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Indian sexfight


Mature Indian  Women seeking supremecy and dominance over other women.   Use the list below to click a series and choose your poison or just scroll down

  • The Black Hole of Kolkata:   My Accounting partner Anupama Chawla's love of sex, exhibitionism, sexfighting  and catfighting.   CLICK HERE
  • Subcontinent Railway Sex Club:   I start a sex club for Indian women in Australia   CLICK HERE
  • Asma's Sex Journey:   Pakistani refugee Asma Nasir's sexual adventures in Australia   CLICK HERE

Black Hole of Kolkata

  1. Anupama Chawla:  Introducing Anapama Chawla   CLICK HERE
  2. First Catfight:    Anupama and the Filipina Flory Fe    CLICK HERE
  3. First Sexfight:   Anupama and the Vietnamese Tu Lan    CLICK HERE
  4. Sexfight Training:    Daily sexfight training including dog    CLICK HERE
  5. Sexfight Redemption Attempt:    Anupama sexfights Tu Lan again    CLICK HERE
  6. Pain Contest:    Anupama and the Japanese Konomi Takinishi in a pain contest and extreme catfight    CLICK HERE
  7. Exhibitionist Slut:    Anupama shows off     CLICK HERE
  8. Another Sexfight:    Anupama and the Vietnamese beauty queen Cuc    CLICK HERE
  9. Sexfight to the finish:    Anupama and My Thien sexfight until one can no longer continue    CLICK HERE

Subcontinent Railway Sex Club

  1. Introduction. Anapama Pulls a Cricket Team:  Anupama takes on 14 of my Indian tertiary student cricketers  CLICK HERE
  2. Meet The Women:    Anupama eats 14 Indian Women    CLICK HERE
  3. The Contest:   The 14 Indian women compete to make Anupama cum the most   CLICK HERE
  4. New Premises:    The club gets new premises and has its first sexfight    CLICK HERE
  5. Saanva and Priya:    The two fuck then have their first Doubles Sexfight    CLICK HERE
  6. Ruth:    Anglo Indian  Ruth goes fishing and dogging ans has an extreme gangbangt   CLICK HERE
  7. Mai:    I find an ex world Asian top 20 sexfighter and she sexfights Ruth in her start to be World number 1     CLICK HERE
  8. Indian Black Magic:    Lesbin rape in an attempted Black Magic takeover   CLICK HERE
  9.  Mai's Arrousal:   Mai blossoms into a slut and regains her sexfight mojo   CLICK HERE
  10. Mai at the Beauty Contest:   Mai performs a sex ceremony then competes in an extreme nude beauty contest   CLICK HERE
  11. Priya and Vanya:   Two for the Price of One. A three way with  45 and 18 year old    CLICK HERE
  12. Ruth Sexfights:   Ruth Sexfights a Vietnamese and Indian in the one day   CLICK HERE
  13. Ruth and Mai Double Dong sexfight:  A long sexfight and brutal victory rites   CLICK HERE
  14. Ruth Bondage Sex:   A bondage fucking session with Ruth   CLICK HERE
  15. Ruth Mai Sexfight Again:   Ruth and Mai's epic final sexfight   CLICK HERE
  16. Tanvi and Anushka:   I fuck two of the members   CLICK HERE
  17. Anushka's Gangbang Contest:   She takes on 6 Kenyan sailors   CLICK HERE
  18. Anushka's Cum Contest:   Anushka takes on the 2 best Kenyan sailors. the introduction of Peninah Anyago who has her own series CLICK HERE for this story or CLICK HERE for her series

Asma's Sex Journey

  1. Pakistani Refugee Asma Nasir:  Pakistani Asma's background in Australia and some important characters   CLICK HERE
  2. Samreen and the Donkey:    Asma's daughter is fucked by a donkey    CLICK HERE
  3. Asma and Ai:   Asma has lesbian sex with her Vietnamese friend  and competes in a beauty contest  CLICK HERE