Deathfight at Inle Lake by Sega

Asianised with permission

Nu's Shinawatra's heart began to pound from the very first moment she reached the large patio. Plenty of people (rich people, as she noticed) stood around, drinking, smoking and chatting quietly - soon, they all began to peer at her from head to toe, weighting her chances.

Fuck them, I deserve to be here, said Nu to herself, trying to walk among the spectators as if nothing bothered her. She felt a strange pleasure in walking barefoot on the thick grass of the patio and she thought (God knows why!) that this was her lucky sign. Suddenly, she caught the brief comment of a forty-something guy, dressed in an expensive Armani suit:

"She's some big bitch, all right, but I want also to see the other one before betting…"

Nu knew she was good - otherwise, she wouldn't have accepted to come here. She was a 34 years old Burmese, living in the ill-famed outskirts of Taunggyi, the largest town closest to the Golden Triangle of Burma, Thailand and Laos. She weighted 120 lbs, being 5'5" tall. She wore a white thong, buried between her wiry, muscled butts. Short haired, she had a wide forehead, big black eyes and rather thin lips: all in all, she had a surprising look of disdain on her face, despite the fact that she was only a poor girl, living in the slums…

She was strong. She had never set her feet in a gym, but her hard body was chiseled by constant, exhausting, manual labor: she worked 12 hours a day in an old laundry (she had to wash everything by hand!) since she was only thirteen. Her long legs, although thin, seemed to be enwrapped in steel cables; she had broad shoulders and her prominent breasts were hardly kept in place by a white, laced bra. It was her best bra - she had received it as a gift from an ex-boyfriend, a small drug dealer, two years ago…She swallowed her spittle. She didn't know whether she felt uncomfortable because of the anxiety, or because of the bitter liquor General Ko Myo Win gave to her half an hour ago. He had promised her that the liquor would be of great help, but Ko Myo Win's servants had later told Nu that the other girl would also get the same beverage, in the same amount.

Suddenly, a rumor spread through the audience as Nu's opponent, a sturdy girl from the hills, showed up. She was shorter than Nu, being only 5'1", and she weighed 130 lbs. She was only 15 years old but she was extremely well built for her age: firm, tense breasts, with hard, thick nipples that protruded through her red bra, a muscled pair of legs and heavy, balloon-like butts. Her belly was covered by a tight fat pad that in ten years would become a potbelly but now, she was extremely appealing, provided you were keen on solid females. Her name was Thida Kraisak and she was from a mountain village, Bohyo, some 60 miles east from Taunggyi. She had big, vivid eyes, and she always drew downwards the corners of her thick lipped mouth, as if everything disgusted her.

The truth is that being from the countryside, Thida was not at ease when feeling that everyone stared at her, especially that she wore only the red bra and the tiny thong given to her by General Ko Myo Win's servants. However, that was nothing, compared to what she felt when she was first brought in front of General Ko Myo Win. The famous self styled general was a drug lord from Taunggyi and had checked her teeth as if Thida was a mare, ready to be sold at the local fair. He was one of many who rose to fill the vacancy when General Kun Sa who had controlled all of Burma's drug trade accepted a "house arrest" in the capital which actually lefy him financially better off when compared to the worries of his previous career.

"Healthy gums, she has here," had noticed Ko Myo Win before tapping Thida's voluminous thighs and her round knee cap. He had motioned her to stand in one leg and, again, he was satisfied with the sight of her strong muscles that surrounded her knee joint.

"She's good, Than Shwe!" he nodded. "Your girlfriend is fit! She has the legs of a powerful elephant. Have you told anyone where you two went?" he asked then, in a warning tone,

Than Shwe shook his head. No, no one knew that they came to Taunggyi, at Ko Myo Win's villa.

"That's fine! Than Shwe told me you are strong, Thida. He told me you are strong and that you fought before…"

"She fought, General Ko Myo Win!" said Than Shwe. "There's no other way, in the hills. My Thida is the best, believe me, General Ko Myo Win! Two weeks ago, for example, she fought Sunee, a Thai girl from the village of Kwok, the daughter of a trader. This Sunee was renown in all the villages around for being a ruthless bitch, but my Thida got her in her arms and squeezed her until she broke her ribs… You should have seen that damned Thai then, writhing on the path between our villages, begging Thida for mercy… Whoah! If the others hadn't of interfered, my Thida would have broken Sunee's neck, I tell you! Anyway, the Thai pissed herself, General Ko Myo Win, believe me!" chuckled Than Shwe. "My Thida always beats her foes until they piss themselves!"

"OK, OK, Than Shwe! However, your Thida must fight now a big girl from Taunggyi, not some Thai storekeeper's daughter from a lost village in the mountains!" warned Ko Myo Win. "I know that girl… Her name is Nu, she's strong and she's renown as a powerful girl right here, in Taunggyi, where the people are mean and not at all fair-play! Girls' fights happen daily, down here, and Nu is the best one around. Besides, she is also older than your Thida!"

"So was Sunee, General Ko Myo Win!" boasted the girl's boyfriend. "My Thida works in the poppy plantations in the valley. She is very strong. She carries heavy sacks to the trucks and she…"

"I believe you, Than Shwe! I believe you!" said Ko Myo Win before examining once more the 15 year old girl - she surely looked very strong and Ko Myo Win's contacts from the villages had already told him that she could be a good investment. "Just beat Nu, Thida," added Ko Myo Win, "beat Nu and you'll get more money than your family has ever seen! Beat her until she pisses herself, if you can, and you'll get some extra money from me! Got that?"

The mountain girl nodded, without a word. Bhudda above - she had no damned choice! Thida's family had heavy debts to Colonel Mah, leader of the local mob around Bohyo, and the money Ko Myo Win promised her would be of tremendous help. Five hundred American dollars if she fought, one thousand if she won, plus the usual bonuses that came with the fights organized by Ko Myo Win: two hundred if she drew blood from the unknown girl and another five hundred if she left her foe unconscious. If she would make her piss in front of the audience, Ko Myo Win would also offer Thida an extra bonus of an unrevealed value… Whoah… What else? Oh, Thida was not to beg for mercy - General Ko Myo Win had warned her that if she would do so, all the bonuses would be wiped out and she would get only two hundreds dollars before being embarked on the bus to San Martin…… or, thrown in the Inle Lake, in the shallows, as some of Ko Myo Win's servants warned her. It had happened before and Thida had heard the rumors concerning the women's corpses found over there… But violence was a daily occurrence in those parts and who cared about some dead women?

Feeling the spectator's eyes upon her, native Thida bit her lower lip, the way she always did when she was worried. It's only then that she noticed the girl that stood in front of her. She was taller, slimmer and she had firm tits - Nu's breasts stood proud as she was engaging in a niave warm up. The 15 year old thought that it was a fine thing that her foe had such prominant udders: they were a good target and, from her own experience, she knew that hitting or grabbing her opponent's tits was always rewarding in girls' clashes… The breasts were the women's balls, as they said in Kwok, her native village, and she had checked the truth of this saying in the numerous fights she had back home…

Her mouth was dry, but Ko Myo Win's servants had warned her that it always happened like this after drinking the strange beverage. In fact, Thida also felt the other side effects of the liquor: she was breathing faster, her muscles were hot and she felt that she was lighter than a feather. I'll hug this city bitch in my arms until she'll beg for mercy, she said to herself, while weighing up the older Nu from head to toe…

However, the city girl was also feeling the adrenalyn pumping, as she was easily hopping from side to side. Let me get some good punches to the mountain girl's face and I'll sort her out, she thought. The city girl was also in great need for money. She had borrowed a large sum from a certain General Wul (the "banker" in her district) in order to pay for an operation her mother needed badly. Her mother was well now, but Nu's low wage did not allow her to pay back General Wul. That's why a week ago, she decided to tell the General that she would go to bed with him, provided he would wipe off her debt.

"Aha, so you do not have money to pay me back," the General, frowning. "Does U Thet Wai know that you came here?"

U Thet Wai was Nu's boyfriend.

No," she said. "Please, Colonel, don't tell him anything about it! This is only between you and me, General. I'll do whatever you want, General, whatever you want…" she pleaded.

"As you wish, Nu! Undress!" he ordered.

Nu took off her dress but, to her astonishment, after remaining in panties and bra, General Wul simply asked her to bend forwards. Bewildered, she obeyed him and the General tapped her strong, muscled butt; he then felt in his palms the muscles that covered Nu's belly and suddenly, he drove a punch to her belly. Nu moaned but withstood the blow without serious effort. Before she could make out what all this was about, General Wul ordered her to hop, keeping an eye on his watch.

"Jump faster, Nu!" he ordered after awhile.

The girl did so and, after a minute, General Wul motioned her to stop.

"You are good… you are strong… you have good stamina…" he noticed, smiling from the corner of his mouth. "Look, Nu! We can work out your debt out in some other way… Just fight another girl and you'll get more money than you need to pay me back."

"Fight?! Another girl?!"

"Yeah… Don't tell me you're scared because I know everything that happens in Taunggyi and you're not at your first try… Let's say that General Ko Myo Win and I are engaged in a sort of a competition… We seek strong girls and we organize no holds barred fights between them. From what I've heard and from the way you look, I'm sure that Ko Myo Win won't find someone that could match you… You have a strong aarse," he added, tapping Nu's hard butts, "and a strong arse, believe me, always earns you a victory! You'll send Ko Myo Win's girl to the Inle Lake, I'm sure!"

"Err… what you mean by that, General?" she asked, in a worried tone.

"Hm," said Wul, thoughtfully. Smiling, he cupped Nu's womanhood, feeling her groin and looking straight in her eyes. He was a tall man of forty and he knew how to please a woman of 28 who had enjoyed up to now only the fast fucks of the horny guys in Taunggyi with money and and a hard on in their pants. He began to gently caress her cunt and soon, big Nu began to pant. Smiling, General Wul parted the girl's labia and he delicately slid his finger in her vagina, making circles around her already swollen clit… After less than a minute, Nu let a loud moan and she began to buck her hips in expectation, but suddenly, he stopped his foreplay.

"I want you to win, Nu!" he said. "Send Ko Myo Win's girl to the valley of Curama and I'll see that you always have what you need, you got that?"

Some moments passed and Nu nodded, hardly catching her breath. Her cunt was aching with desire like it never did before and she swallowed her spittle, looking at the Wul with blinking eyes.

"Oh, General… I'll do what you want… I'll sure do anything you want," she said, still dazzled by his caresses.

After all, just as the General had said, this was not her first try: the laundry worker was renown in the town as a girl who had defeated all her foes up to now, regardless of their age and weight. Living in Taunggyi was not an easy task and she had her first clash with another girl when she was twelve… Yeah… Nu remembered very well that fight. Mah was three years older than her and they got at it because of a boy. Hm… After the fight, Mah remained eagle spread on the sidewalk, dressed only in her skirt, quaking, her left breast blue, face turned into raw meat and barely breathing. It's then that Nu found out that she was very good with her fists - afterwards, whenever she had to fight, she always launched a shower of punches at her foes. If she couldn't knock her foe down, Nu would always resort to scratching, biting or pulling the hair, in order to set the other female for a powerful series of blows. This simple strategy always proved to be rewarding and none of her foes withstood big Nu's blows and it took only some very hard women that could engage her in a wrestling confrontation. But even so, Nu finally out powered them all - she wrestled them down, scratched or bit them and then she finished them with solid punches to the belly and face.

After leaving General Wul, Nu readily told U Thet Wai about the "banker's" offer and her boyfriend seemed to be most pleased with it: he was more than confident in his big girlfriend.

Everybody knows that there's no woman in the district that matches you, Nu…" he said. "Huh! Who would have thought that you'll get us all that money? We are most lucky, Nu, we are most lucky!"

U Thet Wai… He also was in Ko Myo Win's patio, seating right next to Generall Wul, who, at his turn, was seating beside General Ko Myo Win, in front of a big table, filled with cocktails and expensive seafood. Being not accustomed to stay among rich people, U Thet Wai was not at all comfortable, but he winked at Nu, encouragingly.

The laundry worker smiled back at him. Hm… She had calculated that she could retain a fine amount of money after paying back Colonel Wul, provided she would beat the young mountain girl, of course. If she would leave Thida in a puddle of blood (that's how all of Nu's foes have ended, up to now) she would get 1700 $ and all of her problems would be history.

I'll break the dark skinned bitch, she said to herself. I'll break her the way I did with all the others that dared to fight me… I'll send her to the Inle Lake if that pleases General Wul.

She didn't dare to look at him. To her great concern, the small interlude they had when he made her the offer had left traces… She found herself thinking of him more often than she intended and, she had to admit that she wanted him to finish what he had started then… She also knew that he would do it, he would do it for sure if she would beat the mountain girl, or, to be more precise, if she would sent her to the Inle Lake

The spectators were talking more and more excited. Gathering herself, Nu examined Thida from head to toe. She realized that the mountain girl was only a kid, but on the other hand, it was clear that she was a hard willed girl.

"Are you ready?" suddenly asked a short man, dressed like a master of ceremonies.

Nu nodded, still evaluating her opponent. The bitch was taking deep breathes and she was swallowing her spittle, looking straight in Nu's eyes.

I have to beat her, the young girl was saying to herself. I have to wipe the ground with her, even if she's older than me. Thida acknowledged to the short man that she was also ready, saying to herself that if she couldn't beat tall Nu (God forbid), she would run out of money for good… If she would be lucky, this meant working day in day out, without being paid, for Captain Tran, leader of the mob around Kwok… However, Thida knew very well that the Captain solved his debts in other ways… She would be obliged to move in his house, among other girls and women that were indebted to him… And there…

Fuck the town bred bitch! I'll crush her in my arms until she'll cracks, she encouraged herself before looking in the audience at Than Shwe, her boyfriend. He was seated at the big table, near Ko Myo Win, hardly daring to breathe.

"You can beat her, Thida, you can beat her!" he suddenly said to the mountain girl, provoking an excited rumor that ran through the audience. "You did all the other women you fought up to now and you'll do this big bitch too!"

"My Nu will make your kid bite the dust!" bragged U Thet Wai in response.

"Wow, wow, wow!" howled the master of ceremonies, his voice hardly covering the spectators' hoorays. "We are all gathered here to see General Ko Myo Win's native girl, Thida from Bohyo, fight General Wul's strong, Nu, from our beloved Taunggyi! A mountain girl from the hills, against an older city girl…"

The spectators began to yell madly while the two girls clumsily raised their hands in guard. They had both fought before, but this didn't mean that they could "perform" a ruled fight. They only knew that they needed the money so bad that each had to destroy the other one.

The master of ceremonies looked upon the audience and asked: "Who will win? The 15 year old native mountain girl from Bohyo, or the 28 years old city girl from Taunggyi? Neither of them has been defeated, so, look hard and think well because you still have one minute before betting!"

The spectators rose from their chairs, talking loudly. Smiling, the master of ceremonies motioned Nu and Thida to approach each other. He evaluated them from head to toe and, from their wild looks, he realized that the audience's urgings, the money at stake and Ko Myo Win's liquor had already fuelled them. These two shall go to the very end and we'll see a hell of a fight. Which one will send the other to Inle Lake? - he asked himself. He had seen Nu at work, in the streets of Taunggyi, twice, and she had made a big impression on him: ruthless, strong and fast were the words that described her best. On the other hand, the rumors concerning the mountain girl described her as terribly powerful and wild, in spite of her age.

Suddenly, the master of ceremonies looked at Ko Myo Win - the General simply nodded at him.

"Go on,!" said the master of ceremonies. "No mercy and let the best one win!"

The next moment, the two girls rushed forwards, greeting each other with a shower of punches. Their breasts dangled madly while they kept on closing in on each other, hitting as hard as they could, landing blows on each other's faces and shoulders. Soon they began to let out brief moans of effort and the people in the patio began to urge them to go on.

"Punch her down, Thida!"

"Beat the hell out of her, Nu!"

For awhile, they kept on punching each other, facess contorted in fury, toe to toe, breasts poking forth, without taking the least precaution to protect themselves. After some moments, realizing that none got the upper hand, they split, throwing wild glares at each other, while their breasts jiggled in their bras.

"Fuck you, native cow! I'll blow your head off!" hissed Nu.

"I'll tear you in two, city whore!" came back Thida's answer.

The next moment they rushed in, getting each other by the hair and delivered hard punches to the face. Being taller, Nu had a longer reach and her blows always snapped Thida's head but, all of a sudden, the native girl delivered a most powerful kick that got her city foe in the belly, shaking her from head to toe. Thida's boyfriend howled with excitement, raising his arms in the air. He encouraged his girlfriend and Thida clutched her teeth, delivering another kick to Nu's belly before rushing at her and getting her in a side neck lock, to the wild hoorays of the spectators. For awhile, the two girls tossed each other from side to side, giving loud moans. The native girl kept pulling tall Nu around, attempting to force her to the knees but, on the other hand, the city girl encircled her foe's waist with both arms and did her best to hook Thida's muscled legs. However, both were strong and the struggle became more and more violent, while their moans were soon replaced by brief cries of effort. As the seconds went by, tall Nu gradually got the initiative, managing to forcefully shove Thida against one of the pillars that surrounded the patio.

The audience began to shout, fuelling both of them to greater efforts, and the two girls kept pulling on each other. They parted their strong legs, they pushed each other in bursts, they got in the middle of the patio and, suddenly, as they twisted madly, they bumped against the big table where stood General Ko Myo Win and General Wul. As they struggled they moaned louder and louder, breathing through clenched teeth, their faces went red and they strained as hard as they could.

"Throw her down, Nu!" shouted U Thet Wai. "Throw her down!"

"Crush her neck, Thida!" yelled Than Shwe at his turn. "Squeeze the air off her!"

Suddenly, the younger Thida strained, bending the taller Nu backwards on the table, but the city girl parted her legs wider and, enwrapping the mountain girl's waist, she managed to raise her from the ground, hooking her strong legs from behind. A loud yell erupted from the audience as the native girl was held in the air, unable to keep her soles back on the ground. She let a yelp of helplessness and, the next moment, Nu twisted forcefully, slamming the heavier Thida to her butt and falling on top of her. The younger girl let a bewildered shout, but she kept on applying the powerful neck lock on the tall brunette. After some seconds, they rolled on the grass and got to their knees, side by side, squeezing each other with all their might, letting brief moans of effort. Thida still had her arms around Nu's neck, but the older girl kept on crushing the native girl's waist in her arms.

They hissed louder and louder and, suddenly, Nu remembered what she did in a similar situation, two months ago, when she had fought a certain Meon, a prostitute, in the street. She feigned to be overwhelmed and, yeeah, the stupid hill girl fell in her trap: she pushed against Nu who, expecting her opponent's outburst of energy, rolled Thida over her, forcefully slamming her against one of the thick pillars. Then, she hastily wrestled the confused mountain girl on her back and mounted on her fat padded belly.

"Gotcha', native cow! Gotcha'! You're on my territory, here, scum!"

"Fuck you, city bitch! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

"Go on, Nu! You're stronger than her!" shouted U Thet Wai. "Punch her, now! Punch her!"

However, Than Shwe was also encouraging the darker native girl and she grabbed her taller opponent by the hair and pulled her head down with all her strength. Giving a yell of pain, the city girl reached down, also sinking her hands in her foe's mane. In the following moments, they pulled each other by the hair, hissing in effort, until exhaustion forced them to stop their struggle. Nu was kneeling on the stout mountain girl and her white thong had slipped in her arse crease, revealing the scarce tufts that surrounded her arse hole. Her strong back was glittering with sweat and the hard muscles that bordered her spine were bulging like thick, steel ropes.

On her side, sturdy Thida had raised her muscled legs in the air, straining them now and then, while her massive butts hardened with the each movement. Suddenly, the native girl placed her heels near her arse and, pulling on Nu's hair with the left hand, she began to deliver fist after fist in her foe's belly. In response, the city girl began to bang Thida's head against the ground. They went on like this for some ten seconds, until Nu managed to free herself and, the next moment, she insured her position atop by getting Thida by the wrists. The native girl let a yell of dismay and, feeling that her rival was overpowering her, she began to energetically twist and wriggle beneath her.

"Go on, Nu, go on! She's yours!" yelled U Thet Wai.

"Punch her, Thida! Punch her in the belly!" shouted Than Shwe

However, it became obvious that the older girl from Taunggyi had the initiative -Thida was hissing louder and louder, aimlessly throwing her strong legs from side to side and unable to escape from beneath the older girl.

"Go on, Nu, go on!" shouted her suporters. "You're stronger than the native bitch! She's just a kid! Do her!"

"Crush the native whore, Nu! Crush her!" yelled U Thet Wai, at his turn.

"Fuck you, native cow!" hissed Nu then and, breathing through clenched teeth, she went for the choke. "I'll make you beg for mercy, cow!"

Thida gave a deep groan as the city girl began to slam her foe's head against the ground. The skull of the stout mountain girl was thudding dully after each blow and soon, the younger girl started to wildly throw herself about. It was clear that she didn't know what to do: she was constantly trying to bridge beneath the city girl but all she could do was to expose her red thong that had already slipped in her hairy cunt. After awhile, she halted the struggle, doing her best to resist Nu's wild assault.

"Go on, Nu, go on! Do her!" shouted U Thet Wai. "She can't take it anymore! Daze her and then, punch her some more!"

"Finish her up! Finish her once and for all!" urged her General Wul. "I told you that you'll win!" he said, fuelling tall Nu.

Anxious, Than Shwe lit a cigarette when hearing his sturdy girlfriend moan deeper and deeper, after each head slam. Desperately, Thida resorted to punching Nu in the belly, but her blows were too weak to stop the older girl who kept going on with the head slams.

"Go on, Nu, go on!" urged her U Thet Wai but, in that very moment, the sturdy mountain girl grabbed the brunette by the hair with both hands and, straining from head to toe, managed to hold her tight. In response, Nu hardened the choke but then, Thida's knee dashed up, plunging between the city girl's parted thighs.


Than Shwe shouted in joy when seeing Nu double up above his girlfriend, hissing in pain.

"Good girl, Thida! Good girl! Make the city bitch cry! Show her the ways from Bohyo!"

"Beware!" shouted Colonel Wul. "She wants to knee you again!" he warned but, the next moment, the native girl kneed once more Nu between her strong thighs.

"Aaaah, bitch… My cunt…"

The tall woman stood in pain above the mountain girl, slipping her hands between her thighs. The people in the audience got to their feet, yelling, and Thida began to toss Nu by the hair from side to side, attempting to throw her down. The city girl parted her knees and propped on outsretched palms, trying to remain above her foe, but the sturdy mountain girl was waiting for this maneuver, and she kneed Nu for the third time in the groin, burying her knee cap in the older girl's womanhood.

This time, big Nu crumpled over sturdy Thida, hissing loudly: "Aaah… Fuck you…"

"I'll crush you, city whore!" whispered the mountain girl from beneath the big city girl. "I swear to God that I'll crush you!"

"Bite the stinking native bitch, Nu, bite her!" yelled U Thet Wai and Nu instantly plunged her teeth in Thida's left shoulder, biting her for all she was worth.

"Yeah, Nu! Bite her! Bite the native bitch!" shouted General Wul too, when hearing Thida's sharp screams.

Soon, Thida let a howl of despair and attempted to deliver another knee blow, but the tall laundry worker sunk her teeth deeper in her foe's flesh and, after some seconds, the mountain warrior began to shriek in fear, throwing her strong legs from side to side. Nu started to gnaw her foe's flesh as if she were a mad lioness, making the native girl shriek endlessly. Blood began to pour from Thida's ripped flesh and the tall city girl, feeling the taste of blood, gave a furious groan, preparing to bite the mountain girl's throat, as she once did to a big housewife, in the streets of Taungoo.

This time, I'll make her scream her surrender, she thought as the spectators urged her to finish off the native girl:

"Drink her blood, Nu! Drink her fucking blood!" yelled U Thet Wai, while Nu's suporters shouted too:

"Finish her up!"

"Go on, do the cow!"

"Rip her flesh, Nu! Rip her flesh!" shouted General Wul. "Show her who's in charge!"

"I'll kill you, I'll damned kill you!" hissed tall Nu, fuelled by Colonel Wul's encouragements and she sunk her teeth in the mountain girl's throat, making her suporters yell madly. Scared, Thida screamed like a wild beast and she began to twist beneath the strong girl from Taunggyi. Fuck this bloody city bitch, she's stronger than any of the other girls I fought, thought the mountain girl, but then, she found a way out. She had once fought an older woman from Bohyo, who had also mounted her, the way Nu did. Hastily, the girl from the countryside cupped her foe's face with both hands and she visciously eye gouged her, making the taller fighter yell loudly before leaping back. The stout mountain girl gave a moan of relief and she instantly crawled backwards on butts and elbows, putting a safe distance between her and the city girl.

The next moment, they both got up. Their faces were contorted in rage and pain: their breasts were dangling free as their their bras had benn torn off, and their bellies were blowing like bellows… Both were covered by sweat which had already gathered in a dark stain on the back of their thongs, between their hard butts. They crouched, cautiously eyeing each other, trying to find an opening in each other's guard. Their strong arses were quivering, with each movement, and their eyes threw cold glares.

She's good at close range, thought big Nu. I have to keep her away from me… I'll punch her until I'll knock her down…I have to embrace her, said Thida to herself. Let me hug her, and I'll squeeze the shit off this big bitch like toothpaste…

"Go get her, Nu!" urged General Wul. "Beat the hell off her!"

"Don't hurry, Thida!" shouted Ko Myo Win. "Just get her in your arms! Get her in your arms and crush the air off her!"

The two girls began to hiss in fury, clutching their teeth. The other spectators began to encourage them and both showed their teeth, threatening each other:

"I'll blow your ugly face away, crow!" shouted the older girl.

"I'll make you shit in front of all these people, scumbag!" came back the native girl's answer.

Tall Nu briskly rushed forth, flooding the shorter, heavier Thida with heavy fists to the face. The native girl answered back, but Nu's assault was so violent that she soon overcame the mountain girl, forcing her to retreat towards one of the pillars.

"Knock her down, Nu! Knock her down, once and for all!" shouted Generall Wul, but Thida retaliated by alternating heavy rights and lefts to the face. Fuelled by the audience's shouts, the exchange of blows became ruthless - the city girl was hitting faster, but the stout mountain girl was delivering unbelievably hard punches, adding all her weight behind the blows.

"Crush her face, Nu! Crush her ugly face!" shouted her boyfriend and the tall brunette gave a yell, dashing forwards, but the stout mountain girl met her with a hard blow to the breasts.

"Fuck you… whore!" yelled Nu, face contorted in pain. Again, she lunged towards her foe, punching her in the face, but Thida got her once more with anorther powerful fist to the breasts, flinging them sideways with the force.

"You… you go for the tits, you, bloody bitch!" hissed Nu before rushing once more at her foe, but Thida got her with a fist in the face, snapping her head and shaking the tall brunette from head to toe.

"Yeaaah! Go on, my Thida!" rejoiced Than Shwe when seeing the taller girl stagger in front of his girlfriend.

"Hold on, Nu, hold on!" shouted Generall Wul.

Wild shouting erupted from the patio, and Thida went on with the punches, getting the city girl twice in the face and dazing her. Tall Nu began to walk sideways, like drunk, and she propped her arse against the brim of the big table. She looked straight in Thida's eyes, breathing shortly and quickly, while a thin creek of blood began to pour from her lips. Feeling the taste of her own blood, Nu suddenly opened her eyes wide and pursed her lips. The next moment, she gave a wild yell and she began to throw fist after fist in Thida's face, but the native girl hit her back and soon, the exchange of blows became more and more violent. After awhile, the taller girl managed to crush Thida's nose with her fists, forcing the sturdy mountain girl to retreat.

"That's it, Nu, that's it!" rejoiced General Wul. "Go after her, now! Punch her in the face!"

Thida was bleeding heavily by then and she was constantly shaking her head, but the taller girl didn't let her recover and rushed at her, arms outstretched. She grabbed the mountain girl by the mane and shoved her against a pillar, olowing up with a flying knee blow to the belly, the way she had seen at the Thai fight videos.


"OK, Nu, that's it! Go get her!" shouted U Thet Wai when seeing that his girlfriend had winded Thida's. The tall brunette pulled her foe by the hair then, briskly bending the younger girl in two. She saw Thida's heavy breasts dangle freely and fully kneed the native girl in the left tit, crushing it against the rib cage.

"There you are, you, stinking native whore!"


The stout mountain girl buckled under the blow and she hastily covered her heavy breasts with her arms, leaving her head unprotected. The next moment, Nu bent Thida even more and delivered a most powerful hammer butt in the native girl's unguarded top of the head, making the audience yell.

"You're mine, native cow!" rejoiced the older girl. "You're mine, stupid mountain girl!"

"Good girl, Nu!" yelled Generalel Wul. "Go on! She opens her legs! She's groggy! Go on!"

"You'll always regret you came here, scumbag!" hissed Nu, in frenzy.

Thida's eyes began to stare aimlessly, in the ground, while she moaned deeply. She parted her muscled legs even more, doing her best to keep her balance, while Nu's sustainers bursted in hoorays, realizing the native girl's distress. Than Shwe clutched his teeth and urged his girlfriend to resist, but the tall brunette went on: hissing, she threw another hammer butt in Thida's back of the head, throwing shivers through her strong body.

"Good girl, Nu, good girl! Go on! Crush her skull!" shouted Generall Wul as Thida crumpled on all fours, dazed. She shook her head and it was obvious that the girl from Taunggyi had dazed for good the country side girl. Nu's backers began to yell, and the taller girl replied by grabbing Thida by the hair with both hands. She quickly pulled her head up, arching the native girl's torso and, the next moment, she rammed her knee in Thida's face, in the hoorays of those who bet on her.

"Aaaaah…" yelled Thida, as her nose crunched under the impact. Blood burst on her face but then, Thida gave a wild yell and, blindly, she plunged her hands between Nu's strong thighs, hooking her fingers in her foe's genital hair. Amazed by Thida's resources, the taller girl gave a sharp yell and she threw another hammer butt in Thida's top of the head, but the sturdy mountain girl began to wildly pull Nu by the tufts of her lower belly, making her shriek sharply. Both generals were standing.

"Snatch her bush! Snatch her cunt hair, Thida!" yelled General Ko Myo Win.

"Punch her, Nu! Punch her in the face!" shouted General Wul.

The next moment, however, the native girl sunk her nails as deep as she could in Nu's soft womanhood, making her scream from the bottom of her lungs. She squeezed the delicate groin flesh of the older girl with all her might, being sure that Nu won't stand the pain for too long. The city girl grimaceded, trying to resist but soon, the pain from her cunt flooded her from head to toe.

"Aaaaaah, fuck you… aaah, native bitch…" yelled the older girl, leaping back and allowing stout Thida to get up. Shouting in fury, the city girl rushed at her dazed foe, kicking her in the belly and throwing her back for two steps, but the stout mountain girl withstood the heavy blow and, letting a wild scream, she dived head first, getting tall Nu in the belly.

"Aah…"  The city girl despite the pain, butted the mountain girl in her back, but Thida, although still bent in two, forcefully shoved the taller girl against the nearest pillar of the patio. Then, as Nu furiously came back at her, the mountain girl dived, head first, getting her foe in the belly and drove the air from her belly. The older girl delivered another weak hammer blow in Thida's back, shaking her and grabbed her curly mane, trying to keep her bent in two. Hissing in effort, she hammer butted once more the mountain girl in the back but she suddenly realized then that her groin was unprotected, in Thida's reach. Hastily, Nu attempted to retreat, but the native girl had already delivered a solid uppercut that got the big city girl between her strong thighs.

"Aaaaaaah…"  Nu's high pitched shriek made Thida's backers yell madly. The taller girl was sqeezing her eyesshut in an unmistakable sign that Thida's blow had fully crushed her clit against the pubic bone. Unable to breathe, Nu slid her hands in her crotch, swaying in slow motion above Thida but then, the sturdy mountain girl briskly quickly up, catching the city girl unaware. Thida's back of the head fully got the older girl in the face, causing a wet sound that resembled that of a crushed fruit. Nu gave a bewildered sob and, confused by the powerful blow, she retreated until she propped her back against the pillar, pressing both palms against it. The spectators began to shout and the city girl let a loud moan, looking foggily at her enemy, while blood was already heavily pouring on her chin.

"Go get her, Nu!" urged Wul. "Go get her!"

I'll go… I'll go…" hissed the older girl, obediently, and she leaped forth but Thida shoved her backwards, following with a powerful head butt to the mouth that glued Nu against the pillar.

"Aaaah…" moaned the girl from Taunggyi, as if she couldn't understand how the younger girl managed to hit her so hard. Dazed, she pointed her hands towards the mountain girl, trying to gain some seconds in order to catch her breath. However, the native girl from Bohyo gave a wild yell and rushed at Nu, alternating lefts and rights to her face. Bewildered by her foe's determination, Nu gathered her strength and answered back blow by blow, but Thida was hitting her so hard that she soon overcame the older girl, getting her repeatedly in the face and snapping her head against the pillar. It became obvious that the native girl's punches were gradually overpowering the taller Nu - the city girl's blows became slower and slower and, then, the mountain girl realized that she had softed her foe enough and she hastily wrapped her arms around her waist. Urged by her sustainers, Thida readily hoisted the taller girl before forcefully slamming her against the pillar.


"That's it, Thida!" yelled General Ko Myo Win. "Crush the big bitch, now! Crush her in your arms! That's what I was waiting for, Generall Wul!" he snarled looking at the other general. "My friends told me that the hug is Thida's best weapon! She'll break your champion in two, Colonel Wul!"

"We shall see about that!"

Meanwhile, the city girl strained from head to toe, pulling both hands against Thida's arms that crushed the air off her. The mountain girl slammed her once again against the pillar and went on by squeezing the taller girl with all her might. Amazed by the younger girl's strength, big Nu sunk her hands in Thida's hair, pulling her head backwards and arching her neck. Everyone began to yell at them and, after awhile, the sturdy mountain girl managed to strain harder, making the city scream from the waist squeeze. After some moments, Nu began to desperately toss Thida's head from side to side, but the mountain girl held on and hardened the waist crush even more.

"I'll break… your bones… city scumbag!" threatened the younger girl.

"Fuck you… Ooh, fuck you…" moaned tall Nu, doing her best to resist the terrible bear hug.

"Hold on, Nu! Hold on!" shouted U Thet Wai.

"Crush the city bitch, Thida! Crush her!" shouted Than Shwe at his girlfriend. "Go on! You're stronger! Crush her ribs! You know that none withstands your embrace, Thida!"

Nu's face was already red by then and she was breathing loudly through clenched teeth. She struggled as hard as she could but, despite her strength, she couldn't cope with the sturdy native girl that kept on squeezing her chest. Thida snarled wildly, realizing that she had a good grab on the city girl from Taunggyi and, more and more confident in herself, she began to scissor Nu in her arms. After some moments, Thida's maneuver showed its fruits as the city girl arched her head backwards and popped her eyes, breathing loudly.

"Ooh… fuck… you… native bitch… ooh…"

"Go on, Thida, go on! Soak her bones!" yelled General Ko Myo Win, now more voacal as his fighter was winning.

"Don't give up, Nu! Pull her by the hair, General't give up!" shouted Colonel Wul, lighting a cigarette.

"Ooh… I will… aaah…" moaned the tall brunette still tossing Thida by the hair but then, the native girl began to rock the city girl in the embrace, making her moan hoarsely. Worn out by the terrible hug, Nu was looking up with popped out eyes, while all she could do was to breath like a steam engine through her wide openmouth.

"Ooh… fuck you… ooh… shit…"

Fuelled by the spectators' urgings, Thida realized that the girl from Taunggyi couldn't resist anymore and she continued to squeeze her torso, provoking a snap and making her foe moan in agony. Trying to resist, the taller girl let a gasp that gradually turned to a hiss and then, the native girl from Bohyo twisted and rushed Nu once again against the pillar, forcefully slamming her against it. The brunette's back sounded dully and she let a deep growl, fully erecting her long legs and trying to steady her bare soles on the grass.

"Oooh…" she moaned again and, by the way she hastily looked around, blinking, everybody understood that she was scared.

"Crush her, Thida!" "Break her bones!" "Do her!" were shouting her sustainers and, the next moment, the mountain girl took advantage of Nu's distress: still squeezing her, she delivered a head butt to the face, with all her strength. Nu's nasal bones crunched under the impact and, instantly, her muscled thighs began to tremble.

Thida's sustainers began to yell, urging the sturdy mountain girl to go on. Breathing through clenched teeth, the younger girl released the hug but pressed her foe against the pillar, right shoulder first, crushing big Nu and hissing in her ear:

"I'll tear you to pieces, city whore!"

"Wait… aaah… till I lay my… aaah… hands on you…" moaned tall Nu.

She attempted to shove the mountain girl but Thida grabbed her by her hair, pushing Nu's head against he pillar before delivering a most powerful head butt in her mouth and banging her foe's head against the pillar.

"Aaaaaa…." yelled Nu, violently shaking under the blow.

The next moment, blood began to pour in waves from Nu's torn lips and she slowly slid to the ground, in the cheers of Thida's sustainers. She was looking aimlessly at the mountain girl, unable to control herself and then, Thida kneeled in front of her and arms wrapped around Nu's waist, hoisted her up. She then readily twisted and, hissing like a lumberjack, she slammed the older girl to the ground.


Nu violently hit the ground, arse first, and her breasts bouncing like jelly, shaking like gelatin. A terrible pain ran through her spine, forcing the city girl to arch her torso, exhibiting her big tits.

This bitch is stronger than any other woman I ever fought, thought the girl from Taunggyi, desperately attempting to get to her feet. However, the 15 year opl grabbed her by the hair and, cheered on by her backers, she spun Nu around, forcing her once more on her arse. Again, the tall brunette gathered her forces and tried to get up, but the native girl forcefully tossed her before spinning her around and throwing her towards the big table.

Reeling, the tall city girl fell on her back, accompanied by the spectators' hoorays. She began to crawl backwards on her arse while Thida's sustainers yelled louder and louder, realizing that the older girl couldn't cope anymore with the stout mountain girl. Nu looked straight in the native girl's eyes, attempting once more to get up, but Thida readily rushed at her, kicking the older girl in her muscled belly. Nu froze and, for a brief second, she couldn't breathe anymore. Her obvious dismay made Thida's sustainers yell madly, encouraging the native girl. U Thet Wai lit a cigarette.

"Get up! Get up, Nu, what the hell!" he shouted. "You can beat her!"

"I can… ooh… I can…" hissed Nu and she got on all fours, attempting once again to get up, but Thida was waiting and stomped the older girl in her muscled back. A dull thud was heard and big Nu gave a deep groan, arching her trunk, while the audience was yelling like mad, cheering the hill girl. Big Nu pressed both palms in the small of her back, trying to breathe, but her strong muscles didn't obey her anymore. She yelped in dismay while her breasts quaked in rhythm with her violent heart throbs - she tried to suck in air, but the pain was unbearable and her face went red as she shut her eyes. She got me! - she thought, freezing on parted knees, back turned towards the stout mountain girl. This bloody kid got me!

Howling, Than Shwe raised his arms in the air and Thida ensued by violently stomping the city girl in the back of her head and throwing her to the ground. Hissing, Nu fell fully on her breasts and her face hit the soil with a thud. Frustrated, she tried once more to get up, propping on palms and parted knees, fully arching her trunk and awkwardly managing to raise her arse in the air.

"Your big Nu lost control, Wul!" rejoiced General Ko Myo Win. "She exposes her cunt like a beginner!"

The spectators also noticed the city girl's fatal mistake and they began to yell in frenzy. Nu's hairy groin was fully exposed between her open butts and the younger girl seized the opportunity on the spot, kicking the tall brunette between the thighs with all her might and knocking her forward a foot.

"Aaaaaaah… my…. cuuuunt… aaaaaaaaaaaaaah…"

"Yeah, Thida, yeaaaaah!" yelled General Ko Myo Win, getting up from his chair as Nu helplessly rolled aside, curling and crossing her calves. She slipped her arms between her muscled thighs and she began to rock back and forth, wailing.

"My cuuunt… ooooh… Jesus Christ, my cuuuuuuunt…"

Realizing that the big girl from Taunggyi couldn't protect herself anymore, the mountain girl quickly got in front of her foe and, savagely urged on by her sustainers, she forcefully kicked Nu in the face, snapping her head. Nu's nose crunched and blood burst from her nostrils while Thida's sustainers sprang up from their chairs, letting mad yells.

"You got her, Thida! You got her for good! She's yours!" shouted Than Shwe when he saw the older girl look around aimlessly. Then, Nu managed to roll on all fours and she awkwardly crawled towards the table where general Wul stood and grabbed its edge with both hands, trying to hoist herself up. However, she was so groggy that, for some seconds, she remained on her knees, breasts hanging, coiling in rhythm with her fast breathing, listening to the audience's shouts. Shit! There was no difference between her neighbors in the village with mud floor huts and the rich men and women that watched the fight now: they all shouted wildly, encouraging the fighters to destroy each other.

"Do her for good, kid!"

"Crush the city bitch!"

"Get up, Nu! Get the hell up!"

"Draw her blood!"

I have to get up, said Nu to herself. Oh my God, I have to get up! Blood was pouring through her nose and from her torn lips, spilling in the grass but, in spite her state, the older girl managed to get up, facing sturdy Thida. Her breasts heaved rapidly, her muscled belly was inflating and deflating in fast pace and blood poured heavily from her chin in her cleavage. Sweat had gathered in a wet, dark stain, on her thong, making it see through and allowing everyone a full sight to the thick bush that covered Nu's lower belly. Hearing the spectators' comments concerning her fully exposed breasts, she instinctively covered them. It's then that Ko Myo Win urged some of his bodyguards to throw a bucket of cold water on each of the two girls, making them shiver.

"You are both valiant," he said, "but the fight is far from being ended." He then added, looking straight at the younger girl: "You're doing fine, Thida You're doing fine… Do you like her, general Wul?"

The general took a deep breath before shouting at Nu:  "Just fight, Nu! Fight the way you always did and beat the native bitch! She's just a kid! Beat the hell off her!"

The big city girl nodded, swallowing her spittle.

"Will you do the native bitch, Nu? Will you do her?" asked Wul, throwing glares at the older girl "I will, general Wul! I'll do her! I'll damned do the native bitch!" answered Nu, raising the hands in guard and pursing her lips.

"As you wish…" smiled General Ko Myo Win. "Go on, Thida! Don't let Generall Wul's handpicked bitch recover, Thida! You're stronger than her! Do her, Thida!"

"I sure will, General! I sure will!"

"Go, Nu! Go get her!" yelled U Thet Wai, then, "Finish her up, Thida!" shouted Than Shwe.

"Punch her as hard as you can, Nu!"

Fuelled by the audience, both rushed in, throwing heavy fists at each other but soon, the astute mountain girl outsmarted the big girl from Taunggyi by diving beneath her guard, head first, hitting ruthlessly her foe's right breast. The taller girl let a moan of pain and delivered a hammer butt in Thida's back, but the native girl instantly straightened herself and grabbed her opponent by the back of the head. She shook her from side to side and she realized that the big city girl was much too exhausted to resist. Nu launched a jab at Thida, snapping her head, but the younger girl steadied her foe's head and, determined not to allow the city girl to recover, she rammed her forehead into Nu's face, spurting blood all around.

"Fuck… you… bitch…" moaned the big girl from Taunggyi, staggering in front of the mountain girl.

"That's it, Thida!" rejoiced General Ko Myo Win. "Go on! She can't take it anymore!"

The spectators began to shout wildly as the younger girl maneuvered Nu against a pillar, flooding her with heavy punches to the belly and breasts, gradually wearing her out. Urged by Generall Wul, tall Nu answered back blow by blow, but her fists were more and more often lost in the air. By then, she was already letting brief moans in which pain melted with exhaustion.

I have to land a good punch on her… a good punch, she encouraged herself. I damned have to land a punch of mine on this bloody kid! However, although the patio was echoing with Nu's suporters urges to go on, the city girl still couldn't find the resources to hit hard. Realizing that Nu's strength was fading away, Thida's suporters began to yell rhythmically and the native girl mounted the pressure of her assault, delivering fist after fist at Nu's tummy, gradually splitting the older girl in two.

"Go on, Thida! Go on!" shouted Than Shwe. "She's yours! She's yours!"

By then, big Nu was helplessly shaking after each blow. Sensing that Thida was overwhelming her, the older girl covered her head with both arms and turned her back on the mountain girl, running away. However, the native girl sensed that it was only a matter seconds before Nu would crack down and she followed her closely, flooding her with powerful double handedhammer blows to the back of the head. The heavy blows were shaking big Nu from head to toe and soon, her eyes began to roll. Staggering, she stumbled towards a pillar and she embraced it, parting her long legs. Her breasts were dangling madly and her big butts quivered, making Thida's suporters yell in triumph:  "The big bitch parts her legs, kid… Do her, do her!"

"She's yours, Thida! Don't let her escape you!"

"Good girl, Thida!" rejoiced General Ko Myo Win, rising from his chair. "Knock her down, now! Knock her down!"

Nodding between two heavy breaths, Thida swallowed her spittle and launched a most powerful hammer butt to Nu's back of the head - this time, Nu's long legs gave out and the big city bitch collapsed to her knees. However, she still found the resources to crawl away, trying to put a safe distance between her and the girl from the country side.

Nevertheless, Thida grabbed the girl from Taunggyi by the mane, violently hoisted her up and got her in a neck lock. She heard her foe's hoarse forced breathing, she felt her flesh quiver in exhaustion and she understood that Nu, although stronger than any of the females she fought before, won't make it out. She hardened the neck lock and then she dragged the big girl in violent tugs towards the table where Ko Myo Win and Wul stood. Exhausted, the older girl was wandering, drooling, in neverland, being held up by her foe's neck lock. Her eyes were rolling in their sockets and blood poured from her nose, lips and cheeks, but she still found the resources to grab Thida by the hair.

"You still wanna fight, huh?" asked the younger girl.

"You… stinking… scum…" moaned the big girl from Taunggyi, struggling to regain her breath. She needed air badly, but the mountain girl was suffocating her in the lock. She pulled on her hair and hope filled her when hearing Thida's groan of pain. Gathering her strength, big Nu pulled harder on her foe's curly hair and she plunged her free hand in the younger girl's left breast, seeking for the nipple. She once succeeded in turning the tables by grabbing one of her foe's nipples, in the street…

They struggled for some moments, letting out hoarse moans and older Nu managed to get a good grab on the younger girl's tit, squeezing it for all she was worth while yanking her head back by the hair.

"That's it, Nu! That's it! Snatch the native bitch's tits, Nu! Tear her tit apart!" rejoiced General Wul when seeing Thida grimace in terrible pain. However, the two girls were frozen in time, giving all that they could in the wild struggle. The mountain girl suddenly gave a sharp scream and she reinforced the neck lock but Nu was still shaking Thida's breast, in most savage bursts.

"Aaaaah… You'll be… sorry for… this…" hissed Thida and, a moment later, she gathered her strength and slammed Nu's head against the edge of the table with all her might. The table shook violently under the blow and all the cocktail glasses fell down. Nu began to pull on the native girl's breast as if there was no tomorrow but Thida went on with the head slams until she felt that the city girl gradually released her grip on the soft tit flesh.

"There… you are… city whore…" hissed the mountain girl, resorting to squeeze Nu's neck in the powerful lock.

"You… native… bitch…"

Soon, Thida felt her foe's muscles relax in her grip and she began to slam Nu's head against the table with all her strength. By then, the city girl's skin on the forehead tore open and blood began to spurt on the table after each blow. Thida gave a mad yell and hardened the neck lock, tossing Nu wildly and the city girl's heavy breasts flopped, swaying back and forth. Her massive butts trembled and soon, as she understood that she could not withstand the younger girl's assault, she began to let muffled shrieks. She parted her strong legs, trying to hold on and she pulled Thida by the hair, yanking her head backwards, but the stout mountain girl resorted to punch Nu's left breast with ruthless blows.

"I'll kill you… city whore… I'll kill you!"

"Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah!"

Desperate, Nu was letting fearful screams, making Thida's suporters yell in triumph. The city girl covered her heavy breasts with both arms but then, the native girl resorted once more to slam her face against the table.

"I'll kill you… city bitch! I'll kill… you…"

"Fuck… you…" hissed Nu in response and she grabbed the edge of the table, trying to stop the head slamming, but Thida began once again to punch her in the hanging left breast. Understanding that she wasn't able to protect herself anymore, Nu let a succumbing yell and the native girl released her and took a step back, leaving the city girl bent from her waist, with the forehead propped on the brim of the table and massaging her battered breast.

"Aaaaa…. My breast… U Thet Wai… she tore… my breast…" wailed the older girl.

"Fight back, Nu! What the heck are you doing?" hissed U Thet Wai, throwing glares at his girlfriend. "You wanna lose all that damned money? Fight back! Are you scared, or what?"

"I'm not… scared…" uttered the taller girl. "I'm not… scared… fuck her…"

However, she could barely breathe and her heavy legs seemed to pull her down after every breath. Feeling her forces fade away, she grabbed the table with both hands. Her belly and breasts were hanging and the left nipple was terribly swollen, as if blood was almost bursting out of it.

"Yeah, Thida, do her!" urged Than Shwe. "The city bitch can't take it anymore! Do her for good! Do her!"

The sturdy mountain girl cautiously approached the taller Nu and, grabbing her by the hair from behind, she straightened her and delivered a most powerful jab to her already swollen breast. The splashing sound of the impact made Thida's suporters yell madly as, the next moment, the city girl began to quiver from head to toe. She's too strong, thought Nu as she fell to her knees, covering her breasts with both arms. Some moments passed by and the big girl from Taunggyi, fuelled by the urges of her suporters, tried to get up but then, her long legs let her out and her arse fell on the ground, between her parted heels, making the whole audience clap hands, acclaiming the girl from the country side. Meanwhile, Nu curled resting her forehead on the ground, arms still hugging her big tits. She was almost finished.

"Get up, Nu! Get up! I'll give you 2000 bucks if you beat this stinking mountain girl!" promised General Wul. "You hear that? Two thousands dollars!"

"I'll… beat… her… Colonel Wul… Just wait… I'll… beat… her…" hissed the taller girl and she propped on her palms, trying to hoist herself up, but she could only get on all fours and she began to wave back and forth, like a drunk. Realizing that the older girl had ran out of fuel, Thida knelt on her massive butts and grabbed Nu by the ears, as she always did with her dazed foes. That's how she had finished Ibarra, that's how she'll finish this big girl from Taunggyi!

Recovering her breath, Thida took her time to position Nu's head and then, as her suporters acclaimed her, she briskly pulled the city girl's head up by the hair and delivered a most powerful head blow in her foe's back of the skull. A dull thud was heard and big Nu shook from head to toe.

"I'm finisssssssssssssshed…" she hissed, shuddering uncontrollably.

The native girl shoved Nu forwards and got up, while the city girl fell on wide parted knees and elbows. She could barely move and the mountain girl knew damned well that the 28 year old was completely at her disposal by then. It took Nu some good seconds to raise her head, looking in front of her with empty eyes. Now and then, she was raising her muscled calves, as if she was trying to leap forth, but her forces always let her out. She fully arched her back and her voluminous butts pointed upwards like two huge water melons, shivering as if Nu was a wild mare after a long run. Her eyes met General Wul's, who shouted at her: "Get the hell up, Nu! Get up!"

"Oh… Jesus…" she wailed, shaking her head and then, Thida kneeled behind her, grabbing Nu's butts with both hands. She knew what she had to do: confused, the older girl fully showed her cunt, as if she was unconsciously inviting the mountain girl to finish her up. However, Thida made a stop, looking around as if she wanted to make sure that none would interfere, the way it had happened when she was about to destroy strong Ibarra. But, none was making the least attempt to stop her.

"Stupid, city whore!" snarled Thida then and, parting the older girl's buttocks, she sprang up, delivering a terrible knee blow in Nu's widely exposed groin.


She's tearing me apart, said Nu to herself as she slid her hands in her womanhood and curled on the ground, in a frog-like stance, ass resting on the grass between her parted feet. Her soles were flat on the ground, toes pointed outwards in an obvious sign of helplessness, recognized on the spot by the catfight aficionados.

"Mamma… mamma…" mumbled big Nu, as she was unable to move anymore. A moment later, she felt Thida's left hand slide beneath her belly before grabbing a handful of her tummy flesh. "You're mine, city bitch! You're mine!" yelled the younger girl, as she sunk her right hand in Nu's mane, pulling her head backwards and thus forcing the older girl to arch her muscled torso. Thida dragged her foe's head back in two or three furious bursts, gradually arching the big city girl who felt that her neck vertebrae were dismantling under Thida's grip. She tried to hold on but then, she felt that she was hoisted off the ground, to the wild hoorays of the audience.

The older girl gave a yelp and erected her legs, trying to control herself, but the sturdy mountain girl, in a terrible display of power, held Nu in the air for some seconds before slamming her on the right side. The city girl began to struggle wildly, trying to free herself, but Thida insured her position by leaning on her right hand that pinned Nu's head to the ground, while enwrapping her left arm around the brunette's left thigh and pulling it upwards. The big girl from Taunggyi began to writhe madly, but she was too exhausted and soon, the younger girl managed to pull her foe's left thigh against her trunk, until Nu's left knee touched her shoulder. Her thighs were spread fully by then and all she could do was to flutter her left calf in brief, helpless bursts.

"Aaaah… you… native bitch… aaah… you… fuck… ooooh…"

Nu's desperate moans announced the audience that she was caught beyond escape. However, she did her best to push up from her right foot, raising her arse from the ground some ten inches but, then, Nu felt that the native girl place her right knee on her cheek, leaning with all her weight over her face and decisively pinning her head to the ground.

"Jesus… Chriiiist!"

"That's it, Thida!" yelled General Ko Myo Win. "Do her! The big girl's just a puppet in your hands! Do her, Thida!"

Yelling in desperation, the taller girl began to jerk her left calf, but Thida strained as hard as she could, keeping a good control of Nu's left thigh and, a moment later, she pulled her trunk up by the enwrapped thigh, managing to slide her left knee beneath the brunette's hips.

She's stronger than me, understood Nu, as a violent hooray erupted from Thida's suporters. Oh, my God, she's much stronger than me…Everybody kept shouting, as they clearly realized that the sturdy mountain girl had brought the older girl near the end of the road. Head crushed beneath Thida's right knee, hip resting on the native girl's left thigh, the big girl from Taunggyi had her thighs fully spread and all she could do was to straighten her right leg, propping on the ball of her sole. Her groin was fully parted by the maneuver that kept her muscled thighs apart, and her stained white thong had slipped all the way in Nu's womanly crease, allowing everyone a full sight of her hairy cunt. Even her arse hole was opened by Thida's splitting maneuver and each of Nu's helpless movements was reflected by the tightening and relaxing of her anal sphincter. Her breasts had fallen towards the ground and the lower one was sprawling on the grass. She could only take shallow breaths, feeling Thida's weight crushing her face. Desperately the big city girl stretched her left hand, trying to lay it on Thida.

"Fuck… you… crow…" she threatened but Thida's only answer was a chuckle.

Snarling, the mountain girl felt Nu shivering in exhaustion beneath her. The frantic, desperate city girl was trying to blindly grab one of the native girl's breasts, but Thida was twisting her trunk, always stopping Nu from laying her hand on her. Soon, Thida eyes fell on Nu's right breast - sprawled on the ground, unprotected, shaking in rhythm with the city girl's shallow breaths. It was the perfect target. The breasts are the women's balls, remembered Thida the old saying from Bohyo. In less than a minute, this big bitch will piss herself and I'll get the extra bonus from General Ko Myo Win, said the mountain girl to herself.

"You are mine, city whore! I'll crush your tits open!" snarled the sturdy mountain girl and, reinforcing her hold on the big girl, she delivered a terrible punch that crushed Nu's breast against the ground.

"Aaaaah… My tiiiiiiiiiiit! Oh, my tiiiiiiiiit…"

Nu yelled madly but her scream was soon covered by the audience's shouts - the spectators were cheering the younger girl while Nu was helplessly writhing in her inescapable hold. The city girl flailed her left leg, her fingers began to rake the soil and she straightened her right leg, exhibiting her steel muscles that were of no help to her by then. Again, the native girl punched her foe's breast, flattening it against the ground, while tall Nu jerked her right leg, giving sharp shrieks of agony: "My breaaaaaast! Mammaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaah! My breaaaaast!"

"Kill the city bitch! Kill her, Thida! You're stronger than her!" yelled Than Shwe at his girlfriend.

"Nu… what the bloody heck…" said U Thet Wai, baffled by the sight of his strong girlfriend, controlled by her native opponent.

Hissing in sheer effort, Thida ensued with a series of punches to the same tit, flattening it over and over against the ground. By then, the older girl was giving endless shrieks of terror, attempting to cover her breasts with her arms, but the mountain girl kept on punching Nu's big mammary through her ineffective guard. Nu felt that the ache gradually filled her until her whole body began to burn. She tried to struggle, but Thida leaned harder on the knee that crushed her face.

Suddenly, the big city girl screamed from the bottom of her lungs:

"My tiiiiiit! U Thet Waieeeee! Aaaaaah! My tiiiiiiiiit! Aaaaaaah! She's crushing  my tiiiiiiiits!"

"Tear the city whore to pieces, Thida!" yelled Than Shwe.

"Destroy the city bitch, kid!"

"Beat her until she pisses herself!" urged General Ko Myo Win sensing a big payout from General Wul was now nearly his.

The native girl hit her foe again and again in the tit, until blood began to pour through Nu's inflated nipple, spreading in the grass. Realizing that she was fully at Thida's disposal, the taller girl began to scream endlessly and it's then that the mountain girl took a deep breath and drove a most powerful fist in Nu's breast, provoking a wet slurp. Popping her eyes, big Nu gave a high pitched shriek as blood spurted through her torn nipple, staining the grass.

"Yeah, Thida! You did the bitch's tits! You did her tits for good!" rejoiced General Ko Myo Win.

By then, the fightinting girl from Taunggyi was shuddering uncontrollably beneath her native foe and Thida took advantage of the city girl's disarray to roll her on her back. Cheered by the audience, the native girl took her time to position her shin across Nu's unprotected throat and captured her foe's left thigh at the left armpit, pulling her leg up and spreading once more Nu's strong thighs. The older girl gurgled helplessly beneath Thida who leaned backwards, resting with all her weight on Nu's throat and fully resting her left thigh over her foe's torso.

She kept the stance for awhile, rocking on Nu's throat. The big girl from Taunggyi gathered her strength and tried to blindly hook Thida's head with her right heel, but it was clear that she hadn't had enough fight left in her. Soon, all she could do was to aimlessly flail her right calf in the air, while her nails sunk in the ground, grasping the grass. By then, her fat cunt was fully revealed, labia spread on each side of her thin thong, and the  mountain girl ensued with a terrible hammer butt directed at Nu's pubic bone, making the city girl flutter her right leg in spasms.

Moments later, Nu's right knee fell apart and her arms went limp. Her flesh was quivering from head to toe and Thida snarled before hammer butting once more her foe's pubic bone. A dry crack was heard and Nu gave a muffled shriek, as her muscles fully gave out, allowing the younger girl to rock on the brunette's windpipe, unopposed. After awhile, the older girl began to jerk her strong legs in horrible spasms and the mountain girl slowly got up, arms raised in the air in a sign of triumph. Snarling wildly, she began to circle the big city girl, urging her to get up:

"Is this all what you've got, big whore? Get up and fight me… Get up, whore!"

The city girl could barely breathe by then. Thida's suporters were shouting endlessly at the native girl, urging her to finish Nu for good and then, the stout mountain girl hoisted her dazed foe by the hair and, embracing her, she threw her over the table, belly up, in front of Ko Myo Win, Wul, Than Shwe and U Thet Wai.


Nu sprawled over the table, legs spread, calves hanging and arms parted. She was rocking her head from side to side, her jaw was half open and she gazed around foggily. Her eyes suddenly met Colonel Wul's, who was taking deep drags from his cigar and she began to blink.

"Nu!" shouted U Thet Wai, springing up from his chair, but Ko Myo Win's bodyguards  grabbed him, forcing him back in the seat.

"They told me you were the best girl, in Taunggyi," snarled the younger girl, approaching the older bitch. "Fuck the girls from Taunggyi!"

"Fuck… you…" uttered the big girl, trying to raise her head. Snaking from side to side as if she swam in mud, tall Nu managed to prop on her elbows, in the futile attempt to get up and face Thida. However, the mountain girl enwrapped the city girl's calves and, holding them under her armpits, she leant against her foe, forcing her to lie back on the table.

"Fuck… you…" hissed Nu once more, launching a couple of fists at the younger girl but then, Thida leaned on the older girl's shins, fully prying Nu's legs before delivering a violent head butt to her foe's unprotected groin. Nu's trunk shook violently and her eyes popped out. She seemed to yawn but she could not utter the least noise. She heard the audience shouts as if she had gauze in her ears and next, she realized that she couldn't make the least movement to oppose native Thida who mounted her, resting her massive butts over Nu's hips.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah…" managed big Nu to yell her terrible pain at last, her eyes screwed shut in pain. She felt he stout mountain girl grabb her by the ears and, in the following moments she realized that her foe had pulled her head up. She finally opened her eyes and saw the snarl on the younger girl's face.

"Do you want me to beat her more, General?" asked Thida then, looking at Ko Myo Win.

Big Nu swallowed her spittle and she began to breathe faster beneath her younger foe. Oh my God, she won't stop! She won't stop, she said to herself. She knew she stood no more chance and, slowly, fear showed on her face but she didn't give up, as she knew very well that she'll get only 200 bucks if she did so. Her bleeding breasts were heaving above her creased belly and, desperate, she managed to place her bare heels on the edge of the table. She decided to take her chances once more and she bridged beneath the younger girl, but now, Thida's weight was too much for Nu: she bounced on Nu's belly, so that Nu raised her arse from the tableonly for a brief second before falling back.

"Oh… mamma…" she mumbled, as her knees fell apart on the table. "Oh… mamma… mamma…"

"Yeaaaaah!" shouted Than Shwe, springing up from his chair. "My girlfriend did yours, man!" he told U Thet Wai, looking at the ravaged city girl. "My Thida is better than your big bitch!"

U Thet Wai cupped his face with both hands. It was obvious for him too that his girlfriend stood no more chances in front of the younger girl. Nu's hair was sticking to her bloodied face, her thong was glued in the depth of her sweatened cunt and her muscled thighs were fully parted, fallen apart on the table, in a sign well-known by all those who had watched the wild female brawls on the dark streets of Taunggyi. In fact, the spectators were already making such comments:

"Nu shows her cunt… She is finished… She shows the cunt…"

"Yeah, the mountain girl is stronger than her…"

"I always said that country girls are better fighters than the city bitches…"

The tall girl attempted once more to bridge beneath the sturdy mountain girl but, all she could do was to slide upwards for some ten inches before her failing strength let her out. Again, her knees fully fell apart on the table.

"Mamma… mamma…" she mumbled before swallowing her spittle. "Oh, mamma…"

"Do you want me to beat her some more, General Ko Myo Win?" asked the younger girl then.

Smiling, Ko Myo Win looked upon the audience and the spectators began to shout:

"Do her, kid!"

"Finish up the city bitch!"

"She made me lose 3000 bucks! Crush her, Thida!"

"I wanna see the big girl pee!"

"OK, OK," said General Ko Myo Win before looking straight in Thida's eyes. "Finish Nu for good and you'll get $2500, Thida!" he promised.

"No! No!" yelled U Thet Wai, trying to get up, but he was readily reasoned by Ko Myo Win's bodyguards.

The spectators began to yell in excited tones, urging the mountain girl to go on. Fuelled by the wild audience, Thida grabbed a handful of her foe's hair and, pulling Nu's face towards her, she began to punch her in the face with all her might.

"I'll do you, city bitch! I'll do you!"

"No… No… Mammaaaaaa… No… Aaaaaa…."

The older girl's screams were soon covered by the audience shouts. Strange enough, she realized that the younger girl did to her what she, Nu herself, would have done to Thida if she had the mountain girl at her mercy. Soon, the big girl's jaw broke and Nu's parted feet slipped off the table, making the audience go mad. Thida went on with the blows and then, she remembered what she saw in an Thai movie and she decided to fully destroy the taller girl in a way she had never done before with the other women she had beaten. The native girl wrapped an arm around the older girl's back of her neck, dragged her head up and issued devastating elbow blows to the face. After two blows, Nu's arms fell off the table. After two more blows, a long puff was heard, signaling that the taller girl was farting, and the sturdy mountain girl went on with the savage blows, systematically crushing Nu's face.

"I'm stronger than you, city bitch! I'll kill you! I'll kill you and enjoy it, city bitch!"

The big city girl began to chaotically throw herself about, like a beheaded hen. Shrieking in fear, she tried to bridge beneath younger Thida, but her muscles let her out and soon, a dark stain showed on Nu's thong, in her groin, sprawling slowly before a yellowish liquid began to gush off her bladder, spreading on the table beneath her massive butts.

"Mamma… she beats… me… mamma…"

"Her pisser lets her out!" shouted Than Shwe and the spectators readily sprang from their chairs, crowding around the two girls. "She pisses herself! Her pisser lets her out!" went on Than Shwe, looking around triumphantly. "Go on, Thida, go on!"

By then, the audience began to count the elbow blows in chorus and soon, as Nu heard their comments, a terrible terror seized her. Fuck the money! - she told herself, desperately attempting to shout her surrender but all she could do was to let an unintelligible growl. Desperate, she covered her face with both arms but Thida kept on with the blows, shaking the older girl from head to toe. Nu jerked her strong legs, trying to twist beneath the native girl, but sturdy Thida kept delivering elbow after elbow to the face.

She kills me! Oh my God, she kills me! - realized Nu. Meanwhile, her urine began to pour off the table, spreading in the grass. The whole patio was silent by then - the only sounds that were heard were those of Thida's deep breaths, followed by the thuds of her elbow connecting to Nu's face. The big girl from Taunggyi could not utter a single sound anymore - all she could do was to jerk her strong legs in spasms, after each blow. Soon, she went limp beneath her native foe, as she was being elbow smashed in the face, repeatedly, without reacting. Only her heavy breasts and her belly shook in after waves after each blow. Drops of spittle, mingled with blood spurted from her face, staining Thida's heavy chest, but the native girl didn't even notice it.

Suddenly, Nu began to unconsciously quiver. U Thet Wai shouted at her, but his girlfriend began to shake in spasms after each blow, jerking her strong legs like an hit by an electric shock until the next blow, when she shook again. The audience erupted in excited shouts:

"The big girl's finished!"

"The native bitch did her!"

"I tell you, she's dead meat!"

"Give up, Nu! Give up! Damn the money, this bitch's better than you! She kills you, damn it!" shouted U Thet Wai, but his girlfriend could only growl like an animal. After two more elbow smashes, Nu belched and gave a long, deep fart, unable to control her sphincters anymore. Thida's suporters raised their hands, acclaiming the mountain girl who stopped the assault, releasing the grip she had on the older girl.

Ravaged, big Nu fell on the table, eagle spread. Her upper torso was hanging over the edge of the table, head almost resting in General Ko Myo Win's lap, her arms were fallen sideways and blood was heavily mingling with her spittle, pouring towards her forehead and gluing in her hair. Her massive breasts hung upside down, letting creeks of blood off the swollen nipples and her long, muscled legs, were also spread, calves hanging on the other side of the table. She was showing the whites of her eyes and, for some seconds, she was not able to even suck in air. When she finally managed to breathe in, she felt a cold breeze in her groin and it's only then that she realized that she had pissed herself.

Dazed, she tried to straighten herself, but she felt that the patio was rocking from to side and, once more, her head fell back, resting in Ko Myo Win's lap. She heard the younger girl mock her and she tried to say something in response.

However, not a word left her mouth. Than Shwe began to shout like a mad animal then and Thida felt a strange surge build up in her.

"Do her! Do her! General Ko Myo Win offers you 2500 dollars! You made her piss and you'll also get the other bonus he promised! Do the city bitch for good, Thida! Do her for good!"

His urges were soon repeated by the whole audience and Thida, resting her heavy butts on the older girl's wide hips, prepared for the finisher: she targeted Nu's unprotected belly, right beneath the ribs, where the throbs of the big girl's heart were sending fast waves through her flesh. The mountain girl clutched her fists above her head, feeling a terrible power running through her muscles. She felt good. The other girl was at her mercy. The big city bitch from Taunggyi was helpless. Her flesh shivered uncontrollably and she had pissed herself. Besides, Thida knew by now very well that Nu will be the one that will end floting omn the shallows of Inle Lake..

Snarling, she allowed the city girl to recover before telling her: "You shouldn't have fought me, stupid city bitch!"

"Stop… it…" mumbled Nu. "Please… You're… stronger… than me… Pleeeease…"

However, the thought about all the money that she was about to get made the mountain girl take a deep breath and, hissing, she launched a most terrible hammer butt in the city girl's heart.

"Nu!" screamed U Thet Wai as his big girlfriend twitched from head to toe under the devastating impact, like electrocuted. Her nipples inflated on the spot and waves of blood began to pour from both her breasts. Thida allowed her foe's movements to subside and then she grabbed her by the nipples, the way she always did after defeating her foes and she briskly milked the strong city girl, but Nu's muscled body remained still. It's only after some moments that Nu's feet began to quiver and she farted once again, letting a sound that resembled the one made by a torn drape. The endless fart slowly turned into a wet slurp and the big city girl awkwardly opened her eyes, feeling a hot, clammy mass that slowly gathered into her thong.

"Nu!" yelled U Thet Wai when feeling the smell of the feces that leaked off his girlfriend's bowel. "Nu!"

"My girl made yours shit herself, General Wul!" said Ko Myo Win, raising his hands. "Look at yours champion groin, Wul! Your big Nu shits! She shits!"

The whole audience began to yell endlessly, acclaiming the younger girl.

"She made Nu shit!" "The big girl shits!"

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaseeeeee…" begged the older girl, barely mumbling. "Native girl… … Please… girl… General't kill… me…"

"Stupid bitch!" hissed Thida and, once more, she delivered the killer hammer butt to the big girl's heart.

"Aaaaaaaah…" screamed Nu with her last forces, fully sprawling beneath the younger girl. "I did… my best… aaaaah…. General… Wul…" she uttered. "I did… my best… but she's… stronger… she's stronger…"

She belched and then she remained still. Only her toes twitched uncontrollably, as if kneading the air. She felt the smell of her feces but it didn't bother her anymore: she was scared to death that younger Thida wouldn't stop the punishment. She tried to say something but she had no more air. She attempted to swallow the spittle that flooded her mouth but hadn't had the strength to do it. It's only then that she remembered that General Wul had mentioned her about the valley of Curama… And what if General Ko Myo Win also mentioned that dreaded valley to Thida?

No, no, no! - said Nu to herself. What have I done? What have I done? She moved her lips and looked straight in Thida's eyes, begging. Inle Lake… Fuck it, fuck it!

"P-please…" she mumbled when feeling the younger girl's hand slide between her muscled thighs, ignoring the dirt in Nu's groin. She heard Thida yell in triumph as she was ripping the soddened thong. A burning ache erupted in her crotch and the big girl understood that the mountain girl had snatched a handful of her genital hair.

"No… no…" begged the big city girl, taking shallow breathes. "Don't… do… me… girl…. … Don't… do… me…"

The whole patio was silent and Nu readily understood the meaning of it. A cold icicle impaled her heart and, when she heard U Thet Wai's loud cry, she realized that she was taking her last breaths. She opened her eyes just in time to see the younger girl embrace her and, the next moment, big Nu found herself sitting on the edge of the table, her butts bathing in her own feces. She heard Thida's fast, excited breaths and she felt her strain from head to toe, hardening the killer embrace. Nu did her best to keep her eyes open. She saw the spectators look at her, she saw the afternoon bright sky and then, she felt a strange pressure on her chin that slowly bent her head backwards.

"General Wul!" she screamed, realizing that the mountain girl had slid her arms behind her shoulders, getting her in a reverse nelson hold that threatened to dismantle her cervical spine.

"General… Wul! Aaah…. Stop… her… General Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull! Aaaaaaaaaah…"

The whole audience looked at him, and GeneralKo Myo Win looked through his sunglasse and waved hands at the mountain girl, halting her. However, Wul simply snarled, as if the matter was of no more interest to him. Ko Myo Win nodded in response and motioned Thida to go on - she hardened the nelson, arching the city girl's neck, exactly the way she wanted to do two weeks earlier, when she had destroyed Ibarra on the mountain path. She felt that the strong city bitch gathered all her strength, in the desperate attempt to resist and she hardened the nelson, arching Nu's head further backwards. Big Nu let a gurgle and enwrapped Thida's waist with her legs, in reflex, but it was obvious to the mountain girl that her city foe hadn't had the strength to fulfill a threatening scissors.

She strained harder, bending Nu's neck more and more. She sensed that a strange arousal was building up in her as she felt the city girl's bloody breasts rub against hers in the rhythm of her succumbing breathes. She then felt the oily film of blood that poured off Nu's face and breasts before gathering between her skin and Thida's.

"General Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah…. She kills meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I'm killing her! I'm killing the city bitch! - thought Thida as she felt Nu go stiff, in a last attempt to resist but, despite the older girl's desperate struggle, the muscles of her neck began to slowly give out under the constant pressure of Thida's nelson. The girl from Taunggyi managed to take a deep breath but it was too late, as her whole body began to soak in Thida's deadly embrace.

"She kills… meeeeeeeeeeeeee… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… General Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul…" cried the older girl, but the General didn't say anything.

Nu gulped. Soon, her long legs released the scissors and fell beside the younger girl's body and after some seconds, her arms fell aside on the table, palms looking up.


The brief pant threw a shiver of anxiety in the audience as everyone understood that the big city bitch was about to yield in the native girl's arms. Thida strained harder and Nu's head was bent more. The veins of her neck bulged. She began to gasp. Her arms began to shake uncontrollably.


This time, Nu's moan turned into a wet gurgle and the mountain girl hardened the nelson, arching the city girl's neck at a horrible angle. The girl from Taunggyi swallowed her spittle. She opened her mouth wide and her palms began to hit the table in spasms. Her strong legs went stiff, as she desperately tried to hold on.


The city girl's body began to spasm from head to toe. She let a gurgle. Her toes began to rake the ground.


And then, it happened. Nu gave another brief moan as she felt that she couldn't resist anymore. Her strength let her out, she sensed that her head was brought more and more backwards, her gasps turned to a hoarse and fast inhaling and, suddenly, her cervical spine cracked.

"Mamma… mamma…"

The next moment, Thida pushed her foe's head harder and harder, in furious bursts that provoked dry crack after dry crack in Nu's vertebrae. The mountain girl let a wild shout then, feeling a orgasm shoot through her 15 year old body as she saw the big girl's legs spring in spasms beside her.

"I'm killing you, city bitch!" she snarled, shaking the older girl in the embrace each time Nu unconsciously jerked. It's only when Nu's uncontrollably movements subsided for good that the mountain girl set her free.

Nu fell backwards on the table, fully sprawling and a lazy jet of urine sprang from between her strong thighs, arching graciously before spilling in the grass. The city bitch took a last breath then, hearing Thida's suporters which were screaming and stampeding the ground as she unconsciously voided her bladder. Then, the big girl from Taunggyi felt that she was dragged off the table. She hit the ground with her back, provoking a dull thud; she then saw the blue sky for a too brief second, before feeling Thida's hairy groin crush her face. Smelling the sweat of her foe's cunt, Nu wanted to curse but, the next moment, she showed the city of her eyes and the afternoon light began to fade.

"Piss in her mouth, Thida, piss in her mouth!" Nu managed to hear Ko Myo Win scream but then, his voice faded off and so did the noise in the patio. Nu could still feel a salty liquid that drowned her and, when she realized it was the younger girl's urine, the whole world seemed to shrink around her. She had made Thida piss but not as a looser. She could hear the lapping of the waves of Inle Lake. She could feel the cold water. It was calling to her. She was floating.

The audience began to let mad yells but the big city girl remained motionless beneath Thida, despite the heavy gushing that was bathing her face. It's only after a minute or so that Ko Myo Win motioned the mountain girl to get off the older girl who remained eagle spread in the grass, eyes pointed emptily at the sky and towards Inle Lake .