Shanghai Docks by Sega

Asianised with permission

It became obvious to Shu Fang that she couldn't get away with it... All her partners were waiting for a straight answer: who was to "cover" the docks at Shanghai? She, or Li Qin? Both were old matrons, both were experienced, both were on the Long March with Mao in 1934 and 35. Both had held high political power and had friends at the highest level even nowadays, so both had protection. But neither would agree to share the docks. Too much money was involved in the affair now that Hong Kong was part of China and the masters in Beijing wanted to bring Hong Kong to heel by favouring Shanghai as the number 1 port. Each intended to keep it only for herself.

"I suggest you settle things once and for all." said Jia Le, an ex party leader. "And I suggest you do it the old way... The way we used to do it before!" she smiled.

Instantly, a shiver ran through the 20 or so women gathered in the living room. Since Shu Fang and Li Qin were old, everyone turned their eyes to their two daughters. Elegantly dressed, they were sitting in armchairs, beside their mothers. Hui Ying was Shu Fang's 30 year old daughter. Wearing a black skirt and blouse, white stockings and black high heels, she was a tall 5'8, slender Shanghai born Chinese weighing 124 lbs". Li Qin's daughter was 39 and much shorter: 5'2" at the most, but sturdier. She was also Chinese, but her traits suggested Cantonese ancestry. She wore a navy blue business suit and white heels. Both were light skinned for Asians showing their lack of manual labour in the fields. They were city people. Their eyes exchanged a flaring glance, but none made the slightest sign that they weren't willing to agree.

After all, they were the faithful type of daughters... The mother's wishes were more than religious commandments to them. In a way, China was still feudal, thank God! The new Western habits were only messing up everything!

"We'd better go down in the garage..." said Xue Fang, the host. "The neighbours could hear and that's what we need the least..."

Shu Fang nodded. "It's OK with me. Do you agree, Li Qin?"

"There's no other way. Let's go in the garage!"

Anticipation increased from the other women as they rose from the armchairs, and headed to the corridor leading to the basement. For sure, there was no other way to settle things, no matter the price... No matter where things could get... After a minute, they got in the large underground garage, between two rows of expensive cars. Xue Fang's husband owned the coal mines in Xinjiang region West China, but this was not their only source of income as she got her % of all overseas companies investing in China. In fact, Xue Fang, herself, was very interested in leaving the running of the docks to a strong willed matron, whoever that matron would long as she received her 5%.

"I suppose neither of you forgot how these things were done..." she said. Li Qin and Shu Fang nodded and motioned the two daughters to undress. Yu Jie and Hui Ying went to the opposite corners of the garage and calmly started to take off their clothes.

"The old ways are always the better..." noticed Jia Le, the older matron. "Have Hui Ying or Yu Jie done this before?"

The two mothers nodded. None of the daughters was at her first try... The tradition was not local, but during the Han dynasty and, thereafter, during the communist rule, it broke through to Shanghai and to Beijing. It originated from the old capital Xian, where Marco Polo stayed and everybody, the women especially, considered it as the most reliable manner to settle such conflicts. In fact, China always kept some hidden traditions in its society, although this might look obsolete - but there was no better way...The two daughters finished to undress - they kept on only their panties - and the women around started to evaluate them. The male servants waited somewhere behind the cars, pouring rice wine in glasses and preparing Yum Cha type savouries- in the Shanghai fashion. Everybody waited in anticipation.

Hui Ying was 4 inches taller. She had thin, long legs, an outstanding arse, barely covered by green silk panties, a slight potbelly and big breasts for a Chinese, although a little flabby. Her nipples were dark brown and her face showed distinction, having a tall forehead, rather thin lips and a wide nose, surrounded by her mane of silky jet black hair. Being rather broad shouldered, it looked that her most outstanding weapons were her strong arms. Yu Jie was much shorter but her muscled calves and thighs were thicker than Hui Ying's. She had a round firm arse covered by black panties and full firmer tits in spite of her age; she had a round acne scarred flat face, like a peasant's, and a short severe hairstyle. As one of the matrons noticed, she weighed around 135 lbs. Both daughters were barefoot, respecting the old rules of the "mare" fights, as the tradition was known as...

A servant brought each of them a full glass of rice wine, which they drank dry in a single long sip. Then, they advanced between the cars and stopped some two feet apart, eyeing each other, without a word, tall Hui Ying dominating her older foe.

"Are you ready?"

Both daughters acquiesced and raised arms, in guard.

"No mercy! There will be no stopping until the very end!" said Xue Fang and, instantly, the females started to punch each other.

From the first seconds, it became clear that both were strong, ruthless women: their blows fell thudding and splashing against their shoulders and faces, shaking their bodies, but none retreated. After some moments, they started to pant and moan; suddenly, they split, taking a deep breath and rushed again against each other, delivering blow after blow, groaning in effort. Hui Ying was helped by her longer reach and her blows frequently got Yu Jie in the face, but the shorter woman hit harder, mainly aiming at the swaying breasts of her adversary. Half a minute passed and both daughters were now breathing heavily, bellies and tits pounding, taking longer pauses between the assaults. They were circling each other cautiously, arms raised, searching for an opening in each other's guard.

Suddenly they attacked simultaneously, grunting in rage, punches and slaps showering from both sides. Hui Ying was still more often contacting Yu Jie's face, keeping her at a safe distance, while the shorter Cantonese could hardly get close to Shu Fang's daughter, getting her in the tits only now and then. However, none scored definitely, until Hui Ying forcefully sprang forwards, connecting with the Cantonese's mouth and snapping her head backwards. Moaning, the shorter woman stepped back, cursing the blow, but Hui Ying continued the assault, alternating rights and lefts to the shorter woman's face, forcing her to turn around and back away, trying to get away from the furious attack. However, the taller daughter followed Yu Jie closely, pummelling her in the back, making her stagger, bent double, hands pressed over her face. Blood was already pouring from Yu Jie's nose and mouth, oozing between her fingers, while tall Hui Ying threw fist after fist in the back of her head, dazing her.

"Yeah, Hui Ying! Knock her head off! Punch her! Hurt her!" shouted Shu Fang. As the short older Chinese daughter stopped, stumbling on unsteady legs, Hui Ying threw a hard uppercut to Yu Jie's face, making her spin around, before Hui Ying joined fists and powerfully hammer butted her in the back of the head, knocking Yu Jie onto all fours.

"Good girl, Hui Ying! Yeah! You downed her!" shouted Shu Fang, in joy, as the stunned Yu Jie could barely get back on feet, breathing heavily. However, Hui Ying was breathing heavily too and took a brief pause to recover before resorting to kicking her kneeling foe. She got her in the ribs, shaking Yu Jie from head to toe, but the short woman sprang to her feet, yelling in rage and, although still dazed, rushed forwards, throwing punch after punch, never taking care to protect herself. Her firm tits bounced in rhythm with her blows, but tall Hui Ying retaliated.The pummelling had reached a climax, the daughters alternating hits, sticking to the targets they've already battered up to now: Hui Ying concentrating on Yu Jie's face, the latter smashing her foe's tits.

"Break her face! Break her!" shouted Shu Fang.

"Crush her tits! Crush 'em!" urged Li Qin.

The rest of the women were roaring, shouting advice to both daughters and, after awhile, Yu Jie's courage showed fruits, causing Hui Ying to retreat under the more and more numerous blows she received in the breasts. Her groans of effort were interspersed by short shrieks of pain and she fought back wildly, breathing through clenched teeth, but older Yu Jie was slowly forcing her back with every punch, mouth contorted in sheer fury.

The fight slowly evolved in a routine and the watching matrons started to clap and encourage both daughters wildly, sure that it won't take long until one of them would crack. Hui Ying was hitting at a fast pace, throwing wide slaps and punches to the face that made Yu Jie retreat, but as soon as her assault lost it's intensity, the shorter woman sprang forwards, launching one or two huge punches to the breasts, forcing the tall woman to retreat at her turn and shaking the tall woman. Again they stopped, circling between the rows of the cars, breathing loudly before they briskly charged each other, grunting like two unleashed bears. Hui Ying still had the initiative, but Yu Jie's blows became more and more powerful, making the tall woman quake and moan after each thudding impact.

"Go, Yu Jie, go! Get her!"

"Smash her, Hui Ying! She's just an ole' bitch!"

Hui Ying launched a wide slap that got Yu Jie in the face, shaking her, but the short woman threw a straight to her foe's tit, making her retreat. Hui Ying punched Yu Jie in the face, but the older woman answered with another fist to the breast, making the tall daughter step back, groaning in pain. And then, short Yu threw a short uppercut to the face followed as Hui Ying recoiled with a fist in the lower belly and, as the tall daughter attempted to pummel her in the face, she gave a devastating punch to the chin, throwing Hui Ying backwards against the nearest car. The tall woman shook her head and sprang forwards, arms erect, but Yu Jie seemed to wait for it and, parting Hui Ying's arms, grabbed her shoulders and delivered a strong headbutt to the tall woman's face.

"Aah Yyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

Hui Ying's breasts coiled forwards from the sudden halt of her rush and she found herself wandering aimlessly, staring bewildered at her shorter adversary. Yu Jie steadied her by grabbing her neck, inhaled deeply and delivered a second headbutt, snapping Hui Ying's head backwards. Hui Ying's knees buckled, her eyes opened wide and Yu Jie headbutted her for the third time, knocking her down on her arse. Dazed, Hui Ying propped on arse and extended palms, crawling backwards until her back touched the car. Looking in dismay at her shorter foe, she got up and rushed to her, punching, but Yu Jie got her with an uppercut to the lower belly, doubling the tall woman over. However, Hui Ying still had resources and attacked again, but Yu Jie smashed her face with a jab that threw her straight on the floor. The tall daughter crawled on the concrete, grabbed the handle of the car's back door and got up, hissing furiously:

"Bloody whore!"

"Fight, Hui Ying! Fight!" shouted Shu Fang and her daughter sprang towards Yu Jie, slapping her. The short woman was thrown sidewards for two steps but rushed again against Hui Ying, catching her with another fist in the lower belly.


The tall Shanghai woman bent from the waist, panting. She delivered a wide slap that got Yu Jie in the side, but the latter powerfully smashed her with an elbow between the shoulder blades, knocking down Hui Ying on all fours.

"Uuuuunnnghhhhh" groaned the tall daughter, shaking her head. For some seconds they took a brief rest, recovering, but Hui Ying attacked first, leaping forwards on palms and knees, head first, catching Yu Jie off guard. The Shanghai woman's head sunk in the short woman's belly, expelling the air from her, and it was now the Cantonese woman Yu Jie's turn to stumble backwards, bent from the waist.

"Go get her, Hui Ying! Go get her!"

The impact of head to belly must have been very hard since the older woman exhaled loudly, eyes bulging, unable to straighten her trunk. Split in two, she took a step back on unsteady legs but Hui Ying was exhausted too and remained on all fours. The audience went mad, cheering and urging them to go on.

"Go, Hui Ying, go! You can make it! You can!" shouted Shu Fang wildly and her daughter gathered her strength and leapt forwards once more: again, her head hit Yu Jie in the belly, throwing her on her arse this time. For a brief moment, the two women's eyes met, then, the taller one hastily crawled on knees towards the Cantonese, breathing through clenched teeth, arms outstretched, going for the choke, Yu Jie opened her eyes wide and crawled back on her arse, attempting to put a safe distance between her and Hui Ying, but Shu Fang's daughter hands encircled her opponent's throat and, lunging forcefully forward, she forced the shorter woman onto her back.


Yu Jie struggled, breathing through clenched teeth, threw her hips upwards, trying to make Hui Ying lose balance, but the tall Shanghai daughter was choking her now with all her might, spreading her long legs in order to maintain the position atop. The smaller woman was twisting from side to side and started to slap Hui Ying in the face, but the younger Chinese was now pressing both thumbs in Yu Jie's windpipe,

making her gasp for breath. The Cantonese's slaps became weaker, as Hui Ying put all her weight behind the crushing thumbs and Yu Jie started to flail her legs in an attempt to catch the tall woman's legs or body.

But all she could do was to enwrap Hui Ying's long legs with hers, keeping them spread on the floor, in a grapevine, but this didn't bother the Shanghai woman who started to pummel the other daughter in the face with her right fist, still choking her with the left hand.

"Aah! Aah! Aah!" Yu Jie yelled as each blow connected, but she retaliated by slapping Hui Ying in the face. However her struggle looked hopeless. In an unconscious movement of protection, she brought her knees up to her shoulders, calves flexed on thighs, in obvious distress. Her face was already turning blue from the choke, while blood started to pour from her split lips and nostrils.

"Good girl, Hui Ying! Go on! She's yours! She's bloody yours!"

All the women in the garage were yelling now, seeing the shorter woman gradually losing control. Her face was covered with blood and her muscled legs quaked in rhythm with the blows. Her breasts were pounding and her screams became sharper and sharper, making Shu Fang rise from the chair:

"Go, Hui Ying, go! She can't take it anymore!"

"Fight back, for God's sake! Fight back, Yu Jie!" shouted Li Qin, hardly covering the women's roar, but the shorter woman's thighs opened more and more after each punch, in clear distress. Her long nipples were erect and her areolae inflated, showing the typical adrenalin rush of the mare fighters... She could only slap, now and then, looking in fear at the long haired woman choking and punching her, drops of blood

spurting from her face after the continuous punching.

"Yu Jie's too small for Hui Ying!" said one.

"She's also older..."

"These are the rules..." said another one.

"I always thought that a tall mare is advantaged when facing a short one, whatever their weight..."

Hui Ying was still pummelling Yu Jie's face, but suddenly, the short woman bellowed in fury and eye gouged her foe with both thumbs. The movement took the tall woman off guard, making her arch her body before clutching her hands ontoYu Jie's forearms. For some seconds, she tried to dislodge the short haired Cantonese woman's hands from her face, but couldn't stand anymore the killing pain: giving a sharp shriek, she wildly crawled back on her knees, palms covering her face.

"Aaah! My eyes!... My eyes..."

Yu Jie retreated at her turn, wiping the blood off her face. She was so exhausted that she could barely prop on elbows, her belly and breasts pounding in fast pace. For some moments, they remained like that, the younger Shanghai woman curled on her knees, tits and belly hanging, hands pressed against the face, the older Cantonese laying on her back, exhausted and in pain, bringing her feet close to the arse. They eyed each other, cautiously, recollecting themselves but Hui Ying recovered first and jumped forwards, ready to choke once more the shorter woman. Instantly, Yu Jie joined legs and delivered a terrible double kick that got the tall woman full in the breasts, crushing them against the rib cage.


Screaming in pain in a deep tone, Hui Ying crawled back and curled on the floor, arms enwrapping her battered tits.

"Oy!...Oy!...Oy!..." she sobbed, massaging the breasts, while Yu Jie coughed, still uselessly writhing on the floor. She rolled on belly and crawled away, shaking her head in pain. Xue Fang motioned the servants:

"Wang! Zhu! Cool them!"

The two servants came from behind the cars, carrying two heavy baskets and threw ice cold water over the two bodies, making them shiver. Then, they backed off, leaving the two females to rise slowly. It took them some ten seconds to get back on their feet, looking furiously at each other, exhaustion and lack of air restraining them from an immediate assault. They recovered and, arms outstretched, yelling in rage, they rushed forwards, their wet bodies clashing, embracing in a mutual hug and started to strain, grunting and moaning. Blood was dripping from their faces and they could hardly keep grip on each other since their bodies were slippery from the sweat and the cold shower they received. However, after some moments, it became clear that older Yu Jie had recovered quicker, and she managed to push the Shanghai woman back. The tall woman twisted her body from side to side and tried to toss her foe in wild bursts but suddenly, both bodies froze, breasts and bellies rubbing, half bent, heads pressed against each other's as if engaged in a deadly cheek to cheek dance. Their hands were stuck on each other's butts and back, nails buried in the skin, tightening the grip.

All at once, Hui Ying screamed from the bottom of her lungs and attempted to back off, but shorter Yu Jie hugged her with more strength, keeping the tall woman's body close to hers and again plunged her teeth in her foe's neck. A long moan was heard and the younger woman arched her head, eyelids contorted, mouth wide opened; she gathered strength and jerked her arse, in an attempt to break free, but Yu Jie managed to keep her close by tightening the hug and Hui Ying shrieked again, in terror, as the round faced short haired solid Cantonese's teeth were tearing her flesh bare, like a lioness... Blood was already running between their rubbing tits and over their bellies. Screaming, the tall woman was shaking, trying to set herself free but Yu Jie kept gnawing her neck, in rage, while grabbing the long haired woman's panties right in her arse crease, pulling them hard. The tall woman's long labies protruded now beneath the material and her attempts to back off were clearly hampered by the cunt rubbing. Shrieking in high pitched tones, she started to pummel the older woman in her ribs, but Yu Jie switched her grip, embraced her around her waist and lifted her from the ground, pushing Hui Ying backwards against the car.

"Haaaaaaaaah!" - The taller daughter grunted from the impact and desperately enwrapped her foe's midsection with her long legs, attempting a leg scissors, but Yu Jie kept banging her against the car repeatedly, in a furious unleash of power. The other women were shouting like mad now, as Cantonese Yu Jie, having lifted Hui Ying from the floor, banged her against the car harder and harder, making Hui Ying

scream incessantly. The tall woman was desperate, raking her nails across Yu Jie's back and scissoring her in bursts, but there was nothing that could stop the shorter woman.

"Oh, no! Oh, no! Ooooooh!"

Hui Ying yelled in agony, body crushed in Yu Jie's embrace, tits flattened by her foe's larger fleshballs; her back thudding against the car that started to rock under the repeated impacts. She helplessly jerked her head from side to side, eyes opened in terror, punching Yu Jie's flanks, but to no avail. The short woman was smelling victory and, pressing Hui Ying's body against the car with all her might, started to headbutt her repeatedly in the face.

"Fight, Hui Ying! Fight!" shouted Shu Fang and Hui Ying did her best to withstand the assault, by raking Yu Jie's shoulders drawing blood, and strengthening the waist squeeze, but the repeated head blows finally stunned her and her long legs, jerking after each impact, unwrapped from around Yu Jie's waist, parted besides Yu Jie's thighs, and slid to the ground.

"Bitch!..You are mine." the older Yu Jie shouted hoarsely and took a step back.

The tall woman swayed in front of her, arse propped on the car's backdoor. Her eyes could hardly regain focus and blood poured over her breasts from the neck and face, but she managed to raise arms in defence, hissing:

"Ugly Cantonese bitch!... I'll kill you with my bare hands!"

Kill me, huh?"

The short woman rushed forwards, delivering uppercut after uppercut in Hui Ying's belly and ribs. Hui Ying replied at her turn, slapping, but Yu Jie's punches were shaking her from head to toe.

"Aaaaah! Whore! I'll... kill you!" yelled Hui Ying, but Yu Jie hit harder and harder.

Hui Ying's body was rocking back and forth from the blows and she enwrapped her arms over Yu Jie's shoulders, desperately trying to stop the assault, but the short woman continued, pummelling her foe's belly until the latter's knees bent.

"Crush her! Crush her, Yu Jie! She can't take it anymore! Crush her!"

"Fight back, Hui Ying! Fight back!"

The short Cantonese was throwing rights and lefts to Hui Ying's lower belly who could barely hold herself up, arms still enwrapped around Yu Jie's shoulders. Her long legs were buckling and slowly, quaking under the tireless pummelling, she slid on the car's back door, eyes opened wide, mouth half opened, clutching her hands to Yu Jie's shoulders.

"Oh!... Oh!... Oh!..."

The battered woman was panting in deep tones after each blow and the Cantonese, although exhausted too, resumed the pummelling and inhaled deeply, staring wildly at the dazed taller woman.

""Kill me, huh?... C'mon... kill me, whore! Kill me!" she shouted, the spit from her lips as she screamed spraying Hui Ying's face as she groggily raised her arms in protection, but a headbutt ensued, crushing her nose and the tall woman went down straight on her arse. Curiously, her buttocks were resting on the concrete between her outwards pointing feet, thighs opened to the maximum, frog like. Flocks of curly hair showed off from beneath her green panties, labies bulging, exhibiting her private crease. She was gazing up at short Yu Jie, with foggy eyes, as if she couldn't understand what happened to her. The older Cantonese delivered a powerful knee thrust in her foe's face, snapping her head and stepped back, causing the stunned Hui Ying to fall flat on her belly and breasts, between parted thighs. She looked like a clumsy frog, butts upraised, panties disappearing in her arsecrease. A roar erupted from the audience as the tall daughter twisted like a lazy snake on the floor, awkwardly raising her arse in the air. Her butts trembled in exhaustion, her arms shivered, but Shu Fang urged her daughter:

"Get up, Hui Ying! Fight! Fight!"

Hui Ying attempted to get up, but her muscles let her down. The mind was willing, the body was not. She fell, back against the car, calves caught under thighs. Her face was a mess, covered by bruises and creeks of blood. She pushed upwards from the ground, trying once more to get up but Yu Jie kicked her face, banging her head against the door, making her crumple on the floor.

"Aaaaaaaaah!... nooooooooo mooooooore!"

Laying on the right side, Hui Ying flailed her left leg in the air an attempt to roll on her belly, but her body was soaked and she fell on back, eyes rolling in distress, feet under her arse, breasts parted and hanging.

"Get up, Hui Ying! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

She nodded and propped on elbows, searching for her foe. Yu Jie stood some two feet away, snarling and waited for the tall woman to arise. Hui Ying was still dazed and her eyes couldn't regain focus as she twisted and clumsily grabbed the car's door handle, heavily breathing and got back on feet. Her moves were awkward and, when she rose, ready to face shorter Yu Jie, the latter charged her wildly with a series of fists directed to the belly and tits.

"Humph! Humph! Humph!" Again, Hui Ying was forced to double over, but Yu Jie continued her pummelling, alternating powerful uppercuts to her foe's hanging breasts and belly, throwing her body from side to side, eliciting deep grunts of helplessness, until Hui Ying fell back on all fours. Yu Jie retreated then, taking time to recover, as tall Hui Ying was crawling on the floor, her small potbelly dragging on the concrete. Her eyes were rolling up now and then, while her breasts dangled; she shook her head, trying to recover senses.

"Want some more, bitch?" taunted Yu Jie.

"Slut!... Just wait!" hissed Hui Ying, breathing heavily.

"Fight, Hui Ying! Fight!"

Trance-like, the tall daughter managed to get up and raise arms in guard, approaching Yu Jie on unsteady legs, but suddenly, Yu Jie captured Hui Ying's right arm under her left armpit and grabbed a handful of her left tit.


The tall daughter shrieked in pain, as Yu Jie was now working over her breast in vicious bursts, dragging her forward by her tit. Desperately, the tall woman started to slap Yu Jie, but the latter suddenly punched her in the face, snapping her head sidewards. Instantly, Hui Ying's knees buckled and Yu Jie ensued by hitting her alternatively in the face and left breast that she again forced her to her knees and backed off to admire her handiwork


"Holy... Ooooooh!... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt..." Hui Ying incoherently moaned.

"Yeah, Yu Jie! Crush her! She's on the verge! Crush her!"

"Get up, Hui Ying! Get up!" shouted Shu Fang and her daughter awkwardly stood, only to be met by a terrible kick in the belly, throwing her against the car. She was so dazed that she slid down, unable to keep her legs straight and Yu Jie kicked her in the left tit, making her scream in terror. She kneeled besides the car, clutching her right hand on the rear wheel, her body twitching. She cupped her battered breast and made a serious effort to rise. Blood was pouring from her face and neck and, as she got up near the car, she splayed her legs, hardly maintaining balance.

"Still wanna kill me, cow?" taunted the Cantonese.

"... tear you... tear you to pieces, whore!" hissed Hui Ying, but Yu Jie jumped forwards, knee first, crushing Hui Ying's left thigh under the impact and followed with an uppercut to the belly. She had now the tall daughter caught between her and the car and started to pummel her alternatively in the flanks, picking her mark for each blow. Overwhelmed, the Hui Ying threw her arms erratically towards Yu Jie, attempting to grab her hair, but the Cantonese, in complete control, avoided her grasp and threw a knee to Hui Ying's groin, splitting her in two, then hammerbutted her with joined fists repeatedly in the back of the head, making Hui Ying fall on the concrete. All she could do now was to crawl besides the car on knees and elbows, grunting in fear, but Yu Jie kept stomping her back and head, throwing spasms through the brunette's tortured body.

She then took a step back, leaving the stunned Hui Ying curled on knees and elbows. Her head was hanging between her arms, hair falling over the face, her breasts were coiling and her arse opened as her body was getting closer and closer to the ground. Her feet rested flat on the floor, toes pointing outwards and her quivering thighs gradually relaxed, unable to support anymore. She was obviously exhausted and breathed like there was no tomorrow.

"You give, slut? Will you eat my pussy now? You're not too proud to service a Cantonese woman, you Shanghai bitch"


You wanted it, whore!..." snarled the short woman, kneeling behind the unresisting woman and, joining fists, delivered a powerful series of hammerblows into Hui Ying's kidneys, making her grunt helplessly, throwing waves of pain through her body. The continuous hits made the woman's knees slide apart on the floor, until her pounding potbelly touched the concrete between wide open thighs... She moaned louder and louder after each blow, unable to run away, shuddering under the tireless punching.

"Now, you give, whore? Now you eat Cantonese cunt" asked Yu Jie, kneeling behind the curled brunette, hands resting on waist.

Hui Ying's breathing was shallow and she could hardly raise head and look at her mother Shu Fang.

"Go on, Hui Ying! Go on!" urged her mother.

Her daughter nodded, put the left sole on the ground and, grabbing the door handle of the back door, again got on feet while Yu Jie, smiling, allowed her to recover. However, Hui Ying's legs were like rags now and she stumbled, propping against the car. She gazed foggily to the audience, fell to one knee, raised once more and it was then that Yu Jie attacked again, delivering fist after fist in her belly, burying them deep into the unresisting flesh, making her bend from the waist. Hui Ying stumbled forwards, like a drunken man and threw weak slaps, unable to catch her foe who continued by pummelling her hanging belly. Then, she stopped, leaving Hui Ying bent in two, arse propped against the car, arms covering her belly. She was breathing so fast that her tits and belly were jiggling madly, while her legs visibly shook. Blood was falling in drops on the floor from her neck and face and then, Yu Jie joined fists and delivered a tremendous hammerblow in Hui Ying's back of the head, instantly causing her to fall on all fours. The audience cheered the blow, shouting and urging Yu Jie to go on. Bets had been made and those who bet on Hui Ying started to yell advices to the dazed younger woman.

"C'mon, Hui Ying! Fight! Fight! She's a bloody shortie! Fight her!"

"You're doing great, Yu Jie! You downed her for good! Do it! Do it!" yelled her backers.

Mumbling, Hui Ying tried once more to get up, but Yu Jie dropped to the knees and savagely headbutted her face once more, almost throwing the Shanghai woman flat on the belly. She had a defenceless inert woman curled in front of her and Yu Jie slid her hands under Hui Ying's armpits and lifted her up into a kneeling position. Then, she hugged the younger woman's chest and, resting on the left foot and right knee, she started to headbutt her. Splashing sounds were heard after each blow and the Cantonese didn't stop the headbutting until she felt the helpless Shanghai woman go limp in her arms. It's only by holding her up in the bearhug that she prevented Hui Ying from collapsing on the floor.

Her arms were hanging motionless and her whole body shook uncontrollably from the relentless headbutting. But Yu Jie took her time, inhaled deeply and delivered a terrible head blow, crushing Hui Ying's face, breaking her cheekbone, making her fall on her back, feet caught under the arse, knees parted wide. For some moments, the younger woman's body seemed to jerk, as if she attempted to bridge in brief, helpless bursts, but all she could do was to prop on elbows and get both feet close to her arse. She tried to crawl away, but her muscles gave out and she fell on back, thighs splayed wide, exhibiting her broad groin, panties deep engulfed in the private crease, revealing tufts of curly hair. Again she attempted to rise, but this time, her arms outstretched on the floor and her knees fell apart in sheer exertion. Instantly, a grey stain showed on her panties, slowly covering Hui Ying's crotch.

"Yeah! She pisses!... You made the tall whore piss!" shouted Li Qin, in joy, while Yu Jie mounted on her foe's belly, clutching hands around her throat. She took a deep breath and looked at the assembled audience while the tall woman slowly regained her senses.

"Shall I go on?" asked Yu Jie in a hoarse voice.

"Well..." shrugged Jia Le. "You two... do you want to say anything?"

Shu Fang and Li Qin exchanged fierce looks and Li Qin asked, loudly: "Yu Jie! Can that tall bitch fight anymore?"

The short woman snarled and answered, breathing fast from the exertion: "No. She's finished!"

"She's finished, crap!" spat Shu Fang. "Hui Ying! You will fight for our honour, won't you?"

The tall daughter nodded, panting: "I will... I will destroy her... mama! Promise you... I can do it!"

Jia Le and Xue Fang exchanged glances and then, Xue Fang urged the servants to again cool the daughters. Zhu and Wang splashed another basket of cold water over them and left the scene of the fight. The two women were still shivering when Hui Ying started to struggle, attempting to free herself. She dug the fingers of both hands in Yu Jie's thighs, and raked them viciously, but the heavier Cantonese rested her forearm heavily over her throat, and using her weight started choking the younger woman with all her might. Hui Ying jerked her arse and pressed on the concrete, bridging, acclaimed by the matrons that didn't expect to see her resume, but Yu Jie sank on her windpipe, bringing the younger woman's writhing to a halt. For some seconds she managed to bridge, but then, her arse fell thudding on the floor.

Desperate, Hui Ying tried to escape the suffocating crush by kicking with her heels, but Yu Jie started to bounce on her, wearing her out. Their grunts went louder and louder and again, Hui Ying gathered forces and madly twisted, trying to get free. Curled above her, the older woman had her muscled thighs wide parted, supported on her knees, riding the tall Shanghai woman, crushing her throat. The tall woman resorted to raking the older woman's forearms, trying to dislodge them from the neck but Yu Jie suddenly let loose her throat and her hands cupped instantly Hui Ying's bruised breasts and smashed them together repeatedly. The tall woman shrieked in high pitched tones and grabbed Yu Jie's forearms, trying to dislodge them from the tits. Again they were writhing, but Hui Ying gave shrieks of terror now, breasts crushed. She gathered strength, however, and grunting in a final effort, attempting to dismount the shorter woman. Jerking on heels and shoulders, she threw fists at Yu Jie, but she reinforced the grip on her tits and resumed her riding by pressing her right knee over Hui Ying's navel.

For some seconds, they remained like this, taking shallow breaths, in sheer effort. And once more, the tall Shanghai woman started to quiver under her shorter foe, overpowered, while the latter's knee gradually sank in her belly.

"Hui Ying's belly gives out... The outcome is close!" noticed Jia Le.

"Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!" panted Hui Ying, desperately searching for her foe's cunt with her right hand but her moves were uncoordinated and completely out of control.

"Aaaaaaaah!" The tall daughter gave moan after moan, sensing that her strength was fading away and her legs quivered. Yu Jie reinforced the breast squeeze, repeatedly driving her knee in her foe's belly. Hui Ying was panting fast and her arms fluttered, trying to grab her foe's hair, but Yu Jie put more pressure over her, slowly crushing her belly and twisting her tits madly in opposite directions. Writhing, Hui Ying's wet panties gradually disappeared in her private crease, exposing the greater labies and the thick bush covering them.

"She... Aaah... She got me!.... She got me, mama!" wailed Hui Ying, desperately, and a quiver ran through her body. Her elbows fell on the floor and her forearms pointed up, trembling, aimlessly.

"I'll finish you, whore! I'll finish you with my bare hands!" hissed the older woman and choked her again, making her victim spasm again and again. Hui Ying's legs were drumming the floor uncontrollably and her arms were outstretched helplessly.

Yu Jie was now rocking her knee into the brunette's belly and Hui Ying's wide spread thighs revealed fully her urine bathed crotch. Meanwhile, Yu Jie was recovering her breath, as all she had to do was to keep choking and crushing Hui Ying's belly, waiting for the tall woman to suffocate.

"She's caught... never saw any mare escape such a hold..." noticed Jia Le. "What do you say, Shu Fang?"

"Fight back, Hui Ying! Fight back!" urged the mother, though she knew only a miracle could help. Hui Ying twisted for awhile, rocking from side to side, but Yu Jie reinforced the choke. Hui Ying froze, gave a moan of desperation and writhed again, but Yu Jie, panting in effort, strengthened the choke and dug her nails deeper in theother woman's throat, making her give a terrified groan. And then, a smile of triumph spread over the Cantonese's face, as the woman under her make no attempt to escape. After awhile, Hui Ying gurgled, face turning red then blue from the strangle. She opened her mouth wide, trying to gasp for air. She sighed and her tongue protruded through her opened lips. After some moments, her whole body trembled. She gurgled again, propped on heels for some seconds, but her long legs fell apart, shivering. Instantly, the grey stain in her groin spread, staining the panties and urine started to drip between her parted thighs. She spasmed and her feet twitched for two or three times before the urine completely soaked her genital hair, making the audience roar. The green silk of the panties became translucent and the matrons could see now Hui Ying's thick bush of tufts: her broad groin was fully wet and a creek of urine started to pour on the floor as her feet relaxed for good.

"Finish her! Finish her, Yu Jie! Her pisser lets her out!" shouted Li Qin madly.

Yu Jie gritted and dug the thumbs in her foe's neck.

"You give, bitch?"

Hui Ying writhed again but the blonde hardened the neck squeeze, putting even more pressure on the brunette's throat and plunged her knee as deep as she could in her belly.


"I'm stronger, cow! D'ya want some more?"

The long haired former beautiful, now battered woman twisted, jerked her hips and gurgled. She then dug her nails in Yu Jie's flanks, raking them in a last attempt to escape, but the short woman reinforced the squeeze and started to shove the taller woman in brisk bursts towards the car.

"I'll break you, whore!" shouted Yu Jie, furiously and let her opponent loose. Hui Ying remained on her back and Yu Jie grabbed her by the hair, lifting her to a sitting position before choking her again. Then, she powerfully banged her head against the car's trunk. A crack was heard and Hui Ying grunted in deep tone while urine started to pour heavily under her. Desperate, she snaked, but Yu Jie banged her head once more against the car, stunning her for good. Then, she looked at her face: eyelids half closed, jaw fallen, mouth, nose and chin bloodbathed. Her arms were hanging and her legs were inert. Yu Jie kneeled, embraced her body in a bearhug and powerfully headbutted, and Hui Ying's head recoiled against the car's door. Hui Ying's head fell aside on one shoulder, passing out. This allowed the Cantonese to lift her by the armpits and throw her across the car's trunk. She had her now flat on belly and tits over the car's trunk, legs hanging limp, propped on the back of the feet, heels pointing outwards exhibiting the obvious sign of "mare" distress.

"Gotcha', bitch!" hissed Yu Jie and backed off, breathing heavily, never taking away her eyes from the taller woman who was barely breathing. And then, as Hui Ying recovered senses and attempted to prop on extended arms, Yu Jie started to alternate rights and lefts to her foe's kidneys, making the taller woman grunt helplessly; her palms slid on the car's trunk and she found herself flat on it, but the short woman never resumed the pummelling until turning the tall daughter into an inert carcass of flesh lying across the car.

"Aaah... she got me... mother... she got me..."

Hui Ying could move anymore and Yu Jie grabbed her buttcheeks, parting them: yelling wildly, she exposed her foe's moistened cunt to the cheering audience. She kept her like that for some seconds before she started to ram her knee in the unprotected crotch, throwing convulsing waves through Hui Ying's body from head to toe.

"Oh, no! Noooo! Stop it! Aaaaah!... Help me... mama!... No! Noooo! I give!...Aaaah!... I give! I giiiiiiiiiive!"

Shu Fang rose from her chair, clutching fists, but Xue Fang motioned her to cool down... After all, she knew the rules very well, from the very beginning and more, she was asked a minute ago what she intended... The shorter, heavier, older woman kept kneeing her daughter's cunt until Hui Ying's shrieks turned into a long, succumbing wail, propping now and then on palms but Yu Jie's knee thrusts made her fall each time flat on the car: she was grunting helplessly and couldn't make any attempt to protect herself, being relentlessly battered in the cunt.

The devastating crotch blows sounded as if a mellow peach was repeatedly crushed on the floor and suddenly, Yu Jie approached the tall woman and grabbed her cunt, clutching rhythmically her fingers in the Shanghai woman's crotch.

"Oyyyyyy!... Don't! I give!... Yu Jie! Aaaaaah! I giiiiive!.... Don't! Doooooon't! Aaaaaaaaaah!"

But Yu Jie went on, slipping the fingers in her slit at the base of the flock of curly hair, while keeping her body flat on the car with her left hand. Hui Ying screamed from the bottom of her lungs as Yu Jie started to rake her inner parts in bursts.

"Don't! Don't! I give! Aaaaaah! You're stronger! I giiiive! I giiiiiiive! I giiiiiiive! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

But Yu Jie let lose of Hui Ying's crotch only to punch it. She alternated right and left uppercuts that made the brunette jerk helplessly for a while before her whole body relaxed, spread on the car's trunk. Hui Ying couldn't even pant by now and the older woman went on punching until she felt no response. Suddenly, she backed off, moaning in disgust as an endless puff was heard. Then, a creek of urine poured on the car from her groin, as her muscles gave out for good. Her legs twitched from time to time in unconscious moves while she started to slide down, knees bending. Her labies were swelling under the matrons' eyes - but that was how the "mares" ended up... Another puff was heard and blood started to pour from her groin,

spreading on her inner thighs.

Yu Jie went mad at the sight. Her blood lust was up. Again she grabbed her foe's butts and parted them, revealing fully the groin, and rammed her knee relentlessly in the Shu Fang's daughter's cunt. Hui Ying's breaths were hardly heard now and she gave, now and then, deep moans of agony, as blood and urine mingled in her genital hair. And then, another fart was heard.

"The arsehole lets her out too... That's the end! Yu Jie is the better mare, I'm afraid, dear Shu Fang..." said Jia Le.

Meanwhile, the shorter woman grabbed Hui Ying's thighs, dragging her flaccid body off the car and letting her fall flat on the concrete. Hui Ying's face hit the floor, her body crushed her breasts and the shorter woman dragged her backwards for some steps before letting lose of her thighs.

"I give... I give.... I give...." mumbled the Shanghai woman.

"You said you'll kill me, whore! You said I was too old. C'mon, kill me!" urged her the older Yu Jie. "Get up, whore! C'mon! Get up!"

Awkwardly, for what seemed to be endless seconds, Hui Ying gathered forces, crawled back to the car and, grabbing the back tyre, she curled, resting her body, breathing shallowly.

"You... you're stronger, Yu Jie! I give.... Beg you... Stop it!..."

"Stop?!... You asked for it!" said short Yu Jie and, kneeling behind the taller woman, grabbed her hair, pulling it back until making Hui Ying's body lay in her lap. Hui Ying's arms fell aside, helpless, breasts, belly and crotch exposed. Inhaling deeply, the blonde delivered a series of double handed hammerblows to the tall woman's crotch, making her body quake in aftershocks. Blood was now spreading between her parted thighs in bursts, after each blow. After awhile, the blonde stopped and delivered a single, devastating punch into Hui Ying's heart. The tall woman shook like she was electrocuted, gurgled and her arms collapsed on the floor. Calves caught under her arse, her body was resting on Yu Jie's thighs.

Yu Jie curled over her then, grabbed her armpits and lifted her up. Embracing Hui Ying in a bear hug, the short older woman exposed the tall younger daughter to the audience. Hui Ying was held up in front of the matrons, arms and legs hanging limp, head lolling on her chest, hair covering her face. Blood poured heavily on her tits and urine and blood covered her thighs. Yu Jie rocked her for some seconds in the embrace, showing the tall woman was completely inert. A crack was heard then, as one of Hui Ying's ribs gave out and an long fart was heard once more:

"I finished her! I damned finished her!" hissed Yu Jie and let her fall. The tall daughter went down on back, legs outstretched, arms spread. Yu Jie circled her foe's body, kicking her in the flanks, in the head and then stomping her tits - but the taller woman was senseless. Only the poodle of urine grew between her parted thighs, oozing from the moistened bush of her groin, mingling with clots of blood.

"It's all right, Yu Jie! You beat her..." said Li Qin, clapping hands and her daughter ceased her kicking, leaving tall Hui Ying lying on the cold concrete.

"Someone!" motioned Xue Fang the servants. "Wake her up!"

A servant came and splashed a basket of cold water over Hui Ying's body, but her

body remained still.

"Hey... what the hell?..." asked Shu Fang and rushed to her daughter. She grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her, but elicited no response. "A doc! Call for a doc!"

Jia Le approached the laying body and checked her pulse at the neck. After some seconds, she shrugged. "No use to call a doc... your daughter fought valiantly for you, Shu Fang, but Yu Jie was better." She made a pause and said: "These are the mare fights rules, you knew it... The docks are Li Qin's from now on and I don't think that anyone has the guts to pretend otherwise."