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Description of Picture.Feb 2021  New author Rival's Rapture   HERE and my new other asian stories  The Thai Nightclub   HERE

Jan 2021 More Chronicles of Penihah HERE and new series Asma Nasir's Sex Journey stories HERE and more by JustLooking9000 HERE

July 2020 Chronicles of Peninah, a close friend of mine from Kenya, series has now started 10 Stories so far HERE

Jul 2020 More stories in the Indian Sex Cub Series HERE

Mar 2020. Reader submitted story. Fred Jones introduces us to Julie   HERE 

Feb 2020  Breaking news. A new series of 40 to 50 stories The Chronicles Of Peninah Anyango will be started soon. Based on extensive emails and interviews with the Kenyan Peninah herself, they detail her sexual arousal and beginnings, consolidation and development, and the fetishes that drew her to her destiny to try to be the World Asian Sexfight Champion.  A pathway that was available to her as she was born in Japan where her father worked in the Kenyan embassy. There is no doubt she is the most sexually driven woman I have met.  HERE

Jan 2020 Edited and sometimes rewritten stories from here are now on  under the author Asiansexfight

Jan 2020  Subcontinent Railway Sex Club  the intrigues and infighting of a sex club for Indian women in Australia Here

Aug 2019   Anupama Chalwa Indian sexfighter, catfighter and exhibitionist slut Here

Sep 2019  The All Asian Sexfight Championship 27 stories uploaded  Here

Site Reopened  July 2019

  • After the site went down I missed the Asian sexfight stories and catfight stories so in July 2019  I managed to buy the expired domain and, from my previous contact with Aussie Greg, have started to upload his old stories and unpublished stories he had sent to me for preliminary reading.  Although not an author I will try to follow in his footsteps and write some new material under the name Aussie Greg's Legacy
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  • Aussie Greg's History taken from old site

    Over 20 years ago I started posting stories as I wanted to learn to code. Then 15 years ago I started my own website
     where I posted my free mature Asian sexfight and catfight stories, and later added stories by other authors. These were based on my marriages to Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and a defacto Filipina relationship. A couple of years ago I let the renewal lapse as I felt with such a narrow niche my stories were becoming too repetitive.   I received many emails to continue but it wasn't until I wanted to learn how to code for mobile devices that I decided to restart the site. However someone had purchased the domain name and was wanting too much to sell it.

    As a result  I  registered this domain and recoded the site so it fits in better with modern browsers and is more tablet and phone friendly and relaunched the site in Aug 2017 and made it totally legal by having only 18 year or older content.

    Aussie Greg

    So if you
    Find any errors in the plot, characters or grammar
    Have any ideas for an old or new character
    Have any plot ideas you would like to see

    then here is the contact email address

    Aussie Greg's Legacy