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Mature Interacial Asian: Vietnamese, Filipina, Japanese, Chinese and Indian women seeking supremecy and dominance over other women.   Use the list below to choose your poison or just scroll down

  • The All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008:    The history, lead up to, contestants, actual contests and side stories   CLICK HERE
  • The Thai Nightclub:    Jessika's adventures in Thailand    CLICK HERE
  • Filipina:   The Melbourne Filipina Wives Club.  Aussie men compete their wives in sexfights, catfights and orgies  CLICK HERE
  • Filipina Vietnanese: Women For God.  The two groups fight for control of the overseas charity money   CLICK HERE
  • Japanese:   Various catfighting stories   CLICK HERE
  • Asian Countries Stand Alone:   All Asian countries single stoies   CLICK HERE
  • Hong Kong Dragon Business Women's Club:   The Club caters to wealthy Asian Lesbians and Bi women from anywhere in Asia wanting sexfights or catfights.   CLICK HERE


The All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

  1. The History:   How  I created the competition and other background facts.  CLICK HERE
  2. Japan Preliminaries:    Final ranking sexfights and bizare contests.   CLICK HERE
  3. Annisa's First Sexfight:   Long lesbian and hetro build up to her first sexfight with a ex ranked competitive sexfighter.   CLICK HERE
  4. Japan. Annisa Hitomi Sexfight:    Brutal private fight between the two 18 year olds with  prolonged ownership rights.   CLICK HERE
  5. The Seeds and Draw:   The 32 contestant's photos, penpics, and the final draw   CLICK HERE
  6. Japanese War:   A full contact sexfight between two Japanese: the 11 and 19 seeds.   CLICK HERE
  7. Vietnamese Conflict:   The longest sexfight ever at the Championships between the 10 and 29 seeds   CLICK HERE
  8. Axis of Evil:   Nga and Loc contemplate a BDSM fetish bound future   CLICK HERE
  9. Hong Kong or Singapore:    Zhang Wu seed 2 versus Fu Hai seed 31 in a first round contest    CLICK HERE
  10. Cock Sucking Contest:    Filipina nun versus Cambodian brothel owner in round 1    CLICK HERE
  11. Three for the Price of One:    3 round 1 contests wih low seeds against outsiders    CLICK HERE
  12. Seed 1:    Seed 1 and last years winner takes on seed 32, the Malaysian plastic surgeon    CLICK HERE
  13. School of Life:    Ex Filipina bar girl versus Chinese IT expert    CLICK HERE
  14. Final Round 1 Contests:    A Double dildo sexfight, a catfight and a symbian  and dog cum contest    CLICK HERE
  15. Round 2 Wang Fei versus Lien Nguyen:    Chinese new sensation versus experienced Vietnamese    CLICK HERE
  16. Round 2 Jasmine v Megumi Nejiki:   An extreme sefight   CLICK HERE
  17. Interlude, Hitomi's Mother:    Hitomi asks me to fuck her mother Kurumi    CLICK HERE
  18. Interlude, Kurumi's First Sexfight:    Kurumi sexfights a Vietnamese maid I caught Stealing    CLICK HERE
  19. Final Round 2 Matches and Yang Chen:     All the other results plus my meeting with Yang Chen      CLICK HERE
  20. Quarter Final 1:    Seed 1 Nha Trung v Seed 21 So Savoeun Cambodia     CLICK HERE
  21. Quarter Final 2:     Seed 5 Jasmine v Seed 29 Nga Nguyen     CLICK HERE
  22. Quarter Final 3:     Seed 3 Trang Vu v Seed 6 Wang Fei     CLICK HERE
  23. Quarter Final 4:     Seed 27 Shen Yu China v Seed 31 Fu Hai Shoon    CLICK HERE
  24. Semi Final 1:    Two of the final four compete    CLICK HERE
  25. Semi Final 2:    The other 2 compete    CLICK HERE
  26. The Final:    After a very long contest the winner is the 2008 All Asian Sexfight Champion    CLICK HERE
  27. Postscript:    Some reflection and news from after the final    CLICK HERE     

Yang Chen Ling

  1. Teaser:

The Thai Nightclub

  1. The Ownly Pussy Club:   A catfight at the club between Jessika and a Japanese   CLICK HERE
  2. Jessika and Syo:   I arrange a catfight between Lessika and Leiko's lesbian lover   CLICK HERE


Filipina: Enri and The Melbourne Filipina Wives Club

  1. Chp 1 Enri's Intiation:   Taken by the wives   CLICK HERE
  2. Chp 2 Enri's Initiation Continued:   Taken by the men   CLICK HERE
  3. Chp 3 A Night at the Club 1:   The highlight, a cock sucking contest   CLICK HERE
  4. A Night at the Club 2:    The night continues with 2 catfights and a strapon fight   CLICK HERE
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Women For God Council

  1. Chp 1 Nga v Pilar:   A Vietnamese and Filipina sexfight for the presidency    Click here
  2. Chp 2 Judas:   I go with the winner    Click here
  3. Chp 3  Church service:  A Filipina and Vietnamese clash in the deserted church   Click here
  4. Chp 4 Extraordinary General Meeting:  Nga and Pilar sexfight in front of the members   Click here
  6. xx


  1. The Warrior:  I am surprised by a middle aged Japanese woman   Click here
  2. The Warrior 2:  She fights her Filipina maid   Click here
  3. Belly Punch:   A Japanese visitor and my wife trade belly punches   Click here
  4. Japanese Visitors 1:  I am surprised by the wives of 2 Japanese businessmen  Click here
  5. Japanese Visitors 2:   The duel continues with an honour fight Click here

Asian Stand Aone Stories

  1. FILIPINA In Search of a Bride:  Onstage animal sex show and catfight   Click here
  2. FILIPINA Beauty Contest:   Catfight at a Filipina Beauty Contest   Click here
  3. JAPANESE VIETNAMESE  The Office :  Ahiro and Tranh Catfight   Click here
  4. MALAYSIAN: Megan  Megan sexfights for the scholarship that should be hers   Click here
  5. MALAYSIAN: Cassie  Cassie goes to the nightclub and ends up sexfighting   CLICK HERE


Hong Kong Dragon Business Women's Club

  1. Mai and Jasmine :  Mai is Lesbian raoed and has a sex contest   Click here
  2. The Players: I take Mai to Hong Kong and a Filipina catfight   Click here
  3. Entrapment:   Mai is enslaved   Click here
  4. Mai and Helenita:  A sexfight with a Filipina Helenita  Click here
  5. Mai and Jasmine Again:   An unusual sex contest Click here
  6. Night 1 of Mai and Jasmine's Contest:  4 events in front of the club members  Click here
  7. Night 2 of Mai and Jasmine's contest:  3 more events   Click here
  8. Night 3 of Mai and jasmine's contest:   Sexfights and a brutal catfight   Click here
  9. Board Member Zhang Wu and Nha:  The board member and Vietnese Nha in a long sensual sexfight   Click here
  10. Board Member Yuriko Ogowa:  A brutal lesbian takeover   Click here
  11. Filipina Catfight:   Filipina Board members Lourdes and Helenita fight for control of the Filipina business   Click here
  12. Club Entertainment:  Thai Muay Thai versus Japanese pro wrestlers   Click here
  13. Club Entertainment 2:  More bouts between tne Thai and Japanese   Click here
  14. Club Entertainment 3:   A surprise substitute in the fights   Click here
  15. Club entertainment 4:   The two trainers in a savage fight   Click here