Aussie Greg's Chronicles of Peninah



    True recollections of the life of my friend, Peninah, a  Kenyan 35 year old who is without doubt the most sexually driven woman I have met. Her idea of missionary sex is to fuck a missonary. A biography of her life from Kenya to competing in the All Asian Sexfight Championship. 


    Due to my regular contact  with her each story will have a photo gallery from photos she has given me permission to post and a comment box for you to use as she is interested in your thoughts.


    1. Peninah's Introduction:   I meet her as she and a Kenyan male attempt to win a sex contest  with an Indian woman  CLICK HERE for this story or CLICK HERE for the Indian series series
    2. Discovery:   I learn of her background as we fuck   CLICK HERE
    3. Sudanese Rape :  Flashback to a kidnap in Kenya and gangbang rape    CLICK HERE   
    4. Lesbian Rape:   Three Sudanese women take her   CLICK HERE
    5. Anal Rape:   Sudanese anal gangbang rape   CLICK HERE 
    6. Lesbian Seduction:   A Lesbian relationship and escape   CLICK HERE
    7. Recapture:   Recapture and a brutal male and female rape   CLICK HERE 
    8. Escape:   A blowjob and anal fuck lead to another escape   CLICK HERE
    9. Catfight:   More fucking before a catfight with a rival   CLICK HERE
    10. Australia, First Sex Contest:   A Melbourne Vietnamese wedding leads to a squirting contest   CLICK HERE
    11. The Long Drink:   A cum swallowing contest against Filipinas   CLICK HERE
    12. Weightlifting Contest:   A test of cunt strength against a Vietnamese    CLICK HERE
    13. Sexfight Training;   The start of training with a sexfight with Vietnamese   CLICK HERE