The Dai Lo (Big Boss) by Sega

Asianised by Aussie Greg with permission

It began as a party between drunks…

The members of the old gang had met just a week before, anxious to party out the 20 years that passed since they left Xian, their main area of criminal activity. As teens, they were only small thieves, stealing wallets at the local market, or fighting the other gangs in the streets, but time had brought them into big business: drug dealing and 'flesh' trading. Of course, many had paid for this rather severely - most often by imprisonment, but also by moving for good into nice, oak coffins that adorned their memories…
Asianised by Aussie Greg with permission
Now, they had some really good time in the floating hotel they rented on the Shanghai Harbour. During the day they liked to fish and drink, during the night they liked to talk and drink. They remember the good times and the old friends, they narrate their sad or joyful stories; they make plans and so on…

In the third night, however, things got out of hand. Since it was an old friends' party, they had brought in their sweethearts and not the usual bunch of whores - later, they would agree that they would never do this thing again.

One of the sweethearts was Liu, a wiry woman with a non traditional look for a Chinese: permed hair.  She was 38 and said it made her look modern. Her story was quite impressive and, during that evening, she shared it with her man's friends - but this is how things worked out in their world: let me know who you are if you want to have a good time near me.

As I told you, Liu was a wiry woman. She was 5'5" and she weighed about 120 lbs. Her ass was as tight as my wallet and her legs were muscular like a marathon runners, while her belly showed only a little - she was lean and athletic, as the others said and her broad shoulders were a good proof to this. You don't get fat in prison. She had an unbelievable puppet face, with large eyes, thick lips and a wide nose. She was conscious of it because she always talked in a girlish voice, although this didn't fool anyone. Her story proved it damned well.

She came from some North West Chinese village from the middle of nowhere and her frame and traits showed this Mongolian ancestry - despite her height, she was what the Chinese called a down-assed woman… However, as everybody knows, the down-assed females are the best fucks and Liu was no exception to this rule. Wang, her man (he was now the head of a powerful drug dealers' net) said she was the best cock sucker he ever met. He loved her, in his own way. Maybe he'd even marry her one of these years, God knows.

Liu had left home at the age of 14, after a most terrible fight with an older girl. The fight didn't surprise any of her neighbours: since she was a little girl, Liu was already known as a pain in the ass. However, the fight had turned really bad and Liu left the other girl in a puddle of blood, unable to breathe anymore.

She decided to runaway before the Police showed up. She got to Xining and some small time thug hired her as a maid/cook or something.  Of course, he fucked her, thus offering her the "gratitude" of his wife. She beat the thug's wife in an epic fight and she got into the man's bed as his official mistress. She was smart and soon, she began to help him - she was very good at organizing the reselling of the goods he stole.

The Police finally got them and she was sentenced to 5 years in Jiangning Prison, a well known prison in Nanjing where she worked unpaid in the Cement No.1 Factory where all inmates toiled.  In a matter of months, she became the local "Dai Lo" - the Cantonese name for boss.  She got out of prison a little later than the 5 years (after 7 years), because she had beaten almost senseless another inmate. When she got out, her man was still in and she moved in with another thief.

This one was no small time thug - once, he broke the local Bank in Wuxi and he got away with it. Liu was by his side. Two years later, he was stabbed to death by a kid during a party at a club in Xuzhou and Liu slammed a bottle in the kid's head, killing him too. She was sentenced to 9 years, back in Jiangning Prison. And, again, she became the local "Dai Lo".

She got out of prison when she was 34. Her 16 years of imprisonment equalled more than an University degree in criminality and she got back to what she knew best: living with someone that was really good in his branch of crime - she met Wang, a very cautious drug dealer and she was still his sweetheart, after more than 4 years of fucking. He had a J-shaped cock and she loved it more than any dildo she ever used. She also considered the idea of marrying him someday.

"Liu… Did you have a nickname back then, in prison…?" suddenly asked Feng Hao, another sweetheart of one of the gang.

"Oh, yes. They called me 'The She-bear', if you can imagine that…" answered Liu in her usual girlish voice.

Everybody laughed, Feng included.

"I heard of you" she said after awhile.

"Yeah? How come?"

"I was in Tongzhou Prison," began Feng, "and some inmates told us stories about Jiangning Prison…"

The others paid their respects, eyeing Feng from head to toe - Tongzhou Prison was another famous prison in Nanjing. Feng was Zheng's sweetheart. As a kid, Zheng was Wang's best friend, but life parted them: he was now the best "flesh" trader in Eastern China.

Feng was solid: at 34, she was also 5'3", but she weighed 130 lbs. She was short haired with long and very muscular legs and a big tight ass, hard as a rock. Her oval face was rather long and this, combined with her slightly crooked nose and small, voluptuous mouth, endowed her with the nickname of 'The Mare". Her breasts were also medium sized and her shoulders were extremely broad - broader than Liu's, in any case.

"And," asked  Liu, "what took you to Tongzhou Prison?"

Laughing, Feng began to tell her story. She had a very low tuned voice which made everyone listen to her carefully.

More or less, it was the sweethearts' story in general. Feng was from a mountain village. Like Liu, she had also fled away from home. She was 13 then and she had a terrible quarrel with her father - she had stolen some money from his purse (to say the truth, she had stolen A LOT of money!) and he caught her. He wanted to scare her and he told her that she'd take her to the Police - she said OK, I won't steal again, but she did it once again after only one week.

Again, she was caught and, as her father dressed up to take her to the Police station, she ran away from home, hiding for a week in the surrounding forest. After than a month of uselessly searching her, everybody thought that she was dead and they stopped seeking her. However, she managed to escape the Police's net and she reached the closest town, Guanzhou.  Although she was only 13 and not at all used to living in an urban environment, she found herself a shelter in the town's sewerage system. The people living there were widely known in Guangzhou during the nineties - they were called "Xiàshuidào laoshu" Sewer rats

Feng she soon found out that living in the sewers was not her idea of a good life and she quit. She was a good opportunist and she moved in with a another 17 years old ex sewer rat, a strong boy to be more precise, earning herself protection and a better shelter. She lived, like everybody else, by small thievery. To her bad luck, she was caught shortly after and, but to her even better luck, the one who caught her was, himself, a local thug.

He liked her. He took her home. He gave her a place to live, provided she went to bed with him whenever he wanted. Feng complied. It is him that taught her what Zheng, her actual friend, called a "sex slut", but we will talk about Zheng later.

She was 16 when her boss (let's call him like this) brought in another sewer rat girl at home. In less than 2 weeks the two girls got at it, a fight to the finish, and Feng wasted her. Her boss had all the truoubles in the world of disposing of the other girl's body and, although the fight had excited him a lot, he planned to get rid of Feng.

"He tricked me," she told the others. She was too young and she believed him when he told her that the Police had found the other's girl corpse and that they were looking for her.  But, he also said that he found a good hiding place for her, somewhere across the border in another province, in a friend's house. In fact, he had sold Feng for 5000 Yuan (80 USD)

Feng impressed her new master with both her fucking skills and devious mind. Of course, he already had a woman and, of course, Feng had to beat her in order to get in her master's bed. Soon, he began to take Feng to town.

The Guangzhou guy was dealing with stolen gold, which he sold in Hong Kong. Once, they went to Macau, in order to meet some of his business partners, but it all proved to be a trap set up by the Police. Feng and her master were sentenced to prison and she was lucky to get away with only 2 years.

Prison in Nanjing, she told the others, was nothing compared to what ensued after being extradited to the North of China: at 19, she was taken away to the prison in Harbin, where her life changed fully. She was much thinner then and some of the other inmates were hard to chew even for the veterans, so Feng went into work mode. First, she avoided the others for as much as she could; while she also began to train some moves she saw back home, since her ex-master had been Kung Fu exponent. She had some minor fights in the beginning but she knew that soon, she would have to check the game of the prison.

During these first fights, she found out that the formal training she had seen was nothing compared to the real thing - a real thing that she had mostly learned during her days in the sewerage: biting, eye gouging, hairpulling and cunt scratching were more rewarding than punching and kicking. But, the most serious lesson she learned was to never leave the wounded inmates behind - i.e.: better kill than leave a deadly foe behind, a deadly foe that was always chewing bad her defeat.

"I know what you talk about," interrupted Liu. "When did you first learn that?"

"I was 19. The other woman was 29 years old and she was only the 'lieutenant' of the prisoners Dai Lo."

This also was a common thing in prison and Feng's tale was soon replaced by the other's recollections - of course, the men had more to say about it, but Liu and another sweetheart, Xue Chen, had much to say over it too.

To cut it short, Feng worked her way up and became the local Dai Lo. In the prison there was not much fuss over a killed convict so, she got out of the prison without any supplementary trials. One thing proved of great help: during her imprisonment, Feng, helped a lot an older woman who had connections back in the East and, when she got out, she headed for Xiamen, a port on the Formosa Straights, seeking a certain Mr. Zhou.

Mr. Zhou was part of every illegal thing that could happen in Xiamen. He noticed that Feng had a sharp mind and he charged her to discretely overseeing the couple who took care of his prostitutes' net. In a matter of weeks, Feng (she worked as a sort of a whores' supervisor) found out many unaccounted expenses from what was primarily intended to be Mr. Zhou's money. However, one of the hookers turned her in to the couple and the two wanted to waste her before she could talk to Zhou. It happened in full daylight, at the office they had in the docklands, but none of the assailants (the man, his wife and the hooker) could imagine that Feng could put up such a fight.

She escaped the worse but the Police was called by the neighbors (the fight had been extremely violent) and Feng was arrested, judged and imprisoned. She was charged for crippling the whore and the wife.

The good thing was that she didn't say a word about Mr. Zhou. That's why she had a good time in prison, with a preferential status among the inmates. However, a friend of the hooker who also happened to be a local Dai Lo, tried to take revenge on Feng .

"We fought at the showers and I finished her up. Mr. Zhou tried to get me out of it too, but there was nothing he could do more than plead that I was in self-defense. I was sentenced to 7 more years and they took me to Tongzhou Prison. It is there that I heard of you," she told Liu. "Liu, the She-Bear…"

"And you were…?"

Feng laughed.

"Look at my face! They called me the Mare…"

Everybody laughed.

"I heard of you too…" said Liu in her usual girlish voice. "Nice to meet you…"

"Nice to meet you too," answered Feng .

Instinctively, the two women peered at each other from head to toe. They were still smiling but a sort of strange lust filled their traits as they sized up each other.

"When I got out of prison, I met Zheng," ensued Feng and she ended her tale in a humorous way, saying that Zheng was kind enough with her.

"What you mean, babe?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"You never wanted to sell me to your business partners, even that you always say that I have the best legs and butts around!"

They all burst into laughter and they began to pour 120 proof 60% Chinese alcohol Baijiu and beers all around. However, Xue, the oldest woman there, noticed a strange thing then - and it was her noticing it that brought about the whole thing.

The strange thing was that for some more moments, both Liu and Feng checked each other thoroughly. Xue had been in prison too and this long observation was something she never forgot.  During her time, she had also been a 'Dai Lo', and this kind of glance was the one prefacing the fight, the BIG fight between two rivals.

However, Liu and Feng smiled at each other after a while and they drank a glassful of Rice liquor in remembrance of the time they spent in prison.

As the hours passed by, most of the old friends got sodden - 'nail-drunk', as the Cantonese call it. The sweethearts were also drunk and, around 2 o'clock in the morning, a bloody hullabaloo was heard all over the floating hotel.

By then, Xue was more and more obsessed with the idea that burst into her mind when seeing the two Dai Los eye each other so thoroughly. Besides, she wanted to enjoy herself more. She wanted to feel once again the old thrill of the prison cells. She wanted, oh, yes, she wanted once again to see a real fight, one final fight between two Dai Los.

She went to her man, Ju Lin, and she whispered something in his ear. His eyes popped out.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

She nodded.

"This could be something we could all remember," he said, "but I better ask Wang and Zheng if they agree to it…"

Stumbling, he went towards Wang - he was a tall and thin guy, with long, black hair and a crow face. Ju Lin embraced him and he began to whisper in his ear. In a matter of seconds, Wang's eyes began to glitter.

"It would be fine, but let's talk to Zheng. I wouldn't mind to it. My Liu will crush Feng s brains out, I'm sure of it."

"Are you sure?" asked Ju Lin. "Feng doesn't look too soft either…"

"I am damned sure that Liu could kill her bare hands right here, in front of everybody!" he said and he started to laugh loudly. The others asked what happened but Wang placed his index on his lips.

"You will see…" he said.

Ju Lin went to Zheng then. He told him the same thing and, to Xue's great relief, Zheng began to smile. He tapped Ju Lin on the shoulder and they both went back at Wang. Xue felt the thrill mount in her and she looked at the two ex prison Dai Lo's who were engaged in a casual talk. Both were drunk, but not as heavily as the men and they could still put up a hard fight.

"So, you both agreed," said Ju Lin.

Both men nodded. Wang asked: "You willing to bet on your woman's hand, Zheng?"

"Of course I will! 60000 Yuan (9000 USD) will do! My Feng will make your She-Bear shit like the pig she is, you'll see!"

"Really? Then, why dontcha bet more? I'm willing to bet 100,000 Yuan (15000 USD) that Liu will break Feng's back … You'll fuck your Mare only in her mouth afterwards, because she'll never buck her hips anymore…"

Zheng's face froze.

"Wang… you really want this? You don't know what Feng is capable of…"

"Oh, yes, I want this! Your woman will lick mine's cunt, you'll see. Are you willing to bet 100,000?"

"I am! Damned, I am!"

"OK, guys, OK," said Ju Lin. "I understand that you both agree… Now, talk to your sweethearts before I make any announcement, OK?"

"Right," said the two men in a voice and they went to their sweethearts while Ju Lin stumbled back to Xue.

"They WANT to do it," he said. "Pour me some more!"

Xue snarled. Wang had already taken Liu apart. Pursing her lips, the woman was nodding slowly, peering now and then at Feng. Meanwhile, Zheng and Feng had come nearby Xue and Ju Lin.

"Feng said yes," announced Zheng in a joyful tone.

"Gosh, you are fast to make your mind, woman," said Xue.

Feng shrugged, casually:

"I thought at it from the very first moment I found out who Liu was."

"Good," said Ju Lin. "Then, you are sure that you want to fight her."

"Why not?"

"Well… she's wiry… she's famous…" he noticed, winking at Xue.

"I am strong," said Feng . "And famous. I know I can beat her."

By then, Wang and Liu came nearby. He said:

"Liu wants to know who is better, sweetheart."

"Nothing personal, Feng , just curiosity," she said.

"I understand only too well," nodded Feng . "I am ready too. I could never stand another Dai Lo near me."

The older woman nodded slightly. "OK," she said.

"Hey, hey, hey!" shouted Ju Lin then. "I want to make an announcement!"

Needless to say that after the announcement, everyone in the room began to clap their hands and encourage the two women. For some minutes, they all gathered around the table, commenting and making bets.

"Liu's heavier! I bet 5000 yuan on her!"

"C'mon, Feng is faster! See those legs and butts? I bet 8000 on her!"

"Yeah, but Liu has stronger legs and I know too damned well that a good pair of legs wins a fight! Always! 10000 on Liu!

"The mind wins the fight," said somebody else. "Look at Feng ! Her eyes tell you clearly that she'll rip Liu apart! 12000 on Feng!"

Finally, they gathered the money in a small pile and they spread around the walls of the dining room, while some dragged the table and the chairs away, leaving a large spare place for the two women.

"Wow!" said Ju Lin at the sight of the two females.

They were already in the middle of the room. Liu wore white shorts and a white undershirt that showed the outline of her breasts, already moving up and down fast, in anticipation. She had plastic sandals on her feet.

Less than two feet away, Feng stared right in her eyes. She wore a pink pair of tight pants and a black undershirt. She had bare feet and she was discretely sweating under her armpits in anticipation. She felt very good.

Their men stood quite near them but, as everybody knew, none of them would interfere: no one, never ever, interfered when such a fight was held, no matter what.

"I guess it's about time, girls…" said Ju Lin. "Go!"

The two women instantly rushed at each other, grabbing a handful of hair with their left hand while punching with all might with the other hand. The audience began to yell on out, each urging his or her favourite as the blows fell hard and unabated upon each other's shoulders, bellies and faces in a tremendous pace. Soon, the two females bent from their waists, adding more strength to the blows - the first moans of effort were heard, as they both sought to crush the other as fast as they could. Both were experienced, you could see from the way they added their weight behind the heavy blows and they both knew that a fight had to be won in the first minute.

However, none got the upper hand, despite the intensity of the blows.  Suddenly, they split, as if they had agreed upon it while they stood embraced in that cheek to cheek savage embrace.

"You ARE good…" noticed Feng , a thin creek of blood pouring off her left nostril.

"You're stronger than I thought…" answered Liu, breathing somewhat faster than her foe.

"Go on, Liu! Get her at close range, hun!" shouted Wang.

His sweetheart acquiesced and rushed in, taking Feng off guard by plunging both hands in her mane. She pulled wildly on her foe's hair, bending her in two and, before Feng could react, she began to kick her in the shins.

"Fuck you!" hissed strong Feng, pushing forth with all strength and managing to drive the lighter Liu towards the nearest wall. The spectators split, allowing Feng to slam Liu against the wall, but the older woman continued to pull her foe by the hair. However, Feng began to punch Liu in the belly for all she was worth, causing her to stop the hairpulling. The next moment, they once more engaged in a savage exchange of punches, aiming mainly the face and the breasts.

A wild roar erupted from the audience as the lighter woman seemed to get the upper hand, forcing Feng to slowly retreat under the shower of blows. Suddenly, her punches got Feng several times in the nostrils and mouth, drawing first blood.

"Yeah,! Go on," shouted Wang, covering the spectators' shouts. "You're better than her with the punches! Go on, babe!"

"Cover up, cover up, sweetheart!" shouted Zheng at his turn.

However, Feng ignored his advice and, rushing through the punches, she managed to get the lighter woman in a powerful neck lock. The next  moment, encouraged up by her supporters, she began to drag Liu around in furious surges, bending her in two.

"Get her to her knees, babe!" shouted Zheng. "Get her to her knees!"

"Push her! Push her sideways!" yelled Wang at his turn while the two females grunted heavily, each seeking to insure her own position.

Feng began to punch Liu in the face while keeping her in the neck lock, but the lighter female struggled and pulled backwards, trying to free her head from beneath her foe's armpit. The pace of the struggle mounted wildly, as Feng held the older woman in the neck lock and punched her in frenzy, while Liu resorted to scratching her foe's muscular thighs.

Suddenly, the lighter woman managed to grab Feng by the crotch. Feng snarled in pain and she quickly moved her ass away but, in doing so, she lost the leverage she had on her foe's neck, allowing Liu to break free.

And damned Liu was fast, as her supporters believed - the next moment, before Feng could gather herself, the lighter woman dived upon Feng from behind, quickly encircling her waist.

"Ooooohhh…" shouted the spectators. "She got her!"

"Yeah, you got her! Go on, go on!" shouted Wang, encouraging Liu.

"That was some big mistake," commented Ju Lin towards Zheng. "One should never turn the back to the foe during the fight!"

"Be careful, Feng , be careful!" shouted Zheng but the lighter woman had already lifted Feng in the air, rocking her wildly. Feng grabbed her foe's forearms, trying to release the pressure of the hug but, the next moment, Liu threw her sideways, slamming Feng to the floor.

A loud thud was heard and, as Feng got on her belly, trying to get up, the older woman mounted her, preparing to get her in a suffocating neck lock from above.

"Yeaaaaaah!" shouted Liu's supporters.

"Gosh, Liu is MUCH faster than I thought!" commented Xue.

"Fight back, Feng, fight back!" yelled Zheng at Feng but, although she was beneath her foe, she had been in many fights on her path to Dai Lo of Tongzhou Prison.

In a powerful burst, she twisted beneath Liu, skillfully reversing positions and trapping Liu’s neck with the right arm and securing the lock with her other hand.  Moments later, Feng began to squeeze Liu's neck with all her might. The lighter woman let a loud grunt.

"Yeah, babe! Choke that bitch! Choke her!" shouted Zheng.

"Hold on, Liu, hold on!" screamed Wang but his urges were soon drowned by the cheers of Feng 's supporters: Liu was showing serious signs of distress by moaning faster and faster while helplessly trying to pull back from the deadly embrace.

"Wow!" exclaimed Xue. "Your sweetheart IS strong!" she told Zheng.

"You thought otherwise?" he winked back at her. "Go, Feng , go, crush her bloody throat, babe!"

However, Liu began to blindly search for Feng 's face and it took her less than ten seconds to feel her foe's nose and mouth under her sweaty palm. The next moment, she began to scratch Feng 's face viciously, searching to find her eyes for an eye gouge. Feng grabbed Liu hand that was scratching her but, by doing so, the strength of the neck lock weakened and Liu seized the opportunity by moving sideways in wild jerks, struggling to remove her head from the lock.

They both began to grunt in effort. Feng secured the neck lock once again with her left hand, but Liu eye gouged her and, causing  Feng to release the neck lock, anf allowing Liu to escape.

"Yeah! Good girl, Liu, good girl!" shouted Wang.

"Go after her, Feng, go after her!" urged Zheng.

Feng recovered swiftly and got on all fours while Liu was still trying to retreat by crawling backwards on her knees. Feng's supporters yelled madly at her and the strong Chinese fighter dived, head first, getting Liu in the belly and forcing her back on her arse.

"Yes! That's what I wanted to see!" shouted Zheng when Liu fell, her face contorted in pain and unable to breathe properly. "Get her, now! Get her!"

Letting loose a furious hiss, the younger woman dived upon her foe, once again getting her in a reverse neck lock that she secured at her right armpit. However, the experienced Liu still had the ability to get back to her knees and she struggled against the neck lock for all she was worth. Soon, they both got up but Feng had an obvious upper hand as she kept a powerful neck lock on the older woman. The latter pushed again and again, however, slowly forcing the younger woman backwards. The spectators spread away, allowing the two females a free area to fight and somehow , the lighter Liu managed to get Feng near a sofa. Encouraged by her man, the older woman pushed forth with all her might. 

Feng stumbled back against the sofa and fell over it but she still had the lock on Liu - hissing, she hardened the lock with all might, making the older woman grunt in despair.

"Yeah, crush her throat! Crush her throat!" shouted Zheng at his woman.

Sitting on the sofa, Feng reinforced the neck lock, making the older woman grunt harder and harder with every moment. She suddenly realized that she was only a swift movement away from definitely bringing the fight to an end  as Liu was  kneeling by the sofa, with her body right between Feng's solid muscular thighs.

However, Liu also realized it and she thust her hand in Feng's lower belly, obviously seeking to get her by the cunt. Feng joined her thighs in reflex and leaned on her right side twisting Liu so her belly and cunt was out of reach.  She applied more pressure on her foe's head hoping to suffocate her, but Liu was still resisting as she strained and somehow snaked her hand under Feng's pink pants and pulled her by the long black cunt hair of the lower belly.

"Fuck you, cunt!" hissed Feng . "I'll finish you soon, no matter what you do!"

The older woman didn't answer. Her fast paced grunts, however, told more than a thousand words.

"Yeah, you got her well! Exhaust her!" shouted Zheng. "Be patient, don't hurry and use your time to exhaust her! She has no way out!"

The other spectators were also commenting that the younger woman had all the odds on her side by then - lighter Liu had her neck fully trapped under her foe's right arm, the lock was secured excellently with the other hand and Feng needed only one slight mistake from Liu's part in order to fully get her between her thighs. Yes, all right, the older woman was scratching Feng on the lower belly, maybe she was even snatching some hair out of its roots but they all knew that during such a moment, a scratch did not do too much damage.

"Don't hurry, Feng , OK?" said Zheng, getting close to them. "Just crush her neck, OK! You're doing good, babe, you're doing excellent! She can't escape this!"

Wang lit a cigarette. His woman was moving clumsily, unable to free herself and she was breathing faster and faster. Suddenly, she began to writhe  in brief bursts, but this didn't bring her the least advantage since Feng held on to the suffocating lock.

"Get her by the cunt. By the cunt!" advised Wang, but Liu was still moving in these helpless bursts that seemed to get her nowhere.

"Yeah… She starts to lose control…" noticed someone.

"Puuuf… Maybe I should have bet on the younger woman, after all," said someone else.

However, Liu still had fight in her and, suddenly, she managed to place her right knee on the sofa, beside Feng's muscular ass. The older woman began to breathe faster then, gathering her strength and, after some moments, she delivered a wide and most powerful punch towards Feng, getting her in the collar bone.

The blow shook the younger woman; pain contorted her face but she tightened the lock even more.

"You're doing well, babe! Don't do anything else! Just crush her harder!" shouted Zheng.

Wang swallowed his spittle, scared to give the least advice, but his woman delivered another heavy punch, collecting the younger woman in the face this time. Feng's head snapped sideways and Liu felt a slight decrease in the pressure of the lock. Realizing that this was her only way out, the older woman gathered her strength and she punched again, adding all her fury to the blow. She felt that Feng had assumed a boxers' stance - anyone else in her place would have done it, protecting her face with the left shoulder - but this could be a good manoeuver against a beginner, not against the She Bear, who landed the blow right where she wanted.

The punch fully got the younger woman in the temple and, for a too brief moment, Feng's eyes lost their focus. She gathered herself on the spot but older Liu had felt her foe's distress and she went on with the punches, raining a frenzy of blows that always connected wiy the face of the younger woman.

"Yeaaaaaaah!" shouted Wang when seeing Feng s blood spurt in a shower of heavy drops all over the sofa. His shout of joy was readily backed up by Liu's supporters' urges - they all realized that the younger woman was doing a big mistake: still trying to suffocate lighter Liu, Feng was not attempting the least maneuver to protect herself.

"Yeah! Yeah, Liu! Hit her! Hit her harder!" - they began to shout as the younger woman was slowly but steadily worn out by the blows.

"Cover up, babe, cover up!" shouted Zheng then, seeing how his Feng was shuddering repeatedly, unable to oppose the blows. By then, Liu began to hammer butt her foe in the face, smashing her nose and lips. Feng still held to the neck lock but it was obvious that the strength of the hold had weakened. Suddenly, she understood that she had lost the opportunity and she freed the older woman, trying to scamper away.

"Yeah, Liu You got her!" shouted Wang when his woman mounted over Feng , pounding her in the back of the head.

The younger woman was dizzy, already, and she realized that she had to put a safe distance between her and the older woman, no matter what. She broke free, dismounting Liu, but she fell across the rest of the sofa. Cheered on by her supporters, Liu dived over Feng , pounding her in the small of the back. Feng sprung free once again, landing on the floor, by the sofa, but Liu was after her, mounting her once again.

"Get her now, get her!" shouted Wang madly.

However, Feng twisted quickly beneath the older woman and, somehow, she managed to get her flexed legs between herself and Liu's body. The next moment, Feng kicked out with both legs, violently kicking Liu backwards, against the sofa. Liu tried to get up but Feng snarled triumphantly and she began to alternate powerful kicks, getting the older woman in the belly, in the chest and in the face.


Liu's brief moan announced everyone that the tide had turned again. Feng felt the adrenalin flood her brain and her blows became more and more systematic, rhythmically crushing the older woman against the sofa. Liu was already giving brief yelps of helplessness and Feng s supporters were vocal again, giving howls of triumph, acclaiming the younger woman.

"Crush her bones, babe!"

"Yeah, you got her, woman! Break her ribs!"

"Aim for the liver! Aim for the liver and finish her once and for all!"

Liu realized that she could not hold on anymore and she crawled away, on palms and knees, towards the middle of the room. Feng followed her on palms and arse like a crab, still kicking her now and again but then, the older woman clumsily got up.

"I'll fuck you up, bitch!" shouted Feng, getting up at her turn and flooding Liu with a shower of punches.

"Knock her down! Knock her down again!" shouted Zheng while his woman followed Liu around the room.

The older woman tried to resist two or three times but Feng was always getting the upper hand, forcing Liu to retreat. Finally, the younger woman cornered the lighter one. Liu kicked at her but Feng punched her in the face, throwing her foe in the corner.

"You're mine, bitch!" she yelled, throwing fist after fist at the older woman. Liu crouched, covering her head with both arms and retaliating weakly, mostly by kicking. She heard the others yell at Feng , urging her to finish Liu. She suddenly felt a hot stream of blood pouring between her round breasts and she began to breathe faster.

"She's scared, babe! Do her! Do her, now!"

"Hold on, Liu Fight back, hun!" yelled Wang too, but the older woman had seen it before, several times, back when she was in prison: she HAD to find a way out or else… She HAD to outsmart the younger woman or else…

She kicked back at Feng but the younger woman easily evaded the blow and connected back with a kick to the belly that almost split Liu in two.

"Yeah, babe! You're doing her! Go on, babe, go on! Kick her cunt! Kick her!" shouted Zheng, and the younger woman clenched her fists above her head, ready to hammer butt Liu once and for all.

The older woman saw it coming and she told herself: this is my chance, damn it!

The next moment she straightened both arms, grabbing Feng's elbows and stopping the devastating blow. A surge of adrenalin filled Liu from head to toe as she realized that she had caught her younger foe off guard and she readily folowed with a head butt, getting Feng in the face.

A splattering sound was heard and Feng halted in her tracks. Her knees wobbled for a brief moment but she managed to regain her composure and she dived forward, seeking, who knows why, to get the older woman in a hug.

She did it and, letting a furious yell, she raised Liu in her arms, slamming her against the wall. However, in the next moment, Liu replied eye gouging Feng, making her scream sharply and retreat hastily, clutching her ees.

"Take care, babe! She comes AFTER you!" shouted Zheng.

"Get her, now, Get her once and for all!" shouted Wang at his turn.

A strange silence fell upon the room as Liu moved deliberately, taking advantage of the younger woman's momentarily blindness.  Steadying Feng's head, Liu prepared her younger foe, and felt a numbness grow in her - she knew that feeling and another surge of adrenalin filled her, in anticipation. Just like during the prison years, the seconds seemed to dilate, as if Liu had all the time ahead of her.

Slowly, as if in trance, she joined her hands behind Feng s skull and she saw the younger woman open her eyes wide, in sheer fear - a low, almost endless hummmmm, was heard from the spectators while Liu’s brain recorded the whole situation in slow motion. Feng opened her mouth too, trying to yell a loud NOOOO but, in the ensuing moment, the older woman delivered a most powerful head butt that crushed her foe's nostrils and mouth with a horrible wringing noise.

"Yeaaaaaah!" shouted Wang when he saw Feng 's muscular legs wobble, as the younger woman barely held herself on two feet.  Feng’s bleeding face fell  on Liu's left shoulder while her hands clutched on her foe's undershirt in the desperate attempt to remain erect.

"Feng !" shouted Zheng when his half conscious sweetheart was grabbed by her hair. The older woman savagely yanked her head backwards and Feng parted her strong legs even more, hardly maintaining her balance.

"She's lost control! Feng's lost control!" exclaimed Xue.

"Finish her up, Liu" shouted Wang and his sweetheart head butted her foe once again, throwing a brutal shudder through Feng’s body.  Liu pushed her backwards onto the sofa.

Feng fell on the couch with a thump and, for a second, she looked as if nothing happened, simply sitting on the sofa. She even tried to get up, but her muscles betrayed her and she fell back, desperately resting on extended palms. A moment later, she began to slowly slide sideways while her eyes began to roll in her sockets. She could do nothing when the older woman grabbed her by hair, steadying her.

"You're mine, shit bag!" said Liu, eliciting a mad yell from the audience.

With her last remains of her strength, Feng raised her knees in front of her and held out her hand, as if trying to keep the older woman away, but Liu savagely slapped her in the left ear, brutally twisting her head.

"Oh my God…" uttered the younger woman. Her right foot briskly fell to the floor. She looked in Liu's eyes, still having her arm outstretched and her left leg covering her in a futile protective stance.

Liu slapped her again - she knew that nothing compared with a good slap, provided your foe could not block the blow. And Feng could not block any blow by now.

A loud hooray erupted from Liu's supporters as the younger woman began to gradually slide sideways, as if she wanted to meld into the sofa, unable to control herself anymore. She propped on her right foot while her left leg felt the air, as if seeking for something to rest on. Liu recognized the despair in her foe's movements and she dragged her by the hair, quickly bending her backwards over the edge of the sofa.

Feng grunted loudly and tried to straighten herself but the older woman kept her head down.

"Oh my God oh my God…" mumbled Feng. Her breasts were swaying back and forth in rhythm with her heavy breaths. Her legs were fully parted and she awkwardly grabbed Liu by the forearms that held her head down, in a futile maneuver.

"She can't take it anymore," shouted Wang. "Do her! Do her, NOW!" 
Liu launched a tremendous knee blow right into the top of Feng's skull, making the younger woman body to shake violently. Her hands instantly fell to the floor, while her left calf began to jerk in spasms in a most unnatural way, throwing her slipper some two feet away. Her left breast fell out the undershirt, dangling like meat on a butchers hook, swaying from side to side.

"Gosh… Look at her nipple!" whispered Xue. "It's getting full of blood," she recognized the old sign of the woman in distress,

Swallowing his spittle, Ju Lin nodded.

"Yeah. I think she's done for. Too bad! I bet 100000 on her!"

"You give, cunt?" asked the older woman in a coarse voice.

Feng was breathing in fast pace, spittle falling off her mouth. She uttered a NO and a mumble rose from the audience. Liu grabbed her head with both hands and forcied her head even lower and causing Feng to split wide at the knees.

"You're finished, cunt… You give?" asked Liu again.

Feng again said NO and the older woman kneed her once again in the skull.

"Omygod!" mumbled Feng , in desperation, as her body quivered uncontrollably. She tried to gather her strength but the older woman kept her in a doubled over position and there was no way to move.

A moment later, Liu got Feng's head in a reverse lock at the left armpit and she quickly pulled the younger woman to her feet. Feng gave a gurgle and she tried to hold on. She grabbed her foe by her arse but it was ineffectual and in the next moment, Liu pushed her against the wall, crushing her.

"You still don't give, bitch?" she asked.

Instead of giving an answer, Feng plunged her hand in the older woman's crotch. She did her best to squeeze the older bitch, but this infuriated Liu who began to repeatedly knee Feng in the cunt. Feng realized only then that things were getting out of hand and, in a final desperate effort, she tried to resist, but the lighter woman now totally in control pushed her in short bursts, finally jamming her in the corner of the room.

"You play smart, cunt, huh?" she asked, kneeing the younger woman again and again in the cunt, causing wet squelching sounds that made everybody, except Zheng, scream like mad.

Feng tried to cup her womanhood but Liu kept kneeing her, harder and harder, breaking her foe's fingers in the process. And then, she began to throw uppercuts to the upper belly, alternating the punches with the knees to the cunt.

"Yes, hun! Do her, hun! Do her! Do her!" yelled Wang and his encouragement were readily taken by the others.

"Do her, Liu! Do the bitch! Do her! Do her!"

"Do-her! Do-her! Do-her!" they soon began to yell, rhythmically, as each of the blows threw a deeper and deeper shiver in Feng 's once strong body.

Suddenly, the younger woman's arms fell beside her body, hanging, while her knees collapsed. Feng realized that she had to give but it was too late - she readily understood from Liu's savage grunts that the older woman didn't intend to stop.

"No…" she uttered feebly, making everyone cheer the dominant woman.

"Go on, go on, don't stop!" shouted Wang.

A deep terror seized the younger woman by the guts and the next moment, as Liu tightened the neck lock, Feng emptied her bladder, and drawing a loud roar from the spectators. Even Liu was caught off guard by it and, snarling, she set Feng free only to straighten her body and choke her with both hands against the wall.

"You scared, cunt?" she asked seeing Feng's eyes roll aimlessly in her eye sockets. She then ripped her foe's black undershirt and, returning to the choke, she began to deliver head butt after head butt in her foe's right breast.

"Yes, yes, yes!" yelled Wang.

"No! Noooo! Nooooooooooooooo!" screamed Feng , desperately trying to protect her breasts.

"Her tit will split!" said Xue, when seeing Feng 's breast swell. Blood began to ooze from her nipple but Liu went on with the head butts before sinking her teeth into Feng’s nipples.

"Nooooooooooooo…" yelled the younger woman. Blood began to pour in waves from her nipple but the older woman had gone berserk by now and she kept tearing at  the bare tit flesh, splattering and crushing and tearing the until the younger woman gave a most sharp scream.

"My tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

Liu set her free and Feng crumpled to the floor like a rag doll. For some seconds, she swayed on her parted knees, delivering another load of urine before collapsing to the floor, face first.

"Please… please… please…" she begged. "You're killing me…"

Unable to breathe, she rolled on her back, gazing in the ceiling. She saw Liu move around slowly, arms raised in triumph.

"Who's the Dai Lo, bitch?"

Feng closed her eyes, barely breathing. She felt a kick to her torn breast. She screamed from the bottom of her lungs and she got back on her belly. With the corner of her eye she saw a lump of her gland on the floor.

"Please…" she begged again, staring in Zheng's eyes, but he averted his face.


"Who's the Dai Lo, cunt?" asked Liu again.

Clutching her teeth, Feng swallowed her spittle but then, the older woman plunged her fingers between her butts, slowly searching her way to the cunt. Feng tried to close her muscular thighs but it was too much for her.

"C'mon, cunt! Tell me! All these people want me to kill you but I am willing to forgive you… Who's the Dai Lo?"

As she asked it, she slid her index between the younger woman's labia.

"You know damned well that there's nothing you can do anymore…" said Liu the exact words that Feng had pronounced so many times in prison. She got me… said the younger woman to herself. She wants to kill me but she wants to play first… But, she'll remember me.

"You… you are…" she uttered in a low voice but, in the silence of the room, everyone heard her too well.

They all began to yell and scream, to roar and to shout:

"Yeah, she's your woman, now! Fuck her, Liu! Fuck her damn well!" they cried as the younger woman, sobbing, slowly got on her back. Covering her eyes with both palms, she brought her thighs above her trunk and she parted her knees wide, offering herself to the better woman - as this was the custom in all the women' prisons around the country.

Liu acquiesced, looking around, triumphantly. She ripped Feng's wet pants, allowing everyone to see the younger woman's thick bush that covered her lower belly, descending in a dense crest over her cunt and between her butts. She checked her clit and she began to massage it slowly, nice and slowly.

Yeah! Being a Dai Lo herself, Feng could not resist to this and juices began to pour off her cunt, allowing Liu to penetrate her with herthumb.

"Yeaaaaah!" shouted the spectators and then, as this was also the custom, Liu quickly impaled the younger woman's asshole with her index.

This time, strong Feng gave a sharp scream - Dai Lo's used to fuck the losers' assholes, not the other way round. However, she relaxed her anal muscles, allowing Liu deep penetration. She knew that this will hurt her less. Soon, she began to feel the numbness around her groin and she began to sway her hips, slowly, coming forward towards the older woman's skillful rubbing.

"You like this, bitch, huh?"

It won't be too long, said Feng to herself and, as a proof, the better woman slowly took off her pants, preparing to mount on her face in the hoorays of the audience. Soon, strong Feng felt her foe's bush over her face, rubbing against her nose and mouth.

Don't hurry, said the younger woman to herself. I'll do it only when she cums, she thought, trying to gather the most chances for her manoeuver. She heard Liu moan faster and faster, encouraged by the others, she felt the taste of her thick juices and then, the older woman suddenly froze - Feng felt her foe's cunt tighten briskly and, when Liu let her first deep moan, the younger woman readily bit her clit with all her might.

Liu's moan of pleasure turned into an endless howl and she jerked forth but it was way too late: the younger woman's teeth had bit deep, severing the clit in less than a second. When the older woman fell on the floor, she was already bleeding from between the thighs in powerful, long spurts.

"My cliiiiiiiit! She bit my fucking cliiiiiiiiiiit!" yelled the older woman, rolling from side to side.

Meanwhile, Feng got up clumsily, the shabby undershirt hanging on her shoulders. Her eyes were streaked red and she hit the older woman right in the cunt, making her scream like a bleeding animal. Feng kicked her again but then, Liu yelled like a wild beast and got up too. The next moment, the two wiry women collided like two rams - forehead against forehead, embracing in a mutual hug. Feng plunged her teeth in her foe's root of the neck, but Liu had been more precise and her mouth cupped the younger woman's left side of the throat. They began to bite, violently shaking their heads, like two lionesses ripping their preys. Liu let a gurgling scream as the younger woman pierced her skin, tearing apart a portion of her shoulder flesh but, the next moment, the skin under the older woman's teeth fully gave and Liu felt the warm flesh crunching in her bite, along with tendons and ligaments. A spring of warm blood almost choked the older woman then and she realized that she must have ripped one of Feng's neck veins.

"Hraaaaah…." yelled the younger woman, suddenly weakening in the embrace and Liu began to drill Feng's flesh with her teeth. She felt a cartilage between her teeth. By then, Feng was moving more and more clumsily and the older woman sunk her teeth even deeper, eliciting a wet scream from the younger woman. Instantly, blood and air seemed to rush in Liu's biting mouth.

The windpipe! I got her windpipe - realized Liu then, biting for all she was worth.


This time, Feng 's wet scream was unmistakable - she threw her head backwards, abandoning her attempt to bite the older woman's neck veins. She still hugged her older foe, in reflex, but soon, her strength began to leave her along with her spurting blood, abandoning herself in Liu's killing embrace.

Meanwhile, Liu reinforced the hug while also biting deeper and deeper, crouching over Feng's bent body, until the younger woman collapsed in her arms, gasping only now and then. Feng's muscles gave in the hug and soon, her ribs began to crack. A puff was heard. The younger woman gave a long, deep fart that went louder and louder, until shit blasted off her asshole, spreading on the floor.

"Oh, sweet Budha…" moaned Feng . "No…"

However, Liu didn't stop. She kept crushing her foe in her arms, until Feng's trunk bent fully backwards. Blood was erupting from her neck with less force already, mingling with air bubbles. Her arms and muscular legs shook in violent outbursts that each time lasted less. And then, her skin made goose bumps.

"Mother of Mercy … she kills… me…"

"That's it…" whispered Xue, peering at Feng 's last quivers. The younger woman's left nipple was now big like a cherry and a red froth dribbled from  her lips. She started once again and, for some seconds, she opened her eyes and she straightened her trunk, looking at the audience with perfect lucid eyes.

But then, the older woman hugged Feng with all her might, successively crushing her ribs, displaying the younger broken woman to the audience. Feng opened her mouth for the last time and blood poured from it, before going limp in her foe's embrace, trunk bent backwards, arms hanging and toes barely touching the ground. Liu rocked her in the arms, provoking a horrible series of dry noises as the younger woman could not react anymore. Soon, Feng stiffened from head to toe and a final deep gasp left her mouth wide open.

Liu let her motionless foe fall to the floor then. Everybody cheered her and it's only then that she cupped her womanhood, trying to stop the bleeding of her clit.

"Throw her to the fishes," she told Wang and she fell to her knees, grimacing in pain.

Moments later, they took her out to her cabin. Before Wang shut the door behind her, Liu saw someone grab Feng by the ankles and drag her away, leaving a trail of blood and feces behind.

"She was good, but I was better," said Liu.