beach was burning. What a day! What a hot day! Grinning like two wild beasts, the two mothers began to move in circle, looking for an opening in each other's guard. They knew they had only a way out. They knew it damned well. 

Tuan urged the women to attack, and they readily leaped forward and met and they began to launch punches to the other's face. This time, their bodies almost collided and the blows began to show out: the younger woman got Kieu in the nose, drawing first blood while the latter got her foe in the breasts, making her grunt briefly. They went on, hitting in silence, each aiming to destroy her enemy, but after some moments, they retreated again, taking shallow breaths.

They had to try again, damn it! They had yet to fight for that bottle of water! But they learned - they learned their way, for sure! We are bathed in instincts! As a proof, they rushed at each other, grabbing each other's hair and they began to push and drag in powerful bursts. They began to let go brief pants of effort but still, none got the upper hand. After several seconds, however, younger Binh managed to land a powerful punch to Kieu's nose, making her let loose a brief groan. The older woman began to bleed heavily and, seeing her daughter cover her mouth in fear, she answered by kicking Binh in the shin, with all her might. They began to let loud shrieks of fury as they kept striking each other, Binh punching her foe's face, the latter kicking the younger woman, while still pulling each other by the hair. It took them almost half a minute to tire and then, they spread apart, breathing heavily.

Split apart, eyes covered with thin red streaks, they understood that only one would survive this clash and so did Tuan. None was willing to give in, and there was only one bottle of water left! Their daughters got up, without a word, looking with bulging eyes at their mothers. The bottle of water was sparkling in the afternoon sun. Damned heat! Damned boat! And damned island!

The two mothers took their time to catch their breath. Binh was breathing heavier than the older female but, on the other hand, Kieu's nose was bleeding abundantly - blood was covering her chin and stained her pink blouse between her pointy firm breasts. Their hearts were beating at a fast pace and, as the seconds went by, they began to breath loudly, preparing for the ensuing clash. They had to finish this… They had to finish this once and for all…

They rushed at each other, punching and, yes! - again, the younger Binh got Kieu fully in the nose, powerfully snapping her head. The older woman retreated and wiped off the blood off her face while her daughter let a cry of frustration:


Her scared voice enraged Kieu and she readily rushed back at younger Binh, but the latter punched her hard again in the face, snapping her head once again. This time, older Kieu let a long moan and retreated on unsteady legs. Bloody Binh! She was younger, damn her! She was younger and heavier, she thought. She saw her daughter out of the corner of the eye. Scared, she was swallowing her spittle, looking at her. However, God bless her, she was still confident in her, oh yes, Nhu was confident that her mother would finally get her what she needed! 

Meanwhile, Lanh, Binh's daughter began to yell at her mother, urging her to go after Kieu… I never liked this peasant girl, thought the older woman and she attacked Binh, throwing rights and lefts to the face, the way she had seen in the Thai video matches she liked so much. Her daughter began to shout encouragement as the younger female, taken off guard by the sudden assault, was forced to retreat. Screaming in fury, Binh was retaliating by delivering hard kicks to her foe's belly and, finally, she got the older woman with a kick in the groin, making her scream. Kieu joined her legs and slid both hands in her groin, retreating, while Nhu, her daughter, let a scream:

"No, no, no… No, mummy!"

Binh's daughter raised her fists in the air and urged her mother to go on: "Yeah, mammy! You got her bad! Kick her cunt again, mammy!"

"Keep at it!" shouted Tuan. In a way, the fight was making him hornier than concerned, although he understood damned well that the winner will show no mercy to the other mother.

I'll get her down, thought Binh, I'll damn slam her down, the ole' bitch! She dived, head first, against Kieu, embracing her waist, but the older woman joined fists and delivered a most powerful hammer blow in her foe's back, halting the heavier woman in her tracks. 

Again, they split but, this time, driven by their freshly awoken instincts, they rushed back at each other. A violent exchange of punches ensued and the younger woman managed to land several blows to Kieu's face, forcing her to retreat until her arse was pressed against a nearby rock. The older woman punched back in desperation while Binh was methodically pummeling her face. A wild grin flourished on her face as older Kieu began to pant in exhaustion.

"Your age shows, bitch!"

"Beat her, mammy! Beat her!" yelled Lanh and then, the younger woman shouted hoarsely and rushed against Kieu, getting her in a side neck lock. She began to drag her around in powerful bursts, trying to throw her to the ground. However, the older lady hung on and, embracing Binh's waist, she attempted to hook her strong legs from behind. 

A most wild struggle ensued, and both started to let loud screams of anger and frustration. They stumbled, they pushed, and they yelled, their breasts swayed in all directions, they parted their legs, but finally, Binh managed to outwrestle older Kieu to her knees. The younger lady dragged the other mother towards a close rock and, pressing her against it, she began to punch her in the face, while holding her down in the neck lock.

"You, bitch… I'll kill you… I'll damned kill you…"

"Yes, mammy! Beat her bad! Beat her! Beat her" shouted Lanh while Nhu, Kieu's daughter, was almost breaking in tears.

"C'mon, Binh! C'mon!" yelled Tuan getting on the side of the winner. "You're doing her! You're doing her!"

"Get up, mammy! Get up!" urged Nhu, moving forth, as if she intended to interfere.

However, older Kieu let a hoarse yell and, grabbing the other mother by the hair, powerfully yanked Binh's head backwards. Binh let a scream and closed her eyes, grimacing, but went on with the punches that slowly turned Kieu's face to a bleeding pulp. After some moments, however, the older woman gave a strange yell and resorted to grabbing Binh's breast with her free hand. She squeezed it through the undershirt, making the other mother yell - she then pulled on the soft flesh until the younger woman let out a sharp shriek, releasing her foe. Kieu straightened herself on the spot and, screaming in fury, she powerfully shoved the younger woman, throwing her on backside. 

Tuan raised his voice, urging the two mothers to go on. Their daughter's clenched fists, more and more excited, as Binh hastily got up. Enraged, she leaped against the older woman but Kieu met her with a forceful kick in the belly.

"Shit…" yelled Binh as she fell back on her arse, but she quickly got up again. However, the older mother was waiting for her, arms raised in guard, breathing through clenched teeth. Younger Binh rushed forward but Kieu had learned her lesson fast: she kicked her foe once again in the belly, halting her in her tracks. The younger mother gave a shout of frustration before leaping again at her foe but, this time, Kieu launched a most terrible jab to Binh's tits, flinging them aside and making the other mother yell from the bottom of her lungs. She stepped back, covering both breasts with her arms.

"Yes, mammy! Go get her Get her!" shouted Kieu's daughter and her mother closed in on her foe, alternating jabs to the face that threw Binh's head from side to side. The younger woman fought back, kicking, and soon, a wild exchange of blows ensued. Binh began to bleed and then the older Kieu grabbed her by the back of her neck and crudely yanked, bending her in two. She held her like that for some seconds, as if she didn't know what to do next, but then, she began to throw uppercuts to Binh's face, as she had seen on the videos.

"You, fucking moron!" yelled Kieu, sensing that her foe didn't know what to do and she went on, delivering uppercut after uppercut at Binh's nose and mouth. The younger woman began to bleed abundantly. She fought back by launching jabs, aiming at Kieu's flanks, but the latter suddenly dragged her with all her might, bringing Binh on all fours, in front of her. The younger woman tried to leap up but the other mother dived upon her and embraced her body from above, leaning with all her weight over her foe.

"Fight, mummy! Fight!" yelled Lanh.

"C'mon, Binh, what the hell!" shouted Tuan, but the younger mother was slowly crushed to the ground beneath older Kieu who began to land fist after fist in her foe's belly. Soon, Binh began to let loud groans after each blow - she still struggled, attempting to topple the older woman but, all of a sudden, Kieu paused. She sucked in a deep mouthful of air and delivered a most powerful punch to the brunette's muscled back.


Binh let a sharp yell and arched her back, her face a mask of pain, while the older woman set her free, knowing for sure that her foe won't be able to make a movement for some seconds. She could only stand on parted knees, frozen in pain, pressing both palms in the small of her back. She tried to suck in air - but pain made her show her teeth.

"Yes, mama! You did the bitch! You did her!" shouted Nhu as her mother hastily got behind the strong farm worker. Binh was still trying to breathe when the taller woman grabbed her midsection from behind, raising her in the air and slamming her to the ground, butt first.

Binh's huge breasts popped out from beneath her undershirt and, she awkwardly tried to get up, ready to face Kieu, but the latter lifted her once again in her arms.


Binh let a scream of bewilderment as she didn't feel the ground under her feet anymore. She stretched her muscled legs, trying to feel the sand under her soles, but Kieu slammed her to the ground once more. This time, the woman's big butt thudded dully in the sand. Letting a deep grunt, Binh arched her back and rolled aside, getting on all fours.

"Get up, mummy! Get up!" shouted Lanh but, when Binh attempted to get up, Kieu embraced her again and hoisted her in the air before slamming her to the ground for the third time.

"Oh, Lord…" moaned the younger woman, bridging in pain. Her strong thighs were shivering and she felt that her lungs were not enough to suck in needed air. She closed her eyes and she rolled on her belly. Kieu rushed in then and forcefully stomped Binh in her back, driving her body into the sand. 
"Sweet, Jesus…" wailed Binh as she crawled toward the rock. She grabbed it and tried to get up, but her legs failed her and she reeled, propping her big arse against the rock.

"Gotcha', bitch!" shouted older Kieu and forcefully kicked Binh in the belly, splitting her in two. The younger Vietnamese curled up, her soft tits dangling freely from her torn undershirt. Kieu grabbed her by the mane and began to launch uppercut after uppercut to her belly until Binh fell to her knees. The older woman pulled her foe by the hair then, and an image popped in her mind: she remembered a video scene that always drove her mad - yeah… She had to do this! She really had to do it, she said to herself and she savagely rammed her knee in Binh's face.

A loud crunch was heard as Kieu's knee cap broke the country woman's nose, snapping her head backwards. Lanh screamed as her mother cupped her face, crouching defenseless in front of her foe. Blood began to pour freely through Binh's fingers, dripping to the ground and then, Kieu forced the younger woman up by pulling on her hair. Dazed, Binh was propped against the rock and then, the blows began to pour into her face. Desperation made her hit back, but Kieu kept punching harder and harder, throwing Binh's head from side to side. Soon, the younger mother began to slide down - she was more and more confused and she tensed her strong legs, trying to remain erect, but Kieu's punches were gradually draining her off. 

Suddenly, Kieu remembered the forbidden movements of the video fights and rammed her knee in Binh's exposed groin. The younger mother screamed, falling to her knees and extending her arms in front of her. She was trying to keep the older woman away from her, but Kieu got a good grab on Binh's mane, steadying her head and began to punch her relentlessly in the face, until the younger woman let a sharp grunt of agony. She fell on all fours. Blood was pouring on the sand from her torn lips and nostrils and she was quaking, unable to defend herself anymore. Kieu leaned on her with all her weight and went on by punching her foe until Binh's arms suddenly flopped loosely from her elbows.

"You got her, honey!" shouted Tuan changing sides. "This time, you really got her!"

Yelling in triumph, the older woman got up, leaving Binh on knees and elbows, her huge ass pointing up. Her thong was now fully engulfed in her butt crease, revealing the scarce hair around her arse hole and one of her hairy labia was out of the thong.

"Why dontcha beat me if you're younger?" asked Kieu.

"Yeah, mummy! You did her! You did her!" shouted Kieu's daughter but then, Lanh rushed in from behind, throwing slaps after slaps at the older woman. Taken by surprise, Kieu ran away, covering her head with both arms, followed by the teenager. Nhu let a loud scream of fury and joined them, getting Binh's daughter by the hair and spinning her around. However, the teenager twisted and, although she was still pulled by the hair, she managed to embrace Kieu's daughter, raising her up in her arms.


The longhaired teenager let a moan of bewilderment and tried to scratch Lanh but the latter hooked her legs and forced the older daughter Nhu down on her back, landing atop. The two girls began to squirm but younger Lanh had a better position and soon, she managed to mount her foe's belly, getting a handful of her foe's hair. 

"I swear to God I'll kill you both!" yelled Lanh, enraged, while pinning Nhu's head to the ground. She began to punch her in the face but then, a most terrible kick exploded in the back of her head, stunning her. Lanh made the mistake of turning her face, trying to see what happened and then, Kieu kicked her again, in the face this time, knocking the heavier younger teenager over Nhu.

"Strangle her, Nhu!" she ordered, in a hoarse voice. "Strangle her!"

The older teenager had no difficulty in locking her arms around the dazed Lanh's neck. Meanwhile, Kieu took a fast glance at Binh who, though still confused and bewildered, desperately tried to get up. However, her strength was failing and she fell on the right side. She managed to prop on her right knee and palm while her left foot was sliding repeatedly on the sand, as she was unable to control her muscles anymore. Her eyes were rolling around and her soft breasts were coiling madly.

"She's still groggy, honey! Do her daughter, now!" shouted Tuan.

His urge insured Kieu who approached the two squirming teenagers. By then, Lanh had managed to partly regain her senses and, although her foe embraced her neck, she managed to land punch after punch in Nhu's flanks, making her moan as she couldn't find a way out. Kieu saw red in front of her eyes and kicked Lanh between her round butts with all her might.


The girl collapsed like cardboard above Nhu, unable to even breathe. Enraged, Kieu kneeled beside the two struggling teenagers and she began to throw fist after fist in Lanh's belly. Binh's daughter began to moan and twisted madly, trying to free herself, but Nhu held on tight to the neck embrace, stopping the younger girl escaping. Kieu got up then and grabbed Lanh's ankles, raising them up and depriving the younger girl from leverage. Once more, she kicked her in the cunt, making Binh's daughter yell from the bottom of her lungs.

"Take care!" shouted Tuan then. "Binh gets up!"

"Keep her down until I finish with her mother!" shouted Kieu then and turned towards Binh, just in time to see her get up.

The younger mother gave a wild scream seeing Lanh writhing in terrible pain, her neck crushed in Nhu's embrace. She rushed at Kieu, arms erect, but the older mother delivered a backhand that fully got Binh in the face, dazzling her. The younger woman began to stagger around, trying to remain erect, but Kieu punched her in the face with all her might, throwing her down on butt and elbows. Binh shook her head but could not get rid of the fog that seemed to surround her. She understood she had to put a safe distance between her and the older woman and she crawled away, but Kieu kicked her in the face, throwing her flat on her back, right near the rock.

"Get the hell up, Binh!" urged her Tuan. "Beat that bitch, what the hell!"

However, Binh was moving as if swimming in glue, making Tuan laugh.

"Kieu is older but she damned beats the hell out of you!"

Meanwhile, Binh awkwardly rolled on her belly and she attempted to get to her knees when Kieu delivered a most solid kick between her butts, pitching her forward.


Binh curled on the spot, slipping both hands in her groin. Before she could understand what happened, Kieu grabbed her by the hair and hoisted her up on shaking legs. She spun her around, throwing her to her knees, and then she forced her up by the hair, once again, draining her of any fight.


Binh was near the end of her tether. She could barely stand, her strong legs were wobbling and all she could do was to grab Kieu's forearms, trying to alleviate the pressure on her scalp. Some moments passed by before the older woman powerfully spun her around and slamming Binh against the nearby rock.


The younger Vietnamese mother slid down to her knees, leaving a trail of blood on the rock and she let out a fart, propping her forehead against the rock. Her hands were fumbling in the sand as she attempted to recover, but the older woman grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face against the rock as hard as she could. A loud crunch was heard and Binh rebounded from the impact -she fell on her arse, facing the rock, awkwardly propping on straightened arms. She waited for the finishing blow, as she realized there was nothing she could do to oppose the older mother, but she heard a loud scream them. She could not even look over her shoulder, to see what was happening, but she heard another scream. And another one. And still another one.

Thanks God it's not Lanh, she thought. Breathing heavily, she shook her head. She wondered why Kieu was not finishing her and then, she understood. Lanh had managed to deliver several elbow blows to Nhu's soft belly and escape the strangle. She got up then and, leaving Kieu's daughter, she rushed at her mother, punching her directly in the back of her neck. Exhausted, the older mother was thrown on all fours and she was now crawling away, attempting to escape the furious teenager who followed her, kicking her in the side and butt. Nhu, however, got up too and joined the fight - she tackled Lanh, slamming her to the ground and allowing Kieu to get up. For awhile, the two teenagers struggled on the ground and, once again, younger Lanh proved stronger, getting on top of the teenager.

"Get up, Binh, get up!" urged Tuan then just wanting to the fight to last longer.

Meanwhile, Lanh showed that she had learned her lesson and readily got up, keeping an eye on Nhu's mother. She stomped the other girl in the breasts, making Nhu yell, but then, Kieu rushed at her, arms outstretched. Lanh rushed in too, but the grown up woman was heavier and readily shoved the teenager backwards. By then, Binh was desperately trying to get up too - she propped her back against the rock and took deep breathes, attempting to recover, but she was still unable to join the clash.

"Take care, Lanh! Take care!" she yelled when she saw Nhu get up too and approach her daughter.

Kieu and her daughter were now closing in on Lanh from both sides, trying to capture her. However, Binh's daughter was fast enough to escape them. She also understood that Nhu could not cope with her and, whenever she had the opportunity, she assaulted her, delivering two or three blows before her mother could interfere. But this tactic was too exhausting. When she realized that, it was too late. She rushed in against Nhu, punching her, but the daughter managed to get her by the hair and, when Lanh attempted to scamper away, she found out that the older girl kept her tight by the hair. She delivered a couple of heavy punches to her foe's face but Kieu joined them, powerfully slapping Binh's daughter in the ear. The girl lost her balance and, although she turned to face Kieu, the latter flooded her with a shower of punches to the face, spurting blood all around. 

At the same time, Nhu was tossing her by the hair, further dazing Lanh and throwing her to her knees. Lanh heard her mother's scream of concern and she tried to crawl away but then, Kieu began to stomp her in the loins. A moment later, Nhu grabbed Lanh's neck from behind and dragged her backwards, bringing her on butts. In a flash, Lanh found herself laying belly up, onto of Nhu, neck captured in the latter's embrace. With the corner of her eye, she saw Nhu's mother approach her, ready to stomp her.
"Mammy!" she shouted, in fear, bringing her knees above her belly and delivering, blindly, a terrible double kick that got Kieu in the lower belly and throwing her on backside. In a blur, Lanh saw her mother get Kieu by the hair and drag her away. She felt a brief joy but then, she realized that Nhu, besides strangling her from behind, was also scissoring her waist. A cold icicle impaled her heart and she tried to bridge out of the double grip, but Nhu was too heavy. Desperation seized Lanh and, once again she resorted to deliver elbow blows to her foe's belly - however, the strangle combined with the scissors prevented her from landing a good blow on the other daughter.

Meanwhile, Binh was dragging Kieu around by the hair, punching her in the face whenever she had an opportunity. The older woman knelt on all fours and did her best to get up but the younger mother kept hitting her with all her might. Suddenly, the older Vietnamese managed to leap forth and grabbed Binh by the ankles, making her stumble and fall. The younger woman still had a good grip on Kieu's mane and pulled her down, forcing Nhu's mother to curl - a moment later, she began to squirm, trying to free her ankles, but Kieu sprang like a released mousetrap, getting a good grip on the country woman's calves which she captured at her armpits. Some seconds passed by and the older woman sunk her teeth in Binh's right knee, biting her for all she was worth.

The younger woman let a sharp shriek and pulled on Kieu's hair with all her might, until the pain in her knee became unbearable. She resorted then to hammer butt the older woman in the top of her head, but this proved to be a mistake as Kieu drove forward once again, fully getting on Binh. The younger woman began to slap Kieu in a frenzy but the latter leant on Binh and, grabbing her by the hair, she began to slam her head against the ground. The younger woman twisted from side to side, trying to free herself from beneath the older woman and, seeing she could not earn herself a way out, readily resorted to leg scissoring the older mother. However, Kieu went for the choke then. Her thumbs buried in Binh's throat and she began to sink over the younger mother, slowly wearing her out. Binh realized that she had to fight for her life and strained her legs, desperately trying to crush Kieu's waist.

However, the older woman resisted the powerful scissors and started to slam Binh's head against the ground. Once, twice, thrice… The younger woman opened her eyes wide, in an obvious sign of fear. Kieu felt that her foe was about to lose control and went on slamming her head against the ground until Binh's strong legs unlocked, allowing the older woman to breath easily. She looked over her shoulder. Nhu was still had a good grab on Lanh but she simply lacked the determination to finish her off. I must do this too, thought Kieu and, feeling her foe was barely breathing by now, she hammer butted her in the nose before getting off her and run to her daughter help.

"You, small bitch, you said…" hissed Kieu between coarse breathes, "That you would… kill us… both… Now, take… that!"

Kneeling beside the two teenagers, she joined hands above her head, motioning Nhu to steady Lanh. Kieu's daughter strained, scissoring and strangling the girl she held above her, but Lanh still had fight left in her and squirmed. Hissing like a lumber jack, Kieu hammer butted Lanh in the chest bone. The girl collapsed like a wet cardboard box while her face writhed in pain - then, fear seized her when she realized she stood no chance. She covered her chest with both arms, but the next hammer butt fell smashed into one of her small breasts, making her yell from the bottom of her lungs.


Another hammer butt fell on her breast and this time, Lanh's strong legs spasmed - she began to quake from head to toe. Nhu felt the younger girl soften in the double grip and hardened both holds, allowing her mother to deliver a fourth hammer butt to the breast.

"Aaaaaaaah… Mamma… They got… aaaaaa… meeee…"

Binh managed to sit up and looked foggily in front of her while Kieu delivered another hammer butt to her daughter's breast. She heard a splashing sound, ensued by Lanh's endless shriek. She also saw Tuan raise his hands in the air, while Lanh's strong legs began to jerk in spasms.

"My daughter… my daughter…" screamed Binh, awkwardly trying to go at her help.

Another hammer butt fell upon Lanh, on her face this time, making her gurgle and Binh saw blood spurting on Kieu's forearms, while her daughter's legs were shaking uncontrollably.

"Mammyyyyy! They… aaaaaah… kill meeeee! Aaaaah…." shouted Lanh, but her mother still couldn't get up. She swallowed her spittle and she propped against the huge rock, helpless as a drunk, standing unsteadily on parted legs. Her big arse seemed to drag her down but still, she took a step towards her foes. Her thong had rolled down, revealing the thick fur on her lower belly but she didn't notice it - her eyes were stuck at Kieu who delivered another hammer butt to Lanh's swollen breast. 

The bastard! The bloody damned bastard whore! Held by the other daughter, Lanh was shivering helplessly, bleeding heavily from her ripped nostrils.

"Fuck you… Kieu…" mumbled the younger woman and she took another step towards her.

The older woman got up slowly, leaving an almost unconscious Lanh in the grip of her own daughter. The bottle of water is ours, she thought. It's Nhu's! - she rejoiced, looking at Binh from head to toe. Her thighs were trembling, her face was swollen and blue and all she could do was to take shallow breaths. Her daughter was almost finished. Yeah… The bottle of water was theirs…

"Do her, Kieu! Do the bitch!" urged Tuan.

The older woman dived upon the younger mother, head first, crushing her face under a tremendous head butt. Blood spurted from Binh's face as she was thrown against the rock; she still held her arms in guard as she slid down, jaw broken. Kieu grabbed her ankles then and dragged Binh away from the rock.

"The bottle is mine, whore!" she said before she parted Binh's strong legs, raising them up. She delivered then a most powerful kick in her foe's groin, launching shudders in her body from head to toe.

"Oh my God!" yelled Binh, trying to curl, but she felt her muscles didn't obey to her anymore.

Nhu was already shouting in triumph; she threw Lanh's motionless body aside and got up. She approached the two mothers, understanding that she will soon be able to drink from that fucking bottle. Her mother had earned every drop of water from it. She looked at Binh, happy to see that the other mother could hardly breathe. The older woman kicked once more her foe's crotch and now, a cracking sound was heard. Binh folded like paper, her fingers buried in the sand and, the next moment, blood showed on her thong, between her strong thighs.

"Jesus… no…" she begged but Kieu kicked her womanhood for the third time.

Her toes seemed to bury in Binh's womanhood, making the younger mother arch her chest upwards. For some seconds, the younger woman froze, unable to breathe - only the blood that kept sprawling in her thong showed that she was alive.

"The… bottle… Take it…" she mumbled. "It's… all… yours… You… did… us…"

But, there was no way to stop the older woman. She'll always seek her revenge, thought Kieu, kneeling behind the younger woman. She embraced her, lifting Binh in a bear hug. The heavy Vietnamese opened her eyes wide, unable to breathe in the powerful crush and began to shake her arms. Kieu hugged the other mother with all her might, making her grunt. Desperately, the younger woman tried to push Kieu's arms away, but the latter began to rock her in the embrace until Binh's ribs began to give. Binh strained from head to toe, but then, Kieu's daughter began to punch her in the face, with all her might.

"Please… please…" uttered the younger mother. "You… kill… me…"

But fury made Nhu kick her in the crotch, deaf to Binh's pleas.

"Omygod!" hissed the younger woman, fully worn out: blood was pouring on her thighs and from her face and her body gradually arched forth, giving out in Kieu's deadly embrace. Soon, Binh's arms fell limp while her calves began to jerk. Another pair of ribs gave out and she let a gurgle. Her head fell forwards and she choked on her own spittle while another pair of ribs cracked. Tuan all yelled as he understood that Binh was taking her last breaths. Kieu threw her on the sand, belly down and then, she and Nhu began to stomp Binh in the back. They kicked her around, getting her in the head, in the flanks, throwing her from side to side, dismantling her. Lanh began to scream, begging them to stop, but Binh was already a rag puppet by then. 

A most powerful kick made her roll belly up and then, a gushing was heard, as Binh's piss began to abundantly pour on the sand. Her legs started to spring in spasms while a foul smell spread around.

"She shits right now, as I talk, baby! You did her!" noticed Tuan in a neutral tone. "You did her for good, damn it!"

The older woman kneeled near her beaten foe. She looked straight in her eyes. Shaking now and then, the younger woman was trying to say something but not a word left her mouth. Suddenly, the older woman joined fists and delivered a most powerful hammer butt to Binh's heart, making her go stiff from head to toe. Snarling, the older woman kept looking at the woman she had destroyed, while Binh yawned, unable to even breathe. The younger woman's face went red and, some moments later, her head rolled aside and she went limp. Snarling, the older woman got up, leaving a motionless body on the sand. Kieu gave then a fast look at Lanh who was able only to swallow her spittle.

"Stay put, young bitch, or else… You saw what I did to your damned mother, didn't you?"

Then, the older mother picked up the bottle and went to her daughter. An hour later, a heavy rain poured on the island.