Empress Wu by Sega

Asianised with permission by Aussie Greg

It was 690AD near Xian in China.

"Aargh! My tit"

Gao Fei's cry echoed in the large courtyard, making the courtesans, concubines and eunuchs mumble in amazement. The older woman's clawing must have been very hard since, eyes writhed in pain, Gao Fei still moaned, cupping her left tit. Rounded and soft, its flesh oozed between her fingers. She saw her sister in law's daughter near the dragon statues, looking at her with bulging eyes, bewildered, but she had concentrate now-the strong challenger was rushing towards her, arms outstretched.

They interlocked fingers and, grunting in rage, they pushed and shoved back and forth on the tiled ground. With each movement, they bent waists and sprang forward, trying to get better leverage, but the combat was even, as shown by their equally loud panting and groaning. The watchers gathered in a tight circle around, encouraging them: everyone was sure that a long, cruel battle was ahead of the two naked contenders.

"They match pretty well…" whispered the Empress Wu in Zhang Yizhi's ear, one of the two young brothers who were her lovers, ear, as he lay under her pumping his cock in and out of the 65 year old only woman empress in China's history.

The audience was once again entranced, watching as the two women struggled to get a better grip. Push and shove, push and shove-panting briefly, they slowly approached the wall of the great hall of the court yard, arms enlaced, twisting their bodies, pushing on the wet floor. Their moistened bodies were rubbing against each other, tits entwined, wet hair mingling, bellies smacking once and again, while their fingers dug bloody trails on the backs and shoulders, as they were trying to get a better hold. Now and then, they shouted and cursed at each other, eyes flaring in fury.

Gao Fei, the Hunan beauty, and winner of 28 previous women fights since she came to Xian from the South East, four years ago. Less than a month after arriving she had a confrontation with the champion Yin, a tall and strong Concubine of Mongolian origin. They fought in the courtyard of Wee Fei's residence, outside Xian, witnessed by all men and that meant something in Xian. Since Yim was considered unbeatable, everyone was surprised when Gao Fei, after pinning the powerful Yin to the ground, punched the life out her in spite of the Mongolian woman's beggings and supplications-delivering blow after blow, until she left a twitching carcass of flesh and blood, partly covered with the torn shreds of her clothes, laying on the stone tiles. When Li Bin, the famous doctor, arrived at the site, it was too late: life had departed from the 33 year old Mongolian, flowing away with the blood that poured from her torn tits…

After that combat, everyone acknowledged Gao Fei as the uncrowned queen of the fighting courtesans in Xian, and since none other had dared to challenge strong Yin in the previous months… Gao fei had to initiate the fights herself provoking other women of the court. But I'll talk later about the court's fighting …

Haruka Tohno the wife of the Japanese envoy was an unknown. She had caught her husband fucking Gao Fei after she had seduced him when drunk and had requested an audience with Empress Wu.

Ah, Wu Zetian 625AD - 705AD, personal name Wu Zhao. She was the only woman in the history of China to assume the title of Emperor. Ruling China first through puppet emperors including her son from 665 to 690, not unprecedented in Chinese history, she then broke all precedents when she founded her own dynasty in 690, the Zhou, and ruled personally under the name Emperor Shengshen from 690 to 705.

She entered Emperor Taizong's harem most probably in 638. In 649, Taizong died, and in 651, she was reintegrated into the imperial palace by Emperor Gaozong, son of Taizong,). Modern historians think that the young Wu Zetian was probably already having an affair with the crown prince (who became Emperor Gaozong) while Emperor Taizong was still alive and was not sent to a nunnery on the Emperor's death but continued fucking his son in the palace before being officially reibstated. In the year 654, Wu Zetian's baby daughter was killed. Empress Wang was allegedly seen near the child's room by eyewitnesses. She was suspected of killing the girl out of jealousy and was persecuted but it was Wu who killed her own daughter to frame the Emperors wife who in 655, was demoted and Wu Zetian was made empress consort. Wu later had Wang and Xiao her eldest son executed in a cruel manner -- their arms and legs were battered and broken, and then they were put in large wine urns and left to die after several days of agony. This was done in front of her youngest son who after his 2 older brothers mysteriously died became a frightened puppet emperor to his mother before she took full control.

During her reign, she formed her own Secret Police to deal with any opposition that might arise. She was also supported by her two lovers, the Zhang brothers (Zhang Yizhi, , and his younger brother Zhang Changzong). She gained popular support by advocating Buddhism but ruthlessly persecuted her opponents within the royal family and the nobility. In October 695, after several additions of characters, her imperial name was definitely set as Emperor Tiance Jinlun Shengshen

One of her most amazing laws was a special law concerning oral sex. She felt that a woman pleasuring a man represented the supremacy of the male over the female. Therefore, she insisted all visiting male dignitaries show their respect by pleasuring her orally when meeting. The empress would throw open her robe and her guest would kneel before her and kiss her genitals.

For her audience with the Empress the ritual greeting took 2 hours instead of 30 seconds and when the 41 year old Haruko Tohno withdrew her tongue and cum covered face from the Chinese Empress she had permission to fight the younger Chinese court lady.

They were both strong, but their shapes were so different! Gao Fei was very tall for a Chinese-a long haired beauty of 30, with thin muscular calves, strong thighs, a taut arse, a slight potbelly showing she had given birth, and disproportionately big breasts, partly due to the fact that she was still breast feeding her one year old boy. Every move made them dangle in all directions, hanging from her chest like two bags of soft flesh. The other courtesans correctly assumed that theses assets were Gao Fei's weakest point, the target any woman fighting her should attempt to destroy, but the Hunan woman knew that too well and protected them carefully. During all of their fight, Yin attempted to grab Gao Fei's tits, which was her big mistake, since she allowed Gao Fei an easier defense strategy… On the other hand, Gao Fei's favourite weapon was punching, slapping and kicking. In fact, her blows were renowned for their speed and her usual tactic was to dazzle the opponent by hitting until knocking her down. Then, trampling and kicking her foe's broken body settled things for good… A particular sign noticed by everyone was that her combat lust showed in the erected brown nipples that tasted the air while her breasts swayed to and fro from the effort.
Those nipples were even bigger now, like two thumbs, since she was breast feeding her boy…

Haruko Tohno was a Japanese woman of 41, originating from Osaka Japan. Shorter than Gao Fei, her legs were packed with muscles, her arse was bigger than her foe's, like a pair of watermelons, while her small round tits were elastic, with thick nipples. She preferred the close range combat, having an inborn talent in holds and strangles. What she lacked in agility and speed, was compensated by strength and determination.
Haruko Tohno knew that was her strength and was concentrating in exhausting the Chinese woman, engaging her in the wearing test of strength. She looked more confident now, after clawing Gao Fei's breast. As far as she knew, none other managed to make the feared champion shout in pain up to now…

The Japanese courtesan made a quick strike, making Gao Fei stumble on the paved stones, but the Chinese fighter bent from the waist, absorbing the assault. They bent more, breasts hanging and dangling, until their foreheads touched. They looked like two deers with interlocked horns, unable to get loose, cautiously searching for better grips, tits hanging, bellies heaving, legs and butts pried to maintain balance. Now and then, the bush in their arse creases showed off, revealing their intimate openings-Gao Fei's were brown, while Haruko Tohno's, strangely for her pigmentation, were pink. Sweat already covered their bodies, trickling down their faces and, as usual in fights taking place at the court yard, gathering from their straining backs to their ass creases… From time to time, encouragement was heard from the crowd, but none of the contenders attacked, waiting for a mistake the other would make…

Empress Wu gave a shudder of pleasure as the other brother entered her anus.
"Who will win", he asked as his tool buried its full depth into the depraved Empress
"Oh…" she chuckled pushing back and forward against the 2 tools impaling her. "You sound exactly like Jung Li… In fact, it's just that neither me, nor my friends, were able to settle what's most important in a fight: experience and speed, which are Gao Fei's valuable points, or pure strength and guts, Haruko Tohno's assets. So, we set the arrangements for this combat. Two naked courtesans, settling it in court yard, isn't it wonderful. …"
"I know...." said the other brother, thoughtfully. "And, what's your opinion. Is strength more rewarding than speed"

The Empress raised her head and peered at the two females for some moments.

"We shall soon find out!"

The two courtesans were straining hard, trying to overpower each other and their panting grew louder, echoing in the large hall. They were still upright, attempting to gain control of the fight when suddenly, Gao Fei broke loose of her foe's arms and retreated. Haruko Tohno stumbled forwards, driven by her momentum but was brought to a brisk halt by a vicious punch to the belly. The Japanese woman grunted deeply and long but, still rushed forward, grabbing the taller woman by the shoulders. The local courtesan delivered another blow to her foe's belly, making her grunt loudly, but swiftly, the Japanese replied with a headbutt that took Gao Fei by surprise-a crushing wet sound was heard as her nose flowed claret and the Chinese fighter's head snapped back, her knees buckled for a moment before she regained composure and forcefully kicked Haruko Tohno's shin, making her leap backwards.


The crowd started to cheer, urging them to go on but both were breathing heavily. Taking cautious steps on the slippery stones, arms raised, they circled each other, searching for an opening.

"I'll stomp you to death, Haruko Tohno!" hissed Gao Fei in rage. "I'll punch you to death!"

"Too much talk, woman! I'll squeeze you until you'll beg for mercy, but it will be too late!"

They jumped forwards, yelling in fury, arms outstretched. They braced their shoulders and tested their strength, jerking pulling and pushing. Gao Fei feinted a retreat, making the Japanese lose her balance and rammed her knee again in her lower belly. Haruko Tohno exhaled, moaning, but quickly grabbed Gao Fei's hair and again head butted the Chinese fighter courtesan.

Blood again spurted through her nostrils and the audience roared again when seeing the taller woman stagger for a moment, but her right fist lashed out, getting the Japanese woman in the jaw. Haruko Tohno's head snapped backwards and she had to retreat, but she attacked again, throwing straight punches to the Chinese woman's face. Gao Fei avoided them easily, and then forcefully kicked the Japanese woman in the belly, adding another red mark to her solid gut and making her moan.

"Japanese bitch!" shouted Gao Fei and rushed to her foe, launching punch after punch to Haruko Tohno's face. Her head thrown from side to side, the strong Japanese woman was forced to retreat under the heavy flood of punches, covering her face with the arms. The crowd encouraged Gao Fei, who was now aiming uppercuts at the Japanese woman's chin, dazing her with every blow.

The Japanese woman was forced to run away, blood pouring from her lip, turning the back at Gao Fei. The Chinese woman followed the Japanese courtesan, kicking her legs and arse but, as she ran away, Haruko Tohno gained the much needed respite to recover her breath. The crowd was booing her but the Japanese woman ignored it and, facing Gao Fei again, she charged her.

They interlocked fingers and the struggle was now steadying, as both searched for a better leverage. Gao Fei rammed her knee in the Japanese's tortured belly, making her double over but the Japanese woman still remained on her feet, but still vulnerable, and, once more, the Chinese woman leg lashed out, getting Haruko Tohno in the chest with an unbelievable high knee blow.

The audience roared, as the Japanese woman froze, unable to breathe, face contorted in pain. She looked in dismay at the Chinese woman and attempted to straighten herself, but all she could do was to moan helplessly. Her breathing was shallow and suddenly, she bent over, overwhelmed by the lack of air.

"I'll kick you to death, crow!" hissed Gao Fei and, seeing Haruko Tohno's parted legs, measured the distance and kicked her cunt.

The Japanese woman shouted from the bottom of the lungs, almost falling on the ground, sliding her hands to her crotch. Gao Fei jumped at her and threw a powerful jab that got Haruko Tohno in the left temple, but, driven by instinct, the Japanese woman rushed forwards, head sinking in the Chinese woman's belly. Gao Fei's arse and tits shook under the impact and she let an "oooooooooooooh" of surprise, but recovering got closer to her Japanese foe, ready to punch, when Haruko Tohno suddenly straightened her body.

The back of her head crashed into Gao Fei's jaw, dazing her. She stumbled around for some moments, shaking her head, before collecting herself and rushing once more against Haruko Tohno, landing punch after punch to her small tits.

The Japanese woman screamed in pain and was forced to retreat, covering her firm tits, until her back touched the nearby wall. The Chinese woman hit even harder, launching rights and lefts to her foe's breasts, making Haruko Tohno throw aimless fists in the air. The Japanese woman yelled after each blow, more and more confused, but suddenly, seeing she had no safe place to run to, she went wild and, ignoring the pain, she charged Gao Fei, embracing her waist.


Gao Fei was caught off guard by the unexpected attack and slapped the Japanese woman fiercely in both ears, making her scream, but this didn't stop Haruko Tohno who lifted her Chinese foe off the ground, exhibiting her savage power.

Big Gao Fei jerked her legs and twisted, trying to get back on the ground, but the strong Japanese woman reinforced the waist squeeze, lifting the Chinese courtesan even higher. The Chinese waist flesh seemed to ooze above the Japanese fighter's arms and both courtesans froze, the Japanese woman tightening the hug, the Chinese courtesan clutching fingers at Haruko Tohno's arms, attempting to break the killing embrace. Slowly, they arched back their heads, panting in effort, eyelids contorted, but Gao Fei found a way out by delivering a powerful head butt to the Japanese woman's face. Haruko Tohno's head snapped and she was forced to let Gao Fei go. A wild free for all ensued anfd the Japanese again applied a bear hug but the Chinese woman managed to head butt again, crushing the Japanese's nostrils.


This time, Haruko Tohno's arms released the hug. She stumbled back, moaning, covering her face with both hands, while Gao Fei inhaled deeply, recovering from the crushing embrace.

After some moments, again they started to circle each other, encouraged by the crowd.
"Chinese bitch!" hissed Haruko Tohno. "You'll beg you were never born!…"
"I'll crush your chest, Japanese cow! I'll rip your tits open!…" came the answer.
Shouting in rage, Haruko Tohno rushed forwards, aiming for the breasts, but Gao Fei slapped her face, raking her nails along the flesh and drawing blood, making the Japanese woman lose balance. However, she still managed to get the taller Chinese by the shoulders and, burying her fingers in the Chinese fighter's flesh, started to toss her from side to side. Gritting her teeth, Gao Fei retaliated by throwing punch after punch in the Japanese woman's belly but, grunting, the powerful Japanese woman joined her palms behind Gao Fei's neck, rocking her head harder and harder.

"Punch the Japanese woman! Punch her belly!" shouted some of the crowd.

"Drag her! Get her down!" shouted Fukada at his turn, while his wife kept tossing Gao Fei.

However, the continuous pummeling threw shock waves through the Japanese woman's body… Her breasts recoiled, her belly trembled, smacking under the fists, her legs were buckling… Still, Haruko Tohno dragged the Chinese woman after her, making the audience roar madly.

"Knock her off! Knock her off, Gao Fei!" shouted the Chinese men.

"Get her down, Haruko Tohno! Throw her to the ground!" roared Fukada and some of the other Chinese women who disliked Gao Fei, but Gao Fei's powerful uppercuts finally forced the Japanese woman to release the hug. She retreated, breathing through clenched teeth, while the Chinese woman bulging eyes, slowly catching her breath too…

Lips contorted in rage, the two courtesans faced each other, bellies and tits heaving. And again, they clashed. Gao Fei got the Japanese courtesan by the hair and started to punch her face, while Haruko Tohno managed to embrace her foe in a waist squeeze, pushing her back. Gao Fei backpedalled and punched harder, grunting loudly with every blow, but Haruko Tohno still raised her from the floor once more and shoved her against the nearest pillar.


Gao Fei collapsed like wet soggy cardboard after the impact and lay frozen for some moments. She recovered before the battered Japanese could take advantage and slapped her hard on the face, but Haruko Tohno grunted in fury and tightened the bear hug. Planting her feet, the strong Japanese woman squeezed Gao Fei in the embrace and added still more power to it by crushing the Chinese's body against the pillar.


Gao Fei's moves were desperate, as she couldn't find a way out of the hold. Her legs jerked madly, trying to feel the ground beneath her soles and she slapped her foe continuously. Haruko Tohno snarled in effort, and strained harder, eliciting a brief gurgle from Gao Fei, but the Chinese courtesan suddenly head butted the Japanese woman, making her release the strong waist squeeze. After awhile, Gao Fei head butted again, forcing Haruko Tohno to step back on unsteady legs.

However, the Chinese woman was exhausted too by the hold and panted hoarsely, unable to go after the Japanese woman. Gao Fei's efforts to stand were obvious; her knees were shaking, bending now and then, she moved clumsily-finally, her long legs parted while her body was swaying, unable to regain control. She gazed foggily at her foe, tits swaying, while the Japanese woman was shaking her head, trying to regain senses after the hard slapping and the powerful head butt. She was bleeding heavily but, slowly, she too collected herself.

Still, Gao Fei had her thighs parted, belly sucking in at out at a rapid pace.
"Yeah, Haruko Tohno! She opens her legs! " shouted Fukada, her husband, as the Chinese courtesan exhibited the curly hair of her groin-it looked like an Imperial crest covering the hanging small labies-an appealing target for any fighting courtesan.
"Take care! Take care of your cunt!" shouted Gao Fei's sister in law, but Gao Fei was unable to join legs in time as Haruko Tohno brutally kicked her, crushing the delicate curtains of sensitive flesh to the urgings of the crowd.


The Chinese woman split in two and plunged both hands between her powerful thighs, cupping her womanhood. Shivering, she stepped back, propping her arse against the pillar, slowly doubling over, tits bouncing. Haruko Tohno snarled and went after her-she grabbed her tits with both hands, eliciting wild shouts in the crowd: it was the first time that a woman had managed to get Gao Fei by the tits.

"Aaargh! Aaaaah! Haaaaaaaaa!"

The Chinese courtesan clutched her hands to her foe's forearms, trying to dislodge them from the breasts, now oozing between the brown skinned fingers, but Haruko Tohno continued twisting with both hands, kneading the Chinese flesh balls and rammed her knee in Gao Fei's still agonized cunt.

"Aaargh! Haaaaaa!"

Gao Fei writhed and quaked, but Haruko Tohno was in control now… Squeezing the Chinese woman's tits harder, the Japanese courtesan made her taller foe wail continuously from the bottom of her lungs. Breasts captured, bent from the waist, Gao Fei twisted like a trapped snake, but to no avail.

"Haargh! Haargh! H-aaaah!…" she shouted, jerking head up and down.

"Yeah! That's it, Haruko Tohno! You're breaking her!"

"Punch her! Punch her, Gao Fei!" shouted her sister in law.

However, the Japanese courtesan didn't give her the time to follow the advice and quickly pulled up both tits, causing Gao Fei to straighten her body and then she pushed her hard against the pillar. Still, the Chinese woman had her resources and grabbed Haruko Tohno by the hair. A violent struggle ensued, the Chinese courtesan shoving and pulling the mane of her enemy in bursts, while the Japanese woman strengthened the tit squeeze. They both had their eyes contorted and closed in pain, but after awhile, short shrieks were heard, interspersing their moans of effort. Once more, strong Haruko Tohno powerfully rammed her knee in the Chinese courtesan's unprotected crotch, making her shake.

"Oh, mighty!… Aaargh! Haaaa!.... You… Slut!…"

Desperately, Gao Fei pressed both hands over the Japanese courtesan's face, thumbs searching for an eye gouge. The fight had reached a climax, both writhing and moaning, still on their feet, each trying to get control. Haruko Tohno's face was bleeding from the continuous raking, but the Japanese woman managed to avoid the devastating eye gouge Gao Fei was looking for. Meanwhile, her hands were squeezing harder and harder into the Chinese woman's breasts-the Japanese fingers were deeply sunk in the soft flesh and Haruko Tohno dug them even deeper, in brief bursts that made Gao Fei give wild screams.

The crowd went wild, as the two bodies froze, each woman enduring the pain and concentrating on inflicting the maximum of damage. The Chinese courtesan managed to rip open one of Haruko Tohno's nostrils, but the Japanese woman was now mercilessly twisting and jerking Gao Fei's tits. The shrieks and groans went louder and, suddenly, the Japanese woman rammed again her knee in her foe's crotch.

"Haaaaargh! Haaaaaa!"

Gao Fei let loose Haruko Tohno's face and slid her hands to her aching groin, hardly hearing the roar of the crowd that cheered the Japanese courtesan. The Japanese woman twisted the Chinese woman's tits once more, making Gao Fei scream in despair and followed up by enwrapping her waist with the left arm while pushing her chin with the right palm.

Their bellies smacked and then, Haruko Tohno strained to her utmost, bending the Chinese woman's trunk backwards.

Gao Fei gathered forces and tried to withstand the attack but the Japanese woman continued, arching Gao Fei's body more. The Chinese woman squirmed and thrashed her arms, searching for her foe's face. She gave short moans of despair and attempted to punch the Japanese woman, but her fists flailed blindly in the air, as she was bent back more and more. Sensing she couldn't oppose to Haruko Tohno's attack in that way, Gao Fei suddenly plunged her right hand in the Japanese woman's cunt, making her shriek sharply.

The strong Japanese woman withstood the pain, however, and, trembling in effort, kept on bending the Chinese courtesan. The clashing bodies were shivering, each woman giving short shrieks and breathing fast. Gao Fei ripped her right hand even harder in Haruko Tohno's womanhood, making the Japanese woman shout from the bottom of her lungs but the latter reinforced the hold by choking the Chinese woman. Gao Fei dug her nails deeper in the Japanese sensitive flesh and the court yard became silent, as the two were struggling in an almost motionless way, trying to break each other by sheer power. Haruko Tohno's shrieks were heard more and more often, but she reinforced the throat squeeze, making Gao Fei gurgle now and then. And although she managed to arch back Gao Fei's back, almost dismantling it, the Chinese woman continued to rake Haruko Tohno's cunt harder and harder. Suddenly, the Japanese woman couldn't take it anymore: she gave a high pitched shriek that echoed in the hall and leaped back, letting her foe lose.

"Aaaah… My cunt!… Aaaah!…" shouted Haruko Tohno, eyes filling with tears.
But none of the people around uttered a single word, watching the two courtesans recover at a safe distance. Their eyes, flaring in rage, were stuck to each other's, watching for the least threat. However, they were in too much pain and all they could do was to recollect before engaging again in the deadly clash.

Japanese Haruko Tohno was massaging her aching groin and her face bled heavily, blood pouring on her chin. Tall Gao Fei was holding her bruised breasts in her left arm, while massaging her neck. Her face bled too, but not as profusely as Haruko Tohno's. Slowly, their breathing steadied… Slowly, they raised arms in guard…
Slowly, their knees bent and their bodies strained…

And then, they charged again. Their arms intertwined and both started to head butt. The audience went mad at the sight of the two ruthless females banging their foreheads, like two wild rams, panting in effort. The blows thudded louder and louder, but none seemed to gain ascendancy until, all of a sudden, the Japanese woman again grabbed Gao Fei's tits. The Chinese woman attempted to evade the breast squeeze and retreated, but Haruko Tohno clawed her tits from beneath, almost piercing the sensitive skin.

The Chinese woman grunted and punched the Japanese woman in the jaw, making her legs quiver, but Haruko Tohno took a deep breath and delivered a savage head butt to Gao Fei's chin.

The blow was so powerful that Gao Fei showed the whites of her eyes for a moment and Haruko Tohno head butted again, still powerfully crushing the Chinese tits-the Chinese fighter covered her face in desperation with both arms, leaving her breasts fully at Haruko Tohno's disposal.

The Japanese courtesan felt Gao Fei's distress and followed up by getting her in a front hug, lifting her from the ground. Gao Fei grunted and her legs flailed wildly, searching to feel the ground under feet and, after awhile, her aimless struggle allowed the Japanese woman to choke her again and bend her body from the waist.


Gao Fei seemed to freeze, arms pushing against the Japanese's chin as the Japanese woman rammed her knee in the Chinese courtesan's crotch throwing shivers through her flesh. Sensing Gao Fei's growing confusion, Haruko Tohno reinforced the waist squeeze and the choke, making the Chinese woman squirm clumsily, arms fluttering in the air. Breathing faster, the Japanese woman kept arching her foe's back, making her exhale loudly and throw useless fists in the air. Haruko Tohno tightened the grip, forcing the Chinese woman's spine to the maximum, then waited for some moments while Gao Fei twisted helplessly in the powerful hold. The Chinese woman's squirming was gradually losing strength, her legs started to twitch and the Japanese woman strained even harder, eliciting a deepagonised "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." Gao Fei's knees bent and, after awhile, she started to quake in exhaustion-the Japanese woman instantly took advantage of her distress by hugging Gao Fei's midsection with both arms and lifting her in the air.


Moaning hoarsely, the Chinese woman strained, clutching hands onto the Japanese's forearms, attempting to free herself, but Haruko Tohno started to rock her in wild bursts, powerfully shaking Gao Fei. The Chinese fighter panted in gasps, trying to withstand the pressure, head arched back, trying to free herself from the waist crush. She jerked her muscled legs, but the Japanese woman went wild, rocking the Chinese body harder and harder, making Gao Fei's breasts coil up and down.


The Chinese woman gritted as Haruko Tohno stopped her rocking, reinforcing the waist squeeze. Gao Fei kicked the Japanese woman in the shin, threw fists at her shoulders and struggled in desperation, but found no way out of the hold. She gave a short scream of fear and froze, almost suffocating in Haruko Tohno's wild embrace.


'Slap her! Slap her!" shouted the Chinese.

"You're crushing her! Crush her! Crush her!" hissed Fukada, hoarsely, and his wife lifted Gao Fei even higher, making her gulp. The Chinese woman resorted to slapping the Japanese woman in the ears, but her blows were obviously ineffective, managing only to enrage Haruko Tohno who tightened the waist squeeze.

"H-haaaaaah!" Gao Fei's face went red from the effort and she moaned and wailed, writhing helplessly in her foe's arms. Haruko Tohno panted in effort, putting still more pressure around Gao Fei's midsection; the Chinese woman gulped once more before delivering a violent head butt in the Japanese woman's face. Japanese Haruko Tohno withstood the shock and tightened the hug, making Gao Fei exhale loudly.

"Chinese bitch!" she shouted before powerfully slamming Gao Fei to the ground.

Gao Fei's body thudded on the wet tiles, her belly heaved and her tits dangled up and down from the impact. She managed however to get on knees, but her exhaustion was showed, since her body swung back and forth aimlessly. She attempted to rise when Haruko Tohno clenched her fists and threw a devastating hammerbutt to the Chinese's head.

A snapping sound was heard, as if the Chinese woman's skull cracked. However, although kneeling and groggy, Gao Fei still launched a straight fist to the Japanese woman's cunt.

"Aargh!" Haruko Tohno retreated, caught off guard, but, as Gao Fei attempted to get up, the Japanese woman inhaled deeply and hammerbutted Gao Fei in the top of the head, with all her might.


The audience went mad with bloodlust when the Hunan woman's arms fell aside, body waving to and fro. Once more, the Chinese woman planted her left sole on the ground, trying to rise, but Haruko Tohno joined her fists again and banged her head: Gao Fei's legs gave out and her big bare arse fell between her parted heels, provoking a smack when it hit the wet ground. Haruko Tohno yelled in triumph and again punched the Chinese fighter in the head, making her fall on all fours, head facing the Japanese. Gao Fei was shaking head, dazed and Haruko Tohno sank on her, clutching hands to her hair and keeping her down on knees and splayed palms.

The Chinese woman struggled and pushed forwards, but the Japanese woman got her in a face lock from above and stood up, forcing Gao Fei to rise on her soles, neck caught in the Japanese arms, head buried between the Japanese woman's breasts. Moaning wildly, the Chinese courtesan fluttered her arms, trying to alleviate the pressure on her bent neck, as the strong Japanese woman repeatedly jerked back her trunk, obliging Gao Fei to raise on the balls of her feet. She attempted to fight back, punching her foe's ribs, but the continuous jerking exhausted her. Gao Fei's knees buckled and she could hardly keep herself up while her big tits dangled in all directions from the tireless dragging around.

A roar erupted from the audience as Gao Fei's breasts suddenly started to ooze… a creamy white liquid bathed her nipples before dripping on the ground.

"Milk!" shouted someone. "The Japanese woman milks her out!"

"The Japanese woman milks her out! She milks out Gao Fei!"

Haruko Tohno snarled and started to jerk stronger the woman pinned beneath her. Gao Fei's tits were shaking from the constant rocking, milk falling to the ground in gluing droplets. The Chinese woman's legs were shaking and her groans went louder, sensing she was overwhelmed by the Japanese woman who suddenly dropped to her knees, bringing Gao Fei on to all fours. The Chinese woman yelled and pushed hard with her legs, trying to make the Japanese woman lose balance, but Haruko Tohno got her by the hair and, still kneeling, delivered a powerful head butt to the back of Gao Fei's head.

The blow made the Chinese woman shake on her arms and knees and the Japanese woman head butted her once more. The Chinese fighter gulped and attempted to crawl forward, twisting and squirming but the Japanese courtesan head butted again, forcing the Chinese woman to halt. Her hanging breasts and belly were swaying back and forth from the momentum. And then the Japanese woman banged her head again. And again. And again.

The court yard became silent, as the Japanese courtesan kept hitting Gao Fei's head, slowly depriving her of strength… Moaning after each thudding blow, the Chinese woman hardly managed to keep her arms erect and Haruko Tohno went on with the head butts. Gao Fei's elbows started to bend, while her knees slid on the wet ground, parting under the blows of the Japanese woman. Snarling in effort, the Japanese woman put more pressure on her foe, finally bringing the Chinese woman on to her wide spread knees and elbows, tits almost touching the ground. Her butts parted too, exhibiting the cunt and the asshole covered by a thick bush of hair, moistened by the sweat creeping from her ass crease. Her helpless groans gradually turned into cries of fear.

"Ahh!… Ahh!… … Aaah!"

"Push and scratch, Gao Fei! Push and scratch!" encouraged her sister in law. "You can make it!"

Raging in fury, the Chinese courtesan gathered strength and again started to writhe her body, managing to push Haruko Tohno backwards, but the Japanese woman straightened her trunk and let lose of the Chinese woman's hair. Gao Fei attempted to rise up on her arms, but the next head butt savagely dropped her to her knees, stunning her. The crowd went wild at the sight of the Chinese courtesan waving on knees and elbows, arse in the air, trying to raise the head after each deep breath.

Once more, the strong Japanese woman head butted her big foe and, sensing Gao Fei was losing control of herself, she wrapped her neck in reverse, under the left armpit. She then rolled on back, dragging Gao Fei over her. Confused, the Chinese fighter found herself above the Japanese woman's trunk and, before she realised what happened, the strong Japanese thighs scissored her waist.

For awhile, both froze, Haruko Tohno strengthening the waist scissors while Gao Fei, although atop, remained motionless, knees spread, trying to withstand the pressure. However, the Japanese woman reinforced the neck squeeze with all her might, making the Chinese courtesan grunt.

The audience went mad at the sight of the two bodies squirming on the ground, trying to get a better leverage. The struggle went on for some moments before the powerful Japanese woman succeeded in tightening the inescapable hold on the Chinese woman. Again they froze and, after awhile, taking advantage of Gao Fei's immobility, the Japanese woman arched back her trunk, bridging on butts and shoulders.


The Chinese fighter sensed she was caught in a deadly trap. Her neck was crushed under Haruko Tohno's armpit, her waist was squeezed and her face was crushed on the ground-all she could do was to prop on knees and raise her arse in the air in the futile attempt to stand the pressure exerted over her spine.

The Japanese woman strained harder, almost dismantling Gao Fei's neck. The Chinese body quaked and a long tortured gulp was heard. Gao Fei hastily searched for a target to grip to, and extended back both arms, raking the Japanese woman's straining thighs, but Haruko Tohno tightened the scissors, bringing to a halt the Chinese courtesan's attempts to fight back.

The crowd was still silent, watching the almost motionless confrontation. The Japanese woman was strengthening the arms and legs, trembling in sheer effort, making Gao Fei desperately grab her strong arsecheeks, raking them in the hope of alleviating the pressure on her body. The Chinese fingers were buried in the Japanese's arse and the two moaned, quivering, giving the best they could.

Suddenly the Chinese's straining legs started to give out and her arse slowly edged to the ground, butts splayed. After awhile, she found herself flat on the Japanese woman's belly, thighs wide parted besides the Japanese trunk, waist crushed, showing off the curly hair in her groin. The audience clapped hands and urged Haruko Tohno to go on; sensing she has out powered Gao Fei, the Japanese woman curled beneath her, slipping the legs higher on Gao Fei's trunk.. Her muscled thighs crushed the Chinese woman's rib cage and Haruko Tohno reinforced the squeeze. A muffed shriek was heard and the Chinese arse fluttered uncontrollably for awhile before the Chinese woman's hands released the Japanese buttocks, falling to the ground. The audience roared, cheering the Japanese courtesan, as her powerful legs squeezed tighter crushing the Chinese.

However, Gao Fei was not finished yet. She parted her knees and palms, pressing on the ground. Her limbs jerked off suddenly, making both women slide on the wet ground and the Chinese courtesan gained the leverage to clutch fingers on the Japanese woman's face and hair. She started to toss the Japanese's head from side to side in wild bursts, making Haruko Tohno shout in pain.

The Japanese woman gave a grunt of rage and started to scissor rhythmically the Chinese's rib cage, making Gao Fei's body freeze once more, propped on knees. Her hands kept scratching the Japanese courtesan's head, leaving trails of blood on her face. The crowd started to mumble as Gao Fei propped once more on knees, raising her arse higher in the air, lifting Haruko Tohno's butts from the ground…

But then, a crack was heard, instantly throwing a shiver through the Chinese woman's body. Gao Fei groaned and suddenly twisted her head, pressed her mouth against the Japanese trunk and sank her teeth into Haruko Tohno's. The crowd realised that the Chinese courtesan was slowly getting in a hopeful situation and silenced again.

"Yeah, Gao Fei! Do it! Do it!" cheered her supporters.

The Japanese woman gave a sharp shriek and reinforced both squeezes, but Gao Fei bit her harder on the back, ripping into the Japanese skin. Blood dripped to the paving stones, making Haruko Tohno shriek in high pitched tones. She started to quiver and opened the mouth wide, as if yawning, crying louder and louder. After some moments, to the watchers" disbelief, she was forced to release Gao Fei's head from the lock. The Chinese woman straightened her trunk and, taking a deep breath, she head butted the Japanese woman on the spot. Haruko Tohno punched her in the face but again, Gao Fei head butted her, forcing the Japanese woman to hold the Chinese woman's shoulders, in confusion.

'She's yours! She's yours, Gao Fei! Kill the Japanese bitch!" shouted the crowd as Haruko Tohno's dismay was more and more obvious.

Another head butt got the Japanese woman in the face, almost stunning her, and Haruko Tohno reinforced the hug, desperately, preventing the Chinese woman from getting the leverage to hit her. Their snaking trunks were now rubbing against each other, but Gao Fei found the way to raise her head and head butted once more Haruko Tohno in the face.


The strong Japanese woman was now in distress, arms slipping down her foe's back, hardly keeping Gao Fei close to her. However, the Chinese woman was exhausted too, being obliged to stand and support Haruko Tohno's weight, held in the arms and legs embrace. Still, she went on headbutting the Japanese woman, until the latter's arms gave out and the Japanese body fell to the ground.

Gao Fei prepared for a devastating head butt but, in the last moment, Haruko Tohno went for Gao Fei's tits, squeezing them mightily.


The Chinese woman tried to free herself but Haruko Tohno pulled her breasts wildly, causing Gao Fei to freeze on knees, above her. Then, she let go of the Chinese tits and choked Gao Fei, making her moan in pain. The Japanese woman pushed back Gao Fei's head, making the Chinese courtesan sob, while her hands closed on the Japanese woman's chest, searching for her damaged breasts. The pain forced her to the ground and into the Japanese's fearful scissors where she started to scissor the Chinese's chest in tremendous bursts, making Gao Fei gulp in pain. A crack was heard. And another one.

"Aah! Aah! Aah!"

"Her ribs give out!" shouted Fukada. "Go on! Crush her! Crush her ribs!"

Gao Fei grunted in dismay and punched Haruko Tohno in the face, but the Japanese woman squeezed even harder while choking the Chinese woman's throat with all her might. And then, another crack was heard, making Gao Fei gurgle in fear. She gathered forces and punched stronger and stronger, until droplets of blood ran from the Japanese woman's nose and split lips, but the latter reinforced the squeezes. The Chinese courtesan eyes bulged, and desperately, she hit harder, in the hope of stunning once and for all Haruko Tohno who was now groaning in growing pain.

"Chinese… bitch…" she hissed and strained madly, making Gao Fei contort her lips and close her eyes.

The Chinese woman gulped. Breathing hoarsely, she hastily joined fists and hammerbutted the Japanese's face, banging her head against the tiles. Blood seemed to erupt from Haruko Tohno's face and her head hit the ground with a thud. The blow was so powerful that the Japanese woman released the choke, her hands slipping from Gao Fei's neck. The Chinese woman hammerbutted her foe's face once more and a wet sound was heard, as Haruko Tohno's thick lips and nostrils were torn open. Blood covered the Japanese woman's face and her strong thighs relaxed, allowing Gao Fei to breathe deeply. Her lungs filled with the much needed air and she hammerbutted once more the Japanese woman.

Zbraaaff!-This time, Haruko Tohno's knees opened, freeing almost completely the Chinese woman's body. The Japanese woman could hardly keep her ankles crossed over Gao Fei's butts and her hands slid down the Chinese's back, barely clutching to her waist.

Gao Fei hammerbutted again, making Haruko Tohno's powerful legs quiver helplessly in the air and the pro Chinese crowd shouted like mad:

"Yes! That's it, Gao Fei! Break her! Break her face!"

Another hammerbutt ensued, splashing against Haruko Tohno's face and the Japanese's head collapsed to the ground. Blood poured heavily from her broken nose and lips while her knees parted wide, out of control. Haruko Tohno's ankles uncrossed and her calves slid over Gao Fei's arse, freeing her for good. Meanwhile, the Chinese courtesan got on all fours and pinned the Japanese woman's arms to the ground, besides the Japanese trunk and then, she savagely head butted Haruko Tohno in the left breast.


The Japanese woman bridged beneath Gao Fei and the Chinese courtesan head butted her once more in the tit, throwing shivers through the Japanese flesh. Desperately, Haruko Tohno attempted to enwrap again Gao Fei with the thighs, but a third head butt to her tits made the Japanese woman yell from the bottom of her lungs. Her screams were soon covered by the crowd's roar, urging Gao Fei to finish once and for all with the Japanese woman and the Chinese woman delivered a fourth blow to her foe's left breast.

This time, the Japanese woman gave a terrorized yell, lying prone on the ground and as the crowd bayed in triumph, she again head butted the Japanese woman in the tit, sending convulsing waves of pain through the Japanese flesh. Haruko Tohno's left breast started to swell under the crowd's eyes and many screamed to another that Gao Fei's blows must have broken several blood vessels in the Japanese woman's mammary.

"As you hear… That's why Gao Fei is feared for. She knows how to woman handle her foes… When she killed Le Xua, she did just the same."

The Chinese courtesan had now a devastated Haruko Tohno writhing beneath her, hands desperately cupping her battered tit. Gao Fei grabbed the Japanese woman by the forearms and threw them aside, exposing her breast which she head butted again. A wet sound was heard and the Japanese skin cracked,; blood oozed over Haruko Tohno's tit, making Fukada cover his face with both hands. The crowd was yelling and the Japanese woman opened the eyes wide, glancing in bewilderment at her bleeding breast. She let a howl of despair and, instinctively, reached for Gao Fei's hanging belly which she grabbed forcefully, twisting the soft flesh in savage bursts.

Taken by surprise, Gao Fei leaped back, but Haruko Tohno hung on to her belly, digging her fingers in furiously. The Chinese woman let an shriek of pain and tried to dislodge the Japanese's hands from her belly. Kneeling, trunk erect, she struggled, but Haruko Tohno's claws sunk deeper and deeper with every moment, before pulling Gao Fei down by her flesh handle.


Blood poured from Gao Fei's belly and again, the crowd roared: the Japanese woman had pierced her foe's skin with her nails. The Chinese woman yelled in high pitched tones and found herself lying over the Japanese woman who swiftly enwrapped Gao Fei's trunk with her thighs. Gao Fei head butted the Japanese woman wildly in the face, but Haruko Tohno tightened the leg scissors, thighs and calves trembling in effort around the Chinese woman's trunk. Terrorized by the crush, Gao Fei hammerbutted the Japanese woman, eliciting a moan of fear, but Haruko Tohno let a deep grunt and scissored the Chinese woman in brief outbursts, while pulling savagely on the Chinese woman's belly.

"Ah… ah… ah… Haaaaaaaa!"

Gao Fei head butted Haruko Tohno in the chest bone, provoking a cracking sound. However, the Japanese woman resisted and reinforced the waist scissors, making the Chinese woman contort and twist. Blood was seeping from her belly, spreading on Haruko Tohno's abdomen who pulled harder on Gao Fei's belly.

"Aaahh-haaah!" moaned Gao Fei, before she started to quiver. Slowly, her legs and arms gave out, collapsing on the ground. Overwhelmed, she lay on Haruko Tohno but the Japanese woman suddenly choked her, causing her to straighten the trunk. Gao Fei attempted to gather her senses, but then, a crack was heard and her head fell forwards, hanging above her foe's pounding breasts.

Haruko Tohno twisted madly, shaking the Chinese body, making Gao Fei strain from head to toe in the desperate attempt to endure the chest squeeze and the choke. After some moments, however, the Chinese woman's head again fell between her arms, jerking uselessly with each hoarse breath. The Japanese woman reinforced the choke and the scissors, hissing in rage and, slowly, Gao Fei's muscles gave out once more. Her arse fell back to the ground, butts prying wide, fully exposing her private openings surrounded by thick tufts. The Chinese woman's tits still swayed, nipples whitened by the creamy milk oozing out and droplets of the thick liquid poured over the Japanese woman's breasts. Gao Fei's buttocks rested on the ground, between parted thighs and her feet splayed on the tiles, toes pointing outwards.

"Yeah!" grunted Haruko Tohno, her choking insuring that Gao Fei's strength faded away and she scissored her in what must have looked as an endless passage of time for the Chinese woman.

"Oh… Ah!… my… Aaaaaaah…"

Gao Fei gradually became a rag between her foe's thighs. Her head was thrown from side to side, her butts and tits quaked like gelatin in the powerful squeeze, the Chinese woman's belly was oozing blood over her foe's abdomen-the Japanese woman relentlessly applied the leg squeeze. In a final desperate move she propped on heels and threw up the hips, powerfully bumping the Japanese woman aside so that her head bounced on the marble tiles. Dazed she lay there, and Gao Fei found herself on elbows and belly and started to crawl clumsily on the ground, but Haruko Tohno recovered and slowly went after her, breathing heavily. The crowd was urging them again, but both were worn out and could hardly crawl on the wet tiles.

However, the Japanese woman got on all fours and managed to catch the crawling Gao Fei from behind. Gathering herself, Haruko Tohno leaped forwards and dropped over her foe, flattening her body beneath hers. Overpowered, the Chinese woman moaned and tried to jerk, but Haruko Tohno was too heavy and finally, they both remained on the ground, taking shallow breathes. The Japanese woman spread wide the legs, laying with all her weight over Gao Fei, suffocating her.

"Get up, Gao Fei! You can do it! You can! You can!" shouted the crowd.

"Hurt her, Haruko Tohno! Hurt her! She's yours! The Chinese bitch stands no chance!" yelled the small Japanese retinue.

Haruko mounted Gao Fei and they started to writhe again, Gao Fei attempting to bump off the Japanese woman, but the latter recovered faster and mounted her strong butts on the Chinese woman's back, steadying her. Gao Fei struggled, awkwardly, worn out and Haruko Tohno hammerbutted her in the back of the head, making her crumple on the ground, barely breathing.

Another hammerbutt ensued, throwing waves of pain through Gao Fei's body and Haruko Tohno got her neck in a lock from behind, strangling her. Gao Fei raised her calves in the air, straining, but the Japanese woman tightened the neck lock until, exhausted, the Chinese woman lost control of her trembling muscles in her thin calves and fell on the tiles. Her legs jerked for awhile, but then, this stopped and Haruko Tohno reinforced the neck squeeze another three or four times, throwing shivers through the Chinese woman's flesh each time…

'She's yours, Haruko Tohno! She can't escape!" shouted Fukada. "Just wait and rest! Wait and rest!"

Gao Fei was laying flat on her belly, barely breathing, and the Japanese took her time to recover, lying on her foe's body. After awhile, Haruko Tohno's heart steadied and her lungs filled with air. Slowly, the Japanese woman got off Gao Fei and knelt in front of her head. The Chinese woman could hardly raise her face, groping around in confusion-she propped on elbows, trying to straighten her trunk when the Japanese woman hammerbutted the Chinese fighter in the head. She stunned the Chinese woman and then, she grabbed Gao Fei's mane of hair, pulling up her by it, to the growing cheers of the few Japanese. She was hardly breathing herself, but Gao Fei was almost finished, unable to stop the Japanese woman's maneuver. Her hands were resting on the ground, palms up, while her thighs quivered in exhaustion, barely keeping her trunk erect. The Japanese woman managed to steady her taller foe on her knees, took a deep breath and then forcefully rammed her knee in Gao Fei's face.
Blood erupted from Gao Fei's nostrils; she quaked under the impact and fell on back. She attempted to rise on straightened arms, but her whole body collapsed and she fell, belly up, calves caught under thighs.


The audience went mad. The proud Hunan woman was hardly breathing, face bleeding, tits dangling-her knees parted wide, heels besides her buttocks. She awkwardly attempted to prop on elbows, but her head was shaking, while her eyes couldn't regain focus. She had a slightly opened mouth and her bleeding belly heaved fast. At last, her arms let her out and she found herself spreadeagled on the ground, head slowly turning from side to side, trunk and legs twisting in slow motion, as if trying to sneak to an unseen hiding place. In a last attempt to crawl away, she arched her back, but her arse fell back on the ground after some moments, in obvious exhaustion. Her nipples inflated almost immediately, and a burst of milk sprawled on her breasts.

"Get up!" shouted the crowd. "Get up, Gao Fei! Fight the Japanese! Fight that ugly Japanese!"

She moaned deeply and again tried to get up, but her muscles were gone and she fell back, legs outstretched, belly heaving, tits pounding heavily.

"Get up, Gao Fei! Get up!"

"I… will… I… will…"

The Chinese woman gathered her forces and tried once more to rise, encouraged by the audience, but fell on her back for the third time, gazing in disbelief at the Japanese woman. She attempted to crawl on her arse and elbows, but could do nothing more than squirm uselessly on the wet ground. And then, a puff was heard, as Gao Fei's arsehole gave out.

"Oh… my… I can't…" she said, gritting, and another puff was heard, gut gases erupting loudly from the Chinese woman's arsehole.

'She's yours, Haruko Tohno! The shiter lets her out! Go get her! Get her!"

Haruko Tohno stood now between her foe's legs and kicked them apart, splitting them wider. The Chinese courtesan yelled as her heels slid on the ground… She was unable to put a safe distance between her and the strong Japanese woman. And again, a loud puff was heard, as if a drape was torn, showing that Gao Fei completely lost control of her arsehole muscles.

"Make her shit! Make her shit, Haruko Tohno! Go on! Break her! Break her!"

Wildly cheered by the Japanese in the audience, the Japanese woman kneeled between her foe's thighs and delivered a short vicious punch into her cunt. A sharp shriek was heard and this time, the excruciating pain made the Chinese woman extend her legs in the air and raise her trunk from the ground, propping on her elbows. She looked straight into Haruko Tohno's eyes, in bewilderment, uncontrollably jerking her long legs besides her tormentor's body. Her lips were bleeding, and a purple creek poured from her chin between the heaving tits and then to the creases of her potbelly, melting with the blood oozing from her belly scratches. Anxiety ran through the audience, as the Japanese woman simply examined her foe, without attacking anymore.

"Unghhhhh!" exclaimed most of the crowd. "Why doesn't she finish her for good?"

"Punching a cunt is rewarding, but crushing a clit is devastating… She going to aim for Gao Fei's clit now… Besides, Gao Fei bleeds heavily. Haruko Tohno knows for sure that Gao Fei will soon get to the end of the rope. She takes her time…" replied the more knowledgeable

"I'll kill you, Chinese! I'll kill you with my bare hands!" hissed Haruko Tohno as Gao Fei lost control of her legs which fell on the ground.

"Nooo!… Please!… Nooo!… Don't!…"

"You wanted to fight me, Chinese! Now, take this!"

The Chinese woman strained, trying once more to crawl away but Haruko Tohno's fist seemed to disappear in the Chinese fighter's bush of pubic hair and a sharp scream made all the spectators quiver. Endless waves of shivering convulsed the Chinese woman from head to toe, as if she was on the verge of a belated orgasm, making her tits jerk in all directions.


"You want some more, Chinese"

"Nooooooo! No! Aaaah!… Please! Nooooooooo!"

Helpless, still screaming and twitching, the Chinese fighter courtesan couldn't defend herself when the Japanese woman kneeled above her head, getting her neck in a reverse strangle. Haruko Tohno slowly got up, raising the Chinese woman from the ground, belly up, body arched backwards, neck captured under her left armpit, head poking behind the Japanese's back. Instinctively, the Chinese woman embraced her foe's waist with her right arm, in the desperate wish to postpone the outcome, but the Japanese woman started to wrench her neck in bursts, forcing poor Gao Fei to take quick small steps side wards, trying to keep as close as she could to Haruko Tohno. Her left hand was now searching for Haruko Tohno's hair which she grabbed and pulled in short bursts.

"Fight! Fight, Gao Fei!" urged her Chinese supporters unable to believe their eyes.
"Break her neck! Break the bitch's neck!", screamed the Japanese

The Chinese woman pulled Haruko Tohno's hair harder and harder, making her face writhe in pain, but, yelling wildly, the Japanese woman suddenly sprang upwards, making Gao Fei raise on soles, with the spine on the point of breaking.

"Haaargh!… She… she… Aaaah!…"

The Japanese woman now had a defenseless woman caught under the left armpit and she started to straighten in bursts, putting more pressure on Gao Fei's neck, until the latter's arms lost their grip and fell back… a pair of helpless hanging limbs, shaking to Haruko Tohno's rhythm. All that Gao Fei could attempt was to solidly prop her soles on the ground, toes pointing outwards, instinctively preserving her balance. Her big tits were now falling asides, while the Japanese courtesan's bursts made her arch the trunk, hardly standing on flexed legs, knees buckling, crotch exposed to the audience. The blood pouring from Gao Fei's abdomen was now gathering in the triangle of hair covering her lower belly.

"Get her cunt! Get the Japanese whore's cunt!" shouted the stunned Chinese and Gao
Fei answered by giving a desperate moan. However, she managed to slide her right hand between the powerful Japanese butts, fumbling for Haruko Tohno's womanhood.
But Haruko Tohno strained once more, almost breaking Gao Fei's back and was rewarded by a deep moan. Gao Fei's hand fell from Haruko Tohno's crotch but she still had the strength to rake the strong thighs, making the Japanese woman hiss in fury.
Haruko Tohno reinforced the neck lock, making Gao Fei gurgle. Her face was slowly turning blue, as she was neck crushed under the Japanese woman's armpit and in total final desperation, again she attempted to grab Haruko Tohno's crotch, but the Japanese woman strengthened the lock. Gao Fei gave a terrified gurgle and her tongue slipped out of the mouth. Haruko Tohno rocked her repeatedly under the armpit, sensing that Gao Fei couldn't oppose anymore: her arms were dangling uselessly, in rhythm with her tits and potbelly. Then, as Gao Fei's knees buckled more and more often, the Japanese woman stared at the court watchers and courtesans, as if waiting for a signal. The Chinese courtesan hardly kept herself up, arms fallen back, tits prying, belly pounding, feet rummaging on the ground. Her strong butts strained now and then, and it became clear that if it weren't for Haruko Tohno's hold the Chinese woman would've fallen flat on back.

"Mwahhh… Haruko Tohno… Aaaah!… Stop it… Please.!.. You got me! You… got meeeee!"

"Fight back, Gao Fei! Fight back!" urged the crowd.

"Aaaah!… I can't! Aaaah!… She… She got me! Aaaaaah!…"

The Japanese woman was still looking at the audience, straining every once in a while, showing Gao Fei's disarray, punctuated by her brief wails of terror. With every moment, her legs were gradually failing the strength to keep her up. Gao Fei's knees were shaking uncontrollably, while her thighs opened more, revealing fully her groin. Even her fat larger labies were quivering, moistened with a thick lucent juice pouring from her cunt…

Finally, Empress Wu nodded.

'She's yours, Haruko Tohno!" said Empress Wu. "Do as it suits you!…"

Gao Fei grunted in terror:

"Please… I give!… Aaaah!… You won… You won… Aaaaaaaah!… You wooooon!…"

However, Haruko Tohno didn't cede to the Chinese woman's pleads and quickly dropped to her knees. Everyone thought that she's broken Gao Fei's neck at last, but the Chinese fighter could still prop on her feet, bridging, making some wonder if she was indestructible.

Haruko Tohno stretched her body backwards and leant back, still having her neck captured under the armpit, arching her body more and more. Gao Fei propped on parted feet and elbows, belly and crotch in the air, fully exposing her quivering labies to the surrounding crowd. But Haruko Tohno put more pressure on Gao Fei's captured neck, powerfully arching it, obliging her to raise the bleeding belly. Her crotch pointed straight to the sky, showing off her open cunt. Her genital hair was completely soaked with perspiration and blood, while droplets of sweat covered her skin all over.

Both froze for awhile, but the Japanese started to pummel her foe in the kidneys, preparing for the finisher. Gao Fei's muffed pants grew louder, absorbing the strong blows, until her body started to twitch, unable to bridge anymore. Slowly, the Japanese envoy's wife sensed the younger woman's muscles relax and went on pummeling until the Chinese fighter's flesh quivered uncontrollably.

Blood lust was running high and the watchers and courtesans yelled in approval, urging the Japanese to go on, and so she did. Slowly, Gao Fei's arse got closer to the ground in short movements interspersed by her desperate attempts to bridge back. Her long legs opened wider and wider, fully revealing the labies and the bruised clit-a sign that experienced watchers knew very well. Exposing genitals was the sign of agony any woman fighter displayed unconsciously before the outcome…

At last, Gao Fei's arse hit the ground. For now, she must have understood that she could not rely on the Japanese woman's mercy. Haruko Tohno will go to the very end and Gao Fei had to find a way out if she wanted to preserve her life. Moaning hoarsely, she brought the heels to the buttocks and attempted for the last time to bridge, but her arse sort of trembled twice, before remaining still.

"Aaah!… … She… She kills me!… Aaaah!…" and she looked at Empress Wu, but the Empress shook her head.

The older woman crushed her neck in a wild burst, making the Chinese woman flutter her knees for two or three times, before her thighs fell apart: the left touched the ground while the right rested on Haruko Tohno's hip. The Chinese courtesan's legs twitched feebly and a weak attempt to pant was heard. Her cunt briskly opened and remained like this, as if ready to receive a cock while another burst of milk bathed her brown areolae.

"Yeah!" shouted Fukada. "You made her show the cunt! She shows the cunt!"
"Yeah… She's spilling the milk! She spills the milk!" mumbled the courtesans.
Haruko Tohno snarled triumphantly and let lose of her foe. As she took her time to kneel besides her, Gao Fei mumbled:

'She… kills me… Help, … Get her.. get her off me!…"

Meantime, Haruko Tohno poured all her weight onto her left shin which she had placed over Gao Fei's throat. She squeezed and the Chinese woman and her legs fluttered again, making everyone gasp: that Chinese fighter courtesan wasn't finished yet…

But this enraged Haruko Tohno. She grabbed Gao Fei's right breast with her left hand, pulled it up and started to chop it forcefully with her right palm, from beneath. The Chinese woman rallied and, to the crowd's amazement, bridged again. Haruko Tohno groaned, frustrated: that tall Chinese slut still resisted-so, she started to twist and chop the mammary furiously, making Gao Fei give wail after wail, but she could still push on the ground , squirming.

"Kill her! Kill her once and for all!" shouted Fukada at his wife, as he heard the comments of the self titled experts in the crowd… "The Japanese woman is stronger… Haruko Tohno out powered her for good… Gao Fei didn't stand a chance since Haruko Tohno kneed her in the cunt…" and so on.

Struggling Gao Fei now had her crotch widely exposed between parted thighs and Haruko Tohno forcefully slapped her groin three or four times before sliding her fingers in the Chinese's moistened cunt. Her hand curled around Gao Fei's pubic bone and then pulled on this flesh and bone handle, raising up the Chinese fighter's hips by her womanhood. Gao Fei gave a brief groan and her legs trembled for a short lapse of time, aimlessly, before straining again in that unbelievable stance. Face blue, eyes rolling, she still bridged, but Haruko Tohno's claws were already scratching her inner parts, while pulling her pubic bone up, in bursts.

Blood started to pour from the Chinese woman's cunt and she gave a long gurgle. Her right breast was twisted relentlessly, being kneaded like paste, until the skin covering it gave out, pierced by Haruko Tohno's nails. Blood started to pour over the Chinese woman's chest, mingling with her milk, while her arms fluttered erratically on the ground. Her wide opened eyes showed resignation to her fate: breast squeezed, cunt clutched, throat crushed, her life was in Haruko Tohno's hands…

'She's yours! She's yours, Haruko Tohno!" shouted Fukada, in excitement. 'She's helpless! Do it! Do it! Do it!"

The crowd turned against their defeated champion, feeling somehow robbed and joined the Japanese ambassador, shouting: "Do it!!! Do it!!! Do it!!!"

Their urges were echoing in the court yard and the Chinese woman gave a sort of wild wail, straining with all her might. Her hands fumbled once more, searching for Haruko Tohno's crotch, her heels pushed, while the Japanese woman just waited, laying with all her weight on Gao Fei's throat, hands clutching the woman's soft targets.

And then, it happened. First, Gao Fei's arms outstretched and her belly froze. A few moments passed and then, Gao Fei's belly suddenly inflated while she attempted to prop on the balls of her feet. But this didn't last. Her legs outstretched too, her arse hit the ground and her belly convulsed, gasping. She gave an endless rumbling puff, making the Japanese woman snarl in satisfaction.

"I'll beat the shit off you, woman! I'm better than you! I'll make you shit all over!"
Gao Fei panted, twisting helplessly beneath the Japanese woman and gave another puff, a wet one now, but managed to slowly flex her thighs over the trunk, as if she tried to reach the Japanese woman's head with her knees.

But these movements were unconscious and the audience went wild at the sight of the Chinese courtesan's helplessness. Her thighs aimlessly twitched now and then before slowly parting. Her trunk curled, the Chinese woman's belly showed it's bloody creases deeper and deeper. An endless shaking starting from Gao Fei's lower belly starting first in her triangle of genital hair before spreading to her whole body as the older woman jerked her left fingers, tearing and ripping the Chinese fighter's nipple from the Chinese woman's breast. A stream of blood erupted from the torn tit as Haruko Tohno threw on the ground the brown areaola, cheered by the audience. Gao Fei's moves became feebler, accompanying her succumbing grunts and then her body froze, arse pinned to the ground by Haruko Tohno's right hand, pressing on her pubis.
Empress Wu motioned the crowd to shut up and long moments ensued in deep silence-the Chinese woman twitched her calves once and again before they remained still. Blood was flowing her tits and crotch and Haruko Tohno knelt, slowly choking the helpless courtesan with her left hand, pinning her arse to the ground with the right.
Gao Fei lay flat on her back, knees brought up to the shoulders, belly gasping every once in a while, thighs splayed open, as if she were a frog held on back. She raised her calves in the air, flailing them for some moments and Haruko Tohno sensed that life was slowly leaving the Chinese woman. A burst of saliva erupted from Gao Fei's mouth, pouring then on her cheeks. After awhile, her body remained inert but Haruko Tohno didn't release her grip, pinning her to the ground. Only Gao Fei's thighs moved, parting until they touched the ground besides her trunk. A sound from Gao Fei's throat squeaked under the Japanese woman's choke and her pubic hair erected like a cock's crest over her labies while her cunt spread open at its maximum. The Chinese woman started to cough, eyes rolling up as Haruko Tohno hardened the choke, sliding even further her fingers into Gao Fei's cunt. Her opponent's belly inflated in three or four agonizing gasps before stopping, showing no more signs of breathing. Her toes fumbled in the air, feebly, as if she were a monkey trying to grasp a branch, but neither this lasted for more than some moments.

"Her pisser… her pisser lets her out!" hissed Haruko Tohno, hardening the cunt clutch, provoking a slurping sound. "Yeah! I finished her! I finished her for good!"
Empress Wu stared in excited amazement at the 32 year old's cunt that slowly started to contract around Haruko Tohno's palm. Besides blood, urine was now oozing between the Japanese woman's fingers clawing at Gao Fei's pubic bone.

Haruko Tohno released her foe's cunt, wiped her hand on Gao Fei's triangle of curly hair and then powerfully elbowed the fat over the Chinese's pubic bone. A snap was heard and a final stream of urine sprang forcefully from between Gao Fei's thighs. The fight was over and only the Japanese was alive.